Update: Cubic Teasers (More)


More teasers were broadcasted these past 2-3 days, so…

“I could become wiser (good at) in just not many coming hours, or not many coming days, right?”

“That person has a code name as Cubic.”

“Can I not be humble and love you?”

“Cubic premieres this March 8th.”

(Pictures are unclear)

“You won’t go (leave me) anywhere, I want to hear that.”

“I won’t go anywhere…I promise.”

“Lin Lan Se, Ni hao (greeting in Mandarin)!”

“I told you already that I never loved anyone.”

“I’m begging you, just don’t turn your back on me and walk away like this.”

“Kill her”

“Cubic premieres this March 8th.”

Aww….getting excited 🙂

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  1. Excited too. Always thought bombin looked good in a suit

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