Soundtrack: Samee Teetra


This lakorn will come to an end tomorrow. It’s well-received with good ratings. To say farewell to Pisud, Karat and Pheung…ahead of time, here’s the song Kerd Ma Pheua Ja Rak Ther (born to love you) by S.D.F.

Translation of the lyrics:

(From 0:29 mark)

The love that I’m giving to you, whichever day it is, it will be only you,

And will always be the love from the heart

No matter what others said,

I will stay firm and be faithful to you always

Whether it’ll be tomorrow or whenever,

Will love only you

** [Even if anything’s turning or changing,

Please understand, that my heart never meant to change

Please be certain

* [This person…was born to love you,

Born to be yours

That’s the purpose from the heaven

This person…no matter how long,

Will have only you always

From today till the last day…I promise ]]

The love between us, is the matter between us

Do not care or listen to any reason, what others said

Just that we love each other,

You have me with you always

No matter what happen tomorrow,

Will love only you

(Repeat [**] )

(Repeat [*] 2 times)

I promise


I never think having your best friend as love rival is such a good idea ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. I think if you have a best friend as a love rival, then you were probably never friends in the first place ๐Ÿ™‚ . I think Peung has such low self esteem combined with stubbornness that she never let herself see the reality or face it. I think she become friends with Kang just to make herself feel better and important but could never emotionally become anyone’s friend.

    • I’m never a fan of the story of love rivals fighting for one man, but this lakorn was awesomely juicy with sharp dialogs and great acting all around that I didn’t mind the slapping that much.

      Ploy Cherman as Karat said it’s a very difficult role for her, she had to cry almost every episode and wondered why Karat never learned her lesson and changed herself for the better.

      Jui as Pheung said her role was the toughest villain role in her career because Pheung’s mood could change from anger to sad to betrayal to satisfying in one single scene, and Pope, of course, he’s always at his best as a kind faithful man.

      When I listened to Pheung in that swimming pool scene (episode 12), her reasons for her hatred of Kang were quite reasonable at some points that I couldn’t argue with her. Her lines there were very well-written. The thing I didn’t like is Pheung had turned her long-term friendships with Kang to her benefits. She used what she learned being close to Kang to guess Kang’s reaction to her schemes, that was very sad coming from your best friend, and I think that’s why Kang was so furious yet sad at the same time.

      • Oh wow! I really feel bad not knowing the Thai language now. Not matter how well the dialogs get translated, understanding it in the original language is something special.

        It’s not easy to change oneself. It takes concentrated effort to do that and it will probably be good to take a break and go to some quite place with not much distraction to study yourself and then start to change. Karat never took such a break. So I don’t think she really had the chance to contemplate on her own actions or the circumstances. Not sure what reasons Pheung gave Karat (understood a little of what she said though) but it still gives her no excuse regarding Pisud. She completely misunderstood from the beginning and thought up stuff on her own. Karat never even knew that Pisud and Pheung knew each other. So what’s her excuse there ? Also, Kang was not the kind of person to intentionally sabotage her friend’s love. Not matter what her other faults may be, she is a very loyal person and she cares deeply for her friends and family. Pheung on the other hand takes everyone for granted and is not true to herself or to others. But I would have loved to understand the dialog’s written for her. I am sure they must have been powerful.

        Agreed! I dislike stories of women fighting over men. Just leaves a very bad taste.

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