Cubic Episode 10

If you are wondering what’s the need of Cubic, let’s gather all the info together. I will have to refer to the groundwork done by the novel to give you a clearer picture.

Yuthapong, Nak’s father, gave her to Lan Se as a 20 millions HKD loan guarantee. He, of course, is well aware that it’s Nantaka, Nak’s sister, that Lan Se wanted (also who Lan Se fell for in the beginning). However, he chose to send Nak instead, knowing full well that this daughter of his has the ability to adapt to any kind of circumstances, so chances are Nak will survive living with his mafia creditor.

Nak was  abducted and later sent to Hong Kong where she met Lin Lan Se for the first time. Her several arguments with him and intelligence line of thoughts brought a new idea to him how she could be useful to his organization, ChaiHong Group.

At one point, when Lan Se was ambushed to be killed, Nak helped carrying the severely injured Lan Se to safety despite as many as 20 gunmen chasing after them. The news went around the group how amazingly Lan Se could survive having just one girl (his driver) that day. Among the gunmen that day, one survived (Shin Fu), so the person behind Lan Se’s ambush is trying to locate him (as he knows too much), at the same time, wants to know who the person behind Lan Se’s escape is.

The lakorn wasn’t done well what Nak did to survive the incident, that alone, causing an uproar as to ‘whose’ skill it was. In order to protect Nak, Lan Se told everyone that ‘Cubic’ his Ngao (shadow) was the one planned his escape.

‘Ngao’ is a special adviser holding great authority to manage and solve things for the group’s leader from behind, and only the leader himself know Ngao’s true identity.

Ngao had been known to have high intelligence and great vision. However, Ngao had passed away long ago and it’s Lan Se bringing the position back to life with the codename ‘Cubic’.

Now everyone in his organization is trying to find ‘Cubic’ who’s holding strong control over their leader, and knows what happened on the day of Lan Se’s ambush. Lan Se told everyone that it’s Cubic’s help that day not the girl who was with him.

Such intelligence and skills have a high price that Lan Se has to protect Nak at any cost, that no one should know that Nak is Cubic.

It doesn’t make much sense in the lakorn why Nak comes with a high price when, so far, all she did was asking around and smiling brightly. Don’t get me wrong, I loved Nak in this lakorn too. She’s cute and bright in her own way that it’s believable that a serious mafia could fall for  🙂

Episode 10

Part 1

Pei Aing is not in a good mood lying down due to the injury from the fight with Lan Se. Aunty Mei keeps complaining how he loved to fight with Lin Lan Se knowing full well he would never be able to defeat him, and always ended up like this. He would cry coming back to her when he was young.

He tells her to leave the room so he could get some sleep. He thinks of Meena, “Meena, I will not lose you. Wait until I’m fully recovered, I will go get you back no matter what!”

Meena is doing Nak’s hair reminding her of Nantaka so Nak cries.

MN: Why are you crying?

Nak: I miss Pee Nan, don’t know how she is now.

MN: I believe, not for long, Khun Lin will let you go back to Thailand.

Nak says no way, she needs to pay back 10 millions which should take her another ten years or more. Meena thinks it should take only 1-2 years because Khun Lin appeared kind to Nak judging by, he was willing to help her once Nak asked him, when he has nothing to do with her at all. She thinks his heart is not bad like others said.

Nak: But he never reduces the debt amount for me at all. Sometimes, I thought he must forget to calculate the amount. He must want me to keep paying him back for a long time.

MN: Or, deep down, he secretly likes you.

Nak: Like me? A person who likes each other should reduce the debt amount, don’t you think? But he never did even the tiniest amount. Moreover, do you know who is his girlfriend?

MN: Who?

Nak: Fang Mei Jing!

MN: Fang Mei Jing? Who’s she?

Nak: The Golden Horse Awards leading actress.

MN: Then, let’s take out the point about he’s liking you because you could never be as pretty as the Golden Horse Awards actress.

Nak: Someday, I should be able to go back to my father and Pee Nan in Thailand.

MN: I promise I will help you.

Nak: Thank you so much.

They hug each other.

Back in Thailand, Yuthapong and his daughter are still hiding in the countryside. Yuthapong tells SaNguan (the house’s owner) to buy him several of both daily and weekly newspapers. Nan wants some soap and shampoo. He tells the man to listen to the news in the marketplace if there’s anyone looking for him.

SaNguan gives him a gun just in case, and he will lock the door from outside for his safety.

SaNguan opens the door to find a man waiting. The man asks if this is SaNguan’s house. Nguan says yes, it’s his house. Nan alerts her father to listen to them. They hear the man saying that he came looking for two persons, Yuthapong and his daughter, Nantaka.

Nguan stops him from entering the house saying Yuthpong is no longer in this house. Nan is so frightened that Yuthapong has to cover her mouth with his hands. He says, “The window, we must escape through the window. Let’s go!” But he stops short when there’s a man walking outside in the garden.

The man says he asked the neighbors, they said Yuthapong and his daughter lived here. Nguan says he can’t get in his house without his permission, it’s trespassing. The man pulls out his gun and says if he says one more word, he won’t be able to talk again. Nguan lets them get inside. The man tells his men to spread out and look around. Nan asks her father what they should do.

Part 2

The man tells Nguan to unlock the door. Nguan takes his sweet time doing it.  Once gets into the room, he looks around. Yuthapong and Nan are hiding under the bed shaking with fear.

Nguan says he told him already that Yuthapong is not here. The man threatens to kill him if he won’t say where the two ran away to. Nguan says he doesn’t know, they left yesterday. When Nguan won’t say it, he fires his gun and I closed my eyes.

He didn’t actually shoot at Nguan though. Nguan says he’s scared but he really doesn’t know. The man says the next shoot won’t be just a threat. Nguan says even if he will kill him, he still doesn’t know. I was wondering at this point will Yuthapong really let them kill Nguan?

The man puts the gun down and says sorry to him, he had to threaten him to make sure he didn’t lie. Nguan asks why he would lie and risk his life. The man says what he said was right. He looks at the bed’s cover but leaves with his men. Nguan asks for his phone number so he could call if Yuthapong come back. The man gives him his name card (with the logo of ChaiHong Group on it) to him and says if he calls him, there will be a reward for it. Nguan thanks him.

Nguan gets in the room and tells Yuthapong and Nan that those men left already. He thought they would find him. Yuthapong says it’s Nan’s quick idea to hide under the bed. Nan is afraid they will come back. Nguan thinks they won’t because he told them he would call if they come back. Yuthapong thanks him. He tells them to stay in the room while he will look downstairs.

Nan begs her father to have a talk with them (mafia), they won’t be able to run away from them. Those men might be lenient with them about the loan. He says he talked to them many times already but they wouldn’t back down, they wanted her.

She asks why they would still want her when they already got Nak. She wants him to call the police and may be the police could help Nak.

He insists that the police won’t be able to help them. Lin Lan Se has his influence all over, he’s the head of a mafia group. If they report it to the police, what if they kill Nak, how’s about that?

She asks for how long they will have to run away like this. He says he told her already that it’s just for a while. He tells her to believe him and go wash herself.

Yuthapong: “What a headache! What a mess!”

In the restroom, Nan cries and says, “Nak, Nak, I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m sorry to let you receive such karma in my place. I’m sorry, Nak. Please forgive me, Nak. Please..Nak”

Back to Hong Kong, Lan Se is looking at Nak’s pictures in his phone. Zhong Xin comes in and says good morning.

LLS: You want tea or coffee?

ZX: That’s all right. I’ll do it. Will you go anywhere this morning?

LLS: Why?

ZX: I have an appointment with the Deputy Commissioner General at 11 a.m.

LLS: You may go, and call RueTaiNak to drive for me.

ZX: Where will you be going? Should I drop you first?

LLS: No need. You go take care of your business. I’m just going to have lunch at the Old Town.

ZX: Appointment with Khun Mai Jing?

LLS: No, I’m feeling bored so I thought I would go to the shrine to pay respect, then to…(name of place) to have some barbecued duck.

ZX: In that case, I will call the head of our Old Town division to have men guarding you at the shrine.

LLS: Thanks.

Zhong Xin leaves and Lan Se goes back to looking-at-Nak’s-picture mode.

Part 3

Nak is waiting for Lan Se to come down. He looks at her and smiles a little. She turns to see him and says sorry. She opens the door for him and says, “Please get in, boss.”

They walk into the shrine together. Lan Se takes some joss sticks from his subordinate. He turns to Nak and hands her the sticks.

LLS: Pay respect to (I think) the Lord Buddha together.

Nak: You want me to pay respect to the Lord Buddha with you?

LLS: (He nods) Yes.

He shows her how to do it.

They walk out of the shrine. Nak follows behind him. She trips and is about to fall over so she grabs his arm. He holds her hand to keep her steady.

LLS: Be careful.

Nak: Xie Xie (thank you in Mandarin)

They are in the car where Nak is driving.

LLS: I will go eat barbecued duck at ….Street. Do you know the place?

Nak: Yes, I know. This restaurant has so many customers. It’s a very long line reserving the table.

LLS: Have you eaten there?

Nak: No. I passed by the restaurant’s front and saw the ducks looking delicious.

LLS: You’ll come join me eating.

Nak: That’s all right. You just go eat and I will be waiting at the car.

LLS: I said eat, so come and eat. I dislike the person who disobey my order.

At the restaurant.

Aww…Chinese food…yummy!

LLS: Try the barbecued duck. This place’s barbecued duck is really good.

Nak: Thank you.

She tries it.

Nak: Very delicious, the most delicious duck in the world.

LLS: If it’s delicious then eat a lot.

Nak: Eating these dishes, I’m thinking of Pee Nan. She loves to eat barbecued duck and red barbecued pork so much, you know. (He nods) When my father (business) was still prosperous, he would take us to eat barbecued duck at our regular restaurant…every week! I want you to eat there so that you will know that the food in Thailand is just as good as it is here. All right, if I go back to Thailand, I will treat you once!

LLS: You think you will get to go back.

Nak: Must! I will try to get money to pay you back as soon as I can.

Lan Se puts down the chopsticks losing his appetite.

LLS: You don’t like it here?

Nak: No, I don’t. How can I when this is not my home? You know, I missed my family so much. I missed my father. I missed my elder sister. I missed everyone in Thailand. I’m counting the days to return to Thailand everyday!

LLS: All right. I think you should hurry and eat. Stop babbling!

Nak: You are done eating?

He gets up.

LLS: That’s right. When you are done eating, follow me. I’ll wait in the car.

Nak: What’s with him? Suddenly in a bad mood. Could it be…he’s afraid I would run away from debt  back to Thailand? (Poke head)Why did I have to talk too much? I was just enjoy eating.

She runs out to him.

Part 4

Nak: Lin Lan Se

LLS: What?

Nak: What I said in the restaurant just now doesn’t mean I will run back to Thailand. I promise I will pay you back all of the debt before I’ll go back.

LLS: You really want to go home that much?

Nak: Of course, that’s why I’m doing every job to earn for the money. Don’t be afraid, I won’t break the promise and I will…

LLS: All right, stop talking, I don’t want to hear your story.

Nak: Can I ask you one more question?

LLS: Ask what?

Nak: Are you angry at me? If I made you angry, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to.

Nak is worried that he doesn’t say anything.

At night, Lan Se looks out the window from his suite recalling what Nak said that she didn’t like it here because it’s not her home, and she missed her family counting the days to go back to Thailand. Lan Se’s getting nervous thinking about the past.

Flashback, Magaret (an English, Lan Se’s mother) says, “I don’t want to be with you anymore. I’m so sick. Do you hear? I’m so sick of this place!”

Lan Se’s father (a huge mafia guy, the head of the group at that time) grabs her wrist and begs her not to leave him, “Don’t leave me. I love you, Magaret.” She shakes his hand off hers and says, “No!”

Marget lets out, “This is not my home and I won’t put up staying here anymore.” He hugs her but she screams telling him to let go of her. She slaps him and says, “We’re done.” She walks away while he keeps calling her back, “Magaret!”

Lan Se, the boy, sees his father broken down. The boy cries. His father shouts, “Don’t leave me! Magaret, Don’t leave me….”

Present, Lan Se keeps punching a sofa thinking when Nak said, “If I made you angry, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to.”

He says, “I won’t let you leave me, RueTaiNak!”

Aww….Lan Se’s backstory was quite of sad.

At the hospital,

Pei Aing keeps thinking of Meena.

PA: Meena.

Aunt Mei comes in the room.

PA: Aunt Mei, have our men found out where Meena is?

She says she doesn’t know that but Juang told her Lin Lan Se kept her in his safe house. He asks if the guy couldn’t find out where that safe house is. Mei says if they found out, they must have told already. She tells him to eat his meal. When he refuses to eat, Mei says, she suggests he let that girl go, she’s a girl, a good girl too so he should harm her no more.

PA: Aunt Mei, if you don’t know anything, it’s better that you don’t talk. Give me my cell phone.

She asks who he’s going to call. When he’s this sick, he should just rest. He shoos her out of the room. She tells him to eat all of the food.

PA: I’m a grown-up. I’m a mafia, not a little boy!

Mei: Right, a mafia.


Lan Se gets a call from Pei Aing.

PA: I want Meena back!

LLS: I told you. Meena is Cubic’s girl.

PA: Lin Lan Se, I’m begging you, return this girl to me.

LLS: Begging? A person like Lin Pei Aing knows how to beg too?

PA: Lin Lan Se, how much do you want? Tell me.

LLS: As I said, at this moment, Meena is Cubic’s girl, not mine. Only Cubic has the right over her.

PA: Lin Lan Se, I know you want to….

LLS: I suggest you calm down and stop acting like a mad dog. Think carefully, what you want Meena for. Maybe, it won’t be that hard like you think it is.

PA: Lin Lan Se! Lin Lan Se!

Lan Se hangs up.

ZX: Pei Aing won’t give up still?

LLS: That’s right. He wants the girl back no matter what, even begging and offering me money.

ZX: Did he? A person like Pei Aing begged you?

LLS: Looks like Meena is not just a regular debtor.

Zhong Xin smiles *cough cough*

LLS: What are you smiling for?

ZX: Nothing. I was thinking the same like you, that Meena couldn’t be just a regular debtor.

Zhong Xin (and I) can’t stop smiling.

Part 5

Nak comes to see Meena at the safe house.

Nak asks if she’s fine living here. Meena says she wants to stay with her more. Nak says she told her already, if she stayed with her, Lin Pei Aing would come get her back for sure. Meena asks if she heard any news of Lin Pei Aing after Khun Lin beat him up that day.

Nak: Not dead, just critical.

Meena: Critical?

Nak asks Meena that she said she didn’t like him but why kept asking about him very often. Meena says she just asked. If he’s really in critical condition, he must be stop looking for her already. Doesn’t she think so? She asks Nak.

Nak: No way. Your father owns him a big amount, he won’t let you go easily. I’ll have to go to work now. I’ll come visit you again.

Meena thanks her. After Nak left, Meena thinks of Pei Aing when he tried to kiss her. She shakes her head, “He’s very bad to me. What’s for to think of him very often?”

Shin Fu is still hiding, eating only canned food. He uses binoculars to survey the area around the place every now and then. Someone knocks at the door so he gets his gun and ready to shoot.

SF: Who’s that?!

A man says it’s Chek Chai. Shin Fu opens the door. Grandpa asks if Shin Fu wants any medicine, he’s going out. Shin Fu tells him to get some pain and fever relief medicine for him. Grandpa asks if he’s not bored staying in the room all day everyday. Shin Fu says he’s not and he doesn’t like to walk much, his leg is not good. Chek Chai says he will be out for 1-2 hours. Shin Fu closes the door and looks at his supplies. He calls Ma’s delivery shop.

SF: Ma’s shop? Send me some canned food and soda tomorrow. I’m out of stock. Right, right, the same stuff.

What he’s eating? Anyone?

SF: How much longer do I have to be here? Just endure it some more. Stepping outside could mean wouldn’t come back alive.

At the construction site. Nak resorts to Ta Hai (Bomb Tanin’s brother?), her another buddy, for his advice. She couldn’t figure out why Lan Se got angry at her.

TH: Anything you want to ask me?

Nak: What if, someone gets angry with you but you’re not clever enough to know what that person’s angry about, what will you do?

TH: How do you know that that person is angry?

Nak: I don’t know. I usually could guess what people like or dislike by looking at their faces, whether they like or dislike me. But for this person, I don’t know. I couldn’t read his eyes because since I was born, no one has ever looked at me that way.

TH: What kind of look?

Nak: Sad, sometimes disappointed, endure, and…and..mad (anger) too! It’s all mixed together and I couldn’t figure it out. But…my conclusion is, he’s mad.

TH: And the kind  of look you said, did it have hatred or wanting you to stay away in it?

Nak: None.

TH: Then, just go apologize, that should do.

TH: But, who is that person?

Nak: Just a friend in school. You don’t know that person.

She climbs up the stairs to talk to him.

Nak: So how is your days lately? A lot of work?

TH: Things are ok. Work is also ok. But, these days, I met a strange customer when doing the delivery.

Nak: Strange? What kind of strange?

TH: This customer ordered canned food to eat every week and never came down to accept the delivery himself but let a grandpa, who watched over the apartment, accepted it for him every time. I did the delivery for the whole month, still don’t his name. Maybe he has leprosy or some kind of disease that he loves to lock himself in the room.

Nak: You said one month?

TH: That’s right.

Nak: Is he a man?

TH: From the voice on the phone, he is, if that person didn’t ask someone to speak for him.

Nak: Name won’t tell, could it be…(she thinks of Shin Fu)

TH: What is it? Are we talking about something?

Nak: I’ll have to go.

TH: Where are you going?

Nak: I’ll go take care of some business. If our foreman comes, he can deduct it from my wage but he mustn’t stop paying. Thank you so much, Ta Hai. If that person is who I’m thinking, I’ll take your shift for one whole week! I’ll leave now.

TH: Thank me for what? Nak, this strange girl.

Part 6

Nak comes to see Lan Se at his office building. The man at the front desk asks if she had made an appointment with him. She says no. He says Khun Lin is not here at the moment, and without an appointment, she can’t meet him. Nak says she will wait over there but he says without an appointment, it’s strictly prohibited to meet him, he tells her to leave.

SunLi (who Lan Se scolded earlier for making Nak deliver Mei Jing’s present) comes out and tells Nak to go wait inside. Nak says but Khun Lin is not here. SunLi says he’s on the way back here and invites Nak to wait inside. She tells Ming to take Nak to the President’s suite. Nak thanks her and walks inside.

The lady asks the man at the front desk if he wants to get fired. He says she told him herself no one meet Khun Lin without an appointment. She says, “But this girl is an exception. Remember it.”

Nak waits for Lan Se in his suite (also his office). She sees a picture frame faced down and takes a look. It’s Nantaka’s picture on it.

Nak: He still doesn’t forget about Pee Nan? Lecherous man!”

Nak puts it back down on the table facing up.

LLS: Who gave you the permission to look at it?

Nak: I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to. I saw it was faced down so I put it up.

He faces it down.

Nak: I didn’t think you would be this possessive over Pee Nan’s picture like this.

He sits down.

LLS: Let me ask you seriously. You know it or you pretend to be dump not knowing it.

Nak: What are you talking about?

LLS: Now, I don’t care about your elder sister anymore.

Nak: That’s why you faced Pee Nan’s picture down. That means you don’t want Pee Nan anymore? So, I can go back to Thailand now.

LLS: Not that. You must stay here until you pay back all of the debt.

Nak: I knew it! I thought so, that a guy like you wouldn’t be that kind.

LLS: Why? How am I that made you hate me?!

Nak: I didn’t hate you.

LLS: Didn’t hate yet didn’t love, correct?

*fall off chair*


Nak: Love?

LLS: I meant you didn’t like my face, did you?!

Nak: Not to that extent. Sometimes I liked you but sometimes…

He leans forward.

LLS: What?

Nak: So despicable! You love to act like you’re so big, with many forms.

LLS: Me? Many forms?

Nak: You really don’t know. Sometimes you would act serious, sometimes you would make an angry face, sometimes…you would look so kind.

LLS: You were finding my faults behind my back?

Nak: No, I didn’t. I’m just telling the truth.

Lan Se notices her dirty clothes and hands.

LLS: Why is your clothes so dirty like that?

Nak: I just came from the construction site. I have a really important thing to tell you.

LLS: Give me your hand.

Nak: My hands are dirty, haven’t washed it yet.

LLS: I said, give me your hand.

She rubs her hands with her outfit before put it in his hand. He uses his handkerchief to wipe her hand clean. Awww……

He turns her palm up.

LLS: Why is your hand so rough?

She pulls her hand back.

Nak: I’m a construction worker. I have to carry and deliver things too. How can my hands be so soft like those hands of your women?!

He puts away his handkerchief and leans back.

LLS: All right, what is it? Tell me.

Nak: I want to ask you, have you found that gunman, Shin Fu?

LLS: Why do you ask?

Nak: I’ve got his traces.

LLS: Serious?

Nak: I’m still not sure if it’s really him though.

LLS: What now?

Nak: My friend is a delivery boy…..

Flashback, Ta Hai makes a delivery at an apartment. He calls up the building saying he came to deliver canned food. Shin Fu tells him to put it downstairs. Ta Hai asks if he wants him to go upstairs. Shin Fu says no need. Ta Hai insists that he can go upstairs. Shin Fu repeats there’s no need and just leave it there. Ta Hai says he needs to sign his name to take it. Grandpa comes out and signs it for him.

Ta Hai tells grandpa that he can carry it upstairs. Grandpa says it’s all right, the man will come down at night to take it. Ta Hai thinks the guy is afraid that he has to give him a tip.

Present, Nak tells Lan Se that the guy never came down to take the delivery even once. Lan Se still doesn’t see anything suspicious about it. Nak says it’s obviously suspicious, if he has nothing to hide, why he didn’t come down himself, as if he’s afraid someone will see his face.

Lan Se says it could be that he can’t walk or is very sick.

Nak: If he’s very sick, why didn’t he let my friend take the delivery to his room?

LLS: I still think your reason doesn’t have anything to do with Shin Fu.

She gets up.

Nak: If you don’t believe me, that’s up to you. I’m going.

LLS: Wait!

Nak: You changed your mind and believe me?

LLS: I forbid you to touch on this matter. My men are looking for him.

Nak: Who cares with your men! Your men want to look for him, then keep looking. But I must know if the man my friend told me is Shin Fu or not.

LLS: RueTaiNak!

Nak: Don’t be afraid. I won’t ruin your plan. I just need to know if it’s the man I thought he is. If it’s him, I will come and tell you quickly. I’m going.

LLS: Wait!

Nak: What now?

LLS: That you said I loved to act like I was so big with many forms, I didn’t pretend to.

Nak laughs.

Nak: I understand. For a mafia, you would have to maintain a proper form.

She salutes him and says, “I’m leaving.”

LLS: Crazy girl.

He turns serious thinking about what Nak told him.

Part 7

Danny: How can you be sure that he’s Shin Fu?

Nak: Just an assumption.

D: Assumption? It means guessing.

Nak: All right. I just called it that to make it sound cooler. Dan, just think, number one, if you are being hunted down, will you be walking on the streets?

D: No.

Nak: Number two, if he wants to find a place to stay, it must be somewhere no one will find him, right?

He nods.

D: That’s correct. What about number three?

Nak: Number three, Ta Hai said he’s suspicious. He didn’t come out to take the delivery himself. Let’s say, the guy doesn’t want anyone to see his face. Number four, he ordered canned food to eat for the whole month. What kind of a crazy man to eat from canned food everyday. Number five, Lin Lan Se said the guy was still here, didn’t leave the country yet.

D: And number six?

Nak: That’s all. What do you think about my assumptions?

D: I think it’s 50/50. He could be  and couldn’t be Shin Fu. But I think you shouldn’t mess with this matter or you could be in trouble. If unfortunate things happen, you will probably be dead before you can pay back all the loan.

Nak: Of course, I know that. I won’t mess with it. Most importantly, I already came up with an idea to allow me see his face.

D: And this task, you need my help again?

Nak: That’s what I want to hear from you. Let’s go. Well, I’m kind of hungry now. Can you treat me today?

D: I treated you so often already. Your treat this time.

Nak: Danny, I have no money.

At the apartment, grandpa Chai walks away. Nak tells Ta Hai that grandpa Chai left already, so it’s his turn to do the delivery.

D: You’re sure if you get to see him again, you will remember him?

Nak: I was standing there looking straight into his eyes in front of the elevator. I will never forget his face.

Nak tells Ta Hai to do whatever it takes to have the man come down to take the delivery himself. She wants to see his face whether or not he’s the one they are looking for.

Ta Hai says he will try to stall for time so she will get the chance to see his face clearly. He asks if she wants him to take picture of the man with his cell phone. She says don’t do it, she doesn’t want him get spooked. Ta Hai says he’s going now.

D: What if, it’s really Shin Fu we are looking for, what shall we do? Call the police to arrest him?

Nak: Calling the police, things will get complicated. I will tell Lin Lan Se to take care of him.

D: I don’t know what kind of good deed Lin Lan Se did in his previous life to be born in this life meeting a girl like you.

Nak: Why not?

D: Well, this, has nothing to do with you at all. It’s obviously the matter concerning Lin Lan Se.

Nak: You mean I’m a meddler?

D: It’s up to you how to think of it. Aren’t you Cubic?

She flicks her finger on his mouth calling him a sharp-tongued.

D: It hurts!

Nak: Serve you right! Look over there!

Ta Hai calls up the apartment and says he came delivering things for room no.8

SF: From where?

TH: From Ma’s shop.

SF: Leave it outside.

TH: It could get lost.

SF: No, it won’t. Leave it there.

TH: But you need to sign your name for it. Without anyone signing for it, I can’t leave things here.

SF: Why so much trouble?

TH: Please come down and sign for it. Without signature, I’ll have to take it back.

SF: All right. Just wait!

Ta Hai gives an okay sign to Nak. Danny praises Ta Hai that he could do it.

D: Look, the door is opened.

Nak: Just come out, let me see his face!

A fat guy comes out instead. Nak falls backwards.

D: Is he Shin Fu?

Nak: No, Shin Fu is not this fat.

D: I knew it! Your guessing wouldn’t work!

Nak looks up and sees a man at the window.

Nak: Dan, look at the room on the third floor. There!

D: It looks like someone is hiding there.

Nak: Yes, I think he’s watching Ta Hai. He must be Shin Fu for sure!

Ta Hai gives the box to the fat guy.

D: What should we do? That fat guy is going to sign to take the delivery.

Nak: No, if he signs for it, we could only come back again next week.

Nak and Dan try to think what to do. Nak calls Ta Hai and tells him not to let the guy sign his name, and take the box back. Ta Hai asks again.

Nak: He’s not the one I’m looking for. Just tell him you will deliver it again tomorrow and tell him to make sure the owner of the room must come down to take it.

TH: Yes, boss. All right, boss. I will do that.

Part 8

Ta Hai takes the box back. Shin Fu wonders why.

TH: The shop called me that I took the wrong one.

Fat Guy: So what now?

TH: I need to take it back to the shop to exchange it. I will deliver it again tomorrow.

The fat guy is annoyed that his shop didn’t manage it well. Ta Hai apologizes to him.

TH: At what time tomorrow you will be here?

Fat guy: Why do you ask?

TH: Our shop has a free gift for you for the mistake I did today.

Fat guy: Free gift?

TH: That’s right, but you must be here to take it. If you will not be here, you can’t have anyone take it for you.

Fat guy: Actually, I’m not your customer.

TH: Then, the owner of this order?

Fat guy: He’s upstairs. He’s sick so he asked me to come down instead.

TH: He’s sick?

Fat guy: Right.

TH: Then please tell him to come down tomorrow to sign for it or he won’t get the free gift. (He leans over) It’s a good and expensive gift.

The fat guy mumbles, “Good and expensive?” Ta Hai says, “That’s right.”

The fat guy says he will let the owner of the order know.

TH: Then I’m leaving.

Shin Fu is mad seeing Ta Hai taking the box back.

D: Let’s hope the real owner of the room will come down to get it himself tomorrow.

Nak: I’m hoping for that too. Just let me see his face to confirm it.

Shin Fu looks through his binoculars at them.

Nak tells Danny that she thinks the owner of the room gets suspicious about them. Shin Fu wonders if they came to keep watching secretly. He looks at Danny again.

There are two kids coming to Danny’s car and get inside. Shin Fu is relieved that he came to pick up his children. The fat guy, Pao, comes knocking the door. He tells Shin Fu the delivery boy made a mistake and will deliver again tomorrow. Pao tells him he must go down to sign his name to be eligible for a free gift. The boy said it’s a good and expensive gift. If he doesn’t want it, he can give it to him. Shin Fu says he’ll do it and closes the door. He’s mad because there’s nothing left for him to eat.

Danny stops the car and lets the children get out. He thanks them.

D: We were lucky those children got in the car with us.

Nak: Start the car and stop talking.

Lan Se is walking along with his men.

LLS: Zhong Xin, I didn’t see RueTaiNak today at the school. What I mean is, normally, when we went to the school, we would see her, wouldn’t we?

ZX: I’ll check.

Zhong Xin makes a call to Nak’s teacher. He tells Lan Se that her teacher said Nak didn’t go to school today.

LLS: Where did she go?

ZX: Perhaps, there are a lot of things to deliver. I saw her the other day, she said she would try to pay back the loan as much as she could.

LLS: Saving for paying back the loan? Don’t ever hope to earn enough to pay it all back.

ZX: It seems Khun Lin doesn’t want the money back?

LLS: I meant that girl would never be able to earn enough to pay back all the loan.

ZX: May be not, when she determines to do something, it’s mostly a success. About Nantaka, Wei just called that….

LLS: Enough! I’m sick of listening to it. If he can’t find her then stop looking for her already.

ZX: Are you sure you don’t want Nantaka anymore?

LLS: Those guys looked for her for 2-3 months already, still couldn’t find her!

Nak, Danny, and Ta Hai are walking together. Nak thinks he must be Shin Fu that’s why he didn’t dare show his face.

D: Don’t be too sure. He may be not.

TH: Nak, let me ask you, is this matter a good or a bad thing?

Nak: Good and bad mixed.

TH: What does that mean?

Nak: I told you if it’s what I thought, I would work for you for one week.

TH: All right. What’s next?

Nak: You will deliver again tomorrow, but I need two more men an a reinforcement.

TH: There’s no problem. I have many friends working as delivery boys.

Nak: Great. Tell them the time.

TH: Okay, I will call you once it’s all set.

They do the high-five. Danny is getting worried.

D: Yo, Cubic.

Nak: What?

D: Wow, you responded (as Cubic) so fast.

Nak: Of course, I’m Cubic, the real one, and you are the fake one.

D: Don’t you think the guy who wanted to kill Lin Lan Se is also looking for Shin Fu?

Nak: That’s right. That’s why I want to see his face fast because if that mastermind finds Shin Fu first, he will probably kill him to keep his secret.

D: I hope those guys won’t find Shin Fu before us.

Nak: Don’t say it! I’m afraid about that too. Let’s go.

Part 9

Yong Wen gets a call.

YW: What? All right, I will send some men to check on it. (He calls his lackey.) Meng, go to Lee Sae Apartment, someone said he saw Shin Fu there. If you find him, do not let him escape. Kill him and throw his body into the sea.

The man assures him he will finish it without any trace.

Shin Fu yells that he’s hungry. Yong Wen’s men arrive at the apartment. Shin Fu keeps surveying the area with his binoculars. The lackeys pull out their guns and knock the door. Shin Fu hears someone is knocking at the door.

The lackeys are waiting. Grandma opens the door. They get inside and ask a man if he’s Shin Fu.

Shin Fu opens the door and Pao gives him some porridge and dough-sticks he bought for him. Shin Fu thanks him and gives him some money.

Pao: Don’t you want to tell your name at least?

SF: You’d better not know it.

He locks the door. Yong Wen asks his lackey if he’s sure it’s not Shin Fu.

YW: Shin Fu, do I need to turn the earth over looking for you?!

The gang of delivery boys are ready for the mission. Nak and Danny arrive together.

The phone is ringing. Danny picks it up and looks at name who’s calling. He lets Nak know.

D: Yo, your dad calls.

Nak: My dad? (She looks at the name) You jerk, I thought it’s really my dad. (She accepts the call) Hello?

LLS: Where are you?

Nak: I’m at Tien Jin. Do you want anything?

LLS: What are you doing over there?

Nak: I told you already that I found a man who could be Shin Fu.

LLS: (Sigh) Come back now.

Nak: No, can’t do. No matter what, today I must see his face. I missed it already yesterday so today I can’t miss it again, and I will deliver you the good news.

LLS: I’m giving you an order to come back now.

Nak: Eh…I’ll have to go.

She hangs up on him. Haha.

LLS: RueTaiNak!

He redials.

Her phone rings again. Nak yells at the phone.

Nak: I said I was busy. There’s no work for me to do, then why do you have to call?

Lan Se is worried.

D: I do sympathize with Lin Lan Se.

Nak: What’s for?

D: Born meeting a girl like you.

Nak: What’s ‘a girl like me’? What are you talking about? I don’t understand.

D: You look like you are clever but are so stupid about the thing you shouldn’t be stupid about.

Nak: Danny, I don’t have time to argue with you about stupid or clever. Grandpa Chai comes out already!

Chai leaves and Ta Hai arrives at the apartment. He calls room no.8 and tells him to come down for the delivery but Shin Fu won’t answer it. Shin Fu looks outside the window first and then tells Ta Hai to deliver at the backdoor. Ta Hai asks him again to make sure. Shin Fu repeats that he will deliver it at the backdoor. Nak sees Ta Hai slowly walk around the building.


I love, love Lan Se and Nak’s moments. They were so cute together. Zhong Xin and Mei Jing were good together too. I’m not sure why this director loved to have the cast stare right into the camera like they were talking to us. It’s quite annoying if the actors were incapable of playing with the camera, also why everyone loved to shake their heads was beyond me. It’s funny how even Zhong Xin’s glasses was criticized that it didn’t have lens on it. All in all, I still think this lakorn is entertaining and starting to shine in its own way including Bomb Tanin *wink*


Q: Some viewers couldn’t see why Nak couldn’t notice Lan Se’s feeling till now.

A: In the novel, Nak is quite a chubby girl, not pretty. Her looks are so simple (Lan Se described Nak’s looks that she could walk in a crowded street and he wouldn’t notice her), nothing like her sweet porcelain-doll sister, Nantaka, at all.

Since young, she got bullied at school mostly because of her looks, so it’s never in her mind that she could be precious to anyone, not to mention the word ‘love’ is not in her dictionary. In Nak’s mind, Lan Se already have the pretty Mei Jing by his side, and her sweet sister in his mind. She could never be compared to both women to waste her time thinking about it.

Later, Lan Se will have a good talk with her father and all will be revealed from both sides.

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  1. How old is Lin Lan Ser actually? Haha.. Ruthainark is just 17. I hope its not pedophile..keke ;P

    • I think ‘popv’ has commented before that their age gap is 10 years difference.

      • Thanks for the info. I just read the whole comments on episode 7. I’m still new with this blog. Found it by googling “cubic ep 8 recap”..hehe..

        However, How did Mina and Puey Lin got together? I actually like this funny couple. Was laughing so hard when mina hit him with a plumber..haha.. Is there a story about Puey Lin? Is his parents dead? I’m hoping for Puey Lin and Lin Lan Ser to be in good terms in the future after knowing that the traitor is yong wen or maybe even bromance..keke..

        I felt sad for Bai Ling. Was hoping she would be pregnant so that Yong Wen wouldnt kill her or when he found out he killed his child he would feel remorse. I hope there would be more interaction between Mei Jing and Jongsin as well. Love this couple as well..hehe..

        Anyway thank u for recapping so fast. I love to read cz its faster than watching the drama and i couldnt handle the suspense any longer.

        How many episodes are there btw?

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    U said theres a novel for this lakorn. Can u tell what the title of the novel is?
    Is it in thai language?

    Im interested to read the novel but if its in thai then i wont be able to read it..hehe

  3. Gracias, ojala y un día hicieras un resumen todo el libro, jejeje, muchas gracias

  4. Thanks a lot for your dedication and hard work. It’s much appreciated here 🙂
    Go and rest, we’ll wait patiently to discover what happened next.

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