Yah Leum Chan Episode 3 (Wee Bits)

I finally got the picture of this series. I think it’s a melo, a so stressful one to watch too. I’m not sure I will complete this one if it continues with this tone because Kemchard could turn into such a boring character in no time.

I don’t think this is Khemchard that I know from the novel. Did the scriptwriter misinterpret Khemchard in some way or come up with the new version? It seems, besides being a jerk, Kemchard is a -p.s.y.c.h.o- Wah….

Don’t get me wrong, Tik was great with the role he’s receiving but it just came out of nowhere, and Ann was great too, however, these two so far didn’t synchronize well for me. Also, the twins need to give me subtitle because they didn’t speak clear enough. Haha.

(Part 4/9)

Aww….I love this bits.

Su comes to work and her sons put some flowers in her lunch bag without she’s knowing. She takes it out and remembers that Khem hates flowers so she puts the flowers in a glass and hides it under her table. When she’s not at her desk, the housekeeper comes and puts it on the table. Khem walks by and sees the flowers.

(Start from 3:00 mark)

He throws the glass with flowers in it to the wall.

K: Didn’t anyone tell you that I hated flowers?!

Su: Yes, but…

K: Yes? That means you knew that I hated it, then why did you bring it here? You said you wanted me to forget then why did you keep reminding me?

Su: I didn’t mean to put it there for you to see.

K: So it’s my mistake to notice it? I know what you were thinking. You wanted to bring back the past memories. I’m telling you, even if you brought the whole garden, I wouldn’t care!

Su: If yon won’t listen to any reason, then I have nothing to say.

K: Of course, I won’t listen because it won’t be the truth. You know well enough…the meaning of those flowers and why I hated it!

Su: I’m so sorry. I really didn’t know. To my eyes, it’s simply simple flowers that my sons happened to sneakily put in my bag, and I…

K: If it’s simply simple flowers to your eyes, (He grabs her hand with the ring on it.) and this simple flower-shaped ring, why do you need to wear it?! When you wanted to run away from the past, doesn’t want to accept who you really are, then don’t try to bring back the past of another! Next time, the glass that I threw at the wall may not end up at that spot. Remember that.

Khem walks into his office.

Flashback, Khem leads Wadee into a field of flowers. He gives her a card with a poem written on it, that if she loves him still, keep wearing it, but once that love is no longer there, to take it off. She opens the box and there’s a ring inside. She smiles and says it’s Forget Me Not flower ring.

K: Yah Leum Chan. (don’t forget me/ forget me not)

K: This ring will stand for a promise. I will never forget from the first day we’ve met, the time we’ve known each other, and every of your worry and your care for me. I will never forget Suriyawadee, the woman who embraced me with her love for me to know true love. It makes me realize that, from now, who I will live my life for.

He kisses her forehead.

Wadee: Thank you for realizing the precious of our love. Wadee promises you that I will take the best care of Khem’s heart.

He hugs her.

Present, Khem recalls what she just said, “I really didn’t know. To my eyes, it’s just simply simple flowers that my sons happened to sneakily put in my bag.”

He cries and wipes the tears away.


Aww…I felt sad for him here, but then….I thought what a childish display he’s showing later.

Don’t know will watch this one next week, there’s nothing sweet about it to keep torturing myself with the pain *sob sob*


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  1. Eeep! I read some spoilers. Khem will take Su to Switzerland for a sweet wooing session (though it’s his scheme). I’m looking forward to that!

  2. I think it is refreshing to see a less lovey-dovey depiction of relationships. I think it’s pretty unrealistic to wish that all relationships have beautiful endings. Su’s decision to marry for financial reasons is not something that is unheard of. It depicts a situation that many women face. At some point (I don’t remember which episode exactly), Su tells Khem that “When poverty comes in at the door, love flies out of the window.” Sadly it is often true.

    This lakorn is hard to handle because of the realism and I have been reading recaps of it here and there after watching episode 1 because it makes me sad :-(. Plus I really would like Su to be with Eua and not Khem. I just think Eua is so perfect except when he is brainwashed by his evil sisters…

  3. I actually think it’s refreshing to change the prescribed format of the sweet / innocent romance with a happy ending. Maybe it’s time Thai dramas will be less rosy sweetness and more realistic and real. I’m not a great expert in this world of lakorns since I just started to watch them about six months ago, but except for one drama “Jai Rao” with Ken and Aff, most of them were pretty much predicted, corny and saccharin.

    Maybe you should give it another chance just for Tik and Anne?
    btw, I was SO surprised when I saw Rita Sririta Jensen as a second lead. I would not believe someone great and well known like her would agree to be secondary to someone else. Anyway, I love her!

    • You were right about something different from the norm. When I really looked at Tik in ep3, I realized what he’s trying to do. He didn’t try to be Mr. Nice Guy or Mr. Handsome, instead, he’s delivering to us a man whose heart was broken long time ago, and now get a chance to meet her again. At that time, Wadee didn’t give him enough good reasons why she left him, so the feeling is still there. I read somewhere that Ann said that Tik’s acting was a powerful one that she had to keep up with him. I was hoping Tik would tone his down, or Ann would step up, but so far, I still want more from Ann.

      Even though Khem was very harsh to Su, comments I read from the viewers were leaning more towards Khem’s painful heart. There’s one comment, he wrote from the heart of a man that he could understand Khem because the more Su speak, the angrier he could become. That makes Khem want to take revenge. I started to feel uncomfortable with Khem’s scheme in this ep because he’s wooing her to have her heart broken later T__T

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