Cubic Episode 9

I luff Danny. Hehe.

Episode 9

*After some discussions, will change Pai Lin to ‘Bai Ling’, and Chong Sin to ‘Zhong Xin’ (I just checked,sorry, Yong Wen wife’s name is actually Bai Ling)

Part 1

It’s the funeral of Lan Bai Ling. Yong Wen cries like river. Lan Se pats his shoulder, “I know, you feel sad, but Bai Ling had gone to heaven already.” Pei Aing shakes head seeing Yong Wen, “What’s a weepy.”

Mei Jing says, “My dear Bai Ling, I didn’t think you would leave us so soon. Rest in peace.”

Lan Se and Mei Jing walk back together. Yong Wen looks at them further away, “Lin Lan Se, make sure you take good care of yourself.”

Mei Jing says she couldn’t believe Bai Ling would take an easy way out ending her own life. She talked with her 2-3 days ago about she’s preparing to have a baby so she couldn’t commit suicide only because a woman called Yong Wen on the phone.

LLS: So?

She says Bai Ling was a reasonable woman, she shouldn’t do thing hastily like killing herself.

LLS: Women, when getting jealous, can do every kind of things.”

MJ: Could it be that Bai Ling didn’t commit suicide?

Lan Se stops walking.

LLS: If Bai Ling didn’t kill herself, then who killed her?

MJ: Yong Wen?

LLS: What’s it about that Yong Wen would have to kill Bai Ling?

Mei Jing agrees that it seems Yong Wen love Bai Ling very much so there’s no reason for him to kill her. She says let’s wait until his sadness subsided, she will call him to ask who that women is, the one called him, and she will ask if Yong Wen likes that woman.

Zhong Xin tells Lan Se he has something to talk to him.

LLS: Mei Jing, go wait in the car.

She turns to Zhong Xin complaining that he’s disturbing the sweet time of a couple. She smiles at him and says, “Zhong Xin, the cold.”

After she walked away, Zhong Xin tells Lan Se that there’s news going around that someone is looking for ‘Cubic’.

LLS: You’re thinking that RueTaiNak is not safe?

He nods and suggests Lan Se tell her about ‘Cubic’. Lan Se sighs and says he’s afraid it would be a mess, “RueTaiNak is not like others.”

ZX: But if you don’t tell her, and there’s someone ask her about ‘Cubic’, I’m afraid she will say something different from ours.

LLS: All right, this evening, you tell her to come see me.

ZX: Yes.

LLS: And…send Mei Jing back for me.

ZX: What about you?

LLS: I will go directly to the office. Send her back for me.

Zhong Xin appears  nervous.

LLS: Why?…What is it?

Zhong Xin says none.

Zhong Xin mumbles when he’s alone why it has to be him.

Part 2

Mei Jing teases Zhong Xin in the elevator. He asks why she’s staring at him. She says she just wants to know what he’s thinking. When he says he didn’t think about anything, she says that’s not true. She thinks he’s thinking about her. He asks why he needs to do that. She says may be he’s thinking that she lives alone, is she lonely?

He tells her to stop talking about that. He never has such kind of thought. She says she’s just teasing. She thinks he must have someone in his heart.

MJ: Can you tell me who she is? I really want to see her.


ZX: I have no one.

MJ: Not true. At your age, if you don’t have any woman, then you must be gay. Are you gay? Let me see your phone, are there any photos of your girlfriend? (She snatches his phone away.)

He wants her to give it back but she wants to see it. She tells him not to come near or she will hug him. He stops short.

The elevator door opens so she runs into her room. She locks the door and checks his phone. She gapes when there are only photos of herself.

She looks again and wonders. She opens the door and asks why there are only her photos in his phone.

ZX: Zhong Xin, don’t tell me you secretly like me.

He denies it. She demands the reason of the photos.

ZX: It’s my job. You are Khun Lin’s people. What you do and where, I need to report it to him.

She says is that so, she was glad just now that someone liked her in secret. He asks for his phone back. She says she hopes he won’t sneakily take her picture when she’s changing her clothes.

He gets out of the room so quick and starts deleting her photos. He says he should delete all of it, it won’t be good if Khun Lin sees them.

MJ: Zhong Xin who is so plain, and Lin Lan Se who is so cold. (She smiles wearily.)

Nak yells, “Cubic? I…am Cubic?!”

LLS: That’s right. The reason I came up with ‘Cubic’ is to stop people from looking for you, the person who saved me.

Nak: I am that important?

LLS: You just know that. Whatever any person ask you, just say you don’t know anything.

She nods and moves closer.

Nak: That I know, but I want to ask you one thing. The person who could become ‘Ngao’ (shadow) must be huge, right? That’s why he could give out orders and even advise you.

LLS: Correct.

She gets up.

Nak: In that case, I will give you an order.

LLS: What order?

Nak: I order you to help Meena by telling Pei Aing that she’s Cubic’s woman. Like this, Pei Aing couldn’t do anything, right?

LLS: And why do I need to do that?

She says he had referred to her making her life in danger, “Why can’t ‘Cubic’ ask you just this?!”

He says she’s the most cunning girl. She says that doesn’t call ‘cunning’ but ‘deep intelligence’.

Nak: Don’t change the subject. (She kneels down.) I’m begging you, please help Meena. Please? Don’t let her be in hell alive.

LLS: What if I say no?

She gets up angrily.

Nak: Then I will think that you are the same kind of man as Pei Aing! Mad about sex!….I can’t take it!

Part 3

PA: What? Meena is Cubic’s woman?!

LLS: Yes.

Pei Aing says that couldn’t be. He thinks Lan Se wants to keep his girl to ‘some’ *cough cough*

LLS: Don’t talk ugly. I’m doing a decent talk here.

PA: I will never give Meena to anyone.

LLS: You dare disobey Cubic’s order?

PA: Right! Because I don’t even know if Cubic really exists. The important thing is Meena’s father took my money, 20 millions. If Cubic wants her then bring me the money and I will give back Meena.

LLS: That’s right! Cubic prepared you the money.

Lan Se shows him the money.

PA: I know it’s your money. You want that woman so much to pay 20 millions?

LLS: I suggest you take the money so everything will be done.

PA: No! That could only mean Meena is quite something and worth more than 20 millions. If you want her, I’ll demand 100 millions!…Or, let Cubic come talk to me and I’ll give her for free.

LLS: Come back here, Lin Pei Aing!

PA: No! You can’t force me. Only Cubic I will talk to, and if, in three days, the condition hasn’t been met, you must return Meena to me.

Pei Aing leaves. Lan Se says, “This jerk is not stupid like I thought.”

Meena is worried that Pei Aing didn’t agree to let her go. Nak says he demanded 100 millions. Meena says who will have such amount, she asks if that means she will have to become Pei Aing’s mistress. Nak says she believes there’s a way out. She hugs Meena and says she promise she won’t let her be in hell alive. Meena tells her to promise that she won’t leave her behind. Nak promises.

Nak is nagging Danny.

D: I think you are asking for a trouble. It doesn’t concern you!

Nak argues that Meena is a woman just like her, and if her sister, Pee Nan, is in the same situation, what she would do if they won’t help her.

D: But this girl, is not your sister!

Nak: But Meena is a girl, and she’s Thai like me. Dan, help me think, how can I help Meena? Help Meena, all right?

D: I can’t think (of a way) because I don’t have a hundred million, and you, aren’t you Cubic? Use your clever awesome brain to think about it!

Nak: Dan, don’t be angry. Dan, listen to me first. You must help me. I’m begging you. Dan! Danny! Please!

D: Nop!

At the construction site, Nak recalls that Danny said she’s Cubic.

She comes to see Lan Se at his office.

LLS: Say it. What is it?

Nak suggests he tell Pei Aing the truth that she’s Cubic.

LLS: I can’t do that. I told you already the thing between Cubic and you must remain a secret.

Nak: Then we won’t be able to help Meena.

LLS: Said who?

Nak: You’re going to give Pei Aing a hundred million?!

LLS: I’m not that dump.

Nak: Then what will you do?

LLS: I have my own plan.

Nak: Plan? What plan? Tell me.

LLS: Come closer. I will whisper it to you.

Nak looks around.

Nak: Why whisper, there are only the two of us in this room?

LLS: No, at this moment, everything is unsafe.

Nak: Even in your own room is unsafe?

LLS: Have you ever heard of  ‘windows do have ears, doors do have holes.’ ?

She thinks about it.

LLS: But if you don’t want to know, it’s all right.

She leans over.

Nak: Tell me.

LLS: Closer.

She leans a little more. He says closer. She stretches herself further. He says, “Come closer or others will hear.”

She jumps to the floor next to his sofa.

Nak: Say it.

He leans closer to her until his nose touches her cheek. She’s startles.

LLS: Sorry, my nose is kind of sticking out.

Nak: Just tell me already!

He whispers to her ear. He keeps looking at her. Holding her shoulders, he says, “You haven’t told me yet if my plan is good.” She nods, “It’s good.”

He leans closer and closer so she moves her face back until she falls backwards and cries out. Haha. He sits back properly. Nak says, “What more do you want to tell me?”.

LLS: I wanted to ask…you came here without taking a shower, didn’t you?

Nak: That’s right, I came from work in the construction site. I stink, don’t I? I’m leaving!

She turns back to say next time she will take a bath before coming here. She smells herself and says she doesn’t smell at all, what a crazy man.

LLS: I was just going to say, you smell good.


Part 4

Danny: What? You want me to act like I’m Cubic?

LLS: That’s right. I need your help.

D: You mean you’re begging me?

LLS: I’m not begging you. I will pay you for it. If you don’t help me this time, RueTaiNak will be in trouble.

D: It seems you are very worried about your debtor.

LLS: Stop talking much. I want an answer from you.

D: All right, a man like Lin Lan Se come begging me himself, I can’t not accept it. (He hangs up.)

D: Lin Lan Se, I know what are you thinking.

LLS: If it’s not about RueTaiNak, I will never give you a call, Danny!

Zhong Xin tells Lan Se that if he do that, the problem between him and Pei Aing could get bigger. Lan Se says he do it to repay that girl  for saving his life. Zhong Xin tells him to let go of the debt, if he wants to repay her, wouldn’t it be better to let her go back to Thailand?

Lan Se says 20 millions is not a small amount.

ZX: I know a person like Khun Lin wouldn’t regret losing money but would regret losing RueTaiNak more. Wouldn’t you?

LLS: Why do I have to regret losing her? She’s just a debtor. That kind of look, you think I’ll like it?

ZX: All right, if you don’t like her or regret losing her, I won’t have a thing to say. I just warned you so that the problem between you and Khun Pei Aing wouldn’t get bigger.

LLS: As I said, I’ll do it to repay that girl for saving my life, only for that.

ZX: I understand now and am sorry to bring it up.

LLS: I know you meant well, but if I won’t do anything, I’m afraid it would be too selfish when that girl risked her life to save mine. Can you understand that?

ZX: As I said, I understood.

LLS: If you understand then it’s a relief.

ZX: Relief about what?

LLS: I’m afraid you will think that I’ll do it because I like that girl.

ZX: You told me already that you didn’t like her.

Lan Se walks away. Zhong Xin smiles and says the guy won’t let it out easily.

San Gui feels sad looking at Bai Ling’s photo. Yong Wen smiles thinking of when he told her he could kill everyone who got in his way.

Yong Wen tells San Gui that there’s a meeting at nine o’clock tomorrow at ChaiHong Group. San tells him to go in his place. Yong Wen says it’s the General Meeting and a lot of heads of the divisions will come.

San Gui says he will give Zhong Xin a call that he will let him join the meeting in his place. Yong Wen agrees to go and tells him to take care of his health. He whines about losing Bai Ling. San Gui encourages him to be strong for Bai Lin and he’s his only hope. If something happens to him, their family will be done. Yong Wen promises he will do everything for him and Bai Ling.

Yong Wen gets a call that they found ‘Cubic’. He says thank you very much. San Gui asks who called. He tells him that he ordered the flowers Bai Ling loved, and the flower shop called to tell him they already placed it on Bai Ling’s grave. San Gui thanks him for still loving Bai Ling. Yong Wen lets out a smile behind San Gui’s back.

Part 5

Yong Wen arrives at the place to see Cubic. He asks the guy if he’s Cubic. The guy says, of  course, he’s Lin Lan Se’s Ngao and if they don’t want to die, untie him right away. Yong Wen asks how he can know for sure that he’s really Cubic. The guy challenges him to go ask Lin Lan Se.

Yong Wen asks his lackey where they found him. He says they found him at a pub talking with a night girl that he’s Cubic and could help her with everything.

The guy says, “Yes, Cubic could make everything happen.” and if they release him quickly, he won’t tell Lin Lan Se about it.

Yong Wen says sure. He gets a gun from his lackey and kills the guy on spot (if you are wondering about direct gunfire’s disappearance, my guess is it’s censored.). He punches his lackey’s face yelling that they don’t even know that the guy is just a loose-tongued loved to lure women into sleeping with him. He orders all lackeys to get out there and find Cubic, and anyone who find it, will get one million.

The lackey orders his men to throw the dead body away.

Meena is waiting patiently sitting in front of Lan Se. Pei Aing and his crew march into Lan Se’s building telling the guard to move out of the way, he has an appointment with Lin Lan Se.

Pei Aing walks to Meena and holds her shoulders.

PA: So, what’s the conclusion, Lin Lan Se?

He tells Meena to leave with him because she belongs to him. She calls for Lan Se to help. He says Lan Se won’t have a hundred million to pay for her.

“Stop it! Lin Pei Aing!”

PA: Whose voice was that? Who shouted at me to stop just now? But it’s not your voice for sure, Lin Lan Se.

A man comes out. It’s Danny.

D: I’m the one, Cubic!

PA: Cubic? You are Cubic? Danny Tapier.

Dan says he’s Lin Lan Se’s Ngao. Pei Aing laughs at them. He won’t believe it. Danny tells him to be courteous talking to him. Pei Aing tells him to shut up, he’s just a boy so what knowledge or skills he has to give Lan Se any advice.

Nak looks at them from the corner.

Pei Aing says Danny could only be a ‘Cupid’ shooting arrows to girls. Haha.

Nak says, “Danny, will that work?”

LLS: You don’t forget, do you, whose son Danny is?

D: Yes, my father is Carlos Tapier and I was the one planned for Lin Lan Se to send RueTaiNak to talk with my father, until my father agreed to sign the contract with ChaiHong Group.

PA: Are you saying the success came from you?

LLS: Yes, and Danny was the one planned everything for my escape from those gunmen.

PA: You mean you knew ahead of time there would be an ambush to kill Lin Lan Se?

D: Correct! You think Lin Lan Se got away from 20 gunmen was due to luck, no, it was me telling him the plan to escape. Isn’t that right, Lin Lan Se?

LLS: Yes. Danny was the one told me, the one who was behind it.!

Pei Aing is stunned.

Part 6

Nak prays that Lin Pei Aing believes it.

LLS: So that should be enough to make you believe it, right?

Pei Aing says it could be that they prepared to tell the story along side each other. Meena tells him to believe them. It’s  Danny who planned for her to cut her wrist and run out of the hospital. He also told her he’s Cubic and would send her back to Thailand.

Nak cheers her on.

Lan Se says that’s quite enough already. Danny tells Pei Aing that Meena is his woman now so he should leave. He calls Meena to come over. Pei Aing stops her saying she won’t go anywhere.

LLS: Pei Aing, what you’re doing is against the rule. You must respect Cubic’s decision.

Pei Aing says he doesn’t care and even if Danny really is Cubic, he’s Lan Se’s Ngao not his, thus, he doesn’t have to listen to his order. He’s pulling Meena along with him. She calls Lan Se to help her.

LLS: (Hand hit table) Stop it, Lin Pei Aing!

Lan Se jumps in and tells Pei Aing to let go of her. When Pei Aing won’t do it, Lan Se uses his inner power (ha) to stop him…eh…then a dated old-fashioned Kung Fu fight ensued *facepalm*

*In the novel, Pei Aing just left Meena with them, he didn’t dare go against Cubic’s authority. No Kang Fu fighting happened whatsoever.

Lan Se knocks him down unconscious. He wants to beat him up some more but Meena calls for a stop to it, saying Pei Aing won’t be able to fight with him. Lan Se steps aside. Meena rushes to call Pei Aing to wake up.

Nak smiles and runs to Lan Se to say he’s the coolest thing ever, thumps up!

Danny sees Meena’s reaction and gets confused. He looks at Nak, in a low voice, he asks, “What’s this?”. Nak shakes her head whispering back that she doesn’t know either.

Part 7

Nak: Well, Lin Lan Se is so wise to choose you to be Cubic.

D: You should thank me more, more than praising that guy.

Nak: Of course, I thank you too. I plan to treat you big time.

D: No need! I did it because Lin Lan Se came begging me himself.

Nak: Lin Lan Se begged you?

D: Of course, he even kneeled down, didn’t you know?

Nak: Lin Lan Se kneeled down and begged you?!

D: (Smiles) Of course.

Lan Se walks into the room.

LLS: I have to thank you to be Cubic for me.

They shake hands.

D: I did it because I felt for girls, don’t want them to become a mistress of any lecherous man.

Lan Se pulls his hand out of his. LOL.

Nak praises Lan Se that he’s the coolest and tells him to teach her martial arts.

LLS: All right, at this moment, Meena is Cubic’s girl. I will find a safe house for her to stay.

Nak: Actually, you can let Meena stay with me, because, I’m the real CUBIC.

LLS: No! We’ve already told Pei Aing that Danny is Cubic.

D: Then that means, Meena must stay with me.

Nak: No, Danny. I won’t trust you.

D: You think I will do anything to that girl?

Nak: Will do or not, a woman shouldn’t stay with a man.

Lan Se says Meena won’t stay with anyone, she has to stay alone for a while, and when the time is right, he will send her back to her family in Thailand.

Lan Se puts an envelope on the table.

LLS: Here, Danny, the payment in return for your helping me this time.

Danny picks it up and says, let’s say he won’t accept it, he told him already he did it for humanity sake. Lan Se says then he has to thank him again.

D: All right, now that the business is done, I’m going.

Nak: Wait, Danny. Why do you have to hurry?

D: What do you want me to stay for? It’s all done.

She says she told him already that she would treat him big time today. He asks if she really means it. She says yep. He puts his arm around her and says, in that case, it’s an okay. She smiles and tells him to go wait outside first, she wants to talk to Lin Lan Se some more. He tells her not to take too much time looking at Lan Se, then leaves.

Nak turns to Lan Se and says thank you so much for helping Meena. He says he did it because he owned her saving his life and now they are even, he will help her no more about anything.

Nak: I know that. You are not the kind to let anyone take advantage of you. I’m going.

LLS: Did I give you the permission to leave?

Nak: What do you want me to stay for? All is done.

He asks if she forgot she still owns him around ten millions.

Nak: I didn’t forget!

LLS: When you are in debt, you must work to pay for it.

Nak: What work?

He shows her a document.

LLS: Translate this document came from Thailand.

Nak: But I had an appointment with Danny.

LLS: Get out there and tell that guy, that you have an urgent work to do.

Nak: But I…

LLS: No ‘but’, this is my order!

Nak: All right!

She gets out to tell Danny.

D: Let’s go!

Nak: I can’t go, Dan, sorry.

D: What did you say?

Nak: Lin Lan Se has some urgent work for me to do.

D: What work?

Nak: Translating a document from Thailand.

Danny shouts, “I think, that dude, is picking on us!”

Nak doesn’t see how that could be for.

D: He doesn’t you to come eat with me!

Nak: Why wouldn’t he want me to go eat with you?

D: He must be jealous!

Nak: Jealous? Dan, are you crazy? Why would he be jealous of me? He really has some work.

He grabs her arm, “Get in there and tell that guy that you won’t do it!”

She reminds him that she’s his debtor.

D: But I helped you with Meena too!

Nak: Dan, please don’t make me feel guilty, my lovely Danny (pinching his cheeks), all right? We will eat together tomorrow. Please, help me.

D: You are always like this.

She smiles and hugs him, “Now it’s more like you, my lovely Danny! Thank you.”

Lan Se sees them hugging, “RueTaiNak, you have a lot of work waiting.”

Nak: I’m sorry! (turns to Dan) I will have to go, see you tomorrow, all right?

Dan nods. Nak gets into the room. Danny looks at Lan Se.

D: I know, what are you thinking.

Then he dances his steps away and leaves. Lan Se smirks looking at him.

A big meal is prepared for two in Lan Se’s suite. He sits down to eat. Nak asks him which document for her to translate.

LLS: Eat first, do it later.

Nak: You told me it’s urgent.

LLS: Urgent. But eat first, do it later.

Nak: But I…

LLS: Don’t talk much. I told you to eat so eat!

Nak: You eat first, I will eat later.

LLS: No, sit down.

She sighs and sits down. She starts eating. He gives her some food on her plate and puts some soup in a bowl and hands it to her.

Nak: You eat it. I can do it myself.

LLS: Why? I did it for you, so you can’t swallow?

Nak: No, it’s not.

She take it and he smiles.

LLS: Delicious?

Nak: Very much.

LLS: Delicious, so eat a lot.

She nods. He looks at her.

Nak: Why are you looking at me?

LLS: Nothing, looking at you eating…it looks delicious.

Nak: It’s really delicious.

LLS: Then, tomorrow, I will take you to a really delicious restaurant.

Nak: I can’t go. I have work to do.

LLS: First word is work, second word is also work.

Nak: If I don’t work, where will I find the money to pay back the debt?

LLS: Let’s do this. I will reduce the amount of debt if you accompany me to eat.

Nak beams.

Nak: That’s great. I get to eat good food and pay back the debt at the same time! Truly?

LLS: True. Have I ever  been joking talking to you?

OMG…Lan Se beats around the bush wooing a girl. Haha.

Mei Jing walks into the room.

Part 8

Mei Jing is so surprised to see Nak with Lan Se.

MJ: I thought you were eating by yourself.

Nak greets her and asks if she wants to join the meal too, she will get a plate for her. Mei Jing nods. Nak quickly gets up to get her a plate. Lan Se is displeased to see Nak running to do the chore. Mei Jing sits down on the chair Nak sat earlier.

MJ: What were you thinking to have a girl joined your dining table?

LLS: RueTaiNak came to help me with work.

MJ: I know about that, but you never ate your meal with anyone except Zhong Xin…and me.

LLS: I have an urgent work and didn’t want to waste time so I had RueTaiNak eat while talking to me about work.

Nak comes back with a set of plate. She arranges it for Mei Jing and tells them to enjoy the meal.

MJ: What about you?

Nak: I’m filled up already and need to hurry go back to work. Please enjoy the meal.

Nak walks away.

MJ: Here, I will get you some soup.

They talk while eating. Nak looks at them and smiles. Mei Jing kisses her cheek. Nak covers her eyes with her both hands yet takes a peek at them through her fingers. He turns to see her watching. Nak smiles and sends him a kiss to tease him. He gives her a glare.

At the living room, Nak is working while Lan Se is reading a newspaper. Mei Jing sits on a sofa nearby. Nak comes to give him the last document. He takes it and says thank you. He nods when she says she will leave now. Nak says good-bye to Mei Jing.

MJ: You are all done with work?

Nak: I have to hurry go to the construction site to work. If I’m late, my foreman will scold me bad. I’m going now.

MJ: See you later.

Nak waves good-bye to Lan Se.

MJ: Your subordinate is so cute and works diligently. You should reduce the amount of debt for her.

LLS: If you like her, you can pay back the loan for her.

She smiles and says he has quite a sharp-torqued. Zhong Xin gets into the room and stops short seeing Mei Jing. He wants to leave but Lan Se stops him and asks what it is.

MJ: What is it, Zhong Xin? You saw me so you wanted to leave.

Zhong Xin says he thought they were in the mid of some important conversation.

LLS: What is it?

ZX: I met Khun RueTaiNak outside, she said she’s done translating the document for you so I came to take it.

LLS: Here, you check it again.

Zhong Xin sits down and reads the document.

MJ: Why did you have Zhong Xin take my pictures in secret?

Wide-eyed Zhong Xin perks up.

LLS: Take pictures in secret? What pictures, Zhong Xin?

Zhong Xin says it’s the pictures when Khun Mei Jing was on the cover of the magazines. He thought it’s pretty so he took some pictures of it, in case, Khun Lin would want to see it.

LLS: So that’s it.

MJ: Which one you loved the most looking at it?

LLS: I never take a look at it.

MJ: Zhong Xin, why didn’t you let Khun Lin see it?

ZX: I saw him very busy and has no time.

MJ: Give it to me. I will let him look at it which one he would love the most.

He says he didn’t bring it today. His phone fell into the water so it’s sent to the service center to be fixed. She asks if that could mean all the pictures are now disappeared. He says he’s sure about that.

Mei Jing tells Lan Se that Zhong Xin took a lot of her pictures.

LLS: You took a lot of her pictures, Zhong Xin?

ZX: Not many.

Mei Jing says there were many, all were beautiful. Zhong Xin gets up to leave to take care of the document. Lan Se nods allowing him to leave.

Mei Jing complains that Zhong Xin took many pictures and wouldn’t let anyone see it, may be he wants to see it by himself.

LLS: May be he’s your fan-club.

She says her FC are only teenagers, none at this old age.

LLS: Or may be Zhong Xin secretly likes you.

MJ: Zhong Xin secretly likes me? What if he does, what will you have a say on that?

LLS: What’s there to say, it’s your business.

MJ: You won’t be jealous of me?

LLS: Why will I when it’s love? If he really likes you, I think I should be happy and give you to him, so your hope will be fulfilled finally meeting a man who truly loves you.

Aww…so sad.

MJ: Lin Lan Se, you are so cruel.

She walks out of the room. Lan Se is indifferent seeing her reaction.

Part 9

Mei Jing bumps into Zhong Xin outside and gets angry.

MJ: You again, Zhong Xin!

ZX: I’m sorry. I didn’t notice.

MJ: Didn’t notice? Let me ask you this, a person with a face like mine, won’t you be interested to really look at her?

ZX: Looks like you fought with Khun Lin again.

MJ: That’s right. Do you want to know what we fought about?

ZX: …

MJ: About you!

ZX: What it had to do with me?

MJ: I asked him what if you secretly liked me and what he would say.

ZX: Why did you ask a thing like that? I think…

MJ: You stop talking. Do you know what he said? He would give me to you!

ZX: I think it’s just his tease. Don’t be angry at him.

MJ: I won’t step foot on this place anymore. Tell him that!

She leaves.

ZX: Khun Lin, how you could say such thing.

A lady comes to tell him that Khun Lin calls for him.

LLS: Zhong Xin, sit down. I have an important thing to talk to you.

ZX: An important thing? What is it?

LLS: Find a safe house for that girl, Meena.

ZX: Yes.

LLS: Also, send our trusted men to protect for her safety.

ZX: Yes.

LLS: Wait, Zhong Xin. Did you see Mei Jing just now?

ZX: Yes, I did.

LLS: Do you know what she asked me just now?

ZX: Eh…

LLS: She asked me what if you liked her, what I would say.

ZX: I think you shouldn’t tease her like that, she would be sad.

LLS: I didn’t tease her. I mean it. I told her if you liked her, I would give her to you.

ZX: I think, let’s not talk about this.

LLS: It’s the truth, Zhong Xin. You’ve been very good to me being with me all this time. Just this matter, why wouldn’t I be able to do it for you?

ZX: I…

LLS: I know. You don’t like a woman the kind like Mei Jing’s. Right?

ZX: Yes.

LLS: The truth is, I had hoped you would say you like her, you know that? Because I want Mei Jing to get out of my life already.

Zhong Xin just gets up and leaves quietly.

LLS: Zhong Xin, I…

Lan Se turns to see an empty sofa. He smiles, “The guy left already.”

Zhong Xin looks uncomfortable. A receptionist asks if he’s all right. He says, he’s fine, he’s just thinking about some work.

Nak packs some clothes for Meena (as if she has a lot). Tomorrow Zhong Xin will come to take her to the safe house. Meena begs to stay with her. Nak says Lan Se told her it’s not safe for her here, and according to their game, she has to live with Cubic.

MN: What’s Cubic?

Shush! Don’t tell her, Nak!

Nak: You don’t have to know. If anyone asks you, just say you are Cubic’s girl. Understand?

Meena nods. She wonders aloud how Lin Pei Aing is now. Nak says, of course, turned mushy like porridge from punches, elbows, kicks and feet.

MN: Actually, he’s the pitied kind.

Nak: You feel sad for him when he almost raped you?

MN: He’s not that bad. If he wanted to rape me, he could do it on the first day.

Nak recalls Meena’s worry for Pei Aing that day.

Nak: Meena! Let me ask you seriously. You don’t like (fall for) him, do you?

MN: No, I don’t like him.

Nak: Then why you have to be so worried about him like this?

MN: As I said, he’s not that bad.

Nak: Good! Let me tell you, don’t ever fall in love with those mafias, or you could end up in hell alive. I’m going to take a bath now.

Meena looks out the window and wonders, “How is he now?”


Many things to turn a blind eye in this lakorn, yet I’m still hooked. The sweet scenes between a huge mafia guy and a teenager were quite refreshing. The story stays solid imo, it’s the production that turned a big mafia organization into simply a group of gangsters in town. Bomb’s acting was not great but serviceable if only the director tried hard enough to bring the best out of the whole cast, if only….


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  1. Dear friends, you may use my translation anywhere and there’s no need to credit me either (let me sleep in my cave in peace^^ ). Once it’s here, it’s all yours to share. I’m warning you though, it’s not perfect. When I’m not in the mood, some words may appear out of nowhere. Hahaha…..
    Viki fighting! I always put myself at ease knowing each lakorn is in good hands.

  2. I don’t get Lan Ser. Why can’t he just tell Mie Jin to back off? Yes, he’s harsh enough but sometime you need to be direct. How the hell he thinks Nark could take him seriously if Mie Jin can appear and kiss him freely while he perfectly aware how Nark is good girls and dense?

    Thanks for your recap, you’re our saver!
    p.s. God forbid! All the action scenes are SO ridiculous. The director probably on drugs if he released those measly action sences.

  3. Thank you so much! It’s simply hilarious seeing the old-fashioned kungfu scene. I couldn’t help giggling when i see the big sized Lin Lanser flipping through the air. By the way, would there be any scene of Ruthainark appearing pretty and impressing Lin Lanser? I am just longing to see her pretty self.

  4. Hmm…are you subbing for Viki? It seems like their subs are much faster after you start writing ep summary and their subs are similar to yours. If not, did they credit you?

  5. Lin Lan Ser and Nak are so cute! I can’t stop laughing, hehe….

  6. Expose him, Mei Jing! And I have to say I’m starting to ship her with ZX now after watching this ep. Thanks for translating 🙂

    • Yep, me too. It such a shame that in the novel nothing happens between them. they both deserve happiness. Maybe the production will surprise us and make few changes for fanservice? (wishful think, I know…)

      • I have used google translator to translate manager summary online and I know what happened to Mei Jing.

        However, I do not wish Mei Jing to be with Zhong Xin as it means that he is not loyal to LLS. In those HK mafia movie, there is a never good ending if the subordinate fall for the leader’s woman.

        • Why is it indicative of a lack of loyalty?
          After all, LenSer himself said he would be happy to give Mie Jin to Zhong Xin, so what’s so wrong about him accept the offer? (assuming OF COURSE that Mie Jin willing to. I hate when “big” man force someone to do something against their will).
          I don’t familiar with this culture, so I’m not trying to be clever or justify Zhong Xin’s crash, but I thought that love has different rules, even in Hong Kong. Apparently I was wrong ..

          Rox, please share wuth me what happened to Mei Jin.

      • I hope they’ll get a happy ending together, the writers can probably make it work and still have ZX stay loyal to LLS.

      • Personally, when I was reading the novel, I loved more the bonding between Zhong Xin and Nak. For example, Nak was in Lan Se’s suite lying all the papers around on the floor, trying to figure out some clue. When Zhong Xin got in the room and saw all those papers, he would ask what she’s doing. Nak said, “Don’t step on it!” Zhong Xin walked straight ahead stepping his feet all the way on her papers and Nak would think, “I knew it!” Haha.

  7. Wow…you are super fast. Shall waits patiently. I manage to figure some of the conversation and shall waits your summary to see whether did I understand it.

    I guess Danny knows LLS likes Nak and he tease him by being friendly with Nak. Love Danny.

    LLS is so funny ask Nak to come nearer to him coz he has something to tell him. Nak was saying something like there is no one in the room so why you can’t tell. Nak….I guess everyone in the world has its shortfall.

    Once again, thank you.

  8. You can’t see me but I’m totally doing a happy dance 😀 Thank you!

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