Samee Teetra Episode 13 (Final)


I didn’t follow every episode so I could miss something while translate. From previous episode, Siva and Pheung got into a fight. Pheung fell down and had a miscarriage. Pisud left for the US. He told his mother that he’s exhausted and wanted to take a break and rest.

Episode 13

Part 1

New York, USA, Pisud looks at his wedding picture with Karat.

Back to Thailand, Mom and Kung are looking at Koi. Koi says she’s going to work now. The two turn to look at Kang who doesn’t enjoy her food and looks sad.

Siva is at the hospital with Pheung on the hospital bed, but he’s looking at Koi’s pictures on his phone instead. Kang couldn’t sleep at night, and Pisud is looking at his wedding ring. Kang touches the empty bed next to her and cries.

Aww…I luff this opening scene, no dialogs but it tells.

Koi’s document is ready for her to leave for the US. Mom finally allows her to go saying she’s just trying to be a good mother. She tells Koi to go there if it will make her be happier than now, on the condition that, she must return.

Koi hugs her and says she will come back of course, or her mom (and her mouth) will feel lonely no one to scold at. Before Koi leaves for work, she hugs mom and says she loves her the most.

Mom says this daughter of hers, tears are falling inside yet talking so much. Kung says, Koi is a strong-minded while Kang is strong from the outside but soft inside. Kung says Kang was crying river then suddenly got up to work so hard, her behavior like this, they should be worried about her. Mom says may be Kang already got over it. Kung asks if she truly thinks that way.

Kang is sketching her design on a paper. Siva comes to see her. He says he came to apologize for making her and Pisud break up. Kang says it’s not totally his fault, it’s hers too, she believed things too easily, didn’t believe and never trust Khun Pisud. So, even if his matter wasn’t there, she would probably destroy her love one day. He insists he still feels guilty. Kang tells him to leave it at that, everything has ended.

He says she can get on a plane and follow Pisud there. She says what’s for, when he made it clear that he didn’t want to spend his life with her anymore. That’s why he left her like this.

When Siva tries to console her, she says she’s okay, there are other people who are facing more hardships than her out there.

At the hospital, Pheung refuses to eat and wants to know why the doctor hasn’t come to take off the bandage yet, what exactly happened to her face. Aunt tries to calm her down but Pheung says she feels uncomfortable and couldn’t even see. She tells aunt to call the doctor to take it off.

Siva tells aunt that the bandage can’t be taken off now, it’s the process of the treatment and it will take some time. He tells her they have to stay firm for Pheung’s sake.

Pheung can’t wait so she gets into the toilet. She slowly takes off the bandage herself. OMG…so many scars on her face. She opens her eyes and touches her face. She turns to the mirror and scream, “No! That’s not true!…No!”

Part 2

Aunt Ros and Siva get into the room. Pheung asks why her face is like this. Aunt hugs her. She realizes it’s Siva standing there. She screams why he had to harm her.

Pheung says she wants to go home…now!

Nuan is surprised that Kang tells her to put away the liquor. Kang says from now on, she won’t rely on it anymore.

Kang looks at Pisud’s letter and says, “I will be the new Karat no matter what, even though we are no longer living together.” She cries.

Pheung is crying on the hospital bed that night. Aunt wakes up because of the crying sound. She looks at Pheung and cries.

Kang is working at her shop. Aunt comes with Pheung’s son to see Kang. She tells Kang that the wounds on Pheung’s face are biting her own heart. Aunt says she knows Pheung’s mood is not normal at the moment and she will do her best to take care of her. She apologizes to Kang on Pheung’s behalf that Pheung wanted to harm her. Kang says just forget it, she has a strong fate (horoscope) so won’t die easily.

Aunt says if Pheung had a conscious mind, she wouldn’t do this and their friendship wouldn’t be ruined. Kang says it’s too late, they will never be the same again. Aunt says she came to ask if Kang can forgive Phueng. Now Pheung is receiving what she deserves, she’s living dead. Aunt begs for her forgiveness. Kang doesn’t answer her.

Aunt comes back to take Pheung home. She tells her to wait here while she will go get her medicine.

Kang makes a decision and leaves her shop. Aunt comes back and Pheung is not in the room.

Pheung recalls her conversation with Kang. She’s walking along the bridge.

Kang: Why are you being left alone here? Because Khung Pisud has never loved you. The person he loved is me!…A person like you will never receive any decent love from a man because a person like you will have to run and chase after love for your whole life!

Pisud’s mother: You still have a choice. The choice of walking out of everyone’s life injure no one, or the choice of sinking deep in the tragedy that you will never be the winner.

Pheung walks along the bridge alone. She thinks of her aunt’s words.

Aunt: You ran to Khun Siva, then you ran to Khun Pisud. Where will you find happiness from that, Pheung?

Pheung: Aunt Ros, I, be a good person, where will I find happiness from that? I endured to be Kang’s good friend, Khun Phu’s good wife, Khun Pisud’s nice woman, and Khun Siva’s toy. I concede to be everything, but what have I got in the end? Become a loser who has to raise a child without the father like this?

Aunt: Why is your heart filled with so much jealousy like this? It makes your eyes and your mind become blind, so much that you don’t even know what’s good or bad.

Kang drives by the bridge.

Aunt: You will realize that hell does exist. Last time, you just lost one friend, but this time, you will be burned out and lose everything, all of it!

Pheung climbs the rail to jump.

Pisud: I never see you as one of the choices at all.

Pheung: To be exact, you’ve never looked at me.

Pisud: I want you to look to future and walk towards it. I want everyone to be friends.

Pheung: I love you!

Pisud: I’m sorry. I love Kang.

Pheung climbs over the rail.

Part 3

Kang runs to Pheung and pulls her down.

Pheung: Why do you want to save me? To gloat? Look, look at how I am (her face). I’m defeated. I’m defeated by you! I lost to everything. I have nothing left. Are you satisfied now?

Kang: You said you’re great. You said you’re so clever. Then why did you do such a stupid thing like this?

Pheung: It’s my business. (run to the rail again)

Kang won’t let her jump the bridge hugging her tight.

Kang: I don’t really want to mess with your business. If it’s like before, I would want to see you die for a hundred time a day, even tear your flesh into pieces, but now I know, even if I kill you, I won’t be able to change anything, because our lives were so rotten. If I continue to hate you, wanting to fight with you, what will I get? It will only be loss for us. Let me tell you, for this game, there’s just lose and lose, no one win. And people who will be affected are the ones who love us.

Aunt Ros, holding Pheung’s son, comes running on the bridge to Pheung calling her name. Kang says, there she is, the person who loves and is worried about her the most, “She came to beg me that I forgive you.”

Kang: So now you know, who should you stay alive for?

Aunt cries and tells Pheung not to do that anymore. If she dies, who will her and Pheung’s son stay with? Aunt tells her not to do it again, this is her child. Pheung hugs her son and cries, “Mommy is sorry. Mommy loves you.”

Aunt hugs Pheung and says thank you to Kang. Pheung looks at Kang. Kang cries and walks away. Pheung looks at Kang leaving and cries.

At the airport, Koi is on the phone with Kang. She says she’s happy that Kang forgives Pheung, so now she can be happy. She tells Kang that Kung and her mother came to send her off, and Kang shouldn’t worry, she studied there before. She wishes Kang find her happiness.

Kung asks if Kang really forgiven Pheung. Koi says yes, so now Kang can be happy. Koi tells mom and Kung to go back because she’s going to the gate. Mom says she can not not be worried when she’s her daughter, and she made the wrong judgement on a person (Siva), so she’s sorry for that too.

Koi hugs her and says she wasn’t wrong to do that. She knows she wanted her to be happy. Koi gives mom a suggestion, since mom had lost one future son-in-law, she could bring her a dozen of western men (to be her son-in-law) for her. Mom says if that’s the case, get her one too because now she’s single. Koi greets her good-bye.

Koi gets a call from Siva. Mom turns to see Siva standing there holding a sign saying “I love you”. Mom wants to scold him but Kung stops her. Siva changes a sign to “Please pick up my call, I want to talk to you.” Koi looks at him and turns down his call.

Siva changes the sign to “One Year”, “Five Years”, “Ten Years”, “Or for the whole life”, “No matter how long until you will forgive me”, then “Until you will accept to be my bride” Koi looks at all the signs. She tells mom that she’s leaving and walks away.

Siva is disappointed. He leaves all of the signs on the floor and leaves alone.

Part 4

NeuaPrae asks PoungYok if  she came to look for her husband again. PoungYok asks if her son made any contact with her. She tells NeuaPrae to tell Pisud not to be angry at Kang, it’s her who put those ideas into her daughter’s head how bad men were, so Kang lived her life feeling insecure, instead of teaching her children to turn a blind eye to some mistakes and forgive.

NeuaPrae gapes at what she just heard. PoungYok tells her not to make that face, she’s not stupid, she can do some thinking too but doesn’t say it out.

She tells NeuaPrae to tell Pisud that the house they lived in, Kang didn’t sell it, obviously she is waiting for that old chill-paste cup to come back. PoungYok says, she’s giving Khun Krit (her husband) to NeuaPrae, and leaves.

Krit asks if PoungYok talked to her for Pisud to return to Kang. Krit laughs, he couldn’t believe that. Krit assures her that PoungYok won’t pick a fight with her anymore because now he and she have nothing to do with each other.

NeuaPrae suggests him to not divorce PoungYok and go home. It seems PoungYok has already changed to come talking with her today. She says nothing is better than a family’s bonding. He thanks her for being such a good friend to him.

Six months later,

Pisud’s voice-over, “I couldn’t believe humans from the opposite ends like the two of us could end up together, and happened so fast that I almost didn’t have to prepare. In a way, you were like a big typhoon that passing through my life so fast. Don’t forget that the clear sound must be listened in the quietest moment.

If we stop fighting and use silence to talk to each other, may be you will be able to hear what I’ve been trying to tell you all along. Something you must listen with your heart. I hope now your heart  is quiet enough to feel that I’m never angry at you. Even though, we are persons not suitable to live together, I insist that you are and will be my first love and my last forever.”

It’s actually Karat reading Pisud’s letter in a farm.

She gets a call from grandpa. He’s sending some VIP guests to the dairy farm. She tells him his dream to build a dairy farm is coming true. She hangs up and says but her dream is all ruined now.

The guests arrive. Laura gets out of the car. Kang greets her. Laura asks if she’s Karat. Kang is surprised she can speak Thai. Laura says she’s half Thai, and says she has a friend coming with her. Pisud gets out of the car and lets out a big smile.

Laura introduces him as her friend and says sorry for not telling her first. Laura turns to Pisud saying she’s the owner of the farm, Khun Karat. He says he knows her.

Pisud: Long time no see, Kang.

Laura asks Pisud if she’s the friend he talked about very often.

Pisud: Previously, Khun Karat’s  a designer, but I didn’t know she owns a dairy farm now.

Laura asks if Karat’s nickname is Kang. Kang says yes. Laura asks if Pisud has any nickname.

Pisud: Khun Karat mustn’t remember, because I have nothing to remember about.

Laura nags him to tell her his nickname. He says it’s ‘Shy’. He says he was very shy in the past, and if she doesn’t believe it, she can ask Khun Karat. Karat can take no more and is about to get up, Nuan stops her.

Pisud gets a call. He walks outside to talk. Karat’s grandpa thanks him for recommending Laura. He says Laura doesn’t know that they know each other, she doesn’t like to pull strings to get a job, so he wants her to think that she gets the job because of her capability.

Grandpa says they two are very close, so she must be a talented one. He says yes. Grandpa says his granddaughter, Kang, is getting good too. He asks for time to let Laura look around and he will let him know the situation.

Nuan is serving Thai sweets to Laura. Kang says they are the kinds Khun Pisud loves. Laura says he never tells her that. Kang asks if Khun Pisud had to tell her everything. Laura says yes, she knows everything he loves.

Nuan wonders if there will be a civil war.

Kang says, in that case, Laura should know that Khun Pisud loves all these sweets so much. Pisud walks back and says but he doesn’t like it now.

Pisud sits down and says to Laura, “Things change over time, right?”

Kang eats the sweets herself. Laura asks if she can get his share of the sweets. He says of course, she can have it. Laura smiles and leans on his shoulder, and kisses his cheek. Kang drops the plate on the table so loud startling Nuan. Kang says sorry.

Pisud says to Karat that they’ll have to trouble her to be their guide to tour the farm tomorrow. Kang says not trouble her at all, it’s her job.

Kang: “Let’s take care of each other ‘s job. You take care of your people, and I will do the job on my part.”

Laura says Karat’s very serious. She says don’t be because she’s kind of chill. Kang invites them to their room.

Part 5

The couple gets the room key and it’s only for one room. Kang says, “A single room?” Nuan tells Kang to calm down. Laura says don’t worry, she can stay in the room. She tells Kang  she can give her a call if there’s anything or if she’s having a party.

Pisud: But if there’s nothing at all, it’s better that you not call. I want Laura to get some rest.

Laura: Oh, you’re so cute. Pisud, you are the loveliest.

Pisud: Then, please excuse us.

Kang scratches head, “They are sleeping in the same room? Why didn’t grandpa tell me?”

Nuan: “Khun Kang! A man and a woman sleep in the same room…could it be?!”

Kang and Nuan practically stalk the couple. Lol.

Nuan makes some noise at the couple’s room door. Kang asks what it is. Nuan says it’s so quiet, couldn’t hear a sound. Kang tells Nuan to move away, she’ll do it. She puts her ear to the door and says she couldn’t hear anything. Nuan stops her from making loud noise. Someone is coming at the door so they run to hide.

Pisud opens the door and looks around. Laura asks what it is. He says nothing. Laura tells him to go take a bath, she already prepared warm water for him. He says thanks. Kang wants to get out there but Nuan pulls her back.

Kang: This is too much. Didn’t he think of my feeling at all to do this? Bringing that half-caste gibbon here to gloat? All right, you wanna do this? I will underline it so big, the phrase ‘Just someone I know‘.

Kang takes the couple to tour the farm explaining how the feeding of the cows.  Laura suggests a quality food for the cows to get the constant amount of the milk.

Kang explains in detail (which surprises me) the kind of food they are using and how each cow was fed according to its weight. Laura says the weight of each cow is not enough, the amount of milk each cow produced must also be taken into consideration, and the habits of each cow must be understood, just like a person in the family.

Pisud: Things like this, Khun Karat wouldn’t know. To understand a cow is hard, for Khun Karat, to understand a person in her own family is already hard enough, not to mention a cow.

Laura says don’t worry, she will take care of it and let it be her job.

Kang  wants to take them to see the baby cows but she slips and falls. Pisud pulls her up worriedly. She pushes his touch away from her only to slip again. This time Pisud hugs her tight. Laura suggests they meet again in the afternoon. Kang pushes Pisud away and leaves.

The couples are riding bicycles together. Kang intercepts them with her pick-up truck. She gets down and asks if they do not want to tour the farm, she came to pick them up. Laura asks if they can change to touring with a bike instead.

Kang: But I think it’s so hot.

Pisud: But I think it’s kind of romantic.

Laura invites Kang to join them but Kang says there are only two bicycles. Laura tells her she can have her bike and she will go with Pisud. She smiles at Pisud and tells him not to make her fall off. Laura gets on his bike in the front. He tells her to sit tight, “Khun Karat, try catching up with us.”

Kang says, they sure show it off openly when in the past, he’s so shy, but now he even allows a woman to sit in the front? She’ll go bump them off the road.

And…Karat kicks their bike. They fall off track but their bike doesn’t fall over.

Kang shouts, “Doesn’t that hurt? But it’s less than what you did to me!” She laughs. She drives her bike pass them, and without looking, she heads into a tree and falls down. Pisud quickly runs to her and asks if she’s hurt anywhere.

He asks what she was dreaming of that she didn’t look ahead. She yells dreaming what? She wants him to let go of her but he won’t, so she trips and they fall down together again. She ends up on top of him.

Pisud: Are you all right, Kang?

She gets up quickly and says she’s all right. OMG, my dear Karat, what a messy ride for you. Laura suggests Pisud take Khun Karat back to get some rest, she can go along by herself. Pisud can’t take his hand off Karat. Kang yells that there’s no need for that.

Pisud: A strong (stubborn) one like Khun Karat said she could still take it, that would mean she’s quite all right.

Karat: Yes, I can take a whole lot of it!

Pisud puts her bike back. She yells at him not to bother with her and rides away.

Pisud: For  a stubborn one, no one can beat her.

Kang gets back and Nuan keeps telling her what the two did to each other, i.e. drinking water from the same straw, breathing into each other’s face at the dinning table. Lol.

Kang screams at her to stop, she doesn’t want to hear it. Nuan says they even have a plan to go make merit together. Kang calls a stop it and says let her have time to rest her mind in peace. She snaps her finger for Nuan to go away. Nuan shouts after her that she heard they planned to go buy some traditional music instruments together this afternoon. Haha.

Kang looks around and barges into the couple’s room. She hides from the housekeeper, and smirks, “We’ll see!…two bedrooms?”. She sees a bag in the room and says, “It’s good that they know they should restrain themselves.”

She gets into another bedroom and sees Pisud’s shirt. She breathes in the smell of it, “Why do you have to feel for someone else?”

She realizes she left her lipsticks on his shirt and is horrified. It won’t come off too. She sees a ring in his suitcase. Koi told her, “I met Khun Pisud yesterday. I saw him choosing a ring in the store. Could it be that he’s getting married again?” She looks at the ring feeling sad.

Pisud comes back so Kang hides in the bathroom. He knows Kang is here and laughs. She takes a peek and he could see her popping out. He picks up a towel and pretends to take a bath walking into the bathroom. Oh dear, this is hilarious, your-ex knows best, I guess. Haha.

Part 6

Kang hides in the shower but her hand brushes over the valve and the water comes splashing out. She screams.

Pisud: How did you get in here, Kang?

Kang: I got in the wrong room. Mistaken the direction, haven’t you ever experienced of that?

He throws her a towel. She gets out of the bathroom to sit on the bed to dry herself. He couldn’t contain his smile. He kneels down to help her dry herself with a towel.

Pisud: Are you sure you didn’t get in here to find fault with me and Laura?

Kang: Find fault? Why is there a need for me to do that? We are no longer related.

He gets the shirt she smell earlier to help put it on her.

Pisud: That’s good if you are not the picky kind, then I’m happy.

She realizes and covers the lipsticks mark on his shirt with her hands. He chuckles.

Kang: You, we divorced already, and I’m fair enough. I’m not the person who would be jealous and couldn’t stand seeing you start over with the new one.

Pisud: Then I’ll let you be the first one to hear when it appears I couldn’t hide it from you anymore.

He gets the ring and says, “I’m getting married again.”

Kang: With that juicy-faced Laura?

Pisud: Why not? She’s lovely, optimistic, (lean closer) and the most lively girl I’ve ever met in my life.

Kang: The most…enough to (make me) cringe!

She shoves him away.

Pisud: That’s good. Since you aren’t jealous of me anymore, then you should be happy for me. Isn’t that right? (Taking shirt off)

Kang: I’m not jealous of you. I’m just afraid you may choose the wrong one.

He laughs, “What’s the problem about that, when I made a mistake once already.”

Kang: For the first mistake, you can blame me, but if you choose the wrong one for the second time, you’ll have to really look at yourself.

She screams, “Crazy!” and runs out when he’s taking off his vest.

Kang is on the phone with her grandpa, “Do you know who you hired?”

Grandpa says he wanted to hire Khun Pisud to look after their dairy farm. The two (he and Laura) work well together. Kang suggests he give the whole farm, and the factory to him if he loves him more than her.

Kang: Men, they are all the same. Breaking up just now , already getting a new one!

Grandpa says that’s why he told her, when he’s with her, she didn’t take time to really love and treasure him so he looked for a new one.

She says, at the moment, she’s in the process of trying to improve and fix herself, but now he already has another. So what has she been doing that all this time for?

Grandpa: How about you go to him and tell him that you still love him and regret about losing him, and begs him to come back to love each other again.

Kang says he already brought a new one here to gloat, like this, to go and beg him, will make her lose face.

Grandpa says then cut tie of (stop) the feeling. She says how she can do that when she came before that woman, that western girl came after her and wanted to take her beloved one away? How can that be?

Grandpa asks so what’s the decision.

She looks at his shirt and says, if he could make her go crazy, then she would make him so mad too.

Pisud and Laura come to Karat’s party.

Laura asks for Karat. Nuan says she went out to see a friend. Pisud asks, “A friend, Nuan? Who?” Nuan says she doesn’t know too, but she ordered her to stay here taking care of Khun Pisud and Khun Kaka. Laura corrects her that’s Laura.

Karat shows up with a good-looking young man, Peter. Pisud glares at her.

Kang: Peter, this is Khun Laura and Khun Pisud, Laura’s boyfriend.

Peter greets them.

Laura: So young?

Kang: Younger, so?

Kang tells Peter to take a seat. Pisud keeps staring at them.

Kang’s foot brushes over Pisud’s a little under the table.

She lift’s her eyebrow at Pisud. Kang is so sweet with Peter and Pisud couldn’t smile seeing that. Kang and Pisud take turn to be sweet with their partners.

They play ‘the king’ game. They take turn to turn the bottle around, the one turning the bottle is the king. Whoever the bottle stop pointing at, must do what the king said, and the king can order that person to do anything.

Peter says he will join this game, and he will order Kang to be with him all night. Nuan shrieks. Kang says she will give him the same order too.

Laura asks Pisud what he will order her, if he turns the bottle and it stops at her. He whispers, “Wait and see.”

Laura gives the bottle to Pisud as he’s the oldest. Pisud turns the bottle and it stops at Laura. Pisud says, “I’m ordering you to do whatever to make you feel happy.” Peter asks Laura what that is. Laura kisses Pisud’s cheek. Nuan shrieks again. Kang steps on Pisud’s foot so hard that he cries out. Lol.

Kang calls Nuan to change the fork, the one’s with her already bent over because of her clutch.

Laura turns the bottle and it stops at Peter. He’s so humble to accept the queen’s order. She tells him to do whatever to make him happy. Peter says his happiness is…he leans over and kisses Karat’s cheek. Pisud clutches a knife in his hand. Lol.

Peter kisses Karat’s hand and Pisud lets out a huge sigh that Laura has to ask what happened. He says he’s all right. Peter says it really makes him happy. Kang scolds him softly for saying it out loud, “I’m so happy too.” She stresses.

Peter turns the bottle and it stops at Pisud. He gives the same order. Pisud smiles looking at Kang. He moves closer to Laura to kiss her cheek. Kang screams out so loud, “Fire! The fire broke out!” and splashes some water on the barbecue stove. Nuan helps her. He smiles staring at Kang.

Kang apologizes she ruined the party. Peter says he didn’t get to see Khun Pisud show his happiness to Laura.

Pisud: That’s all right because, my happiness is still here…all night. (looking at Laura)

He leaves with Laura. Kang thanks Peter for helping her out. He says it’s fun do some crazy acting. Nuan ask if it’s only their acting to fool Khun Pisud just now. Kang says yes.

Peter says to Kang it wasn’t fun for her, was it? Don’t play this game, a warning from a friend who meant well for her. He leaves.

Kang: Nuan, let’s go back to Bangkok.

Nuan: What go back? No, you won’t go back. This is not my same old Khun Kang. Fight, Khun Kang, just fight!

Part 7

Pisud is pacing back and forth in his room. Laura teases him that he got jealous, and is afraid that Peter would take her away.

Pisud: That’s her business, how can I mess with it?

Laura tells him to just quit this crazy game and tell Khun Karat how much he loves her, all will be done and a happy ending. She says good night and gets into her room.

Karat is looking at her wedding ring in her room. Eeep! Pisud comes to see her. He looks at her through the glass door and smiles. He knocks the door and shows her her stuff she left in his room. She opens the door and grabs her things. Pisud holds the door open when she wants to close it.

Pisud: (Look inside) Your young boyfriend, already left?

Kang: And your girlfriend? Already asleep? Is that why you are allowed to come mess with others? I suggest you spend your time thinking about how to propose more than come mess with my personal matter.

Pisud follows her inside.

Pisud: Since I’m here, can I consult with you on something? I’m not an expert on making a proposal. For ours, I proposed to you just once, so you should be more experienced than me.

Kang sits on a sofa. He comes sit with her and keeps scooting closer. He holds her hand, she shoves it away.

Pisud: Please, tell me, the kind (of proposal) that women love. I’ll leave you to think what kind of proposal I should do. I want to surprise her tomorrow because she will go back the next day. I don’t want to waste this opportunity, Kang.

He laughs and reaches out to touch her shoulder, “All right.”

Kang: Don’t touch me!

He laughs and gets up to leave.

Kang: Khun Chai, where have you been to be starving (sex deprived) so much that you can’t endure it and want to get a wife today or tomorrow?

She throws some pillows at him. He walks back to explain but she refuses to let him do it and pushes him out. She closes the curtain, “Crazy, crazy man. How could he ask me that right on my face?” She closes another curtain, “Go away!”

She hits a pillow to the sofa, “Crazy man…I’m so mad.”

Man, Ploy Cherman is really good here.

In the morning, Karat is standing in the field. Pisud walks to her smilingly.

Pisud: Do you want me to make a surprise and propose here? (He walks closer.) It’s beautiful here.

She turns to him, her lips brushes over his a little in the process. Okay, Pisud, being in New York, you’ve changed!

Kang: It’s so right for a person who loves to eat grass like you.

Pisud: So women love this kind of romantic place.

Kang: If it’s Laura who’s mad about the sky, loves grass flowers, loves the rice fields, this must be it.

He hands her the ring.

Pisud: Here, can you show me how I should propose?

Kang: Do you want to rehearse the wedding night too?

He chuckles.

Pisud: No need about that, because I did rehearse it many times. *cough cough*

She stares at him.

Pisud: Quick, rehearse it with me. Do you want me to kneel down?

Kang: Do you want to get married that much? Come here, I’ll do it for you. Follow me.

He walks to her.

Kang: Kneel down. (He kneels) Give me the ring.

She takes it and throws it away.

Pisud: Kang, what did you do?

Kang: It’s you! You said I was your first and last love in your life. How could you want to marry someone else?

Pisud hugs her.

Pisud: Kang, do you know what you just did?

Kang: And do you know how much does it hurt that you fooled other person into loving you?

Pisud: I never wanted to fool you, Kang.

Kang: Didn’t fool me? Then why are you going to marry that Laura? Even brought her here to gloat about it! You, gave me hope, and I waited for you all this time without knowing that you already had someone else long time ago. I will never let you marry anyone else! I threw that wedding ring of yours away so that you could feel what it’s like, to be taken away from your beloved thing. If you really want to marry that western girl so much, go find the ring in those patches of grass.

She leaves.

Karat comes back and walks pass Laura, who’s asking if she had seen Pisud, without stopping.

Pisud got all dirty trying to find the ring. He comes to see Kang but she closes the door on him.

Part 8

Pisud is still trying to find the ring. He asks a man if he found the ring, the guy says no. Kang comes to the spot.

Kang: Till now, you still won’t give up looking for the ring? Looks like you really wanted to marry her.

Pisud: That ring is precious to me.

Kang: You must love each other so much. (She takes out her ring.) Take it. Use this former (wedding) ring to propose to her. I’ll let you have it.

Pisud: Why are you doing this?

Kang: It may not be as valuable, but it’s to pay you back that I caused your ring to get lost. Take it.

Pisud: This ring is yours. Didn’t I tell you before that I never thought of giving it to any others?

Kang: Whoever your heart is with, whichever ring you are wearing, it’s all the same. Just take it. Hurry and take it before I’ll change my mind.

Pisud: You aren’t regret losing me anymore?

Kang: Because, your heart is no longer with me, what can I do?

Pisud: You’ve truly gotten over me, haven’t you, Kang?

She puts the ring in his hand, “Just take it, and I wish you happiness with Laura; a hundred, a thousand time happier than when you were with me.”

Pisud looks at ring as she’s leaving.

Nuan reports to Kang that she’s already prepared a car to send Khun Pisud and Khun Laura back. Kang tells Nuan to send them off for her. She tells Nuan she doesn’t want to see his face. Nuan begs her to go together but Kang leaves.

Nuan is on the phone with Grandpa. He says, Kang, your heart stayed so close to you, yet you let it slip right out of your hands. Nuan asks what she should do. Grandpa tells her to keep following the plan.

Nuan tells Laura and Pisud that she put their luggage in the car already. Laura asks for Karat wanting to say good-bye.

Pisud: Let her be, let her reflect on it by herself.

Laura tells Pisud that she loves it here so she will come back again. Nuan says bye, Kaka. They leave. Nuan says just follow that plan.

Nuan comes to Kang to give her an envelope from Pisud.

Kang: What’s that?

Nuan: Just take a look.

She opens the envelope and it’s the ring inside.

Kang: Why did he give it to me? (Nuan shakes head.) Nuan, where is he now?

Nuan says they already left.

Kang: Already left?

Kang drives away.

Nuan: Khun Kang! With other things, she’s so fast, but with this kind of thing, she’s always so slow!

Kang tries to catch up with the van but she couldn’t so she looks at the ring.

Kang sees Pisud sit by the swimming pool when she comes back.

Pisud: What? You look like you are seeing a ghost.

Kang: Why are you still here? The van already sent you back. Didn’t you tell me you would go back today?

Pisud: I never said I would go back today. The one who would, was Laura.

Kang: Don’t make fun of me.

Nuan quickly says she doesn’t know anything, she just said it from the script that grandpa wrote.

Kang: Grandpa?

Pisud: You accepted my ring. You can’t deny it.

Nuan says grandpa was the one brought Khun Pisud back. Khun Laura was just a supporting cast. The real leading couples are standing right here.

Kang: So everyone is into this lying to me?

Pisud: (Hold her hand) Not lying, just reconciling.

Kang: Crazy man!

Pisud: Kang! (He runs after her.)

Nuan: It’s so lucky that our farm is only this big. If it’s bigger than this, they will have to run after each other like in an Indian movie. Mission accomplished, Nuan. You’re great.

Pisud runs after her, “Kang, where are you running to?”

Kang: Don’t follow me. Let me go!

Pisud: Why are you running away from me?

Kang: Why did you stay to torture my feeling?

Pisud: When did I torture you? You did it all to yourself.

Kang: Where is your girlfriend?

Pisud: She’s right here.


He kisses her cheek. She shoves him away from her.

Kang: Don’t make a joke around here. Where did you take that Laura?

Pisud: Why did she have to stay to let you pick on her? She went back to live her life.

Kang: Didn’t you say you would marry her?

Pisud: I never wanted to marry her. You thought it yourself.

Kang: Me? Thought it myself?

He nods.

Kang: Do you know how much tears I wasted on you already?

He holds her face.

Pisud: If my friend wasn’t here, how would I know that you really loved me this much? Let’s make up, Kang. We’ve been through so many nonsense things. I want to finally be happy with you. (He touches his face to hers.) Marry me.

Kang: Are you calling this romantic?

He gets down on his knees.

Pisud: Marry me, Kang.

She kneels down and holds his face.

Kang: But you must promise me, no matter how bad I am to you, you won’t run away from me again.

He picks up the ring.

Pisud: You must promise me too, that you won’t throw this ring away again.

She takes the ring and throws it away.

Pisud: Kang!

Kang: Haha…

Part 9

Kang throws the ring away again.

Pisud: Right! I won’t find that ring for you. That’s enough.

She hugs him.

Kang: Khun Pisud, you’re not quite a courageous man.

Pisud: So many obstacles like this, I think that’s too much.

Kang: Don’t tell me that you give up already.

Pisud: If I knew that starting over would be this hard, I wouldn’t divorce you in the first place.

Kang: Let me tell you, no matter how many times you want to get married, your bride will always be Karat. (She shows him the ring.)

They hug each other.

Kang: The ring! Khun Pisud, I dropped the ring! My wedding ring! I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean it.

Pisud: Kang, leave it. Kang, leave it.

Kang: No, I can’t. How can we leave it? Don’t tell me you are giving up? No, you can’t. You said you would come back to me. It’s all right, I’ll find it. Khun Pisud, we’ll find it!

Pisud: That’s enough, Kang. All right, I know.

He gets the ring out from his shirt pocket. Huh?

Pisud: We will get married with this ring, and may all the obstacles be gone from our lives.

He puts the ring on her finger and kisses her forehead.

Pisud: I promise I will use my love to protect you, to take care of you. I won’t let you be sad or cry. I promise.

Kang: I also promise you that I won’t be stubborn with you ever again. (She kisses his hand.) Thank you so much for coming back to me. I love you.

They hug and kiss.

Grandpa is delighted praising Nuan for her good job done. PeongYok asks so what’s the news. Grandpa says Kang and Khun Pisud agreed to get married. She’s so happy.

Krit kisses her cheek. She asks him what this mad thing he’s doing. He says it’s her reward for helping their child. He asks if she knows why he came. He came for the wedding. She thinks he came back to arrange the wedding for their child. He says it’s not that, he came for their wedding. He suggests they go out to celebrate their wedding anniversary tonight.

She says they broke up already. He says how that can be when every time he made an appointment with her to process the divorce, she’s never showed up. Kung and grandpa laugh hearing that. She says she didn’t intend not to go, she just wanted to postpone it. Grandpa says everyone knows that she doesn’t want to divorce him, so make up already.

PeongYok: I do have feeling too. One time asked for a divorce. Another time wanted to come back. It won’t be that easy.

She walks away smilingly.

Pisud’s voice-over:

Mom, now my love had started again and I will handle it gently with care, just like how you taught me. Thank you for your love, mom.

Koi is in the US looking at her laptop. She’s happy to Kang and Pisud’s pictures. Siva is an executive now. He keeps sending text to Koi. She looks at his tons of messages. She contemplates on it while he’s still waiting.

Pheung is happy living her life raising her son. She thinks of how Kang rescued her from jumping the bridge.

Kang: Happy Birthday, my friend, so we’ll be friends for the longgggggest time. Wouldn’t that be great?

These bits in college really completes this lakorn for me.

Kang and Pisud are riding a horse together.

“Our marriage this time, doesn’t need any huge ceremony, no registration of the marriage whatsoever to guarantee our lives together. I learned from my mistakes that, for love, a heart must be used to guide the way.”

On the screen:

Everyone will always have a chance to start a new life…and face with good things, but we must be courageous…and be willing to give each other a chance.

Navika (the author of the novel)


So, can anyone tell me how many rings they lost and got it back? Lol.

This lakorn has the most beautiful ending sequence by far I’ve experienced. The narration from both Pisud and Karat and words from the author added the finishing touch to it, say, more than simply put the word ‘The End’ on the screen like we saw it so many times.

Love the cast and crew. I didn’t follow every episode but could feel that the final episode was carefully put together. How the viewers would love to see the story end was put into consideration imo, so that  many people who loved this lakorn wouldn’t be disappointed in the last minute.

It’s so rare to find the final episode that would totally complete the journey of the leads and the viewers at the same time, this lakorn did it so well.  I love all the cute bits of Pisud and Karat towards the end (including Pisud got jealous for a change), it makes up for all the angst we’ve endured to this point.  I hope Pope and Ploy will continue to give us more of their great performance in the near future, and of course, Jui Warattaya   🙂


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  1. The song during everyone’s ending montage…requested by C.H.
    Song title: Khreung Neung Khong Chee WIt (half of life)
    Artist: Amp Saowaluck Lelaputra
    Album: May Love Remain

    Translation of the lyrics:

    When love is ruined
    We become not fully human
    It’s like half of our life,
    Slipped away
    Shared part of my life with him
    And he took it away
    With no way I can get a hold of my mind
    Never really look at myself
    Wasting time regretting the days
    Dreaming it will come back
    Just like before
    Just realize true love,
    Is not that far away
    Only turn back and take care of

    *[ Half of life
    That we’ve lost it ourselves
    Even if lying down regretting it
    Till we die, it won’t do any good
    There’s another half of life left
    That’s still needed
    Return to love yourself
    Life is more precious than this
    Sitting down looking at my arms and hands
    Looking at my own face
    Stare at the mirror just once
    Who that is
    **Save the rest of your life
    And make good use of it, will you?
    In no time, your mind will return to be fully filled (with life)
    Just like before ] ]

    (Repeat [*])
    (Repeat [**]) (Chorus)

    Aww….what a sad song

    • Thanks its such a sad song but also encouraging to. It fits even more perfectly for the ending cus parts of the lyrics of the song talk about certain characters. And the bridge scene in the mv and drama coincidence. Its probably the same bridge haha.

      • Yep, and Ploy Cherman is in this MV too, the song made me sad thinking how Pheung’s life turned out. The bridge in the last episode newly opened these recent years, judging by how Ploy looks in this MV, I doubt it’s the same bridge. Hehe.

  2. Thanks for translating the last episode I had to watch without any eng subs so I was curious about the writing at the end. It was a great ending montage and I love the song anne picked a classic

  3. Thank you for translating the last episode.

    You were right! It was such a sweet episode esp after the dairy farm scenes began. Felt like a completely different series. Pope does well in romantic scenes where he has to act all naughty and tricky. I did not feel his acting as much in some of the previous episodes but he did well in the final one. It finally felt like he was in love with Karat unlike in the previous episodes. I was smiling through out even though I could not understand much of the language :).

    Poor Aunt Ros! She really tries hard for her niece. She really loves Pheung and does all she can for her. Thank you for also translating all of Pheung’s flashbacks. I finally got to completely understand what was being said.

    • Also, totally agree with you about the kisses. Why did they do that ? 😦 But still it was really sweet otherwise. The editing showed that scenes were cut though.
      Could you also translate what was written in Thai on the very last screen of the episode i.e. at the ending?

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