Update: Full House (Thai Version) Teaser


Seriously, if I have another two magic hands and two eyes that can pop open at all time, I would love to translate at least one episode, but wouldn’t, not when my hands are full with Jao Sao Salatan. This is a remake of the hit Korean drama Full House under the same name.

Full House (Thai Version) Teaser

Reporter: Mike, someone saw you buying a ring. For which girl is it?

Mike: There must be some misunderstanding.

“This sup’tar and this crazy girl”

OmAem: A hero in the novel mostly would be so arrogant, stupid, talk the opposite of what he feels, just like you!

Mike: How can these books get into my room?

OmAem: Psycho!

“Argue, love, this house.”

OmAem: What are you looking at?

Mike: When I look at you closely, you look… short.

Teaser 2

Mike: “OmAem is the person who could cry looking so ugly, and she loves to throw a tantrum and argue with me all the time. But that has brought many more sound to my world, not just the sound of music, and the most important thing is, she is the woman who could make me say the word sorry times ten, willingly.”

OmAem: Get off the bike and pulls my bag to the house too.

Mike: I’m sorry!

OmAem: What?

Mike: I’m sorry!

OmAem: I couldn’t hear you.

Mike: I’m sorry!

OST – Oh Baby I

Aww….looking good or what? Anyone watching this one, please let us know how you like it so far.

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  1. A versão thailandesa é ótima……assisti quase tudo no mesmo dia……emociona, faz rir,é linda. Valeu muito a pena assistir

  2. I love this Thai version of Full House… better than the original one. More power to Mike and Aom!

  3. Y at epesiode 20 only SHOW the place that shoot Is it has more epesiode

  4. the series ends at 20 episodes this weekend and it’s been a great ride. it has officially blown the kversion out of the water for me. i’m going to catch up to episode 17 (i’m at ep16 now) and going to marathon the last 3 episodes in one sitting. can’t handle the fall out and having to wait for episode 19-20 to sub first. i’ll wait until the series is completed, so i won’t have to suffer heartache for too long

  5. I’m really enjoying the Thai version of Full House. The leads have great chemistry and based on trailers there’s more cute scenes. I’m anxiously waiting every week for the episodes to be available with english subs . I finished episode 10 last night and it just got to the annoying scene with Mike and the first love chick. Grrrr..anyway I’ve watched the original Korean version and was not a fan. I only watched until the end bc I was curious and still was not satisfied 😠😠

    I definitely have high hopes for the Thai version.

    Happy watching everyone 🙂

    • She’s annoying right. At least when he was with her he was thinking of his wife. Here to hoping he wises up sooner and chooses om-am, not like tKorean version when he realizes his loves his wife and got her back in the last episode

  6. I’m loving this thai version of full house. specially Mike! ❤ 🙂

  7. does anyone know how many episodes this drama going to be?

  8. I’m liking it so far but still waiting for the Taiwan version with Wu Chun. So far its not completely mimicking the Korean version. Omam doesn’t sneakinto the event but got mike to agree to let her go but arrive separately. In the Korean version, the female lead, searched for the invitation and snuck in and got caught by the male lead. Mike got ambushed in front of reporters by his love interest of his feelings for her leading to his proposal to another woman. In the Korean version, only themain and second leads were around and the reporters swoop in to photograph the kiss. Here the wedding is small and private while the kversion was s star studded affair. Mike doesn’t yell as much but he loves teasing her.

    But still would like to see a full house version that follow the manhwa

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