Soundtrack : Look Tard


Look Tard (slave’s offspring), a period lakorn depicts the time (the reign of King Rama V) people who were born as slaves were given a chance to be free. Namthip (Bella), a high-born, is very proper and kind who has a heart for Kaew (Ken), a slave in her household who remains faithful to her. Below is the song, Already chosen, it’s you (translated from the title of the song in Thai). After watching episode 1-2, for now, I’m more invested on how a slave’s life will be changed and later become a respectable one by his own right more than the leads’ loveline 🙂

Translations of the lyrics:

I know, there are many reasons to listen

But my heart remains stubborn, couldn’t say why

My heart keeps yearning for her

I only know that it’s love, and will do what my heart tells me

Don’t know  if it’s right or wrong, all I know is I won’t change my mind

Because my heart already chosen, it’s you

Only my eyes meet with yours, I could feel it right away

That you are the one I want

No matter how tiring it is, my heart is not in pain

Because I’m willing to love only you, with all my heart


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