Soundtrack: Samee Teetra

I’m falling hard for this lakorn at the moment. The cast is doing such a great job making it hard to resist translating this song, Who will understand if (you) don’t hurt like me (translated from Thai song title).


Karat (Ploy) and Pheung( Jui)are celebrating their 12 years of friendship when the news hits Karat that her third husband had an accident and now in critical condition. Karat rushes to the hospital in Pisud (Pope)’s car who happens to drive by when her car broke down. Once she gets to the hospital, her husband had already passed away, she cries and later is in rage to learn that he died while in his car with a mistress.

At the funeral, a woman shows up with proof that she’s also one of Karat husband’s wives demanding her share of his assets, then later Karat also finds out that her best friend, Pheung, is pregnant with her dead husband’s child, only to learn more from Pheung that they had registered their marriage before Karat’s wedding (while she didn’t) and planned to use Karat’s money to build their family together while he spent time as Karat’s husband.

Pisud falls in love with Karat despite her past and insists that he truly loves her. Pheung, as Pisud coworker, knows he’s a good man and wants him to be her child’s father. Her dream shattered when she finds out that Karat is the one he loves dearly. Pisud tells her he loves Karat after hearing Pheung’s love confession for him.

Accusing the injustice world that Karat always has everything while her is on the opposite, she vows to create justice for herself.

SameeTeetraEp5-1 SameeTeetraEp5-2

This time Karat makes sure to register the marriage and declares now he’s hers and she’s his. Pisud tells her kindly that a mere document won’t be able to keep him with her if his mind is not. He tells her that he married her only because of love.

Pheung shows up in Karat and Pisud Wedding to Karat’s nightmare (that Pisud failed to tell her that he knows Pheung well, and also his coworker). Pheung gives Karat some wise words, to hold him dearly for this wedding night, because other days he may be with others. Too furious to stay silent, Karat’s mother approaches Pheung and accidentally causes Pheung to bumb into a table. She cries out in pain and the water broke, she’s about to deliver the baby. Pisud can’t stand still wanting to take her to the hospital. Karat stops him grabbing his wrist not to go near Pheung. He asks how can he not and rushes to Pheung that Karat has to let go of his wrist. He carries Pheung in his arms. Pheung’s face turn to Karat without Pisud seeing, she smirks at Karat. Bad sign for her fourth marriage, Karat stands there and cries (end of episode 5).

Translation of the lyrics:

It exists, does it, a lover who won’t deceive

It exists, does it, a love that is like a dream

I’m just afraid that you will see at me as something to pass by

Just like others, others who came before

Been longing to the point, don’t believe true love exists

Been longing to the point, don’t hope to meet someone decent

If today it’s you, then prove to me that there’s a faithful love in you

*Who will understand how scary love is, if you don’t  hurt like me

How many already who came being so nice, but in the end, betrayed me every time

It’s all gone, every feeling of me; don’t want to love anyone anymore today

You, please tell me, that true love does exist

Having the same nightmare over and over, about everyone who came by

Having the same nightmare over and over, only to end up drowning in tears

If the time from today, you can heal me

I will probably wake up from this nightmare

(Repeat *  2 times)

That true love does exist


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  1. This is one of my favorite lakorns the chemestry between pisut and karat was totally amazing

  2. My wife and I fell in love with this “lakorn”. Great ending and I wouldn’t have thought to feel sorry for Peung in the end. It was a great love story that kept me hooked to the end.

  3. Hey, if you guys like Samee Teetra, feel free to visit my video of the song from this lakorn, Born to love you with eng sub. Here’s the link

  4. It’s a beautiful song,…Who sing this song ?

  5. No wander Gunk feel like Pisoot is choosing Peung over her!

  6. That is the bad started to getting their married lives together going. Now that Pueng has entered into the pictures and decided to be wedding crasher. I thinks this games Pueng is scores one, and Gunk scores 0. Poor, Pisoot have to be a referenre, a middle man to stopped all the fighting between them.

    • Eh…personally, Pisud could let someone else take Pheung to the hospital considering it’s his wedding so he shouldn’t leave his bride carrying another woman in front of the guests. I would say Pisud is overly confident and wants to be trusted completely, granted or he wouldn’t choose Kang in the first place 🙂

      *Spelling of names are all acceptable as long as it sounds similar to the one pronounced in Thai. The rule is, the owner of name chooses the alphabets he loves, for example, Pracha, Pacha, Pachar, Prachar etc.

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