Movie : Timeline (Official Trailer)


Since this movie, Timeline, is going to hit the theater soon in February, and its trailer is everywhere today that one cannot miss it. I saw it myself at least five times already in public places today so I would be out of trend not to translate it.

The title (in full) of the movie is Timeline Jotmai KhwamSongJam (Timeline  letter  memory).

Official Trailer

Tan (James Jirayu) and June (Toey Jarinporn) are the names of the leads.

Tan’s mother (Matt): “Tan, what happened here, why does this letter say Tan passed the college entrance exam and got into the Faculty of  Journalism in Bangkok? Mom thinks there must be some mistake for sure.”

Tan: “There’s no mistake, mom….I didn’t choose the Faculty of Agriculture from the beginning.”

Mom: “Why did you do this, Tan?”

In college,

June: “Tan, are you free?”

Tan: “Why?”

June: “Let’s go to the movie.”

Mom: “Tan, didn’t you tell me you would call often?”

Tan: “Mom, I’ll have to go.”

Tan is looking at another girl.

June: “Yo! Are you coming or not?”

A man wearing a cowboy hat: “Matt, we’ve known each other for so long since Tan was still very young. You should know that, no matter when, I’m always ready to help you. (Kneeling down) Matt, have you ever thought of having someone taking care of you?”

June: “Tan, you know, my dream is I get to see this big wide world, to travel around the world. How about you, Tan?

Tan: “I don’t know. I just don’t want to stay home, don’t want to do crops farming.”

Tan: “June, did you tell your family already?”

June: “I already did. I told them I would be spending the night with my boyfriend.”

Tan is with another girl in a car.

June: “Tan, so you like Pee Orn?”

Tan: “Well,…June!”

June: “Tan, you should know already what you want in your life….”

Written on the screen: “She will wait until he loves.”

June: “….Otherwise, you will just end up be an indecisive and not confident for the rest of your life.”

Written on the screen: “He will love until she knows.”

Mom: “If there’s something (in your mind), you can tell mom. Tan, wait, son!”

Tan: “Mom, you always see me as a replacement of dad. No one can replace anyone! What mom is doing these days, is it truly your dream, or is it dad’s dream, who is already dead?!” (She slaps him.)

Written on the screen: “Timeline Jotmai KhwamSongJam, this February 13th.”

The song at the end says, “…Can I ask you this once? Come back and answer the question only you who know.”


Tagline (on James) : He will love until she knows.

Tagline (on Toey) : She will wait until he loves.

TimeLine-4 TimeLine -1

From the trailer, I think I will try to check it out in the theater, but why so much tears for Valentine’s Day? Humm…let’s see  🙂

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  1. hello, if you mind if i bothered you telling me the link to the full movie with ENG sub title??? plzzz i cant find it

  2. what is his dream?

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