Samee Teetra Episode 4: Proposal Bits

After some accusing words of Karat being a widow for three times from people around Pisud, she decides to leave him alone. Pisud comes to her fashion show with a huge bouquet. He even gets on stage to confess his feeling for her.


Karat thinks of what his mother told her, that she didn’t want to see Pisud die like her previous husbands. Karat rejects him and runs out of the event and drives off.

Pisud follows her to where Karat had to park her car because it ran out of gas. Karat tries to run away from him but Pisud backhugs her.

Karat: “Why do you mess with me? I chased you away so you go your way and I will go mine. The two of us will never be able to be together, Khun Pisud.”

Pisud: “That’s not true. Do you remember the day you hitchhiked in the middle of the road, I looked at you hesitantly whether or not I should stop my car and let a woman I didn’t know to get in my car. I almost passed you by but my heart made me feel in a way that I couldn’t leave you. I didn’t know why I felt that way either. But today I know it now, Kang, that day I stopped my car to give you a ride and you (happened to) wave to my car, it’s because we were destined to join path. Therefore, no mater where you go, you will see me there. You won’t be able to run away from me, Kang…and I will never abandon you.”

Tears fall from her eyes, “Khun Pisud.”

He looks into her eyes and says, “Marry me, will you?”

He waits for her answer. She finally nods.

Karat: “You proposed but where is the ring?”


He gives her a pack of some sweet.

Karat: “Just some sweet for proposing to me?”

Pisud: “Do you remember  that you asked me to come up (experiment) with a unique taste of the sweet that belongs solely to you? And this is the taste that I have, solely just for you.”

She looks at the label, “Pisud Taste”

Karat smiles and says, “Pisud Taste.” She opens the package and pulls out a cute yellow case.

Karat opens the cover and sees a ring inside. At the same time, Pheung opens Pisud’s present for her birthday thinking it’s a ring (she saw him buy a ring) but it’s not.



Pheung: “No! It’s not true. No, it’s not true.” She tries to search for the ring. Her aunt says if it’s not there, that means there’s none. He could buy it for someone else. Pheung asks, “Who? Who did he buy the ring for?” Her aunt says she doesn’t know that. Pheung screams, “Who did he buy for?!”

Pisud puts the ring on Karat’s finger. He says, “Pisud Taste isn’t quite sweet, not that spicy. It’s the kind of sweet that has rather plain taste because it was produced by a pure heart, no artificial flavors. Not sure if you would want to taste it.”


Karat: “I will eat all of you.” And they seal it with a kiss.

Both households are on fire knowing the two are in love. Karat declares to her mom that if she wants to get married, she will get married. Grandpa tells his daughter to sit down and wait for them (Pisud’s family) to send a respectable elder to ask for Karat’s hand.


Pisud’s grandmother (a royal blood) refuses to go ask for Karat’s hand for him (due to Karat married for three times) so his mother offers to do that for him. He smiles.

Aww,…it’s sweet yet sad for Karat and Pisud and the dialogs between them and his mother were beautiful coming from a mother with the only son, and the couple who are pretty much in love  🙂

Pictures credit Samee Teetra-Pantip

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  1. Sounds really sweet! I think I might have to watch this series when I get some time. Thanks for the translations. Poor Karat. She is getting criticized by Pisud’s family for no fault of hers. Will be interesting to see how this unfolds.

    • After the episode aired, comments came pouring in that they wanted “Pisud Taste” haha, and the person who owns the same phone number with Pisud in this lakorn, begged people to stop calling him because he’s not Pisud (or Pope) and said now his wife become NueaPrae (Pisud’s mom) answering the calls for him 🙂

      • Lol that’s hilarious!!! Sounds like this lakorn is being well received in Thailand. Could not resist and saw the 4th episode without any subtitles. Though I could not follow the dialogs, I was able to get the gist of the story. Looks like things are going to get crazy for poor Karat. Her ex-friend seems totally delusional in mistaking Pisud’s responses to her as “interest” in her.

        • During the airing, viewers tried to guess what Pisud gave Pheung as a present. Some said, a baby’s dummy, haha. Viewers asked if Pisud knew Pheung’s trick or he’s dumb. They said his character was a clever man but wouldn’t talk much. We’ll see….

          • What was Pheung’s trick? Could not follow all the dialogs so probably missed her tricks. Was she trying to corner Pisud into dating her something?

            • If I remember correctly, when she blew her birthday candles, she wish Pisud would become the father of her baby (in her womb) *cough cough* Pheung’s tricks will start to intensify from next episode once she learns the woman Pisud loves is her rival, Karat.

              Pheung trick in this episode, viewers were wondering if Pisud knew that the father of Pheung’s baby in her womb was Karat’s just-dead husband. In other words, if he knows that Pheung cheated on her best friend, Karat.

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