Cubic Episode 8

It was tiring watching Cubic each episode because I wanted Bomb to do well. Every time Bomb was about to deliver his line, I cheered him on. I think he did better in episode 8 and he certainly looked hot. His poses were all right but his speaking still needs to be adjusted asap.

I will blame the repeatedly zooming of Bomb’s face to the director. I saw Bomb Tanin twice in some events, he’s a handsome man and very tall, quite skinny fitted for the camera too. The director didn’t bring out his best look imo.

In the novel, the story happened in Hong Kong so it’s Cantonese they spoke. In the lakorn, the filming was done in Taiwan due to the difficulty of filming on busy HK streets and regulations (the producer said) so it’s Mandarin they used here. The book describes Lan Se’s office that it’s located on the top floor of a skyscraper on Victoria Peak overlooking Victoria Harbour, in Central area. Nak would spend time studying street maps for shortcuts as a delivery boy until she knew all the narrow alleys so well that she could arrive at the school at the same time with Lan Se who came by car, starting out at the same spot stunning both Lan Se and Chong Sin.

Episode 8

Part 1

Nak plays with the cubic during her class so the teacher takes it away and she can have it back at the end of the semester.

When Nak tells Danny that Lan Se gave it to her as a present, he is so surprised and praised her, “You’re not bad at all.” Nak wants Danny to help her get the cubic back from the teacher. He says there’s only one person the teacher will give it to, Lin Lan Se. Nak says no! He drags her to have lunch.

The teacher gives the cubic to Lan Se as he’s Nak’s guardian, also the school principal (if you are wondering why a mafia works in a school, it’s actually money laundering behind the scene). She tells him to warn Nak not to do it again in the classroom. Lan Se apologizes to her and says he will make sure such thing won’t happen again. He picks up the cubic and say, “This girl!” It’s funny how Chong Sin gives his boss a glare. Haha.

When Lan Se bumbs into Nak in school, she appears nervous. Chong Sin asks if she did something wrong that she wanted to hide from them. She says nothing. Lan Se asks if the cubic he gave her is still with her. She says yes. He asks why she didn’t take it out and play with it. She says she doesn’t want to play it in class or the teacher will take it away so she kept it in her room *cough cough* She says she has to go and runs.

Nak runs to Danny and says if she doesn’t get the cubic back, she will be dead. He asks her why. She says Lan Se asked about the cubic just now. Danny says just tell him it’s with the teacher. Nak says she can’t or he will kill her for sure. He asks why she’s so afraid of him. She says because he’s the one gave her the cubic and he never gives things to anyone which means the cubic must be an important thing that he holds dear. He asks what she wants him to do. Nak pulls him with her to help talking with the teacher.

They come to the teacher and Danny asks for the cubic saying Nak could die if she won’t return it to her. Nak begs the teacher for it but she tells them that it’s now with Lin Lan Se because he’s her guardian. Nak faints.

At the meeting, San Gui greets Lan Se that he came back safely. Lan Se thanks him. Chi says Lan Se proved himself suitable for his position. Jang says one to 20 (gunmen), it’s hard to survive, admirable indeed. Lan Se thanks them. Pei Ing gets up and says he heard there’s a driver who saved his life that day. Chong Sin is alarmed hearing that.

Part 2

San Gui says he heard it too that the driver was a girl. Chong Sin wants to explain but Lan Se stops him. Pei Ing says Lan Se should give the person some credit and not act like it’s only his skill (that he survived). San Gui tells Lan Se to bring her here. Chi says it’s not possible for a little girl to help Lan Se. Yong Wen says let Lan Se explain it.

Lan Se: All right, I’ll admit that there’s a person who saved me.

Pei Ing points at him that he conceded finally.

Lan Se: The person who saved me was not that girl.

San Gui asks then who.

Lan Se: We all should remember ‘Ngao’ (shadow) of the leader, shouldn’t we?

San Gui asks if he means the position ‘Ngao’ of the leader. Lan Se says yes. Pei Ing says he doesn’t get it and wants to be explained. San Gui says in the past, Lin Lan Se’s father had an assistant who even him or Pei Ing’s father didn’t know who it was. That person would advice and solve the problems for the leader from behind so they called that person ‘Ngao’. Chi says Ngao is the special adviser to the leader. Yong Wen asks Lan Se what Ngao has to do with the matter.

Lan Se: Of course, it has, because the person who saved me from the bullets…was ‘Ngao’.

San Gui says ‘Ngao’ died already during the time Lan Se’s father was in power. Lan Se agrees to that. Pei Ing asks which Ngao’s ghost saved him then.

Lan Se: Before I became the president of ChaiHong Group, I appointed one person who I loved and trusted the most to takeover the position of ‘Ngao’.

Pei Ing asks who the person is.

Lan Se: Sorry, Pei Ing. I can’t reveal Ngao’s true identity because it’s ChaiHong Group’s rule. Isn’t that right, San?

San Gui says that’s right. Their rule is, only the president know who Ngao is. Yong Wen says at least they should know the name or nickname of Khun Lin’s Ngao. Everyone agrees.

Lan Se: That person’s codename is ‘Cubic’

Lan Se takes a stroll outside.

Lan Se says he’s in the hospital for many days so getting to be outdoor is refreshing. Chong Sin suggests a holiday abroad like England. Lan Se says Chong Sin knows already that he hates England. Lan Se says he can’t go anywhere as long as he doesn’t know who wanted to kill him. Chong Sin says they will get that person soon. Lan Se tells Chong Sin to keep the matter of RueTaiNak saving him a secret. Because if the person who wanted to kill him knows it’s her, he won’t let her be. Chong Sin says at least, at this moment, they don’t know who ‘Cubic’ is.

Part 3

Nak takes a deep breath and gets into Lan Se’s office. He perks up and looks at her.

Nak: I came to get the cubic back. Teacher Li said the cubic was with you, right? (She bows) I’m sorry I played it in class. From now on, I won’t do it again. I promise. You are angry at me, aren’t you? All right, I won’t take it back then.

Lan Se: RueTaiNak, sit down. I have something to talk to you.

She sits down.

Nak: What is it?

Lan Se: About your saving me, I want you to keep it a secret. Remember, do not tell anyone.

Nak: I won’t tell anyone. I’m afraid to die, too. If those who wanted to kill you know that I was there with you in the incident, they definitely will come to kill me.

Lan Se: It’s good that you understand.

Nak: That’s all you’re going to tell me, right?

Lan Se: Why? It seems you don’t want to talk to me.

Nak: Well, I don’t have anything to talk to you.

Lan Se: Leave then!

She gets up.

Lan Se: RueTaiNak!

She turns to see the cubic on his desk.

Lan Se: Don’t you want it back?

Nak: Of course.

Lan Se: Then come get it.

She reaches for it and he holds her hand. Aww….

Lan Se: Am I that scary?

Nak: Your face looks angry all the time and you don’t like my face.

Lan Se: When did I tell you I didn’t like your face? Remember, don’t hide your face from me again. Understand what I’m saying?

She nods so he lets go of her hand. She walks away feeling strange about his talk just now.

Lan Se thinks about what Chong Sin said, that Nak saved his life so he should let go of all the debt and let her go back to Thailand.

Nak sits in her room and thinks about what he said and when Mei Jing says, “A person like Lin Lan Se never buys anything for anyone….If anyone gets a present from Lin Lan Se, that person must be very special.”

Nak: It can’t be. A girl like me is his special one?

Part 4

Yong Wen asks San Gui if ‘Cubic’ really exists. He says yes and asks if he can remember that girl talking with Carlos that day. Lan Se told him it’s Cubic’s plan to let that girl talk to Carlos, and it’s unbelievable that that talk was a success.

Yong Wen asks how Cubic knew about Lan Se’s killing. San Gui says in the past, the person who could become ‘Ngao’ must be clever and sharp with great vision or else how could he warn Lin Lan Se in time? Yong Wen says that means ‘Cubic’ is not just a normal person.

Yong Wen is on the phone telling his lackey to find out the info on ‘Cubic’, who he is, and report to him immediately. Pai Lin asks who ‘Cubic’ is. He asks if she overheard his conversation. He says he doesn’t want to disturb her with his work. She asks why he’s looking for ‘Cubic’. He says it’s his father’s work and tells her not to tell his father what she heard or he will get scolded. She says she knows that. Yong Wen gets angry that she’s getting noisy.

Meena runs away from Pei Ing.

Part 5

Pei Ing chases after Meena.

Meena bumbs into Nak and wants her help because someone wants to kill her. Nak doesn’t want to get into trouble. Meena threatens to jump in front of a car if she won’t help her.

Pei Ing asks Nak if she sees a girl at her age walking by. Nak says none. Pei Ing wants to check out a trashcan.

Part 6

Nak tells him she took a dump into the trashcan just now so he shouldn’t open it. Pei Ing leaves without opening it so Nak gets Meena out of there.

Meena thanks Nak. Meena says he’s her creditor from the gambling debt of her father so he took her as a guarantee for the loan. Nak says it’s the same like her father too. Meena says Nak is lucky that she can work to earn money to pay back the debt but for her, they want to sexually abuse her. Nak gets mad and asks for his name. Meena says it’s Lin Pei Ing.

Meena wants Nak to take her back to Thailand. Nak says she can’t do that when the man is a mafia, his men should already be waiting for her at the airport or harbour. Nak suggests she hides here for now and if anyone wants to harm her, just say she’s Lin Lan Se’s girl. No one will dare touch her. Nak asks her name. They tell each other their names. Nak wants to go get some food for her.

Lin Lan Se is at the door.

Lan Se: Who is she?

He turns to Meena.

Lan Se: Who are you?

Meena: I…I’m Lin Lan Se’s girl!

Nak cringes.

Lan Se: What?

Meena repeats it. Nak says, not with this man. Lan se glares at her.

At the bridge.

Lan Se: Who gave you the permission to take that girl in?

Nak: I wanted to tell you but you came first.

Lan Se: Who is that girl’s father creditor?

Nak: She said…Lin Pei Ing!

He asks if she said Pei Ing. She says yes and thinks he knows him. She says she can’t understand why those mafia love to take a young girl as a loan guarantee. She curses them. Lan Se looks at her.

She says sorry, she didn’t curse him. She meant the man named Pei Ing. Lan Se says he will call Pei Ing and let him know tomorrow, to take this girl back.

Nak says he can’t because Pei Ing wanted her to be his mistress.

Lan Se: This matter doesn’t concern me, and you too!

Nak begs him and she won’t be able to eat or sleep knowing Meena is in hell alive.

Lan Se: Enough! Let’s stop talking about it. Tomorrow, I will let Pei Ing take this girl back!

She yells at him that he’s not different from Pei Ing wanting her elder sister to be his mistress too. He walks away. Nak says she should have let that gunman kill him. Nak is nervous what she should do, “You, cruel mafia!”

Bomb, you look really hot, improve your acting asap.

Part 7

Pei Ing comes get Meena. He shoots Nak down when Lan Se shows up.

Lan Se: RueTaiNak!

Lan Se punches Pei Ing.

Lan Se: What did you do? Why did you kill her?

Pei Ing: Kill her or not, it’s none of your business! It’s my business.

Lan Se: This girl belongs to me (under his authority).

Pei Ing: But she…messed with my girl!

Lan Se pulls out his gun and is ready to shoot.

Pei Ing asks if he’s crazy, what he has to do with that girl to be angry enough to point a gun at him.

Lan Se: I want to shoot right at your face already.

Nak wakes up and screams, “Lin Lan Se, you are so cruel!”

Meena asks if she’s not dead yet.

Nak: You! You shot me just now!

Pei Ing: When did I shoot you? I was just threatening you shooting the ceiling.

Nak says she was so startled thinking she was shot so she fainted.

Lan Se tells Pei Ing to leave Meena alone. Pei Ing says this girl is his debtor. Lan Se repeats his order. Pei Ing shouts at him that she belongs to him.

Lan Se: Did you forget that I’m ChaiHong Group’s president? I’m holding absolute authority. Your men are also my men, including you. Let her go!

Pei Ing: This girl is pretty to your taste so you want to be her owner, don’t you?

Lan Se: What I’ll do is my business, not yours. Leave now.

Pei Ing: I will leave only if she’ll come with me.

Lan Se: I will return her to you when I think the time is right.

Pei Ing: When that will be? When?!

Lan Se: When you are more conscious and calmer than now!

Pei Ing says if Lan Se abuses her, he will kill him with this hand. Remember that! Lan Se assures him that he will never touch his girl. Pei Ing turns to Meena and yells at her not to let Lin Lan Se do anything to her. She asks if he’s crazy. Pei Ing says he should have fired his gun at her.

Pei Ing leaves. Nak thanks him for coming just in time. Meena thanks him. He tells Meena it’s not her he came to rescue. Nak follows him out.

Part 8

Nak: Wait, Lin Lan Se! I want to thank you for not letting Meena leave with Lin Pei Ing.

Lan Se: I could only prolong the time, not many days from now, Pei Ing will come back to get her anyway.

Nak: Can you help sending Meena back to Thailand?

Lan Se: I can’t. It’s against our rule.

He turns to shout at her, “And I want to tell you this, don’t ever compare me with Lin Pei Ing!”

Nak: What he’s talking about?

Lan Se recalls she said that he wanted to have her sister too, “What a sharp-tongued, this crazy girl.”

Meena asks Nak if Lan Se is her boyfriend because he looked so scared seeing her unconscious. He almost killed Lin Pei Ing for real. She thinks Lan Se was very angry and possessive of Nak. Nak tells her not to talk like that when others are around or they will laugh at her (Nak). Meena asks why he had to worry about her so much. Nak says obviously, he’s afraid to lose the loan money and the reason he let her stay here is to work for him to pay back the debt. Meena is worried that Pei Ing will come to get her for sure. Nak tells her to eat first, he won’t come now. Nak gets on her bed to think how she can help her and dozes off.

Chong Sin says they found out already who wanted to kill him, it’s Li Shin Fu. Lan Se wants to know who he works for but Chong Sin says they don’t know it yet. The guy escaped to the mainland and got back already. Lan Se gives an order to locate him so he will know who wanted to take him down (from power).

Shin Fu lays low in his hideout.

Pai Lin asks San Gui if he had taken some cash out. She confirms that she counted it twice. San Gui says there are only three persons know the safe’s combination: him, Pei Lin, and Yong Wen. She thinks may be Yong Wen took some cash. San Gui doesn’t want Yong Wen to hear that so he suggests she note the missing amount down and if it happens again, they will look into it.

A man comes to tell San Gui that they found out who wanted to kill Lin Lan Se. It’s Li Shin Fu. Pai Lin recalls Yong Wen talking on the phone. San Gui orders his men to capture him so they will know who is the mastermind behind Lin Lan Se’s killing. He asks Pai Lin that she mentioned the name ‘Shin Fu’ the other day. She says yes, he called the wrong number. San Gui wonders if it’s just a coincident.

Part 9

Pai Lin recalls all the conversations that lead to Lan Se’s killing that day.

She asks Yong Wen who Shin Fu is, and if he ordered him to kill Lan Se. She wants to know if he’s behind it. He admits it’s him. He says he did it for his father so he would become the group’s president. She doesn’t believe him, he did it for himself. She wants him to confess to his father and won’t back down so Yong Wen points a gun at her. She challenges him to do it.

A gunshot startles San Gui. Yong Wen cries hugging Pai Lin’s dead body. He tells San Gui that she killed herself because they fought about he’s having another woman.


Lan Se: I suggest you take this money so that everything will come to an end.

Pei Ing: If you want her, I’ll demand 100 millions!

Mei Jing: Chong Sin who is so plain and Lin Lan Se who is so cold.

Pei Ing: It’s you…Cubic?

Nak: Danny, will that work?


Don’t ask me why the full episode, it’s here anyway. YaY! Bomb is getting better imo. I still think Bomb suit the role just fine. Cubic fighting!


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