Movie: KidTueng Wittaya (Official Trailer)

Another interesting movie coming your (and my) way this March from GTH, also the first movie of Bie, KidTueng Wittaya (missing Wittaya) with an English name The Teacher’s Diary.

KidTuengWittaya1 KidTuengWittaya6

Official Trailer

“You were a wrestler before?”


“But at the moment, the position of PE teacher is filled up already.”

“I could be an assistant teacher.”

“Can you swim?”

Riding in a boat, “I never thought of becoming a teacher but once I entered the arena, I’m facing with a tough one.”

“My name is…Song!” (two, showing two fingers)

“This school has four students only, in addition to that, each is in different grade.”

“Fill in the blank with the correct words, for example, ‘Nam Jai’ (spirit), you should add ‘Mai Thee’  (friendship). Do you understand?”


“Thor Ra hot” (tolerate, unyielding)

“Mak!” (very)


“Sud Sud!” (extremely)

“It’s ‘Ot Thon’!” (endure)

“Teaching here is not really as tiring as I thought…but lonely, and that makes me get to know….someone.” (found a diary)

She is writing.

“The first day of the exile, understand the feeling of Dae Jang Geum (from the famous Korean series) when she got kicked out to Jeju Island to the max.”

“Her name is Ann, the previous teacher here.”

“This is teacher Ann?”

“No, this one is teacher JiJi but this arm is teacher Ann’s. I remember the star.”

“Today I will let everyone draw the picture of teacher Ann.”

“Is this teacher Ann?”


Written: “This diary makes the ones who have never seen each other, get to miss (think of) each other.”

On the pole, names are written according to their height: Song (above) Ann (lower)

Someone writes a wish: I wish to meet teacher Ann.

In the diary written in blue: “Lonely”

At the bottom, he adds, “Lonely too”.

“Director, where is teacher Ann now?”

“Teacher Ann transferred to teach with her boyfriend at Mon Fah.”

Holy cow, is that Weir talking to Ploy?

“I felt like…having a broken heart.” (jump into the water)

“During the half year, my life has only the children, the school, and…the missing (thinking of) teacher Ann.”

He writes “Missing teacher Ann”.

Written” Can it be…that we fall in love with someone we’ve never met?”

Written: “KidTueng Wittaya…this March 20th, in the theater.”


Five things you should know about KidTueng Wittaya

She introduces herself as ‘Opal’ Panisara Phimpru. She’s here to tell us the five facts we should know ahead of the press conference of the movie KidTueng Wittaya.

1) No one in this movie has the name of Wittaya. (Ploy says, “Then tell me two days ahead.”) Wittaya is not a person’s name, but KidTueng Wittaya is a school that filled with KidTueng (the feeling of missing or thinking of someone).

2) This movie came from two inspirations, from two GTH producers.

“There’s a friend of mine who got a new job and had to use to the desk of the person who already quit. There’s a diary in the drawer. He read it and loved it so he went in search (for the owner), and not much later they really got married.”

“The story of people falling in love through the diary, where should it happen? We found a school that likes a houseboat floating in the middle of Mae Ping Dam. The very special thing about it is, the place has no telephone signal. It’s so the place of loneliness and missing for people in this era. This school is just perfect to be the background setting for KidTueng Wittaya’s story.”

3) From the inspirations of peeking into the diary, and locating the romantic school floating in the water, came the story of this movie. It tells the story of teacher ‘Song’ who gets transferred to teach in the floating school and found the diary of Ann, the previous teacher who wrote and left it behind. The diary becomes his only friend who could understand him. The more he reads, the more he connected. The more he reads, the more he wants to meet her. Will they get the chance to meet? Find out in KidTueng Wittaya. If I tell all of it, there’s no need to watch it, right?

4) This movie has the hot star to take the role of a teacher who loves children. Google “love children”, Ploy Chermarn, “Have so many younger brothers (young men *cough*).”

Google “teach math”, Bie (singing Love Equation *cough*)

5) Even if the name of the movie is KidTueng Wittaya, but the director is not Pee Ball Wittaya, then whose project is it? This is the latest project of Pee Ton, Nithiwat Tharathorn. The director of Seasons Change, a cute movie, student version, that loved by many. This time he will return with the cute movie, teacher version. She talks about her teacher role with a cute loveline in Seasons Change.


I will probably try to watch this one in the theater. Love both Bie and Ploy 🙂


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  1. Here after a long time. Hope you have been doing well.
    Such an interesting premise, the floating school , the teachers that teach there and their relationships. Never heard of a floating school before. Do they really exist in Thailand.
    Are you going to review the movie after you watch it ?

    • Hi there! I thought about you too. Drop in once in a while (like me, haha), all right? As you can see, I’m still here translating and…translating. The producer said they found the school so it should be a real school, but I was wondering how it could be allowed to float right in the dam.

      There are many unique schools around. I visited one high up in the mountain with just one teacher (I think) teaching many grades all by himself. The school has one long wooden building with a big lawn in the front for playing soccer, and the national flag. If you by any chance kick the football down the slope, it’s done, rolling down the cliff. It’s not that they are very poor or the government doesn’t support them. It’s their way of life and they are happy to study close to where they live. In rural area where money is less important than preserved food, sitting in class is rather boring compares to running wild in a rice field.

      Will try to review it, if I feel like talking about it after watching. Inspiration must be there first 🙂

      • How interesting … love all the extra information your provide. Just love visiting your blog for that reason, in addition to the translations, ofcourse :).
        Inspiration is definitely important and time. This is after all your interest and not your full time job :).

        I agree with those rural folk. Money is not as important as lifestyle. Money was only meant to help us live the lifestyle of our choosing but right now, in most parts of the world, we are forced to adopt lifestyles we might not want just for the sake of surviving with money. So these rural people are actually very lucky :).

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