Book: Samee Teetra (the novel)


[The latest cover of the novel Samee Teetra]

After watching episode 1-2, I rushed to the bookstore to buy this book out of curiosity, how was the story actually written?

Title: Samee Teetra

Author: Navika (not sure about the spelling)

ISBN: 978-616-508-707-0 (4th print)

Karat (nickname Kang) is a rich woman who already married three times. Her husbands somehow all died. She has a best friend, Pheung, who she loves dearly only to painfully learn later that Pheung betrayed her. M.R. Pisud is a kind man who falls in love with Karat, and later marries her. He remains firm through and through amid the thug of war between two friends who vow to destroy one another for different reasons.

On the first page:

Kang: “I know you are not like that…but I said that because I didn’t want to be in pain again and again.”

She puts her cheek on his upper-arm. She loves him for one thing. The other thing is possessiveness. She wants to solely hold the right over him and push all other women away from him.

Kang: “Pheung made me not be able to trust. I don’t know how sincere she really is toward me now. I’m scared…so scared, not only Pheung, but also every woman…I used to be a very kind wife, never pried into my husbands’ private affairs at all before. No matter what he did, I would never touch on the matter…even when I caught him having a mistress, I never went to throw a tantrum.”

Pisud: “Why don’t you let it end as the past?” His voice is really flat. “I don’t want to hear ‘who’ you’ve had in the past…”

Karat shuts her mouth with wide eyes. She said it too many times that he can no longer bear it.

Pisud: “I am also a normal human being. Hearing others talked about you was quite all right, but if you say it yourself, I can’t help thinking that you are still thinking of the past, and the reason you are okay to marry me this time was only because you just want to try starting anew without making the same mistake again, no love involved.”

Kang: “I love you, at the same time, I’m still in pain. I don’t want to make a mistake like that again.”

Pisud: “I understand that. I don’t mean to brag but I know myself that I’m not an irresponsible one. I’m strong enough.”

He doesn’t continue but only talks to himself in his mind that

…What about you, how strong you are?…

Some words from the publisher:

Samee Teetra was first published in 2529 B.E. (1986) reflecting the family and social problems. Even though time passed for more than 25 years, the story remained up-to-date and could be adapted to today’s society which has the problem of cheating among married couples.

Karat is a perfect woman that everyone is jealous of her. She is happy with everything except her marriage life. Karat’s fate is the fate of a woman whose marriage failed completely. She looks for the source of the problem and finally comes to believe that it’s the marriage certificate, putting a stamp (teetra) on two persons to make them husband and wife. Because it could be an amulet against cheating, having an affair, or the failure of living together of a man and a woman….

…Navika told us that there were two points in writing this story. The first one is about stealing a husband, that if there is one, by whom women will be in so much pain, siblings or friends. The conclusion is friends. The second one is having a husband with or without registering the marriage, teetra or not teetra, which one is better.

The novel has been well received since the first print till today and was adapted into a TV-series twice already, and in 2556 B.E. (2013), it will be the third time…..

The ending: (translated from the last three pages)

(Previous: M.R. Pisud and Karat got married and later divorced mainly due to Pheung’s doing. Now Karat is taking a stroll along the beach hoping to clear up her mind.)

Pisud sees her already. She’s walking along toward this place. She kicks the sand along the way like a person who is thinking hard, more like, in an angry mood.

He made the decision to choose her himself, chose because of love..he knows, no matter when, he must endure her ups and downs and easily changed habit of her. Only with time, groom her to realize the mistakes…understand reasons…some more. He hopes he will be able to endure Karat.

He puts on his shoes and walks down the three steps in front of the house to block her on the way.

Karat stops short when he suddenly shows up on her path. She opens her lips to speak but shuts close when she sees that it’s him.

“Sawasdee” (Hi)

He greets her first, and smiles to her but Karat turns away and walks around the other way almost immediately.

“You won’t talk to me?”

She quickens her pace.

“I have something to consult with you.” He won’t stop (walking) either. He walks through damp sand following her closely.

“It’s an important matter. I’m getting married again.”

Her feet stumbled. If it’s not his hands reaching out to grab her tiny waist, Karat would have already fallen down. She wants to hate herself, just by hearing that, her legs suddenly gone weak.

“You have to go to the district office. I can’t help you.”

“You have a lot of experience about getting married, as many as four times, so I thought you probably were an expert…” He almost couldn’t contain his laugh when Karat pushes herself away from his embrace and turns to face him. She looks so angry. Hearing his laughing voice, Karat gets angrier.

“Please, I want you to help.”

“Sorry, it’s none of my business. You’d better go somewhere else. Don’t bother me, can you hear?…Don’t ever bother me again.”

“Why you need to yell so loud and hurt your throat…take it easy…if you don’t agree to help me, I won’t be able to get married for sure.”

“Khun Chai…” She calls him with shaking voice, tears almost falling.

“Don’t step on me. All right…I was wrong in the past. I’m sorry. Are you happy now…but don’t make me kneel down and bow (krap) at your feet to beg for your forgiveness. I can’t do it. Just this is too much already.”

“I came to ask for your help. I didn’t come to hear you say sorry. I don’t want you to bow down to me either…a woman like you bowing at my feet, I think I would die at an early age.”

He steps close to her and before she can push him away, she hears him talking in a clear voice.

“You didn’t even know what I would ask for, already got so mad like a female giant. I want you to be the bride…so…will it be an okay.”

Karat gapes eyes wide-opened, lips opened like she’s about to exclaim a word but her throat becomes so tight.

“Look at you…making your eyes like that…”

“Did I hear it wrong?”

“We shall start over.”

“What about that foreign girl?”

“She came for a visit then she will go home…” He answers simply.

“Lara saw your temper and got so scared. She asked if every Thai woman was so fierce like you.”

“You are not angry with me?”

“I was but not now…I must endure it so that you can try again one more time…this time let’s see if we will survive.”

Karat is the one to hug him. It’s like having her beloved thing back without even dreaming of it. Tears are flowing down her cheeks. She sputters when telling him that

“I have so many things to apologize to you. Please forgive my stupidity to use all those men in the past to make a judge on you…”

“There’s only one thing I want to know.”

“You can ask me.”

“Do you love me at all…or see me as a thing to make up for your past mistakes?”

“How can you ask?…with all these, you still don’t know how I feel?…That I did those outrageous things, just think it’s because I love you so much that I can’t lose you. If this gets out that I have no way to go like this, I won’t find a place to snuggle (to hide) my face.”

“How about this shoulder?” he says. “You can snuggle your face right here. The owner of it is glad to let you do that forever.”

~ The End ~

Aww…what a sweet ending. I normally won’t watch lakorn about any cheating husband or wife but the cast of this 2014 remake blown me away.


Here we have Ploy Chermarn as Karat. Jui Warattaya as Pheung. Pope Thanawat as M.R. Pisud. With just two episodes, I was surprised how Pope could survive and shine in his own way among these two capable actresses. Jui was surprisingly so good in her role that some scenes she stole the spotlight from Ploy, despite Pheung’s evil mind. Ploy played her part as an extremely possessive girl due to her past with her previous husbands but with a soft heart inside. Both actresses are competing to shine through at the moment. I don’t love Pheung as a character but I love love Jui’s acting in here. Pope’s character is a faithful husband no matter when (right?). He loves Karat dearly only to be feeling weary later by her misunderstandings. Karat will try so hard to find out what went wrong in her previous marriages hoping to fix it. Later, much later in the game, she will come to realize that love is the key.

Samee Teetra is currently on air on Ch3 every Wed-Thu around 20:30. If you watch it and get hooked, don’t blame me. Check out the chemistry between Pope and Ploy yourself and you will know what I’m talking about. Let me know if you are taking Karat or Pheung’s side, just for fun 🙂

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  1. Question to you then. You mention you bought the book from the bookstore. Do you know where and if I do buy it it is english translated already?

  2. Please let me know where I can read the whole story. I tried to find some websites related to this novel, but I couldn’t find it. Thanks

  3. Really?? Hmmm…Pisud is such a gentle man. My Khun Chai!

  4. Thanks, dear! Happy to know how it’s going to end. You were right. Jui’s acting was more natural than Ploy. I can’t help thinking that it would be nicer if Jui is Karat and Ploy is Pheung. I equally hate possessive/jealous women and husband stealers. I’ll just wait and see who’s side I’m taking. The first 2 episodes are already hot! 😀

    • There were some criticism on Ploy’s appearance in this lakorn too. She looked very tired, may be she was so busy with the shooting but what Ploy did so far was how I would picture Karat from the novel. In the novel, both women were very attractive but Pheung’s beauty was more subdue whereas Karat’s had a sharp aura as a bratty and very confident girl. She was 25 years old when Phu (her third husband died), so she’s not that old to start over. I still think Jui is good as Pheung who’s quite proper from the outside. Karat usually wears thick make-up as described by Pisud, but he still thinks she looks pretty. I’m quite taken by Karat’s mishaps where marriage is concerned. From chapter one I read, when the news of Phu’s accident hit Karat, she rode in Pisud’s car to town. Hearing about the accident, Pisud thought Karat didn’t look that sad and even without the make-up, once she smiled at him for the first time, he couldn’t take his eyes off her from the get-go. I think we will get to see how Karat (and Pheung) ruin Pisud’s life out of love in the episodes to come.
      Yes, they were hot. There’s a scene where Ploy and Pope were in a bathtub together that Ch3 took it out, the viewers are hoping that they will get to see it on air. Hehe.

      • Thanks for filling me in. I think the subtle nuances in character can only be read in the novel. Would be hard to portray them in the lakorn. Ploy and Pope in the bathtub??? Awww…I wanna see that scene!! So Pisud is going to fall for both of them or just Karat?Can’t wait for tomorrow’s episode now. Sigh!

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