Cubic Episode 7 : New Year’s Eve Bits

I concede to do only some meaningful scenes and not sure if it will be for every episode. I can accept Bomb Tanin in my arms once he smiles…seriously. He’s not into his character all the time yet so let’s do only some shots  🙂


It’s the day Lan Se will be released from the hospital and he specifically tells Nak she must be at his place when he arrives (making excuse that she must finish translating a document by that time and give it to him on that day). He even orders dinner for two be prepared in his room that night.

Nak is really busy delivering presents (she works as a delivery boy) since it’s New Year’s Eve, and the lady at the front desk asks her to deliver Lan Se’s present for Mei Jing which is a long way from there. Nak hesitates at first knowing she won’t be back by the time Lan Se arrives but decides to go anyway. Of course, Nak couldn’t make it back by the time Lan Se arrives and he gets angry by the minute and scolds at the lady who ordered Nak.

It already passed midnight and fireworks lights up the sky. Nak decides to go to Lan Se’s place anyway only to learn that he went out. She sticks around for an hour or so and decides to retire for the night.

Episode 7 Part 8/9

Start at 4:38

Nak comes back to her lodging. She sees Lan Se waiting so she switches on the light.

Lan Se: I recall I made an appointment with you at 7:00 p.m.

Nak: I didn’t think you would wait.

Lan Se: My order doesn’t mean anything?

Nak: (She bows) I’m sorry. I delivered your present for Khun Mei Jing and it’s very far with traffic jam so I didn’t think you would wait.

Lan Se: And that is your duty? You think you can accept anyone’s order without paying attention to mine?

Nak: I’m truly sorry. I didn’t think this document was very important. Here, I already translated it for you. Take it.

Lan Se: You…

Nak: (She sticks out her present to his face) Happy New Year! I could only afford this. I hope you like it.

He takes it and turns to let out a smile.

Nak: For the wristwatch I gave the taxi driver.

Flashback, she gives his watch to the driver as a fare to take them to the hospital because they don’t have any cash.

Lan Se: Do you think just this thing will make up for making me wait?

Nak: I already apologized.

He touches her chin to look at him.

Lan Se: Remember, do not break your word with me again.

Nak: I will remember that.

She smiles.

Lan Se: Why that smile?

Nak: Thank you so much for waiting for me. Truthfully, since I was born, I’ve never been counted as important to anyone whether it’ll be my father, my elder sister, or friends so I thought my not-showing-up wouldn’t be that important to you. All right, you can punish me anything, increase the amount of the debt or punch my face.

Lan Se: Anything?

She nods.

Lan Se: From now on, do not accept any order from anyone except me. I’m the only one who can give you an order. Understand?

Nak: Don’t understand just a little bit. Why can’t I accept others’ order?

Lan Se: Who is you creditor?

Nak: You.

Lan Se: Me..the only one!

Nak: (she nods) Yes! You, the only one.

He touches her chin.

Lan Se: So now you understand why you can only listen to me?

Nak: Yes, I do…because you are my creditor.

He stops by the door.

Lan Se: Getting used to lock your door already.

Nak: It’s all right. There’s nothing to steal in my room.

Lan Se: I told you to lock the door!

She nods.

Lan Se: Your present…is on the bed.

He leaves.

Part 9/9

Nak: Present?

A Rubik’s Cube is lying on her bed. She picks it up smilingly (Mei Jing told her that Lan Se never bought any present for anyone).

Nak: Lin Lan Se!

She runs out, “Wait, Lin Lan Se!”

He turns to her.

Nak: Thank you so much. I like it a lot.

He just nods.

Cue fireworks.

Nak: Thank you again. Sweet dream. Good night. Wan an (in Mandarin).

Lan Se: Wan an.

He gets in his car and leaves.

Aww….so sweet.

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  1. kcomments:

    u mentioned that in Book 3, Nak was grounded for 2 months for saving a girl. What happened? Was the girl a friend of Nak? Was Nak injuried as a result?

    And u also said something happened resulting NaK been unable to complete her studies in book3. What happened? Did something happened to Lim Lan Se in Book 3?

    Am really curious what are the major events that took place in Book 3. Pls kindly enlighten us.

    Thank you.

  2. am really addicted to this website……keep repeatedly reading all the posts in all the episodes…..
    cant seem to get enough of this drama……..

  3. Thanks for all the spoilers from book 3 and 4… I love it.

  4. I read somewhere that LLS lost his memories of Nak in the novel. Can you explain how he lost his memories and how he regain his memories again.

    • [Spoiler Alert!]
      Amnesia is not my cup of tea, let me tell you that.

      It happened in Book4, on her Graduation Day (I think), one week right before their wedding. Three men showed up (Lan Se, Denis (who also loved Nak), and Danny) at her college. Lan Se wanted to take her with him after the ceremony, but he had promised her the whole day free on her own so she went out with her friends (girls only) while three men were waiting for her at Lan Se’s mother mansion.

      That night, Nak got into an accident and was send into an ER. Two hours later, she came out with some minor injuries only to learn that her friend called Lan Se that Nak had an accident and went into an ER, however, her phone battery ran out before she could say more…and that was two hours ago.

      Knowing how Lan Se would react to the news, she wondered why he’s not here at the hospital. She called the mansion and the housekeeper told her to hurry back.That prompts her into going home fast, and once she arrived there, she’s told that Lan Se and Denis got into an accident on their way to the hospital to see her.

      Denis was severely injured but survived. Danny was in another car behind them so he’s fine. Lan Se got out of it without any physical injury, but…he lost his memory of the last 5 years (the time he had known Nak) meaning he woke up didn’t know who she was but remembered Nantaka.

      Lan Se was told by many that Nak was the woman he’s going to marry. He contemplated on her looks and wondered why he had chose her (he thought, no wondered why he didn’t do anything to her for 5 years, LOL). They went back to Hong Kong, he took her with him. Once in HK, he had her moved out from his suite and lived his life normally with Zhong Xin by his side.

      Later Nak moved out from his hotel because she couldn’t afford it, but not before she confronted Lan Se that she would start courting him and make him love her again. It hurt Nak deeply yet she vowed to keep her promise to him that, no matter what happened, she would always be there to protect his back.

      She sent him a pot of flower everyday choosing the color of the flowers he loved. She told him that for a bouquet, the flowers would wither away days later, but her feeling wasn’t something already died. She came facing his indifferent feeling with courage that impressed Lan Se all over again. Zhong Xin said to him, “It’s ReuTaiNak”. He stressed, “That’s ReuTaiNak…the woman you were going to marry.”

      Nak went back to work as delivery boy with Ta Hai. Danny (and his Volkswagen) showed up in front of her one day because he heard the news her wedding didn’t get postponed but got cancelled. He teased Nak her status dropped so low for someone graduated from England with such an outstanding GPA, delivering a flower pot to court her husband. He suggested she played a song from a guitar for him too. She asked seriously if that would work. Haha.

      He came to see Lan Se simply to tell him if he didn’t want his dumb bride named RueTaiNak, he would deliver her to someone else. Despite her looks, there’s someone who would be willing to run away from the hospital, fly to HK to get her (Denis). Just one call to inform that man that the wedding got cancelled, he would bet that his flower-delivery girl would be disappeared in no time. Lan Se said it’s none of his business.

      Danny said to Lan Se, “You know, I was worried about you a little at first…however, Lin Lan Se, (he leaned over) even if you lost your memory for a hundred time…the person you will fall in love with for a hundred time, will still be RueTaiNak.” Before he left, he said, “See you at the wedding, Lan Se.”

      Lan Se found a cubic in his drawer and later a box with thousands of Nak’s pictures over five years like he kept an eye on her 24hrs everyday. He realized it’s her with one kiss but still had no memory of her. He put her back in his suite, and when she protested that he still couldn’t remember her. He argued, “Couldn’t remember so I couldn’t love?” He said she told him she would court him, and now wanted to run from him?

      His memory came flooding back through one scary dream. After that, he said, “If I had just calmed down and called the hospital first (that day of her accident), I would get to hug you as my wife already.” Then it’s their wedding at the end 🙂

  5. what the manga name??

  6. “In the end, three years later, Lan Se lets a rumor go around that he already got engaged and will get married in two years. Nak at the age of 20, now in college in England, her new identity is a Hong Kong citizen named Lin Yong Tai. Yep, they registered their marriage (by name only) so she’s using his family name.

    He talks to her on the phone normally at 3 a.m. (England time). Why at that time? Because it’s the time he’s sure that her phone will be with her. Today he calls her for the tenth time and she doesn’t pick up. Mei Jing teased him about to be aware of a future bride who is afraid to get married.”

    Why LLS let out the rumor that he is engaged and will be marrying in 2 years? I thought that is true because you mention that Nak ask him to wait 5 years. How did he propose to get married? So while he is engaged with Nak and she is in England, he still ‘hire’ Meijing to be around him?

    How did Mina and Pei Ing get together?

  7. Rox‘s question: “So how did LLS overcome Nak not by his side when she is studying overseas?”

    He called her almost everyday and Nak knew that she should pick up his call no later than the second ring. He came to see her at the end of the semester every year.

    If you know Chinese, should it be ‘Pai Lin’ or ‘Bai Lin’ I wondered?

    Some said “Lin Lan Se” means blue color? Not sure the name is in Mandarin or Cantonese though.

    Danny’s definition of Lan Se where Nak is concerned, “Very worried, very possessive, very jealous” Hehe.

    • If it is Chinese then Bai Lin sounds correct.

      Actually in ep7, at his hospital bedside reflects his chinese name but to a chinese, it does not make much sense on using that character. The name is 林x 船.I need to see a better video to figure out the 2nd word.

      If you pronounce lan se in chinese, it means blue but I do not think parents will name after a colour however back in the olden days it is possible. But not to a person who will be the head of mafia.

      The Chinese drama blog website states that it is 林嵐瑟 which I prefer more than the name which I found in ep7 and it makes more sense. 林’lin’ is the surname 嵐’lan’ means hurricane. 瑟’se’ means dignified however this character is more for female name. For ‘se’, this word is the best choice.

      • Thanks! I think it should be ‘Bai Lin’ in the back of my mind too. How about ‘Pei Ing’, ‘San Gui’, and Chong Sin (could it be ‘Jong Sin’?), Yong Wen?
        I read too that Lin Lan Se shouldn’t be used as a name of a person, like you said, they wouldn’t name the child like that. All I could think of is the author wasn’t fluent in Chinese but came up with the name from the sound she/he loved at that time. Or I could be wrong. Hehe.

        • Thanks! I think it should be ‘Bai Lin’ in the back of my mind too.
          How about ‘Pei Ing’, no for chinese, there is no such pronunciation of ing. I think is Pei Lin but that sounds too feminine.

          ‘San Gui’, – possible

          Chong Sin (could it be ‘Jong Sin’?),- possible but the spelling most probably is zhong xin which means loyalty ( 中心, 中信) . The 2nd name is preferred coz it means loyalty and trustworthy which is his character in the novel. That why I am curious how did zhong xin join LLS. If his father is a servant of the previous master than the high chance of zhong xin. Did the book talked about his history?

          Yong Wen? Possible as correct Chinese pronunciation

          I read too that Lin Lan Se shouldn’t be used as a name of a person, like you said, they wouldn’t name the child like that. All I could think of is the author wasn’t fluent in Chinese but came up with the name from the sound she/he loved at that time. Or I could be wrong.

          I think so too.

          Another 2 more days and ep 9 will be broadcast.

          Lol… looks like I am writing an essay now.

          • Thanks! Aww….I like Zhong Xin, loyalty. I will use this one. I wrote the names from the sound of it in Thai. For Pei Ing, it could be Pei Aing too.

            The name RueTaiNak came from ‘Ruethai’ a heart, and Naga. So it’s the heart of Naga. Nak’s dad explained it in Book1.

    • Sorry did not answer your question as I am not a Cantonese speaker. Basically Chinese and Cantonese have the same characters but different pronunciation .
      林x 船 in ep7 in Chinese and Cantonese does not sounds like Lin Lan Se In Chinese it is lin x Chuan. In Cantonese is lam x syun.

      So I will prefer 林岚瑟 as it is lin san se in Chinese pronunciation.

  8. where can i get english version of in novel ? i really hope that i can speak and know thai languange . approximately how many episode this drama will be ?

    • Don’t think there’s English version, not sure though. For Ch3 lakorn, it’s usually around 13-16 episodes.

      • hope someone can translate the whole book.anyway, thank you for the reply

      • Reading comments can pay off! I was wondering how many episodes this lakorn was going to be… especially given the statement “Bomb is still not in character(all the time).”
        Like many others I’m trying to get a novel translation, so I’m not watching but hope to get a chance to read and watch soon!
        Thank you for all your hard work!

        • There are two ships going on here. Either you loved the novel – hate the lakorn or you loved the novel – like the lakorn, it’s kind of cute so turning blind eyes at some points. Bomb Tanin had been criticized so much on his acting skills that people sympathized with him that they started watching the lakorn and loved it.

          Last week at ep8, things were looking better, ratings jumped up to 9.5 (correct me if I’m wrong). If you are watching the lakorn and never read the novel, I would suggest you finish the lakorn first, then start the novel 🙂

  9. Why did LLS let Nak stayed in the construction site? I can understand when at first she was just a debtor but when he like her, she let her stay in construction site? He is not afraid of her safety?

    Did the novel says something about how he became the head at 21? How did he recruit Jongshin as he seems that he is much elder?

    So did Nak did illegal dealings went she worked for LLS when she came back from England?

    Hope when you read finish book 3 and 4, you will be able to do a short summary?

    Thank you for answering my question.

    • The construction site belongs to ChaiHong Group, it’s for his new office building, so it’s safe plus no one knows how important she is. Actually, in the novel, she has a friend, Ta Hai, working at the site with her. From Lan Se’s suite, he can see the construction site clearly. He would look down at night, and his men are keeping an eye on her.

      His father died in chaos (will be told later in the lakorn) so he had to accept the position. I forgot where I took age 21 from because his dad died when he was 13, and San Gui brought Chong Sin to be with Lan Se.

      Yo, didn’t you watch earlier episode where Nak delivered some weapons already for Carlos (Danny’s dad)? That will bring her trouble with the Interpol later.

      I actually finished Book3-4 roughly. Lan Se’s rival was much stronger and the risk was much higher, but I forgot most of it already except the kisses. Hehe.

      • I know that Nak did the illegal dealings when she helped to deliver the goods but did she do illegal dealings when she is back from her studies from London?

        Did I hear wrongly that book 3 and 4 have kisses? Lol….I am deprived of kissess for this lakorn coz she is underage. Are there any interesting scenes from book 3 and 4 to share?

        • Nak’s involvement mostly was due to the bad guys wanted her life or wanted to get to Lan Se using her as a bait or she wanted to save some innocent lives. So, she didn’t intent to commit any crime but you can’t have your hands clean all the time when your love one is the head of the mafia group. For Lan Se, he could walk straight to Nak shooting men all the way to her.

          Lots of skinship and kisses in Book 3-4, he did it whenever he wanted and Nak would protest that he came too close. She even poked her forehead so hard with his when he’s kissing her like he would go all the way. So, both ended up having a red mark on their foreheads and Lan Se’s men would notice it. Haha.

          • So did the book mentioned that when they will consummated the marriage? Lol….I am curious what is the reason that Nak delay consummate the marriage since they like each other.

            What sweet things did LLS did for Nak in book 3 & 4?

            Since Nak changed her name so did LLS cslled her name by her new name or old?

            Is Danny in book 3 & 4? How about Jongshin? He ended with Mei Jing? Ho about Mina?

            Thank you.

            • [Spoilers]

              Wedding night at the end of Book4 🙂 Nak told him she’s an old-fashioned girl.

              He transferred his mother’s mansion and land in England to her, in case something happen to ChaiHing Group, her personal assets would remain with her.

              He called her RueTaiNak most of the time.

              Danny suggested Lan se to cheat (sleeping with another girl) and he would keep it a secret from Nak. Haha. Danny made sure Nak know what her life would become to marry Lan Se before our leads got married. He even negotiated with Lan Se at some critical point that he postponed the wedding for one more year, for his (Danny’s) sake. Haha. Of course, Lan Se says no!

              In the book, JongShin and Mei Jing didn’t have any close relationship at all. None.

              Mina and Pei Ing got engaged.

              • My question will sound stupid but bear with me.

                1) I thought LLS will want to get married once Nak finished her studies ( at book 3) however why the delay of the marriage until the end of book 4?
                2) How did Nak fare in her studies? distinction? Did Danny went to England as well?
                2) Why Danny want the marriage to be postponed? How did LLS rejected?
                3) For book 3, you mentioned that it cover LLS background?

                Once again, thank you.

                • LOL…I felt like doing a thesis on Cubic, hehe.

                  1) At the beginning of Book3, 4 years has passed, Nak asked Lan Se for 5 years to get married. She didn’t finish her college yet in Book3, things happened, she would go back to college and finish it in Book4.

                  2) She chose the Faculty of Philosophy. She had a group of nerds as her gang, she thought they looked at things in the world differently so she loved to hang out with them.

                  She did well (outstanding) in class but she got bullied by An American friend and her gang all the time, so she came to class late many time because of them. Lan Se knew that too, because sometimes he called her, she got locked up in a restroom till night time. He didn’t bother helping her as long as she could manage it on her own, and it’s England so he didn’t want to make her stand out. When he came to visit her one time, he found her in the college’s pond freezing cold because she was shoved down there. So he had to pull her up *skin-ship*

                  Of course, Danny went for a visit in England disturbing the sweet time of the couple. When the housekeeper told Lan Se that Mr. Tapier came, he would ask which one, the father or the son. When she said it’s the son, Lan Se told her to, “Chase him out.” Hehe

                  3) Danny teased Lan Se to postpone the wedding so he could hang out with her some more, because once she got married and became Lan Se’s wife, Danny thought Lan Se would keep her to himself. How did Lan Se reject the idea? He simply said, “No!”

                  4) Yep, said so in the Preface by the author, it covered more of both Lan Se and Nak’s background. The author said Book3-4 (Final) absolutely completed the story of Cubic so there would be no more. I’m hoping the author will write the story of Danny though.

                  For the summary of Book3-4, I will put it on hold for now because Nak and Lan Se were at the age of 21, 31 which may confuse you guys when now Book1-2, Nak is 17, Lan Se is 27.

                • Lol….Thank you for your reply. I have been your silent reader and always after reading your blog, I will watch the lakorn which you recommend.

                  If you need any translation of chinese novel to English, I will be glad to provide it for you.

                  Did Danny further his studies in book 3 and 4 or he went to help out his dad? I wish the author will write a book just about Danny itself as well.

                  So how did LLS overcome Nak not by his side when she is studying overseas?

                  Once again, thank you.

              • “. Danny made sure Nak know what her life would be like to marry Lan Se before our leads got married. He even negotaited with Lan Se at some critiacal point that he postponed the wedding for one year, for his (Danny’s) sake. Haha. Of course, Lan Se says no!”

                What Danny did so Nak will know what is her life will be if married to Lan Se? So what is the critical point?

                • Danny made sure Nak know that marrying Lan Se wouldn’t be a happily ever after (you know, marry a mafia, your family could get killed anytime).

                  Critical point = if Lan Se agreed, Danny would tell him where Nak lived (after long separation)

      • Did he at some point asks her to move in with him?

        • I couldn’t remember in Book1-2 but definitely in Book3-4, they lived together (same bed but her virtue in tact) in Lan Se’s suite because he wanted to have her near for her own safety.

          • You must be exhausted from all of our questions, so first of all thanks for the fast and courteous response.
            I saw in one of the teasers, That Lan Se’s men catch Nantaka long after he fell in love with her ​​younger sister Nark. Is the author explains why he still took the big sister (and even appeared with her in a glitzy event by the clothes they were wearing) even though he no longer wanted her?
            I read in one of your posts that Mei Jin died. I love her character, so I wonder why…? 😦

            • No, Mei Jing didn’t die. She was there at the end of Book2 , she teased Lan Se about his upcoming marriage. She knew Lan Se kept her close as a partner just to keep other women at bay.

              If I remember correctly the reason for Nantaka in upcoming episodes, Lan Se realized there were only Nak’s dad and her sister in this world that Nak could leave him to be with, so he’s taking care of them so Nak would never leave him. There were reasons for the two to come to HK which will be revealed later, all for the right reason. But, no, Lan Se never felt for any woman except Nak. He even prepared all the documents necessary for her ID, so that she could be with him.

              I love to answer questions whenever I have time cuz It’s kind fun. Hehe.

          • They lived together and Lan Se let Nak be ??? Wow! He seems like he is disciplined enough to restrain himself for 2 whole years! Such a pity I can’t read Thai. Do you know of or can recommend a good website where I can learn to read/write/understand Thai ? Thanks in advance.

      • Your comment about remembering only the kisses totally cracked me up. LOL!

  10. I will answer the question of when Nak realizes her feeling for Lan Se here.

    [Major Spoilers] Towards the end of Book2, great danger is coming to Nak and no mater how Lan Se and Danny think of a way to keep her with them in Hong Kong, the conclusion is, Lan Se must send her away, out of the country, and make no contact. He himself or anyone mustn’t know where she is or some spy in his organization will find her. Thus, it means Lan Se has to let her go forever without trace. He kisses her lips for the first time and then her forehead both for a long while. Nak is shocked and later tries to figure out the reason he did that like a nerd would do, the answer to the equation, and that’s when her brain starts rolling in the direction of feelings.

    After one month she left him, she still couldn’t come up with an answer until she decides to solve the problem herself or she wouldn’t have a chance to go back to Hong Kong forever meaning she wouldn’t see Lan Se again.

    She comes back to Hong Kong in a new light, joining Lan Se’s rival to take him down also his life. Just when she’s about to pull the trigger at Lan Se, the way he hugs her, his eyes, his talk, the answer comes out to her at that time.

    Fear not, thing is not what it seems. Later Nak is facing with a life or death situation alone. She runs for her life thinking she must come out alive (even if making it out not totally in a fine condition) to tell Lan Se what she hasn’t told him yet.

    After massive explosion and she gets to see him again among the debris. She confesses her feeling for him with a hundred of his men around. He asks in return if she will take responsibility for all of her words and always be there beside him and will never leave him no matter what happen (a mafia way). He walks to her and whispers to her ear too how he feels, so no one hears it but her.

    In the end, three years later, Lan Se lets a rumor go around that he already got engaged and will get married in two years. Nak at the age of 20, now in college in England, her new identity is a Hong Kong citizen named Lin Yong Tai. Yep, they registered their marriage (by name only) so she’s using his family name.

    He talks to her on the phone normally at 3 a.m. (England time). Why at that time? Because it’s the time he’s sure that her phone will be with her. Today he calls her for the tenth time and she doesn’t pick up. Mei Jing teased him about to be aware of a future bride who is afraid to get married.

    Nak’s friends (now call her Lin) accidentally see Lan Se’s photo and asks who this handsome man is. She couldn’t lie and says he’s her fiance. Her friends laugh that she must have a crush on the man that she thinks he’s really her fiance. Nak lets them believe that.

    Just small words of hers that make Lan Se think he’s hearing her hesitation about their wedding, he flies to England on his private jet showing up in her college to the shock of Nak’s friends. He takes her to his English mother’s mansion where they spent time together after her exams every semester.

    This time he dreams of his mother. It brings up an old wound how she left him (committed suicide). When Nak comes to him, he hugs her tight as if she will be like his mother. Nak hugs him back and wonders why he’s his mom’s room when he said no one allowed in here. She hugs him back and assures him she is very much different from his mother i.e her look, her feminine side *cough cough*

    It’s the first time Nak makes the first move by kissing his cheek. He pulls her to him and tells her not to do it again if she doesn’t want to get married so quick. He thinks his endurance is getting low. He bends down and whisper to her ear very lightly that she almost couldn’t hear it, “Love..”

    That’s the end of Book2 which beautifully making way for Book3 by introducing more of Lan Se’s background. Book3-4, Lan Se steps up his move to get married already when his future bride insists that she graduate first.

    *Please don’t hope it will the same in the lakorn as I’ve noticed the scale of the production is rather small.

    Cubic is the story where every character does illegal dealings making them a wealthy organization. The story will sweep you into the mafia world where their love ones getting killed is normal. There will be some international police coming into the picture but you will want them to go away because you want our leads to be together in the end.

    • Thank for all these extra information and spoilers. Love to read them. Nak is definitely one gutsy girl to express her feelings like that in front of 100s of his men.

      I can totally understand your comment regarding the production. Your details from the book make it seem like a grand story. With a large budget production it would have been great to watch. Even with this production and all the issues with acting, editing, production etc the story, as unrealistic as it is, is drawing us all in.
      The books must have been very popular in Thailand I am sure. Are the fans of the book happy with this production ? I know that for all the popularity of the Harry Potter movies, the fans of the books, including myself were very unhappy with of aspects of the screenplay and the certain ways, certain A list actors interpreted the characters from the book — *cough* Ralph Feinnes *cough*.

  11. Did I tell you guys I luff Danny (Nak’s buddy at school)? Danny loves to stick his foot out between Lan Se and Nak just to make some scratch on Lan Se’s mood for fun, but he will be in good help in time of need for them both almost every time.

    • I was reading somewhere that Danny likes Nak as well? Is that true? I like Danny. I think he knows that LLS likes Nak when Nak should be free from the debt when she rescued LLS but she was not. I think in ep8 1/9, Danny was shocked to hear that the cubic was from LLS and disturbed Nak.

      • Danny’s dad profession is selling weapons so Danny knows the rule and says that he won’t leave his life principle and waste his time on something such as love. So, through the end, I can hint that he has a special feeling for Nak and Lan Se knows that too. If Danny picks Lan Se’s temper about Nak, Lan Se will also know how to talk back to him where Nak is concerned, but, Danny will not cross the line (he calls Lan Se, a jealous mafia) and he knows Lan Se would chop his head off if Nak won’t make it out alive every time Nak and him join an outrageous mission behind Lan Se’s back meaning to protect Lan Se only to have Lan Se come rescuing them (or rather Nak) instead most of the time. But the result of Nak’s missions are mostly a success. That’s why Lan Se still let Nak run around risking her life knowing she can’t be kept in a cage.

        Does Danny love Nak? I would say he puts in just one foot, another foot he leaves it for his own safety and his life’s security.

        My answer is based on the novel only 🙂

        • Thanks for the answer. Lol…because I can sense Danny liking Nak more than LLS.

          In the novel, did LLS bought cubic for Nak by himself? If so, did they explain why?

          In the novel, did Nak bought a watch for him to repay for his lost watch?

          Yesterday, I was desperate to know more about cubic that I went to read the ‘google translated’ version of manager online of cubic.

          • If I remember correctly, Danny was the one explain to Nak why Lan Se bought a cubic for her, it’s just like her and something for her brain to play with.

            Yep, she bought a watch for him from her wages. In the novel, Nak gave his watch away when he’s unconscious so the quilt was there for her. Because Lan Se is a millionaire, the cubic he bought was made of crystal, a limited edition (I think).

            • Thank for your response. Did LLS wear the watch? What is the reaction when people saw him wearing the watch?

              In which book did they get married? So Nak came back to HK after she graduated from the studies? I am sure she worked for LLS. What is her job?

              Thanks for the prompt response.

              • He wore it and Nak saw it when she’s injured and smiled. However, he threw it away once he needed to eliminate Nak that she ever existed in Hong Kong.

                The wedding (after her graduation, I think) happened in Book4.

                She would find her way back to Hong Kong by herself in Book3. Once she’s known to be Lan Se’s beloved one, her life was in danger thereon. She worked for Lan Se only when he asked her to. In Book1-2, she’s a construction worker (for Lan Se’s new office building), a delivery boy (or girl?), a helper at the school cafeteria, a driver for Lan Se, all to pay off her debt.

                • That’s a lot of work for one person to be doing. Wonder how she managed her time? This book seems to have lessons in time management, parenting skills etc. :).

            • Just reading all the older recaps now that you have me hooked to this series thanks to your enthusiasm :).

              Wow!! A crystal cubic !!! I’d like one of those myself.

              I love Danny too. He is a smart, sharp and practical kid. Lin
              Lan Ser seems to have fallen hard and deep for Nak.
              So Nak never realized why Lan Ser gave her a cubic as a present ?

  12. They are so cute together, thanks!

  13. Thank you for the mini recaps. Hope that there is more sweet scenes. Hopefully there is Cubic 2 since this season consists of book 1 and 2.

  14. Thank you, dear! That was the best scene of episode 7! Super like!

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