Cubic Episode 14

From Lin Lan Se’s right-hand man…a love confession that came too late?

Episode 14

Part 1

Yong Wen’s subordinate reports to him that for the whole past week, the girl, RueTaiNak, really disappeared from here.

YW: What about Lin Lan Se?

Dude: Lin Lan Se, he lives his life normally, nothing changes from the way before, but he’s a new partner instead of Khun Mei Jing.

YW: Who?

Dude: Her name is Nantaka. She’s Thai.

YW: Where did he drop by each day?

Dude: No where. Our spy said after he’s done from school, he would go straight back to the building, get in his room and wouldn’t go out anywhere if it’s not such a big event.

YW: Lin Lan Se, it seems you are very clever by not making any contact with that girl so no one could smell your trail.

Dude: What should we do next, boss?

YW: Send our men to Thailand, I think she’s there.

Dude: Where will we find her when we don’t know…? (get slapped)

YW: Don’t say you can’t when you haven’t done it yet. Go find RueTaiNak, because she’s Lin Lan Se’s dead-point!

Dude: Yes, boss.

Yong Wen looks at Nak and Mei Jing’s pictures.

YW: Lin Lan Se, I will start killing your women one by one.

Mei Jing comes back to her place. She tells the bodyguard that he can go back. The man says he can’t, Zhong Xin ordered him to send her at her room door everyday.

MJ: These days they didn’t pay attention to me whether I’m dead or alive.

She gets in the elevator and there are some guests get in with her too. The bodyguard asks the lady which floor. She says the 6th floor.  The lady takes out a knife (razor blade) and another man pulls out a string and checks its strength. The two nods to each other.

At Lan Se’s office, Zhong Xin walks in and gives Lan Se the topics of the meeting tomorrow. Lan Se wants to check something on his laptop so he clicks it. Live picture of Mei Jing comes up.

LLS: Mei Jing!

ZX: What is it?

Mei Jing appears bruised and blue with Yong Wen holding her from behind.

MJ: Lin Lan Se, help me!

LLS: Yong Wen!

YW: Lin Lan Se, seeing your ex-partner, do you miss her?

LLS: What did you do to Mei Jing?

YW: Just a slap on her mouth for being a bad-mouthed.

ZX: Yong Wen, let Mei Jing go and we’ll leave it at that.

YW: It’s not about you, Zhong Xin! This is between me and Lin Lan Se, do not interfere!

LLS: What do you want?

YW: I have a proposal to discuss with you.

LLS: I won’t discuss anything with you. Release Mei Jing!

YW: You dare give me an order? I will give you until tomorrow. If by noon tomorrow, you won’t come meet me at Ling San warehouse, be ready to collect her corpse by the river mouth.

MJ: Don’t, Lin Lan Se! He’s lying. He will kill you. He will kill you, don’t come!

LLS: Yong Wen, the thing between you and me, Mei Jing is not in it. Release her and I’ll forgive you.

YW: If I were scared of you, I wouldn’t have kidnapped her. Listen carefully, Lin Lan Se. If by noon tomorrow, you won’t show up, she’ll be dead! Also…come alone, if I see even one man of yours, you should know what will happen to..(kiss her cheek) this Golden Horse Awards actress!

MJ: Don’t come, Lin Lan Se.

Yong Wen takes her away.

LLS: Yong Wen!..So, Zhong Xin?

ZX: If you go, he surely will kill you.

LLS: But if I don’t go, Mei Jing will die. (He gets up.) I can’t let her die. No matter what, we must find the way to help Mei Jing.

Part 2

In a deserted building, Yong Wen splashes water on Mei Jing. He says he wants to take her picture and upload it on the Instagram. The entertainment circle won’t believe that Fang Mei Jing will have such a rotten face like this.

MJ: Lin Lan Se will kill you!

YW: You think he will come rescuing you? I will make a guess that he will let you die here. He didn’t love you. He loves that girl, Cubic, that girl from Thailand!

MJ: Even if he didn’t love me, he’s not bad and so cruel like you! A jerk like you can only harm a woman who couldn’t fight. I know, you killed Bai Ling!

YW: That’s right, because she talked too much and was too noisy! And you, will follow her death.

MJ: I curse you to go to hell. The worst kind like you will never be prosperous!

He pulls out his gun and points at her.

MJ: Shoot me! Why don’t you? Just shoot me!

YW: Don’t worry, I will kill you for sure, but after Lin Lan Se shows up. I will kill him in front of you, then kill you so you could follow him…(Walk out the room) Right, let’s hope he’s brave enough to come.

He gets out of the room. She looks for a way to escape. Yong Wen tells his lackey to guard her well. Mei Jing bites the rope and unties it. Yong Wen decides to walk back to the room.

Mei Jing hides behind the screen when he opens the door. He thinks she had escaped and leans out the window to look for her. Mei Jing hits him with a chair from behind and takes his gun meaning to shoot him, but a guard comes running so she shoots him down and runs out. At this point, I thought she could just shoot Yong Wen instead.

Another man comes running in and pulls Yong Wen up. He yells at the man that Mei Jing run away. They run out. Yong Wen tells him to check the balcony. Men are shouting not to let her escape.

YW: Mei Jing, I know you are in there. Come out now. Mei Jing, I know you are in there. You aren’t going to make it.

They play hide and seek for a while.

YW: Mei Jing, I know you are in that room. Come out now!….Mei Jing, you won’t escape from me. Come out now!….

She runs to the corridor and checks each room for a way out. When she doesn’t find one, she runs back only to find Yong Wen standing there. She screams.

Part 3

Yong Wen grabs her wrist and knocks the gun out of her hand. He aims to shoot.

MJ: Yong Wen, I surrender. Please don’t kill me, Yong Wen.

YW: Sure, I will send you to be with Bai Ling!

MJ: No! No, Yong Wen!

She turns to run but he shoots her once from behind. She dies instantly, I guess.

Lan Se and Zhong Xin arrive at the scene and see Mei Jing’s dead body. Zhong Xin kneels down and hold her hand, “Mei Jing.”

Lan Se looks at her, “Yong Wen, I will kill you with my own hands.”

ZX: I’m sorry I came too late.

Lan Se pats his shoulder, “She left us, Zhong Xin.”

Zhong Xin wants to touch her face, “I swear you won’t die for nothing, Mei Jing.”

He holds her in his arms. Later, he carries her out.

It’s Mei Jing’s funeral.

“Fang Mei Jing, even though you had left us, your good deeds and your beauty will be remembered by all of us forever. May Fang Mei Jing, our beloved, become one with….in heaven…amen.”

Lan Se lays a red rose on her grave. He turns to look at Zhong Xin before he leaves. Pei Aing and Meena lay down the roses and Meena says, “May Pee Mei Jing be in heaven.”

More guests take turn laying down the roses. Lan Se takes a closer look at Zhong Xin and recalls when he told Mei Jing that may be Zhong Xin liked her secretly. He thinks of when he told Zhong Xin, I know you don’t like a woman like Mei Jing, right?

Zhong Xin kisses a white rose. Flashback,

MJ: Have you ever loved anyone?

ZX: Yes.

MJ: Serious? The cold-blooded man nicknamed the-walking-blood-bag like you loved someone? Can you tell me who she is? Who is she, Zhong Xin? Tell me, I won’t tell anyone. I promise…..I really want to know what kind of woman a man like you would like?

Present, Zhong Xin is holding a white rose, “I want you to know that I love you, Fang Mei Jing.” He kisses the rose and lays it down on her grave and leaves.

Part 4

On the bridge, Lan Se and Zhong Xin are standing quietly in salute. Pei Aing and Meena walk to stand beside them.

PA: My consolation, Lan Se, that you lost Mei Jing. I know you must be quite sad even though you didn’t love her. People, when spent time together for a long while, some feeling must be there. Isn’t that right, Zhong Xin?

ZX: Yes.

MN: Khun Lin, how is Nak? Is she fine? (Aww…wrong question)

Lan Se nods.

MN: Please tell Nak that I miss her.

He nods again.

PA: About Yong Wen, I sent my men to look for him too. If I find him, do you want me to kill him, or do you want to kill him with your own hands?

LLS: Do whatever you want with him.

PA: Do you remember I told you before that he’s the one ambushed you, but you guys wouldn’t believe me, and I’m telling you now, the next one he will kill is, San. (To Zhong Xin) Zhong Xin, do you know why Yong Wen has such behaviors? Because he doesn’t have a father or mother to teach him.

MN: Khun Pei Aing.

He turns on his sweet mode and says, “Yes? (Yes,dear?)”

MN: I think we should leave.

PA: Wait, let me talk some business with Lin Lan Se first.

LLS: I think you should leave. I have important things to do.

Lan Se leaves with Zhong Xin.

PA: Lin Lan Se, you are just the same like when you were a kid, didn’t change a bit, scare to fight! Meena, do you know when I was a kid, whenever Lin Lan Se got bullied, it’s me who helped him out all the time.

MN: But what I heard, aunt Mei said, you were the one got punched by Khun Lin until you cried and had to run home. Wasn’t it like that?

PA: Aunt Mei said that?

MN: Yes. Let’s go. I’m hungry. Let’s find something to eat.

PA: Aunt Mei talked nonsense, don’t listen to her much.

Cute couple…

Lan Se stands in his office. Zhong Xin comes in and tells him that he won’t be here for two hours tomorrow.

LLS: Where will you go?

ZX: I will go take care of Mei Jing’s assets for her family.

Lan Se nods.

LLS: Zhong Xin, why didn’t you tell me that you loved Mei Jing?

ZX: I…

LLS: Zhong Xin, you don’t have to hide it from me. Why haven’t I noticed your feeling?

ZX: Khun Lin, I want to let you know that…

LLS: Zhong Xin, at this point, we shouldn’t have anything hiding from each other. Didn’t I tell you before that I loved you like my brother? And for Mei Jing, I didn’t…

ZX: Khun Lin, thank you very much for being good to me. About Mei Jing, my apology to you, that I thought of her wrongly.

LLS: You weren’t wrong…(turns to the window) because it’s love…Before this, I also thought the same way like you, that I would never love any woman, but then, I couldn’t control my own heart the minute I fell in love with RueTaiNak. The whole world changed. Memory changed its color. Every time I stayed near her, I felt strangely happy.

Flashbacks of Lan Se and Nak together.

LLS: So I want you to feel it too.

Part 5

Zhong Xin walks into Mei Jing’s suite. All memories of her come flooding back. As if she’s standing there, “Why didn’t you say that you love me? Because if you tell me, I will marry you. You, stupid!”

Flashback, he says, “Sometimes when we love someone, it may not be necessary for the feeling to be reciprocated, Mei Jing.”

The guard asks Zhong Xin if he wants him to gather all Mei Jing’s belongings now. Zhong Xin nods. He looks around and leaves the room.

Nak finds out from the newspaper that Mei Jing was killed.

Nak: Mei Jing got killed?

She calls Danny.

D: Hello.

Nak: Danny, it’s me.

D: Why do you call? Didn’t Lin Lan Se order you not to make any contact? If those cops are tapping my phone, we’ll be doomed.

Nak: I saw the news that Mei Jing got killed. What happened?

D: It’s Yong Wen. He captured Mei Jing to use her to negotiate with Lin Lan se.

Nak: How is Lin Lan Se?

D: He’s safe, but you must be careful. I think Yong Wen must be looking for you.

Nak: I know that. How is Lin Lan Se? Does he feel very sad?

D: (Sigh) You’re so…why would he feel sad? He-loves-you. He didn’t love Fang Mei Jing.

Nak: You are talking crazily. I’ll go now.

Patric comes behind Danny.

P: Who did you talk to, Danny?

D: I can talk to anyone. It’s none of your business.

Patric grabs Danny’s arm.

P: I hope it’s not your father.

He snatches the phone from Danny.

D: Give me back my phone!

P: I’m from Interpol looking for Carlos Tapier, your father, so I have the right to be suspicious that this phone number may come from your father. (Look at the phone) Whose number is this? It’s not from here. 0-6-6? (His buddy says it’s Thailand country code) Thailand?

*International Criminal Police Organization, or INTERPOL

D: Give me back my phone! You don’t have the right to use my phone.

Patric calls that number. Nak’s phone is ringing.

Nak: Danny? Why does he call? Didn’t he say he’s afraid his phone might be tapped by the cops?

Patric lets the phone ring and won’t hand up. Danny wants the phone back.

P: Calm down. I just want to know whose number it is.

Lan Se walks to them.

LLS: Give the phone back to Danny now, Captain!

P: Hi, Khun Lin Lan Se. I’m investigating to locate a criminal.

LLS: Here is my school. You can’t enter without permission.

P: But I…

LLS: If you don’t return that phone, I will tell my men to throw you out and will sue to jail.

Nak: May be it’s not Danny. If it’s Danny, he won’t call me back.

Nak lets the phone ring and won’t pick up.

P: All right, I’ll give it back. Here.

D: You think you are a cop and boast to my face. I will report it to the police

P: Go ahead.

LLS: Get out of my school or do you want my men to throw you out?

Men point guns at each other.

P: Put the gun down, Macus, (OMG…Macus?) put it back.

LLS: I’m warning you, if you come in here without my permission, you won’t walk out of here again.

P: I’m telling you too, no matter what, I’ll find that girl, RueTaiNak. When that time comes, I will make you become so small like an ant. Just wait and see!

They leave.

D: I have to thank you because if you didn’t show up…

LLS: Who called you?

D: Who else, it’s RueTaiNak.

LLS: Didn’t I tell you not to make any contact with her?

D: I didn’t call her. It’s your girl who called me.

LLS: What about?

D: She saw the news of Mei jing death so she’s worried about you.

LLS: If she calls you again, you must not accept her call. Understand?

Danny nods.

D: Wait, Lin Lan Se. Do you think RueTaiNak will be safe?

He doesn’t say anything and leaves.

D: Almost, RueTaiNak.

Part 6

Patric says wait until he gets RueTaiNak first, he will get both Lan Se and Carlos to jail all at once.

Lan Se is on his bed thinking of Nak.

In the morning, Zhong Xin pours some tea/coffee for Lan Se.

LLS: Zhong Xin, send our men to tail Patric. I need to know all his moves.

ZX: Yes.

LLS: For Yong Wen, announce that anyone who finds him, I will give that person one million.

ZX: Yes. What about Nantaka? I think Yong Wen won’t leave her alone.

LLS: That’s right. I forgot about her. He could kill Mei Jing, so he can also kill Nantaka. Tell her father, if it’s unnecessary, do not go anywhere. Send more men to guard her, twice as many.

Zhong Xin gets a call that they found Yong Wen at Sea Hok (not sure) dock.

LLS: Yong Wen, even if you have wings, you won’t get away from me.

On a ship, mens are on guard. Lan Se’s men take them down. Lan Se and Zhong Xin board the ship fully armed. They search for Yong Wen.

They start shooting at Yong Wen’s men. The sound of gunshots alerts Yong Wen to hide.

LLS: Zhong Xin, this way.

Yong Wen shoots at them.

YW: Follow me if you dare, Lin Lan Se.

Yong Wen gets behind Lan Se’s back and is ready to shoot. A bodyguard comes and shoots Yong Wen but he gets away, and they lost them at the captain quarter.

LLS: Where did he go?

Yong Wen is laughing loudly. He’s standing on another ship holding a cell phone as a remote control. Zhong Xin and Lan se hear the beeping sound.

YW: I’m here. Good-bye, Lin Lan Se!

Lan Se and Zhong Xin both shout, “A bomb!”

They run out of the quarter just in time before the explosion.

Yong Wen laughs like crazy.

Part 7

Nak: Is that true, Pee Nan? Is Lin Lan Se all right?

Nan: I heard those bodyguards said he’s fine. I want to visit him too but Khun Zhong Xin wouldn’t let me. How about you? Are you all right?

Nak: I’m fine. Pee Nan, please take care of Lin Lan Se.

Nan: I think you seem to be overly worried about him.

Nak: It’s nothing. When I was there, he was very good to me.

Nan: Then, take good care of yourself too.

Zhong Xin walks to Nan.

ZX: Who’s calling?

He grabs the phone and listens.

Nak: Don’t worry about me, Pee Nan. Give dad my regards.

ZX: RueTaiNak!

Nak: Zhong Xin!

ZX: Didn’t Khun Lin order you not to call anyone here?

Nak: I know that but can’t I call my sister?

ZX: No, you cannot! Do you know what kind of chaos going around here now? Don’t add more problem to us.

Nak: But I miss my father and my sister, and I just want to know how Lin Lan Se is doing. Did you capture Yong Wen?

ZX: Not yet. All right, stop talking now. Don’t call anyone anymore.

Nak: But I think…

ZX: If you get caught by Yong Wen or Patric, how do you think Khun Lin will be? Don’t give him more problem. Do you understand what I’m saying?

Nak: Yes, I do. Wait, Zhong Xin.

ZX: What?

Nak: You must take good care of Lin Lan Se. Don’t let anything happen to him at all. Do you understand?

ZX: All right, I’m hanging up.

Nak is still worried.

Nan: That’s my phone.

ZX: For you and your sister’s safety, I must keep it.

Nan: You!

ZX: Didn’t you hear what I said? Now we have many problems already, don’t create more problems.

Nan: Wait, Khun Zhong Xin. Can I go visit Khun Lin Lan Se?

ZX: If Khun Lin wants to see you, he will tell me.

Zhong Xin leaves.

Nan: What is this? At first, he wanted me, but since I came here, he didn’t bother to come see me at all.

In Lan Se’s office.

ZX: About Nantaka, what do you want to do?

LLS: Why? Any problem with her?

ZX: I think if you don’t like her, you should tell her the truth. I think she’s waiting for you.

LLS: Then tomorrow, bring her here to see me.

ZX: Yes.

He gets up to leave.

LLS: Zhong Xin, didn’t RueTaiNak leave any words for me?

ZX: I forgot to tell you. She told me to take the best care of you.

Lan Se nods. Zhong Xin leaves.

LLS: Stupid girl, you are the one who should take the best care of yourself.

Nak tries to come up with a plan to help Lan Se take care of Yong Wen.

Nak: If I’m Yong Wen, what will I do next?

YW: Lin Lan Se, where did you take that Cubic to?

Nak: That’s right. Yong Wen wants me.

Nak calls Shin Fu.

He picks up the call. Nak asks to speak to Shin Fu. He says nobody here with that name. She asks if that mean he doesn’t want money.

SF: Who are you?

Nak: RueTaiNak.

SF: How do you find me here?

Nak: Did you forget that I’m Cubic? No matter how far you run, I will find you.

SF: Why do you find me when I already told the truth to Lin Lan Se? We are even already.

Nak: I need your help, but I won’t it for free. I will hire you!

SF: What is it about?

Nak: I’m figuring out a plan to take care of Lang Yong Wen.

SF: You? Take care of Lang Yong Wen?

Nak: That’s right, and I want you to join my team.

SF: How much do you have for me?

Nak: How much do you want?

SF: Let’s hear it, tell me your plan, Cubic.

Nak tells it all to him.

Part 8

Nantaka meets Lan Se.

ZX: You sit and wait here. Khun Lin will come here to meet you.

Lan Se walks into the room.

Nan: Khun Lin.

He sits down.

Nan: Khun Zhong Xin said you wanted to see me. What is it?

LLS: I will let you stay here a little while longer, and later I’ll let you and your father go back to Thailand.

Nan: What about the debt?

LLS: I told your father already that I released him from all debt.

Nan: Released from all debt?

LLS: Yes, in exchange for your sister.

Nan: What do you mean? Can I you explain a little more?

LLS: There’s nothing much. You just know that the person who helped pay back the loan, is your sister. (He stands up.) All right, that’s all I want to talk to you.

Nan: Wait, can I ask you one thing?

LLS: What is it?

Nan:….You love sister, don’t you?

LLS: About that, you don’t need to know.

He walks to sit behind his desk. Nan recalls the time she first met him, and the time of she saw Nak and him, and his cold response towards her.

Nan: I couldn’t believe that Nak could make this man change his mind from me.

She looks at him again and leaves.

-In the novel, later she will know that his life is not something she wants to be with i.e. killing, death.


Nak spends her day thinking of Lan Se.

Lan Se misses Nak enough to sit in once her classroom on the her seat.

Nak: Lin Lan Se! Do you know? I’ve got another job which means this week, I could pay you back 1,000 HKD more!

LLS: You work very hard, aren’t you tired?

Nak: I still think it’s too few. If I don’t have to come to school, I will be able to pay you back faster than this.

Nak kneels down.

Nak: You are you so quiet. Are you angry at me? If you’re angry at me, then I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to.

Nak: Lin Lan Se, if I’m not around, will you miss me?

Nak: I shouldn’t have asked. A person without a heart like you, won’t know how to miss anyone.

Nak: Isn’t that right?

He looks at her but it’s actually no one there.

Part 9

Lan Se uses his hand to touch the desk gently. Danny comes standing there smiling.

D: Even if you keep touching it until you drop dead, RueTaiNak won’t come back.

-This boy is quite unique, isn’t he? Haha. Lan Se is getting weary of him too. He thinks if the boy is not Carlos son, he would have killed him many times already (from the novel).

Lan Se sits up straight.

LLS: I said no one mention this name.

D: It just happens that I’m not your subordinate, so I don’t have to follow your order.

Dan sits down.

D: And I know when to say or shouldn’t say,…unlike someone who keeps missing her without time span.

Haha…in the novel, Lan Se got back at him saying and that’s why Danny’s also here at this hour.

Lan Se stands up.

LLS: Tomorrow I will tell the janitor to take this chair away.

D: Are you thinking of throwing away everything she had used? Plus, this chair, someone is now using it.

LLS: That’s why I must throw it away. Everything that is hers, must not belongs to others.

D: I’m asking you seriously. Don’t you have any idea to take care of this whole thing?

– Aww…he missed her too.

LLS: Yong Wen stayed quiet these days, doesn’t make any move, and Patric stubbornly stayed here and won’t leave. They are playing a mind game (war) with us. Any move we make, may cause us to fall into their traps.

D: That means what we can do now is wait  and observe their moves. Don’t know how RueTaiNak is doing now.

Danny gets a call.

D: RueTaiNak. Is it really you?

Nak: Of curse, I am. Don’t be loud or someone might hear.

Lan Se snatches the phone away.

LLS: Why do you call? Didn’t I tell you not to make contact?

Nak: Lin Lan Se, it’s really you?

LLS: So, what happened that you need to call?

Nak: I want to tell you that I came up with a plan to take care Lang Yong Wen already!

LLS: Stop thinking and just stay put. Do not do anything. I told you to hide quietly.

Nak: I can’t do that. I can’t let anyone harm you, and I already talked to Shin Fu, he gave me his word that he would help out.

LLS: Shin Fu? How could you believe him? He’s always ready to backstab anyone if it would benefit him more.

Nak: I think he won’t dare backstab me.

LLS: RueTaiNak, listen to me carefully. This matter has nothing to do with her. It’s my problem to solve. Just stay put and don’t get yourself in trouble.

Nak: How can you say that it’s not my problem? I am Cubic. I’m your ‘Ngao’, and I, will manage it.

LLS: RueTaiNak!

Nak: Don’t you remember? You told me the person who’s ‘Ngao’ of the highest leader must be able to solve every problem, and I will prove to you whether or not I deserve to be your ‘Ngao’. You must believe in me, Lin Lan Se. You must believe that I can do it.

Lan Se hangs up after that.

D: What did she say?

Lan Se gives the phone back to him and leaves.

D: Wait, Lin Lan Se! Wait, Lin Lan Se. You haven’t told me yet what that stupid girl said.

LLS: Shut up, and do not call her stupid!

Lan Se walks away.

D: I can’t pick on her even just a little!

Lan Se contemplates on Nak’s plan that she told him to believe that she could do it.

LLS: What’s your opinion on this, Zhong Xin?

ZX: If you ask me, I have confidence in RueTaiNak that she can do it.

LLS: But this time, it’s not the same as Carlos’s job or arms delivery job. For this job, the stake is her life!

ZX: But if she’s really our previous Ngao’s daughter, I’m confident that it will be a success from her.


LLS: What do you want?

YW: The position of the highest leader of ChaiHong Group!

San: You are really the worst kind, Yong Wen.


Nak has proved herself again and again that she’s such a brave young girl, honest and willing to be with the team all the way once she’s into it. Lan Se’s life and profession are not full with roses to hope for a happily ever after, so the woman who will stand beside him must have a strong mind that comes with great courageous. He knows that.

Throughout the first 2 books, Nak was injured and hospitalized many times, either she intended to herself or someone made a threat on her. She’s the girl who wouldn’t cry in the face of danger and would use every second to think of a way to escape. She proved herself again and again to Lan Se, her loyalty, sincerity, and honesty that he had fallen deep for her.

The story depicts the circle that’s quite far out of our reach, but it makes me realize that staying alive or being dead is just the matter of time among these people, and they are strong enough not to wail over death for long. It’s the rule and they take it by heart. I’ve come to admire these people in the sense that they are courageous people who won’t stop at anything to get the job done, and casually won’t mind it’s their lives on the line. It’s like they gamble their lives away.

Lin Lan Se, in the novel, at this point, already reached the decision what status he’s giving to Nak, the place beside him among his men, and she must bow to no one.

What’s disturbing me so far in this lakorn is that the writing didn’t do justice to Nak’s intelligence. We were told she had an IQ of a genius but there’s nothing to prove to us how Nak could be so special. I still have hope that her plan this time, the scriptwriter will amaze us in some way next week so Nak’s character will be remembered by us all *fingers crossed*


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    • Please go to read ep7 recap as kcomments has answered this question. In addition, for some summary of what happen in book 3 and 4 it can be found in various ep recaps from ep7 to 14.

  3. Can I know what will happen to Pei Ing and Meena after they together ? Did the novel 3 and 4 say anything about them ?

    • They probably getting married or something!

      • Can you tell me more about Nak and LLS, once she used herself as a bait to get YW?
        And how LLS came to the rescued? Was this the end of YW?


        • Almost at end of the series, Nak got trap in side the building (the collapse building). Lin Lan Se and his men tries to get her out of the building before she run out of the air or oxygen. Somehow Nak are able to reach out for her cell phone and called Lin Lanser (barely). I thinks they used somekind of tractor to dig her out. Once they get her out of the building she was unconscious. Lin Lanser rushing her to the hospital. The doctors said she is going to be O.K.
          Patrick, the police comes to the hospital. Lin Lanser has fake Nak death to lures Patrick away from Hong Kong. They even having a corpse to proof it (that Nak is dead). Don’t asked me how, maybe they get someone else body to passes along as Nak (with the doctor cooperation). They even erases Nak background history and created a new identity for her.

          • I am so addicted to this show, I kept visiting your website to find the spoiler. Thank you so much. How did Nark get away from Yong Wen? Do you have more Chapter 3 and 4 spoiler? I do hope that Nark and Lin Lan Ser stays together all the way to the end of Chapter 4… Go Cubic!!!

  4. Wow! Seem like everyone is addicted to this series!! Me too 😀

    • Oh my God I’m so addicted of this show. I came to see every comment left and they all make me enjoy it more. Did they do a Petition for this book to be trad ?

  5. Thank you very much for your work !

    I have a question, please can you help me ? I just want to know if learn thai ( read and speak ) it’s more difficult ?

    I want to learn and can read the book !!! i’m very very motivate !
    so please can you says me it’s very difficult or not ?

    thank you 🙂

    • I’m not sure what language you’re speaking, but reading and writing should come together and I think it’s more difficult than speaking, with the alphabets and all. Speaking shouldn’t be that hard, I saw many westerners speak Thai these days, though not totally with clear accent. There are five tones in Thai language, for example, the word ‘mi’ can be spoken in 5 tones and each is a different word and meaning, I think it’s difficult that way, but nothing is too difficult to learn imo 🙂

      • thank you !!! 🙂 I speak french and turkish but I don’t speak very good English !
        I want to learn thai and read these book so I will try to work very hard for !!!!

        you are my angel if you don’t I can’t understand anything ! And viki close the video in my region, so,I can’t Watch cubic with English subtiles so thank you !!!!!!

    • Previously on Cubic, Yong Wen sending his assassins to captured Nantaka from the safehouse. Yong Wen makes a called to let Lin Lanser known that he has both Nak and Nantaka in his captivity. He is about to demanding something. Now on with the capped:

      Nan opened the closet door, Yootipoong pulled her arms
      Yoot:”Nan, listened to my strategies before first.”
      Nan: “No, I listened to father long enough, nothing good cames out of it, everything that happened it is because of you, it is all your fault alone, father.”
      Yoot:”But everything I did, I did it for my children.
      Nan:”That is not truth, you did not do it for us, father, you did it for yourself, you are so selfish, loves only yourself, dad”
      (Yoot slapped her faces)
      Nan:”You are slapping me!”
      Yoot:” Nan, I’m sorry, I forgot myself”.
      Nantaka looks at her father mournfully, opened the door to goes out.
      Yoot:”Where are you going, Nan?”
      Doors open out Nantaka terrified saw the assassins jumped waiting leveled guns.
      Assassins:” Stay still!”
      Yootipoong emerged see assassins Yootipoon panic.
      Assassins raised the gun and fired at Yootipoong, Yootipoong taken aback, Nantaka smack shocked to find out.
      Nan:”Dad…Let me go, dad…dad!”
      Assassins slapped Nantaka real hard, Nantaka passes out, assassins carrying Nantaka out, Yootipoong looks after his daughter.
      Yoot:” Nan…Nan…my child…”
      Yootipoong becomes unconscious, lying there in the pool of blood
      Jong Sing opened the door and entered.
      Jong Sing:” Khun Lin, we have a big problems, sire!”
      Lin Lan Se:” What is it, Jong Sing?”
      Jong Sing:”Nantaka was captures aways from the safehouse.”
      Lin Lan Se:”What about her father?”
      Jong Sing:”He was shot, right now, he is in the hospital, his conditions is fifty-fifty of death.”
      Lin Lan Se:”Let me guests, Yong Wen handiwork right!”
      Jong Sing:”Yes, sire. seeing from CCTV, he is a supporter of Ai Yong Wen.”
      The cell phone rang, Lin Lan Se pick up, looks, and press, sees Nak faces in the lapse of the phone.
      Nak:”Lin Lan Se”.
      Lin Lanser: “Ruetienak, where are you?”
      Yong Wen squeeze his faces into the flame.
      Yong Wen:”She is with me!”
      Lin Lanser:”Yong Wen”.
      Jong Sing:” They captured Ruetienak, too”
      Yong Wen:” You are very smart, fitting to be wise equations with a consultant of Lin Lan Se, Jong Sing”.
      Lins:”Yong Wen, let Ruetienak and Nantaka go!”
      Yong Wen:”Don’t gives me ordered with me because I am not your lackey, listened carefully, Lin Lan Se, I will killed these two women if you did not do what I ordered.”
      Lins:”What do you wants, my lives!”
      Yong Wen:” Almost correct, but I wants more then that, I wanted to be The Top Leader of ChaiHong Group.”
      Jong Sing: “You are dreaming, Yong Wen”
      Yong Wen:” Yes, I dream, but this dream will comes true, if Lin Lanser are willingly to signed and given all his power and everything to me in exchanging for the lives of Cubic and her sisters.”
      Lins:”What you wants me to do?”
      Yong Wen:” Announces to everyone know that you will be out of positions of the leader of ChaiHong Group and given the positions to me.”

      To Be Continue……. I will try to finish it later!!!!!!

      • Nak:”Don’t do what he is demand, Lin Lanser, don’t worry about me!”
        Yong Wen:”It is not your businesses, shut up, remember, Lin Lan Se, if tomorrow you did not signed the power into me, you will receives the heart of this child first.”
        Yong Wen pulled Nak faces into the camera.
        Nak:”Lin Lan Se”
        Yong Wen press and closes the phone.
        Jong looks at Lin Lan Se face, the two exchanged stunned looks
        Nak turned and told Yong Wen
        Nak:”Do not hoped that Lin Lan Se will never did what you asked him to do.”
        Yong Wen:” Well, if Lin Lan Se did not do it, you and your sister will died.”


        • The door of the room opened and saw Nak was thrown inside, Nantaka huddled in a corner turned looks.
          Nak:”Pee Nan…Nan, what it is all about, why are they kidnapping us, they shoot dad, too!”
          Nak:”It is truth!”
          Nan: “Yes, I did not know if dad will died or not, I am scare, Nak!”
          Nak:” Don’t be scare, pee Nan, I will get us of out this.”
          Nak embraces her sisters in her armed.

          • I want to know when YW dies and how? He was so monstrous. I hope he paid for what he did to Bai Lin. How his adopted father survive from YW.

          • ****************************************
            Yong Wen stand and drinking the beverage until the glass is empty, Chin Fu walked in.
            Chin Fu:”Here, boss, I’ll refilled your drink for you.”
            Yong Wen stopped looking before passing the glass
            Yong Wen:”I hoped you did not poison me with the drink.”
            Chin Fu:” Oh, lord, I would not do that to you boss”.
            Chin Fu pour drink into a glass and gives it to Yong Wen.
            Yong Wen:” Who known, you may be stacked floor plans to help Danang child.”
            Chin Fu:” if I do that I was stupid then. Boss paying me a million for me to sending a message, if I do that, I will never get the money, and boss thinks that Lin Lanser will gives you the positions of The Leader of Chairman of ChaiHong Group to you.”
            Yong Wen:”If it were you, you will let your wife died.”
            Chin Fu:”If it is me, I willing to loose a wife.”
            Yong Wen glanced smiling at Chin Fu, Yong Wen looks smiles then drinking his beverages.

            • The Signed of ChaiHong Group on the desk, Lin Lanser looks at the signed at the table, Lin Lanser thinks of what Yong Wen said.
              Yong Wen:” If tomorrow you did not giving the power to me, you will receives the heart of this child first.”
              Nak:”Lin Lan Se”
              Lin Lan Se faces are stressed when thinkings, sigh, Jong Sing walked in and stopped looks.
              Jong Sing:”Khun Lin karp, about Yong Weng, I thinks….”
              Lins:”Tomorrow called a meeting of shareholders and directors”.
              Jong Sing:”Khun Lin”.

              Lin Lan Se:”I won’t let Ruetienak died, Jong Sing”.
              Jong Sing looks at Lins stunned, ending with Lin Lan Se faces looked over at him eye to eye with Jong Sing and outage.

              End of Ep.21

        • I also want to know more about Chin Fu? Was he really betrayed Nak or he just playing YW for fool?

    • Welll, that was it, for now on the spoiler, now I am will taking a break for two or three day, before I gives another spoiler on Cubic! Bye-Bye for now!

  6. Please can you translate lakorn leh nangfah .thank you .

  7. I like Lin Lanser for being so devoted when he’s in love… but I somehow feel sad for the couple as the background of Lin Lanser would endanger himself and his loved ones. Hopefully the author would consider adding a Cubic 5 that talks about Lin Lanser giving up his Chai Hong Group to be with Ruthainak and that would really be happily ever after… Dream on… :p

    • Hehe, I don’t mean to ruin your hope, first, the author said, 4 books and no more on Cubic (but we’ll never know *wink*), second, as Danny said, Lan Se would never leave his men behind to find happiness alone, and before the wedding, Nak realized that fact and said to Danny that she would make the longest happy time out of it, so Danny was satisfied that she knew what’s she getting into 🙂

      • I am still hoping that the author would consider publishing an English version of the Cubic series since there is a demand.

        • I hope the same … but I think it’s very difficult … the serie must become so famous for a translation in English. But, in Europ and America the subject of the book isn’t attractive …
          I think that a big difference culture. It’s a shok to know that for example Iin 21 century the father of Nark can send his girl to pay off the debt.

          I think it’s possible but more difficult …

  8. It is a fake gun. Nak and Lin Lan Se team up to fool Yong Wen to thinking that she kill Lin Lan Se.

  9. did nark shoot lin lanser in one of the episode preview?

  10. Once again, thank you for your recap.

  11. How did Nak get out of the whole captured thing?

    • If you wants to know now Nak getting out of captured thing, I will find the rests of the spoiler from the different sources tonight and I will getting to work on the summary later. The rests of the spoilers will probably answered all your questions!

    • Good new, I found your new sources of spoiler for Cubic. I will get to work on it tonight, after I catching up with all the ep.of Cubic!

      • Can you also tell me ,when did LLS started to have feeling for Nak? I watched the video,but it was so unclear as to when. May be when she saved his life? Or when she had Carlos sign the contract w/ LLS ? Thanks

        • I think the time when she saved his life… that time he push her to leave him and safe herself but she didn’t want to leave and let him face the danger by himself. About the time she success to had Carlos sign the contract, i think he starting to put his trust in her…

        • This is comment by Kcomments. go and read cubic ep 7 comments;

          “Lan Se falls for her (happened in episode 6 last night which disappointed many readers as it wasn’t done well) when (in the novel) Nak gets shot on her arm and he gets shot on his belly severely injured, and she has to take charge of escaping from around 20 gunmen or so chasing after them, and get Lan Se to the hospital asap. This is where Nak’s intelligence effectively put to use. There’s a moment when they are running together and he falls down because he’s losing a lot of blood, she’s not scared at all and pulls him up right away (put his arm around her shoulder to give him support), with a sense of humor she adds, “You should thank me that I’m not a skinny girl or else I would have to pull (drag) you along instead.”
          She spends every second saving his life. “You realize for sure that I’m your creditor?” He asks.
          Nak says, “Of course, or else why I’ve been working so hard to pay off your debt like this.”
          He stares at her for a long moment, “Then…leave me…won’t that be easier?” Nak stops short at that. He continues, “If I die…you will be out of debt comfortably…don’t worry about your elder sister…run away now…you will only be gaining.”
          She chuckles brightly, “Wow…the offer is tempting. Next time when you get shot, don’t forget to remind me to quickly do as you said, but no time for me to change the plan now.”
          The word “next time” in a way is to say that now she will put him to safety no matter what, isn’t it?
          Lan Se looks at the smile on her face that shouldn’t appear at a critical time like this. She turns to him to add another reason, “Actually I’m not that good of a person but…I don’t hate you…that should be a good-enough reason for me not to abandon you, right?”
          His heart skips a beat…so strong that he has to put his hand over his chest…such a simple reason of hers…simple just like her, no need to think too much yet sending such a powerful impact to the one who’s listening.
          🙂 …that’s exactly where Lan Se starts to have feeling and look at Nak in a different way.
          As for when Nak falls for Lan Se should be revealed in book 2 which I haven’t finished properly.
          In book 3-4, Lan Se spends time saving Nak’s life and and trying to get her to marry him already. He’s the one who keeps wondering how she really feels and always hopes for more attention from her. Despite her cleverness, Nak’s shortcoming is her slowness to notice feelings, that’s what Lan Se told her. Haha.”

      • Yeah! Thank you for the spoilers… will be waiting eagerly for the new ones!

  12. I have a question for someone who is familiar with Thai entertainment culture. I’m half Korean who live in the USA, but love K culture. I find both Thai and Korean culture are similar in someways…like respecting the elders and such by watching Thai lakorns…not saying it is same, but similar in nature.

    Anyway, my question is about Thai stars and the question is do Thai fans accept for example if Mint is found out thru news that she is dating…does the fans just accept, or dislike it? Also, does it make the actress loose some of her star status? In Korea…it seems to be loosing the star status some what. Not like here in the US…they think differently then I or my friends do in Korea it seems. For example, earlier this year Yi Sueng Gi the singer/actor was reported dating Girls Generation Yoon Ah…and lot of Sueng Gi’s fans didn’t like it and complained about him choosing her as a girlfriend. Also seem like he lost some of his fans.

    • I meant people living in Korea don’t easily accept stars dating and getting married like here in the USA.

    • From my observation, unless they have been dating for a long time and is on verge of getting married then they will change the status of “friend” to bf or gf. The artiste will say that they are studying this person.

      Or unless you have been in this industry for a long time then they will announce their gf/bf. One good example is Aum(Atichart Chumnanon/ Nat Myria Benedetti).

      • Thanks so much for you reply. May I ask another question please. What does it mean “to study someone”..isn’t that like get to know one another…this is what confuses me when I read about Thai stars dating status…1. studying each other 2. just friends getting to know each other…this is so unclear for me…when don’t they just use the word dating instead…you can date many people before becoming bf/gf. Just want to better understand what I am reading about.

        • These days, there’s so called FC (fanclub) culture imo. It depends on how strong each actor/actress’s FC is. Once the actor/actress is dating someone and announces it to the public, in Thai culture, you will have to honor her (mostly him to her and not vice versa) publicly. It’s different from in the US where dating is the matter of two people.

          These days, if your FC don’t like it, there could be a problem, but not to that extent like in Korea (I think). I will say most actors/actresses will think hard before they admit to any relationship. I’m starting to see more and more Thai stars getting married after they announced their relationship not that long to the public (despite their long time relationship). I think the actors and actresses would want to keep it to themselves more, I wouldn’t say lie, more to keep a low profile of it, unless they get caught red-handed of course.

          From my experience hearing Thai stars’ news, the ones who kept quiet, mostly got married later, the ones who went public about it, ended up going separate ways most of the time. There are actors/actresses who are brave to announce it too, but things will turn rough in their career and they will have to handle it well enough.

          Basically, whatever they say, or what status they are in, I still think they kept most of the truth to themselves, sometimes, quite a big surprise too.

          My personal preference is, I don’t like any stars to go public when they fight, no one knows the truth between two people, and the one who comes out about it first, unusually gets more attention and sympathy first. Go talk between the two of you, is the best. Well, at least, that’s how I think, it’s best for both sides for their own future 🙂

          • As long as one enter into show biz, he or she will lose all the privacy in exchange of wealth and fame. That is the lifestyle that a public figure choose, be it celebrity or politician.

            There is a dangerous group if people out there called ‘paparazzi’ (remember Princess Diana).

            You will never realize the importance of privacy until you lost it….

  13. Thank you very much! This episode is so sad..MJ

  14. You’re AWESOME! Thanks lots.
    Now I’m a bit sad for Mei Jing and my heart is broken cause of ZX.
    It’s ok not to stick 1/1 to the novel, but why to kill her? 😦

    • O.K. Here what I got so far on a spoilers of Cubic (all of it), for now:

      Previously on Cubic. Lin Lan Se is afraid of Nak safety, so he send Nak away to Thailand for hidding. Lin Lan Se was attack by Yong Wen and his men, He was hurt, and now Nak learned from it from her sister Nantaka whom has called her to informed her of Lin Lan Se incident:

      Nak talked to the phone
      Nak: “It is true Pee Nan, and how is Lin Lan Se, is he alright?”
      Nan: “Sees the bodyguard told me that is safe, Pee wanted to go and visiting him, but Khun Jong Sing won’t allowed it. And what about you, Nak, are you O.K.?”
      Nak:”I am fine, Pee Nan, please take cares of Lin Lan Se for me, pee Nan!”
      Nantaka are stunned and surprises of Nak word.
      Nan: ” I thinks you are really worry and cares about Khun Lin too much”.
      Nak:”Err…I….when I was in there he really takes good cares of me, it is nothing, Pee Nan”.
      Nan: “Take cares of yourself”.
      Jong Sing walked into the room, Nantaka froze.
      Jong Sing: “Whom on the phone with you?”
      Jong Sings took the phone away from her, and listened.
      Nak:” Pee Nan, don’t have to worry about me, tell dad too, that I misses him.”
      Jong Sings:” Ruetienak!”
      Nak:”Jong Sings!”
      Jong Sing: “Khun Lin are forbidden you not to contacting anyone whom are staying here, why are you disobeying Khun Lin ordered”.
      Nak: “I known, but I wants to called my sisters, is that not allowed.”
      Jong Sing:” No, it is not allowed, did you not know that it is very trouble around here, don’t make any more problems than it is already are”.
      Nak: “I just misses my father and my sister, and I wanted to know how Khun Lin are doing right now. And what about you, did you catches Tuao Ai Yong Wong yet!”
      Jong Sing:” Not yet! Now let stopped talking, and remember, do not called anybody here”.
      Nak:” But I thinks….”
      JS:”Ruetienak, if you got captures by Patrick or Yong Wong, how would you thinks Khun Lin will feels.”
      Nantaka stared and surprises of Jong Sing word.
      JS:”Don’t making any problems for Khun Lin, did you understood what am I said”.
      Nak:”Hmmm…..understood. Err…., Wait Jong Sing”
      JS:” What is it now?”
      Nak:”You have to take good cares of Khun Lin Lan Se, don’ t let anything happened to him”.
      JS:” Alright, that is enough!”
      Jong Sing closes the phone and put it away.

      Lin Lan Se are standing there looking out of the window, saw the airplane flew by, Lins looked then turned to Jong Sing.
      Lins:”What your opinion about this!”
      Jong Sing:” If you asked me, I am confident of Ruetienak, that she will succeeded of what she is doing or what she is about to do.”
      Lins:”But this times it is not like the last times like she working for Carlos or weapon dealer, Jong Sing, this times it is depending on her lives”.
      Jong Sing:” if she is the daughter of the latest Shadow, I believe she will succeeded”.
      Lin Lan Se looks at Jong Sing unconfident and uncertainly.
      Lins:”But I don’t wants to risk it. Today I leaving alone in Thailand, it is hurt more so badly, if anything happened to her, I’ll…..”
      JS:” I know that you loves her more then anything, but you know Ruetienak so well, if she setting her mind on something no one can stopped her”.
      Lin Lan Se faces are pale with that concerned expression, agreed with Jong Sing.
      Jong Sing:” I thinks we should corporated and teaming up to helps Ruetienak get ridden of Yong Wong more then to thinking of anything else.”

      The phone rang, Chin Fu have to walked by and pick up the phone.
      Chin Fu:” Chin Fu did not staying here anymore.”
      Nak:” Then you don’t wants the money anymore”.
      Chin Fu:”Who is this?”
      Nak:” It is me, Ruetienak!”
      Chin Fu:”Heh…how did you known that I was staying here!”
      Nak:” Have you forgotten that I am Cubic, no matter how you running away at the end of the earth, I’ll always find you, finally.”
      Chin Fu:”You are looking for me, what this is about. I already told Lin Lan Se the truth all of it already, we have no anymore indebt to each other.”
      Nak:”I wants you helps with something, but not helping for free, I will paying you.”
      Chin Fu: (Now Nak got Chin Fu fully attention) “What is this about?”
      Nak:”I having a plan to get ridden of Lan Yong Wong”.
      Nak:”Yes, me, and this times I wants a helper in the teams like you.”
      Chin Fu:”And how much money are you going to offering me”.
      Nak:”And how much you wanted”
      Jong Sing bringing Nantaka walked into the room, the room door opened, Jong Sing bring Nantaka walked in to sees Lin Lan Se.
      JS:” You waited here, wait for Khun Lin, he will comes out to sees you in a minutes.”
      Jong Sing walked outside the room, Nantaka is staring at the room, Lin Lan Se walked out of his bedroom, Nantaka turned and looks.
      Nan:”Khun Lin….Khun Jong Sing told me that you wanted to sees me,right.”
      Lins walked in and sitting staring at Nantaka.
      Nan:”What businesses did you have with me, tell me!”
      Lins:”I will let you staying here for a little bit long and then later I will releases you and your father to returned back to Thailand.”
      Nan:”What about the debt?”
      Lins:”I told you father already that I will void all the debt toward him”.
      Nan:”Voiding the debt toward him”.
      Lins:” Yes, voiding, in exchanging for your sister.”
      Now Nantaka are stunned.
      Nan:”I don’t understand, please explaining to me clearly, against.”
      Lins:”There is nothing much, all you have to known right now that the person whom repaying a debt is your sister. That is enough, the thing that I needed to talked to you about.”
      Lin Lan Se get up from the chair.
      Nan:”Err….Wait, let me asked one more questions, please!”
      Nan:”You are in loves with my sister aren’t you.”
      Lins:” That, you needs not to known.”
      Lin Lan Se walked out and going directing inside his working room, Nan is staring at him dumbfounded and stunned.

      Danny opened the door and entered and saw Lin Lan Se sitting there lonely in the room, Danny stopped, Lin Lan Se touches the learning table of Nak. Dan looks and walked toward him.
      Danny:”No matter how many times you are touching her table to death, Ruetienak will never comes back here, you know”.
      Lin Lan Se stopped what he is doing and turned around and looks at Danny.
      Lin Lan Se:” I ordered that no one will speaking of her name here”.
      Dan:”Obliviously, I am not your lackey, then I don’t have to followed your ordered”.
      Lin Lan Se given at Dan with annoyed looks.
      Dan: “And I know what to said and which not to said it at anytimes, unlike other people whom is misses her whom cannot choosing times.
      Lins:”Tomorrow I will tell the janitor took this table out of the room.”
      Dan:” Are you going to throwing away anything that belonging to her right. Beside this table someone is using it.”
      Lins:”That, is what I wants. I have to throwing everything aways, everything that belonging to her, should not belonged to someone else.”
      Dan:”Let me asking you something, what are you going to do about these situation that happened here”.
      Lins:”Right now, Yong Wong is quietly hiding, no movement yet, and for Ai Patrick are refuses to leaves and moving away from here. They are playing mind game with us, if we moves or appear to be moving we will walked into their trap”.
      Dan:”Heh….then we have to staying still, for to watching their next moved.”
      Lin Lan Se are still, with no answered.
      Dan:” Right now, don’t know what Ruetienak are doing? Or how is she doing?”
      Lin Lan Se glencing at Dan. Dan looks an eyes contact with him, Lin Lan Se looks another ways about to moves and walking outside of the room. Then Danny cell phone are ringing loudly, Danny stopped and pick up his phone to looks at the screen. He finally answered it.
      Lin Lan Se about to walked outside
      Dan:”Ruetienak….It that really you.”
      Lin Lan Se stopped and suddenly turned.
      Nak:”Yeah, it is me. Please don’t makes any noises, I don’t wants anyone to hear”.
      Lin Lan Se snapped and took the phone away from Danny abruptanly from Danny hand.
      Lins:”Why are you calling here? I specifically told you not to called or contacting here.”
      Nak:”Lin Lan Se”
      Lins:”What is it? Why are you called here?”
      Nak:”Err…I have coming up of the plan to get ridden of Yong Wong already”.
      Lins:”Stopped your thinking right now, and staying still. Don’t do anything. I told you, I wants you to hide silently”.
      Nak:”I cannot do that, I will not allowed anyone to hurt you and right now I have already talked to Ai Chin Fu, he told me he will helps me.”
      Lin:” Ai Chin Fu….How can you believe him, Ai Chin Fu are ready to betray anyone if he did not see any profit and benefit of it.”
      Nak:” He would not dare to betraying me.”
      Lin:” Ruetienak, you listened to me carefully, this mattered is not concerning you, it is my problems, I will deal with it on my own. Please staying still, don’t endangered yourself.”
      Nak:”How can you said that it is not concerned me, I am Cubic. I am your shadow, I have my duties to takes cares of this situation.”
      Lin:” Ruetienak”.
      Nak:”You told me, a person whom is a shadow of the higher leader will be able to handle every situations every problems, I will prove it to you that I can takes cares of this problems.”
      Nak pushes end called and closes the phone.
      Dan:”What did she said?”
      Lin Lan Se won’t answered him. He handed Dan cell phone back to him and walked out of there.
      Dan:”Lin Lan Se, wait!”
      Danny run after him.
      Dan:”You never told me what that silly girl said”.
      Lins:”Shut up, and don’t called her silly girl.” Lins is staring at Dan turned around and walked out of there. Dan looked disturbing.

      Nak carried backpack walked in and stopped and pick up her phone and dial the number.

      Nak:” Chin Fu, I am here, meet me at

      the court of Guanyin road.”

      Chin Fu:” O.K. I’ll meet you there.”

      Chin Fu presses and closes the phone

      Chin Fu:” She is here!”

      Yong Wen: “Good, then you will bring her to me!”

      Chin Fu:” Yes, sir!”

      Yong Wen: ” R’ Ching, you will takes our men with you and go with Chin Fu, then”.

      Lackey #1: “Yes, sir!”

      Chin Fu walked out, and the lackey followed.

      Lackey #2: “Err…boss, are we going to believe Ai Chin Fu than, or he will betray us.”

      Yong Wen:” People like Ai Chin Fu, he wanted money, whomever paying him, he will staying with that persons.”

      Nak walked and turned on the path of the road.

      Nak walked into the temple and wai the monk, thinking when she comes with Lin Lan Se

      Lins:”Comes wai the monk with me.”

      Nak:”You wants me to wai the monk with you!”


      Lin Lan Se gives Nak an incense, saw Lin Lan Se and Nak, and Nak putting her hand together.

      Nak:” I wishes the divines helping my plan to be successful, please!

      Nak put down her hand and turned around and looks at the surrounding.

      Nak:” Why does Chin Fu, not here yet!” Nak pick up the phone and dial, Chin Fu ringtone are heard loudly, Nak startled and turned to sees Chin Fu standing behind her.

      Nak:” Ow, Chin Fu!”

      Nak saw Yong Wen lackey comes with Chin Fu two of them.

      Nak:”Who is that?”

      Chin Fu:”Oh, that is my friends, they will helps us with this job!”

      Nak:” But I told you not to tell anyone about this job”, two of the lackey walked toward Nak.

      The Lackey:” Don’t talked too much, bring her to boss”.

      Nak:” Boss…what boss, ha….Chin Fu are you betraying me!”

      Chin Fu:” I’m sorry, Sao Noi, well, Khun Yong Wen are willing to paying more then you.”

      Nak:”Ai Chin Fu…You bastard son of a bitch!”

      Nak turned to run out but Yong Wen lackey are in fronted of her stopping her in her track. Nak stunned and froze.

      Chin Fu:”Please come with me, otherwise, you will be hurt!”

      Nak:”No, I won’t go with you!”

      The lackey comes and lock Nak body, Nak struggle but could not escaping got caught.

      Jong Sing dial the phone while walking back and fort, he turned to Lin Lan Se and told him, “there is no signal, I been calling her for many hours, but no one pick up.”
      Lin Lan Se:”Or there was something happened to Ruetienak”.
      Jong Sing looks at Lin Lan Se with a stresses.
      Nak passes out, then saw the water pour down on Nak.
      Nak startled and woke up.
      Nak:”Hey, it is raining…raining and dad, dad pick up the clothes first, hurry!”
      Nak Sabad faces opened her eyes to see Yong Wen blurry then clear.
      Nak:”Yong Wen, Nee nai how did you inside my house?”
      Yong Wen looks at Nak sympathetically.
      Yong Wen:”This is Cubic, the intelligence.”
      Chin Fu:”She must be drunk of sleeping drug”.
      Nak:”Chin Fu, I could not believe that a persons like you are so evil and bad, I should not beg Lin Lan Se to safe your lives, you dare to betray me”.
      Chin Fu:” Have you ever heard of the old said that there is no honor among thieves”.
      Nak:”Don’t let me escaping from here, I will tell Lin Lan Se to killed you”.
      Yong Wen:”You thinks you will having a chance of survives from here”.
      Nak:”Why, what are you going to do with me, you are just as bad as Ai Chin Fu, you are are ungrateful man”.
      Yong Wen slapped Nak faces, Nak faces sabud.
      Yong Wen:”If I did not sees you has more benefit or used to me I would killled you right now. I would putting a bullet in your mouth and be doned with it!”
      Nak:”Go right ahead, I am not afraid of you, if you wants to kill me do it!”
      Yong Wen:”You are so braves and courageous fitting as the role of Cubic”.
      Nak:”Don’t talked too much. What are you going to do with me, tell me!”
      Yong Wen:”Chin Fu told me that you have a plan to get ridden of me, is that right!”
      Nak:”You, you are tell him all about the plan, Ai Chin Fu!”
      Chin Fu, bey faces.
      Yong Wen:” Well, your plan is not that bad, but I thinks that your plan of thinking is very shallowed not fitting to becomes Cubic, to used Ai Chin Fu to becomes closes to me, so you finding the right times to killed me.”
      Nak turned and looks at Chin Fu angry, Chin Fu smiles at her.
      Nak:”And what now, right now my plan is ruining, what are you going to do with me!”
      Yong Wen:”Telling you right, that would ruined a surprises and ruined the fun. You are Cubic really, thinks….thinks, thinks, real hard to what am I going to do with you.”
      Yong Wen walked out, Chin Fu walked followed.
      Nak:”Lin Lan Se, helps me, helps me, please!”
      Lin Lan Se are sleeping, the sound of echo are heard loudly into, Lin Lan Se opened his eyes, get up, sit down and pick up his phone and dial, there is no signal, Lin Lan Se sigh.
      “Ruetienak I won’t let you risking your lives for me.”
      Yootipoong are sitting down eating Pancake and Coffee, Nantaka opened the door and walked outside.
      Yootipoong:”Nan, I makes Pancake, it is still hot”.
      Nan: I thinks I should go tell Lin Lan Se that we will go back to Thailand.”
      Yootipoong:”He told you that he will allowed us to staying here for a little while”.
      Nan:”But I thinks there is no needs”.
      Yootipoong:”Nan, why?”
      Nan:”He don’t wants me anymore, what is the points of staying here, beside it is so boring to death, each day, did not doing anything!”
      Bodyguards 3-4 game in the living room. Glimpse of father and daugther.

      • I don’t wants to confuses the reader, so I’m just going to pasting together all the summary once I finish it all, so staying tuned!

      • Previously on Cubic, Nak was captures and tortures while Lin Lan Se are worry about her, safety, because he could not contacting her. So far Yong Wen did not contacting him just yet!
        Assassins holding a gun to stop looking, saw bodyguard 1-2 standing there guarding in front of the room, the assassins pull out silence gun pulled the muffler is turning to guns.
        Yootipoong:” I thinks we should until at the end of the weeks, right now Lin Lan Se is too preoccupied right now!!”
        Nan:”But it is not concerning us, dad!”
        Yoot:”You are forgot that he voiding a debt for us.”
        Nan:”Yes, he pardoned the debt because he like Nak, he did not like me anymore.”
        Yoot:”Is doesn’t mattered whom he like, it is the same, atleast there was no more debt.”
        Nantaka gives her father an angry glares.
        1-2 bodyguards standing bullets through the chest Both fell to the ground two assassins ran for the door, they nodded toward each other.
        Nan: “If you are not going, then I will go then.”
        Nan got up and walked inside the bedroom, Yootipoong got up and followed.
        Yoot:”Nan, calmed down, daughter!”
        Nan:”I don’t wants to believe you anymore, dad!”

        Nan opened the door and entered inside, Yootipoong followed, bodyguard 3-4 looks at father and daughter and returned their attention continuing on playing games.
        The sound of the door knocking are heard, bodyguard 3-4 staring at each other, bodyguard 3 get up and walked to opened the door.
        Bodygurad 3:”What is this, Ming?” The door open The bullet went through the three bodyguards. Bodyguard 4-arise, take up the gun. Were fired at the elite assassins pushed into a nod to his room and went to the other two.


      • Thank you ! I love your spoiler !!!!

        • I left out something in the summary of spoiler. Here is the missing paragraph:

          Nan:” Hey, that is my phone!”
          JS:” For your safety of you and your sister, I have to keep it with me.”
          Nan:”Nee, Khun….”
          JS:”Did you here what I said, right now our problems are more worse then it is, don’t makes anymore problem, you hear me!”
          Jong Sing is about to moves and gone out of the room.
          Nan:” Wait, Khun Jong Sing, I wanted to go visiting Khun Lin Lan Se, can I go!”
          JS:”If the wanted to sees you, he will tell me, then”
          Jong Sing walked out of the room, Nantaka looks at him with frustration.
          Nan:” What is all this, at first, he wanted me, ever since I cames here, he never once paying attention or wants to comes and see me.”

          Outside of the building, Lin Lan Se standing there and stare at the outside, passes Lin Lan Se is Jong Sing.
          JS:”About Nontaka, what are you going to do about, Khun Lin!”
          Lin:” Is she has anymore problems!”
          JS:”If you did not like her anymore, you should tell her the truth, for her to know, I thinks she is waiting for you, still!”
          Lin:”Tomorrow, you bring her to sees me!”
          Jong Sing:” Yes, sire!”
          Lin:”And what about Ruetienak, did she not asked about me!”
          JS:”Err…I forgot to tell you, she told me to takes good cares of you the best of my ability”.
          Jong Sing looks at Lin Lan Se with a smiles in his face, turned and walked away from the room, Lin Lan Se turned and looks at outside.
          Lin:” Your silly girl, you are the one whom should take cares of yourself the best you could!”
          Nak: (talking to herself against) “I have to finding away to help Lin Lan Se get ridden of Ai Yong Wong!”
          “What to do next!”
          Nak walked back and fort thinking about Yong Wong.
          Yong Wong:” You are Lin Lan Se driver, right!”
          Nak:”Yes, I am”
          Yong Wong:”Then you are smarter equally as Cubic, right”
          Nak looked at Yong Wong, saw Nak turning her back on him, Yong Wong keep looking at her.
          Nak:” Thinks hard…If I were Ai Yong Wong, what will I do next, Nak faces are determined and serious.
          Yong Wong:” Lin Lan Se, where have hide Nang Cubic”
          Eyes ball Nak staring at, saw in his eyes in his faces of Yong Wong.
          Nak:” Yes, Ai Yong Wong, he wanted me all along.”
          Nak nodded her faces and smiles at herself proudly, for she has thinking of a plan, appear in her head.

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