Variety Show: Morning-News (9/4/2014) – Cubic


Picture cr as tagged.

Cubic’s ratings turned out to be the dark horse this year, quite a surprise to the channel. The advantage about it is the cast members get to be on many variety shows and here is one from Morning-News on April 9, 2014.

The boy-man in red is Kotee, he dressed up as Mei Jing   🙂

MC: Here they are, Lin Lan Se and Cubic.

They greet the MC.

Kotee walks down the steps with the help of Bomb Tanin.

Bomb: Be careful, Pee Ko.

MC: (To Kotee) By the time you come down, we would be running out of time.

MC asks Kotee if he’s hooked to the lakorn Cubic.

Kotee: I’m telling you, the man’s acting is in the trend. (Bomb laughs)

MC: Why is that?

Kotee: His acting was so stiff (cardboard wise) it created quite a stir on the internet. (Everyone laughs.) But many people didn’t know that Nong Bomb had to act that way because, in the novel, if you read it again carefully, the hero was much stiffer than this. Bomb had already toned it down.

MC: Is that so?

Kotee: It’s true.

MC: Let him say it himself. Here you go, why were you so stiff like that, some said?

Bomb: It’s actually in the character.

Kotee: Come out of that earthen jar first to talk to me. Don’t talk to me as if you are hiding in a jar talking.

Bomb: It’s actually in the character. In the beginning, the hero didn’t care about anybody’s feeling, but after he engaged in many missions with the heroine, overcome those together, and once the feeling of love came into the picture, many could see that the hero started to smile and have the feeling of worry in his eyes and face’s expression, as though he’s worried about someone, which was different from the beginning where he’s very quiet and stiff.

MC: So that’s the acting.

Bomb: Yes.

MC: You acted to be stiff.

Bomb: It’s true that there were some scenes in the beginning where I was adjusting into the character, but in the later half, it could be seen that I wasn’t as stiff as in the beginning.

MC: So, that means he just acted cool, in Cubic?

Mint: In the lakorn, yes.

MC: Didn’t he act cool in the lakorn, like this…(MC stretches himself up.)

Mint: He would rarely smile or express his feeling. He kept his feeling underneath like he’s shouldering the whole world.

Bomb: His character had a very stressful background.

Kotee says after this show, his neck will be hurt looking left and right (due to Bomb and Mint’s height) so he tells Bomb to stand next to Mint instead.

Kotee: Why so tall?

MC: (To Mint) She played the role of a young girl. You didn’t worry to look pretty at all.

Mint: This role totally changed the characters I played before. It’s the character of a tough/naughty girl, no need to worry to look pretty, and in the story, she’s not pretty at all.

MC: But you are actually pretty but played the role not caring about looking pretty.

Kotee agrees there were many scenes she didn’t care about making herself look pretty.

MC: (To Kotee) What’s her character’s name?

Kotee: Lin Lan Se!

Bomb: That’s me.

Ko-tee: I meant Khun Bomb’s name was Lin Lan Se.

MC: And hers?

Kotee: Why do you have to ask? I couldn’t remember. (Bomb whispers to him.)

MC: Ruetainak!

Kotee: Ruetainard!

Mint: Nak!

MC: Let’s do it in order, you were naughty, and you…today it’s him here. You make Lin Lan Se’s face. (Bomb does it.) Lin Lan Se is happy…Lin Lan Se is sad…Lin Lan Se is angry…(Bomb acts accordingly.)

Bomb: That’s too fast, I couldn’t keep up. (He laughs.)

MC: No, you don’t have to do anything, they were all the same faces.

Bomb: It’s just a tiny bit different. It’s a character who normally doesn’t express  his feeling.

MC: Right, whatever he’s feeling, his face would remain stern. Do it one more time, Lin Lan Se is quiet…happy…angry…sad (Bomb makes his face accordingly. Omg…it’s so funny.) This is how Lin Lan Se is, but once he’s in love, he starts changing.

Bomb: Yes.

MC: That will be noticed during the episodes coming this Friday and Wednesday, right?

Mint and Bomb say yes.

MC: Let’s try when Lin Lan Se is in love….

Bomb: Wait, how is it? Wait, let me think. (He glares at Mint.)

MC: And that when you are in love?

Bomb: Actually, it would turn out in the way that he would ask her to do this and that for him, wanting her to stay close all the time. If you see the lakorn, it was like he made this and that excuse, like an old dog’s trick, so she would come to see him everyday.

MC: All right. Do you know the dog’s trick, Khun Ekarat (another MC)?

Ekarat: Throw it back to you. Haha..

MC: How about your own self, not Lin Lan Se, but Bomb Tanin?

Bomb: Yes.

MC: Happy…sad…angry…in love. (Bomb does it accordingly.) Is that quite all right, Ko?

Kotee: Yes, (He points to MC himself.) Sad…

MC: What?

Kotee: You ordered others so try it yourself.

MC: Sad (points at Ko-tee)

Kotee: No, not that.

Kotee complains that MC is using his right as the owner of the show to order people to do anything, wear anything. (They laugh) Wait until it’s his own show.

MC: Mint…Ruetainak, a tough student…

Mint laughs.

Kotee walks as a tough girl. MC tells her to walk over as a tough girl. Bomb says do it, it’s the way she actually is.

Mint walks a little.

MC: How’s it, Mint? It’s surpassed your expectation,hasn’t? A great feedback.

Mint: Yes, the feedback is great. As I said, it came from the novel so I was under a lot of pressure whether or not the viewers and the readers would love it. But once the ratings came out, the viewers loved it, we are delighted.

Bomb: Yes.

MC: How about you, Bomb?

Bomb: It was stressful during the shooting. We wanted people to love every character and not just the main leads because there were many  more actors/actresses and newbies in it too. We are happy that people loved every character.

MC: This coming Friday-Saturday….will be the finale.

Mint: Yes, it’s getting close.

MC: And there will be an enormous change of both characters, (to Mint) you will become more feminine?

Mint: No, I will be the same but will come back to Hong Kong again in the story. I will try to help him but unsuccessful because the villain escape again.

Bomb: A plan will be drawn up to catch the villain, also there will be a scene that everybody has been waiting for, a building trembling down.

Mint: Yes, that’s a big scene.

Bomb: There will be an action scene, and the scene the hero try to find the heroine where you will see the feeling of Lin Lan Se change a whole lot, a lot of his love.

MC says so we shouldn’t miss the episodes this weekend. Then he introduces two singers of the lakorn’s soundtrack.

1) Peck Palitchoke -song title, Rak KhrangRaek Lae Khrang SutThai (the first love and also the last)

2) Praew KanitKul -song title, Yok Wen Reuang Thoe (except yours)

Song (1) sang in the name of Lin Lan Se, Peck says the (song) producer told him to sing stiffly like how Lin Lan Se is (laugh). The hero is a tough man who won’t show his feeling with something hidden in his heart.

MC: Because he never loves anyone, this is his first and also his last.

Peck says that’s why he had to make…(stern face)…face in the recording studio, because the (song) producer went to see how they portrayed the roles and said to do it like this….(stern face) so he needed to do the same. Hahaha.

MC: And Praew, you sang the song for Cubic (the girl).

Praew says it’s for the heroine. She says they actually made the song in two versions, the first one, was a slow song with another meaning, but the song lyricist went to see Bomb and Mint act and realized the heroine was quite naughty so she rewrote the lyrics and melody and it’s the second version, and it’s the current song.

MC says both singers are close friends and they have the chance to work for the same lakorn. MC tells them to sing the songs starting with Peck. Peck sings the song.

Kotee says it’s a very lovely song. MC congratulates both that their songs went up the top-10 chart. He says next is the song for the heroine. Praew sings the song.

MC says both are lovely songs and reflect the characters very nicely. Kotee says if you close your eyes and listen to the song, the heroine’s face would come up. MC leaves the songs to download. Both singers tell the download numbers. MC thanks them.

MC turns to Bomb and tells him to act the scene that loved by many, where he sent Ruetainak back and gave her 10 millions.

Bomb says it’s a sentimental scene, and asks if he should do the scene now. MC tells him to do it.

Mint as Nak: When you smile, you look very handsome.

Bomb as Lan Se: Ruetainak, you will stay in my memory…forever. Your 20-millions debt is now voided and once you arrive in Thailand, someone will give you 10 millions.

Bomb looks at Mint and they both are feeling shy. MC says see you in the last 2 episodes this coming Friday and Saturday, don’t miss it. MC says thank you to all. MC teases Kotee he could hardly move in that dress. Kotee says it’s fine. They all greet us good-bye.

Is it Friday yet?  🙂

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  1. You said that if a drama have high ratings, the actors has the advantage of showing up in variety shows. Was Mint’s Khunchai Ronnaphee had high ratings at the time it was broadcasted??

    • Khunchai Ronnaphee turned out to be the most disappointing one, but of course, I lost track of how many shows those Juthathep brothers and their ladies were in, too many 🙂

      • I liked every story of jutathep brother but last one was really boring, I don’t even know she fall for him. The story was to slow they did more work for the decor than the story. The scene was beautiful but the evolution didn’t worked on me.

  2. Hehe I love how they brought up Bomb’s stiff acting, thanks for translating. ^^

  3. Gosh! Thank you for this… And, as what other comments here says, I really want to have a sequel for this….

  4. Thank you so much! I believe there will be a sequel because of the good ratings!

    • I will pray for this. When I think people wanted boycott this show because of Bomb Scandal, but even that didn’t stop me cause private matter are private. You should keep it for you, that what I think.

  5. OMG, what a great show! How come I missed that?? Thanks, for the great recaps. So much to look forward to this Friday and Sat. Wahhhh…going to end soon! I hope they make the sequel with the same cast. 😉

    • Would you like a spoilers on Cubic upcoming episode. Get back on me with that answered, and I’ll begins to working on it tonight, or atleast trying to. Thank You, from Patricia!

      • I would like a spoilers on Cubic upcoming episode please.

      • Yes, I would very much. Thank you.

        • Episode 22 Part One

          Previously on Cubic Nak and Chin Fu putting their plan in actions to captured and get ridden of Yong Wen. Before she goes through with her plan she has briefing Lin Lanser about her plan. But what she did not expecting is for Yong Wen to kidnapped her sisters to using her sisters as a bargaining chip too. So, now Nak and Nantaka both been kidnapped. Yong Wen has already gives Lin Lanser an ultamatum either ChaiHong Group or the lives of Nak and Nantaka. Now on with the capped:
          San Guish:”What, Lin Lanser is going to gives the positions leader of ChaiHong Group to Yong Wen”/
          Jong Sing:” Yes, sire!”
          Pei Ing:” Are Lin Lanser is crazy now, out of suddenly he will gives the leadership to Yong Wen.”
          Jong Sing:” Yong Wen has captured Cubic and gives a conditions for Khun Lins to resigned the leadership and gives it to him.”
          Meena:”I’m sorry, did you said Cubic.”
          Jong Sing: “Yes, if Khun Lins did not given in his demand, he will killed Cubic/”
          San Guish:” Wait , Jong Sing, Cubic it is a little girl whom has negotiated with Carlos right!”
          Pei Ing: “Yes, Tang San. That is her, her name was Ruetienak. She is my finance bestfriend.
          Pei Ing touches Meena hip, San Guish looks
          Jong Sing:” That is everyone, now that Tang San and Khun Pei Ing has been informed that tomorrow Khun Lins will be giving a press conferences”.
          San Guish nodded, Jong Sing walked out of the room.
          Pei Ing:” It is because of Tang San Guish only taht bring Ai Yong Wen to raises as his own son, now what, your beloved son”/
          Meena:”Khun Pei Ing, ka”.
          Pei Ing:” Yes, dearest!”
          Meena:” I thinks we should leaves, good by Tang San”.
          Meena wai Tang San, Pei Ing glencing at Tang San.
          Pei Ing:”I’m leaving Tang San.”
          Pei Ing and Meena walked out, San Guish now thinking back to Yong Wen, regretfully.
          San Guish: “Yong Wen, that day I should never pick you up from the street, really.”

          • Cubic Episode 22 Part Two

            Previously on Cubic Episode 22 Part One, Jong Sing has informed Pei Ing and Tang San Guish about Lin Lanser actions for tomorrow presses conferences. AFter, Pei Ing, Meena, and Jong Sing leave, Tang San now thinking of Yong Wen, regretfully.. Now on with the capped:
            Yong Wen when he was a kid, his body is messy runing out, R’ Hia ran after him and pulled his armed, whipping with a stick.
            Hia:”You dare stealing from me!”
            Yong Wen:”Oh, I’m scare now, it is hurt.”
            Hia:” Hurt, right, I’m going to whipping you to death, how dare you are stealing my chicken to eat.”
            Yong Wen:” I’m so sorry, I am hungry, helps me, it is hurt.”
            San Guish in his young ages comes in and grasping R’Hia armed.
            San Guish:”Hey, wait.”
            Hia:”It is not your businesses!”
            San Guish:”Why are you whipping him”.
            Yong Weng:”I told you this is not concerned you, comes here”.
            San Guish pulled Yong Wen back.
            San Guish:” If you whipped him against, you will answered to me, why are you whipping him.”
            R’Hia:” He steal my chicken drum stick.”
            San Guish:”It is truth, Ai Nu”.
            Yong Wen:”Yes, but I have not been eating anything for three days now.”
            San Guish:”Alright, pee chai, I will makes up for it, here is the money for one chicken, is that enough, satisfied” (giving him the money).
            R’Hia:”Alright, but let me sees his faces ever against in this areas, if he comes and steal from me against, I will cut out you finger.”
            Hia walked out, San Guish gives the money to Yong Wen.
            San Guish:”Here, take this money, go buy some food to eat and remember don’t you dare stealing from other people ever against, do you understand me!”
            Yong Weng: “Sire, let me goes to stays with you, please, sire!”
            San Guish:” And what about your parents, where are your parents?”
            Yong Wen:”i don’t have parents, born only have grandpa, but when grandpa died I don’t know whom to stays with karp Tang, I promises that I will be a good person, whom will served Tang, take cares of Tang for the rests of my lives. Tang is the second father to me.”


            • Previously, a little history of how San Guish meet Yong Wen. Now on with the capped:
              San Guish walked in and stopped, turned back, and then looked at his hand, Yong Wen ran into frame to take his armed.
              San Guish lead Yong Wen walked by the way, to the lane
              {Back to the Present}
              San Guish:” You are bad more than bestial, a person like you should not be alives any longer”
              Pei Ing walked out with Meena.
              Pei Ing:” After I finish with my erran and I will give Lin Lanser a called, I thinks he did not doing a right thing, all of suddenly he willingly going to gives the top leader position to Ai Yong Wen easily, how come”.
              Meena:” If Khun Lins did not do as he been told, Nak will died.”
              Pei Ing:”It just one woman, what is the big deal, it is not important as the top leader of ChaiHong Group, really”.
              Meena:”You said this is that mean if it was me, you will letting me died right.”
              Pei Ing:”It is not like that, for you there is an exception, but for Lin Lanser, he has never loves anyone, he is a heartless person, he should never sacrafied himself for that kid.”
              Meena:”How do you known that Khun Lins are heartless.”
              Pei Ing:”Why should I not known, i grew up with Lin Lanser, remember.”
              Meena:”That mean you did not know the truth!”
              Pei Ing:”What do you mean?”
              Meena:”Khun Lins loves Nak, my friend, surely.”
              Pei Ing:”Don’t teases me, a person like Lin Lanser will never loves that woman faces like that., no way”
              Meena:”Don’t insulting my friend, Nak is intelligent, smart and was good. And Khun Lins is really loves Nak very much I told you.”
              Meena sabud faces and walked out, Pei Ing glences after.
              Pei Ing:”Really, Lin Lanser is in loves with that kid.”

              • Yong Wen opened the door entered saw Nak sit closing her eyes still
                Yong Wen:”Wake up, already, Sao Noi”.
                Nak:”I did not sleep, are you taking me to be killed, I told you that Lin Lanser will never given you the power over ChaiHong Group, you can forget about it.”
                Yong Wen:”Then you did not know how Lin Lanser feels about you right, he loves you that he are willingly sacrafied the positions of the top leader of ChaiHong Group to me.”
                Nantaka looks stunned.
                Nak:”Are you telling the truth!”
                Yong Wen:”Yes, you should be proud that you are the lucky woman in the world because Lin Lanser have never loves anyone.”
                Nantaka looks at Nak.
                Nak:”Then you can releases me and my sisters already.”
                Yong Wen:”Not yet.”
                Nak:”Ouch, why, you told me to releasing us if Lin Lanser gives the top leader positions to you.”
                Yong Wen:”If I let you and your sister go easily, it is fitting the dignity of the positions Ngao of you, then”.
                Nak:”Why, and what are you thinking you are going to do now, you wants me to go killed Lin Lanser right.”
                Yong Wen:”That is correct. I just saw you smart fiting to be Cubic right about now.”
                Yong Wen:”Tomorrow after Lin Lanser announcement at the presses conferences to walked out of the positions, you have to go and shoot Lin Lanser for me.”
                Nak:”No, never, even if you killed me to dead, I will never killed Lin Lanser.”

                • Yong Wen:”If I killed your sisters then.”

                  Yong Wen pulled Nantaka up.

                  Nak:” No, don’t you dare harm pee Nan, please!”

                  Yong Wen:” You have to choose now, between Lin Lanser lives or your sister whom would you like for them to lives, takes her aways.”

                  His goon drag Nantaka out of there.

                  Nan:” Nak helps me please!”

                  Nak:”No, pee Nan…pee Nan”.

                  Yong Wen:”Then whom did you choose.”

                  Nak:” Why did you do this to me.”

                  Yong Wen:” Is because you are Cubic, everyone thinks you are good right, ha…ha…ha”.

                  Yong Wen laugh satisfine walked out and closing the door real loud.


      • Sure, please please. I think we’re all dying from your spoilers

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