Jao Sao Salatan Episode 8

After resting my back and fingers a bit, I’m ready for this episode. You may notice I changed the spelling of Montha’s son from ‘Men’ to ‘Ment’. The reason for that was you wouldn’t be confused thinking it’s the word ‘men’ in English.

Episode 8

Part 1

Pracha picks up a pillow to suffocate Kwanta (Khem) and thinks of the past.

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Flashback, Aoo is saying that the time she should show up already passed a long while, his girlfriend betrayed him for sure, and why she should run away with the marriage money with him when she married a wealthy man. Pracha tells him to go drag that betrayer woman to the resort as planned. He tells Aoo to take every precaution not to let anyone see him.

Kwanta with a bag walks to a spot waiting. Aoo shows up and says their appointment to meet is not here. He puts a handkerchief, obviously with some general anesthetic, over her nose to make her lose her consciousness, and carries her away.

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Aoo searches Kwanta’s bag and the money is not in there. He tells Pracha that she fooled them again. Pracha tells Aoo to wait outside. Kwanta is awake. Pracha asks if she’s trying to fool him and want to have the money all by herself. She denies it and says she meant to meet him as planned but she went to get the money where she hidden it first. Pracha tells her not to lie because Aoo told him that she’s about to flee.

Pracha shoves her away forcefully that she bumps into a glass bottle. It falls to the floor shattered. Kwan picks up a piece of the broken glass behind her back. She asks him if she wouldn’t want to come to him then what’s the reason she ran away from the wedding for. She tells him to just kill her if he won’t believe her, the only way to prove her love to him. He gets softened and tells her to let’s go get the money and run away together and get married where no one will find them. She says all right but he should go first. She stabs him with the piece of glass. He cries out and falls down onto the bed.

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Kwanta: “One thing you should know, I never love you till now. I was good to you only for my own survival. Get it? Stupid!”

She leaves. Pracha calls Aoo and orders him to follow her.

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Present, Pracha says, “Till today, this stupid man still loves you, Kwan, but let’s stop it all here.” Kwan sees her father in her dream.

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Pracha is about to put the pillow over her nose when Kwan sees that her father is leaving, so she moves her face and begs her father not to leave in her sleep. Pracha stops midway. He throws the pillow behind when Khem holds his arm. Khem wakes up and realizes it’s Pracha.

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He smiles and says he came to visit her and saw her sleeping so he thought he would leave. She asks if the culprit was caught. He says the guy got away. She asks about another culprit who’s a woman, her husband already told the police to track him down. He says there were two culprits, that he knows, but so far no one was arrested.

He says he thinks the two culprits are of the same gang because how the one stabbed her could know the way in/out of the garden if there’s no one taking him in there. She says he told her Khun Nin sent someone to kill her at the resort, it was correct because the culprit was the same one shoved her into the well, and another culprit who’s a woman is not that difficult to guess who she is. Pracha says he thinks Khun Chanon doesn’t believe it that’s why he didn’t really do anything about it. Khem looks away disappointingly.


Yothin comes to the hotel asking to meet Khun Preeya. A staff says she took a leave today so he may call her instead. He calls her but her phone is off. He’s frustrated that he couldn’t contact anyone today.

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Montha thanks Preeya for being her alibi yesterday. Preeya says she thought about it over and over and not sure if she did the right thing. Montha says for a bad woman who harmed two persons Preeya loves, she thinks it’s all right to lie. Preeya asks if she really wants to harm Khun Kwan. Montha says if she does that, would the benefit not fall only on Preeya. Preeya admits she lied for herself but that is as far as she would do. She won’t be brave enough to take it to that point like her. Montha holds her hands and says they already got on the same boat, if she won’t paddle, no one will mind, but don’t flip the boat over herself because Khun Nin will be very sad.

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Montha comes to see Ment. Chanon follows her and waits outside the room. Montha ties Ment’s hands and says she will let him loose at a temple. Ment says he’s not a dog, and won’t go to the temple. She says if he doesn’t want to go then remember her order well. Don’t ever tell anyone that she’s the one ordered him to lure Kwanta to that well. Chanon hears it all.

Ment promise her he won’t tell. She unties his hands. Ment holds her arm and begs her to hug him, he’s so scared. He doesn’t want to leave her again and hugs her.

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She pushes him away from her and tells him not to not touch her. She shouts at him not to touch her body, it’s repulsive. His father made her life turned out like this, she hates him. Montha gets out of the room.

Chanon gets into the room. He hands Ment some sweets and says actually he wants to ask him about madam, but it’s unnecessary now. He pats his shoulder and tells him to eat it.

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Chanon gets back to the hospital to hear from the nurse that Kwanta left despite her warning. He asks when she left. She says she walked out just now. He catches up with Khem in the hallway and asks if she forgot that she’s still sick. Khem says she’s not wandering around, she’s going to go down to visit her sister-in-law and she has something to clear up with the nanny. Chanon tells her that the woman culprit is not Khun Nom because she’s at the hospital at that time with Preeya as her alibi. She asks if he believes the talk of the person on the same side. He says Preeya is not a person who would lie. Khem says she forgot that boyfriend and girlfriend would believe in each other.

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Non shouts, “I already have a wife, how can I have a girlfriend?!”

Khem is so startled to hear that, she doesn’t know what to say. He tells her she’d better go back to her room and let herself recover first. He already reported to the police about the culprit who stabbed her, for another culprit, he will take care of it fairly. He carries her in his arms and threatens that if she wants to tear her wound, just struggle some more, “I have a lot of money. Just a stay in a hospital like this, I can pay for it.”

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He puts her down on the bed and adjusts the sling on her arm for her comfort. She says not sure if he means well or worst, so let she do it herself. He tells her to stay still or else his hands may brush onto something (her chest). Haha.

bscap0047 bscap0051

He puts his arm around her to adjust the sling. Khem and I squeal.

bscap0054 bscap0058

She thinks of when he kissed her in the pool and smiles. Chanon asks if it’s comfortable now. She’s still smiling.

bscap0061 bscap0060

Non: “Now what are you smiling about?”

She still doesn’t hear him so he squeezes her nose, “I asked, why didn’t you answer?!”

She asks why he messes with her  nose when he said he would adjust the sling…she looks at it and realizes…he says he finished doing it, it’s her who’s daydreaming. He asks if she’s thinking about the day they kissed. She shows him her punch and tells him to back of to the wall if he doesn’t want his chin to become yellow. He scolds at her how long she will keep talking back, can’t they talk nice to each other? He knows now that she didn’t make the story about the culprits up. She argues that yet he didn’t do anything to make her feel that he regretted it.

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He says the way he sat by her side watching over her till morning and even skipping his work should already be the answer that he’s regretted it, or she wants him to  kneel down and apologize to her. She says he doesn’t dare talk about what happened because he’s afraid that she will find out who’s the one behind the culprit. He says the more they talk, the more the arguments turn up. He wants to leave the room to ask for a nurse to come watching over her.

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Khem wants to stop from leaving and cries out because of the pain on her leg. It must be because of her fighting with the culprit. She tells him to just leave like how he wants to, why worry. He leaves anyway.

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Janya gives Chanon a bottle of massage oil. She says this formula helps reducing pain the best. Khem says it’s just a little pain, why he needs to make a mess out of it, and it already passed the working hours. Khem thanks Janya for coming and she can leave, no need to massage her leg. Janya says she’s not here to do that, her boss only wanted her to bring the oil. Khem stares at Chanon.

Janya asks what happened to her. Before Khem could say, Chanon answers that she had some fever but she gets better now. Janya says she will leave then, and wishes her to get well soon. Khem asks him why he had to lie to her or if he’s afraid of something. He asks what she thinks he’s afraid of. She makes face like she doesn’t care to hear.

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He wants to massage her leg but she won’t allow it. He pulls her leg out of the blanket and tells her to be still if she doesn’t want her leg be cut off. She asks if it’s that serious. He starts massaging her foot. She smiles looking at him.

At night, Khem falls asleep. He puts a blanket over her and wants to kiss her on the lips but changes to her forehead instead. Why???

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Chanon lies down on a sofa beside Khem’s bed. He thinks about what Montha said to Ment. He sits up straight feeling frustrated. He thinks of when Khem told him that another culprit was a woman.

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Montha is cleaning Nin’s foot when Chanon walks into room. They go talk outside. She asks what he wants to talk to her about. He says he will tell Paen to watch over Nin in the afternoon. He says Paen will take over her duty because she must leave Lerdwiriya. She asks what he just said.

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Part 2

Chanon gives her some money in an envelope (or a cheque) saying it’s to repay for the time she raised his sister. Montha says, “What?!”


Yothin waits outside Chanon’s house and sees Preeya get in a taxi hearing her say go to the hospital, so he follows her.

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Montha asks if he fires her only for that one tricky woman. He says Kwan didn’t lie, there’s actually a culprit wanting to take her life including when she’s abducted. She says a tricky girl always knows how to talk to make a man believe her. He asks if she went to see Ment yesterday. She’s startled to hear him ask but says it’s normal for a mother to go feed her child. He asks if it’s not because to threaten Ment about her order (tell Ment to lure his wife to that well). He says don’t think that he believed what her and Preeya had lied to him.

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Khem wakes up and tells the operator Yothin’s number to make a call for her because she lost her phone. Yothin walks in and holds her arms asking how she is. She says she’s about to call him, and don’t touch her wound. He asks who did this to her.

Montha insists she did it for the one she loves. He says but it’s not right. She says she doesn’t care about that and she won’t regret it too, and it’s him who will regret to let other person hurt his own sister. He says she’s just a nanny he hired to look after Nin, not her mother. He tells her not to worry more than her duty calls for. She stresses that it’s her duty to protect her, and if anyone harms her, she definitely will kill that person.

Non: “I made to right decision to let you leave my sister. Please go gather your belongings and get out of my house. I already asked Yong to help carrying your things.”

He puts the money in her hand. She begs him to let her look after Nin until she’s released from the hospital. He says, “No, better not, and don’t come near my sister again. If you won’t listen, I will turn you in to the police.” She says she never thinks he’s so unkind. He admits it but he’s far less than her. Chanon walks away. Montha gets so angry.


Yothin asks if Nai Chayen refused to turn the nanny Montho in to the police. Khem thinks he must be afraid that the things will connect to his sister. He says no wonder, he taken his sister’s side blindly like this, that’s why his wife couldn’t be with him. Khem tells him that the culprit told her that Pee Khem really stole the marriage money and was going to take him to the place she hidden it, that’s why the guy’s so mad wanting to kill her.

Yothin says, “If the guy followed you, wanted to kill you, that means Pee Kwanta is still alive. Or…this culprit could be Pee Kwanta’s lover.”

She says her father will be sad to know that his beloved daughter is like this. He tells her to stop finding out, he’s afraid the guy will return to harm her. She says even if she runs away, the guy will still want to find her and kill her, so the only way is to catch him and take him to the police. She tells him to leave for now. He asks how he can contact her when her phone fell into that well. She says she will go to him, just buy her a new phone. Yothin smiles that he has to do that again.

bscap0016 bscap0018

Preeya sees  Yothin come out of Khem’s room so she asks if he’s Khun Yothin (seeing only his back). Yothin walks away quickly, she follows him. He grabs a random doctor and acts like he’s gay courting him. He turns to see Preeya and greets her. She walks away to give him some privacy but he follows her.

bscap0021 bscap0022

He asks if she came to visit someone. She says she came to watch over a friend, and saw him come out the room of her boyfriend’s ex-wife so she wants to ask if he knows her. He says he got in the wrong room thinking his boyfriend (the doctor) was there. She holds his hand saying he has her support in this. He thanks her feeling stunned by her touch.

Janya walks into the staff room. Aum’s mom asks what happened to madam that she went to see her at the hospital. Aum says it’s madam’s trick to get attention from her hubby. She faked a faint in the past and Janya saw it too. Janya says she did see it and tells Aum not to drag her into it. Aum is surprised she said that. Janya tells the head of staff that Kwan got high fever but is better now. Aum tells Chint (her dad) Kwanta got to be in such a high status because she has a friend encouraging her. When Kwan had some money, she just threw some to her friend. Janya gets angry and leaves the room.

bscap0024 bscap0025

The nurse comes to clean Khem’s wound. She tells Chanon not to let water spill onto the wound. Khem tells him she wants to go home. He says the doctor doesn’t allow it yet. She asks if it’s the doctor or him who doesn’t want her to go back and keep a watchful eye on the nanny. He tells her Nom already left their house and won’t be coming back. She accuses him of letting the criminal flee, why he didn’t turn her in to the police. She yells at him asking if that’s how he means well for her, letting the criminal leave without knowing when she will return to kill her again. He shouts back if she thinks he doesn’t want to do the right thing but as a brother, he has to think of his sick sister who’s lying there too. Nin’s symptom will surely recur if she knows that Khun Nom gone to jail. He begs her to forgive Montha.

She asks if the criminal who committed murder, can any judge forgive him and give the verdict to let him go free? Letting him off for him to commit it again?

He holds her hand and says, he guarantees he won’t let anyone harm her again. He says, “As a husband, I will protect you with my life.” She asks if he’s trading her life for his sister’s happiness. He denies that it’s not. She interrupts him before he can say more. She tells him to watch over her as much as he can, but when he’s unaware, she will go out there to find the culprit with her own two hands.

bscap0029 bscap0030

Someone knocks the door, it’s Preeya. Without Khem seeing who came, he tells Khem it’s some child playing with the door, he will go visit Nin. He tells her not to leave the room as already asked the nurse to watch over the door.

bscap0031 bscap0033

Chanon talks with Preeya outside. She says sorry that she lied. She’s so stupid to think that by doing that, he wouldn’t go back to Khun Kwan. He says he will forgive her this once, but  not to do it again, and not to tell Nin that he fired Khun Nom.

Chanon is startled to hear Nin’s loud scream. He turns to the direction of her room. Poor guy.

Part 3

Nin yells at Paen to get out. Chanon and Preeya rush inside. Nin asks him where Nom is, and why Paen is here, she even gave her cold water to drink, what if she gives her the wrong medicine, she could drop dead.


He tells Nin that Nom took a leave to go to her friend’s funeral in the countryside. She asks if Nom really has any friend. He says he doesn’t know that, may be some old friend, so for now, he needs to have Paen here to take care of her. Preeya says she will come here after work to be with her too. Preeya tells Paen to bring something for Nin to eat. Paen says Khun Nom told her to make GABA rice gruel for her everyday. Chanon gets an idea.

bscap0002 bscap0004

He brings a thermos of GABA rice gruel to her. Khem yawns and says she’s sleepy. He says before she will go to sleep, drink a cup of GABA rice gruel first. She says he does good deed to get some benefit in return. She asks if he thinks she wouldn’t know that. He says Paen made it for her so she should accept her kindness.

Khem: “Paen made it for me?”

Non: “Why? You think I made it for you? It’s all right if you won’t drink it, I will throw it away.”

She stops him saying a nice thing from a nice person, how can she not drink it. He pours a cup of it. She drinks it and says it tastes good so he pours some more.

bscap0006 bscap0008

Khem wakes up and looks outside. The scene looks familiar, it looks similar to the sea around her hometown. She tries to deny it but the room and what she’s wearing tell her otherwise. She tells herself to think hard what happened. Then she realizes it must be that GABA rice gruel Chanon poured it for her.

bscap0015 bscap0017

Chanon comes out in a towel (eep!) from the bathroom and can’t find Khem anywhere. Khem comes behind and puts a knife to his throat. She accuses him of making her take some sleeping pill and abducting her here. It’s the way of a coward, can’t do it face to face. He says even if he asked her nicely, as if she would come here with him. He wants her to rest well, to fully recover first, not run around trying to catch the culprit. He knows she’s good at it but her body may not make it.

Khem: “It would sound nice if coming from good intention, but I won’t accept your well wish. I want to go back to Bangkok.”

He says they can’t because his car broke down. The mechanic from the garage hasn’t arrived yet. She says she will go by bus. He says he knows that he did many bad things to her and so does his sister so the word ‘sorry’ won’t be enough. Therefore, if she wants to take revenge, he’s willing to take it.

He grabs her hand with a knife and pulls it toward him and tells her to stab him. It will be great because he won’t be alive to acknowledge this whole mess. Khem puts the knife away saying while he finds comfort in death, she will be eating red rice in jail. He tells her to say what she wants him to do, he will do everything in exchange of her staying here until her wound fully healed.

Khem: “Everything, are you sure, hubby?

Non: “What you want me to do, say it.”

Khem smiles.

bscap0019 bscap0021

At the beach, Khem gives him a bucket borrowed from kids around there. She says he doesn’t need to do it if it will hurt the big boss’s pride.

Non: “I didn’t walk on the beach for a long time. To go back and be like a kid, would…be…great.”

He grabs the bucket and gets up. Khem asks if he’s the kind who will do everything a woman tells him to. She says, “Want to play a hero? Okay, I will wait and see how far you can go.”

bscap0024 bscap0025

He walks toward the wave and backs up. She asks if he’s using his mental power to call crabs to show up. He takes off his sandals. She says don’t even start, yet afraid of the salt to stick on his clothes. He says without shoes is more handy. She suggests a rubber gloves too, in case some germs stick on his nails, he won’t blame her. Haha. He says no need, he can do it with bare hands. He starts digging the sand. She says she will keep her promise but she will get to go back to Bangkok for sure.

bscap0028 bscap0029

Chanon digs hard. She yells if he wants to find crabs or send crabs to heaven. Digging that hard, as if some crabs will show up for him to catch. A crab comes out and he catches it in his hand. He tells her she must do as promised. She says since when she promised him, why she can’t remember it, looks like another amnesia hit her again.

bscap0030 bscap0031

He asks if she wants to break the promise and moves closer. She tells him not to come close, crab’s bite is painful. He chases her down with a crab in his hand. It bites her upper arm so he says sorry.

bscap0034 bscap0037

She tells him to let the crab go. He lets it go. He touches her and says, “Crab.” as if it’s still in his hand. She screams running away. He (or rather, Om) laughs. Haha.


Part 4

bscap0040 bscap0041

Preeya comes down in the morning and asks Yong why just one place for breakfast. Yong asks if she doesn’t know that Khun Non took madam away for a honeymoon. He thinks his master was drugged to do that. She asks where they went. He says to the sea but he doesn’t know where, and if he is his boyfriend, he will follow him there to kick him down the sea. She tells him to take the food away, she’s going to work. Thinking she’s away, Yong says just keep calm and when they come back and are sweet to each other, she will become a rotten-headed dog and get thrown into a trashcan in the end. Preeya hears him and leaves.

bscap0044 bscap0048

Yothin waits to for Khem to contact him but she doesn’t. He comes to the hotel and runs up the stairs to catch up with Preeya who is taking an elevator. He finally gets to her panting. He says he bought things for her but didn’t get to give her. Preeya feels sad thinking of Chanon. Her hands are shaking that her bad drops down. He picks it up for her and asks if she’s all right, and if there’s anything he can help. She cries and hugs him. Yothin is so startled, “Khun Preeya.” He pats her shoulder.

bscap0049 bscap0054

Chanon calls Pracha and says he wants his help on some business. Nin asks Pracha why Pee Non doesn’t come to pick her up himself. He says Khun Chanon went to see the customers out of town. He was ordered to come here to pick her up. Paen says she will go gather their things and gets out of the room.

Pracha says it’s strange, when he asked Khun Chanon where he was, he was very reluctant to tell, so may be he didn’t go alone. Nin says, “Kwanta, where is she now?” Pracha says he went to her room and she’s not there too. Nin tells Paen to go get Nom for her. Paen says she doesn’t have her address and Nom didn’t take Nin’s phone with her. Nin is frustrated so Pracha offers to find out where Chanon is.

bscap0056 bscap0058

At the beach, Khem reads Chanon’s note, “I saw you sleeping soundly so I didn’t want to wake you up. I will go buy some food for you. Hope you will keep your promise.”

She smiles and says a breeze from a person’s mouth, who would believe it. She says let’s call Hear (Yothin) to pick  her up. But the telephone line was tear off, so she can’t make a call. She tries to think and sees a wallet on the table. She takes out the cash and runs.

bscap0062 bscap0063

She sees Chanon is cooking outside, obviously he’s not good at it. She smiles looking at him and walks away. He finishes cooking the dish feeling proud.

Chanon comes in the room with the dish he cooked in his hand. Kwan is not there so he wants to throw it away. Khem comes in and stops him. She says he made it for her. He says who said that, he made it for himself. She says she ordered that dish yesterday but the hotel said they didn’t have it, so he made it for this lovely wife. Why can’t he say that, there’s nothing to be embarrassed about?

bscap0070 bscap0069

He asks if she went out and took a peek at him. She says not that, she went to ask the hotel staff to cut some aloe vera for her. She takes his hand and applies the liquid of the plant on the burns from hot cooking oil. Aww. She says it will heal in no time. He says thank you, he can do it himself and she can eat it or it will get cold.

bscap0074 bscap0072

She gets the plate and says she will eat it now. She chokes on it because it’s too hot (spicy). He gives her a glass of water saying he followed everything the saleslady in the market wrote it for him. She says that’s not true, he wanted to get back at her about last night, “I thought you were so kind and even praised you.” He says he’s not childish like that. She says that means she’s childish? She tells him to taste it himself.

Khem: “Come here. Open your mouth.”

bscap0077 bscap0076

She puts the food in his mouth. He chews and reaches for a glass of water right away. She says, “So, get it? What a man, wanting to get back to me even about a teeny tiny thing. “

He says he misjudged himself but he really intended to cook it for her. He didn’t think cooking would be this difficult. He apologizes of upsetting her instead of pleasing her.

bscap0078 bscap0080

She says she just complained like that but this dish actually should be this hot. She wants to eat some more but he stops her, “Are you crazy? How can you eat the food this hot?” She says she loves hot food and eats it. She closes her eyes saying it’s so good. He smiles and wants to eat with her too but she stops him. He says he made it himself why he can’t eat it. It’s his first time getting into the kitchen so it calls for a celebration. He eats it and wipes his mouth, and says so good.

bscap0083 bscap0084

They eat and enjoy the torture together. Hehe.

Part 5

Yothin comes with Preeya trying to locate Chanon. Chanon isn’t at the hotel they came in. Preeya decides to go back. Yothin mutters that she doesn’t want to find her boyfriend but he wants to find his girlfriend. He wonders why Khem went with Nai Chayen, the player, alone.

bscap0001 bscap0002

Yothin asks Preeya if she wants to go back to sit at home and cry. She says it’s better than seeing them together be happy. She says he thinks like a man so he won’t understand her. Yothin scratches head and talks to her like a gay, that he also has to fight for his love too. Haha. He encourages her to find her boyfriend no matter what. She says there’s another hotel at Rayong. Yothin repeats the name unbelievably.

bscap0004 bscap0008

Chanon and Khem walk in the lobby together. Khem looks around so he asks who she’s looking for. She says just looking around at people. She suggests they order from in-room service instead. He says they came all the way here, why suffocating themselves in the room. The hotel manager greets Chanon. Khem remembers she met her before when she asked her last time if she’s Kwanta, and she told her she’s not Kwanta but Khem.


Chanon puts his arm around Khem and introduces her as Kwanta, his wife, they got back together again so they came here for their second honeymoon. He asks Khem if she couldn’t remember the manager. He says Kwan had an accident so there’s some problem with her memory.

The manager says, last month, there’s a person looking like Khun Kwan came asking for Khun Kwanta. Khem says it must be herself who did that, her memory wasn’t good so she wandered around asking people questions. She tells Chanon she wants to take a stroll over there so he excuses himself and walks along with Khem. The manager wonders if it’s really the same person.

bscap0012 bscap0013

Ping and his man are delivering some fish at the very same hotel. Chanon walks with Khem. She breathes in the fresh air and says no sea is beautiful like here. He asks, after she got hit on the head and had amnesia, how she could remember and come to this place. She says she might get abducted to here or left behind here, that must be why she feels familiar with the sea here. She asks if he gets suspicious of her again, so when he said he believed her, it’s not true then. Chanon says he just asked, all right, it’s a bad mouth of his to ask.

bscap0019 bscap0020

Khem, with her back to him, says out of 77 provinces to go, why it must be here. Wherever she turns, she sees only familiar faces, and what if she turns to see Poo….she looks ahead and gapes. She sees Ping so she ducks behind leaning on his chest. Chanon smiles. Ping looks at them.

Part 6

bscap0002 bscap0005

Chanon says she was angry at him just now, why her mood can change so easily. She tells him to stand still because some of her memory is coming back. She says she remembers they walked further to end of that path over there before. She tells him to take her there. He says it’s very far and her wound isn’t fully healed yet. She suggests she rides on his back then. She nags him to take her there if he wants to help her gaining back her memory. He concedes so Khem jumps on his back and off they go. Khem turns to the side to hide her face from Ping.

Ping looks at them and wonders if that’s Pee Khem, but from what she’s wearing (long skirt (he twirls)? a hat? piggyback ride?), it shouldn’t be. Ping’s man comes calling him to go deliver the fish at other places. Before he leaves, Ping wonders how suspicious of it, he will find out about it later.

bscap0007 bscap0011

Khem looks back and sees that Ping had left. She tells Chanon he can put her down now. He says he’s not tired yet and it’s lucky that he’s strong enough to take her water-elephant weight. Khem twists his ear.

bscap0013 bscap0012

They walk along the beach. Chanon asks if she can remember something now seeing the sea. She says some memory was there at first, but now it’s gone. She asks if they really came here before. He tells her to try thinking what they did here. She says don’t tell her that they did…here, in the middle of rough sand and very salty sea water. She shudders. He asks if she’s crazy, he’s not that weird. Chanon laughs and pulls her over, “Come here. Just come here.”

He takes her to a big tree by the beach and takes off his shirt. She asks why he needs to take it off. He tells her to wait here and just look. He dives into the sea and disappears.

bscap0015 bscap0018

Khem yells, “Khun Samee, come surface up already! (She wonders if he drown) Khun Samee, if you are not going to come up, I will go down to find you! Nai Chanon!”

Chanon comes up so Khem smiles. He walks to her and kneels down.

bscap0019 bscap0023

Non: “I proposed, but you still didn’t give me your answer. I even dived into the sea to look for a pretty ring for you, and you still won’t give in? (He shows her a seashell in his hand) I proposed to you this way, can you remember?”

bscap0026 bscap0030

She says a little bit but not other things else, and the ring he gave her, she doesn’t know where it went. He says, “That’s all right, you can remember just this much, is good already.” He flips over the shell and a ring comes out. He puts it on her finger. He says even if it’s not the same ring, but he tailor-made it to be similar. He tells her to think of it as his apologize for all of his misunderstandings. She asks if he won’t mind now the man she hugged in the video clip.

Non: “I don’t want to think about it again. Let it be gone with your memory. Otherwise, we won’t be able to start over.”

She looks at him uncomfortably and thinks, “But I’m not Kwanta. I’m lying to you now.” She takes off the ring and says she doesn’t dare keep it, she will leave it with him for now. She puts the ring back in his hand and gets up. She says they should go back to their room now. He’s still kneeling down looking at the ring in his hand.

bscap0033 bscap0034

A thunderstorm is coming so Chanon tells her to leave fast. Meanwhile, Yothin and Preeya are on the way to Rayong. He asks what she will do if she finds the two of them at the hotel. She says if she has a gun, she will shoot Khun Kwanta, she wants her to disappear from this world. Yothin blinks. He says if he gives her a gun, will she shoot? She shakes her head and says she’s not that brave, she’s just a coward.

He holds her hand and says, “It’s not because you are coward but because you are a good person. A good person like you won’t be able to harm anyone.”

She asks if a good person must also sacrifice. He says no, she has to fight to get her boyfriend back, and don’t ever let them fall in love. He will help her. Preeya touches his shoulder. He smiles feeling awkward yet nice. Hehe.

bscap0038 bscap0045

It starts to rain so he suggests they make a stop at Chao Le ahead. She asks how he knows, it’s like he’s very familiar with this place. He says there was a sign just now and chuckles proudly. He says he saw the sign so he knew.

Khem and Chanon run for a cover under a tree. He puts his shirt around her shoulder. She says he doesn’t have to worry about her, she has a hard head. She warns that it’s him who could catch a cold. He asks if she forgot that her wound couldn’t get wet. She tells him he can scoot closer. He scoots a little closer to her. She says she doesn’t want to get squeezed into him but she’s afraid he will catch a cold, and it’s contagious.

Non: “Can’t you just say you are worried about me? Is it so difficult?”

She frowns and says she’s not, don’t be mistaken. He smiles and puts his arm around her. Khem lets out a smile.


The lady says she has only one room left. Yothin is reluctant to decide so Preeya says they can stay together. They get into the room and he says he’s going to sleep at the balcony. She says it’s raining so they should sleep together in here since they are like two women.

She wants to take a bath so she tells him to pull the zipper on the back of her blouse down. He does it and sees her fair skin. She gets into the bathroom and he says bad karma of him.

Part 7

bscap0049 bscap0052

Chanon sees Khem fall asleep so he takes her hat off and holds her close. He looks at her and kisses her forehead.


In the morning, they wake up. Khem asks if it rained all  night and she slept through it. He asks if she can walk. She says definitely but sits back down when the pain shot through her wound. He suggests she ride on his back but she tells him not to treat her like she’s a weak one. He says she’s a woman so she will never be as strong as a man. She says she will show him walking to the hotel without his help.

bscap0061 bscap0058

They walk back and face with Meng’s lackeys. They are sure that she’s Khem, and the storm came last night because a tomboy wore a skirt. Khem looks at Chanon. Before Khem could say anything, Chanon tells the gang to let them pass. The guy asks Khem if it’s because a man courted her that she turned soft. She says they remember the wrong person. The guy insists that his memory is in tact and calls her, “Khem!”


I was annoyed with Preeya. She looks like a prim and proper kind but her behavior sometimes suggests otherwise. It’s funny to see Yothin get spooked every time feeling her touch, yet I don’t feel it between them, may be because I think Yothin is too nice for her but looks like they were meant to be (by the writer), I guess. Chanon is so sweet when he gets to be alone leaving all the problems behind. Hope they will spend more time together before things get back to the way it was.


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  1. Jao Sao Salatan ended tonight at episode 22. Forget about the plot, I beamed seeing Om and Kwan kissing. They were super cute together. Eh…her wedding dress, sorry, but what’s that white thing on her head, isn’t it a little too big? Haha.

  2. I’m sorry guys. I realize Jao Sao Salatan hasn’t ended yet??? I saw Janya with a barbie doll last night. Eh…I think I won’t be doing the rest of the episodes. The plot was so…. *sigh*

    • I totally understand you. It’s so typical of Channel 7 to mess things up towards the end of the lakorn. I have given up following the plot since episode 11. I just watch it for Chanon and Khem moments now. I hope it ends tonight. It has dragged on long enough! Do you have any information on the new lakorn they are pairing together again? I’m so looking forward to it! Yeah, I’m a sucker for Om and Kwan. *sign* Channel 7 sure knows how to twist the knife in for maximum pain.

      • ํำYep, it’s confirmed, new lakorn of Om and Kwan “Hua Jai Thoen” (wild heart).

        Some speculated that Ch7 wouldn’t end Jao Sao Salatan easily because of lakorn “Look Tard” on Ch3 which are way in different genre imo. Oh, well…

        I don’t think it will end tonight, because I read the synopsis [spoilers] Chanon will face with Khem and Yothin’s wedding, and Khem’s grandpa doesn’t like his granddaughters to have the same husband, so Chanon will have to win grandpa’s heart for Khem. Or it passed that point already?

        • What??? It won’t end tonight?? OMG, so Yothin and Khem are getting married again for the 3rd time? Ok, I’m happy that I will see Chanon and KHme again next week! Forget about the plot naw. Big thanks for the info on the new lakorn. 😀

          • Wait, Yothin and Khem already got married twice already? Forget it, I think they’ve gone out of the synopsis I read already. I took a peek (I watched Look Tard) and saw Janya frame Preeya on sth, so I thought it couldn’t possibly end tonight. But I’ll check it out tonight 🙂

          • You were right. It was the final episode tonight *wink*

            • Finally, it’s over! I wanna see more of their romance! Khem hasn’t actually said ‘I love you” to Chanon. Wahh…I’m glad it’s over and happy ending and all but why do I feel sad too? Awww… I’m gonna miss them. *sob*

  3. If you like Jao Sao Salatan, You will loves Kularb Rai of Nai Tawan. Because Kularb Rai of Nai Tawan have everythings, it is good storyline, chemistry between Pra Nang. Plus Gun and Mai looks cute together, I advices you to check it out!

  4. thank you so much!!! i am addicted to this lakorn and always waiting for the next ep, even though i don’t understand thai and that’s why i am always on the watch for your recap. i wish i can speak thai though so i can help you coz i only work 3 nights a week and mostly home the rest of the week and that’s why i can watch all the lakorns i like, but am really thankful to people like you , you are heaven sent ! God bless and keep up the good work!!

  5. Omgggg Thankyou so so so much !!! I’m in the US and can’t find the lakorn anywhere online ); Viki keeps telling me there was a problem playing it , but I’m soooo glad I found you !!! Keep up your awesome job !!! Can’t wait until you recap episode 9 !!!!!!!

  6. Oh dear, I can’t thank you enough for recapping this episode. It’s my favorite! They are now finally alone with each other with the sea and the sand and he falling in love with her again and proposing to her again. How romantic!! Sweet Chanon! I love it when Khem calls him Khun Samee! You are getting under his shin, Khem! Keep it up! 😀

  7. Another one! YES! Thank you! 🙂 I need to confess that I don’t like Preeya either. I thought that the most annoying character could be Nin or Montha, but no, Preeya is the queen. Well, the most important thing is that we know that Chanon will not be for her, because he is Khem’s private property. Ñec, Ñec, jeje

    This lakorn is getting better and better. The truth is that is one of my favorites among a lot of lakorns that I’ve watched. Thanks for your hard work. 🙂

  8. Me too. I don’t like Preeya’s characters. She should have stopped trying to catch Chanon when it was obvious Chanon was not into her even though he said he wanted to try. I would rather see Yothin with Janya because at least you can see some sparks between them when they met before. Preeya is too dull and it’s like people have to tune down their behaviours to match hers – weakling.

  9. Thanks for recapping, dear. Now I understand the story better. Chanon and Khem are so cute together. I wonder if her twin is alive and will come between them now that they seem to fall in love with each other. Hint ..hint..umm. I don’t mind the spoiler! ;-D

  10. I love their bickering scenes!! So darn cute! haha Khem is so fiesty but then Chanon also knows how to counter attack. Khem always win arguing with him though LOL hahah loving this can’t wait for more!!Thank you for translating this 🙂

  11. you go chanon! i don’t think he trusts anyone around his “wife” now that he believes her about being abudcted and culprits attacking her.

    he gave preeya bracelet as a bday present, even though it really wasn’t her bday and to make kwanta/khem jealous

  12. I am getting excited!!

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