Jao Sao Salatan Episode 5

This episode gives us more on Kwanta’s background that the lovey-dovey takes a back seat a bit. I want to see more action from Chanon, because now it’s more from Khem and Yothin, not that it’s not fun seeing these two interact. I couldn’t help but love Yothin more and more that he’s always there for Khem every step of the way.


Episode 5

Part 1

A reporter says Khun Kwanta is coming. Kwanta, in a traditional dress, walks into the room. She trips (not used to wearing heels) so Janya helps her not to fall down. Kengkard asks Khem that he heard Khun Kwanta was sick so how she could come. She says she’s fully recovered now. He asks what kind of her sickness was, a heartbroken, may be? She says she ate some food that’s not good for her health so she got an uneasy stomach.

A woman reporter asks, about the scandal that she had an affair, how she will fix that. Khem says, she won’ t fix it because it’s not true. Having a scandal is like wearing a shoes. Sometimes it bites (your feet), or it’s too tight, and if you continue walking, it will pain you for nothing.

Khem: “Let me demonstrate! (gets off her shoes) See, it’s so much more comfortable, to walk, get up, or sit down. The same with the scandal, don’t pay attention to it and just throw it away, just like this shoes.”

Chanon: “I would like to answer it for her. (he comes to stand with Khem. She looks at him) About having an affair, it’s not true at all. The reason my wife ran away in the wedding, it’s because she had an accident.”

Kengkard asks what kind of accident it is. Chanon says she slipped and fell in a restroom head down which caused her brain not function normally. He tells all the reporters to be considerate regarding his wife’s sickness, and please help clearing up the scandal. He gets down and helps Khem putting the shoes back on. Khem says, “My boyfriend, he just loves to do this cute stuff. Thank you, Khun Samee.” Aww….if only Khem is Kwanta, I would be so happy for Chanon.

Preeya gets down from the stage and tells Nin that she will go back first taking a taxi. Montha stops Nin from making a scene, they shouldn’t be on the news this way.

Chanon follows Khem and asks if she’s truly well now that she could come and mess around (with people). She says it’s what he’s seeing. She won’t die easily.

Ratree is happy to see Kwan. Chanon tells Khem that she’s Khun Ratree, the owner of their Thai massage branches. She asks Khem, she said she would produce ‘Nang Yam’ fragrance oil (aroma oil), but why she didn’t hear about it. Last time, during their road-tour up north, many customers loved it. Khem says they will produce it for sure, only there’s some certain problem. Chanon tries to tell Ratree that, this fragrance oil, he would like to…Khem interrupts him and tells Ratree they should talk about it inside. It’s more fun talking while having some drink. Ratree doesn’t want to get in there, it’s too of a high-class for them. Khem says, who said so, the party without a Thai massage group won’t be fun at all and she has some special surprise for her too. She guarantees it will be fun.

Nin and Montha look at Khem doing a classical Thai dancing among the guests. They both wonder why she got well so soon. Khem comes to them and asks if they don’t want to join (the dancing). She tells Nin that she’s the sister of the host of the event, it’s not good that she stands here looking angry. Nin asks why she came here, and if she’s jealous of Preeya that she would shine more. Khem tells them not to think people don’t know what they did, and not to think they are the only ones clever. She asks if they’ve ever heard the old saying, snake charmers died because of snakes. Khem holds Nin’s hand and says, her jealousy will kill her. Montha pushes her hand away from Nin’s. Khem says Montha deserves to be the Number One National Wet Nurse since she could take care of others’ child much better than her own, enough that, she doesn’t know who actually is her biological child. Ouch!

Montha wants to slap her but Yothin comes between them and asks Khem to dance with him. Nin tells Montha, the way Kwan (Khem) talked, it’s as if she knew they tricked on her. Montha says it can’t be, and Kwan doesn’t have any evidence to prove that.

Yothin says he’s worried about her. Khem says just someone troubled her. He tells her to tell him who troubled her, and if she won’t tell, he will go ask Ai ‘ChaYen’ (Chanon). She says she saw Montho uses poison on her, for her to eat.

Flashback, Khem sees Montha put something into the pot so she pours out all the soup. Paen comes in the kitchen babbling about her boss went out to eat without telling her, so she thinks she will just cook boiled-rice soup for madam. She sees Khem it pouring the soup so she screams. Khem hears her and screams back, saying Paen startled her so she dropped the pot making all the soup spilled out.

Paen argues why madam messes with her pot. Khem says she saw it’s boiling so she took it down from the stove out of good intention. She tells Paen to make it again. Paen says she will just go out and buy some dishes for her. Khem stops her saying she wants to eat the shrimp boiled-rice, and begs Paen to do it again, exactly like the same one.

Back to present, Yothin asks if those people played that hard of a game. He wants to call the police. She stops him and says he’s like this that’s why she doesn’t want to tell him anything. Yothin says Poo told him to look after her.

Chanon is looking for his wife. Khem sees him, “Nai ChaYen!” She tells Yothin to hide. Chanon asks her, “Who were you walking here with?”

Khem says, “A waiter. A waiter of the hotel.”

Chanon says, “Just a waiter and not a captain?…So, why did you come standing here?”

Khem says, “I just came to…(thinking), see, my feet couldn’t breathe so I came to (let them) breathe. (Moving feet) In the party, I had a sore feet.”

Yothin’s phone is ringing. Khem quickly says, it’s her phone. Yothin turns down the call and says why his dad had to call now. Chanon wants to check behind the door so Khem stops him. He tells her to move out of the way, her lover, the captain must be in there. He checks and there’s no one there. Khem says, she told him it’s her phone, so now he can believe her. Chanon takes out his phone meaning to make a call. He says they shall see if it’s truly her phone. Pracha comes calling Chanon that the guests are leaving.

Khem tells him to go send out the guests together, it’s not good that they both disappeared from the party, and his thousands of million business might be ruined. She pulls him to go with her.

Yothin gets out from the spot he’s hiding with a huge relief.

Chanon holds Khem’s hands out of love. Khem shakes his hands off and says she forgot to wash her hands after getting out of the toilet because of the diarrhea this morning. Chanon says, “You are…getting out of lady manners by the day.” Khem asks him why that is, there are many kind of women. There’s no need to have only the prim and proper kind, “I am a lady in my own way, the kind you’ve never known.” She wants to walk away so he stops her not to leave yet. She asks why he can’t just say it all at once, she gets dizzy now. Chanon says, “Thanks you for making Khun Ratree satisfy. That’s all.” Khem says, to say thank you still need to act so big, “ChaYen!”

*ChaYen, as an adjective, could mean a cold heart or indifferent heart, as a noun, means iced tea

Montha slaps Paen asking how Kwan showed up at the party. Paen says she sat in front of her room all that time, so she might get out from the window but madam was sick. Montha tells her to shut her mouth or she will pour hot water into her mouth. I’m so sick of this lakorn resorting to unreasonable slaps and cheap tricks. Let’s see how far this will go.

Nin says they were duped (by Kwanta). She wonders how Preeya is.

Nin says sorry to Preeya that the more she helped, the worse she feels. Preeya says she’s all right, and thanks for finding her a beautiful dress to wear. When she was on the stage, she felt like she’s the real princess. Even if it was just for few minutes, she was happy. Nin tells her to cry if she feels sad why smiling to make her (Nin) feel fine. Preeya says she already cried but Nin just couldn’t see it, the tears are inside. Nin hugs her.

Chanon is yelling at Pracha that he almost made them lose all the franchises in the north, the best buyers of their products of all. They are the main factor that supported their business to survive till today, and he should know that. Pracha says, at that time, Khun Chanon didn’t come to work at all, like shutting from the outside world so he had to make the decision on everything. Chanon admits that the problem stemmed from him. Pracha asks why he didn’t just cut off the problem, he’s afraid that the history will repeat itself.

Chanon says, he also thinks the same way like others. Pracha says between the video clip and simply the words, he choose to believe the evidence he saw with his own eyes more. The phone rings and Pracha picks up. He tells Chanon that it’s Khun Ratree wanting to talk about the new fragrance oil. Chanon takes the call and says it’s Chanon speaking.

Khem sneaks into Montha’s room. She finds the bottle Montha used to poison her, and the flowers.

Janya is telling Khem that the resin of the plant is poisonous. If consumed a lot, will lead to vomiting and a severe diarrhea. Khem says that means they wanted to make her not be able to go to the party. Janya warns that Khun Nin has been cheering Preeya (to be her sister-in-law) for ages, so she must be very careful with Khun Nin, and do not fight with her. Janya says, if anything, she will be the one do it.

Khem asks why she believes her when no one does. Janya says because they both are the same, an orphan. Khem asks if Kwan told her about her parents, she saw her(Kwan) company’s records, she wrote her parents were both deceased.

Flashback, Janya asks Kwanta when her parent passed away. Kwanta says when she was only one year old, her parents died in a car accident. her mom’s distant relative left her in front of an orphanage. Janya says they share the same sentiment, her mother ran away from the hospital after giving birth to her. Their lives are the worst kind. Kwan says, who said, they are actually lucky to be alive.

Back to present, Yothin asks he’s hearing it right, her voice sounded like a lonely puppy. He asks if she’s sick. She says no, she’s confused. If Janya knows that she’s not Kwan, she will feel very sad that she lied to her. It’s like he’s kind and wants to help a person who fell down to get up, but when he reaches his hand out, that person punches at his face making him fall down. She’s exactly that person.

Yothin says he doesn’t know what she had been facing with, but if it’s too hard, just come home. He will go pick her up, and uncle Bandit (Khem’s dad) won’t be angry at her. He tells her to wipe off her tears and not to cry. She wipes her tears and says she’s not crying. She says one strange thing is why Pee Kwan had to lie that her parent died, because Poo told her Pee Kwan stayed with her mother. He says he will find that out from Poo. Khem says, he doesn’t have to. She thinks Poo doesn’t know about it. Someone is coming so Khem hides.

Part 2

Khem tells Yothin she will call back later. Yao is telling the girls that the Thai massage group up north is going to order a big lot of fragrance oil (Khun Kwan’s formula). Aum is happy that it will bring a lot of income so her three-month bonus comes floating to her now. Chint says, for this, they should give credit to Kwanta. He asks who made Khun Ratree happy at the party that she joined the dancing. Yao stops them from arguing and says Khun Chanon won’t produce this oil anymore. They are worried if the massage group would be angry which eventually affects the company’s income.

Khem comes to see Chanon in his office.

Chanon: “It’s not your business to order me around, to do this and that.”

Khem sits on his desk right on his file. He says she’s no manners. It’s his working desk, get down! She asks how about him, talking to her without even looking up as if she’s not here. He says there will be no production of this fragrance oil. He asks if she could hear it clear enough. She says, how he can do that, she gave her words to Khun Ratree. If he does that, her name will be ruined. He says he will go explain it to them himself. She says no, a person shouldn’t change his/her words back and forth, and the employees will look bad too. He’s rich so he won’t have any problem with that, but for workers whose lives depend on their salary, if the company goes wrong just a little, they won’t sleep or eat properly.

Chanon: “Will a person, who never thinks of other person’s feeling, like you be able to understand that? Stop the acting, I’m not feeling it!”

Khem: “Can’t you just forget about the past for now? This is the time we have to cooperate.”

Chanon: “No production will happen.”

Khem: “I want to know the reason. Going to get money, why don’t want that?”

Chanon: “That’s very easy, because I hate you.”

He walks out. Khem says, what a man, enraged so deep.

Khem gets in the lab and tries to find Kwanta’s formula. Janya asks if she’s looking for Nang Yam fragrance oil’s formula. Khem says yes, and if she can  make it, people who hate Kwanta may feel better, making friends is much better than making enemies. Janya tells her not to mess with that fragrance oil. Khem says Janya thinks like her husband, and she thought Janya was on her side. Janya says it’s for her benefit. Khem says they worked together, and asks if she (Kwan) told her something. Janya says, nothing, and she never helped her making it. Khem asks who else she can ask then. But Janya already left.

Pracha asks why she didn’t ask him for the formula. Khem asks if he knows. He says, normally, Khun Chanon keeps the formula of his grandmother fragrance oil in his father’s bedroom, and if there’s a copy of Nang Yam formula, it should also be in that room. She asks why he told her this. He says because he’s an employee who depends on the salary, and if there’s a problem with the company, he will be in trouble too.

Khem gets into Chanon’s father bedroom. She repeats that Pracha told her the room would be on the right hand side. She gets inside the room. Pracha asks Paen where Chanon is. She says, after the meal, he went straight to his study. He asks how about Khun Nin and Khun Kwanta. Paen says Khun Nin felt tired so Khun Nom took her to rest. Khun Kwanta didn’t join them at the dining table. She asks, so which one he came to see. He says he came to talk with Khun Chanon, and says, she’s just a maid, not to over doing it.

Khem apologizes to Chanon’s parents looking at the portrait that she didn’t come to steal but to find the oil formula of her sister. She searches the room for it. Pracha, wearing a pair of gloves, puts his handkerchief, with an anesthetic on it, over Khem mouth. She struggles to break free.

Part 3

Khem loses her consciousness. Pracha puts her down on the floor and drops a vase to the floor for the household to hear. Chanon comes running with a gun in his hand. Nin says she heard the sound of something breaking. Chanon says he’s sure too. Yong and Paen run to them. Yong is worried so much for Chanon that Paen says there’s a herd of them here and he’s just worried for one. Chanon says there might be a thief breaking in, so he tells the women to stick together and tells Yong to follow him.

Yong calls Chanon to hurry come and take a look. Chanon sees Khem on the floor and quickly holds her in his arms, “Kwanta!”

Khem wakes up. Preeya tells her that she slept for almost an hour. Khem asks why she is here. Preeya says Pee Non carried her here, she was found unconscious in his father’s room. Nin accuses Khem of trying to steal her mother’s jewelry. Khem says she didn’t. Chanon asks why she walked into his parents’ room. She says she went in there to look for her oil formula. He says he told her already that he burned all of it. Montha says this time they need to call the police for an investigation.

Pracha sneaks into Khem’s room. He searches her room.

Khem stops Montha from calling the police. Montha asks if she’s afraid of the police. She challenges Montha to do it so she can tell the police that someone in this house meant to harm her using an anesthetic, so whoever committed wrongful things, things will come all out. Montha accuses her of lying. Khem says it’s Montha herself. Chanon says she’s the one created the situation and blames it on someone else. Khem yells at them asking why they all think she must be the culprit. Chanon says because this is his sister, (look at Montha) and this person lived with him for a long time, (pulling Preeya to him) this is the woman he trusts, and others lived with him for more than 10 years.

Khem says, but there’s someone wanted her out of here breathing in and out. She says one of them intended to harm her many times, and it’s only someone from inside can get in and out of this house easily. If they are not going to call the police, she will make a call herself. Chanon stops her.

Someone is coming so Pracha gets out of the room. Khem is pacing back and forth thinking about what happened. She says it must be the same person. Pracha jumps down from the balcony. Yong asks what he’s doing here. He says he’s looking for Nang Yam tree, he remembers Khun Kwanta grew it around here, he wants to cut some for the customer. Yong says Pracha must be mistaken because he had already cut down all of  Nang Yam trees per his master order. Pracha says he must remember it wrongly. Yong says someone sneaked into the building and harmed madam, and asks if Pracha saw any suspicious person run this way. Pracha says he didn’t see any and asks how Khun Kwanta is. Yong says no one believes her, she must make the story up again. Pracha says it must be so. He leaves.

The lackey asks if Pracha found the dowry. He says no, it seems Kwanta didn’t hide it in her room or she spent all of it already. The lackey says she must be deceived by some man taking all the money so she came running back to Chanon. Pracha says Kwanta must really have amnesia because she couldn’t remember even the formula of her own fragrance oil.

Preeya comes to Non’s study. She says Khun Nom said he wanted to talk to her. He says he won’t be able to drop her at the hotel for a while but he will let his driver take her. Nin asks if he’s afraid of that sister-in-law of hers.

The boss is reading his newspaper, “Nowadays, wherever Khun Chanon goes, we will see this lady follow him like his shadow. Confirmed by his own mouth, ‘Just a sister’s friend’.” The boss loves it. He says this kind of news will make the sales go up. He orders him to stick with it. Kengkard says he wondered why he called him for a treat. The boss corrects it, this meal, he orders the food and Kengkard will give him a treat.

Nin shows Chanon the newspaper calling it’s unfair to Preeya, and asks when she can date him publicly. He says it’s necessary, the reporter is trailing behind him, and if they make any mistake, they will be on the news with colorful details added. Nin asks if that’s why he gave a big job for Kwanta to do hoping she will make a come back. If it’s like that, when Kwanta will ever leave on her own accord. He asks what the big job is. Nin says a staff at the spa called and told her that Kwanta was about to produce a fragrance oil, and she’s asking around about the formula. Nin asks if he doesn’t know about it.

Chanon comes to see Khem in her bedroom. She asks if he lost his hands that he didn’t knock. He tells to stop messing with his work, and not to go to the spa again. She says, if ‘his work’ means the fragrance oil production, she can’t not mess with it, because she won’t lose her words with Khun Ratree because of his crazy reason.

Chanon says, don’t think he can’t guess her line of thought. She intends to drive him crazy. She knows he doesn’t like that stupid fragrance. She wants to seduce him, wants to trick him into not be able to forget her, and crazy for her till the day he die, “Let me tell you here, you won’t be successful.”

Khem: “I suggest you go check your brain. Why making a fuss over a massage oil? Why fidgeting?”

Chanon thinks of the past. Kwanta is massaging his back and he turns to propose to her.

Chanon pushes Khem down on the bed meaning to kiss her.

Part 4

Khem asks what he’s doing. He leans over and kisses her neck. She pushes him away. He asks if the taste of his kiss changed that’s why she’s displeased. He asks if it has to be a mouth-to-mouth to be able to turn her on.

Khem says, “Dirty! I’m telling you, for my whole life, I will never press my mouth with a man. How could you say that? Disgusting!”

Chanon says, “A man you said must be me only! Because now you just want a different taste!”

Khem calls him but she gets a phone call.

Yothin asks if she’s all right over there, and if no one did anything to her. Khem just nods, “No, none.” He asks what happened to her neck that she’s rubbing it, if it’s itchy. She says it’s Nai ChaYen…. He asks what he did to her, harassing her? She says that’s crazy, if a horny man comes to her, she will punch him till his mouth bleeds. He smiles and asks why she let him then. She asks when that was. He says whenever she fought with Poo, he would hold her to console her. When he gave her a hug, his heart would beat so fast and he would feel like fainting. He asks if she felt the same way. She says yes. He asks if her heart was beating fast too. She says no, she felt the same way she hugged Poo. Haha. He says he lost the mood and hangs up to find something to eat. She says what this is, just stop the conversation like that.

Khem thinks about what Yothin said how he felt when hugging her. She thinks of when Chanon held her then pauses. She says, that’s right, she felt the same way Yothin said it, how it can be.

Janya gets into the lab and takes out a bottle of fragrance oil from the locker. She smells it. Khem can smell the fragrance so she gets in the room. Khem says the smell has a long-lasting effect to the nose. Janya hides the bottle from her. Khem asks, they said her darling ordered it all be destroyed, so why there’s still some left. Janya says it’s not Nang Yam fragrance. Khem wants to see the label on it. Janya says it’s her personal belongings. Khem says she just wants to see it, unless Janya wants hide it. Janya says if she wants it, she can take it. She throws it to the floor breaking it. The label says, Nang Yam fragrance.

Khem pulls Janya to her and asks if they used to make this fragrance oil together. Janya says she should be happy that she never once breaks their agreement whether she disappeared or come back. The secret stays a secret forever. Khem asks what the agreement is, and if there’s something to hide about this fragrance oil.

Nin asks if Nom locked every room so such incident won’t happen again. Chanon says, her health is the most important thing to him. She asks if he’s still worried about her. He says, if he’s still around, no one can harm her. He tells her to remember that.

Khem recalls what Janya told her. Khem is about to get into her room. Chanon holds her hand and asks, “Why didn’t you go and have the meal? Are you sick?” He puts his hand over her forehead. He says, her temperature is not at all high. Khem asks, “Before I ran away, did I hurt your feeling or make you feel sad in any way?”

Chanon says, “If I truly know you at that time, the wedding won’t happen. Even till now, I still couldn’t figure out your mind, whether or not you really forget everything.”

Khem: “I feel bored talking about this.” She gets into her room.

Chanon walks into the spa and can smell the fragrance. Pracha asks who are using this fragrance oil. Khem says it’s her. She says, this is a sample of Nang Yam fragrance oil that Khun Ratree wants. She and Janya made it together. If the customer gives an okay, he can start the production right away.

Chanon pulls Khem into his office. He asks, “Do you want to defeat me?”

Part 5

Khem says, “It’s not important who will defeat who. You get the job, the money and everyone is happy, what’s not good about that?”

Chanon says, “But I’m not happy with you.”

Khem says, “You just need to forget it, once you forget, you will be happy.”

Chanon says, “You are saying for your own sake. You poked a person’s head and it bled and you are telling him to forget about it. Isn’t that too convenient?”

She says that’s why she’s trying fix her mistake, to right the wrong. Montha hears their noise.

Chanon asks, “What kind of great plan are you conceiving? Have amnesia but remember Nang Yam formula? Or is it because you lied here and there wrapping yourself round and round? Do the trick and forget about it yourself. “

Montha is eavesdropping on them. Khem tells him that the formula is not hers. He tells her to say it again. She says she’s not the one came up with the formula, she lied. He says, she said she had amnesia. She says Janya told her about it.

Flashback, Janya asks in tears, “You stole my formula and lied to Khun Chanon that you invented it yourself?”

Khwanta: “Janya, listen to me first. I didn’t mean to.”

Janya: “I trusted you. I taught you how to make it, and this is how you repay me? Is this so-called friends?”

Kwanta apologizes and begs for her forgiveness, “Ever since I was born, I’ve never done anything successful even once. I just want everyone to see that I have my own worth, not just a garbage got thrown away.”

Janya asks if she’s feeling proud about it when it didn’t come from her idea. Kwanta holds her hand and says that she will go and confess the truth to Khun Chanon, and she will resign from here. Janya stops her and says, “What you said is right. We are just one piece of garbage. I should be glad that we are helping each other and getting ourselves out of this pile of garbage. I won’t tell anyone.”

Back to present, Chanon asks why she told him this when she intended to lie to him from the beginning. She tells him not to ask about that time, she couldn’t remember it. But this Kwanta, the one who’s standing right in front of him now, definitely won’t step on other person’s head for her own benefit. He asks if she’s trying to say that she’s a good person now wanting to redeem herself, “Don’t think that I will believe you again.”

She says it’s not important whether he will believe her or not, but because he hates her that he won’t let this fragrance oil be produced, so now he should feel more comfortable because the real owner of this oil is Janya. He’s surprised to hear that.

Nin is frustrated hearing it from Montha. She doesn’t understand why Pee Non doesn’t reveal the truth. He said he hated her but what he did was the opposite. Montha says it’s not that hard to see at all, he still loves her, that’s why. Nin says she will disclose it herself to ruin Kwanta. Montha says it won’t make any different, 2-3 persons more may come to hate her but it doesn’t mean Kwanta will be out of this house. Nin says Kwanta had a lover, and lied yet Pee Non still wants to forgive her so what she can do the kick Kwanta out. Montha says it’s good that Chanon still loves her and gets jealous over her. Men, when they get jealous, they mostly will be so furious that they forget reasons.

Khem says to Chanon, “If you’re afraid to lose face and form that you still love me, you can call for a meeting for the whole company to attend and announce to them who is the real owner of the formula, and I will confess, so you can scold, criticize or fine me, go ahead! But I’m asking you one thing, you must pay Janya for the formula.”

Chanon says there will be no meeting. She asks why. He says she did all these to make herself look good. If he lets Nang Yam fragrance oil be produced, it will be because of his business, and he won’t care about other things else. Moreover, why he needs to pay Janya when he didn’t want to produce it?

She says she knew it, he’s selfish. He’s so rich yet has no kindness. Khem says, “I don’t know how Pee…I, can like, love, or be obsessed with you.” He grabs her shoulders and says, these words, he should be the one saying it, “In the past, I may be stupid, but now, don’t you hope for it!” He shoves her to the floor. Aww…too harsh.

Khem does the recording, “The things we see may be the things we believe. Sometimes we mistakenly believe it. I just realize that I’m just an arrogant child who thinks I’m clever and see things clearly. The truth is, I don’t know anything. The relationship between my sister and Nai ChaYen is too complicated for me to get behind.”

Yong asks if Paen is spying on madam. She says she heard madam talk to someone sweetly, but it’s unclear. Yong says she talked to a man for sure. Paen says she said it’s unclear so may be not. Yong says he must report it to his master. Paen yells at him that a hubby and wife will fight till their house break apart because of a person with good intention like him, a spongy head. She shouldn’t tell him about it.

Yothin runs to them and asks if there’s anything because Poo called him to come immediately. Ping says Poo and him are going to visit Pee Khem, so this Saturday she won’t have to make a trip here. Poo tells Ping he will do the talking himself. Poo tells Yo to drive him to his condo. He wants to know how she lives so he puts down his worry. Poo asks if he has any problem about it, he can go by himself.

Yothin pauses for a good minute and says there’s no problem about it. He tells Ping to take the luggage to the car. Poo tells Ping, let’s go. Suddenly Yothin cries out in pain and falls down. Haha. Poo asks what’s with him, falling down like that. Yo says he feels like fainting. He thinks he worked for his father too hard last night and didn’t really get any sleep. Poo asks how he can take care of Khem if he’s this weak. A man should be strong like rock, endure like steel. Ping couldn’t agree more showing off his muscles. Poo tells Ping to help Yo to get up.

Ping pulls Yo up. Yo asks if they’re going to the hospital, he can go by himself. Poo asks, who said, who said they would go to the hospital.

Someone knocks at Khem’s door. She reads a letter lying on the floor. Yong puts a tracking device on Khem’s bike. Khem asks what’s he doing with her bike. He says he is cleaning it. Khem says it will rain, the sky will come falling down because he’s kind to her today. He says he didn’t want to but it’s his duty, he’s a maid so he has to. She tells him to move away from her bike, she’s afraid his saliva will spill on it. Khem gets on her bike and leaves.

Yong makes a call. Chanon gives Janya a cheque. She asks if it’s for Nang Yam formula. He says he learned it from Kwanta, and asks her to keep it a secret, not to tell anyone. He hopes she understand. She admits she understand, if someone else knows about it, Kwanta’s name will be ruined. He thanks her and tells to go do her work. Janya tells him that she’s happy that he forgives Kwanta, and she strongly believes that Kwanta didn’t behave badly like everyone said, “She loves you very much. I know that.”

Chanon gets a call and says thank you. Khem rides her bike into a gas station and finds a tracking device. She takes a look that it’s from Nai ChaYen. She smiles.

Kengkard gets a call that if he wants to capture the picture of the wife of Juang Jan Spa’s owner having fun with a lover. He asks for the address and runs out.

Khem goes to room according to the letter. A man comes out. She tells him her name is Kwanta and someone sent her this letter. He says his name is Thut, and it’s so hard to make the maid in Lerdwiriya house contact her. She asks if they know each other. He invites her in.

Yothin takes Poo to a hotel. He says he will check him into a hotel first because Khem is still busy with the seminar, so he can rest for now. Poo nags him that he can sleep at the condo, no need to open a room and waste money. Yo says his room at the condo is so small, and it won’t be comfortable for the three of them so they should sleep here tonight. Ping says it’s cool and asks if his condo is far away from here. Yo says it’s near and points him the direction. It’s only 10 minutes away. He tells Ping to take Poo to wait at the lobby.

Kengkard walks into the very same hotel.

Thut tells Khem that they were once a couple. He asks if she totally forgets about it. Khem says she got poked on the head so she has amnesia. She asks if they were a couple before, when that was, and if it’s before she got married, or the rumor that she had a lover, is him. He says looks like they should bring back the memory.

Part 6

She tells him to be patient, at least, wait until she can recall something about them. He says they secretly slept together before she fell for Chanon. He’s poor so he couldn’t beat him. She asks that he wrote a letter to her that someone wanted to kill her. He gives her a box saying the evidence is in there. She takes a look and asks what it is. He picks it up, it’s an electric shocker. She fights back and uses it on him. She asks him why he wanted to harm her. He says someone hired him to pretend to be her lover. She asks what’s that for. He says they want her to sleep with him then someone will come to take their pictures to be on the news.

Kengkard comes to the room. Thut tells Khem he did it for his sick mom. She scolds him for using his mother as an excuse, and asks who hired him, if he doesn’t want to lose his..there. He’s about to say the name when her phone rings. Yo tells Khem that Poo is in Bangkok now and she needs to get to the condo fast. She says she’s busy now but he hangs up. Thut tries to get out but faces with Kengkard who’s taking his picture. Thut tells him to take the picture of the person inside. Keng says he’s a reporter and asks if Khun Kwanta is inside. Thut says that b** thirsts for blood and runs off. Khem hears Kengkard so she flees.

Yo couldn’t find Poo at the lobby and panics. Preeya asks if there’s something she can help. They recognize each other. He says he came per her invitation last time, but the problem is his grandfather disappeared.

Montha says something must have gone wrong, Thut wouldn’t pick up her call. Nin couldn’t see Kwanta with a lover’s pictures on Kengkard’s web blog either. Montha says Kwanta got lucky again.

Chanon arrives at a temple following his tracking device. He wonders there’s no one here and where her bike is. He calls Yong and asks if madam come back. Yong says not yet. Chanon says the GPS is telling him that it’s around here. Finally, he finds his device and picks up the call. It’s Khem on the line. She asks if he tracked her down because he wanted to know if his ugly plan is a success. She says sorry to disappoint him so much because this new Kwanta won’t fall for his trick easily like before.

He says, talking nonsense to cover up her own guilt must be her expertise. He says, she sneaked out to meet with her lover, just tell him that. Khem says he lured her to meet with a fake lover intending to take her pictures to ruin her, just like how he framed his own wife that she ran away with a lover. The whole things are all his plan. He’s confused and asks if it’s him framing her. She hangs up.

Poo wants to go to the restroom. Khem sees them so she calls Yothin. She says he told her he’s with Poo, Poo is now in front of the restroom. He says he will hurry and go to the restroom. She tells him to take Poo to his condo first and she will follow them fast, and not to ask anything, she will go there and tell him about it. Yothin wants to know when she will come but she hangs up on him. He says why she always gives him a headache. Preeya says she asks the staff to inspect the CCTV for his grandfather and she will take him to the spots where there’s no CCTV. He tells her he already found his grandfather, he’s in the restroom, his subordinate just called. She’s relieved because she’s afraid his grandfather may step outside and it will be hard to find him in that case.

He smiles looking at her. She asks if she said something wrong. He asks if anyone has ever told her that she’s not only pretty because her looks but also her heart. Preeya smiles shyly.

Khem intercepts Chanon’s car at his house. He asks what this mad behavior is. She says this is not much at all, she can be madder than this if someone harmed her first. He asks who she talked about. She shows him the letter and says, the one who wrote this letter, and the person who put the letter in front of her door must be a person in this house. She tells him that the man she met confessed that someone hired him to do it, so it’s not difficult to guess it’s someone in this house.

He says he guarantees that this isn’t the hand-writing of someone in this house. She wants to see his hand-writing. He says there’s no need for that, he has enough pride not to stoop down that low to do such dirty thing. Khem says, “People who committed wrong doings and didn’t at all mind the society, what she’s seen so far, are mostly the rich with huge fame and wealth.”

Part 7

Khem checks Chanon’s hand-writing. He asks if it’s what she accused him of. She says he might ask someone to write it for him. He insists that the hand-writing on the letter is not of someone in this house. He says it’s her who wrote it and made story up because she’s afraid that she sneaked out to meet that man. She asks him who actually is the one trying to cover it up. She can tell him here that she won’t let this matter rest easily. She gets out of the room.

Chanon takes a look at the hand-writing again. He sighs. Nin tells Chanon that she’s not the one who wrote it, and she would never resort to such trick. He says he can recognize whose hand-writing it is. He tells her not to force him to make a decision he doesn’t want to.

Nin steps in front of Montha and says Nom doesn’t know about this. She admits she did it and if he fires Nom, she will go live with Nom. Montha tells Nin not to talk like that. Montha admits to Chanon that she wrote it herself because she doesn’t want a woman  who had many men, lover or husband, to stay afloat in this house. The reputation that his parents built up, has totally been ruined by this woman. Nin says Nom’s right, they are not the wrong ones but her. He asks if she thinks what she did isn’t wrong.

Nin says she hates her. He asks if, when she hates someone, hit the person with a wood stick, or fire a gun at, that mean she can just harm anyone. He says only the one with an abnormal mind can think like this. Nin screams that she’s not a psycho. She did it because she’s worried about him. If the reporter sees her hugging with a man on the bed, he can break up with her without losing a single baht.

Khem barges in and asks if just for a divorce, she hired a man to be her lover. Then the story of Kwanta running away with a lover, it must also be her doing. Nin says she (Kwan) committed the bad deed on her own so do not paint it on her. Khem asks, that she framed her just now, does it not call bad deed too. Nin slaps Khem and Chanon is horrified.


This household is getting on my nerve by the episode. I will be happy if Chanon will teach his sister some lessons before she gets worse. Hiring a man to force himself on Khem is way beyond a normal mind can do. I’m not on Khem’s side to take such risk to find her twin sister in a house of strangers, and not sure if what she will find out in the end will worth her sacrifice. Then again, there won’t be any story to tell here then. What I mean is, do not approach this kind of thing on your own, and let the police do the job for you  🙂

*No spoilers please!

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  1. Thanks to you, I really love this lakorn! The same feeling about the snakes that living in the house. I hate them! Arrgggg!

  2. hope you do episode 6 soon!

  3. Thank you! Yes I agree that nin and montha are so annoying! You’re so fast! Can’t wait for episode 6!! Woohoo!! Thank you thank you! I also agree but if it doesn’t happen then khemika won’t get her love lol that’s the whole point

  4. UGHH!! Gosh I love love love it!!Thank you so much!! I love your translations getting to understand it just makes me more craazy!Thank you for the 100th time. Yes andchobling is subbing it but not to the latest episode like you so please continue 🙂

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