Cubic Episode 15

Will it help if I say Bomb’s acting tonight was smooth and quite good throughout? He looked gorgeous through and through. I think may be the director just got used to the camera and realized which was the perfect angle and lighting to zoom his face to bring out the best? Eh…now? Also, the editing suddenly felt better too. I couldn’t help but thinking what if Bomb’s acting and the execution were good from episode 1, how would the ratings have turned out?

Episode 15

Part 1

Lan Se says this time the stake is her life. Zhong Xin argues that if she’s really the previous Ngao’s daughter, he’s confident that it will be a success from her.

LLS: Even that, I still don’t want to take the risk. Now that I left Ruetainak all alone by herself in Thailand, it’s painful enough for me. If something else happens to her, I will probably….

ZX: I know how much you love her. But shouldn’t you know already that a person like Ruetainak, no one can stop her? I think the best way is to cooperate with her and catch Yong Wen.

Nak flies back to Hong Kong and calls Shin Fu. She tells him to meet at Nang Ning Market on the 2nd floor.

SF: Sure! See you soon.

Shin Fu is actually with Yong Wen.

SF: She’s here already.

YW: Good, then you go take her here for  me.

SF: Yes!

YW: Wait, Ching, take our men and go with Shin Fu.

SF: Come with me then.

After they left,

Lackey: Boss, can we trust Shin Fu that he won’t betray us?

YW: A person like Shin Fu only wants money. Whoever gives him more, he will stay with that one.

Nak walks  to the temple and prays, “May the holy spirits bless my mission a success.”

She walks to the meeting spot and wonders why Shin Fu is not here yet. She makes a call but Shin Fu shows up startling her.

Nak: Shin Fu!

SF: Ni hao. (in Mandarin)

Another man shows up behind him.

Nak: Who’s that?

SF: He’s my friend, and will help do the job too.

Nak: Didn’t I tell you not to tell anyone about it?!

SF: Stop talking. Take her to boss.

Nak: Boss?

She tries to run but another man stops her.

Nak: Boss? Who’s you boss? You betray me!

SF: Sorry, girl. It just happens that Khun Yong Wen pays me more than you.

Nak: Shin Fu, you bastard!

Shin Fu punches Nak’s belly. She faints right away.

SF: Take her to boss!

The lackeys drag Nak away. Shin Fu makes a call, “We’ve got Cubic, Khun Yong Wen.”

Part 2

Zhong Xin tries to make contact with Nak.

ZX: There’s no signal. I’ve been calling her for many hours now.

LLS: Could it be that something happened to Ruetainak?

Someone pours a can of soda on Nak’s face to wake her up.

Nak: Arghh…Dad! Dad! It’s raining! Dad, quick! Go take all the laundry hanging outside! (LOL)

She opens her eyes.

Nak: Yong Wen, why are you here at my house?

YW: Is this Cubic, the clever?

SF: May be she’s still feeling dizzy because of the anesthetic.

Nak: Shin Fu, you are the worst. I even asked Lin Lan Se to spare your life. How dare you betray me?!

SF: Haha..may be you’ve never heard of the a proverb which said there’s no honesty/genuineness among the thieves. Haha.

Nak: Don’t you let me escape. I will tell Lin Lan Se to kill you.

YW: You think you still have a chance to escape?

Nak: You are as worst as Shin Fu. Ungrateful!

Yong Wen grabs Nak’s chin.

YW: If I don’t think you could still benefit me, I would have shot you right at your mouth long time ago!

Nak: Go ahead! You want to shoot me, just do it! I’m not scared of you.

YW: You’re quite courageous. That’s how you should be to deserve the name Cubic.

Nak: Don’t beat around the bush. Say it, what do you want from me?

YW: Shin Fu told me you had a plan to get rid of me, hadn’t you?

Nak: Shin Fu, you told him all of the plan?

Shin Fu nods.

YW: Your plan is quite all right but it’s a little loose coming from Cubic.  You plan to have Shin Fu get close to me and later, find the right time to kill me.

Nak: Now that my plan gets ruined. So what do you want? Say it!

YW: It won’t be fun to tell you now. Aren’t you Cubic? (Pinch her cheeks) Think, just think, figure it out what I will do.

Yong Wen and Shin Fu leave.

Nak is shouting for Lan Se to help her, “Lin Lan Se, help me! Help me!”

Lan Se is in his room.

LLS: Ruetainak, I won’t let you risk your life for me.

At the safe house, Yuthapong calls Nantaka to sit and have breakfast. She says he should tell Lan Se that they are going back to Thailand. The guards look at her.

Y: He told us to wait for a while.

Nan: But I think we don’t have to, dad.

Y: Why’s that?

Nan: He doesn’t want me anymore and it’s so boring to stay here doing nothing everyday, dad.

Armed men are approaching the safe house from outside.

Y: How about we wait until the end of the month? I think these days Lin Lan Se may have some troubles of his own. All right?

Nan: But that has nothing to do with us at all, dad.

Y: Nan, don’t you forget that he released us from all debt.

Nan: That’s right. He did that because he likes Nak, not me.

Y: Whoever he likes, at least, we are out of debt.

Armed men shoot all the guards outside the safe house down.

Nan: If you won’t leave, it’s up to you, but I will leave now.

Y: Nan!

Nan: No, dad, no! I won’t listen to you anymore.

Armed man rings the door and gets inside the room. They shoot all the guards down.

Y: Listen to me first.

Nan: No, I listened to you for a while now and it doesn’t do any good, and what happened till now was because of you, dad.

Y: But I did it all for you.

Nan: Not true. You didn’t do it for us. You did it for yourself. You love only yourself. You are selfish.

Y: Nan! (He slaps her.)

Armed men get closer to the door to their room.

Y: Darn it!

Nan: Did you just slap me?

Y: Nan, I’m sorry. I totally forgot myself.

Nan walks to the door and opens it. She sees two armed men pointing their guns at her. The guy tells her not to move.

Nan: Dad!

The man shoots Yuthapong several times. He falls down. Nan screams. The man pulls Nantaka out with him.

Zhong Xin enters Lan Se’s office looking worried.

ZX: Something happened, Khun Lin.

LLS: What happened, Zhong Xin?

ZX: Nantaka was captured.

LLS: And her father?

ZX: He was shot and now is in the hospital in critical conditions.

LLS: Is it Yong Wen’s doing?

ZX: Yes, from the CCTV camera, it’s Yong Wen’s men.

Lan Se gets a call. It’s Nak on the video call.

Nak: Lin Lan Se! Lin Lan Se!

LLS: Ruetainak, where are you?

Yong Wen comes behind her.

YW: She’s with me.

LLS: Yong Wen!

ZX: He captured Ruetainak too?

YW: You are very clever deserving to be Lin Lan Se’s adviser, Zhong Xin.

LLS: Release Ruetainak and Nantaka at once!

YW: Don’t give me order, because I’m not your subordinate. Listen carefully, Lin Lan Se. I will kill these two girls if you don’t follow my order.

LLS: What do you want? My life?

YW: Almost correct, but I want more…the position of ChaiHong Group’s highest leader.

ZX: Dream on, Yong Wen!

YW: Right, I’m dreaming but it will come true if Lin Lan Se agrees to sign the Power of Attorney granting all of his power to me…in exchange for Cubic and her sister’s life.

LLS: What do you want me to do?

YW: Announce to everyone that you’re resigning from the position of ChaiHong Group’s leader and giving all the power to me.

Lan Se is stunned.

Nak: No, don’t, Lin Lan Se. Don’t listen to him.

YW: Shut up! It’s none of your business. (To Lan Se) Listen to me, Lin Lan Se. If you won’t sign the Power of Attorney by tomorrow, get ready to come get this girl’s heart. She will be the first one.

LLS: Ruetainak!

Part 3

Shin Fu hangs up the phone. Lan Se is very worried.

Nak: Don’t hope that Lin Lan Se will do what you want.

YW: Is that so? If Lin Lan Se won’t do it, you and your sister must die.

They shove Nak to be with Nantaka.

Nantaka: Nak! What’s this all about? Why did they take us here? Dad, they shot him, Nak!

Nak: It’s true?

Nantaka: Yes, I don’t know if dad is dead or not, Nak. I’m so scared, Nak.

Nak: Pee Nan, don’t be scared. I will find a way to get you out of here.

Nak hugs her.

Shin Fu offers Yong Wen a drink.

YW: I hope you didn’t put some poison in it.

SF: Boss, how could I do that?

Yong Wen takes the drink.

YW: Who knows? You might back-stab me to help that girl.

SF: If I do that, I will be so stupid. Boss, you are going to give me one million for delivering the info. If I do that, I won’t get any….and, do you think Lin Lan Se will resign from ChaiHong Group’s leader for you?

YW: What if it’s you, will you let your wife die?

SF: If it’s me, I will be willing to let go of my wife. Haha.

Yong Wen gives the drink back to him and walks away.

SF: Scared to die?

He drinks it and suddenly chokes on it like he’s dying. Then he laughs.

Lan Le is looking at the group’s logo and recalls the past how the elders trusted him for the position. He thinks about what Yong Wen wants, and how he threatened him with Nak’s life.

ZX: Khun Lin, about Yong Wen, I think…

LLS: Tomorrow, call for Board of Directors and Shareholders’ Meeting.

ZX: Khun Lin?

LLS: I can’t let Ruetainak die.

Part 4

San Gui asks Zhong Xin if it’s true that Lan Se will give his position to Yong Wen. Pei Aing is mad asking if Lan Se’s gone crazy to suddenly do that.

ZX: Yong Wen had captured Cubic with the condition that Khun Lin resign from the position.

Meena: Cubic?

ZX: Yes, and if Khun Lin won’t do that, he will kill Cubic.

San Gui thinks about Carlos’s deal that day.

San: Wait, Zhong Xin. Cubic is…that girl who made the deal with Carlos that day, isn’t it?

Zhong Xin nods.

PA: Yes, that’s right, Thun San. That’s the one. Her name is Ruetainak, my fiancee’s best friend. (Eeep, they got engaged!)

ZX: So Thun San and Khun Pei Aing now know that tomorrow Khun Lin will have a press conference.

Zhong Xin leaves the room.

PA: It’s because of you adopting Yong Wen. So, how is it, your beloved son?

Meena: Khun Pei Aing.

PA: Yes, dear?

Meena: I think we should leave for now. I’m leaving, Thun San.

PA: I’m leaving, Thun San.

The couple leaves.

San: Yong Wen, I shouldn’t have picked you up from the street that day.

Flashback, Yong Wen (the boy) is running away from a man because he stole his chicken (food). The man keeps beating him. San walks by and tells him to stop beating the boy and asks for the reason. The man says the boy stole his chicken.

San asks the boy if that’s true. The boy says it’s true but he didn’t eat anything for 3 days now. San gives the man some money for the chicken. The man threatens the boy he will cut off his fingers if he do it again, and leaves.

San gives the boy some money to buy some food and tells him not to steal again. The boy takes the money and kneels down. He begs to let him stay with him. San asks what about his parents. The boy says he has no parents since he was born. He lived with his grandpa but once he died, he had  no one to turn to. The boy promises San that he will be a good boy and will take care of him, and will serve him for the rest of his life.

The boy: You are my second father. All right, father? Father? Let me stay with you, father. Please…..

San listens to him and starts walking away. The boy keeps begging him calling him father. Finally, San stops walking and turns to the boy. He reaches out his hand and the boy smiles. He runs to San and hugs him crying.

The boy: I promise I will be good. I will serve you. I will take care of you for the rest of my life.

San: That’s good, boy. Let’s go.

Aww..I felt for Yong Wen a bit here.

Present, San thinks of when Yong Wen, the grown-up, bows to him.

San: Yong Wen, you are worst than animal. A person like you shouldn’t stay alive anymore.

Pei Aing and Meena walk down the stairs outside.

PA: When I’m done with my business, I will need to have a talk with Lin Lan Se. It’s not right for him to do this, to suddenly give the position to Yong Wen easily like that.

Meena: But if Khun Lin won’t do it, Nak will die.

PA: One woman won’t be as  important as the position of the Highest Leader.

Meena: The way you say it, that means if it were me, you would let me die?

PA: No, I wouldn’t. You are an exception. (aww) But, for Lin Lan se, it’s not. He never loves anyone. He’s the person without heart. He doesn’t have to sacrifice for that girl.

Meena: How do you know that Khun Lin has no heart?

PA: I grew up with Lin Lan Se, of course, I know.

Meena: That means you didn’t know him that well.

PA: What do you mean?

Meena: Khun Lin loves my friend, Nak.

PA: Haha. Don’t you fool me. A person like Lin Lan Se will never like a woman looking like that.

Meena: (Hit him) Don’t look down on my friend. Nak is clever, smart, and talented, and Khun Lin loves her very much too, I’m telling you.

PA: Really? A person like Lin Lan Se loves that girl?

Part 5

Yong Wen shouts at the two girls to wake up.

Nak: I didn’t fall asleep. Why? You’re going to take me to kill? I told you Lin Lan Se would never give the position to you. Just forget it.

YW: You really don’t know what Lin Lan Se thinks of you, do you? He loves you. That’s why he’s giving the position to me.

Nak: Did Lin Lan Se really do that?

YW: You should be proud that you are the luckiest girl, because Lin Lan Se has never loved anyone.

Nak: If that’s the case, then you can release me and my sister already.

YW: Not yet!

Nak: Why? You said once Lin Lan Se gave the position to you, you would let us go.

YW: If I let you and your sister go easily, it won’t fit for the position ‘Ngao’ of yours.

Nak: So? What do you want me to do? You want me to shoot Lin Lan Se or what?

YW: That’s right! This is how clever Cubic should be. Tomorrow, after the press conference of announcing his resignation, you must be the one who shoot Lin Lan Se for me.

Nak: No! Even if you kill me, I will never kill Lin Lan Se!

YW: Is that right? (Grab Nantaka) What if I will kill your sister?

Nak: Don’t do anything to my sister.

YW: Then you must make a choice between Lin Lan Se’s life and your sister’s. Which one do you want to be alive?

Yong Wen orders his men to take Nantaka away.

Nak: Why are you doing this to me?

YW: Because you’re Cubic. Everyone said you were good. Haha. Then think, just think and figure it out.

Lan Se is pacing back and forth in his suite thinking how Nak told him several times to believe in her, that she could do it.

ZX: Khun Lin.

LLS: What is it, Zhong Xin?

ZX: I want you to think again about Yong Wen.

LLS: I’ve already thought about it very carefully. Ruetainak is the most important thing in my life.

ZX: In exchange for ChaiHong Group?

LLS: Yes. She’s more important than anything, even my own life.

ZX: All right. I will take care of everything according to your order.

Zhong Xin leaves.

LLS: Even with my own life, I will do it for you, Ruetainak.

Nak sits alone and thinks about what Yong Wen wants her to do.

The meeting begins on the top floor of ChaiHong Building. San Gui and others arrive. Then Yong Wen (as cool as ever) walks into the room and bows to San Gui. Pei Aing stares at him angrily.

Zong Xin walks to the podium.

ZX: My greeting to all. The reason I called for this meeting because Khun Lin Lan Se, our group’s president, has something to announce. Please welcome, Khun Lin Lan Se.

Lan Se comes up and walks to the podium.

LLS: My greeting to you all. For the past 12 years that I’ve taken the position of the Highest Leader of ChaiHong Group, I have been receiving a full support from all of you here. Today, I would like to say thank you to brothers and every friend of ChaiHong Group from the bottom of my heart. The reason I asked you all to be here is to announce to you all that, I’m leaving the position of the Highest Leader of ChaiHong Group, and also resigning from every position in ChaiHong Group.

Everyone is stunned.

Part 6

A man stands up and asks who will be the next president. Another man asks who he will give the position to. One man suggests it should be San according to seniority. Many are cheering for San Gui to become the next president.

LLS: Please…, be silent. Please listen. The person who will succeed me as the Highest Leader of ChaiHong Group is…Lang Yong Wen!

People in the room start arguing and taking side: San Gui, or Pei Ain, or Yong Wen.

ZX: All right, everyone. Please listen. According to ChaiHong Group’s rule, the Highest Leader only has sole power to give this position to anyone. Therefore, once Khun Lin Lan Se gives this position to Khun Lang Yong Wen, Khun Lang Yong Wen will rightfully inherit it.

LLS: That’s correct what Zhong Xin said. From now on, Lang Yong Wen is the Highest Leader of ChaiHong Group!

Some are still protesting. Yong Wen gets up and waves. Nak comes out from the curtain.

LLS: Ruetainak!

She walks to him.

Nak: Lin Lan Se, why did you do that? Why do you have to sacrifice for me?!

LLS: You sacrificed for me before, then why can’t I do that for you too.

He walks to her and pulls her into a hug. Nak thinks of when Yong Wen told her that immediately after Lin Lan Se finished the announcement, the time bomb would start.

Yong Wen shows Nak his cell phone. Nak looks at Nantaka who is in the upper room calling for her help. Nantaka’s tied to a time bomb. Yong Wen presses start. The time bomb starts to flash some read light. Nantaka keeps calling for Nak to help her.

Lan Se kisses Nak’s forehead softly in front of everyone.

LLS: I love you, Ruetainak.

Nak: I love you too.

He hugs her again. Nak starts to cry. Suddenly the sound of a gunshot startles everyone. Lan Se looks surprise. Yong Wen smiles. Lan Se looks at Nak unbelievably.

LLS: Ruetainak?

Nak: I’m sorry. (A gun is still in her hand.)

She aims and shoots at Lan Se one more time. What?? Lan Se  falls backward and loses his consciousness. Zhong Xin tells his men not to shoot Nak.

Nak: I did as I promised. Let my sister go!

Yong Wen shushes her. Lan Se’s men come running with a stretcher. They put Lan Se on it and carry him out.

Yong Wen stops the bomb. Nantaka is relieved. Nak weeps. Everyone is pointing at Nak to kill her.

San: You’re the worst kind, Yong Wen!

Part 7

Patric fires his gun and makes a grand entrance with his cool buddies.

P: You don’t have the right to do anything to that girl! It’s the job of the law forces. Give her to me.

ZX: I can’t. This is our private matter.

P: But I’m a cop. Give her to me now or I will arrest all of you!

Zhong Xin points his gun at Patric while looking at Nak. She looks at him too. Shin Fu steps out last pointing his gun at Patric from behind.

SF: Drop the gun if you don’t want to die!

YW: Good job, Shin Fu.

SF: Yes, sir.

Patric shouts, “Arrest them!”. He turns and shoots in the direction of Shin Fu several times.

San Gui pulls out his gun,”You die, Yong Wen!”

Yong Wen grabs a man as his shield, just in time to take San Gui’s bullets. Yong Wen fires back at San Gui repeatedly. San Gui falls down.

Flashback, San Gui tells the boy to promise that he will be a good boy, and won’t steal, and he will give him education as high as going abroad. The boy says yes to all, says thank you, and hugs him.

Present, San Gui falls down backward eyes opened. He thinks of Yong Wen, the boy, says, “I promise I will be a good boy. I will serve you, father. I will take care of father for the rest of my life.” San Gui closes his eyes and passes away.

Pei Aing pulls his gun out and aims, “Yong Wen!” But he gets shot by Yong Wen instead. Meena tells him to stay where he is.

Patric shoots Shin Fu till he drops to the floor. He turns to look for Nak but she’s already gone. A man shouts that the fire broke out, and tells everyone to get out of the building. The fire alarm echoes through the building.

P: Could it be that it’s their plan?

His buddy tells him to get out of here first. Everyone is running out. Zhong Xin chases after Yong Wen. They go out through the fire exit and runs down the stairs. Zhong Xin follows them and shoots one man down.

ZX: Stop right there, Yong Wen!

Yong Wen shoots Zhong Xin on his arm and opens the exit door to get into the building.

The guard: Are you all right, Khun Zhong Xin?

ZX: I’m all right, everything is according to the plan.

The guard: Yes, sir. (speak to his microphone) Yong Wen already went down to the 20th floor, everything is according to the plan.

Yong Wen walks into the building looking around. A gunshot suddenly calls for his attention.

Part 8

Yong Wen turns to the direction the sound came from. He sees Lan Se standing there.

YW: Lin Lan Se!

He fires his gun at Lan Se again and again until he ran out of bullets. Then he realizes, “It’s the mirror?”

LLS: You have no way to escape now, Yong Wen!

Yong Wen turns to see Lan Se standing in the opposite direction.

YW: Didn’t you die already, Lin Lan Se?!

LLS: You think I will be so stupid to give you ChaiHong Group that easily?

YW: But..that girl..shot you until you were bleeding?

LLS: Did you forget who she is? She’s Cubic, my Ngao (shadow)!

YW: Are you telling me that it’s the set up of that girl?

Flashback, Shin Fu is giving Nak a gun used when filming a movie and the bullets without heads. Nak aims and practices.


YW: Shin Fu? Shin Fu, back-stabbed me?!

LLS: You think you have more money than me to buy Shin Fu?

Yong Wen thinks of how Shin Fu talked to him.

LLS: The bad person and an ungrateful one like you, not to mention about born a human, even born an animal you won’t deserve it!

Yong Wen throws his gun away.

YW: That’s right. You were born wealthy. So what do you know about being born having nothing, not even a mother or father? How painful was it?

LLS: But you got a good chance from San so you should feel satisfied and be happy with what you were getting.

YW: You can talk all you want when you didn’t have to serve anyone, never do a shoeshine for anyone, never have to flatter anyone, even when you were so bored and got so annoyed with that old man. Do you know how much I hated you? But I had to endure it and hold it in, for this day. But now you and that girl destroyed my dream.

LLS: It’s obviously because you don’t have enough good fortune like me.

Lan Se points his gun at Yong Wen.

YW: Haha…if you shoot me, you and I will die here together.

At the ground floor, Nak comes out and sees Zhong Xin.

Nak: You were shot?

ZX: Just a little.

Nak: What about Pee Nan? How is my sister?

ZX: She’s already out of danger.

Nak: How about Lin Lan Se?

ZX: Khun Lin is taking care of Yong Wen upstairs.

Nak: I hope he will do it successfully.

ZX: A person like Khun Lin, never do thing twice.

Nak: I hope so too.

Upstairs, Yong Wen opens his jacket and it’s a time bomb underneath. He laughs.

YW: Don’t try it. If you pull the trigger, I will push the button so that the bomb will explode.

On the ground floor,

ZX: Ruetainak, you are deserving the name Cubic. Everything is according to your plan, the only thing left is Khun Lin pulls the trigger, and everything will come to an end.

Nak: Don’t praise me  now. Let’s wait until Lin Lan Se come down first.

ZX: I think there won’t be any mistake.


YW: That Cubic couldn’t think of this, could she? That I have a backup plan, to teach her a lesson. Lin Lan Se, in most ending of a movie, the villain has to die, but in my scene, the hero must drop the gun and the villain will pick it up, and shoot him right on his face. Haha…drop the gun! Or I’ll push the button now. I’m giving you 3 seconds…three…two…one..

Lan Se pulls the trigger just when Yong Wen is about to push the button. Yong Wen falls backward. The bullet hit his right eye. He falls to the floor unconscious. Lan Se still points his gun at him.

When Yong Wen doesn’t move, he puts the gun down and turns to leave. He walks away and turns to look at him one more time. Yong Wen’s hand is moving and he pushes the button. It’s 30 seconds left and counting down.

Lan Se calls Zhong Xin.

LLS: Zhong Xin, send some men to clear Yong Wen’s body.

Part 9

The bomb went off. It explodes most of the upper half of the building.

Nak: Lin Lan Se!

Lan Se sees the fire coming so he runs down the stairs from the fire exit.

Nak: Lin Lan Se!

ZX: Where are you going?

Nak: I’m going to help Lin Lan Se.

ZX: Are you crazy? He will come down soon.

Nak: No, let me go! Zhong Xin, let me go!

Nak runs upstairs so Zhong Xin orders some men to go with her.

Lan Se is running down the stairs. Nak is running up the stairs. Another bomb explodes. Lan Se opens the exit door and gets into the building. Nak runs up the stairs calling his name.

Man, Bomb is so cool here.

Lan Se keeps running along the corridor. Another bomb explodes. Lan Se runs as fast and finds a tunnel in front of him while the fire is coming behind. He jumps and slides himself down the tunnel.

Nak is still running. She also finds a tunnel. She turns to see the fire coming towards her and screams.

Lan Se comes down successfully. He asks Zhong Xin where Ruetainak is.

LLS: Ruetainak is up there?

Zhong Xin nods. Lan Se wants to run back there but Zhong Xin holds his arm firmly and won’t let go. Lan Se keeps yelling at him to let him go. More men come and pull him outside while he’s calling her name.

Later, when things quiet down, Lan Se and Zhong Xin are standing among the debris looking for Nak.

Lan Se thinks of Nak, “You know, when you smile, you look very handsome.”

He looks around.

Flashback, “I don’t know if we will see each other again, but I want you to know that you will stay in my memory…forever.” He kisses her forehead.

-Man, just think if she dies here, how this story will turn out.

Present, Lan Se sits down losing strength.

Flashback, Nak says, “Sweet dream”

Zhong Xin walks to Lan Se.


LLS: You shouldn’t stop me! I just let her die in there! (hitting with a fist) We shouldn’t believe her. We shouldn’t follow her plan.

ZX: If we didn’t follow her plan, may be our men would all die in the building.

Lan Se grabs Zhong Xin’s collar.

LLS: I should get in there to help her, but it’s you stopping me!

ZX: But I couldn’t let Khun Lin die also. (Aww…bromance)


Lan Se leans on his shoulder. Is he crying without Zhong Xin seeing?

Patric and his buddy come to the site. The guards try to stop him from entering.

P: I’m looking for a suspect. Get out of the way!

ZX: What do you want?

P: Where is Ruetainak?

ZX: She’s already dead.

P: How do you know that she’s dead? Is this your plan?

LLS: (Grab Patric’s collar) If you mention the name ‘Ruetainak’ one more time, I will kill you for sure! Get out of my premise!

P: Lin Lan Se, today I won’t do anything to you, but I’m telling you, as long as I didn’t see with my own eyes that Ruetainak died, I will find her. Just wait and see!

Patric leaves with the policemen.

Lan Se keeps looking for Nak.

LLS: (As if to Nak) If you didn’t go up there to help me, you wouldn’t have to die.

ZX: Khun Lin, I think..shouldn’t we go home first?

LLS: No! I will stay here until we find Ruetainak’s body!


I love Bomb in this episode, especially, the running in the fire and the debris scene. Talk about stiffness, when his eyes turned so sad, aww…. *melt*

I won’t say about Nak’s plan for now because some pieces are still missing to get the whole picture. I’m both the reader of the novel and the viewer of the lakorn, and I loved both but not sure how to say it yet. Let’s see the final episode first.


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  1. I’m new to Thai drama this is my first and I have to say I’m happy I started with this drama. As for the comment about Bomb acting, I found it to be great from the first episode to now. He a cold, smart, powerful man with few words so he has to use his eyes and body to express his feeling and boy he got it right from the start. The stares, and the way his bottom lips seem to become fuller as his love for Nark develop and sweet Jesus that big frame. The story line as a whole had limited dialogue to me his character was cold and emotionless a man of few words and for Bombs to incorporate using his eyes, body and facial expression to display his emotions into words was so well done. I found myself not even reading the subs when Bomb was acting the intense stare, taking off his sun glasses or putting them on deliver so much depth of emotions I was so captivate and charmed by it all.


  2. Can you please tell me was the ratings in episode 15 good?

  3. I love the way lin lanser was acting more like a human in this episode. Ruthainak’s love for lin lanser brought tears to my eyes, especially when she rushed back into the building for lin lanser. I managed to find this link online, and used online translator to translate as the website is in thai -

  4. Woo…it’s almost to the end…so sad to part with this drama. Thank you very much because I have enjoyed this drama much more thru your CAPS. Without you…this drama would have been only half as joyful. Once again thank you!

  5. Thanks for the recap. OMG I want to watch the last episodes already but at the same time I don’t cause I don’t want it to end. aaaaahhhhhh RueTaiNakxLinLanSer ❤ for life

  6. Thank you. Tomorrow is the last ep. Yes, agree Bomb acting is much better. Hope there will be part 2 to cover book 3 and 4.

    • I will continue the 2nd part of ep.22 on Satursday Night and leading to the ending of the episode so tuned in tomorrow night and Sunday for the whole summary of it! Good bye for now!

    • Here is another spoiler parts of the ep. 22

      Lin Lanser standing looking outside the window.
      Nak:”Thanik you for believing me that I can do it.”
      Nak:”You have to believes me Lin Lanser, believes that I can get ride of him successfully.”
      Nak: Nak gives Lanser two thump up with two hand and told me, “I’m very sharpe good!”
      Replacing eyes contact Jong Sing looks at the back of Lin Lanser/Jong Sing moves and walked into
      Jong Sing:” Khun Lins karp.”
      Lins:”What it is Jong Sing?”
      Jong Sing:” I wants you to reconsidered about Yong Wen once more times sire!”
      Lins:”I carefully thinks thing through already, Ruetienak are the most valuable things in my lives.”
      Jong Sing:”In exchanging for ChaiHong Group, is that right!”
      Lins:”Yes, she is the most valuable more then anything else, even my lives.”
      Jong Sing looks and sigh saw Lins still lonely.
      Jong Sing:” Then I will going to takes cares of everything just like Khun Lins ordered.”
      Jong Sing walked out, Lins looks from afar.
      Lins:” Even if it mean my lives, I will do it for you, Ruetienak.”


        • Here is Cubic Spoiler Episode 22 Part One Completes so far:

          Previously on Cubic Nak and Chin Fu putting their plan in actions to captured and get ridden of Yong Wen. Before she goes through with her plan she has briefing Lin Lanser about her plan. But what she did not expecting is for Yong Wen to kidnapped her sisters to using her sisters as a bargaining chip too. So, now Nak and Nantaka both been kidnapped. Yong Wen has already gives Lin Lanser an ultamatum either ChaiHong Group or the lives of Nak and Nantaka. Now on with the capped:

          San Guish:”What, Lin Lanser is going to gives the positions leader of ChaiHong Group to Yong Wen”
          Jong Sing:” Yes, sire!”
          Pei Ing:” Are Lin Lanser is crazy now, out of suddenly he will gives the leadership to Yong Wen.”
          Jong Sing:” Yong Wen has captured Cubic and gives a conditions for Khun Lins to resigned the leadership and gives it to him.”
          Meena:”I’m sorry, did you said Cubic.”
          Jong Sing: “Yes, if Khun Lins did not given in his demand, he will killed Cubic/”
          San Guish:” Wait , Jong Sing, Cubic it is a little girl whom has negotiated with Carlos right!”
          Pei Ing: “Yes, Tang San. That is her, her name was Ruetienak. She is my finance bestfriend.
          Pei Ing touches Meena hip, San Guish looks
          Jong Sing:” That is everyone, now that Tang San and Khun Pei Ing has been informed that tomorrow Khun Lins will be giving a press conferences”.
          San Guish nodded, Jong Sing walked out of the room.
          Pei Ing:” It is because of Tang San Guish only taht bring Ai Yong Wen to raises as his own son, now what, your beloved son”/
          Meena:”Khun Pei Ing, ka”.
          Pei Ing:” Yes, dearest!”
          Meena:” I thinks we should leaves, good by Tang San”.
          Meena wai Tang San, Pei Ing glencing at Tang San.
          Pei Ing:”I’m leaving Tang San.”
          Pei Ing and Meena walked out, San Guish now thinking back to Yong Wen, regretfully.
          San Guish: “Yong Wen, that day I should never pick you up from the street, really.”
          Yong Wen when he was a kid, his body is messy runing out, R’ Hia ran after him and pulled his armed, whipping with a stick.
          Hia:”You dare stealing from me!”
          Yong Wen:”Oh, I’m scare now, it is hurt.”
          Hia:” Hurt, right, I’m going to whipping you to death, how dare you are stealing my chicken to eat.”
          Yong Wen:” I’m so sorry, I am hungry, helps me, it is hurt.”
          San Guish in his young ages comes in and grasping R’Hia armed.
          San Guish:”Hey, wait.”
          Hia:”It is not your businesses!”
          San Guish:”Why are you whipping him”.
          Yong Weng:”I told you this is not concerned you, comes here”.
          San Guish pulled Yong Wen back.
          San Guish:” If you whipped him against, you will answered to me, why are you whipping him.”
          R’Hia:” He steal my chicken drum stick.”
          San Guish:”It is truth, Ai Nu”.
          Yong Wen:”Yes, but I have not been eating anything for three days now.”
          San Guish:”Alright, pee chai, I will makes up for it, here is the money for one chicken, is that enough, satisfied” (giving him the money).
          R’Hia:”Alright, but let me sees his faces ever against in this areas, if he comes and steal from me against, I will cut out you finger.”
          Hia walked out, San Guish gives the money to Yong Wen.
          San Guish:”Here, take this money, go buy some food to eat and remember don’t you dare stealing from other people ever against, do you understand me!”
          Yong Weng: “Sire, let me goes to stays with you, please, sire!”
          San Guish:” And what about your parents, where are your parents?”
          Yong Wen:”i don’t have parents, born only have grandpa, but when grandpa died I don’t know whom to stays with karp Tang, I promises that I will be a good person, whom will served Tang, take cares of Tang for the rests of my lives. Tang is the second father to me.”
          San Guish walked in and stopped, turned back, and then looked at his hand, Yong Wen ran into frame to take his armed.
          San Guish lead Yong Wen walked by the way, to the lane
          {Back to the Present}
          San Guish:” You are bad more than bestial, a person like you should not be alives any longer”
          Pei Ing walked out with Meena.
          Pei Ing:” After I finish with my erran and I will give Lin Lanser a called, I thinks he did not doing a right thing, all of suddenly he willingly going to gives the top leader position to Ai Yong Wen easily, how come”.
          Meena:” If Khun Lins did not do as he been told, Nak will died.”
          Pei Ing:”It just one woman, what is the big deal, it is not important as the top leader of ChaiHong Group, really”.
          Meena:”You said this is that mean if it was me, you will letting me died right.”
          Pei Ing:”It is not like that, for you there is an exception, but for Lin Lanser, he has never loves anyone, he is a heartless person, he should never sacrafied himself for that kid.”
          Meena:”How do you known that Khun Lins are heartless.”
          Pei Ing:”Why should I not known, i grew up with Lin Lanser, remember.”
          Meena:”That mean you did not know the truth!”
          Pei Ing:”What do you mean?”
          Meena:”Khun Lins loves Nak, my friend, surely.”
          Pei Ing:”Don’t teases me, a person like Lin Lanser will never loves that woman faces like that., no way”
          Meena:”Don’t insulting my friend, Nak is intelligent, smart and
          was good. And Khun Lins is really loves Nak very much I told you.”
          Meena sabud faces and walked out, Pei Ing glences after.
          Pei Ing:”Really, Lin Lanser is in loves with that kid.”
          Yong Wen opened the door entered saw Nak sit closing her eyes still
          Yong Wen:”Wake up, already, Sao Noi”.
          Nak:”I did not sleep, are you taking me to be killed, I told you that Lin Lanser will never given you the power over ChaiHong Group, you can forget about it.”
          Yong Wen:”Then you did not know how Lin Lanser feels about you right, he loves you that he are willingly sacrafied the positions of the top leader of ChaiHong Group to me.”
          Nantaka looks stunned.
          Nak:”Are you telling the truth!”
          Yong Wen:”Yes, you should be proud that you are the lucky woman in the world because Lin Lanser have never loves anyone.”
          Nantaka looks at Nak.
          Nak:”Then you can releases me and my sisters already.”
          Yong Wen:”Not yet.”
          Nak:”Ouch, why, you told me to releasing us if Lin Lanser gives the top leader positions to you.”
          Yong Wen:”If I let you and your sister go easily, it is fitting the dignity of the positions Ngao of you, then”.
          Nak:”Why, and what are you thinking you are going to do now, you wants me to go killed Lin Lanser right.”
          Yong Wen:”That is correct. I just saw you smart fiting to be Cubic right about now.”
          Yong Wen:”Tomorrow after Lin Lanser announcement at the presses conferences to walked out of the positions, you have to go and shoot Lin Lanser for me.”
          Nak:”No, never, even if you killed me to dead, I will never killed Lin Lanser.”
          Yong Wen:”If I killed your sisters then.”
          Yong Wen pulled Nantaka up.
          Nak:” No, don’t you dare harm pee Nan, please!”
          Yong Wen:” You have to choose now, between Lin Lanser lives or your sister whom would you like for them to lives, takes her aways.”
          His goon drag Nantaka out of there.
          Nan:” Nak helps me please!”
          Nak:”No, pee Nan…pee Nan”.
          Yong Wen:”Then whom did you choose.”
          Nak:” Why did you do this to me.”
          Yong Wen:” Is because you are Cubic, everyone thinks you are good right, ha…ha…ha”.
          Yong Wen laugh satisfine walked out and closing the door real loud.

          Replacing eyes contact Jong Sing looks at the back of Lin Lanser/Jong Sing moves and walked into
          Jong Sing:” Khun Lins karp.”
          Lins:”What it is Jong Sing?”
          Jong Sing:” I wants you to reconsidered about Yong Wen once more times sire!”
          Lins:”I carefully thinks thing through already, Ruetienak are the most valuable things in my lives.”
          Jong Sing:”In exchanging for ChaiHong Group, is that right!”
          Lins:”Yes, she is the most valuable more then anything else, even my lives.”
          Jong Sing looks and sigh saw Lins still lonely.
          Jong Sing:” Then I will going to takes cares of everything just like Khun Lins ordered.”
          Jong Sing walked out, Lins looks from afar.
          Lins:” Even if it mean my lives, I will do it for you, Ruetienak.”

          Legs of people walked in the conferences/all the Board of Directors and Shareholders members walked inside the room
          .San Guish walked in, bodyguard follow inside.
          Pei Ing holding Meena hand and walked in, another sets of bodyguard follows inside the room.
          People are sitting down waiting in the meeting room/some people getting their fan up to blew/some people waited moves their watches and looks/some people turned to each other talking seriously of what Lin Lanser called the meeting for.
          Yong Wen step walked into, Yong Wen waving his hand at them with no answered with evily smiles walked to sit in the front sit.
          Jong Sing walked into the stages.
          Jong Sing:” Sawaddee karp, sibling ChaiHong Group everyone, the reasons I called everyone into this meeting today is because Khun Lin Lanser, The Directors of ChaiHong Group of our has something important to announce to informed everyone, please welcomed Khun Lin Lanser sire!”
          Lins walked out of the side of the stages, walked into the podium and stopped.
          Everyone got up from their sit/San Guish looks/Yong Wen looks/Pei Ing and Meena looks.
          Lins:” Over a period of 12 years that I inherited the leadership of ChiHong Group, I got the supports of all of you from everyone good whom sitting here right now, today I wanted to thank you to sibling and friends ChaiHong Group everyone from the bottom of my heart, truely.”
          San Guish looks/Pei Ing and Meena looks.
          Lins:”And the reasons I invited you in today is to tell you that I will be resigned from the top leader positions of ChaiHong Group.”
          Everyone murmur like stunned and panic turned left and right.
          Lins:”I will be resigning from every positions of ChaiHong Group.”
          Men1:”And who will be the next Directors of ChaiHong Group”.
          Men2:”We will voting against, is that right!”
          Men3:”And whom will Khun Lins gives the power to inherited next sire!”
          Men4: “Then the positions should be giving to Tang San because Tang San are the top elder.” To whom every clapping their hand supporting San Guish.
          Lins:”O.K. that is enough, quiet before, I beg of you, everyone listened in this directions here, the persons whom will inherited the top leader of ChaiHong Group is….”
          “Lins Lang Yong Wen.”
          End of Part One for now!

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