Samee Teetra Episode 12 (Last Bits)



Pisud tells his mother he’s leaving to work in the US. Siva and Koi (Kang’s sister) is getting married. On their wedding day, Pisud’s mother comes to tell Kang that the only mistake of Pisud is, not telling the truth to her. Kang says not telling is the same as lying.

Pisud’s mother tells Kang that the father of Pheung’s baby (she’s pregnant again) is not Pisud, she tells her to think carefully who’s in her life that she would never think he’s the father.

Kang asks Siva (the groom) if he has had a relationship with Pheung. Koi (the bride) comes out from the restroom and overhears their conversation. Siva begs Kang not to tell Koi, at least, let him marry Koi first, but Kang says even that, Pheung’s baby will tell truth who’s the father. Siva kneels down and begs her saying he loves Koi very much.

Koi walks to him and says she won’t marry him. After throwing the wedding ring at his face, she leaves in a taxi telling Kang to let her be alone for a while.

Kang gets angry so she’s on the way to Pheung. Kang’s elder sister calls Pisud that Kang is going to see Pheung and she’s afraid something bad might happen.

Kang and Pheung enter into a slapping session. Each is accusing each not deserving to be loved by anyone. The fight continues into the swimming pool where Pheung wants to physically harm Kang. Kang slips and falls backwards. Her head knocks the ground hard and she loses her consciousness right away.

Pisud runs inside just in time to see Kang’s fall. He hugs her and yells at Pheung to get away from him. He takes Kang to the hospital and won’t leave to the US until she wake up first. He kisses her his farewell and leaves a letter with his mother to give it to her.

Kang wakes up and opens Pisud’s letter.

(From 8:30 mark)

“There were many people asking me what’s in you that made me love you. I remembered the first time I met you, for others, they may think the woman who’s standing in the middle of the street waving, was crazy. But for me, you were a stunning woman who’s willing to do everything to get to the one you love even risking your own life. But what you got from the one you love in return was, betrayal.

Instead of blaming the man, they blamed you, including yourself. Do you remember I met you on the roadside for the second time, and you wanted to get into a motel with me? You kept repeating to yourself you wanted to do the bad deeds, wanted to do the things those men did to you. You stepped on yourself saying you’re worthless, which is not true at all.

Others may say that you married me to be newly plated as someone precious. That’s actually not the case, it’s actually you that made me precious. You knew what kind of chaos you would be facing with to start a relationship with me, yet you proved yourself that you didn’t care about others except me. That’s why I loved you and made a promise to myself.

I was always telling myself that I would do everything to protect you, for you not to be hurt like in the past. I would use my love to move you forward no matter what it take, because I wanted to have you, but I ended up couldn’t keep the promise.

I’m sorry to make you cry all this time. I’m sorry for not be able to walk you forward. If you want to forgive, don’t forgive me. I want you to learn to forgive yourself, and others.

Kang, you were hurt by the past so much already. Don’t let it hurt you all over again. Release yourself from hatred. Once you understand the wall you built it yourself, you will see true happiness, Kang.

Remember, Kang, my love has never left you. It’s still there with the ring on your finger…and I’ll wait to see the day you will find happiness again, Kang.

Kang, I love you.”


Pheung: (Scream) I have nothing left. Are you feeling satisfied now?

Laura: Are you Khun Karat? Nice to meet you. This is my friend, Pisud.

Kang: He didn’t think of my feeling at all to do this!…Bringing a gibbon here to gloat?

Kang kicks Pisud’s bike. Lol.

Pisud: I’m getting married again.

Kang: With that juicy-faced Laura?

The final episode is tomorrow  🙂

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  1. Just watched the ending this morning awwhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was so good I am gonna miss this lakorn so much. I will probably go into withdrawal of lakorns so I’m gonna start late on tik and anne’s.

    Loving the karat and pisut moments where they make each other jealous. The proposal part where karat loses the ring and pope pulls her up and she hits her cheek on his chin didnt look scripted cus pope and ploy looked like they were really laughing. But then he
    kissed her face and went on with the lines shows how great of an actor and actress pope
    and ploy are.

    Wondering if you would be so kind to translate the lyrics of the song at the ending montage of all the characters. For what I know ploy and her older sister were in the original mv.

  2. Thank you for translating the letter. It was so sweet. Both Pisud and Kang need to change their mindset to move forward. I hope they show that both change rather than only showing Kang changing and not Pisud.

    • In the final episode, Pisud was as sweet as ever! I was drooling all the while haha. The ending was very well done imo. It gave us the glimpse of each key player in the end and not just the main leads, Pisud/Karat, Koi/Siva (he still waited and she still contemplated…I guess), and Pheung with her baby son…(and Karat’s parents too). The series ended on a high note, with (should be) high ratings nationwide (judging by last week’s numbers) accompanied by Pisud’s fever, Karat-the idol, and Pheung-a success for Jui returning to the TV-screen under the shade of CH3.

      Karat was so cool till the end. When Karat decided to let him go, Pope or Pisud asked, “Karat, won’t you regret losing me?” *swoon* Kang held his face in her hands and said, “You have to promise me, no matter how bad I’ll be in the future, you must never leave me.” (If I remember correctly.) It was fun seeing the two take turn getting jealous of each other. I missed the first half of the episode though, will check later.

      But, but,…no real kiss! They did it again, CH3, you did it again T__T

      • Sounds like you had a lot of fun with the final episode 🙂 !!!! I will have to watch it when I get home for sure. Can’t wait for subtitles to be out for this!

        Sounds like the producers have a winner on their hands with this series. Wait, you said that Pisud got jealous ??? I have to see that one. Why did he get jealous?

        If I was Koi, I probably would not go back to Siva either. Might be able to let it esp with time and move on but I would not go back to him for sure.

        I’ll be back once I see the final episode after work :).

  3. Ggggg I’m in love with your blog ~ so many juicy posts. I have been stalking your blog 4 updates on Cubic and Samee Tee Tra ^_^

    • I just saw the last episode of Samee Thee Tra, a little bit of it. It was hilarious how Gunk becomes jealouse of Pisoot over Laura, one of Pisoot friend from America. She taunted him by bringing a new guy in to making him jealous. I guess they are testing eachother bounties right now!

      • Waaaaa I can’t believe she brought another guy. I skipped through the version with Ann and I don’t remember her bringing a guy. I guess they are spicing up this version :-D. Can’t wait to watch it ~

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