Cubic Episode 11

I squealed and squealed watching this episode like a hyena. Danny, oh, Danny, let me mend your heart and your Volkswagen.

Episode 11

Part 1

Ta Hai walks to the backdoor. Nak calls him and asks where he’s going. He says the man told him to deliver at the backdoor. She tells him to do everything to make the guy come out so he can see his face, and not to forget to turn on the camera on the pen. Ta Hai turns the camera on and shows it to Nak.

Shin Fu gets out of the room. Danny asks Nak what Ta Hai said. Nak tells him he told Ta Hai to deliver at the backdoor.

D: That means he gets suspicious and doesn’t want anyone to see his face.

Nak: Yes, he gets suspicious of us. But telling Ta Hai to deliver at the backdoor doesn’t mean he will come out for us to see easily.

Ta Hai walks up the stairs. Shin Fu tells him to put the box down outside and insert the document through the window.

TH: I’m sorry but I need to see your face first, to make sure that I’m delivering it to the hand of the customer.

SF: Boy, I want my stuff. Just send me the document and I will pay for it.

TH: I can’t. If I don’t see your face, how would I know who I’m delivering it to? What if you are not the real customer, I will be in trouble.

SF: There are only me and the fat man in here, just deliver it already, and go away!

TH: I still can’t do that. If you don’t open the door and come out, I will have to take it back.

SF: You want me to report your manner to your company or what?

Ta Hai doesn’t know what to do.

Another delivery boy is calling from the front that he came to deliver canned food for room no.8

Nak smirks looking at another boy.

SF: Is that your friend, that delivery boy at the front?

TH: I’m not sure. Do you want me to go look?

SF: No! (He shouts to the boy at the front) Just go back, I won’t take any delivery!

The boy: Is there someone inside? Are you the owner of room no.8?

SF: Yes! I got the things I ordered already. Just go back!

The boy: No, I can’t. You have to come down to sign the document for me first. (LOL)

SF: This is crazy!

Ta Hai smiles.

D: You sent the new boy there so he would trust Ta Hai?

Nak: Yes. The more he gets suspicious of Paeo, the more he will trust Ta Hai.

Shin Fu calls Ma’s shop.

SF: What’s the name of the delivery boy delivering goods at Tien Jin?

The boss: Chen Ta Hai is his name. Is there any problem?

SF: Did you send another delivery boy here?

Boss: According to the schedule, there’s no delivery in that area.

Shin Fu hangs up and asks Ta Hai.

SF: Boy, what’s your name?

TH: It’s Chen Ta Hai.

SF: Ta Hai, tell your friend that you already came for the delivery here.

TH: (Smile) Yo! Friend! I’m Chen Ta Hai from Ma’s shop. I already delivered the goods! You can go back.

The boy: Sorry, so sorry!

The boy gives an okay sign to Nak.

Nak: People love to believe the things others confirmed it more than their own instincts.

D: You are very wise, deserving the name of Cubic.

Shin Fu finally opens the door and Ta Hai greets him. He gives him the goods and hands him the pen to sign his name (turning the camera to his face). Nak sees his picture in her cell phone.

Nak: He’s really Shin Fu! This is the gunman who chased after Lin Lan Se to kill him at that time.

D: Serious?

Nak: I told you it must be Shin Fu! I couldn’t believe my guess was right.

Shin Fu signs the document.

Ching, another delivery boy, calls Nak and tells her that grandpa Chai is coming back to the apartment. He asks if she wants him to stall for time. Nak says there’s no need because everything went well so he can let Chai come back. Ching says he’s letting him pass. Chai walks pass him.

Another delivery boy comes riding the bicycle. Ching asks if Nak sent for another man to help her. She asks what he means. Ching says there’s a delivery boy from their company riding a bicycle heading to the apartment.

Nak: A delivery boy?

Ching: Yes, but he doesn’t look familiar to me.

D: What is it?

Nak: Ching said there’s another delivering boy coming here!

D: So what? Anyone can do the delivery around here.

Nak: The delivery boys in this area are Paeo and Ta Hai only!

D: What are you saying?

Nak: Oh, shittt! Those men already know that Shin Fu is here.

D: What? Nak, where are you going?!

Nak gets out of the car and runs to the building. A motorcycle is coming fast her way, she creams and falls down backwards.

D: Nak! Nak!

Danny runs to Nak.

D: Nak!

Nak: They are coming to kill Shin Fu! Let me go Danny!

She runs to the building.

D: Nak, where are you going? Wait! Is she the Fast and Furious or what?

Danny recalls what she said, “They are coming to kill Shin Fu!”

D: They are coming to kill Shin Fu!

He dials the number fast.

LLS: What did you say? RueTaiNak found Shin Fu already?

D: That’s right. We found Shin Fu.

Ta Hai takes the document back from Shin Fu and says thank you. Nak bumps into him hard.

TH: Nak! Didn’t you say to follow the plan?

Nak: The plan was totally ruined!

Part 2

Shin Fu remembers Nak, “It’s you!”

Nak: Yes, it’s me. Get inside. Ta Hai closes the door! Quick! Close the door!

Shin Fu points a gun at her, “What’s going on here? Or, everything is your plan?!”

Nak: Yes, but I didn’t come to kill you like the person ordered you to kill Lin Lan Se! Ta Hai, close the door, quick!

LLS: You go get RueTaiNak out of there now!

D: I can’t get in there now. If I get in there, things will get messier! I called you because I wanted you to send some men to help us.

LLS: If something happens to RueTaiNak, your head will fall off!

Danny is frustrated and shouts into the phone, “This, has nothing to do with me at all. Your girl called for trouble herself!”

ZX: What happened, Khun Lin?

LLS: RueTaiNak found Shin Fu!

ZX: Where?

LLS: Tien Jin!

They walk out together.

The last delivery man shouts at the intercom that he came for the delivery.

The man: Is there anyone in room no.8?

Shin Fu grabs Nak and yells, “Another delivery boy? What’s your plan?”

Nak: This is not my plan, it’s the reason I ran to tell you that man ordered you to kill Lin Lan Se already know that you are here!

SF: Don’t tell me…

Nak: That’s right. The one who came to kill you is now waiting at the front door.

The man: Is there anyone in room no.8? Please come get the delivery.

Nak: You have to choose now which side you are taking.

Grandpa Chai comes back so he lets the man go upstairs to deliver it to room no.8

Nak runs ahead of them asking what his room number is. Shin Fu says it’s number eight. They run fast.

The man follows Chai upstairs. Nak’s group gets into a room. Chai tells the man to go to room no.8 He walks slowly and pulls out his gun. He peeks inside the room and there’s no one there.

He talks to his buddy through a walkie-talkie.

The man-1: He’s not here. There’s no Shin Fu in this room.

The man-2 in the opposite building: That can’t be. Boss said he’s here.

The man-1: So what do you want me to do? Do you want me to wait?

The man-2: No need. You get out, may be he went outside.

The man-1: Didn’t they say he wouldn’t get out of the room?

The man-2: Don’t know that too. You get out first. I will wait here. When he comes back, I will take him down.

The man-1: Okay!

He gets out of the room walking through the corridor. Nak looks at him leaving.

Nak: They are gone.

TH: What is this about, Nak? Why you still didn’t tell me?

Nak: Stop talking, Ta Hai!

TH: Why didn’t you tell me that he’s a gunman? (LOL)

SF: Shut up, boy! Because of you, those men found me!

Nak: You should thank me for alerting you to run just in time. If it’s not for me, you would probably get shot already!

They are in Pao’s room.

Pao: Excuse me, what is this all about? Why did you come to my room? And why do you have a gun?

Nak: We should put our heads together figuring out the way to get out of here. I think they are waiting for the time to shoot you. They could already be waiting at the opposite side ready to shoot you down.

The man-1 comes down and tells Chai that no one is in room no.8

Chai tells him that normally he won’t go anywhere. He tells Chai he left the goods by the door and will come back to collect the payment with the document to sign tomorrow. He walks down the stairs.

Nak: We need a helper.

She searches for her phone in her outfit and realizes she lost it when she fell down.

Part 3

Man-1 walks out of the building and finds Nak’s phone on the ground. He checks the phone and sees the contact names. What’s more to reveal?

(Here you go people, name list on her phone (the spelling). Aww..I luff “Dannie”)

Man-1 realizes what it means, and Nak shrieks, shitttt!

Man-1 talks to man-2: There are Lan Se men here.

Man-2: What?

Man-1: Lan Se men found Shin Fu before us! I’ll go back in there.

Shin Fu sees him walk back, “Why did he turn back?”

Nak: May be he found my phone I dropped earlier.

SF: What?

Nak: Stop asking too much! Ta Hai gives me your cell phone.

TH: What are you going to do?

Nak: Give it to me and stop asking.

She calls Danny.

Nak: Dan, it’s me.

D: Thanks God, that you call finally! So what’s next? At this moment, that gunman went back in there already.

Nak: That’s why I call you. If you hear gunshots, you bring your car to the front of the apartment to pick up, immediately!

D: What are you thinking?

Nak: Have you ever gone fishing?

D: What fishing?

Nak: I will use my cell phone as a bait. I’ll have to go now. Wait, don’t forget, if you hear gunshots, bring your car around immediately.

D: Okay!

Danny is getting nervous, “What’s this mad girl thinking?”

Man-1 runs up the stairs. Chai asks if he’s taking back the goods. He answers yes, the shop just called so he needs to take it back. LOL

Man-1 bumps into Nak. He points a gun at her and remembers he saw her before.

Man-1: Lin Lan Se’s driver.

He tells man-2 that he found Lin Lan Se’s driver, “Call boss, what he wants to do, kill her, or keep her alive for now.”

Nak: I want to negotiate.

Man-1: What does a girl like you have to negotiate?

Nak: Cubic. I want to negotiate. Tell your boss that I want to negotiate with the things about Cubic.

Man-1: Cubic?

A phone is ringing.

Nak: That’s my phone, isn’t it? Do not pick up the call. Believe me, do not pick it up. Don’t!

Man-1: Why? Who’s calling you?

Nak: I’m begging you, do not take the call. Don’t!

Man-1: Why do I need to obey you? (He picks up the call.)

Nak: Don’t!

Man-1: Hello?

SF: San, do you really think you could find me and kill me?

Man-1: Shin Fu, is that you?

SF: Do you think a guy like me would be so stupid to let you capture me easily?

Man-1: Shin Fu, where are you now? You ran away already, didn’t you?

SF: I’m not a coward. A guy like Shin Fu never runs away and I’m going shoot down your friend in the opposite building too.

Man-1: What? (He tells man-2 that Shin Fu is still in room no.8)

Man-2: There’s no one. I don’t see anyone.

Man-1: Believe me, he’s in the room. If you see any movement, just shoot!

He runs pass Nak to room no.8

Man-2 sees someone is coming in the room.

Man-2: I got you, Shin Fu! (He shoots)

One man down, it’s San (man-1).

Man-2: San, I just shot Shin Fu. You go up there and check if it’s him. San, do you hear me? If you hear me, answer me!

Danny brings his car around calling Nak to get in. She calls Shin Fu to get in the car. Both get in the car and tell Dan to drive away. Men show up and start shooting at Dan’s car.

Ta Hai looks out the window and shivers.

TH: I hope they will survive.

Pao: Forget about them, hope we will survive is enough.

TH: Sorry.

Danny tries to drive as fast.

SF: You are quite cruel.

Nak: If I didn’t use this plan, do you think we would be able to survive?

SF: I didn’t talk about the incident just now. I was talking about that incident you fooled us to shoot at each other dropping dead all over.

Nak: What are you talking about? I don’t understand.

SF: You don’t have to lie. I know you are the one who saved Lin Lan Se that day. You are Cubic!

Nak: You knew about Cubic?

SF: If you didn’t use the same trick making a friend kill a friend like that day, I wouldn’t realize who you are.


Motorcycles come behind them.

D: Duck down!

They duck to get away from all the bullets.

SF: Boy, drive faster!

D: Are they still following us?

Nak: Faster!

D: This is not a rally car, it’s a classic.

Nak: We will all die because of you!

SF: You two, stop arguing and drive faster. We must get out of here. Understand?

D: Hold tight!

Their car slides down the roadside and stops.

D: The car broke down. My car broke down. We can’t go any further!

They get out of the car and run dodging bullets along the way. Danny holds Nak’s hand and runs together.

SF: Where shall we go?

D: That way, to the beach. There’s a boat there.

They run for their lives.

Part 4

They run to the beach. A man says, “They are crossing the bridge. Don’t let them get away!”

Shin Fu tells Danny and Nak to run to the boat first, he will keep shooting to guard them. Shin Fu follows them after he ran out of bullets.

SF: Boy, which boat?

D: Follow me. This one!

They are surrounded by armed men at the beach.

SF: You have a plan for an escape, don’t you, Cubic?

Nak: No, I don’t. I ran out of ideas.

SF: (Point gun at them) Idiots! I shouldn’t have listened to you two!

A man calls his boss, “Yes, boss, we’ve got Shin Fu and the girl. What should we do next?”

Yong Wen says, “Kill them all!”

A man says, “Got it, sir.”

SF: (Throw gun away) Wait, Tong! I think we could talk. Let me talk to boss.

Man: Boss doesn’t want to talk to you.

SF: Just let me talk to boss.

Man: No use to talk.

The man pulls a trigger and shoots Shin Fu on repeat.

Nak: Shin Fu!

Shin Fu falls down unconscious.

D: Shin Fu!

Men approach Danny and Nak.

D: We won’t survive, right, Nak?

The pictures of Lin Lan Se come up in her mind, “Good-bye, Lin Lan Se. We will not see each other again.”

Just when men are about to shoot them and Nak is screaming, a helicopter comes flying above their heads. Lin Lan Se shoots every man down from the helicopter. Zhong Xin and more men join him on the ground shooting.

Lan Se comes down and Nak is delighted to see him, “Lin Lan Se!”

Lan Se looks at Nak then Danny. She runs to him, “Lin Lan Se, you really came. I thought I would never see you again.” She hugs him, “Thank you for coming, Lin Lan Se.”


D: I don’t want to disturb the moment of yours, but shouldn’t we help Shin Fu before the shark take him away?

LLS: Zhong Xin, take care of Shin Fu.

ZX: Yes.

Lan Se keeps staring at Danny.

D: Don’t you dare staring at me like that. RueTaiNak is fine. She’s safe and sound, but my car, it was shot all over. Who will take care of that?

LLS: Tomorrow, will get you a new one!

Lan Se grabs Nak’s wrist, “Let’s go.”

Nak: Wait, what about Danny?

LLS: Zhong Xin will take him back. Let’s go!

Danny grabs her another wrist.

D: Nak, are you leaving me like this?

Nak: Zhong Xin will take you back. I’ll have to go. Thank you so much, Danny.

D: You are so….remember this!

LLS: Let’s go.

Aww…Danny, I feel for you.

Lan Se puts the safety belt on Nak. Nak waves to Danny.

D: Why did it have to be me?!

ZX: Take him to the hospital.

They are carrying Shin Fu away.

Part 5

Yong Wen is furious throwing glasses at his men.

LLS: Shin Fu is still alive?

Man: Yes, boss. Lin Lan Se took him. What should I do, boss?

LLS: Lin Lan Se got Shin Fu?

Yong Wen keeps pacing back and forth until I got dizzy.

Man: If Lin Lan Se interrogates him harshly, he will tell the truth who’s behind it, boss.

The helicopter arrives at ChaiHong Building and Lan Se steps down. Nak runs after him.

Nak: Lin Lan Se, I’m sorry. I’m sorry for everything. From now on, I won’t hang up on you. I will pick up your every call. I will follow every word of yours. For you stop feeling angry at me, you can scold me, criticize me, slap me, or even add the debt amount. But, please do not turn your back on me and walk away like this.

LLS: You will not run away again, won’t you?

He walks to her and holds her face.

LLS: Tell me, that you won’t go anywhere.

Nak: I will stay to pay back the debt, will listen to your order.

LLS: You won’t go anywhere, I want to hear this.

Nak: I won’t go anywhere. I promise.

He slowly touches his forehead to hers for a long while.

LLS: From tomorrow, you must come see me everyday…I want to hear the things about Nantaka.

Nak: Do you mean Pee Nan’s personal stuff?

LLS: Yes. I want to know everything about your elder sister.

Nak: All right, I will write it down in detail for you tomorrow.

LLS: No, you must come and tell me one thing a day until everything is told.

Nak: Why does it have to be one thing a day? I can write down all of it so you will know all at once.

LLS: I don’t have to say the reason. You made a mistake and this is the punishment.

Nak: Just one thing a day?

LLS: Correct. You must come to let me see your face everyday without skipping even for one day.

Nak: All right. I will come everyday.

LLS: And from now on, you must drive for me in the morning and evening.

Nak: Morning and evening? But I do have other jobs to do too.

LLS: You don’t have to do the construction work anymore. Drive for me and I will pay you wages.

Nak: Sure.

He walks away.

Back to Thailand, Nan is thinking of Nak. She doesn’t want to eat the meal. She says she’s sick of waiting for days and nights. Dad asks if she doesn’t understand what he told her. When he gets enough money, he will go get her sister back.

She thinks he didn’t try hard enough to earn. She accuses him of not truly worry for Nak, not truly love Nak. She asks if Nak is not his daughter, that’s why he did this to her.

Dad: Enough. I think we should stop talking about this.

She yells at him that it’s always the same every time when she brought up the matter of Nak, he would tell her to stop talking about it. She won’t endure it anymore. He asks what she will do if she’s not going to endure it. She says she will get her sister back.

Dad: Are you crazy to let them capture you?

Nan: They want me. Lin Lan Se doesn’t want Nak (*cough cough*) I shouldn’t take advantage of her. Let me go.

He says he won’t let her do that. He promises her that he will go get Nak back, but she must give him time. When she keeps wanting to go, he yells at her to listen to him.

Dad: Nan, listen to me. I promise you. I will go get your sister back.

Nan sits down and cries. She keeps saying sorry to Nak that she couldn’t help her.

Dad gets outside and thinks of Nak.

Dad: Nak, once you know the truth, I believe you will understand me.

Well, he was right to send Nak instead of Nan. Nantaka would probably drop dead seeing a gun or merely a construction site.

Part 6

Nak waits for Lan Se in the morning to drive for him.

LLS: Shin Fu didn’t wake up yet?

ZX: No, not yet. The doctor said the bullet cut through the lung and his conditions needed to be observed for another 24 hours. If he’s tough enough, there’s still a chance.

LLS: Order our men to put on tight securities guarding him.

ZX: Don’t worry. I will stay here watching over him myself. Once he wakes up, we’ll know for sure the person behindΒ  the order of Khun Lin’s killing.

LLS: Good. Are you sure nobody knows where we are hiding him?

ZX: I guarantee, no one will find him.

LLS: Any progress, give me a call.

Lan Se walks out of the building. He looks at Nak who appears a little nervous.

LLS: What is it?

Nak: I will get off near the school, all right?

LLS: Get off to where?

Nak: You want me to drive you all the way to the school?

LLS: Of course. What’s the problem?

Nak: But you and Zhong Xin told me not to make myself stand out in school. If I drive you to school, I think the whole school will want to know why.

LLS: Everything changes now.

Nak: What do you mean? I don’t understand.

LLS: Because now, you are………

What? Tell meeeeee

His bodyguard asks if there’s any problem.

LLS: Nothing. (to Nak) Let’s go.

He gets in the car and off they go. She doesn’t understand what he meant just now. They arrive at the school. The students see Nak and Lan Se come together so they ask her why she drove the car for him today. Nak tells them that his driver is not available. They say they are jealous and ask what he talked to her in the car.

Nak: I’m just a driver. He didn’t talk (to me). You, girls, stop asking, I have to go to class. I need to change into the uniform.

Danny is as cool as ever having a good time singing. He gets up when Nak walks by.

D: So, now you’re coming to school with your guardian?

Nak: I’m under his punishment, and I’m also a driver and getting pay for it.

D: Talking about money, makes me think about my car. It needs a major fix and you must be responsible for the expense for me.

Nak: Danny, I’m sorry. I’m sorry your car got ruined because of me. Can I postpone it?

D: You can earn to pay back Lin Lan Se’s loan, but you can’t earn to pay back mine?

Nak: It’s because I need to pay back Lin Lan Se’s loan, that’s why I can’t pay back yours yet.

D: I don’t care, no matter what, you must go to see my car at the garage with me this evening, and tell them you will be one pay for all of the expense.

Nak: I can’t, Danny. This evening I need to work for Lin Lan Se again.

D: Did he grounded you?

Nak: Grounded?

D: (Sigh) You have to drive for your guardian every morning, go home with him every evening, and work at his company after that. Things like this in my neighborhood, it’s called, you are grounded.

Nak: Why would he need to do that?

D: You really don’t know.

Nak: Of course, if I know, why would I ask you?

D: You are just so….clever, only about any other things.

Nak: What are you talking about?

D: I’m getting bored talking to you. Just go, and hurry put on your uniform or you will be for class. Just go already! Quick! (She walks away) RueTaiNak, such a dumb girl!

Yong Wen is so surprised to hear the news.

YW: Shin Fu is dead?

Man in black: Yes, boss. Our men staying with Lin Lan Se reported to us that he’s dead.

YW: Are you sure? Did anyone see his body?

Man: No one, boss. (get slapped)

YW: When you haven’t seen the body yet, don’t talk foolishly! Maybe, Lin Lan Se let the news go around to dupe us. Go find out if he’s actually dead.

Man: Yes, boss.

YW: Shin Fu!

Shin Fu finally wakes up. Zhong Xin pulls off his oxygen tube. Shin Fu chokes a little.

SF: Water, give me some water.

ZX: Get him water.

Shin Fu drinks it.

ZX: Enough. (to Shin Fu) All right, Shin Fu, can you tell me now who’s behind the order of Khun Lin Lan Se’s killing?

SF: How can I trust you that after I tell you, you won’t kill me?!

ZX: You dare negotiate with me? Do you believe after I let you go, you will still be alive? I think the best way is, you tell me the truth…and I will protect you.

Shin Fu still contemplates about it.

ZX: All right, now can you tell me who he is?

Part 7

SF: I really don’t know who he is. The guy only talked to me on the phone.

ZX: Are you saying you never see his face, don’t know his name?

SF: That’s right. I really don’t know.

ZX: You are not lying to me, aren’t you?

Zhong Xin presses his fist on Shin Fu’s wound. He cries out in pain.

ZX: You are not lying, aren’t you?

SF: I told you the truth. I don’t know who he is! The guy gave me orders only through the phone.

ZX: In that case, give me his phone number.

SF: 098-900-9899

ZX: You’re sure it’s this number.

SF: I’m sure.

ZX: (To his men) Call the doctor to look at the wound. (The man says, “Yes, boss.”)

Zhong Xin makes a call using that number and he realizes…

ZX: This number is…

He calls Lan Se.

LLS: Khun Lin, we’ve found who’s behind the order of Khun Lin’s killing.

Lan Se, Zhong Xin and his fully armed men arrive at the building.

ZX: If you hear any gunshots, get ready to take Khun Lin away.

Nak: What?

ZX: Don’t ask, just remember what I said.

Lan Se gets out of the car joining Zhong Xin and his men. They walk into the building together.

Yong Wen walks out of his office and sees Lan Se and his men coming towards him.

LLS: I came to see San Gui!

Yong Wen lets out a huge sigh, “Please. My father is inside.”

Lan Se and his men step into San Gui’s office. San Gui’s men get ready to shoot them.

SG: Stop it! Get out of the way! (His men step aside) Lin Lan Se, what is it? Why did you bring your fully armed men to see me like this?

Nak is playing with the Rubik’s Cube Lan Se gave her while waiting in front of the car.

Yong Wen hurriedly gets out of the building and notices Nak standing at the entrance. He thinks of Lan Se’s words, “Before I became the president of ChaiHong Group, I appointed one person, whom I loved and trusted the most, to takeover the position of ‘Ngao’ (shadow).” Yong Wen looks up at the building.

Lan Se steps closer to San Gui.

LLS: I want to know why you sent men to kill me.

SG: What are you talking about? I don’t understand!

Zhong Xin shows him his phone with the number on it.

ZX: Is this your phone number?

San looks at it.

SG: Yes, it is. Why?

Yong Wen steps down the stairs getting closer to Nak. He thinks of what San Gui said, “According to our rules, only the president know who ‘Ngao’ is.”

Flashback, Yong Wen says, “At least, we all should know what’s the name or nickname of Khun Lin’s Ngao. Lan Se says, “That person’s codename is…Cubic.”

Present, Yong Wen gets closer to Nak.

ZX: The day you were in the Shareholders’ Meeting with me, someone ordered a gunman named Shin Fu to kill Khun Lin, using this phone number.

San Gui is stunned.

YW: Are you Lin Lan Se’s driver?

Nak: You scared me.

YW: I’m asking, are you Khun Lin’s driver?

Nak: Yes.

He lowers himself to pick up Nak’s cubic on the floor. He stares at her.

SG: Are you accusing me of being the mastermind behind the order of Lin Lan Se’s killing, Zhong Xin?

LLS: If it’s not you then who it could be, when the phone number used to contact Shin Fu, was yours!

San Gui remembers that day, in the toilet, he left his phone with Yong Wen saying he needed to be in the meeting, it’s so annoying to be disturbed while in the meeting.

SG: Yong Wen?

Part 8

Yong Wen looks at Nak.

YW: Then, the day Khun Lin was ambushed, you were with him, weren’t you?

Nak: That’s right.

Yong Wen keeps looking at Nak, theΒ  cubic is bounced up and down in his hand.

LLS: San, do you have anything to say?

SG: A person like me, if I’m the one did it, I will never give any excuse.

ZX: Are you saying you’re not the mastermind?

SG: Yes. That day, before I went into the meeting, I left my phone with Yong Wen.

ZX: Yong Wen?!

LLS: Yong Wen is the mastermind?

Lan Se remembers he just met Yong Wen outside.

LLS: RueThaiNak!

Lan Se runs out.

ZX: Thun Lin! Where are you going? (To his men) Guarding him! Fast!

Zhong Xin and his men run after Lan Se.

YW: (To Nak) You are clever just like a cubic, aren’t you?

Nak smiles and says, “I’m still not good playing with the cubic. Can I have it back?”

He gives it back to her. She turns her back to him. Yong Wen starts walking away from Nak until he hears Lan Se’s shout.

LLS: RueTaiNak! RueTaiNak!

Yong Wen turns to look at Lan Se, then Nak. He smirks and pulls out his gun. Lan Se runs to Nak.

LLS: RueTaiNak!

Lan Se holds her to him when Yong Wen starts shooting at Nak. Lan Se fires his gun back. Yong Wen gets in his car and his driver takes him away.

ZX: (To his men) Follow him!

Yong Wen is lying on the backseat, “Finally! You revealed the real Cubic, Lin Lan Se. Hahaha….”

Lan Se hugs Nak so tight.

Nak: Lin Lan Se, Lin Lan Se, let go of me. I can’t breathe! Lin Lan Se, let go! I can’t breathe!

Lan Se comes to his senses and lets her go.

LLS: Are you all right?

Nak: I’m all right but it hurts, you hugged me so tight! And you, you are all right, aren’t you?

LLS: I’m all right.

He pulls her to him and hugs her.

Lan Se and Zhong Xin sit in front of San Gui.

San Gui: I couldn’t believe Yong Wen dared do this kind of thing.

ZX: Yong Wen must want to be in great position.

SG: Someday, I will let him take my place as the Division’s Head anyway.

LLS: That shouldn’t be enough for him. He wants to become the president of ChaiHong Group!

SG: What a pity, what a waste, I loved and trusted him like my own child, but he committed such a disgraceful crime and brought shame to my family’s name in return. Lin Lan Se, I truly apologize to you.

LLS: Not at all. I, too, have to apologize for accusing you.

SG: I and your father are good friends. If I wanted to become the president of ChaiHong Group, I would have killed you since you were little.

LLS: Thank you for being so kind to me.

San Gui sits alone. He looks at their family picture. He cries, “Yong Wen, why did you dare do this to me?” Then he thinks of the day Bai Ling died, “Bai Ling…Don’t tell me, you were the one killed Bai Ling…Bai Ling, this uncle is sorry. I made a wrong judgment on the person. Bai Ling….”

Part 9

Yong Wen joins his men.

Yong Wen, “You all listen carefully. From now on, we are no longer under ChaiHong Group, and remember, our number one enemy is…Lin Lan Se!”

Men are shouting, “Lin Lan Se!”

Yong Wen continues, “Tell all of our people to gather their men, as many as they can, and join us to build the greatness, and bring down ChaiHong Group! Kill them! Kill them!…Lin Lan Se, you must die! Must die!…”

Then they waste the bullets shooting the ceiling. I hope it won’t fall back on their heads. I love Yong Wen in this scene though I’m not sure why he had to stand on the escalator to declare war.

Nak contemplates on the whole incident and what Lan Se did for her.

Lan Se sits in his office looking worried.

ZX: You sent for me. What is it?

LLS: Sit down.

Zhong Xin sits down.

LLS: Yong Wen already know that RueTaiNak is Cubic. I’m afraid he will try to harm her.

ZX: You want me to send Khun RueTaiNak back to Thailand?

LLS: No. I want you to move her into this building. Find her a room.

ZX: Yes.

LLS: Also, from now on, let she be my regular driver. At least, we can take care of her safety.

ZX: Yes. I will do that right away.

LLS: Zhong Xin.

ZX: Yes.

LLS: I didn’t send her back to Thailand till now because, I still don’t have Nantaka with me.

ZX: Yes. I understand.

At the safe house, Meena asks if Khun Lin really used his body to guard her from the bullets.

Nak: Yong Wen pointed his gun at me so Lin Lan Se jumped in and hugged me, then he used his body to guard me from the bullets, and then turns his gun to fire at Yong Wen.

Meena: Wow…that’s like a Hong Kong movie, and then?

Nak: I almost died.

Meena: Did you get hit by the bullet?

Nak: No, it’s Lin Lan Se, he hugged me so tight I couldn’t breathe.

Meena: He must be frightened that something might happen to you. How about after that? He kissed, to console you, didn’t he?

Nak: You’re crazy! He didn’t do that. I think he must be stunned that’s why he hugged me for a long while, or may be he’s so shocked.

Meena: I think Lin Lan Se must be secretly falling in love with you.

Nak: Falling in love with me?

Meena: Yes. If he doesn’t love you, why would he use his body to guard you from the bullets?

Nak remembers how it was that day.

Meena: Don’t you think?

Nak: No, it can’t be. How can a man like him fall in love with a girl like me? I’m not as pretty as his women.

Meena: But I think he might be bored with those stupid pretty women without a clever brain just like yours. It’s true. Do you ever understand the feeling of ‘true love is defeated by staying near’?

Nak: You talked like you have loved someone.

Meena: I’m not sure if that’s it. I was scared and hated him at first, but when I didn’t see him for a while, I missed him instead.

Nak: Don’t tell me that that man is Lin Pei Aing.

Meena: No, he’s not.

Nak: Sure?

Meena: Sure, of course.

Nak: I’m relieved. I thought you fell in love with Lin Pei Aing.

Someone rings the door. It’s Lin Pei Aing with a bouquet in his hands waiting outside the door.


Danny: I think you should ask yourself, what do you really want to not letting go of RueTaiNak?

Mei Jing: You should let your sister know for certain, that becoming Lin Lan Se’s woman is not easy.


I know the action scenes were…but, but it was engaging when I watched it live. The helicopter scene could have been done better. Some viewers wondered why Lan Se needed to waste his money on the helicopter when he arrived at the same time with Zhong Xin, who came on the ground. In the novel, the helicopter was used for Nak’s escape from the rooftop of the building. It made more sense that way.

I laughed out loud reading some comments. They were happy that finally Zhong Xin’s glasses had lens on it. Some said, he just got his paycheque from Lan Se so he could get it now. Pfft.


Q: A viewer asked what should be changed in Cubic?

A: One answer was so funny, it said, the director, the producer, the camera guy, the writer, the sound mixer…and the list go on and on, and of course, the cast *sob sob*

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  1. is there anyplace to read the books in english? Loved the drama with all it’s faults but really want to read all three books but they aren’t avail anywhere in english!!!!

  2. do you think if we got a web cite and people sign up -to maybe get the book written in english

  3. Oh My GOD !!!. I’m in love with lakorn. I can’t believe they didn’t make a trad of the book. Seriously, the culture of the country so I can understand they are scared of the difficulty of comprehension between the country. But the story is amazing !!! they should try, if only I worked in editions world I would make a blog and try to present these project it’s a such WASTE !!! It’s killing me. When I see only some vampire’s story in library, and they are all the same.

  4. hi…………………. i just want to know if all the cubic from book 1to 4 will be show ih the drama hope they will do it….. thnx for ur blog’s i got to read what happening in cubic i love them both and it’s drama i kind addicted to it i watch many tyms already until the new ep will come out coz it make my day happy …. thnx again

  5. I was also a silent lurker of your blog and I just want to say Thank you for your recap, insights and spoilers from the lakorn and novel.

    Please continue to provide spoilers from the novel cause I really love to know what happen in the 3rd and 4th.

  6. Thank you !!!!!! I can’t understand thai so you save me ! I m french and i don’t speak very good english but i can read

    Please someone help me ! Where can i have the novel ? Perhaps someone will translate the novel ? If nobody translate i will buy the book and will learn the thai !

    Please i have a question : in the novel nark isn t beautiful than nantaka but nark is beautiful not ? In the first episode in the construction site one boy who is became her friend said she s cute

    Thanks you for answer and for everything !

    • NaK, in the novel, was described as a plain-looking. Her eyelids had no layers on it. Nantaka was a very pretty girl, much prettier than Nak. She’s very popular at school too while Nak got bullied by her friends all the time that she got used to it πŸ™‚

      • Thank you for answer ! Iam very sad beacause I don’t understand thai 😦
        Excuse me, in the novel Nak isnt jealous of nantaka ?When nantaka come back ?
        I see in teaser of the lakorn, nantaka returnsto lin lan ser so … perhaps nark become jealous ?

        Thank you very very much You are so Lucky to read thai !

        • No, Nak was not the jealous type, she’s so happy to see Nan. But, Lan Se wouldn’t let them talk much, I forgot why.

          On the other hand, Nantaka had a crush on Lan Se and thought he still wanted her and not Nak. Mei Jing was the one troubled by Nantaka.

          • Thank you very very much ! You spend a big time to answer in our questions so thank you !!! πŸ™‚

            In the novel, Lan ser says to nantaka that he doesn’t loves her but he loves Nark ??
            Excuse me but do you know where can I buy the novel ? I’m very happy and I will try to learn thai but I fear that is very difficult …

            Thank you !! if you Watch turkish drama I can translate for you ! πŸ™‚

  7. Hello all!
    I just watched it all in one day…I think I’m crazy LOL…I’m off to bed but I wanted to say thank you for peaking my interest…I did fast forward a lot and I do like the secondary couple of Meena and Peun In but I think it’s just me hahahaha πŸ™‚

    Nite nite from the USA

  8. Thank you for the recap. I am really enjoying this drama especially Nark, Danny and LLS. I love how Danny tends to rub LLS the wrong way because LLS is so in love with Nark and she has no clue and Danny just keeps shaking his head. We should all notice that LLS always perks up when she praises him.
    I would love to read all four novels but I cannot read Thai. We they ever published in English. Again thanks for the recap and insight. I would love to see Cubic 2 also.

  9. I want to read the cubic novel 3&4. Is there anyway that I can read in English?

  10. Cubic’s fans are asking for Cubic 2 (Final Part) to be made. Which actor/actress do you guys want for Lan Se (age 30) and Nak (age 20)?

    Me- Bomb/Mint for the sake of continuity >>> *run to hide*
    There will be another key player in the final part, as good looking and in love as Lan Se, his name is Danis (related to Lan Se through his English mother) – a very competitive choice for Nak. I think of ‘Golf’ as Denis. What’s your choice?

    Danny will also be there, standing between both men for fun. In the novel, there was a time Danny would call Lan Se to let him know Denis would come to see Nak. So, Nak wasn’t surprised to see Lan Se show up when Denis was there, and Danny would come out last. Haha…

    • Hi. I was a silent reader of your blog for a few weeks now and i’m really enjoying it. Thank you for your great work (It’s quick with some funny comments).
      Also i’m a french girl from Quebec, Canada so sorry in advance for my bad english.

      I want to say i really hope they will make Cubic 2 because i love the lakorn and i agree with you for BOMB AND MINT (i want the exact same cast).

      I understand some reaction about Bomb but for me he is playing like he has to play (perfect cold and handsome mafia boss). I don’t mind the poor production and bad action scene because the storyline was what i was looking for (simple and beautiful love story in mafia world between a plain but smart lead girl (for once it’s different of the beautiful and perfect girl from other lakorn) with a cold and handsome mafia boss). So i’m going all the way for BOMB and MINT in CUBIC 2. Yeah!!!

      • I especially liked Mint’s hair stylish. Her hair was messy yet she looked naturally cute, even her ponytail looked lovely.
        Yep, me too, want the whole cast, Bomb/Mint all the way *run to hide*

        • I did try watching this since you seemed quite into this series. I think the acting and editing are bad all around but yet there is a cuteness to it if you can ignore Bomb’s acting. He is not bad when when it comes to certain scenes though but unfortunately those scenes are few and far between :). He is really good looking and if he improves his body language I think he can make a good model both in print and on the ramp. Acting though is still questionable. He was better in Khunchai Ratchanon where he played the goofy guy pretty decently. I have never cared for Mint’s acting but I think this role seems to suit her. She seems to be doing pretty decent in this one.

          I agree that for continuity sake, they should reprise the whole cast. So there is 10 years difference between the 2 then ? Do they ever marry ? It will be fun to watch Danny, Denis and Lan Se go at it with each other over Mint. It will be fun to watch as it will be all mind games :).

    • Thank you so much for all the recaps you’ve done!! I cant understand thai, well I can only understand little bits here and there but mostly I read your recaps while watching the episodes. it helps me understand the whole episode a whole lot better.

      I really hope they would make cubic 2, but I wonder if they normally listen to the fans for these requests? for me, i would also hope for bomb and mint, mainly because I find them cute together and also bomb has the height haha.
      I’m loving mint in this role, find her naturally cute here.

      Did Nak ever felt for Denis in the book at any point. I just cant help but wonder what Denis’s character is like and how he went after Nak since you said he’s just as good looking and in love as Lan Se haha.

      • Denis Kaven, namely, the president of Kaven Corp. His group made an investment in HK building a department store. The book described him as a very good looking Westerner, but not as cold as Lin Lan Se.

        Nop, Nak was quite slow to notice other people’s feeling as usual, so she didn’t getit. Denis’s love confession was more like a scold. He leaned down to kiss Nak and got a punch from her instead, just in time, before Lan Se, who was standing further away aiming his gun at Denis, pulled the trigger πŸ™‚

        • How did Nak get to know Dennis? In England or HK?

          When did LLS found out about Dennis? Lol….was surprised that LLS did not “grounded” by asking her to report to her every minute.

          What scary nightmare did LLS had so he got back all his memories with Nak?

          • [Spoiler]
            She met Denis in HK (if I remember correctly). Lan Se became interested in Denis from the letter ‘K’ from Nak’s handwriting (I think and won’t tell you more on this). Nak was grounded for two months in Lan Se’s suite due to her and Ta Hai courageous plan to save a girl. Scary nightmare – something very sad about losing Nak, I forgot the detail.

        • Hahaha its hilarious that Denis got a punch from Nak instead LOL and Lan Se pulling the trigger because of a kiss? haha.
          I’m quite surprised that Denis’s character is a westerner.

          Thanks for answering my questions πŸ™‚

  11. Thank you so much for providing these synopses. I’m glad I finally found a place that will overview what is going on in many of these Thai dramas. I noticed it can take months for some Eng Subs to be fully uploaded, but I watch them raw anyway hoping I figure out close enough to what is going on. With your site I can read what’s going on and watch them raw or with partial subbing, and really understand everything!!

  12. Thank you so much!! I watched it raw even if I don’t understand a word in Thai. I can’t wait till you finish this. Your work gave me joy…once again thanks!

    I see more chemistry with Nak and Danny then Nak and LLS…maybe it is because I can’t see LLS’ diverse emotions showing in his face when the camera zooms in while he is interacting with Nak. Danny on the other hand shows lot more expression with his eyes and facial movement which makes it seem more connected with Nak. I just have problem with LLS’ eyes…it doesn’t matter what type of emotion he is trying to express…his eyes are always so dull looking. Anger, happiness, sadness….same dull eyes…one expression showing.

    Even with my complaint above…love the lakorn and makes me anticipate for next week and of course your CAPS.

    • To be fair, that’s how Lan Se was in the novel, a walking robot. He didn’t show his feeling much, and a man of few words too. But I agree, Bomb needs to improve his acting asap. Mint is the one shouldering this lakorn imo. She’s surprisingly great in this role.

      • Never like Mint in her past lakorns but surprisingly her acting was remarkably well in this lakorn. Bomb’s poor acting was expected. Think every other actors and actresses played their roles well except Bomb, the ‘expression-less’. Mei jing was pretty at her every scenes.
        Thanks for your recap.

  13. This ep was really exciting to watch, the action scenes continue to make me roll my eyes lol. Loved the hugs we got though. ❀

    • Yep, hugging all the way. That’s what happened in the novel, only forehead to forehead, the torture of seducing a minor. Hehe.

      • I am glad they kept it to a forehead touch. Isn’t she only 17 and he 27 according to the story? IMHO, it would have been uncomfortable if it was anything more than a hug or a forehead touch. Bomb was pretty decent in the forehead scene I thought.

  14. Thank you.

    Lol..I thought you are a bomb’s supporter? You can follow Danny ( First) on instagram that you are willing to mend his heart.

    Why the whole world( ZX,Mena, Yong Wen, LLS, Danny) knows that LLS likes Nak but the own person has no single clue? Perhaps it is what Danny has said what good deed did LLS did in his previous life that he met up with Nak?

    I was laughing on non stop when LLS made his grand appearance to rescue Nak and all the bullets which he did not hit Danny or Nak but all the bad people. It is so 80’s HK mafia movie.

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