Soundtrack: Yah Leum Chan (1)

The long anticipated lakorn Yah Leum Chan (Forget Me Not) premiered last week. It’s from the novel under the same name from the author of Khu Kam. The novel is very popular among generations. I remembered reading the novel a long time ago and fell in love with it. Only one episode aired recently, so it’s too soon to tell, but I was satisfied with the production as a whole, the editing especially.


There are four key players in the story: Kemchard by Tik Jesadaporn, Suriyawadee/Suriyong by Ann Thongprasom, Kenlong by Rita Sririta, Eua by Kong Saharat. In short (episode 1), during college, Kemchard and Wadee are very much love. Wadee suddenly drops out and disappeared. It hurts Kemchard very deeply. He crosses the street and is hit by a car. Years later, he comes back from abroad and meets her again as his newly hired secretary working on the first day. He fires her on spot, later changes his mind and has her work for him.

Wadee already a widow raising the twin boys on her own living with her parents. She came back from Switzerland after her husband passed away. The twins inherit a huge amount and Wadee  is currently waiting for all the legal documents to be processed.

Then we have Eua who has been Wadee’s good friend for a long time and also is the twins’ elder brother. Kemchard has Kenlong as his potential love interest. Despite their time together aboard, Kenlong feels that there’s something in Kemchart’s heart that she hasn’t been able to see through, which she hopes she will someday. Forget Me Not is the flower on the ring that Kemchard chose for Wadee. All of the truth will come out as the story goes along.

(Translated from the novel’s cover: ISBN 978-974-446-755-3)

“Here, it’s yours…” Kemchard grabs her hand and puts it on her finger.

“Not an engagement ring, not the wedding ring, but it’s the ring that holds all the love I had for you. “

The five petals flower-shaped ring appears so bright.

That’s right..Yah Leum Chan  “Forget Me Not”. This ring…that love, still remembered.

“Wadee…later, no matter how many of around ten karat diamond ring I’ll buy for you, but I know there won’t be any ring so precious to you and me like this ring, because it’s this ring only that kept reminding you and me all this time to,  Forget Me Not!”

The acting from the leads was good so far, except (with respect to Ann’s fans)…Ann’s imo. It felt stiff and I couldn’t feel her chemistry with Tik, however, to my surprise, I could feel a rather sweet chemistry between Tik and Rita that I wished she could be Wadee instead *run to hide*

Oh, all right, it’s too soon to tell 🙂

Bits of episode one that made me feel sad for Kemchard, despite his temper, is this one.

Credits as tagged.

It’s the song A Tu Corazon Su Klang Jai Ther (a tu corazon to your heart)

I think the first part of the title is in Spanish? anyone?

I like the full song here, sang by Pun.

*All Spanish taken from the video credits

Translation of the lyrics:

Even though, it’s far, so very far away

And  I think I could step there only half way,

On the day I got to hold your hand that time,

It’s, as though, I saw the path to the heart

But from here, will it be far,

from that hand of yours, to the heart

I don’t know how long it will take

Because it looks so far away, to what end

I don’t know how long it will take

I’m ready to step forward

To your heart

No Me Importa Si Todos Te Miran

No Me Importa Lo Que Digan De Ti

No Me Importa Como Pasa El Tiempo

Sabiendo Yo Que Tu Me Quieres

But from here, will it be far,

from that hand of yours, to the heart

I don’t know how long it will take

Because it looks so far away, No Lo Se

I don’t know how long it will take

I’m ready to step forward, A Tu Corazon

But from here, will it be far,

from that hand of yours, to the heart

I don’t know how long it will take

Because it looks so far away, to what end

I don’t know how long it will take

I’m ready to step forward

To your heart, A Tu Corazon

Such a sweet song  🙂


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  1. I still have the fever of this story. I liked the actors, the story, the settings and the soundtracks. This would be my forever one of few favorites lakhorn ever! Thank you! I was so satisfied with the ending.
    By the way I am from the Philippines I love and a big fan of Ann Thongprasom.

  2. Here’s another version by Rose Sirintip

  3. Thanks for the translation of the lyrics. Are you planning on recapping or translating parts of this series too ? Also was Khen Chart a jerk in the novel too ?

    • Watched ep2, and felt it has a promising future 🙂
      In the novel, the story didn’t tell you in the beginning if Suriyong was Suriyawadee, the woman Khemchard loved. It revealed the past little by little. I couldn’t remember hating Khemchard, but remembered the two love each other very deeply. Even though Kemchard was harsh to Su, there’s something sweet about him too throughout the story, otherwise the novel wouldn’t be this popular, and the phrase ‘Forget Me Not’ really would get to you in the end.

      • Thanks! I guess the series is going to be quite different from the book. I just don’t find any sweetness about Khem from the first episode. Haven’t watched episode 2 as yet though.

  4. the song bird is nice too, I still remember the old version with pete and ann siriam.

  5. Forget Me Not Summary Part One

    KemChant fall in loves with Suriyawadee or Nu Lek friend and callege of the university for the first times they has meet. Both are their first loves to each other. He gives her a flower rings of shapes Forget Me Not to her as a symbol of their loves toward each other, the symbol stand for they will never forgeting each other. At the same times, Suriyawadee family is having a financial crisis. They are indebt of the banks, a lot of moeny. Suriyawadee was forces to marry Chaowalit Ratanachant , the owner of the big banks to repay a debt. Suriyawadee chosen to disappears from Kem Chant lives with no good bye leaving him only a letter or notes telling him to forgeting about her and pretenses that they have never knowing each other. Kem Chant is very sadden and hurt when he find out that his girlfriend, Nu Lek has quite from the University in the middle of semesters to be married to the riches and wealthy man whom are old enough to be her father. Kem Chant is determined to making something of himself by working hard until he becomes riches and wealthy businessman.

    Chaowalit wants to married Nu Lek because he wanted her to take cares of WanJak and Waew Jak or Kai and Krai his twin sons whom are borned from the latest wives. Chaowalit knew that Amprika and Ornrathai his daughters are hating his twin sons whom are the offspring of unwed mother very much so. He was afraid that if anything ever happened to him what will ever happened to his twin sons and whom will take cares of them or protecting them. At first Chaowalit wanted Nu Lek to be married to Eau, his only sons from his previous marriages (the first wives), therefore Eau and Nu Lek to adopted Kai and Krai and raises as their sons, but Amprika and Ornrathai refuses. Both women told Eau that Nu Lek are a bad woman, so Eau refuses not to be marrried to her forcing Chaowalit to be married to Nu Lek and excepting her as his wife only the legal senses, but in fact he is only married her in name only for her to helps raises and becomes the twin mother.

    After Chaowalit passes away, he has made a Will to giving The Stocking Company to Nu Lek to keep the property for twin children in the future. Amprika and Ornrathai are tries to forces Nu Lek into selling the sharing stock back from Nu Lek, but she refuses to selling to them. Nu Lek changes her names to Suriyong and took the children to moves in with her parents, Artit and Napa to cut down problems from Chaowalis daughters. She was started to looking for a job until she was hires as the secretary of Kem Chant company while Kem Chant went to businesses trip in foreign country. Somkid, the elder in the company are struggle with Kem Chant emotionally moody ways until all the secretary and workers are runing away from it, Somkid decided to hires Nu Lek to work in the company. Nu Lek was a widow with two twin son got the role of Kem Chant secretary.

    When Kem Chant meet and saw Nu Lek against whom happened to be his secretary, Kem Chant is still resentful, hurt, and vengeful of Nu Lek. He fires her all of sudden when he saw her face, making Viboon, whom are Kem Chant employee confused, but then Kem Chant changing his mind because he wanted to taking his revenges on her. Somkid and Viboon are surprising that Kem Chant are hell bent on getting revenge and getting even with Nu Lek eventhrough Nu Lek work better then the rests of his old secretary combined. Kem Chant purposedly overworked Nu Lek until her head spin, Nu Lek are able to handle every emotionally rebound that Kem Chant can throw at her, she even challenging him, and not afraid of him. Kem Chant lets Nu Lek handle all his women in his lives to make Nu Lek know that Kem Chant has too women in his lives especially Wanitah, sour woman that Kem Chant curses. Only Gan Roang that Kem Chant has a respect and serious with.

    Nu Lek is taking her leaves at work because her son becomes ill that make Kem Chant not happy, but at the same night he saw Nu Lek goes out to eat with Eau at the same restaurant that Kem Chant went to. Kem Chant becomes angry thinking Nu Lek giving an excuses of her son sickness to go chasing for a rich guy. He hated her even more that he is bully and beg Gan Roang to becomes his secretary in Nu Lek places. Kem Chant tries to performed in fronted of Nu Lek that he is in loves with Gan Roang more in hoped of using that excuses to covered traces of pain in the past and to make her feel a little hurt that he had hurt before. Nu Lek has a chances to sees Eau more often because of the Will, Kem Chant showing his jealous side without him knowing about it. He covered his jealously by showing how much he loves Gan Roang to be the fronted covered. Kem Chant pretended to makes peaces with Nu Lek and purposedly using her as a consultant to look forward to suffering a heart to heart of her.

    • The 2nd Half of the Summary will be coming!

    • Genloang feel at eases with Nu Lek specially that she goes to visiting her at her house, KemChant takes this opportunity secretly followed to Nu Lek house. He did not feel at eases with the twin boys of the woman, much, at the same times KemChant pretended to play nice with Nu Lek, in the meantime he asked Genloang to married him as the same times, hoping to break Nu Lek heart deeply. Genloang loves KemChant but did not trusting him yet because she feel that there is something in his heart that she could not get through, so Genloang are not yet accepting his marriage proposal, eventhrough KemChant stubbornly begging her. Genloang asked Gai and Kai to go model with Chana, a father widow with a daughter Honey followed. And the opportunity strike for the twins one of the modeling woman is having a problems, so Genloang beg Nu Lek to modeling his her place, to looks at the happy family. KemChan secretly jealous accusing her of flirting with the men without choosing it, Nu Lek decided to take off the ring of Forget Me Not in her finger to throwing away, to cut tied and heart with KemChant finally.

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