Movie (Review): KidTueng Wittaya (The Teacher’s Diary)


Yep, I bought the ticket and walked into the theater for Bie’s first movie as soon as I got back in town.

Warning: Spoil yourself at your own risk  🙂

Over all tone: heart-warming, a gentle breeze that swept a viewer like me into the world of the profession whose job is to make boys and girls grow up knowledgeable. Which is the right choice…dedicate to your profession and passion to teach, or your personal comfort?


Acting: Ploy Cherman as Khu Ann (teacher Ann), a spunky math teacher loved by her students who believes a teacher should be able to experiment different kinds of teaching method as long as it helps the students understand her lesson. She has a great passion to push/pull her students to step higher in their education. Ploy said it’s her first time taking a role as a teacher and I have to say her acting felt real and made me believe she’s a capable and experienced math teacher (when in real life she said she hated math).


Bie as Khu Song (teacher Song), a PE teacher who filled in for math teacher resulting in rather hilarious lessons. He has a good heart to teach and loves his students and because he’s not a clever student himself, he could understand students who love to concentrate less in studying, thus, he’s more flexible than Khu Ann. Bie did well and will make you fall in love with Khu Song.

Music Scores: beautifully inserted, loved every song including the instrumental

Cinematography: beautifully filmed with nostalgic feels which is what this director do best


Lighting Effect: Very well done, loved it so


CG: The storm scene was very touching and felt real

Cameo (?): Weir Sakollawat made a cameo (said so) in this movie but I think his name should stay among the cast because his screentime was surprisingly long and his role definitely brought up a topic for a debate as a teacher

Screenplay: It could be tighter. The problem is I didn’t feel the loneliness of teaching on a boathouse school at all, both with Khu Ann and Khu Song because their daily lives at the school were so colorful and hilarious at time so reading the teacher’s diary to keep them company when feeling lonely was not that lonely to me, or could it be because they were reading the diary the loneliness that should be there for the viewers to experience fly away? Hehe.

The Ending: I will admit that I was bored after an hour or so thinking what really was the main plot of the movie but I guarantee you will definitely want to know the ending because how will these two teachers come across realistically and reasonably in the end? Once the movie ended and credits rolled, I beamed and loved how the director took care of it. While I was walking out of the theater, I heard girls talking that the ending should be a little longer. Nah…it was just right for me.


Directing: He did a good job but I would love it if he took care of the writing just as good as the cinematography, otherwise, it could easily end up just a beautiful documentary.

Verdict:  Liked 🙂

3 Responses »

  1. This movie really worths to watch.

  2. I must waiting for the DVD too… Very sad! Thank you for the information about the movie.

  3. I really wanna watch it but I gotta wait until it come out in DVD 😦

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