Jao Sao Salatan Episode 22 (Final)

I’m sorry to jump ahead but I think the last bits was kind of cute. I’m not sure what the heck was going on skipping so many episodes, so bear with me 🙂

Episode 22

 Janya says if they don’t want Khem to die, Chanon must marry her and when the wedding is done, she will tell them where Khem is. Chanon says let him think about it.

Chanon tells Yong and Yothin that they have no other choice if they want to get Khem back. Yothin says but Janya is a crazy woman. Chanon asks if he doesn’t want his wife back (he thinks Khem is Yothin’s wife).


They arrange for the wedding and Janya loves it. Chanon reminds her about the promise. Janya gets angry that he loves Khem so much, and how he could forget Kwanta. Yothin assures Janya that once he found Khem, he will take her back to Rayong and won’t be coming back.

Janya talks to a Barbie doll like it’s Kwanta. She asks if Kwan is happy for her that her dream is coming true. She says, “What? Khem? I will never tell Khun Non where she is. She must die here…”.


Yothin comes visit Nin at the hospital. Preeya asks him if Nin will become a sleep beauty, she didn’t wake up yet. He tells her to talk to Nin, may be Nin will fight and wake up. He, too, will find Khem no matter what.

Yothin comes back to his condo only to find Poo waiting. Poo says he came to take Khem home. He thinks she stayed in that guy’s house for too long. Yothin glares at Ping who says Poo asked him when he was drunk. Hehe.

They all come to Chanon’s house. Poo says he came to take his granddaughter back. Yothin moves his hands behind Poo telling Chanon not to tell Poo about it. Chanon says Khem disappeared and he’s trying to locate her. Poo points a gun at Chanon.

bscap0004 bscap0005

Yothin and Ping try to calm Poo down. Chanon says he will let Poo shoot him if he can’t find Khem, and asks for just one more day. Poo wants to report it to the police but Chanon stops him. Yothin tells Poo that Janya is a crazy woman and they are trying to make her tell them Khem’s whereabouts.

Poo agrees to wait at the condo. He tells Chanon if something happens to Khem,  it will be his life to repay it.

Janya (holding a Barbie doll) and Chanon enter the small wedding ceremony. She tells Chint that the doll is Kwanta. Ment sneaks in for some sweets.

Ment takes the sweets to his mother (Montha’s picture). Is she dead?

bscap0008 bscap0009

Khem wakes up and realizes she’s tied up so she cries out. Ment hears her and gets scared thinking it’s a ghost. He looks around and finds his NangFah. He unties the ropes for her.

Ment takes Khem out. Chanon rushes to her. Ment says he found her tied up in the storage room. Janya grabs a knife wanting to stab Khem but it slashes Chanon’s arm instead.

bscap0015 bscap0016

Janya screams seeing Chanon injured. She says she loves him and didn’t mean to hurt him. She looks at Khem and says Khem destroyed her dream.

Everyone helps take the knife out of Janya’s hand and the rehab’s staff come at the right time to take her away.

bscap0018 bscap0017

After they take Janya away, Khem faints.

Khem wakes up and calls Paen. She asks how Chanon is that he was stabbed. She wants to see for herself that he’s all right. Yong tells Khem that it’s just a scratch on his arm and tells her where he is now.

bscap0019 bscap0020

Poo and Ping come to take her home. She asks him for ten minutes to say good-bye to Chanon but Poo doesn’t allow it. Yothin tells her that Poo wasn’t sleeping/eating well so she should do what he wants. Khem says sorry to Poo.

Chanon is by the pool thinking about Khem and him in the past. Yong rushes to tell him that Khem already left. He says he knows because Yothin called him earlier. Yong is disappointed that he won’t go after her. Chanon says it’s good that way.

Bandit already gained back his consciousness. He asks his wife if she knows that their daughter is in love. She asks who he is. He says it’s Khun Chanon. She says her guess was right and asks how he knew about it. He says Khem confessed to him but his father (Poo) wouldn’t allow it. AingOn says she will find a way to help her daughter.

bscap0021 bscap0022

Just when Bandit asks AingOn if they can get back together and become a family again, Poo shows up. Poo asks his son if he hasn’t learned his lesson. Khem pulls AingOn away from Poo so he asks if she’s taking her mother’s side. Bandit suddenly has a severe headache and cries out in pain. Khem tells her mother to leave first.

The doctor tells Poo that since AingOn come visit him, Bandit’s conditions improved everyday. Khem tells Poo to believe the doctor but he tells her to stop talking. It’s because of the medicine.

Yothin and Khem apologize to Poo. Poo asks Khem if she remembers their promise. When outside, Yothin asks Khem what she promised Poo. She says it’s about her mom, it’s nothing. Khem cries and hugs him asking if they can still be brother/sister like before, saying she loves him.

He smiles and asks how she could regret it now. He tells her not to think he will change his mind when he’s awesomely handsome like this. Khem laughs.

bscap0024 bscap0026

Poo comes visit Bandit and sees he’s holding his family’s picture on his chest. Poo comes to see AingOn.

Preeya talks to an unconscious Nin that her friend told her to keep talking. She wants to start over with her life. Nin moves her hand and opens her eyes. The doctor comes with Chanon. They are happy.

Khem sees that her mother  is with her father so she wants her to get out or Poo will scold her. AingOn says Poo already gave her the permission. Flashback, Poo says he allows her to look after Bandit, not because he gets softened but for the sake of his son’s conditions.

Present, AingOn tells Khem that she can’t come here everyday now because she’s busy decorating her shop. Khem asks what she’s going to do. AingOn just smiles.


Nin, Preeya and Ment join the table for the meal smilingly, while Chanon doesn’t come down. Ment says he knows the reason, Chanon is missing  Pee NangFah. Preeya comes to see Chanon in his room. She says if he missed Khem, just go see her. Preeya lets out that Khem didn’t get married. He asks what she just said. She says Yothin told her that.

Yong overhears it and tells Paen. They rejoice. Yong is happy that finally his master is sold.

Nin barges into Chanon study and tells him to go to Khem and tell her that he loves her, or propose to her. He asks if she doesn’t hate Khem anymore. She says she does but people in this house: Yong, Paen, Ment, they all want that tomboy here. Chanon thanks her touching her head.


She says in the past, she always thought of only her own happiness and didn’t think about others. She tells him to do things for his own happiness from now and she won’t stop him anymore. He says he wants to do that too, but her grandfather doesn’t welcome him.

He gets a call that a customer wants to join their spa franchise, and wants to talk to only him. It’s AingOn waiting for him. She greets him that they meet again.

AingOn calls Khem to the hotel. She and Ping come to the hotel. When Khem sees that Chanon is coming, she hides behind a board. AingOn ask Ping where Khem is. He says it seems she went out for some coffee (motion his head in Khem’s direction). Chanon tells them to go out for some coffee together.

bscap0135 bscap0139

Khem takes a peek if they left already. Someone pats her shoulder. She says she knows already that they left. Chanon bends down to ask, “Who had left?”.

She gets up and sees it’s Chanon. He asks why she had to hide from him. She says she didn’t hide (grabbing a sandpaper), she’s actually working. She asks why he came back here. He asks if she doesn’t know that her mother bought his franchise so he had to come see the location. She mumbles why her mother didn’t tell her. He says he has something to talk to her. She says she’s busy, they can talk here. He pulls her outside.

Khem yells at him that she already has a husband and it will be bad for her if someone sees them. Chanon asks, “Then tell me where is Khun Yothin? I want to invite him for dinner. Since he got married, I haven’t congratulate him yet.”

Khem says it’s all right, he won’t mind. Chanon says but he do mind. He tells her to call Yothin here now. She makes a bargain that she will talk with Yothin and tell him the date later because Yothin is very busy now. Chanon nods like asking, is that true?

He looks behind her and greets Yothin. She says this gag she used all the time, it can’t fool her. Yothin comes behind and tells her that Chanon already knew the truth.

Khem looks at him and asks how he could be here. Chanon says because he knew that she wouldn’t concede easily so he asked Yothin to come and confirm it. He says thank you to Yothin.

bscap0038 bscap0039

Khem gets angry that they join together to fool her, it’s not funny. She walks away. Chanon follows her. Yothin gets a call from Preeya.

bscap0040 bscap0042

Chanon follows Khem and shouts, “You, naughty girl, shall we date?” Khem stops and asks what he just said, she couldn’t hear it.

Chanon: “I will say it just once. I want to date you. Do you agree?”

Khem: “What? Didn’t you say we were friends?”

Chanon: “Can’t a friend change into a girlfriend?”

He turns her to him and holds her hands.

Chanon: “I don’t want to sleep alone anymore. I…” Aww….

bscap0043 bscap0045

Poo and Ping show up. Poo tells her to go home. Ping tells Khem he didn’t want to tell but Poo threatened him with bullets. Haha.

Khem quickly tells Chanon what they talked just now, they finished the conversation already and let’s live each own life. Khem takes Poo home. Chanon is disappointed.

bscap0046 bscap0049

Preeya comes to Rayong and Yothin is delighted. She wants to get a job here, a hotel personal if that’s possible. He says he will help her find the job, his father is well-known around here. She can ask around, no one wouldn’t know that his dad is rich.

AingOn tells Bandit that she took his future son-in-law to see his daughter already but she’s not sure about the outcome. Bandit says if his body is stronger than this, he will object to his father’s idea.

She tells him not to worry, she’s much stronger now. If she had endured the hardships some more in the past, their family wouldn’t turn out this way. He holds her hand and asks her to let him help building their family together with her once again. She smiles. Chanon walks to them looking weary.

bscap0141 bscap0140

Khem tells Poo that she didn’t mean to go see him. It’s a coincident. Ping asks Khem what she will do about it. She says she promised Poo and if she doesn’t do it, she’ll be a dog (useless person).

Chanon asks AingOn what the promise is. She says when Khem asked Poo to go help him in Bangkok, Khem promised Poo that she wouldn’t see him again. He asks what he should do. AingOn tells Chanon to ask himself how much he loves Khem.

bscap0054 bscap0053

Chanon comes to see Poo. Poo tells Ping to chase the guest out. Khem overhears him. Chanon says his feeling for his granddaughter is truly sincere so please let them date.

Poo praises his straightforwardness, but he has to decline because he doesn’t want Khem to have the same husband with her elder sister. Chanon asks if it’s only this reason that he disliked him. Poo says for an old-fashioned like him, this kind of thing is embarrassing. Chanon argues that he thought Poo would think about his grandchild’s happiness first.

Poo calls Khem to step out. He tells her to tell him if she loves him or not. Khem turns to Chanon and says she can’t date him because she never loves him.

Chanon: “But I love Khem, love her very much, loved her for the longest time now. If you have a heart of a gangster man, you have give me a chance to prove myself, and if I’m too weak and useless, I’m willing to leave.”

Poo: “Then, for one round, let’s compete.”

At the beach, Khem couldn’t believe Poo want her to compete driving a boat with Chanon. Poo says, “Even though my grandchild is a women, she has a heart made of steel like a man. Whoever will become her husband, must be stronger so that he will be able to provide her.”

bscap0057 bscap0058

Khem and Ping protest that the competition is unfair. Khem says Chanon even gets seasick in the sea. Poo asks Chanon if he will accept the challenge, and if he wins over Khem, he will let them date, but if he loses, he must get out of his granddaughter’s life right away. Ping waves behind Poo telling Chanon not to accept it. Ping warns Chanon that he definitely will be defeated.

Chanon agrees to the challenge and asks for one day to learn how to drive the boat. Poo tells Ping to teach him. Khem leaves with Poo. Chanon asks Ping if he can learn in one day. Ping doesn’t look like it’s good idea.

bscap0059 bscap0063

Ping complains that Chanon couldn’t even start the engine, how he could win. Chanon says he can do it. The engine started and off they go.


Khem looks at them worriedly. Ping yells at Chanon not to make a turn but it’s too late. Ping falls into the sea. Haha. Khem thinks of how he confessed his love in front of Poo. She looks at the ring and says he must do well.

Khem sits and cries. She asks Ping why it hurts so much. He says Chanon knows how to drive the boat already. She says Poo meant for him to lose. Ping suggests her drive her boat slowly and let Chanon win.

She asks if he thinks her Poo is stupid. What he did, he didn’t give Chanon a chance to fight, but give a chance for her to drive him away herself. She sympathizes with Chanon. Ping looks at her. She asks why looking, she ‘s not crying. He says she didn’t cry but her cheeks are all wet. He tells Khem to be strong and cries himself.


AingOn says Poo didn’t think how hurt Khem would be to defeat Chanon when she doesn’t want to. She says to Chanon that he doesn’t have to accept the challenge but Bandit wants him to try.

bscap0066 bscap0067

And the competition begins, the rule is the person who could reach the buoy and come back first will be the winner.

Poo threatens Khem if she tries to let Chanon win, he will call Chanon a defeated party right away. Chanon tell Khem no need to help him, he wants to win by himself. Khem assures Poo that she has enough spirit of an athlete so she won’t resort to any kind of tricks.

Ping asks Chanon if he already took the medicine for seasickness. Chanon nods. Ping shakes his hand and gets ready. Chanon and Khem smile at each other.

bscap0069 bscap0070

bscap0072 bscap0074

Chanon and Khem set sail on each boat. For a while, there’s a big wave coming and Khem could handle it but Chanon falls into the sea.

Khem jumps into the water to find him. Poo orders Ping to take another boat out to get him. Khem helps Chanon to shore (why Chanon didn’t wear a life jacket?).

bscap0076 bscap0080

Ping gets angry at Poo, what if Chanon died. He doesn’t know how to drive the boat. Ping sympathizes with him. Poo says Ping dare cursing him.

Khem asks Poo to cancel the competition because Chanon won’t have enough strength now. Chanon says he wants to do it again. Khem begs Poo.

Poo says he doesn’t have the mood to watch the competition anymore. It’s like kids doing it, what a useless. He tells Khem to take Chanon to the doctor, then he tells Ping to go back with him.

Ping asks Poo what he meant to let Khem take Chanon to the doctor. Poo says to Chanon, “If you are sincere, bring your elders for a talk.” Ping is delighted that it means Poo allow Chanon and Khem to get married. Khem hugs Chanon totally happy.

bscap0084 bscap0083

Chanon covers Khem’s eyes and takes her to the tree they came before. She threatens if he uncovers her eyes and there’s no surprise, she will smack him. He sits her down and kneels down. He lets her take the cloth off her eyes.

bscap0086 bscap0087

She asks why kneeling down. She says, “I’m telling you. Don’t do those cheesy things others love to do. I won’t think it’s touching.”

Chanon asks, “What do you want me to do then?”

bscap0088 bscap0092

She holds out her hand and says just put it on, as easy as that. He says, what a girl, this kind of thing should do it romantically.

Khem says the way he confessed his love for her in front of Poo, that was the coolest thing ever for her. He puts the ring on her finger and sees there’s another ring he gave her on her another finger too.


He asks if she still has the ring he gave her. She says he gave her two rings so she just thought she could sell it later when she grown old so she would live comfortably for whole life.

Chanon sighs, “I know you are not the sweet kind, but can’t you say something to make me feel good for once?”

bscap0095 bscap0097

She grabs his hand and says, “Thank you for loving me. I just realize how good love is.”

Chanon smiles from ear to ear. He says but it’s not all he had planned. He says after he puts the wedding ring on her finger, he should ‘jub jib’ her for 3 times. She asks what that is. He asks if she couldn’t remember when he pretended to be allergic to those sweet shells, and they…’jub jib’ each other. It’s the word she said herself. He asks if she’s already forgotten it. She gets up and says she didn’t say it, he remembers it wrongly.

He holds her close and kisses her.

bscap0102 bscap0100

It’s wedding time. Ping says to Poo he hopes he doesn’t have to buy an elephant glue this time.

Poo asks what’s for. He says to mend their broken-faces, just in case (referring to Yothin’s previous wedding). He says they arranged the wedding for the third time already.

bscap0103 bscap0105

AingOn takes Bandit out to receive the guests. Poo asks why she takes Bandit out here. She says the doctor said it would be good for him to take a walk. Poo says just do what they want since he’s getting old. Ping assures them that Poo ordered the room be cleaned for her the other day to live in. She excuses herself to check on Khem.

Nin chases after Ment who doesn’t want to take off the school uniform. Ment says go to school is fun and he can answer all the questions the teacher asked him. Chanon is happy for him.

bscap0107 bscap0110

Nin sees Preeya come with Yothin. Preeya tells Nin she wants to forget things in the past first. Yothin tells Nin that he’s watching over Preeya so she doesn’t have to worry.

Nin pulls Preeya over for a talk. She asks why they came together. Preeya says they are just friends but not sure in the future. It will be a long time before she can forget Chanon. Nin says she can do it for sure.

Chanon walks to Yothin. Yothin tells him to take good care of Khem. Chanon says he’s not sure too whether or not he will become a sandbag for her to practice everyday.

Yothin says then he (himself) got lucky to get away from it. He wishes him good luck. Chanon says thank you. They shake their hands. Yothin pats Chanon’s shoulder saying once he takes the beating often enough, he will get used to it. Chanon says he hopes that too. Haha.

bscap0111 bscap0112

bscap0115 bscap0117

The bride comes down. Chanon kisses her cheek softly. A man comes in and tells them that some newbies at the dock picked a fight.


Khem calls Ping to come with her and runs out. Chanon follows her. Poo laughs that that’s more like his granddaughter. He tells the guests to relax, the bride and groom need to take care of some business and will be back soon.

bscap0120 bscap0123

They arrive at the dock. Chanon wants to take care of it himself since she’s wearing such dress. Khem takes off the skirt and she’s wearing shorts underneath. She asks if this is cool enough. He smiles and says let’s go. They fight together until those men run away.

They stand together at the dock finally.

bscap0126 bscap0125

Chanon: “Can I ask you one thing?”

Khem: “For Khun Samee, I can give you many things.”

Chanon: “After today, please lower your boldness. I don’t want to have a gangster wife. Just think when you get pregnant holding a pole poking those rascals, I sympathize with my child.”

Khem: “Then I will hit you instead.” She hits him repeatedly.

Chanon: “One more thing, don’t punch or harm me ever again.”

She says no way or else she will lose her name as Khem Salatan. He says all right, if she comes at him forcefully, he won’t be considerate either. She asks if he’s going to punch her.

Chanon: “No, sir. I will reprimand you this way.”

bscap0130 bscap0129

He kisses her.



I luff this two. They had such great chemistry. Om and Kwan and the song are the reasons I came back for this finale. It ended well imo, just like how ‘Khem Salatan’ should be. Haha.

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  1. you could well translate chapters 9,10,11, 12, 13, 14, 15 of unending fire of passion or msrfs

  2. Hi! Could you finish posting English translations of the other episodes, 9-21 of Jao Sao Salatan, please? You do a fantastic job! 😀 It sucks that Ch. 7 took down the eng. sub version on YT. ):

  3. thank you so much for translation this lakorn ……please continuous from the ep 9 to 21…. or you can tell me which website I can watch for this movie….please…. thank you again for hardworking

  4. What happen to the older sister? Sorry I’m waiting for the eng sub on this lakorn, however it’s gonna take a while. Lol

  5. Thank you so much for the recaps. I think the whole series could have been shorter… :/

  6. Thank you so much for the recaps, dear! Yes, Om and Kwan are so good together. I love the ending song too but still don’t know who sang it. I notice that Om and Kwan did not kiss for real on the lips. Totally disappointed! I wonder why cos in other lakorns in Channel 7, they kiss for real, like Weir and Mint. I wanna see their sweet moments in this lakorn uploaded. Will you? 😀
    *jub jip*

    • I heard Kwan (the actress) had her own rule not to kiss on the lips (not sure though). There was a time when Wier (I think) kissed her lips when she wasn’t told ahead, big news went on about it. I think we should ask Kwan FC. Hehe.

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