Movie (Review) : Timeline Jotmai KhwamSongJam


Got back in town and couldn’t resist getting into the theater for this movie. I went in for James Jirayu to give the newbie a support only to come out thinking that the role of Tan (by James Ji) doesn’t have to be him at all. Of course, James got me interested in the movie in the first place but the story was more about love from the lead ladies (Tan’s mom and June by Toey). I thought the trailer (translated in previous post) was not really the overall tone of the movie but it actually is. If you ask me, I would say this movie is in the genre of melodrama with a bittersweet aftertaste.


Mattana (by Pok Piyatida) is a single mom raising her only son, Tan, on her own. They live together owning a strawberry farm up in the north. The story begins when Tan leaves for Bangkok to study to Matt’s surprise. While Tan is enjoying his new trendy life in the big city, Matt struggles alone to make her farm stay afloat despite the financial problem.

June (by Toey) comes into the picture as a freshman in the same field with Tan. They bond and become close friends. While June is taking Tan’s interest to heart, he has a crush on another girl, Orn, his senior. The story evolves around the love of Matt (for her late husband and son), June (for Tan and her dream), and Tan (Orn, his young love). Tan doesn’t know what he wants in life (or love, in that matter) until later when things turn rough. Throughout the story, words written to love ones (letters, Facebook, SMS etc.) are the main source used to convey the message the movie trying to send out.

I survived 1 hrs 35 mins because the story kept me wonder how it would end. It was the last 10 mins or so that I finally felt how the whole run reflected the movie title. The overall tone to me was a bittersweet one even as I was walking out of the theater trying hard not to let the story bite me a little deeper. I can say that the movie won’t make you laugh without having a doubt whether you should feel totally happy about it at all.

Cinematography : Beautiful scenery of the countryside

Editing : A little rough on the edge switching between sad and happy moments

Acting : Great acting from Pok Piyatida as Mattana (I’m pretty sure she will be getting a lot of praise from this role), Toey was good but a lack of chemistry with James was there, James was all right for his first melo role but the climax scene could have been better if delivered by a veteran actor

Messages I got : Live on strongly when your beloved one is no longer by your side. Seize the day while you can

Personally, with respect to James’ fans, his acting wasn’t strong enough to match with Pok’s and Toey’s so it was like they threw great lines at him only to receive a little weaker responses in return. The strange thing is, while I think I won’t care to watch it again, the story remained deep in my heart more about the love from the giving parties. Weepy or not, bring some tissues just in case.

Official Teaser

“My love, I had to leave you this far as Chiang Mai, the land that I’m not familiar with at all. My heart felt so cold every time the dusk arrived. I kept thinking of your face…..”

MV – Soundtrack sung by Toey and James (lyrics translated in ‘Music: How Far is Near’ post)

“Matt, I missed you the whole day today. Have you eaten? Take good care of yourself. I know when I’m not around you must be very lonely. At the least, these letters could be a small fountain that will make you have enough strength to overcome it. You must be strong, my love.”


For those of you who wonder when the movie will be released with English subtitle, it was complete with Eng-subs already the one I watched in the theater so it won’t be too long, I guess 🙂

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  1. anyone know what title of this backsound??

  2. Any English Subtitle?

  3. give me a subtitle

  4. Great movie! By chance do you know the other songs/instruments use in the movie? Thank you~

  5. i wanna watch it now? Where can i download and watch it????

  6. when they release this movie, i wanna buy it

  7. i watch it 4 time already in cinema

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