Jao Sao Salatan Episode 6

It’s getting harder and harder for me to endure Montha’s rudeness. I didn’t translate every word she said because I couldn’t come up with an English word that could match her bad talking equally, and I hope the subbing team will do her dialogs justice. I have to say she’s the main reason that this episode came out this lateย  ๐Ÿ™‚


Episode 6

Part 1

Nin slaps Khem so she fights back and shoves her away. Nin’s back bumps into a doorknob so she cries out. Khem says sorry, she was trying to protect herself. Nin says she lied, she meant to hurt her. Montha says she dared harm Khun Nin in front of Chanon which means she didn’t give him any respect. Montha asks Chanon if this is too much, the time when his grandmother was alive, she loved all of her siblings, the time when his father was still alive, he did all the hard work for his siblings and never saw anyone more important than his family.

Chanon says, “I never forget that family is the most important thing. As long as I haven’t divorced her, Kwanta is still my wife. She’s one of our family too.”

Montha yells at him asking if he forgets what this woman did to Lerdwiriya family. He says he didn’t forget that but he won’t harm anyone using such dirty mean to take revenge. Nin tells him to choose now, her or that woman. He suggests she go back to her room, and once she calms down, they can talk. Nin tells Nom to take her away.

Khem wants to get out of the room too but Chanon stops her. He asks how she dared to eavesdropping on his family conversation. She says she took it from him. He tells her not to touch his sister again or he won’t help saving her face. She asks if he’s ever heard of the story about the parents harming their own child.

Khem says, “You are also an elder brother who is ruining your younger sister!”

Chanon says, “I love my sister more than anything in the world, so don’t you dare say those words again!”

Khem says, “Cover up the mistake of your sister, and this isn’t called ruining (her)?”

Chanon says, “You are the only one in this world without father and mother, even without siblings, how would you know anything about the relationship of siblings that came into this world after one another? That’s because a person like you, has never experienced it at all!”

Khem: “That must be right. I have no siblings, am I the making that choice?” She wants to get out but he stops her again.

Chanon: “Wait, I didn’t mean it. I’m sorry.”

Khem: “Don’t you poke my head then caress my back. You take your sister’s side even though (you knew) your sister may have framed me that I had an affair.”

He asks, if she really was framed then where the marriage money had disappeared to. She says the one who framed her took it obviously, and if he really wants to know the truth, “Please, do something, will you?” She gets out of the room.

Chanon talks to his parents’ portrait, “If it’s true that someone framed Kwan, what do I do?”

Paen calls him saying it’s Khun Nin, so he runs to Nin.

Poo notices there’s so much dust around as if nobody lives here. Yo says Khem is very busy with the seminar, so she won’t have time to do the cleaning. It’s normal for a life in a city, hurry eat, go to sleep, or wake up. He tells Poo not to mind her behavior. Ping is feeling sad for Khem that she’s living through hardships. He tells Poo to send him here to be with Pee Khem so he can bring her food and do the cleaning for her. Poo nods in agreement. Yo screams, no! Poo says Ping’s idea is a good one. Yo says Ping is a man and Khem is a pure virgin, it’s inappropriate for them to stay together. Poo says that’s right too, and it’s a waste to rent a room for Ping.

Poo asks where Khem is, what kind of seminar this is to last to this hour. He tells Yo to take him to Khem’s seminar place. Yo repeats that they can’t do that. Poo asks him why. Khem runs into the room and hugs Poo to Yo’s relief.

Poo asks, what a seminar, why she came back so late and made the elder wait like this. She says the MC kept talking, and after this meal, she needs to go back to do the workshop too. Poo asks if she has to go back there again. She asks him if she should just give up and go back to be with him. Khem gives a signal to Yo to say something so he asks her if they aren’t going to criticize her for dropping off in the middle of it, and it’s a free seminar too. She says they will say she’s an irresponsible person, moreover, people in the seminar look down on her saying she’s a country bumpkin and stupid too. Poo says she can’t do that, how she can do things half way. A person should be a responsible one. It will ruin her good name as his granddaughter. He tells her to go back and finish the seminar, or he will hit her. She says, all right, she will go.

Khem pulls Yo outside for a talk. She tells him to take Poo back to Rayong tomorrow, and the hotel he’s staying is the workplace of ChaYen’s new girlfriend. He asks which one. She says the one named Preeya, in the Guest Relations. He says she seems to be a proper kind, couldn’t believe she dates other woman’s husband. Khem asks if he knew her. He says he talked with her somewhat. He says that mean Pee Kwanta’s husband is quite a player. He warns her not to fall for his sweet gestures. She says no way, a bad mouth, unkind, and selfish man like him, she wants to stay so far away from. Yo says, “Can’t be compared to this very kind handsome gentleman like Hear Yo, right? Let me tell you that every drops of my sweat, I shall give it all to Nong (younger sis) Khem, this only one.”

Khem wipes off the sweat off her face (ha) and says she will go back first, and take good care of Poo, and she will give him a big treat later. He asks for a kiss instead. She says, all right but kiss the window glass instead, as many times he wants. She shoves him to the glass.

The doctor asks if Nin took the medicine regularly. Montha says Khun Nin takes the medicines properly, she’s the one taking care of it, but lately she become stressful so she couldn’t sleep at night. The doctor says that’s not good, Khun Nin just underwent kidney transplant not more than six months, they need to be careful about any complications that may occur. Chanon says he will be more careful. He apologizes to the doctor to trouble him, Nin is very stubborn and won’t go to the hospital at all. The doctor says if her condition gets any worse, it’s a must for her to go to the hospital. Preeya tells Yong to drive the doctor back.

Khem comes back to the house and asks who that is. Paen says he’s a doctor, Khun Nin is sick. Preeya tells Paen to go do her work. She sits down with Khem. She tells Khem that Nin may do some harmful things but that’s because of her health. She lost her mother when she was young and because of the kidney diseases, she had to go in out of the hospital very often. After Nin’s father passed away, she had only her brother in her life.

Khem asks if Preeya wants to say that she’s the reason making Nin’s sickness recurred. Preeya says she only wants her to understand the relationship between WeawNin and her brother. She tells Khem to take a look at the photo albums. Khem looks at Nin and Chanon’s photos and cries.

Yothin rushes inside and tells Poo that, his dad called that Meng’s lackeys came and is stirring up trouble at their pier again. Poo says his workers haven’t informed him about it. Ping says may be their workers got punched so bad that they lost the communication. Yo couldn’t agree more. He tells Ping to hurry and take Poo back home, and if they are not hurry, those guys will think that they’re nothing to be reckoned with. Poo gets up and tells Ping to bring his luggage. Ping is itching to do some kicking too. Yo says the faster he goes back, the better it will be.

Khem gets into her room pacing back and forth. Yo calls her to say that Poo went back already, and Poo told him to stay here to take care of her. She thanks him and says she had thought of calling Poo too, but she’d rather not. Yo teases her that she is missing Poo.

Khem says, “I don’t know what’s happening to me, and I can’t describe my feeling either. When I saw the siblings love each other, it hurt inside. I don’t know why suddenly I think about mom and my elder sister, that’s why I want to call Poo.”

Yothin says, “There’s noting wrong to think of them every now and then. No matter what, she’s still your mother.”

Khem cries and says, a mother that never cared about her child, never made any contact to learn about what’s going on with her child. She asks if that’s how a mother is like. She says, it’s only her elder sister that is her daughter. For herself, she’s just a lump sticking on her (mom) uterus in order to be born. She hangs up and cries some more.

Khem comes to Nin’s room. She sees Chanon is sitting beside Nin on her bed so she closes the door. Chanon stirs awake and kisses Nin’s forehead lovingly. Pracha is waiting to see Chanon. He asks Paen if Khun Non doesn’t wake up yet. Paen says he slept beside Khun Nin the whole night and just woke up to take a bath. Pracha complains why he told him to come this early then.

Montha walks by so Pracha greets her. He says he heard Khun Nin’s sick and asks why her sickness recurred. She says, Nin should be all right if there’s no loathsome woman living in this house. He asks if Kwanta harmed Khun Nin, and if Khun Nin hurt a lot. Montha says it’s not that much physically but mentally, her bruise is severe. She says this is the last time she will allow her to become like this, and will allow no more. Pracha wonders aloud that Khun Nin’s condition is like this, why Khun Non still wants to send her to study abroad. Montha asks who he’s sending to study abroad.

Khem comes to visit Nin. Nin asks why she came in here. Khem tells her to calm down, she came to visit her. Nin says she must come to gloat, but she should know that, she won’t die easily. Khem says it’s good of her to think that way, because if something happens to her, her brother will be very sad, and she will feel like a sinner, so she proposes a truce. Khem reaches her hand out for a hand-shake. Nin asks what her intention is this time. Khem says she means what she said, and whatever happened in the past, she’ll forgive her. Montha shoves Khem away from Nin. Khem tells her to calm down, she came to reconcile, for the peace of Lerdwiriya house.

Montha yells back that if she really wants that, she wouldn’t encourage Chanon to send Nin to study abroad so that she can have all the assets to herself, is that not so. Nin looks at the document then screams so loud that Chanon comes running to her.

Pracha asks Paen and Yong what happened (the scream). They say it’s Khun Nin’s scream. Pracha gets up and says it’s purely family matter so an outsider like him shouldn’t be here. He tells Paen to tell Khun Non that he needs to go do some work at the company. Yong says, what’s with him, people are about to kill each other and he’s in a good mood. Paen wonders what happened that Khun Nin got crazy again.

Nin calls Chanon cruel to do this to her. He says he means well. If she goes study abroad, her health will get stronger. She says she won’t go. He says he won’t give in to her demand anymore, she must go no matter what. Nin grabs a pair of scissors and says, if he wants to chase her away, she will leave! Chanon tells her not to do a crazy thing. Montha tells Nin to give her the scissors but Nin tells them not to come any closer. Preeya runs into the room and tells Nin not to do it. Chanon says he loves her and cares for her that’s why he needs to do this. He tells Nin to give the scissors to him.

Nin yells at him that he had lied to her, don’t think that she’s too stupid to know that he still loves that woman. He lied to her all along that he would divorce her. If he loves that woman so much then just let her die. He says he loves her and will let her do what she wants. While everyone is trying to talk to Nin, Khem quickly approaches Nin and is able to put the scissors away from her hand successfully.

Part 2

Khem takes the scissors away. Nin yells at her, messing around when it’s not her business. Chanon tells Nin that it’s enough. Khem tells Nin what an unthinkable thought doing that. If Nin dies, she will be happy having no one to trouble her, but for Nin, she will go straight to hell (afterlife) and she will keep committing suicide for every life she’s born, for five hundred lives consecutively (Buddhism).ย  Montha tells Khem to stop her bad talk or do not blame her for not warning ahead of time, and stop cursing Khun Nin already. Chanon tells Khem to get out first, it’s not her business.

Khem asks if it really isn’t about her. She tells Nin to let go of all the things between them. The bad things she did in the past that she disliked, she’s sorry (puts her hand together, a wai). Khem asks Nin if she’s satisfied now. She puts the scissors in Chanon’s hand and leaves the room.

Preeya follows Khem to say thank you (for what she did). Khem says it’s her who should thank her for putting caution to her senses. Khem sees Chanon walks down the stairs so she excuses herself from Preeya because she doesn’t want to argue with a certain someone.

Nin is throwing a tantrum that she got defeated by Kwanta again. She thinks Kwan pretended to be nice in front of Chanon just like she always did every time. Montha yells at her asking if she had thought carefully enough wanting to kill herself. Nin asks if she thinks she was that stupid to kill herself for real, it’s just to threaten Pee Non. Montha praises her for pretending so well that she didn’t see it at all. Nin says it’s so sudden and she didn’t plan ahead, but that tricky woman stole the spotlight from her. Montha says it’s strange that madam asked for a truce. Nin asks if she wants her to be nice to that woman. Montha suggests they play along or she will get to go study abroad and everything will become that woman’s.

Khem walks alone outside the house. She wonders what Pee Kwan did to Pranin (Nin fish) that she hated Pee Kwan so much (me too). Khem feels the movement so she tells the person to come out or she will do her double-leg kicking. Yo comes out telling her not to do it (calling her Yai Salatan). Khem asks why he’s standing here, they could get caught. He says he realized she’s not feeling well (emotionally) so he came to give her this. She asks what it is. He says open it and she’ll know.

Chanon walks outside and thinks about what happened. Yo asks if Nai ChaYen is not here. She says he must already be sleeping. She tells him to hurry get out and they can set a date to meet outside later. He says, “All right, take good care of yourself, you little girl.” He ruffles her hair. She complains that he always sees her as a child when she’s already a grown-up.

Chanon sees her in the distance, “Kwanta!” Khem sees him too so she says, “Hear (Yo), jump! Quick! Nai Chayen is coming!” She pushes him up the wall. Yo says, “You said he already went to sleep. He and I must be holding up a rancor in the past (life), I got to see him every time I came.” Khem tells him to jump down to the other side first and do the talking later.

Chanon approaches Khem and asks, “Kwanta, what are you doing here?!”

Khem: “Oh my, you scared me. My darling just loves to show up without a sound. Let me give you a hug.” He steps back so she misses it. She smirks and walks back to the house. He follows her.

Yo jumps down and couldn’t find his car key.

Chanon: “What did you do standing over there? Have a secret appointment with someone?”

She says she went there for a stroll because she’s very stressful today especially the thing about his sister. He asks why she helped his sister, if Nin goes abroad, it should be to her benefit. She says she doesn’t want to be the reason for siblings to break apart, and they have just the two of them, what’s the need to live apart from each other. He says, she will not be able to understand him.

Khem: “I understand myself. I was born lacking, no mother, no siblings. I don’t want others to become like me.”

He tries to stab her with a knife so Khem fights back and gets the knife off his hand. She asks what this mad thing he’s doing. He pulls her to him and backhugs her. He says he wants to make sure the way she took the scissors from his sister’s hand wasn’t a fluke. The one who could seize a weapon from others must have gone through a self-defense training. She tells him to release her first, it hurts. He says when they were a couple (bf/gf), she didn’t have the basic of how to fight. She says she wasn’t trained at that time, and she’s trained now, can she not do that. She says it’s because these days there’s danger around you, killing could happen just like that so she just needs a practice, “To use it with a man who loves to take advantage on women like you.” She kicks his leg so he lets go of her and cries out.

She starts to walk away but he pulls her back, so she tries to throw him over but falls down instead. He falls down on top of her. They look at each other and Chanon leans down to kiss her neck. Preeya walks by and sees them. She takes a peek (hehe) and walks away.

Khem pushes him away rubbing her neck. She says she’s not a loose woman. If he thinks touching her will make her melt, dream on! He says she hurt his leg and she’s just going to leave him like this, what a black-heart she got.

Preeya runs out of the house gate and sees Yothin who is still looking for the car key. He finds it finally and says he thought he had to sleep amid the mosquitoes here. Preeya calls out, “Stop right there! Are you thinking of breaking into other person’s house?” Yothin freezes.

You know, I don’t think Chanon’s feeling it because she’s Kwanta. I think he’s falling for the new Kwanta (aka Khem).

Part 3

Preeya calls for help so Yo stops her saying he’s a good citizen. They recognize each other. She says this is the house she lives in and asks what he’s doing here. He says he came to see his friend. She asks if his friend lives in this house. He says no, he thought it was this house at first but he’s wrong. He came into the wrong side street. Yo pretends that his stomach is troubling him so he says good-bye to her to go the restroom. She says he can use the maid’s restroom in the house. He says it’s all right, he’d rather not. She tells him not to be too courteous. He says he can use the gas station’s restroom, it’s convenient that way. He says good-bye again. She asks if he’s sure he can hold it. He says, of course. Lol.

Yothin mutters, “What a small world this is, they just had to live in the same house. Khem, you never told me about it.” He gets in his car.

Khem helps supporting Chanon to his room. They walk down the stairs and he stumbles to her side. Khem complains, “Why lean so close, I could fall down together with you!”

Chanon: “You hurt me so you take responsibility.” She tells him to keep walking and walk properly. She brings him to his room and tells him to quickly lie down. He tells her to put him down gently and cover him with a blanket too. She says his leg hurt, not his hands. He says once he moves his body, the effect will eventually hurt his legs.

She helps him to lie down and covers him with a blanket. She asks, “Anymore of your order, my beloved husband?”

Chanon: “Change my pants.”

Khem: “What? Just sleep in this clothes. Be a little dirty, it’s more like a man.”

Chanon: “You seems not Kwanta. In the past, you would nag me to take a bath all the time. Amnesia shouldn’t lead to the change of taste (habits).”

Khem: “All right, babbling like a woman at a golden age. The clothes, where is it?”

He motions his head in the direction of the closet. She takes out his pajamas from the closet and puts on a blindfold.

Chanon: “Why covering your eyes?”

Khem: “A disgusting sight to see. You pull down the zipper yourself, all right. I will pull the pants down for you.”

He pulls down the zipper and says, all done, she can remove the pants now. She gets her hands under the blanket and starts to pull. He jerks up, “That’s not the pants’ waistband!”

Khem: “What? Then what am I holding?” She takes off the blindfold and looks down, and screams calling him a crazy man, a lunatic. She says, since she was born, she has never come to face it. She throws the blindfold at him and says she will do no more. She runs out. He smiles and says to himself, what a mad thing he did. Buahaha….

Khem gets into her room. She shudders and says, not anywhere but touching there, “It’s because of that one, Ai Chayen, that my hands lost its virginity!” She rubs her hand to her pants and finds a thump drive Yothin gave her in the pocket.

She checks it with her laptop and sees the picture. She checks Yo’s message, “Hope this picture will make you feel better. My dad was the one took the picture and I asked it from him a long time ago. Khem, just remember, there are many persons around you who loved you. You are not, in the least, lack of love.” She looks at the picture of Poo, her father and her taking it together.

Yo says he hopes Khem get to see the picture. He misses her so much, wanting to hug and kiss (es) her. He runs to the balcony and shouts, “Hear (Yo) will wait for you, Khemika! The bride of Hear Yooooo!”ย  The neighbor shouts back, “What the heck (you’re) shouting for, people want to sleep!” Yo gets inside and kisses the pillow instead.

Pracha asks if Chanon won’t send Khun Nin to study abroad anymore. Chanon says he didn’t think about it carefully. Pracha says he was happy about it because Khun Non wouldn’t have to stand in the middle between Khun Nin and Khun Kwanta. Chanon says Kwanta asked for a truce, she even apologized to Nin and Nin’s a lot softened. He tells Pracha that he has something for him to do.

An announcement is put on the bulletin board about the staff’s promotion. Aum reads out that Janya got promoted to an assistant to the Head of Staff. Aum asks why it’s not her. Kung says she spent her time gossiping, it would be crazy if she got the job. Aum greets Janya, the new assistant who spent her days flattering Kwanta. Aum sticks her foot out making Janya trips and falls down. Aum tells Kung to take a look, she (Janya) loves to catch a frog (jap-kob = catch frog (s) or to fall forward). Janya says she doesn’t want to catch but to slap a dirty bullfrog like Aum. She slaps Aum. Aum tells Kung to hold Janya wanting to slap her back. Khem stops her telling her not to bully her friend or she will break her hand, whichever one she used to slap. Aum retreats. Janya thanks her. Khem says that’s all right.

Khem is happy for her that she got promoted. Janya thanks her. Khem asks why thank her when it’s because her ability, and it’s her duty to let her husband know. Khem thinks he should announce that the real of owner of the formula is Janya. Janya asks if she really doesn’t know why he didn’t tell anyone. Khem says, of course, she knew. He didn’t tell anyone because he’s afraid the customers would want to terminate the contract because she lied to them. Janya shakes her head saying she doesn’t even know that her husband cared for her. Janya explains that if Khun Chanon tells everybody that she’s the owner of Nang Yam fragrance, how everyone would look at her then. He’s protecting her.

Khem is at the pool. Pracha asks if she’s having a hard time about something since he’s standing there for a while and she didn’t even notice. Khem says she’s thinking about the past. He asks which topic of the past, may be he can help. She asks if he knows what she did to WaewNin that made her hate her (Kwan) so much. He says she didn’t seem to be worried about it in the past. She asks if that’s true, so how she fought back when she got bullied. He says, none, she did nothing. She asks what that means. He says, it means, in the past, when she hurt, someone else hurt even more. When she wanted to take revenge on someone, she didn’t have to do it herself because there’s one stupid person did everything for her. Khem tells him to say it out clearly who that person he talked about is. She says, “Don’t tell me that it’s Nai Chanon.”

He asks if she really couldn’t remember. She says if he’s not comfortable to say it, why not help her bringing the memory back.

The lackey asks if Kwanta wants to revive her memory, and what if she could remember the incident on that day. Pracha tells him to lower his voice. He says it’s because he’s afraid, keeping Kwanta alive it’s like having a timed bomb next to you. One day it could explode, and the two of them will go to jail. The guy suggests him kill Kwanta.

Khem walks into Chanon’sย  office and says, he called for her, what’s the deal? He says Khun Ratree is coming to Bangkok and they will have dinner together. After he finishes with another customer, he will go wait for her there. He tells her to follow him there. She says she hasn’t said yes to it yet. He says it’s a part of work, if Khun Ratree didn’t specifically mention her name, he would never think of inviting her either. He orders her to be there on time. Khem stops him before he leaves. He says he’s in a hurry. She says thank you for paying Janya. He says he did it to cut thing loose, too lazy to listen to someone pointing a finger at him criticizing he’s without kindness. He’s about to walk off when Khem asks if his leg is all right now, and why he could get up so swiftly.

Chanon: “There’s nothing wrong with my leg.”

She says he told her his leg hurt yesterday and even told her to take off his pants for him. Chanon smiles and says, “You love to lie to me so I’m returning it to you the same way. Do you have any problem with that?” He leaves with a smile on his face.

Khem gets a call. She comes to meet Pracha. They are heading out together. He takes her to a house. Khem asks if this is the place he said that, once she saw it, her memory would come back. He nods saying he hopes it will be the case. She asks whose house it is. He says if he tells her, she won’t trace back her memory herself. She says he should give her some information. He says Khun Kwan loved to come here very often in the past. Khem asks with whom she came. He says he will let her walk around first, and he will go buy some drinks for her, and if once he comes back and she still couldn’t remember, he will tell her.

Khem looks around the room. She says, there’s thick dust around meaning no one lived here for a long time. Someone points a gun at her from behind and tells her not to make any loud noise and do as he say.

Part 4

Khem tells him to calm down, and if he fires the gun, people will hear. She tells him to tell her what he wants, and she will give it to him without informing the police. He calls her a trouble-maker woman. She asks if he knows her. He asks her where the marriage money is. She tells him she has amnesia and couldn’t remember, but first, tell her if she’s the one took the money. He says, just eat one bullet and see if she can remember. He wants to shot her but Yothin kicks him down. They fight the man together. Khem throws the gun to Yo and he fires. He stops Khem from following the guy, it’s dangerous and they don’t know this place well. Khem asks if he’s fine (after the fight). Yo says the guy’s punches were too soft that his skin doesn’t have any scratch at all.

Khem asks how he could follow her. He says he went to the house and she’s not there so he went to the spa and saw her get into a car with a man, so he followed her out of worry. She asks him what they should do with the gun. He says they can’t tell the police or Poo will kill them if he knows. He will try to find out who is the owner instead. She praises him for his awesome idea. She suggests they leave fast or Pracha will see them.

The lackey gets into Pracha’s car. Khem tries to call Pracha but the line is busy. Yo thinks may be Pracha is trying to call her because she disappeared, and may be he’s getting suspicious why she’s not there. Khem says Pracha is more suspicious than her. He’s the one brought her there with a hooded man popping up to kill her too. She thinks it’s the same man tried to harm her at Lerdwiriya house, and he talked like he knew Pee Kwan too. Khem says she will mark Pracha as another possible suspect.

Yo stops the car and talks to her seriously. He tells her to stop finding out about her elder sister. She says that’s too funny. He says he means it, and if she’s not going to stop, he will tell Poo everything. She says she’s almost there already getting to know whether her elder sister is still alive or dead. He says the one who will die first is her. She says she gave her words to her father. He says if uncle Dit (Bandit) knows that she’s taking such a risk, he won’t allow it too. He won’t let her go back to that mad house anymore.

Yong calls Chanon and tells him that madam is not in the house and he couldn’t find her. Chanon is pacing back and forth waiting for Kwanta. He gets a call. He accepts the call and greets Khun Ratee and that she has arrived already. He says he will wait for her in front of the restaurant.

The nurse is saying that, lately, the patient’s face looked brighter, like a normal person sleeping. He’s without any complication too. Khem thanks the nurse. She asks her father if somehow he’s able to know that she will find her elder sister to come back and stay with him.

She asks Yothin to let her continue to the end. She believes her father’s still alive because he’s waiting to meet Pee Kwan. Yo says he will call Poo to let him know that she came back already. She takes his phone away and says, let’s do this, once she finds her elder sister, she will come back and marry him. He says he won’t just think only about his own happiness, and won’t accept her deal either.

She says, in that case, she will stay single for the rest of her life. She won’t marry him or anyone. She asks which one he will choose. He tells her not to push him into a corner like this. She insists on her words that once she finds her elder sister, she will come back and marry him. She begs him to let her go.

Pracha and his lackey come to the spot of the incident. The lackey says he doesn’t know the man who helped Kwanta (he could mean Yothin here). Pracha says when he chased Kwanta down here, could it be that….

Kwanta runs for her life and is calling for help. She calls her father and the lackey wants to shoot her. She gets away throwing some sand into his eyes. Kwanta hits him with a piece of wood, he loses his consciousness. She runs off.

Pracha says may be she ran off and met the man who helped her. The lackey asks if she knows about them. Pracha says it shouldn’t be the case because Kwanta doesn’t show any sign that she could remember this place. Even with a gun pointing at her head, she didn’t let out where the marriage money is and that could only mean she really forgets everything. That man (Yo) too, shouldn’t know anything. The lackey asks if he still loves Kwanta. Pracha wants to hit him. He says then why he turned around (to that house). Pracha says he’s afraid he would make a mistake like the last time. The lackey asks what they should do next. Pracha says if Kwanta really has amnesia, why do they not put the new memory into her.

Khem and Yo come to restaurant. She asks him what to do when she’s late for two hours. Yo asks why he needs to tell her to come here for dinner, and if there’s something special about it. She says he just wanted her to talk to the customer. She tells him to send her off here and she will go check if he’s still there. Yo tells her that he’s coming. Khem sees Chanon is walking towards them and panics.

Part 5

Yothin quickly turns to the men behind and speaks to them in English to hide from Chanon. Chanon comes pointing at her face. Khem tells him to listen first, and not to yell at her right away. He says whatever reason she will say, it’s just an excuse. She didn’t take responsibility for the appointment, so what else she can make a living of. She asks if Khun Ratree is in the restaurant, she will go and apologize to her. He stops her and says, who will wait for her for two hours. He told Khun Ratree that she had a diarrhea so she couldn’t come.

Khem: “All right, it’s my mistake this time. I won’t let it happen like this next time.”

Chanon: “Your words, can it ever be trusted? If you don’t want to go back by taxi, follow me.”

She turns to look for Yothin but he’s not there anymore.

Pracha comes to see Khem. He says he was so horrified and asks what happened at the resort. She says there was a hooded thief wanted to kill her but she got lucky, some neighbor helped her. Pracha acts as if he’s so surprised and asks who that man is. Khem says she doesn’t know that, but she wants to know who he is and how he knew she was there.

Pracha says, “I’m sorry. I didn’t think Khun Nin would go this far.”

Khem: “Khun Nin?”

Montha sees them talking.

Pracha says he thinks when they talked at the spa that day, someone might overhear it and secretly tell Khun Nin, so she forced him to take her to Nin’s resort home saying she wanted have a talk with her to reconcile. Khem says, so this is how it was. He says, he thinks Khun Nin is still angry at Khun Non that he wanted to sent her abroad to study. He tells her not to tell Khun Non about this or he will be fired. Khem says even if she tells Khun Non, he won’t believe her. She thanks him for telling her the truth.

Montha comes to talk with Pracha when he’s about to leave. She says, the two of them are still working in such a close relationship just like in the past. He says Khun Kwan asked him to come here to talk about the new product. She says, in that case, she will tell Khun Non how diligent his wife and his manger are with their job. He tells her not to do that, it’s not what she thinks it is. She tells him to give an excuse to Khun Non himself.

Pracha stops her and says he will tell her then. He says Khun Kwan wants to know if Khun Nin owns any company shares including other assets that she has, and wants to know how the will of Chanon’s parents was written. Aww…it couldn’t get messier, could it?

Yo calls Khem about the gun. It’s an illegal one and he couldn’t get any info on it yet. He asks if she got to talk with Pracha. She says she’s not sure because things took a different turn. Yo asks if PraNin’s the one wanted to kill her. He wonders if Pracha’s words are reliable,ย  it’s getting suspicious. She says she won’t trust anyone. They are detectives so once they get some information no matter it’s false or true, they need to prove it. She asks where he is now. Chanon grabs her phone and says, “I’m Kwan’s husband. Who are you? If you’re a man, let’s talk face to face, don’t just hide under the woman’s skirt like this. You say it, where and when. I’m ready.” Khem wants to get her phone back but he won’t let her.

Yo is so surprise that Chanon is on the line. He pretends to talk like he’s gay. Yo greets Chanon, sawasdee ka (used by women), “A handsome voice like this, I think the real person must be looking delicious.” Chanon asks who he is. Yo says, “My name is TeeMaToom (LOL) ka. The heaven must send us to meet, to do this and that (to each other). A while a ago, I heard you wanted to make an appointment with me? If you want to, go ahead, whether it’ll be morning or evening, I’m all available. I don’t even care if you already are a hubby, I will hit home for it.” Preeya smiles hearing the way he’s talking. Yothin is so embarrassed seeing her.

Chanon asks Khem, since when she had a friend who is a woman despite his sex. She says she has all kinds of friends and she doesn’t need to tell him about it. Khem teases that he must want to meet her gay friend, she can make an appointment for him. He says, no. She insists that this one is seriously pretty, even a beauty queen couldn’t be compared. She asks if he wants to try something unusual, she will let him (Yo) be another gigs of his. He tells her not to give him to this or that person because she’s not his owner. Khem smiles and teases that now he doesn’t want to be owned easily, so cute! He walks away. Khem says she wants to hug Yo for a hundred time, what a quick head.

Chanon wants to check on Nin but Montha says she’s still sleeping. He says he just wants to take a look at her, she’s his only sister. Montha says she’s glad that he didn’t forget it because Nin alone won’t be able to ask for a justice for herself. He says, if she means the matter of Kwanta, he’s being fair to all. She says she hopes that’s the truth, because if not, she will fight for what’s right for Nin herself.

Janya tells Khem that she only took one picture with her (Kwan), and she’s already Chanon’s girlfriend at that time. Khem asks if she dressed like that then. Janya says, highly appropriate for a madam of a high-class. Janya looks at the way Khem dressed herself. Khem says her eyes are showing that she’s looking down on her. Janya says she’d rather not say it. Khem asks for the photo. Janya asks why she wants it.

At the department store, Yo tells Khem not to get caught like that again. He felt so embarrassed when his friend saw him act like a gay talking to Nai Chayen, ruining his manly image. Khem says it’s all right, a man then a woman, 2 in 1, so in trend. He says he doesn’t want that.

Khem comes out of the dressing room to show him the dress. Yothin couldn’t help laughing. She says she brought him to help not to aggravate her. He says, “I’m being sincere to say to you this. The dress you’re wearing (making you) more like an aunt holding a basket to go make merit at the temple.” She wants to hit him. He asks what it’s for to dress like this. She says it’s a part of her plan, she wants to find out ifย  PraNin is the mastermind behind that hooded culprit. He asks why her plan has anything to do with her dress, he didn’t get it. She whispers into his ears. She asks if he gets it now. He says he does but this dress is not going to make it. He wonders why her taste is this bad and says he’ll take care of it. He calls the saleslady, “Please take this aunt to take off the dress, she doesn’t have much strength and couldn’t really walk.” Khem asks if he wants to have a bleeding mouth. He says, no.

Chanon asks if Nin is strong enough to come down. She says she wants to send him off to work. He thanks her. Khem comes down with a new look. Yong gapes at her sight. Chanon glares at her. I think he realizes that his wife is unpredictable. Haha. Sorry, I can’t say I like her dress or her new look.

Part 6

Khem says, “My darling, you can’t even blink looking at me?”

Chanon says, “What were you thinking to dress up like this?”

She says she could remember a bit how she loved to dress in the past so she wants to please her darling, so when she goes out with him, he won’t feel embarrassed about her.

Khem says to Nin, “So how is it, Khun sister of the husband? Is it good enough to match with Lerdwiriya’s pride?”

Nin says the dress looks quite beautiful but it looks too simple like a low-grade one, but the beautiful face of Khun sister-in-law helps a lot.

Khem says, in that case, her darling should take her to shop for a brand-name dress, the one that cost just one to two hundred thousand baht is enough. Khem pulls him to go to work together.

He parks his car. Khem asks, “Why did you park the car, my darling? Do you want to take a pee? There’s a gas station ahead, don’t just pee on the roadside. It will ruin your executive image.”

He asks what game she’s playing, and what her plan is to dress up like this. She says she told him already that she wanted to be pretty, suitable for his good image, “Because you’re so handsome like this, how can I walk into the company looking all shabby? (He looks at her.) Or, you don’t want me to look pretty? Jealous? Don’t be, I love only you. (She rubs his face and leans on his shoulder but he doesn’t response back.) What happened? Sentimental till teary eyes?” She rubs his chin.

Chanon: “You think of love as something to play with, but I….”

Khem: “I don’t think of our love as something to make fun with but I…”

Chanon: “Don’t say it. Whatever you say, I won’t believe it.”

Khem walks in to the spa and Aum greets her thinking she’s a customer. Khem says her manners are quite good, but if she wai (s) the customer too, it will be even better. Aum says her hands are busy.

Chanon walks in and tells Aum, “If your hands are busy then put the things down first. Wai represents we are Thai, and we have foreign customers come in here regularly so you should wai gently until it turns into habit, just like how Khun Kwanta told you. Do you understand?”

Aum is surprised that she’s actually Kwanta. Yao praises her beautiful look, she couldn’t recognize her.

Chanon: “Beauty won’t last. No matter how many layers coated, they won’t be able to hide its true color.”

Khem: “That’s true, Khun Samee. That’s why your wife wants to be pretty both from outside and inside. So my husband will love-love me.” He tells everyone to get to work. Pracha looks at her and follows Chanon.

Pracha thinks back to when he bought a dress for Kwanta. Flashback, Kwan says the dress is too expensive for her so Pracha buys it for her. She says, “Pee Cha, don’t. You paid a lot of money for me already such as the condo, and many other miscellaneous things paying by installments.” Pracha says he can give her everything just tell him. Kwan hugs him saying she doesn’t want anything, only him be good to her, the only one, is enough.

Chanon has to call him twice. He asks Pracha when Kwan first came to work here, if she’s in any relationship before. Pracha says there’s none, Khun Kwan mostly spent time with Janya, not a single man came to pick her up or drop her off. Chanon asks if there’s anyone who’s gay. Pracha says he didn’t know Khun Kwan that well so he really doesn’t know. He asks Chanon what he’s feeling suspicious about. He says he’s just asking. Pracha wonders who that gay guy is.

Yothin is shouting that he’s not a fishing bait why he’s going to lower him down (to the sea) like this. Yo calls his dad for help. Poo says he deserves to get beaten to death because he lied to him that Meng’s men came to trouble them. Ping suggests they lower him down until his body touches the water. Yo says he’s really not afraid of dying but how Khem will live if something happens to him. It’s dangerous for her to be alone in Bangkok. Poo tells his men to let go. Ping tells them to let go of the rope. Yo screams. Poo hits Ping and tells them to untie the rope.

Yo asks if Poo is not angry at him anymore. Poo says he will add it to the list on his account this time, and if he doesn’t take good care of Khem and lets something happen to her, he might as well buy a coffin in advance. Yo says, “Even if Poo doesn’t order me, I won’t let anyone harm my girlfriend. Poo, don’t you worry, they must step over Yothin’s dead body first.” Poo asks if he’s sure about it. Yo says definitely.

Janya tells Khem that she’s really beautiful. Khem asks if she doesn’t look awkward like a man wearing a woman’s dress, she has never worn this kind of thing since she was born. Janya is surprised to hear that, so Khem corrects it to, ever since she could remember, there’s not this kind of dress in her brain. Janya asks if Khun Non is satisfied seeing it. Khem says not sure, he’s very reserved. Janya says men won’t say it easily like that, but for women, they are so jealous of her just like when she first came here.

Khem asks if Khun Non was so sweet with her. Janya says he both loved and honored her so much, up to the point it turned into harm. Khem says so that’s the right choice. Khem asks Janya to tell her how she pleased Khun Non in the past.

Khem tells Chanon that Janya wants her to try using this set of fragrance oil so she needs an assistant, because others are busy with the customers. He says he’s busy. She throws his document file away. He asks what she thinks she’s doing. She says now he’s free so come and help her. He says he won’t….She asks if he’s afraid that once he’s with her, just the two of them, he will get softened. She pulls him along with her.

Janya sneaks into the room to teach Khem how to do the back massage. Chanon asks what she’s doing. Haha. He turns around and pulls her to him. Rawr!

Part 7

He asks what she’s doing (meaning she didn’t do it right), he doesn’t have that much time to play around with her. Khem tells him to be patient, there are steps of how to do it. Janya takes a picture of Khem and Chanon together. Khem leans down closer to him and asks if his wife’s massage is strong (forceful) enough.

Janya gets out of the room and wonders aloud for Aum to hear that her boss and Kwanta are finally back to loving each other just like before. Aum asks how she knows that when all she could see was Kwanta kept following her boss with no sign of interest from him. Janya tells her to check the picture. Aum looks at it and says, not that sweet, so plain.

Aum sends a text to Montha, “Nang Kwanta is giving our boss a massage.”

Preeya gives Nom some desserts she bought for Nin. Montha thanks her, at least Nin has Preeya to care for her. Preeya asks what happened. Montha gives her phone to Preeya to look at the picture. She tells Preeya that madam came back this time, she’s not the same. Monthat thinks she came back to claim all of the assets, and she will be successful because Khun Non is getting soft. If Nin knows about it, she will be sick once more. Preeya tells her not to tell Nin. Montha asks if Preeya will allow that to happen. Preeya asks what she wants her to do. Paen listens to them. Montha suggests she make Khun Non return to be hers once again without anyone can deny it. Montha asks who’s there. Paen hides in the corner. She tells Preeya to talk somewhere safe.

Chanon asks what the plan in her mind is. She asks, what plan. He says what she’s doing right now, wanting to test the oil when it’s not her job. She says she’s his wife so she should be able to help him with everything. She tells him not to look at the world in a bad way.

Chanon: “But you haven’t done the wife’s duty yet.”

Khem: “What is it?”

He turns and pulls her close.

Chanon: “Can you figure out now what to do?”

Khem: “You are crazy. Let me go!”

Chanon: “No! I thought about it, if I must pay you more, I should get something in return.”

Khem tells him to stop or she will scream for help. He challenges her to scream loudly and who will believe her that she’s sexually harassed by her own husband. He wants to kiss her. She says, “You’re not really thinking of doing something to me in here, aren’t you? This is a workplace!”

Chint and others want to take a peek at them but he could only see the screen.

Chanon says she said before that this room was a romantic place. Khem says, “Are you crazy? I didn’t say that, it’s Kwanta and not me!”

She pokes his face and says he deserves it.

Chanon: “Wait, did you say just now, that Kwanta was not you?”


Nin: You..(couldn’t figure out)

Chanon: Stop the acting already!

Men: No, mom, I won’t go!

Montha: You lure(d) Kwanta to that well.

Chanon: Kwan!


I think the mystery of Kwanta’s disappearance is quite a mess at this point. I’m more interested in how Chanon will fall for Khem and vice versa than where that one million baht is. I hope Chanon will take part in revealing the mystery soon or the story will fall flat imo. The thing that keeps me going at this point is Om and Kwan’s chemistry, but it also started to repeat itself too. Let’s hope more goodies are coming our way.

Since some subbing team is picking up on this lakorn, and I’ll be busy for the whole week which means I won’t be able to do the next episode soon. The deal is, let’s see when I get back how the subs are doing. A nice week to you allย  ๐Ÿ™‚

*No spoilers please!

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      • True. The actress that portrays Monthra is unbelievably cruel and overacted most of the time. She doesn’t look motherly or kind at all even to her own son. How on earth they allowed some one like that to be a nanny. Preeya is really an excess baggage. She should have stayed as just a friend to Nin and provide a positive balance in Nin’s life instead of being suck in the ridiculous game too.

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