Cubic Episode 13

The new lakorn will premiere April 13, so that’s the time we have left with this one. The music was so loud at some points in this episode that I thought what’s the director’s job exactly?

Episode 13

Part 1

Zhong Xin asks Yuthapong if he sent RueTaiNak here because she’s Ngao’s daughter.

YP: I didn’t think that way at first. It’s the circumstances led me to it. As Khun Lin already knew, my business went bankrupt with no money to pay back your loan.

LLS: You are the worst kind. If RueTaiNak was not clever enough, and couldn’t survive while she’s here, who would take responsibility for her life?

YP: It’s because I knew that she could survive, that’s why I dared send her here. For 17 years that I raised her, I didn’t raise her like a normal kid. The more I knew she’s gifted, her cleverness, the more I sharpened her gift and her cleverness in order for her to, one day, come stand in the same spot as her father.

LLS: I think you were crazy! She’s just a girl. You shouldn’t be cruel to her this way.

YP: Khun Lin, I just didn’t want to waste the gift she had, and my guess is, while she stayed with you here, she must have already brought you some benefits.

LLS: All right. Now I understand. The conclusion is, your conditions that you faxed me, I accept it.

YP: What? I don’t understand.

LLS: RueTaiNak will stay here instead of Nantaka.

YP: What do you mean?

ZX: Khun Lin is releasing you from all debt, in exchange for RueTaiNak.

LLS: All right, please excuse me.

Lan Se leaves the room.

YP: Excuse me, Khun Zhong Xin, Khun Lin likes Nak, doesn’t he?

ZX: And what do you think?

YP: I don’t know. I didn’t think about this kind of thing at all. It’s because Nak is not the kind of girl men would like.

ZX: Even though she’s not really your daughter, you shouldn’t look down on her.

YP: No, that’s not it. Even though Nak is not my real daughter, I loved her no less than Nantaka.

ZX: What are you smiling about?

YP: I can understand now why Khun Lin is taking care of me and Nantaka much better than his other debtors. But, does Nak know how Khun Lin think of her?

ZX: About that, you will have to ask your daughter, because I wouldn’t know. Please. (He gestures him to leave.)

Nak comes to see Nantaka.

Nak: Dad went to see Lin Lan Se?

Nantaka: Yes. Khun Lin called for a talk with him. It must be about me. Nak, I’m sorry again that you lived in trouble in my place. It’s because of dad’s doing really.

Nak: Pee Nan, don’t blame dad. I think he was right to send me. If it were you, you would become Lin Lan Se’s mistress already.

Nantaka: But if I knew that dad’s creditor is Khun Lin Lan Se, I wouldn’t let dad send you here. Don’t worry,  I will pay back Khun Lin Lan Se’s loan for dad myself.

Nak: Are you willing to become Lin Lan Se’s mistress?

Nantaka: Because that’s the only way to help you and dad, so that you can be free and don’t have to work so hard anymore.

Nak: I’m all right. I can do it. Do you know I came here for 3 months, I already paid back the loan for 2 millions?

Nantaka: Of course, I know, that my sister is talented and clever, but this matter is not about you. Didn’t you forget that Khun Lin wanted me and not you?

Nak: But…

Nantaka: You’ve been doing a lot for me and dad already. I shouldn’t take advantage of you anymore.

Nak: But I think you can’t live with Lin Lan Se. Do you know what kind of things you will be facing with when becoming a mafia’s woman, especially, Lin Lan Se’s? He never loves anyone, and never has a heart for anyone.

Nantaka: How do you know that he doesn’t have a heart? He may have a heart for me.

Nak: Pee Nan!

Nantaka: All right, stop talking already. Just know that, now I like him, and I think he may like me too.

Yuthapong comes back.

Nantaka: Dad! You came back! Dad, what did Khun Lin Lan Se say?

YP: Nothing much. Nan, you go take a both and get dressed. Khun Lin Lan Se will send a car to take you to join the meal.

Nantaka: Is that true, dad? (To Nak) Nak, I told you. Khun Lin may like me too.

Nan walks to her room.

YP: Nak.

Nak: What, dad?

YP: Are you happy here?

Nak: It’s not bad, no at first, after a while, it’s ok. You know me,dad. I’m like a chameleon changes its color to fit every kind of situations.

YP: Nak, I’m so proud of you.

Nak: Are you giving me a test again? The last time, you left me with those mafia and acted sentimental like this once already.

YP: I’m not giving you any test. I actually am proud of you. Come here, let me hug you.

Nak: Are you sure there’s no trick?

YP: No trick. Come here.

He hugs her.

YP: Nak, I love you, my daughter.

Nak: I-love-you-too-dad.

That night, Nak thinks of when Ta Hai said, “Do you know how painful it is to be a mafia’s woman?” and when Nantaka said, “Just know that, now I like him, and I think he may like me too.”

Part 2

Nak waits for Lan Se to drive for him. In the car, she keeps looking at him from the rear mirror so often that he takes out his glasses to look at her but doesn’t say anything. They arrive at the school. He gets out of the car and walks into the building.

Nak: Wait, Lin Lan Se!

LLS: What is it?

Nak: I have something to talk to you.

LLS: Come talk at the office.

He sits down in his office.

LLS: Say it. What is it?

Nak: I want to know…you really like Pee Nan, don’t you?

LLS: Why do you ask?

Nak: I want to know, after you met Pee Nan, the real one, how do you feel for her? Do you still like her?

LLS: I told you already.

Nak: You told me? When?

LLS: You were never interested, never paid attention to what I said, weren’t you ?

Nak: No, I paid attention every time you said. But for the matter about Pee Nan, sometimes you talked like you were interested, sometimes weren’t so I really don’t know which one is true, which one is false. Can you tell me again if you still like Pee Nan or not?

LLS: And if I say, I’m interested?

Nak: If you truly like Pee Nan, I won’t put a stop to it, but you must truly love her and don’t make her sad like your other women.

LLS: What about you?

Nak: Me…why?

LLS: Won’t you feel anything if I like your sister?

Nak: Me? I will probably be happy that Pee Nan’s wish come true, because she said she liked you too. (He sighs.) Pee Nan really likes you. She said she liked you and was willing to be your woman.

He sighs again and turns his back to her.

LLS: All right, is this only what you wanted to ask me?

Nak: Yes. I only wanted to know that. Thank you so much.

She bows and walks to the door.

Nak: You really like Pee Nan, don’t you?

He frowns.

Nak: Okay, I got the answer. I’ll go to class now.

She looks at him from outside but he turns his back to her.

LLS: That mad girl, can’t she know how I think (of her)?

Nak walks in school alone thinking of Nantaka saying she likes him and thinks he may like her too, and Lan Se saying what if, I say, I like her.

Nak: Should I be happy or sad that they like each other?

She lets out a huge sigh.

Mei Jing comes to see Lan Se. Sun Li tells her that Lan Se is here, he just came back.

MJ: Is there anyone with him?

Sun Li: No one.

MJ: There’s no Thai girl with him?

Sun Li: I didn’t see.

Mei Jing thanks her and walks into Lan Se’s suite.

She sees his phone lying on the desk and thinks of how he loved to look at it. She picks up his phone to take a look.

Part 3

Mei Jing sees many pictures of Nak on his phone. She recalls how he would smile looking at them, how he called her on New Year’s Eve and asked about Nak, how he let Nak join the dining table with him, and how he scolded her for not be there when he got back.

Lan Se sees Mei Jin is looking at his phone.

LLS: Who gave you the permission to pick up my personal thing?

She turns to him.

MJ: If I didn’t pick it up, how would I know that you had someone hiding?

She shows him Nak’s picture on his phone. He snatches his phone back.

MJ: Why haven’t I noticed when you displayed it so clearly?

LLS: What business did you come here for?

MJ: When did it happen? Since when you loved RueTaiNak? That’s why you let her work here and be close to you, let her join the dining table, even called to look for her on New Year’s Eve holiday. I’m so stupid, why didn’t I think of it, a person like Lin Lan Se, who never paid attention to or be worried of anyone, was so mad to come back and not find that girl there. Actually, I came today because I wanted to see Nantaka’s face, the face of the opponent, but when it’s like this, tell you the truth, I don’t know how to react. If it’s Nantaka, I would think you fall for her beauty, her innocent, but when it’s RueTaiNak, I…I still don’t know how I should feel. That girl can’t be compared…

LLS: I ‘m not interested what you would think.

MJ: I know you won’t be interested because, all this time, you never paid attention to me. Does she know how you think of her?

LLS: It’s none of your business.

MJ: That means you haven’t told her yet, or, you don’t have enough courage?

LLS: If you don’t have any business here, I think you should leave!

MJ: If I didn’t hear it with my own ears, didn’t see it with my own eyes, I wouldn’t believe a person like Lin Lan Se, didn’t have the courage to confess his love to a woman, especially, to the girl who…

LLS: I told you to leave.

MJ: I know that you’re scared. You’re scared that if you confess your love to her, RueTaiNak may reject you and run away from your life. It serves you right! Now you will know how it feels, to fall for someone…and don’t worry, I’m still for hire to be your partner, just like before.

She leaves him looking very sad. He recalls her words, “I know that you’re scared. You’re scared that if you confess your love to her, RueTaiNak may reject you and run away from your life.”

Mei Jing is sitting in a bar by herself. She recollects her moments with Nak, couldn’t believe still. Zhong Xin comes to sit with her.

ZX: You came to see Khun Lin today, what happened?

MJ: What happened?

ZX: Sun Li said since you left, Khun Lin cancelled the meeting and wouldn’t receive any guest. Did you fight about anything?

MJ: You knew, didn’t you, that Lin Lan Se is secretly in love with RueTaiNak?

Zhong Xin is startled.

Part 4

ZX: Who told you that?

MJ: Don’t make your face like you don’t know. I know all of the truth already. I couldn’t believe a person like me, Fang Mei Jing, has to accept defeat from a girl who couldn’t be compared to me in every way. Why so quiet?

ZX: I have nothing to say on this matter. I came to ask what you fought with Khun Lin. I know you are feeling sad to learn the truth, but I think you…

MJ: Wrong, I’m not feeling sad. I’ve passed that point a long time ago, because whether Lin Lan Se loves RueTaiNak or not, he will never love me. I’m just stunned, confused about it. If you are not in a hurry to go back, can you sit and drink with me? (He’s reluctant.) Don’t tell me you have children and wife waiting at home.

ZX: No.

MJ: If you go home late, your mother won’t mind, right?

She smiles a little.

MJ: Cheers to Lin Lan Se’s love.

She drink the wine sadly. He clings the glass with her.

Lan Se is lying down on a sofa thinking of….

-Nak says don’t do anything to my sister. He says I won’t…but you must stay here. Nak says I won’t go anywhere….

-Mei Jing says you’re scared that if you confess…..RueTaiNak may reject you and run away from your life.

-Magaret says this place is not my home. I won’t endure staying here anymore. Lan Se’s father won’t let her leave.

-Magaret puts a gun to her head. Lan Se, as a boy, hears a gunshot. Oh, no…

At school, Danny is dancing again. He gets a call from his dad, Carlos.

D: Yes, dad.

Carlos: I heard Lin Lan Se found out already who’s behind the order to kill him?

D: Yes, his name is Lang Yong Wen, adopted son of San Gui. But now, we didn’t get him yet, but why did you ask about this, dad?

Carlos: Patrick is returning there.

D: What are you talking about? I don’t understand.

Carlos: Someone sent the information to Patrick, that RueTaiNak was the one delivered the arms at..(name of place)..

D: Are you serious?

Carlos: Of course, and it seems the information says that she, is Cubic.

D: You have the feeling that Lang Yong Wen was the one sending the information to Patric, haven’t you, dad?

Carlos: My guess is, it’s him, because if that guy wants to bring down Lin Lan Se, he will do everything to get Lin Lan Se into trouble, and if he succeeds, I will get caught up in it too.

D: And what will you do, dad?

Carlos: Tell RueTaiNak to go back to Thailand.

Danny leaves in a hurry.

Lan Se is in his office.

ZX: Khun Lin, you sent for me, what is it?

LLS: I want Yuthapong and Nantaka to stay here permanently. You’ve already noticed that RueTaiNak loves her father and sister very much. If they stay here, she won’t go anywhere. You must know already how I think of her. (Stand up) She’s not like anyone I know. She made me be in a bad mood. She made me worry. She made me feel longing. Every time I’m with her, the whole world become mine. I want her to stay here with me forever.

ZX: I understand, and I’m glad that Khun Lin is feeling happy. I’ll take care of everything for you.

LLS: Thank you very much, Zhong Xin.

Danny gets pass the security guards.

ZX: Wait, what is it?

D: I have an important thing to talk to Lin Lan Se!

LLS: Have what, Danny?

D: Of course, I do have!

Part 5

At the Interpol Office (International Police), Patric is looking at Nak’s information, and her picture with the word ‘Cubic’ on it. He thinks of Nak in the ambulance that time.

Patric: This time I won’t let you slip out of my hand again, girl.

Lan Se sits down on a sofa.

LLS: No, RueTaiNak will not go anywhere.

D: You mean you will allow Patrick to arrest her?

LLS: I will take care of it.

D: What will you do? I know that you are a mafia who has a lot of influence, and you can do anything here, but don’t forget that Patric is an international police, and the influence that you have, won’t get to him, and if you want to kill him, I guarantee, the whole Interpol will come digging it out, and if you wait until that time, you, ChaiHong Group, and my father, we will be doomed. Do you understand me?

LLS: I told you already I would take care of it! You can leave now.

D: Lin Lan Se, this is not the time to stay calm. That guy, Patric, is coming here right now, and if he gets a whole of Nak…

ZX: Danny! You can leave now. Like Khun Lin said, we will take care of it.

D: All right, if you don’t send RueTaiNak back, I will!

Danny walks out.

ZX: What Danny said is right. If you don’t send RueTaiNak back, Patric will find her anyway and will dig out our contract with Carlos, at that time, we all will be in trouble.

LLS: There must be another way! I will delete all of her records here and find a place for her to hide. At least, she will still be within our sight, Zhong Xin.

ZX: But I’m not sure she will be safe. These days, I believe there’s still Yong Wen’s men left blending with ours. If she stays within your sight at all time, that could mean we leave the door open and let our enemies know her whereabouts.

LLS: I will protect her no matter what.

ZX: I understand how you feel but the bet this time, is ChaiHong Group.

Lan Se sits down and thinks hard about it.

LLS: All right, I will let RueTaiNak go back to Thailand.

Zhong Xin leaves the room.

Nak: You want me to go back to Thailand?

D: That’s right. You can’t stay here anymore. You must leave before Patric arrives.

Nak: No, I won’t go anywhere.

D: RueTaiNak, listen to me. This matter is not like any incident in the past. This time, you are Patric’s target, and if he gets to you, you won’t get out of it. Do you understand me?

Nak: No, no matter what happens, I won’t go back to Thailand!

D: RueTaiNak!

Nak: I owned Lin Lan Se a debt, and I promised him that I wouldn’t go anywhere. I will stay here to pay back his loan.

D: Nak, but this is…

Nak: No, I’m one of Lin Lan Se’s people. I won’t go anywhere because Lin Lan Se didn’t give me the order!

Lan Se walks in.

LLS: You must go back to Thailand tomorrow. Zhong Xin will arrange everything for you.

Lan Se turns to leave.

Nak: What about my father and Pee Nan?

ZX: They both must stay here. We will delete all of your records, and will create your sister’s ID in place of yours using the condition in the contract, that your father agreed to send Nantaka here as the loan payment.

Nak: As if, I never exist here?

LLS: That’s right. You never exist here. The person who came here was Nantaka, not you.

Part 6

Nak: When I go back to Thailand, can I contact Zhong Xin, Danny, my dad, or Pee Nan?

LLS: No.

Nak: And you? What about you? Can I contact you?

LLS: No.

Nak: I’ll be left on an island? (live on her own)

ZX: For the security of ChaiHong Group, no one will know your whereabouts. We won’t follow you, won’t make any contact with you.

Nak: And when will this end? (No one answers.) That means, we won’t see each other again, will we?

Lan Se slowly nods to her. Nak looks at Danny but he turns away.

Nak: All right. I will follow your order.

Zhong Xin leaves the room. Nak just cries. Danny looks at her but turns to leave too. She looks at Lan Se. He also turns to leave. She runs to him and grabs his arm.

Nak: I…I will try to do my best of everything.

He pulls her into his arms.

LLS: Just tell me that you don’t want to go, I will stop everything.

Nak: No. I’m one of your people. I will follow your order.

He hugs her and thinks of when he told Zhong Xin that he would protect her no matter what and when Zhong Xin said the bet this time, was ChaiHong Group. He keeps hugging her.

That night, Lan Se think of when Nak said she would follow his order. Nak also thinks of her time here with Lan Se.

Nak looks at her school uniform and thinks of when Lan Se tied her neck tie for her.

LLS: I really have to let her go, do I?

Nak looks up at the building where Lan Se is, and Lan Se looks down at the construction site where Nak is.

Part 7

D: You should know already that everything will end this way. I shouldn’t have let you deliver those arms.

Nak: It’s not you, it’s my own decision, totally my fault.

D: Nak, I seriously don’t want you to confront that fate alone all by yourself.

Nak: You don’t have to worry about me. When I first came here, I didn’t know anyone but I’ve survived, haven’t I? Now I’m going back to Thailand, my homeland, I can simply walk with my eyes close.

D: I will miss you.

Nak: But if I don’t miss you, you won’t be mad, right?

D: Why? You won’t miss me because, you have someone else to think of?

Nak: I will have to find a place to live and to hide so I probably won’t have time to miss you.

Nak stops walking.

Nak: All right, send me off here.

He reaches out for a handshake.

D: All right, I hope we will get to see each other again.

She puts her hand in his.

Nak: I hope so too.

D: Good luck, friend.

They hug each other. It’s cool for a teenager good-bye.

D: I’ll leave first. See you.

He turns to her.

D: Good luck, friend. (Cool, from the future arms dealer ^^)

Nak: Bye!

D: Nak, I will probably miss you.

They wave to each other.

Nak leaves the message on Lan Se’s answering machine.

“Please leave your message after the beep:

It’s me, Lan Se, sorry to call you at your private room. I want to thank you for everything for the past 3 months, for the things you taught me, my father’s debt, your saving my life, and your patient to put up with my stupid behaviors sometimes or..many times, and even…something…that I’m too stupid to understand or uncertain about it. As of now, I’m still uncertain what it is. I want to say I will try to do my best of everything. Seriously, I will. Please take care of my father and Pee Nan. I’ll have to go…I won’t bid you good-bye.

Nak makes up her mind and walks straight ahead.

Lan Se listens to her message and starts deleting her pictures on his phone. He listens to it again and again *Sniff*

Zhong Xin is lecturing Nantaka on her duty.

ZX: From now on, you will accompany Khun Lin to social events as Lin Lan Se’s woman.

Nan: Certainly, there’s no problem, and what do I need to do?

ZX: Be beautiful, be dignified. When you are walking with Khun Lin, do not ask or talk too much if he doesn’t ask you.

Nan: I can do it. Do I need to move in with him at ChaiHong building?

ZX: No need.

Nan: So Khun Lin will come to me?

ZX: No.

Nan: Khun Zhong Xin, I don’t understand why….

ZX: Khun Lin wants you as his accompany in certain events only. Tomorrow, I will send a car to pick you up to accompany Khun Lin to the function. About your clothes, make-up, and hair, someone will come taking care of it.

Nan: Yes.

Zhong Xin leaves.

Nan: Dad, I don’t understand. He wanted me only to accompany him to the events, just that?

YP: Lin Lan Se wants to delete all Nak’s records and create your ID to tell everyone that, for these past 3 months, you were the one who came here, not Nak.

Nan: What’s for, dad?

YP: I don’t know the reason for sure. All I know is now ChaiHong Group is having a problem about Nak.

Patric and his eh…lackey? -Seriously, he looks like a villain more than a cop.

They are walking into ChaiHong building.

Patric: I’m Pol.Capt. Patric Button from Interpol (show his badge). I wish to see Khun Lin Lan Se.

Sun Li: Just a moment. (To the intercom) Khun Lin sir, Capt. Patric Button is here to see you. (Lan Se says let him in.) (To Patric) Please go in. Ling, take Capt. to the president.

LLS: Hi, Captain.

P: Hi, Khun Lin Lan Se.

LLS: Please. (gesture him to take a seat)

Patric looks at Zhong Xin who’s causally reading a magazine.

LLS: Khun Fei Zhong Xin, my adviser.

P: Hi! (to Zhong Xin)

ZX: Hi!

P: You must know already the reason I came.

LLS: Obviously, I’m curious too.

P: I have someone’s picture and want you to look. (Show Nak’s picture with the word ‘Cubic’ on it) Her name is RueTaiNak. She’s Thai. I hope you recognize her.

LLS: Yes, I do. She’s the youngest daughter of Mr. Yuthapong, my debtor.

P: I happen to know also that, she came to live here three months ago…as your debtor. She worked for you to pay back the debt.

LLS: You’ve got the wrong information because the person who came here was her elder sister, her name is Nantaka. (show him Nan’s picture)

Part 8

Patric: What about these documents if she never came here, why these documents?

LLS: How would I know? What about you? Are you sure those few papers you acquired is the truth?

P: I believe in my own instincts.

ZX: That’s why three months ago, you had let Carlos transfer those arms passing through the security checkpoint successfully.

P: That’s right, because I didn’t believe myself at that time so I failed, but this time, I guarantee you, I won’t fail for the second time.

LLS: Then? What do you want from me?

P: Give me RueTaiNak.

LLS: I told you, she never came here.

P: I know that this girl was the one negotiated with Carlos Tapeir to sign the partner contract with ChaiHong Group, even helped that guy deliver those arms!

LLS: Is that so? What a pity, we should have kept her to work for us, Zhong Xin.

ZX: True, which means she must be very good to fool the cop and get away with it.

P: You two, don’t quibble over it. Give me the girl!

LLS: If you want her, get out there and look for yourself.

ZX: It won’t be that hard for you to find her records here.

P: I know you two must have already deleted her records. You have so much influence here, you can easily delete anyone’s records.

LLS: It’s good that you know so you will behave accordingly, and won’t barge into the wrong place and put yourself in trouble.

Patric is about to leave.

LLS: Wait, Captain.

P: What?

LLS: Take back your belongings.

Patric picks up Nak’s documents on the sofa.

P: It’s all right. I made copies. (He throws in on Lan Se’s lap.)

LLS: But I don’t want other people’s things.

Lan Se throws the documents on the floor. Patric picks it up and leaves.

Patric: I think that girl, RueTaiNak, must be some kind of important to Lin Lan Se for sure!

Lackey: What are you saying, Capt.?

P: If  that girl could bring trouble to Lin Lan Se, he should just kill her, not protect her like this.

Lackey: But the person, who sent this information to us, said this girl was Lin Lan Se’s Ngao with the codename of Cubic.

P: But from what I know, the person who could become Ngao of ChaiHong Group, must be so skillful and clever that no one could reach her or know her real identity. If RueTaiNak is really Cubic, she shouldn’t let her own information be leaked out.

Lackey: But she’s just 17, I think, she could be a novice or inexperienced.

P: Could be.

Lackey: What shall we do when Lin Lan Se is overly protective of her like this?

P: No matter what, we must find her, because she’s the only one who could make us capture Carlos.

Back to Amphawa, Samut Songkhram province, Thailand (famous for the floating market and looking at fireflies at  night).

The man is introducing his resort. Nak gets into her room. She lives alone on her own.

Nantaka starts her duty as Lan Se’s woman. They get in the car together.

Nan: The weather today is quite chilly, isn’t it?

LLS: …

Nan: What kind of event are we going?

LLS: Anything you want to know, ask Zhong Xin. Did RueTaiNak contact you?

Nan: No, she didn’t at all.

Nantaka is quite surprised to hear him ask about Nak.

Part 9

Nak sits alone to do some thinking.

Flashback, Nak comes to see Lan Se at his building in a rainy night.

Nak: I came to see Khun Lin.

Guard: No, you can’t go up there. Khun Lin is in the meeting.

Nak: But I came to return the document file to him. Could you please tell him, that RueTaiNak came to see him?

Guard: Still, you must wait.

Nak waits in front of the building while it’s pouring rain outside. Lan Se walks by the sliding doors and sees her.

LLS: RueTaiNak. (She’s delighted to see him.) Why are you standing here?

Nak: I came to give the file to you. I haven’t returned it to you yet.

He grabs her wrist and leads her into the building.

Present, Nak thinks back to that day.

He dries her hair with a towel. He’s wearing the wristwatch she gave him.

Nak: Thank you.

LLS: What?

Nak: Thank you for drying my hair for me and the watch. I didn’t think you would wear it. Do you know, when you smile, you are so handsome.

He smiles back then turns sad. He throws the towel away. Rawr!

Lan Se says, “Starting tomorrow, I don’t know if we will see each other again, but I want you to know that, you will stay in my memory…forever.”

He kisses her forehead.

LLS: All of your debt is now voided. When you arrive in Thailand, someone will give you ten millions (HKD).

He kisses her forehead again and hugs her.

Present, Nak thinks about it.

Nak: What was that? It can’t be for a person like him to like (have a crush on) me.

Aww…I missed ya, Yong Wen.

Yong Wen looks at Lan Se and Nak’s pictures.

YW: Cubic? You are cubic?

He recalls how Lan Se protected Nak from the bullets.

YW: It’s unbelievable that the weakness of a man like Lin Lan Se, is just a girl.


Yong Wen: Lin Lan Se, I will start killing your women one by one.

Patric: Thailand?

Nak: Danny?


Let me tell you that, in the novel, Lan Se really meant to let her go forever without trace. He couldn’t contact her or try to know where she was, because if he knew, his enemy would know too as he knew there were spies among his men. Yong Wen took out almost half (I heard) of Lan Se’s men with him when he left the group.

Lan Se also let Nak know that she would be on her own to protect herself and escape from danger. He had it in her that she would survive but he wouldn’t do anything to help. He gave her a large amount of money for her life securities, that’s all he could do for her.

After Nak left, Lan Se turned into a living zombie. He had to get rid of everything he had of her including the wristwatch, except one thing, no one knew that there’s her voice in his answering machine. He would listen to it again and again when he’s alone. He didn’t think he would see her again.

After Nak knew she had to go back to Thailand and wouldn’t see Lan Se again, she was busy trying to figure out how to solve this problem writing some layout. The night before she would leave, she remembered that she didn’t go to see Lan Se at all so she rode a bicycle to see him in the rain, which is the scene where Lan Se kisses her forehead (he kissed her lips for the first time here in the novel, that’s the reason that after that, Nak tried to figure out her feeling for him).


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  1. I like you comments from the book. Thank you

  2. Thanks you everyone ! It’s so difficult to wait the episode 14 !!!!! I love this lakorn but I LOVE MORE the novel …. If i can buy these, I will try to read EVERY DAY !!!!

    • Cubic Spoiler Part Two In progresses
      Previously on Cubic, Nak was captures by Yong Wen and his men. Chin Fu betray her. Now on with the cap:
      Jong Sing dial the phone while walking back and fort, he turned to Lin Lan Se and told him, “there is no signal, I been calling her for many hours, but no one pick up.”
      Lin Lan Se:”Or there was something happened to Ruetienak”.
      Jong Sing looks at Lin Lan Se with a stresses.
      Nak passes out, then saw the water pour down on Nak.
      Nak startled and woke up.
      Nak:”Hey, it is raining…raining and dad, dad pick up the clothes first, hurry!”
      Nak Sabad faces opened her eyes to see Yong Wen blurry then clear.
      Nak:”Yong Wen, Nee nai how did you inside my house?”
      Yong Wen looks at Nak sympathetically.
      Yong Wen:”This is Cubic, the intelligence.”
      Chin Fu:”She must be drunk of sleeping drug”.
      Nak:”Chin Fu, I could not believe that a persons like you are so evil and bad, I should not beg Lin Lan Se to safe your lives, you dare to betray me”.
      Chin Fu:” Have you ever heard of the old said that there is no honor among thieves”.
      Nak:”Don’t let me escaping from here, I will tell Lin Lan Se to killed you”.
      Yong Wen:”You thinks you will a chances of survives from here”.

      • Patty, I love you to bits! More spoilers, please! I don’t know how I am going to pass through these few days till the next episode without knowing what happened…

        • Previously on Cubic, Nak got captures by Yong Wen:

          Nak:”Why, what are you going to do with me, you are just as bad as Ai Chin Fu, you are are ungrateful man”.
          Yong Wen slapped Nak faces, Nak faces sabud.
          Yong Wen:”If I did not sees you has more benefit or used to me I would killled you right now. I would putting a bullet in your mouth and be doned with it!”
          Nak:”Go right ahead, I am not afraid of you, if you wants to kill me do it!”
          Yong Wen:”You are so braves and courageous fitting as the role of Cubic”.
          Nak:”Don’t talked too much. What are you going to do with me, tell me!”

      • Hi Patty,
        Thanks for the spoilers. One of the things I love about Nark is that she is fearless and is always thinking ahead. I love the fact that she does not try to change LLS into someone he is not. She accepts what he does for a living and goes with the flow. She is willing to do anything to help him and has a very mean disposition if anyone tries to hurt him. I love the fact that she is already warning Chi Fu if she escapes she will definitely have him killed. No wonder LLS is so in lover with her.

      • I honestly think that Shin Fu is just playing along with Ruthainak’s plan. I guess Shin Fu should also want to get rid of Yong Wen as much as Ruthainak. Yong Wen is such a villian… and Mei Jing is innocent… sob sob…

  3. People, the variety show “Tonight Show” this Monday April 7 at 23:30 CH3, Cubic cast will be there. Enjoy!

  4. Mint in this episode really made me feel sad when she cried. What surprised me last night when watching it live was I didn’t care about how Bomb look or deliver his lines, more than the story itself. That’s quite good, I still think Bomb has charisma on screen, because even if he didn’t act well or spoke well or looked good in all poses, still I could feel the chemistry he had with Mint. I hope he will take more acting classes and learn how to interpret his role more. I heard his next project, he would be paired with Taew (aka Ratchanon). Does anyone know the lakorn title?

    Also, I think the scene when Lan Se was drying Nak hair was so smexy and hawtt…. *gulp*

    Dear friends, please put [spoilers] up front if you are giving out some spoilers 🙂

    • Thank you for the translations. You have me hooked onto this series now. I had not planned on watching this one but your enthusiasm drew me in. Thank you for the comment on the floating markets and fireflies. The resort looked beautiful. Would love to go there someday. You are right about this series, there is some charm to draw us in though I still find the part about the relationship of a high school girl with a guy who is almost 30 quite disturbing. I really wonder what work Lin Lan Se does through out the day – all is see him doing is walk back and forth with a number of body guards.

      • I’m glad you luff this series. I know, a 17 years old and 27 is quite disturbing, the way it was written, Lan Se’s also aware of the fact and he put in his great efforts to restraint himself. He knew that he’s approaching a young girl so he took the time doing it.

        At the end of book2, he even allowed her to continue in her study in college and let her have her own college life among her friends. She asked him for five years before the wedding, and he’s willing to wait, on the condition that, they must register their marriage first. It’s more for her safety and protection, but of course, his possessiveness was also there. Nak, in the novel, insisted that she finish her college degree even when things turned rough, so I think that kind of make up for such an age-gape in the beginning.

        About his work, LOL, it’s mostly about business transactions, their group’s investment. He’s a very busy man in the novel. He could even fall asleep right the minute he’s free. Nak was trained by her father since she was very young, so she’s good at checking ledgers and all, and knew how to negotiate on the deal with foreign investors, as her father said, she’s a gifted child so he raised her differently to bring out the best in her. So, Lan Se, was actually supervising BTS business deals i.e. money laundering. He’s wealthy man in that sense 🙂

        • Thank you! What subject does Nak study at college ? If they have signed the marriage certificate they are legally married. Do they live together after the end of book 2 ? Do they ever have a proper wedding ceremony at the end of book 4 ?

          It’s interesting how Nak easily accepts and takes to the life of the mafia. Do Nak and her sister have a falling out before Nan decides that the life of killing and deceit is not the one for her ? I guess she goes back to Thailand. Would love to read about how differently Nak was brought up? How was she trained differently in her childhood? Might be a good manual for some parents .. hahaha.

          • These are the comments which Kcomments aka the blogger at ep 7. Please read.

            “In the end, three years later, Lan Se lets a rumor go around that he already got engaged and will get married in two years. Nak at the age of 20, now in college in England, her new identity is a Hong Kong citizen named Lin Yong Tai. Yep, they registered their marriage (by name only) so she’s using his family name.
            He talks to her on the phone normally at 3 a.m. (England time). Why at that time? Because it’s the time he’s sure that her phone will be with her. Today he calls her for the tenth time and she doesn’t pick up. Mei Jing teased him about to be aware of a future bride who is afraid to get married.”

            Wedding night at the end of Book4 🙂 Nak told him she’s an old-fashioned girl.
            He transferred his mother’s mansion and land in England to her, in case something happen to ChaiHing Group, her personal assets would remain with her.
            He called her RueTaiNak most of the time.
            Danny suggested Lan se to cheat (sleeping with another girl) and he would keep it a secret from Nak. Haha. Danny made sure Nak know what her life would become to marry Lan Se before our leads got married. He even negotiated with Lan Se at some critical point that he postponed the wedding for one more year, for his (Danny’s) sake. Haha. Of course, Lan Se says no!
            In the book, JongShin and Mei Jing didn’t have any close relationship at all. None.
            Mina and Pei Ing got engaged.”

            “1) At the beginning of Book3, 4 years has passed, Nak asked Lan Se for 5 years to get married. She didn’t finish her college yet in Book3, things happened, she would go back to college and finish it in Book4.
            2) She chose the Faculty of Philosophy. She had a group of nerds as her gang, she thought they looked at things in the world differently so she loved to hang out with them.
            She did well (outstanding) in class but she got bullied by An American friend and her gang all the time, so she came to class late many time because of them. Lan Se knew that too, because sometimes he called her, she got locked up in a restroom till night time. He didn’t bother helping her as long as she could manage it on her own, and it’s England so he didn’t want to make her stand out. When he came to visit her one time, he found her in the college’s pond freezing cold because she was shoved down there. So he had to pull her up *skin-ship*
            Of course, Danny went for a visit in England disturbing the sweet time of the couple. When the housekeeper told Lan Se that Mr. Tapier came, he would ask which one, the father or the son. When she said it’s the son, Lan Se told her to, “Chase him out.” Hehe
            3) Danny teased Lan Se to postpone the wedding so he could hang out with her some more, because once she got married and became Lan Se’s wife, Danny thought Lan Se would keep her to himself. How did Lan Se reject the idea? He simply said, “No!”
            4) Yep, said so in the Preface by the author, it covered more of both Lan Se and Nak’s background. The author said Book3-4 (Final) absolutely completed the story of Cubic so there would be no more. I’m hoping the author will write the story of Danny though.
            For the summary of Book3-4, I will put it on hold for now because Nak and Lan Se were at the age of 21, 31 which may confuse you guys when now Book1-2, Nak is 17, Lan Se is 27.”

    • Seriously? Taew has too many lakorns this year.

      1) The Rising Sun: Roy Ruk Hak Liam Tawan
      2) Lom Sorn Ruk
      3) Mafia Luerd Mungkorn

      2 of these dramas are mafia theme and I hope that it will be broadcast this year.

      Does she still have the time to film other drama?

      Hope you will watch Mafia Luerd Mungkorn. As for rising sun, lol… I am sure that there will be a lot of subbers.

    • Paired with Taew again? I just saw the fitting picx about his new project, who paired with
      Richy (Oranate D.Caballes), the name of the new drama so called ” Suay lai sai lub”. Is that the one you’re talking about?

  5. Thanks again for your awesome recap. I don’t know what whould I do without you.

    Allow me also ask something. I didn’t find much information on the next lakorn, but I really like the main leads (Matt and Rome in Ruk Nee Jhe Jud Hai, will air on April 15 –, so if you’re available and interested, you have me as a devout reader.

    • I saw the teaser, it looked funny. The reason I could recap this lakorn fast because the dialogs were simple, and those mafia spoke less than normal, and the cuteness inspired me. For other lakorns on prime time (20:15), 2 hrs (9 parts) each,…still not sure. Hehe.

  6. Thanks so much Patricia for the recaps. You’re awesome. I was wondering though does anyone know how many episodes Cubic will have?

  7. I like the farewell conversation between danny and ruthainak. It’s so sweet! Thanks, popv!

  8. I don’t know if i’m the only one but i felt the saddness and distress from Bomb Tanin acting (in part 4 and 5, before then after Danny intervention) about Nark. When he talk to Zhong Xin.
    Not that his acting bother me (because i’m so in love with the story line) but i wanted to point this fact because i think he improve a lot since 1st episode.

    • I will continue this later. I agreed Bomb acting is improving!

    • Previously on Cubic, Nak has a plan to get ridden of Yong Wen and she is sticking with her plan. She has arriving at Hong Kong and setting her plan in motions:

      Nak carried backpack walked in and stopped and pick up her phone and dial the number.
      Nak:” Chin Fu, I am here, meet me at the court of Guanyin road.”
      Chin Fu:” O.K. I’ll meet you there.”
      Chin Fu presses and closes the phone
      Chin Fu:” She is here!”
      Yong Wen: “Good, then you will bring her to me!”
      Chin Fu:” Yes, sir!”
      Chin Fu walked out, and the lackey followed.
      Lackey #2: “Err…boss, are we going to believe Ai Chin Fu than, or he will betray us.”
      Yong Wen:” People like Ai Chin Fu, he wanted money, whomever paying him, he will staying with that persons.”


      • Nak walked and turned on the path of the road.
        Nak walked into the temple and wai the monk, thinking when she comes with Lin Lan Se
        Lins:”Comes wai the monk with me.”
        Nak:”You wants me to wai the monk with you!”

        • Lin Lan Se gives Nak an incense, saw Lin Lan Se and Nak, and Nak putting her hand together.
          Nak:” I wishes the divines helping my plan to be successful, please!
          Nak put down her hand and turned around and looks at the surrounding.
          Nak:” Why does Chin Fu, not here yet!”

          • Nak pick up the phone and dial, Chin Fu ringtone are heard loudly, Nak startled and turned to sees Chin Fu standing behind her.
            Nak:” Ow, Chin Fu!”
            Nak saw Yong Wen lackey comes with Chin Fu two of them.
            Nak:”Who is that?”
            Chin Fu:”Oh, that is my friends, they will helps us with this job!”
            Nak:” But I told you not to tell anyone about this job”, two of the lackey walked toward Nak.
            The Lackey:” Don’t talked too much, bring her to boss”.
            Nak:” Boss…what boss, ha….Chin Fu are you betraying me!”
            Chin Fu:” I’m sorry, Sao Noi, well, Khun Yong Wen are willing to paying more then you.”
            Nak:”Ai Chin Fu…You bastard son of a bitch!”
            Nak turned to run out but Yong Wen lackey are in fronted of her stopping her in her track. Nak stunned and froze.
            Chin Fu:”Please come with me, otherwise, you will be hurt!”
            Nak:”No, I won’t go with you!”
            The lackey comes and lock Nak body, Nak struggle but could not escaping got caught.

            That is it for now, I will continue this later!!!!!

    • Jong Sing dial the phone while walking back and fort, he turned to Lin Lan Se and told him, “there is no signal, I been calling her for many hours, but no one pick up.”
      Lin Lan Se:”Or there was something happened to Ruetienak”.
      Jong Sing looks at Lin Lan Se with a stresses.
      Nak passes out, then saw the water pour down on Nak.
      Nak startled and woke up.
      Nak:”Hey, it is raining…raining and dad, dad pick up the clothes first, hurry!”

      • Patty!!! What you shared is a familiar scene that i saw from one of the teasers. Anymore??? That is simply making me all excited… but ruthainak is going to get lin lanser into trouble and put up the rescue-dramas again, right?

      • Yong Wen:”You are so braves and courageous fitting as the role of Cubic”.
        Nak:”Don’t talked too much. What are you going to do with me, tell me!”
        Yong Wen:”Chin Fu told me that you have a plan to get ridden of me, is that right!”
        Nak:”You, you are tell him all about the plan, Ai Chin Fu!”
        Chin Fu, bey faces.
        Yong Wen:” Well, your plan is not that bad, but I thinks that your plan of thinking is very shallowed not fitting to becomes Cubic, to used Ai Chin Fu to becomes closes to me, so you finding the right times to killed me.”

        • Nak turned and looks at Chin Fu angry, Chin Fu smiles at her.
          Nak:”And what now, right now my plan is ruining, what are you going to do with me!”
          Yong Wen:”Telling you right, that would ruined a surprises and ruined the fun. You are Cubic really, thinks….thinks, thinks, real hard to what am I going to do with you.”
          Yong Wen walked out, Chin Fu walked followed.
          Nak:”Lin Lan Se, helps me, helps me, please!”

  9. Really appreciate your time and effort! Cheers! 🍹

  10. Oh GOD !!! Patricia your are own Goddess. If I could see you I would kiss your cheek ! Are you a spy or what !?

  11. Hooray! The CAPS are here!!!! Thank you very much for your hard work.

    Hope you will be able to finish it today, but I don’t want to put a burden on you…who is so nice enough to CAP word per word for non-Thai speaking viewers to enjoy!

  12. Please translate lakorn leh nangfah .I really like to know about that lakorn

  13. Thank you for your hard work 🙂

  14. Oh yeah! You are so fast!!
    Thank you so very much for the recap and for the answer you gave about the novel (So many info it’s almost like i was reading the novel at some point). Thank you.
    This episode is so sad. (Sniff Sniff).
    I was waiting for your recap to understand more. Now i’m enjoying each and every words you write because i know we are close to the end… (Really Sniff Sniff)
    But i’m still hoping for CUBIC 2!! (With same cast) Oh yeah!

  15. Thank you for the recap.

    I have seen several repeated questions and did a F&Q answers

    1) Is there a translated english version of cubic novel?


    2) How many cubic novel are there?
    Total 4 parts. This current lakorn covers only 1-2. If you want to know more about book 3 and 4, please go back to some of the previous ep recaps , soundtrack and teasers where popv is kind to describe some parts of book 3 and 4.

    3) will Nak died? If she is dead then there why is there a book 3 and 4.

  16. This is a sad sad episode. I can’t help but cried when Ruthainak cried. Even though I don’t understand what they were saying, but I guess they were really into their roles. Ahh… can’t wait to see how Ruthainak managed to sneak back to Taiwan.

    • I read in the Manager online that Nak did not died. Nak and Lin Lan Se are planing to faking her death so that Patrick will not comes after her anymore, If he thinks that she is dead!

      • Here is the spoiler of what to comes on Cubic! Enjoy!

        Cubic Episode 21
        Nak talked to the phone
        Nak: “It is true Pee Nan, and how is Lin Lan Se, is he alright?”
        Nan: “Sees the bodyguard told me that is safe, Pee wanted to go and visiting him, but Khun Jong Sing won’t allowed it. And what about you, Nak, are you O.K.?”
        Nak:”I am fine, Pee Nan, please take cares of Lin Lan Se for me, pee Nan!”
        Nantaka are stunned and surprises of Nak word.
        Nan: ” I thinks you are really worry and cares about Khun Lin too much”.
        Nak:”Err…I….when I was in there he really takes good cares of me, it is nothing, Pee Nan”.
        Nan: “Take cares of yourself”.
        Jong Sing walked into the room, Nantaka froze.
        Jong Sing: “Whom on the phone with you?”
        Jong Sings took the phone away from her, and listened.
        Nak:” Pee Nan, don’t have to worry about me, tell dad too, that I misses him.”
        Jong Sings:” Ruetienak!”
        Nak:”Jong Sings!”
        Jong Sing: “Khun Lin are forbidden you not to contacting anyone whom are staying here, why are you disobeying Khun Lin ordered”.
        Nak: “I known, but I wants to called my sisters, is that not allowed.”
        Jong Sing:” No, it is not allowed, did you not know that it is very trouble around here, don’t make any more problems than it is already are”.
        Nak: “I just misses my father and my sister, and I wanted to know how Khun Lin are doing right now. And what about you, did you catches Tuao Ai Yong Wong yet!”
        Jong Sing:” Not yet! Now let stopped talking, and remember, do not called anybody here”.
        Nak:” But I thinks….”
        JS:”Ruetienak, if you got captures by Patrick or Yong Wong, how would you thinks Khun Lin will feels.”
        Nantaka stared and surprises of Jong Sing word.
        JS:”Don’t making any problems for Khun Lin, did you understood what am I said”.
        Nak:”Hmmm…..understood. Err…., Wait Jong Sing”
        JS:” What is it now?”
        Nak:”You have to take good cares of Khun Lin Lan Se, don’ t let anything happened to him”.
        JS:” Alright, that is enough!”
        Jong Sing closes the phone and put it away.

        To Be Continue for now, later!!!!!!!!!

        • Hello !

          thank you for informations but I have a question. I read that the lakorn has 15 épisode. But you talk about episode 21 so I’m lost !
          Are you sur that the lakorn has more 20 episode ? Where have you got the spolier ?

          Excuse i don’t speak and write good English perhaps there are many mistakes !

          thank you for your answer 🙂

        • Previously on Cubic. Lin Lan Se is afraid of Nak safety, so he send Nak away to Thailand for hidding. Lin Lan Se was attack by Yong Wong and his men, He was hurt, and now Nak learned from it from her sister Nantaka whom has called her to informed her of Lin Lan Se incident:

          Nan:” Hey, that is my phone!”
          JS:” For your safety of you and your sister, I have to keep it with me.”
          Nan:”Nee, Khun….”
          JS:”Did you here what I said, right now our problems are more worse then it is, don’t makes anymore problem, you hear me!”
          Jong Sing is about to moves and gone out of the room.
          Nan:” Wait, Khun Jong Sing, I wanted to go visiting Khun Lin Lan Se, can I go!”
          JS:”If the wanted to sees you, he will tell me, then”
          Jong Sing walked out of the room, Nantaka looks at him with frustration.
          Nan:” What is all this, at first, he wanted me, ever since I cames here, he never once paying attention or wants to comes and see me.”

          Outside of the building, Lin Lan Se standing there and stare at the outside, passes Lin Lan Se is Jong Sing.
          JS:”About Nontaka, what are you going to do about, Khun Lin!”
          Lin:” Is she has anymore problems!”
          JS:”If you did not like her anymore, you should tell her the truth, for her to know, I thinks she is waiting for you, still!”
          Lin:”Tomorrow, you bring her to sees me!”
          Jong Sing:” Yes, sire!”
          Lin:”And what about Ruetienak, did she not asked about me!”
          JS:”Err…I forgot to tell you, she told me to takes good cares of you the best of my ability”.
          Jong Sing looks at Lin Lan Se with a smiles in his face, turned and walked away from the room, Lin Lan Se turned and looks at outside.
          Lin:” Your silly girl, you are the one whom should take cares of yourself the best you could!”
          Nak: (talking to herself against) “I have to finding away to help Lin Lan Se get ridden of Ai Yong Wong!”
          “What to do next!”
          Nak walked back and fort thinking about Yong Wong.
          Yong Wong:” You are Lin Lan Se driver, right!”
          Nak:”Yes, I am”
          Yong Wong:”Then you are smarter equally as Cubic, right”
          Nak looked at Yong Wong, saw Nak turning her back on him, Yong Wong keep looking at her.
          Nak:” Thinks hard…If I were Ai Yong Wong, what will I do next, Nak faces are determined and serious.
          Yong Wong:” Lin Lan Se, where have hide Nang Cubic”
          Eyes ball Nak staring at, saw in his eyes in his faces of Yong Wong.
          Nak:” Yes, Ai Yong Wong, he wanted me all along.”
          Nak nodded her faces and smiles at herself proudly, for she has thinking of a plan, appear in her head.

          • I cannot reveal the sources of the information, but this sources of information is very accurated and directed from the series. Trust me! Is just the website said it is episode 21, don’t asked me why it is said that only it is 21. 15 episode that you have read must be the shorter versions of it!

            • ok ok !
              Thank you patricia for your answer and informations ! You are very kind 🙂

            • Previously on Cubic, Nak are thinking of a plan to get ridden of Yong Wong. She has contacting Chin Fu and asking for his help:
              The phone rang, Chin Fu have to walked by and pick up the phone.
              Chin Fu:” Chin Fu did not staying here anymore.”
              Nak:” Then you don’t wants the money anymore”.
              Chin Fu:”Who is this?”
              Nak:” It is me, Ruetienak!”
              Chin Fu:”Heh…how did you known that I was staying here!”
              Nak:” Have you forgotten that I am Cubic, no matter how you running away at the end of the earth, I’ll always find you, finally.”
              Chin Fu:”You are looking for me, what this is about. I already told Lin Lan Se the truth all of it already, we have no anymore indebt to each other.”
              Nak:”I wants you helps with something, but not helping for free, I will paying you.”
              Chin Fu: (Now Nak got Chin Fu fully attention) “What is this about?”
              Nak:”I having a plan to get ridden of Lan Yong Wong”.
              Nak:”Yes, me, and this times I wants a helper in the teams like you.”
              Chin Fu:”And how much money are you going to offering me”.
              Nak:”And how much you wanted”
              Jong Sing bringing Nantaka walked into the room, the room door opened, Jong Sing bring Nantaka walked in to sees Lin Lan Se.
              JS:” You waited here, wait for Khun Lin, he will comes out to sees you in a minutes.”
              Jong Sing walked outside the room, Nantaka is staring at the room, Lin Lan Se walked out of his bedroom, Nantaka turned and looks.
              Nan:”Khun Lin….Khun Jong Sing told me that you wanted to sees me,right.”
              Lins walked in and sitting staring at Nantaka.
              Nan:”What businesses did you have with me, tell me!”
              Lins:”I will let you staying here for a little bit long and then later I will releases you and your father to returned back to Thailand.”
              Nan:”What about the debt?”
              Lins:”I told you father already that I will void all the debt toward him”.
              Nan:”Voiding the debt toward him”.
              Lins:” Yes, voiding, in exchanging for your sister.”
              Now Nantaka are stunned.
              Nan:”I don’t understand, please explaining to me clearly, against.”
              Lins:”There is nothing much, all you have to known right now that the person whom repaying a debt is your sister. That is enough, the thing that I needed to talked to you about.”
              Lin Lan Se get up from the chair.
              Nan:”Err….Wait, let me asked one more questions, please!”
              Nan:”You are in loves with my sister aren’t you.”
              Lins:” That, you needs not to known.”
              Lin Lan Se walked out and going directing inside his working room, Nan is staring at him dumbfounded and stunned.

              To Be Continue for Now…….

              • Patricia you are my angel !!!! I want to see these !!!! Perhaps there are many épisodes 😉

              • im hoping wat u said its true coz if not i kind a disappointment to all the viewers of cubic everyone is felling excitment then the end kind a fluff only anyway tnx for the recap

                • Or maybe there is only 15 or 16 episode. Beside they has to make it short and accurate. There is no need to dragging the storyline.

                • Poor, Jong Sing, he got his heart broken because Mei Jing got killed off by Yong Wen! I feel sorry for him. He should of tell her how he feel when she was arrives.

              • Patricia, thank you so much!! More, please! Now i am happy again after watching the sad episode…

              • Previously on Cubic, Nak and Chin Fu are concocking a plan to get ridden of Yong Wong. Lin Lan Se confesses to Nantaka that he is not interesting in her anymore. Nantaka find out that Lin Lan Se are in loves with Nak, her sister, instead of her:
                Danny opened the door and entered and saw Lin Lan Se sitting there lonely in the room, Danny stopped, Lin Lan Se touches the learning table of Nak. Dan looks and walked toward him.
                Danny:”No matter how many times you are touching her table to death, Ruetienak will never comes back here, you know”.
                Lin Lan Se stopped what he is doing and turned around and looks at Danny.
                Lin Lan Se:” I ordered that no one will speaking of her name here”.
                Dan:”Obliviously, I am not your lackey, then I don’t have to followed your ordered”.
                Lin Lan Se given at Dan with annoyed looks.
                Dan: “And I know what to said and which not to said it at anytimes, unlike other people whom is misses her whom cannot choosing times.
                Lins:”Tomorrow I will tell the janitor took this table out of the room.”
                Dan:” Are you going to throwing away anything that belonging to her right. Beside this table someone is using it.”
                Lins:”That, is what I wants. I have to throwing everything aways, everything that belonging to her, should not belonged to someone else.”
                Dan:”Let me asking you something, what are you going to do about these situation that happened here”.
                Lins:”Right now, Yong Wong is quietly hiding, no movement yet, and for Ai Patrick are refuses to leaves and moving away from here. They are playing mind game with us, if we moves or appear to be moving we will walked into their trap”.
                Dan:”Heh….then we have to staying still, for to watching their next moved.”
                Lin Lan Se are still, with no answered.
                Dan:” Right now, don’t know what Ruetienak are doing? Or how is she doing?”
                Lin Lan Se glencing at Dan. Dan looks an eyes contact with him, Lin Lan Se looks another ways about to moves and walking outside of the room. Then Danny cell phone are ringing loudly, Danny stopped and pick up his phone to looks at the screen. He finally answered it.
                Lin Lan Se about to walked outside
                Dan:”Ruetienak….It that really you.”
                Lin Lan Se stopped and suddenly turned.
                Nak:”Yeah, it is me. Please don’t makes any noises, I don’t wants anyone to hear”.
                Lin Lan Se snapped and took the phone away from Danny abruptanly from Danny hand.
                Lins:”Why are you calling here? I specifically told you not to called or contacting here.”
                Nak:”Lin Lan Se”
                Lins:”What is it? Why are you called here?”
                Nak:”Err…I have coming up of the plan to get ridden of Yong Wong already”.
                Lins:”Stopped your thinking right now, and staying still. Don’t do anything. I told you, I wants you to hide silently”.
                Nak:”I cannot do that, I will not allowed anyone to hurt you and right now I have already talked to Ai Chin Fu, he told me he will helps me.”
                Lin:” Ai Chin Fu….How can you believe him, Ai Chin Fu are ready to betray anyone if he did not see any profit and benefit of it.”
                Nak:” He would not dare to betraying me.”
                Lin:” Ruetienak, you listened to me carefully, this mattered is not concerning you, it is my problems, I will deal with it on my own. Please staying still, don’t endangered yourself.”
                Nak:”How can you said that it is not concerned me, I am Cubic. I am your shadow, I have my duties to takes cares of this situation.”
                Lin:” Ruetienak”.
                Nak:”You told me, a person whom is a shadow of the higher leader will be able to handle every situations every problems, I will prove it to you that I can takes cares of this problems.”
                Nak pushes end called and closes the phone.
                Dan:”What did she said?”
                Lin Lan Se won’t answered him. He handed Dan cell phone back to him and walked out of there.
                Dan:”Lin Lan Se, wait!”
                Danny run after him.
                Dan:”You never told me what that silly girl said”.
                Lins:”Shut up, and don’t called her silly girl.” Lins is staring at Dan turned around and walked out of there. Dan looked disturbing.
                That is it for now, I am too tires to continue…I will try against later!!!!!!

                • Thank you so much for the recap and also for the mini bits from future episodes… Also is it just me or was Mint C crying look amazing… when she started I wanted to hug her plus her crying was so real and it looked exactly how a teen would react for similar situations.

                • Thank you thank you and thank you. I feel like I just read a couple of chapters right out of the book. This is great! Can’t wait to see it as well.

                • Previously on Cubic, Nak making a called to Lin Lan Se and informed him that she has finding away to getting ridden of Yong Wong. However, Lin Lan Se told her to stopped her plan and staying still. Ruetienak refuses to listened to Lin Lan Se, she will followed through with her plan. Now Lin Lan Se is not to thrilled with Ruetienak:
                  Lin Lan Se are standing there looking out of the window, saw the airplane flew by, Lins looked then turned to Jong Sing.
                  Lins:”What your opinion about this!”
                  Jong Sing:” If you asked me, I am confident of Ruetienak, that she will succeeded of what she is doing or what she is about to do.”
                  Lins:”But this times it is not like the last times like she working for Carlos or weapon dealer, Jong Sing, this times it is depending on her lives”.
                  Jong Sing:” if she is the daughter of the latest Shadow, I believe she will succeeded”.
                  Lin Lan Se looks at Jong Sing unconfident and uncertainly.
                  Lins:”But I don’t wants to risk it. Today I leaving alone in Thailand, it is hurt more so badly, if anything happened to her, I’ll…..”
                  JS:” I know that you loves her more then anything, but you know Ruetienak so well, if she setting her mind on something no one can stopped her”.
                  Lin Lan Se faces are pale with that concerned expression, agreed with Jong Sing.
                  Jong Sing:” I thinks we should corporated and teaming up to helps Ruetienak get ridden of Yong Wong more then to thinking of anything else.”


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