Yah Leum Chan Episode 2 (Wee Bits)

Episode two came out better, having Ann smiled more felt so much better. Viki is subbing this one just fine so I will do only the scene that got me.

Oooh, I love Somkid and Vibul. They are such a comic relief in the time of needs.

Episode 2 (Part 9/9)

Start from 4:35 mark

Khem makes Su wait at the parking lot until it starts to rain. He comes down with an umbrella and says let’s go. Su smiles and my dear Khem walks away, umbrella in hand, leaving her in the rain. Wah…

She runs in the rain and gets in his car.

Khem: Be careful, don’t let the seat get wet. I don’t like it.

Su dries herself with a small towel and some drops of water spilled on his face. He wipes it away.

Su: Sorry, I didn’t mean it.

Khem: What didn’t mean it? It’s exactly what you meant.

Su: It’s the same with you, meant to make me wait until it started to rain, isn’t it? If it’s so, then just think that we’re even.

They arrive at her house.

Su: Thank you for dropping me here.

Khem: Wait, about you wanted to resign, I’m not allowing you.

Su: Even if you aren’t allowing, I will surely resign.

Khem: When couldn’t face the truth, you ran; didn’t have the courage to tell the truth, you ran.

Su: I never have the idea of running away.

Khem: How about you left some few words you wrote and ran away to get married, changed name and surname, newly plated the whole of yourself, didn’t have the courage to accept your true self, if not running away, then what is it called?!

Su: It’s called starting a new life. When the conditions in life changed, we can no longer live our life the same way, and in order to survive, we must make a choice to leave the previous old things, and start with the new. But if you still think this is called running away, then I have no idea how to explain it to you.

Khem: If the past could be forgotten so easily,….have you ever loved anyone?

Su: I was married, so I shouldn’t be asking this kind of question.

Khem: But marriage doesn’t mean you’ve ever loved. Some people get married for their social status, but some others get married for money.

Su: That’s true. For some, money is more important than love. Have you ever heard they said, when poverty came through the door, love flew out the window? It’s out of the era where a couple bites a lump of salt to live (endure hardships for love) already. Two persons get married because of love and are willing to endure hardships together, that only happens in those cheap romance novels.

Khem: Is this who you are, or greed changed you? Suriyawadee, the woman I used to know, is not like this.

Su: I don’t know what kind of woman you used to know is, but for me, Suriyong Rattanachard, she’s like this. I’m not attached to anything in the past. I chose to remember only nice things. The things that would make me feel sad when remembered, I would forget about it.

He grabs her shoulders.

Khem: And you chose to forget me, didn’t you, Suriyawadee?

Su: If the woman named Suriyawadee makes you feel painful, you should forget her also.

Aww….at this point, I’m not sure who to feel sad for, Kemchard or Suriyawadee/Suriyong. You know, no matter how well Ann’s acting was in the episode, the most important thing is she must make a viewer like me believe this is the kind of woman Kemchard would love, because that’s the whole point of the story  🙂


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  1. Thank you so much for your recaps. Wow, you are so quick! Really appreciate it. So far neither Tik nor Ann impresses me with their acting yet. I guess they are not into their roles Instead I find Rita and Kong’s characters more appealing! heehee…but I’m still rooting for Ann and Tik. It’s only episode 2! 😀

  2. Did Ann make you feel like this was the kind of woman that Khem would love or did it fall short. Have not seen the episode as yet.

  3. I’m sorry, I have not finish watching this episode just yet. So I am out of the loop. I just got thru part where they are getting ready to go to the party.

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