Korean Drama: Cunning Single Lady

Since the beginning of 2014, I haven’t talked about Korean drama at all. I watched three series at first: Three Days, Emergency Couple, and Cunning Single Lady. Due to the universe of time, it came down to one which I’ve been watching diligently now. It’s Cunning Single Lady.

The series itself doesn’t have an outstanding plot, it’s actually the chemistry of the leads that keeps me tuning in.

Cunning Single Lady OST – What DO I DO


Na Ae Ra (by Lee Min Jung) and Cha Jung Woo (by Joo Sang Wook *fanning self*) got married. Later, Jung Woo decided to leave his job to start his own business. Things didn’t turn out well so Ae Ra had to work hard to support their family until she couldn’t take it anymore and called for a divorce.


Jung Woo’s heart was broken at the time of the divorce because he believed a husband and wife should always stay together and help each other – for better or worse. Time passed, he becomes rich and famous while Ae Ra is still having a hard time earning. They meet again and that’s where the fun begins for me.


In one relationship, it’s a fact that two persons know the most so no matter how many people each talking to or taking each side, it always comes down to just two persons.

Jung Woo has two sides in his character, as a CEO and an ex-husband. His character swings back and forth between the two making it’s fun to watch. Even though it’s always nice to see a couple get back together,  the choice remains theirs because the second time around doesn’t guarantee it’ll be a success. Although I’m hoping for a happy ending for this series, living separately and be totally happy on their own is acceptable to me too. After all, it’s 2014 and counting.



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  1. From the very start when they met, Aeran love and married that jerk with respect. Have plans in life, having a home and a child and a good future together…..

    That jerk quit his job.
    Aeran working so hard supporting that jerk for 4 years!
    I don’t blame Aeran for divorcing that jerk.

    The bottom line is – that jerk is so arrogant and despicable.
    No remorse or feelings!

    What do you expect from a good wife? All what she wanted is to be a good wife and a mother…..

    Cunning Single Lady – I guess Aeran prefer being single rather than being treated like crap! She’s very funny and lovable….

    • I forgot how but he did redeem himself in the end, [spoilers] going back to start a new company with her as his secretary, and waiting until his earning was awesomely stable before he cutely proposed to her again, and I loved what she said to him, she rejected his proposal only to propose to him herself that she would never leave him again in his difficult time (if there would be one)…….

  2. The main lead is Lee Hongki (FT Island) as Choi Kang Joo and it airs on cable channel TV Chosun for 16 episodes from February 22, 2014. It has aired 12 episodes as of today.

  3. Dear KCOMMENTS have you watched Bride of The Century?
    There’s nothing new with the plot but the drama is very entertaining, I really want to know your insights about the drama.

    Btw, I’m from Indonesia and I’m not fluent in English so pardon me if I have misspelling or wrong grammar in my comments.

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