Jao Sao Salatan Episode 7

Not sure how many episodes more I will do this, but it’s still quite fun seeing Chanon and Khem bicker  🙂

Episode 7

Part 1

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Chanon says she said this room was romantic. Khem denies that it’s not her who said it, it was Kwanta not her. He asks if she just said that Kwanta was not her. She says she meant the old Kwanta not the present one, and what she said or did in the past, she can’t remember.

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Khem comes out and sees Chint and his crew eavesdropping. When she asks, they say they came to do the cleaning. Khem tells them to do it quietly because Khun Chanon is resting, he used a lot of strength just now, and she needs to get some rest too because her body is aching (*wink*). Pracha hears her and gets jealous. After Khem leaves, they think Chanon and Kwanta will probably get back together.

Pracha thinks back. Flashback, he sneaks on Kwanta in the room saying that she doesn’t pay attention to him. Kwan says he told her he would wait until she’s ready. He smiles and says he will wait for that day. Later, Kwan doesn’t answer his call and he sees Chanon is kissing Kwanta.

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Kwan tells Chanon that between them is impossible. He returns that nothing is impossible and that they love each other is enough. He kisses her some more, ahem.


Pracha shoves Kwan down to the bed. He says she lied and made him give her the job at the spa and to use him to become Chanon’s wife. Kwanta denies it and says Khun Chanon fall for her himself, and she doesn’t dare reject him because he’s the boss. Pracha doesn’t believe her. He says Chanon told him that he proposed and she said yes. She says it’s because she wants to use the dowry she will get to pay off his debt that he lost from trading in the stock market. She assures him once she gets the money she will run away with him. He smiles and believes her.


Back to present, Pracha yells and calls her Nang Khaki (from the tale, woman with many husbands).

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At the house, Preeya is worried that Chanon may feel uncomfortable because Kwanta is still here, and it’s not her birthday today. Both Nin and Montha assure her that Chanon can’t remember that. Montha says when she called him, he agreed to have dinner with Preeya today without asking. Montha shows a bottle of wine (?) that will make this dinner so special.

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Khem walks into the house and Paen shows up just to tell her that dinner is ready looking nervous. Khem turns back and shows her a bank note if she wants to tell or not. Paen says she heard Khun Nom would catch Khun Non to Preeya but doesn’t know how. Chanon walks in and scolds at Khem for not telling him that she would come home before him. He waited for her and it wasted his time.

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He tells her he will have dinner with Preeya tonight, and tells Paen to prepare dinner for madam separately. While Chanon is walking away, Khem stops Paen from leaving.

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Chanon comes to the dinning table and pours some wine into two glasses. He waits for Preeya.

Khem does the usual recording, “Up to now, I didn’t feel suspicious about WaewNin at all, but all the evidences concluded that WaewNin wants to get rid of Pee Kwanta because she wants Preeya to be her sister-in-law instead. Today I will make WaewNin get mad enough to do (commit) it again.”

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Preeya can’t get out of her room because Paen tied the rope on the doorknob to a chair outside. She calls Nin for help. Nin is smiling that this time she hopes they will get rid of Kwanta for good. Nin hugs Montha that she’s very clever and she loves her the most. Montha says she loves her like her own life.


Khem walks to the dinner table dressing up nicely, and surprises Chanon. When he doesn’t stop staring, she asks if he won’t invite her to join the dinner.

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Non: “What’s the craziness of yours today to dress up like this?”

Khem: “Crazily in love with my husband. Will the police arrest me (for that)?”

Non: “Where is Preeya?”

Khem: “She might want to step aside and let us have some sweet time together, my love.”

Non: “Looks like you intend to seduce me for some playful reason, but I’m not feeling fun with you.”

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Khem: “Don’t, don’t be mad yet, my love. In the afternoon, I was embarrassed with your staff around, that’s why I ran away from you. But now we are home, let’s try again, all right, my love?” She hugs him but he pushes her away. Khem is frustrated that he doesn’t play along.

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Paen doesn’t understand why Khem wanted her to call Nin when they could have a sweet time just the two of them. Flashback, Paen praises Khem’s sexy look. Khem says it’s for her beloved husband, it couldn’t be less. She orders Paen to call Nin to the pool after she went there for 10 minutes. Paen asks her why, because Khun Nin will probably kick her down the pool seeing her in this dress. Khem says she can protect herself, and asks about Preeya. Paen assures her that all went well.

Montha asks Paen what she’s doing here. Paen says she came to call Khun Nin to the pool. Montha tells her Khun Nin will have dinner in her room and chases Paen away. She orders Paen not to step into the pool area or she will fire her. Paen smiles thinking that Chanon and her madam is now having a sweet time together.

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At the pool, Khem wonders why Nin doesn’t come yet. She picks up two glasses of wine and gives one to him. She drinks it so fast that Chanon has to stop her saying she will get drunk in no time. She says it’s to build up the mood. He takes the glass away from her and wants to take her to bed. Khem says before they go to sleep, they should…Chanon calls her shameless. If she had let him see her true self like this in the past, he definitely wouldn’t fall into her trap.

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Khem backhugs him when he wants to walk away and says she loves him. He pushes her away and tells her to stop it already. She asks him why, and if he doesn’t love her at all.

Non: “No. I won’t fall for your trick anymore.”


Khem is feeling so hot that she loosens her belt. He asks if she’s gone crazy. She says she’s feeling very hot and tells him to feel the heat. She puts his hand on her neck. Chanon yells at her to stop the acting. She says it’s not the acting, she’s feeling so hot that she wants to take off her clothes. He tries to stop her.

Montha hears Preeya calling for help so she helps her out. Chanon tries to stop Khem from what she’s doing that they fall into the pool together.

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Khem sobers up and asks what he put in that bottle that after she drank it, she heated up all over. Chanon knows right away what that means. Khem accuses him of trying to use drug on Preeya. He says he’s not that bad, and it’s actually her who wanted to seduce him both at the spa and now. He says she wanted to use the drug on him but forgot and drank it herself. He says if she wants to sleep with him just ask. Khem says a pretty woman like her doesn’t need to resort to drug to catch a man like his new girlfriend. Khem says, “Just thinking that I had to sleep with a cranky man like you, I’m turned off already!”

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Chanon pulls her to him and kisses her. Preeya and Montha run to the pool and see them. Rawr!

Part 2

Preeya sees them and runs away. Montha follows her. Yong wonders who fell into the pool and wants to go check. Paen stops him from going there. Yong says what if it’s Ment went in. He takes a look and gapes.

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Paen sees them and squeals that they are so sweet. She tells Yong if he ruins her bosses’ mood, she will prick his eyes till he becomes blind. Yong walks away angrily while Paen takes a peek again and beams.

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Khem slaps Chanon and gets off the water. He calls her but she doesn’t look back. Nin asks what they should do because Preeya won’t answer the phone. Montha tells her to leave her be for a while. Nin thinks it must be Kwanta who locked Preeya up. Montha warns Nin not to let Khun Non know about it or he will get suspicious of them. Nin says Kwanta is using her charm on Pee Non again, and he might waver. Suddenly she feels dizzy.


Montha says stress is not good for her weak body now, and wants her to take the medicine. Nin doesn’t want to, she wants to die more than let Kwanta step on her. Montha says she will be the one taking care of every enemy of her. Nin smiles feeling much better. Montha tells her to go take the medicine.

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Khem is rubbing her lips and blames herself for returning his kiss. Haha. She asks herself if she’s not feeling embarrassed about it, and not to do it again. Paen knocks the door. She comes in and says Khun Nom already let Khun Preeya out, and she’s scared. Khem says Montha won’t know it’s her locking up Preeya. If anything, she will take the blame.

Paen: “So, did you enjoy swimming?”

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Khem asks who did that. Paen says she saw them and they…(covering her mouth).Khem says she felt hot so she got down into the water. Paen asks if they got soaked until their lips…eh…bodies turned blue. Khem tells her to go to bed. Paen laughs and leaves the room.


Khem thinks about what happened at the pool and wonders what kind of drug to make her feel that way and who put the drug in it. She says, Preeya?

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Preeya walks alone and recalls her time with Chanon and when she saw him and Kwanta kiss. A car is about to hit her when Yothin pulls her to him and asks if she’s all right. She faints in his arms.

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Chanon is smiling looking at his wedding picture and thinks of when he just kissed her last night. He stops smiling suddenly and walks out of his office.

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Yothing gives an inhalant to Preeya to make her feel better and says it could help her from the outside but the sad things inside her needs something else for a cure. She asks what it is. He says a friend. She can consult it with a friend like him. If she doesn’t feel awkward about it, that is. Preeya tries to think and remembers. She says if he’s worried about that day (he acted like he’s gay), she’s generous about it. He says he came here to explain it to her but a phone call interrupts them. It’s Chanon calling her. She says, “Yes, Pee Non.” and walks away to take the call. Yothin hears it and says, “Pee Non?…Chanon?”

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Chanon asks Preeya what happened to her last night that she didn’t show up to have dinner with him, and even came to work early that he didn’t get the chance to ask her in the morning. She says she took a medicine for her headache and fell asleep. She says sorry to make him wait. He tells her not to lie and asks if Kwanta did something to her.

She says what she saw at the pool last night is the answer to everything. If he wants to get back with Khun Kwan, just do what his heart yarns for. He says he doesn’t want to get back with Kwan, but if she wants him to cut tie with Kwan right away, he can say that it’s not easy but he must do it because she’s too scary of a woman. She asks if he’s sure that he isn’t lying to himself. Instead of answering that, he puts a pearl bracelet on her wrist.

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Non: “This thing means to be my promise. Happy Belated Birthday to you.”

She says it’s actually not her birthday yesterday. He says he knows that. He knows it’s Nin’s doing but doesn’t feel angry because he did many wrongful things to her. She smiles.

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Yothin sees Chanon hug her so he takes their picture and sends it to Khem’s phone but she isn’t with her phone.

bscap0044 bscap0045

Ment looks at Khem from behind. Khem realizes she forgot to bring her phone and wants to go get it. She turns around and sees Ment. He says he isn’t a thief. She greets him kindly and tells him to eat with her, Montha, his mom is not at home. Ment sits down and eats while Khem walks back to the house.

bscap0049 bscap0051

Yong sees Ment eating and thinks he is stealing the food. Ment runs and hides behind Nin thinking she’s Kwanta. Nin hits him with an umbrella and tells him to get away from her.

Khem gets into her room to get her phone. Before she can check out the picture Yothin sent her, she hears Ment’s cry so she runs to him.

bscap0053 bscap0054

She asks why Nin hit him. Nin says Ment belongs to Lerdwiriya so she can do anything to him, while Kwan is an outsider so she should move away. Khem reminds her that she’s her brother’s wife so she owns half of this place. Nin says she won’t accept it. Khem says Nin doesn’t know what she did with her brother last night. It looks like he treated her sweeter than before.

Nin says Kwan (or Khem) locked up Preeya and pretended to be nice to her only to stab her behind her back. Khem says what kind of friend to encourage her friend to steal other person’s husband, and even use some disgusting drug, it’s so fair? Nin admits that she did that and can do more if it would get her out from Pee Non’s life. Khem asks if that’s why she sent a culprit to kill her twice. Nin doesn’t know what she’s talking about.

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Khem steps closer and challenges Nin to hit her. Ment stops Nin from hitting Khem. Nin loses her balance and falls down the stairs. She screams.

Part 3

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Nin falls down and loses her consciousness. Montha is busying locating a deep old well in the backyard when Yong calls her. Without telling him why she’s here, Yong tells her that Nin is in bad condition.

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Nin yells out asking if she will become a handicap. She asks Chanon what happened to her leg. Flashback, Chanon tells Montha and Preeya that the doctor said Nin might be able to walk again but not sure if she could walk normally because the bone was twisted and broke and the vein was ripped apart. It could be six months or a year before she can walk again. He tells Montha not to tell Nin.

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Present, both Preeya and Montha assure Nin that she will be able to walk again. Khem walks in asking how Nin is, she couldn’t just wait at home.

Nin says she came to gloat. It’s because of her that she’s like this. She will kill her. Nin tells Non that Khem and Ment harmed her first so he must put them in jail. Khem says she never wants to harm her, it’s Nin herself harmed her first, and that’s why she’s this condition. Nin shrieks crazily that Chanon has to pull Khem out of the room.

He asks Khem how Nin could fall from the stairs. She says she told him for a hundred time that WaewNin wanted to hit Ment and lost her balance and fell down all by herself. He asks how Ment could go to the main house if she didn’t take him there. She says he might be looking for her. She says it’s just an accident that no one wants it to happen. She tells him not to punish Ment, she can take the punishment. He asks if he wants to beat her leg till it becomes like Nin’s, she’s going to take the beating?

Khem smiles and says he won’t do that to her. He gets angry and admits that he always has this soft spot for her even though he knew she hurt his family all along. The person who should be punished is himself. Khem holds his hand and says that she doesn’t mean it that way. He pushes her hand away when Preeya comes out.

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He holds Preeya’s hand and tells her to go back home together. He orders Khem not to ever go visit Nin and if something happens to Nin again, he will make her suffer to the end.

bscap0016 bscap0017

Montha says sorry to Nin that she wasn’t there. Nin tells her to look at her condition. What if she can’t walk again, who could give back her leg. She says she’s not Montha’s biological daughter, that’s why. Montha tells her not to say that. Nin says Montha is just a nanny who got hired by her grandfather. Montha cries and says Nin is not in a good mood now, she will be outside if she needs anything. Montha comes out and says the root of the problem is Kwanta. She can’t let her be alive anymore.

At the spa, Aum relates the news that Kwanta shoved Khun WaewNin down the stairs and now she can’t even walk. Janya gets up and splashes a glass of water on Aum *roll eyes*

Part 4

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Janya tells Aum if she didn’t really see it herself, don’t blindly splash mud. Aum asks if Kwanta is her mother to protect her like that. Janya says Kwanta is her friend and if she touches her, there will be some slaps, and here we go, slapping session. Pracha yells at them to stop. Pracha gets to hear that Kwanta shoved WaewNin down the stairs. Janya walks out.

bscap0000 bscap0002

The lackey says finally Kwanta made a move. Pracha says from what he heard from Chanon, it’s an accident. The lackey says Chanon is too much into Kwanta that she can easily kill his whole family or take all the assets. Pracha says Kwanta is not that good. The lackey asks if he still has some feeling for Kwanta. Pracha assures him that he hates her and wants to see her die as soon as possible. The lackey says let him try again.

Chanon asks Ment why he came to the main house. Ment says he doesn’t know. Preeya says they won’t beat him so he can tell them. Chanon asks Ment if it’s Kwanta taking him here, and if he saw Kwanta beat WaewNin. Ment says Khun Nin beat him cruelly and beat Pee Nang Fah too. Preeya says may be Nin beat Kwan so Kwan shoved her down the stairs. Yong threatens to tell Montha if Ment won’t tell. Ment gets scared and runs out. Chanon says Yong shouldn’t do that. Yong follows Ment.

bscap0005 bscap0006

Khem is at Yo’s condo. He comes in and gives her a headphone (bluetooth device). She says no need for that because her plan went well and Nin got so mad that she wanted to kill her like Pracha said, so she thinks the mastermind behind the culprit is WaewNin. She says Pee Kwan may be dead already. Yothin suggests they call the police. She says karma has done that for them, Nin fell from the stairs and now is lying on the hospital bed. He says falling from the stairs doesn’t mean a criminal doesn’t have to go to jail. She says even if she believes WaewNin killed Pee Kwan, they have no evidence. She says if they can find Pee Kwan’s dead body then all will be done.

Yothin says from what he saw in the movie, a psycho loves to hide the corpse where no one would be able to find. Lerdwiriya house is huge, the murderer can hide it anywhere, bury underground, throw into the water, or burn it. He shudders. Khem gets up and praises his cleverness.

bscap0007 bscap0008

Chanon comes to visit Nin at night while she’s sleeping. He says, “Nin, what should I do with you?” Nin holds his hand and cries out in her sleep to her mother not to leave her. She’s so scared she will become a handicap.

Chanon asks the nurse where Khun Montha is. She says Montha said she would go home to get something and requested a nurse to watch over the patient till tomorrow noon. He says he will stay with his sister so a nurse only be needed for the morning shift.


Ment is chained by his feet. He begs his mom to let him go. He promises he won’t go to the main house again. Montha says she will let him go on the condition that he finish one task for her, or she will lock him up for life.

bscap0010 bscap0011

Khem tells Yothin on the phone (wearing a headphone) that she’s starting her operation now and will report anything suspicious to him right away. She turns to see Pracha standing there. He asks if she’s going to do some exercise. She says yes and tells him that her husband is not here, he went to sleep at the hospital watching over his sister. He says he knows that, he’s here to drop some document. She thanks him for the warning last time, and she will use his service again next time.

bscap0012 bscap0016

Khem meets Ment who shows up to talk to her. She asks if his mother hit him. He says no but she…bought a football for him and it disappeared. She asks if he kicked it into the garden and offers to help him find it. They walk along together. Pracha sees them walking away and smiles. He calls his lackey, Aoo, and tells him to come right over.

Ment tells Khem that he saw the ball come in here. She says the garden is so huge that she never comes here before. He points the direction the ball went flying to her. Khem walks further while Ment runs out. Aoo knocks Ment down unconscious.

bscap0019 bscap0020

Khem asks where this path leads to, then she realizes that Ment doesn’t follow her. Khem sees the well and someone in black is coming behind her holding a pole in his/her hands.

Part 5

bscap0000 bscap0001

Khem looks down the well and thinks it’s very deep. Chanon comes home and asks if Khun Nom has already gone to the hospital. Paen says she went out a while ago. Pracha asks Chanon if Khun Nin already gets better, he might drop by to visit her. Chanon tells him to go look at the document in his study.

Yong comes in and tells Chanon that Ment disappeared. Paen says she saw him walking with madam. They must be heading to the garden. Pracha interrupts them that if Ment went with madam, there shouldn’t be any problem. He tells Chanon that the customer is waiting for his decision. Yong says if Khun Nom knows Ment go with madam, there will be a problem. Chanon asks Pracha for fifteen minutes, he will be back. Pracha volunteers to go with them. Paen smiles wondering if Chanon is worried about Ment or madam, looks like the fire is burning again.

bscap0004 bscap0005

Khem says she’s going to find a rope and go down there to see. A figure comes behind her, Khem fights back and punches the person over and over in the stomach. She shoves the person to a tree on the chest. The person loses consciousness. Khem realizes the person is a woman.

bscap0006 bscap0008

Chanon, Yong, and Pracha run into the garden. They look around. Someone holds Yong’s ankle, he screams. It’s Ment on the ground. Chanon asks why he’s lying here. Ment says something hit his head and he fell asleep. Chanon asks him where madam is. Ment points ahead that Pee Nang Fah is over there. Pracha says if he can’t remember, don’t just point anywhere.

bscap0011 bscap0010

Ment gets confused that he’s not sure and suddenly feels the pain in his head. Chanon tells Yong to take him home first. Chanon tells Pracha to go separate ways to look for Kwan.

bscap0017 bscap0019

Khem says last time the culprit was a man so she wants to see the face if her guess is right. Aoo comes behind her before she can take off the black hat. He tells her to move over or he will slash her throat. Khem says she remembers his voice from the resort, so they are from the same gang? Aoo asks her that day where she hid the dowry money. She asks which day, she couldn’t remember. He says the day she begged him for her life.

bscap0026 bscap0025

Flashback, at the beach that day, when Aoo wants to shoot her, Kwan says he won’t get a single baht if he harms her. She suggests they join as a team and run away to use the money happily. Kwan says she knows he has his eyes on her too so they should flee together. She will give him his share of the money. He tells her to take him to get the money first, other things else can come later.


Kwan tells him it’s underneath this bridge. She tells him to go down there to dig it out. When he’s not looking, she kicks him down the sea. Kwan curses him that with his look, he dared want to have her. Kwan leaves with a gun wound on her upper arm.

bscap0033 bscap0028

Back to present, he asks if she can remember now. Khem asks if she ran away without giving him money when she’s one told him to be there. He says yes, he was stupid to believe a tricky woman like her. Khem says she remembers a little bit now that she threw the money down there but couldn’t remember why. Montha gains back her consciousness and sees them. She sneaks out quietly.

bscap0032 bscap0035

Chanon keeps calling for Kwanta. Aoo wants Khem to jump down the well. He says if she tricks him, he will stab her back. She counts to three to jump but turns around to kick him instead. They fight and Khem gets slashed on her arm once. He wishes to see her die more than getting the money now, so he shoves her down the well. She screams.

Part 6

bscap0001 bscap0000

Pracha sees Aoo’s work and is satisfied. They run out together but Chanon comes close so Pracha yells out, “Who are you?!” He tells Aoo to punch him and run. Chanon sees them in the distance and runs over to help Pracha. Pracha shouts as if to the culprit not to run away, and he follows Aoo. Chanon wants to go after them but Khem’s shout for help makes him change his mind.

bscap0002 bscap0003

Non: “Kwan, where are you?”

Khem: “I’m here, in the well. Come quick, (the rope) it’s almost ripping apart.”


He tries to pull her up from the well. Pracha and Aoo run further away. Aoo steps on a nail sticking out of a  plank on the ground, and it’s bleeding. Pracha hears Yong’s shout for Chanon so he tells Aoo to leave.

bscap0006 bscap0021

Khem gets out of the well and tells Chanon to hurry and go catch the culprit. He says Pracha already did and she should worry about herself first. He asks why her face looks so pale.

She cries out in pain when he touches the wound on her back mistakenly. He sees the wound and asks why she didn’t tell him right away that she’s injured. She tells him to take her to catch another culprit who wanted to kill her. He says there were two culprits then. She says one is a man who stabbed her, the other one is a woman who wanted to kill her, then she faints in his arms.

bscap0009 bscap0010

Yong is about to hit Pracha thinking he’s the thief. When he sees it’s him, he asks why he’s here. Pracha says he followed the culprit here but the guy got away. He says the culprit shoved Khun Kwanta down the well, don’t know if she’s dead  or alive. Yong says that well is many meters deep, it will be hard to survive. Aoo escapes.

bscap0011 bscap0012

Yothin is worried that there’s no signal on Khem’s phone all the time so he calls Preeya asking if she’s at home, he came back from the countryside and bought something and he wants to give to her there. She says she’s at the hospital to visit a patient. He asks if it’s the person who lives in the house. She asks how he knows that. He says it’s just a guess. He asks if the patient is a woman or man.


Preeya sees Khem is being wheeled in with Chanon by her side. She lets out, “Khun Kwan!” Yothin is startled and says, “Khem!” He asks Preeya what happened to the one she just called out the name. She says she’ll have to go and hangs up. He wishes it’s not his Khem.

Pracha says sorry to Chanon on the phone that he lost the culprit. He asks him how Kwanta is. He listens and hangs up. Aoo asks if she’s already dead. Pracha doesn’t answer him.

bscap0014 bscap0015

Chanon is pacing back and forth. He recalls that Khem said there were two culprits so he walks out. Preeya sees him leave.


Aoo wants to go and kill her again. Pracha asks if he wants to get arrested. This time Chanon is serious, he told him to report the incident to the police and track him (Aoo) down. Aoo asks if he’s going to turn him in, but Pracha won’t get away easily if he does that either. Pracha says he’s not stupid to do as Chanon asked. He tells Aoo to stay here treating the wound and not to go out because they don’t know what Kwanta will do.

bscap0019 bscap0018

Chanon comes to Nin’s room and sees that Montha is already there. He asks when she came here because he left at 5:00 a.m. and didn’t see her. She says she arrived after he left not very long and only saw the nurse with Nin. He says there was a culprit breaking in wanting to harm Kwanta this morning, and Kwan insisted it’s a woman. Montha says Kwanta must have splashed the mud on her again, she has Paen who saw her leave the house.

He asks at what time she arrived at the hospital and if she has any witness, so he can tell Kwanta that she was mistaken. Preeya walks in and says she can guarantee it. Chanon is surprised to hear it from her.

Darnit, Preeya is the most frustrating character of all. She’s so annoying at time.

Part 7

bscap0005 bscap0000

bscap0003 bscap0002

Preeya tells Chanon that she arrived at the hospital at 5:30 a.m. and saw Khun Nom at the entrance. He asks why she came here so early. Montha says she forgot Nin’s vitamins so she asked Khun Preeya to bring it for her. Preeya says that’s right. He says then Kwan must really be mistaken, he will go and explain it to her.

bscap0007 bscap0009

The nurse tells Chanon that the patient must have lost a lot of blood so she’s feeling weak and falls asleep. He asks if the wound was very deep. She says it’s lucky that it’s not that deep but the doctor wants the patient to stay for another two days to make sure there’s no infection.

Chanon comes into the room and holds Khem’s hand. He recalls how she told him many times that someone wanted to kill her.

bscap0011 bscap0010

Non: “You almost died because of my stupidity. I should have believed you from the beginning. I shouldn’t let jealousy stay above the trust in each other.”

He sits down and holds her hands. He thinks of their time together. Chanon tries to stay awake not letting himself fall asleep. When she moves her body, he would get up to hold her so she won’t fall off the bed. He puts a pillow (or a blanket) to cushion her back. Aww…so sweet.

bscap0013 bscap0014

The song comes up, “I can’t escape the deepest truth in my heart, that the one I love the most is you.”

bscap0015 bscap0016

Nin wakes up in the morning and asks if Preeya bought the porridge for her. Montha says she can’t eat yet. She should wipe her hands clean first.

bscap0018 bscap0019

Seeing her be so nice, Nin cries and says Nom disappeared so she thought Nom wouldn’t come back. Montha says she went back to take care of Kwanta. Nin asks if it’s a success. Montha says there was a culprit came so she had to retreat. She thinks it must be one of Kwanta’s lovers who she lied to so he wanted to take revenge. Nin smirks and says it serves her right. Montha asks if she can stay with Preeya for two hours. She has things to clean up. Nin tells her to be careful.

Montha tells her that Kwanta is here injured and Khun Non doesn’t get suspicious of her anymore so who will be there to keep a watchful eye on her.

bscap0022 bscap0023

Chanon asks Pracha what the police said. Pracha says they couldn’t find any evidence and no one saw their faces so it will be hard to catch them. Chanon leaves the work at the spa to him and tells him to bring the document home for him to sign. Pracha shows up right behind him and smiles.

bscap0024 bscap0027

Pracha gets into Khem’s room and wants to suffocate her with a pillow.

Pracha: “The things between us doesn’t have to end this way if you hadn’t been bad to me first, Kwan.”


He moves closer to her holding a pillow to Khem’s face.


The trick of watching Ch7 lakorn is that don’t go too deep into it, be easy on it and then it will be quite fun. Not that I’m saying it’s not good or anything, it’s how it should be perceived. I love Ch7 lakorn in the sense that the story came closer to the way of life outside the big city. People out of town love it because Ch7 signal is more stable throughout, thus, easier to tune in. Also, the story is fun to watch and easier to relate. But now the digital TV was introduced in the country and will start airing soon. With its clearer picture with more channels, who will be gaining or losing in terms of ratings, it’s up for a debate  🙂

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  1. Thanks! Your are amazing. I really enjoy reading your recaps. The lakorn is really good and I’m in love with the main couple. Thanks for your time. We appreciate that.

  2. ohh yay!! i always came here to check everyday!!Thank you finally you capped it again!!Thank you and I hope that you continue until the end 🙂 also thanks for the clarification on the episodes oooh episode 20? Wow i think its the longest that kwan had a long lakorn well EXCITING THEN!!

  3. Yes please keep recapping. Vikki too slow with subbing and chobling just started subbing this. Lve aom and there not enough subbed lakorns starring him, just like weir, Damn channel 7 😦 you’re my only hope and sving grace for this lakr

    Ep8 nothing happens to khem right, chanon makes it back to her room right?

  4. No! Please keep doing this drama. I love it and I love reading your recaps because it is simple! Please update soon!

  5. Thanks! That means we still have 6 more episodes to watch! Yay! Chanon is a tormented soul. I feel his pain. He is at his best in this lakorn. So into it! Huggs!!

  6. Just want to say.. I LOVE YOU!!! kekeke! Made my day!

  7. Thank you, dear! Chanon and Khem are so hot together But the storyline is too muddled to follow. we desperately need you to continue with the recap. Please…! Do you know how many episodes have been shown and how many more to come? Right now I wanna kill that Priya woman! She’s so annoying! I just wanna watch Chanon and Khem’s scenes. Love them!

    • My wild guess is 18 eps altogether but could be more (ep14 is tonight). The humor kept me going. Haha.

      • Okay, I checked, it has 20 episodes and will end on March 11 🙂 That’s the latest number but could be longer, as far as, CH7 goes.

        • Hi dear,
          we passed March 11 and it’s not the end yet. Yay!!!…. that means we still have 2 more episodes next week! I still can’t get enough of Chanon and Khem but the storyline is killing me! The plot thickens so much that I can’t understand the story anymore. But who cares as long as Chanon and Khem are going to end up together, They are, right?? I can’t wait for next Monday.
          I’m so into the ost at the end: Kwarm Jing Tee Sood Khong Hua Jai:

          ( credit to choblingfansubs: )

          Do you know who sings this song? Thanks, dear! I ddon’t know how to address you, kcomments. Heeehhee

  8. Omg…..please continue to do this!!!!!! I want more!!! AHHH~~

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