Jao Sao Salatan Episode 4

WaewNin and Montha officially got on my nerve in this episode. They are falling into that category of villains for the sake of villains. It’s Om and Kwan’s smile that keeps me going though, and I hope they will live to our expectations till the end. They are becoming a popular couple around here. Correct me if I’m wrong, I read somewhere that the ratings was good, taking the lead against its competitor, Wieng Roy Dao.


Episode 4

Part 1

Men screams and runs out of the house that Nang Fah (angel)’s ghost comes haunting him. He climbs up a tree. Khem tells him that she’s not a ghost. He says his mom told him that madam is dead and her ghost would come to snap his neck off.

Khem says Nom lied to him. He says criticize a mother is a very bad thing to do. She says if he’s so sure she’s a ghost, she will get up there to pull out his liver and kidneys and eat them. He says the police will catch the murderer. She says what ghost will be afraid of the police. She tells him to come down or he wants her to get up there to snap his neck off. Men screams louder with fear.

The household come running. Men spits on Khem so she has to duck and falls down. She screams, “My butt!”. Non yells at both of them what a crazy game they are now playing, and if they have nothing else better to do. Khem yells back that she’s going to get up there to help Men to come down, and he’s yelling at her?  Nin tells Non not to believe her, it’s obvious she’s having fun teasing Men. Montha threatens her son to come down or he wants her to use a hook to pull his neck down. Men says he won’t go down because he will get beaten by his mom. Yong comes running with a ladder. Non tells him to come down or he will nipped by ants all over. Men says ants’ nipping is much better than his mom’s beating, she will beat him till his skin bleeds.

Khem suddenly screams, “A snake is behind you! (Yong runs) Come down fast!” Men climbs down and runs to Non. Khem tells Non, some trick is needed when looking after a stubborn child. Montha asks what her intention is to let a crazy person wander around. She asks if Khem wanted Men to fall from that tree making a big headline for Lerdwiriya’s name (Chanon’s family name) to be ruined again. Khem chuckles saying no one could think of such multilayered plan, only people in this house could.

Non asks why she came to see Men. She says she wants to take him to the doctor. Montha yells at her , it’s not her business. Khem says may be Montha doesn’t know that a special kid could be treated to live among people, and the way she detained him is making it worst. Montha says he’s her son, she doesn’t like other people to take care of her son ignoring her authorities. She tells Khem not to come near Men again. Khem asks if she’s that afraid of her coming near Men that she told him she’s dead. Montha says there’s no mother in this world would stuff a poison-coated sweets into their children’s mouth. She pulls Men away.

Khem asks Non how he could turn a blind eye on this, what a talent, such an insensitive household. She walks away. Nin wants to go after Khem but Preeya stops her that it will put the person standing between them (Chanon) into a difficult position.

Montha is holding a chain walking closer to Men. He says that chain is for chaining a dog. She says he disobeyed her. He says he will be a behaved son, and obey her. She yells that he’s lying, he’s just like bad men out there handed her a sin, she hates him. Men says, that she lied to him about madam’s dead, he still doesn’t hate her. She hits him that he now dares talking back. She asks if he knows how embarrassed she was that she got pregnant without the father of the baby in sight. She calls him a bad son. He says he will be good. She says how he can be good, a crazy one like him. She asks why he can’t just die. The fact that he’s still around is making her feel like she’s in hell alive. He hugs her leg and says he loves her. She says she told her not to love her, she hates him. She threatens him if she sees him with Kwanta once more, he shouldn’t hope to see the light of the day. She walks out of the room. Phew! This scene is unnecessary long.

Nin refuses to talk to Nom about it. Any idea coming from Kwanta, she won’t do it and so does Nom. Chanon says he didn’t take anyone’s side, he thought about taking Men to the doctor before this too, but the problem lies with Khun Nom. If she doesn’t want to, how they can force her. Preeya tells Nin to give it a try talking to Khun Nom, and she will help her too. Nin is frustrated asking if it’s not embarrassing enough for Khun Nom that she has a crazy son, and they now want to announce it for everyone to laugh at Khun Nom.

 Preeya tells Non that she already found a new dorm. He asks if she will move out. She says she feels guilty looking at Khun Kwan, and may be they two will make up. He holds her shoulder and says, to prove that he doesn’t use her (for the sake of chasing Kwanta away), he will drop her off at her office every morning. She smiles.

Pracha asks Preeya if Khun Chanon is in the room he’s bringing him some document to sign. He asks if she and Chanon cleared up the problem between them. She asks, what’s there to clear up.

Khem overhears Paen and Yong talking. Paen asks if his master will stop detaining Men and take him to the doctor, if so, that means his master follows madam’s advice? Yong says it’s not that, his master’s afraid the matter of locking up Men will reach the ears of the reporter and it will become a big mess.

Preeya says to Pracha that Nin already told her about it. Pracha apologizes for asking her a private matter but he’s worried about his boss, and people at the spa, no one wants his boss to make up with Kwanta. Preeya assures him that that won’t happen. He says, but those (kissing) pictures are quite a clear proof. She says Nin told her that Pee Non had to do it to fool the reporter to protect the business. He asks if Khun Chanon insisted that too.

She asks if he won’t take Kwanta’s side like in the past. She remembers he had almost fought with Nin because he wouldn’t fire Khun Kwanta. He says he won’t take anyone’s side except Khun Chanon’s. She says, then she thanks him on Pee Non’s behalf.

Yothin comes to his condo and asks the front desk if they know at what time a woman lives in room 1002 will come back. She says it seems she didn’t come back for many days now. She heard the housekeeper said she didn’t sleep here at all. He calls Khem but her phone is off. Khem calls him so he asks, he already bought a new phone for her, why she didn’t turn it on. Khem says sorry, she just put a sim card in it. He asks where she slept and why she didn’t sleep at the condo. She tells him to meet her at the hospital tomorrow. He tells her to tell him now, where she is. Chanon shows up and calls out, who’s there? Khem quickly hangs up and runs to hide. Non finds a brochure on the ground, he takes a look at it.

Khem lures Men to follow her to the hospital with a cup of ice-cream. Men hugs her calling her Pee Nang Fah, and that she’s still alive because a ghost can’t eat an ice-cream. Khem warns him not to hug her, he’s a man and she’s a woman after all. Men says she’s changed, because in the past, Pee Nang Fah was very kind and never once scolded him. She tells him to come with her on her motorbike. He tells her not to let his mother see it then, and she mustn’t forget her promise. Khem doesn’t know what it is so she tells him she wants to check if he’s a good memory, to tell her about the promise. He says she promised to buy him a football. Khem praises him for his good memory and she will buy one for him.

Khem takes him to the hospital. He asks where the ice-cream shop is. Men sees a doctor wearing a white gown and suddenly remembers what his mom told him. Flashback, Montha threatens Men with a syringe that he must not believe what madam told him, that she didn’t take him to the hospital. She says if he goes to the hospital, they will prick his butt with a needle. He cries and says he doesn’t want to go. She tells him to refuse it if someone asks him to go to the hospital because that person wants to kill him. Men says he won’t go.

Back to present, Men runs out saying he doesn’t want to die. She hugs him and says she’s sorry she didn’t think he would get scared this much. People here are all kind and want to help him. Yothin sees them hugging and gets jealous. He asks if it’s what she wanted him to see. He asks if she left without talking about their engagement ceremony first is because of him. He goes on about how she could lie to him. She tells Men to wait here, and pulls Yothin for a talk. I couldn’t believe they just leave Men like that.

Yothin goes on about she can leave him and he won’t force her. Khem tells him that she disappeared from his condo to look for her twin sister per her father’s request. She says Poo hid it from her. Men bumps into a nurse and sees a needle in her hand. He cries and runs out of the hospital.

Khem insists what she told him is the truth but he can’t tell Poo, it’s a secret between them. He says if Poo knows about it, he will surely kill him. Khem asks if he wants to die in Poo’s hands or her hands. He says of course, her hands, but she has to promise him she will love only him. He wants to give her a kiss but Khem pushes him away. He falls down onto a corpse and runs out.

Paen tells them that madam is not in her room. Nin says it must be her who took Men. Montha wonders where she would take him. Nin reminds her that, in the past, Men and Kwanta were very close and he loved her thinking she’s his angel. Nin says Kwanta is crazy for men, so how Men could get away (have a relationship with) from her. Chanon scolds his sister he doesn’t want to hear such awful thought from her. He says he will take Men back and goes out.

Yothin and Khem are looking for Men. She says if she lost him, Montho will put her in jail for sure, and when Poo hears about it, he will beat her to death. Yothin says it’s because she didn’t consult it with him before doing anything. He says a security guard told them Men ran out here so they should be able to find him.

Men wanders on the street and tells the guy his name, his address and home phone number, begs him to take him home. The guy says he’s a grown-up man why he can’t go home himself, or if he’s a retard. Men says Pee Yong told him that if someone called him a retard, just answer back nicely that, “It’s you, stupid!” The guy grabs his shoulders. Khem sees Men from the distance. The guy punches Men and pulls out a knife for insulting him. Khem kicks it away.

Part 2

Khem and Yothin chase the men away. Men doesn’t want to go back with her, he doesn’t want to go to the hospital. Yothin says he heard he loved football, and since he’s a captain (team) himself so he will take him to watch a football match at the stadium. Men says he doesn’t want to go because they (the fans) always quarrel. Chanon is on the way to the hospital. He tells his driver to go there directly (from the brochure he found). Men sticks his head out of the car so Chanon sees him. His driver turns the car around.

Yothin has to park the car and Khem gets out to pull Men away from the window. She sees Chanon’s car and Men is delighted. Khem tells Yothin to leave right away but Yothin wants to know first where the house she stayed at is. She says he can’t do that, and if Pee Kwan’s husband sees him, he will know the truth. She will follow him tonight. Yothin sees Chanon and says Pee Kwan’s husband is still young, so he asks if she needs to sleep in the same room with him. She calls him crazy. Yothin says he needs to present himself to him and wants to get out of the car. Khem says she swears she didn’t sleep in the same room with him. He warns her to keep her words or else he will tell Poo. She agrees so he drives off.

Chanon walks to Khem. She greets him smilingly asking if her samee (husband) is taking a stroll here. Lol. Chanon doesn’t feel funny about it.

Montha asks why her son’s face is like that. Khem says it’s normal for a man to pick a fight somewhere, a tough man he is. Chanon tells Yong to take Men back and put some medicine on his face. Montha says to Khem that she told her not to mess with other person’s family. Khem asks what she did wrong taking him to the doctor. Nin says to treat Men or treat her own desire for men. Khem shrieks and asks Nin if that’s a mouth talking. Haha. Montha says she thinks she need to call the police that her son was tricked. Khem tells her to go ahead so they could be on the front page together, a cruel mother detaining her own son.

Chanon says he thinks she overstepped it, she should ask Khun Nom, Men’s guardian, first and not just do it. She asks if she would get to take him if she did that. Montha holds her hand talking through gritted teeth without Chanon seeing that she thanks her and when she’s mad at someone, she loves to vent her angry on that person so much, do not challenge her again. Khem pulls her hands out from Nom’s.

Pracha’s lackey is telling him that hospitals or clinics around there didn’t accept any patient named Kwanta within three months at all. Pracha wonders who helped Kwanta, where she was during those three months and why she came back now. The guy wants to do (kill) it again. Pracha says this is a big city, and asks if he thinks he can get away from the police so it’s better that he would take care of  it himself. The guy asks what if Kwanta tells Chanon about that day. Pracha says he should know enough like he (himself) knows that she will never be that brave to tell, but what he wants to know now is, where that one million baht (marriage dowry) is.

Chanon asks Men who he fought with. Men says they were two bad guys and madam came punching and kicking them away. He asks Men if the man dropped him off knows his madam. Men says he doesn’t know about that, then says he knows. Chanon perks up and asks if he told him who he is. Men says he’s a captain, a handsome one too. Chanon repeats, “Captain?” (LOL)

Khem wants to sneak out to meet Yothin. Chanon shows up and asks, “Where are you going this late at night?!”

Part 3

Non asks her where she’s going this late. Khem mutters why he stuck onto her like a leech. She says she’s going to clean her bike but couldn’t find a water hose, she wonders where Yong put it.

Non: ‘Where did you get this bike? How could you know how to ride it? Who taught you?!”

She tells him to ask one question at a time. She bought it herself, no one taught her. She just rode it 2-3 times and that’s it. He asks the money she bought it with, where did it come from? Was it the dowry she took with her? She says she didn’t touch his money at all. She got the money from a ‘biao-share’ (a Chinese + English word, a method to earn more interest than putting the money in the bank). He says she’s such a slippery one, and lying so fluently too. He holds her shoulders and says, “Don’t think I don’t know anything. You and that captain, if I could catch you both red-handed, I won’t let you be!” Khem wonders what he meant by a captain.

Chanon gets in the house and lets out, “What a woman, 24 hours slippery!” He lies down on his bed.

Khem tells Yothin on the phone that she can’t go there tonight because Pee Kwan’s husband kept an eye on her. He reminds her that she needs to go back to see her grandpa. She tells him to give some excuse for her. The situation here right now is pretty intense, and Men’s mom threatened her today and she believes she can kill just like that (not even blink). He gets scared she’s talking about killing. She assures him if Nom’s really going to kill her, she will leave this house so fast. She says she’s so sleepy and hangs up.

Khem talked to her laptop recording it, “The conclusion is, I wasted my time today and got totally nothing.”

In the morning, Chanon and Preeya come down together to work. Khem runs to them and wants to him to give her a lift to the spa. He says she has to go there on her own because he’s busy, he needs to drop Preeya off at her office every morning. He says, from what he gathered, she has captain to drive her. She asks him what’s captain? A captain of an airplane? She asks what the trick is, she doesn’t get it. He tells her not to act innocent, and he’s in a hurry. She says, “Khun Samee, we are one family so we should ride in one car. It helps saving the gas too.” He doesn’t let her get in the car.

Chanon sees Kengkad, the reporter, taking their pictures. He tells Preeya to sit in the back or there will be a big problem. Preeya is feeling upset but do as he asked. He tells Khem to get in the car, and after he drops Preeya off, he will drop her off too. She says, “What? Don’t let me go then let me go? Are you alright (sane) these days? You should take some Omega 3 to nourish your brain, you know.” He says there’s a reporter outside, since she’s good at fooling people around so get in the car. He drives the car out. Kengkad checks the photo and wonders who that woman (Preeya) is.

Preeya tells Non to stop the car so she can get out so he can go drop Khun Kwan off because they are going in different routes. He says it’s all right, he said he would drop her so he will. Khem says just stop the car like she said.

Non parks the car. Khem gets out and says she will go to the spa herself. It feels cramped riding together, the three of them. She tells Preeya to sit in the front and she gets in a taxi. He tells Preeya to get in the car.

Yothin visits Bandit and says Khem asked him to tell him that she would bring her twin sister back as soon as she could. Yothin tells him that he must wake up soon to become Khem’s support. Poo comes in and asks about Khem. He hands him a photo of Khem doing the seminar. Yothin says she’s busy with the seminar so she couldn’t come here now. Poo says there are a lot of people there. Ping looks closely and says Pee Khem looks a little weird with her big head. Yothin says Khem ate a lot so her head grew bigger just like in the photo. Lol.

Poo says Khem didn’t keep her words and if he won’t get to see her next week, Yothin will face with this. He tells Ping to run and he pulls out his gun and fires. Poo laughs, “See it as a teaser, my grandson Yo.”

Yothin walks out of the house and says he was in a hurry that he didn’t edit the photo neat enough. Yothin says, “Khem oh Khem, why you loved to throw a hot taro at me?” Ping overhears it, “What hot taro? Just blow on it to cool it down, what’s there to complain about?” Haha.

Khem comes to the spa. She asks what kind of event they are preparing. She sits down with Janya. She asks Khem if Khun Chanon didn’t tell her. Khem says he’s busy dropping off and picking up his new sweetheart. Janya asks angrily why she let him have another woman. Khem says, her voice sounded like she’s worried about her. Khem asks about a flower garland. Janya says Kwan knows how to make it too, she’s the one taught her. Khem is surprised to hear that so she picks up the needle to try making it again. Janya tells her she’d better leave or she will disturbing her work. Khem tells her to tell her something from the past, she wants to remember something.

Aum is told that Kwanta is here so she walks to her. Khem asks Janya if she’s very close to Men, Nom’s son. Janya says everyone disliked Men, it’s only her taking good care of him that he called her an angel. When she disappeared, Men became so mad that Khun Non had to lock him up. Khem asks why he got so mad. Janya says she wanted to know too but no one can get in and out that house easily.

Aum joins them and sarcastically says that because Kwan came back, Janya just has to flatter her. Khem asks Janya what’s barking? Janya says some mad dog letting loose around here. Aum screams that Janya called her a dog. She throws some flowers at Khem.

Part 4

A cat fight ensues. Pracha yells at them to stop. Aum says it’s Khun Kwan who came and picked a fight, and she’s the one ruined the things on the floor here, and Janya joined her too. Khem tells Pracha she came alone, and if he wants to give a punishment, punish her alone. She pulls Janya along with her.

Janya says to Khem that she’s very brave, in the past, she fought no one and would let Eung (Aum) bully her alone. Khem says she shouldn’t come back, she should just die. Janya asks why she said such thing. Khem says since she came back, she’s all alone with no one wanting to talk to her. Was she that bad? Janya says you do bad thing just once, the good things you did all your life just disappear. Khem asks if she really believes that she had an affair. Janya says it’s Kwan herself who should know including whether or not she really has amnesia.

Pracha walks into Non’s office and tells him to think carefully. Kwanta came back not many days and she already disunited their staff that their minds are not with their work. He’s afraid if Chanon lets Kwan stay, most of the staff will be against it. Chanon says it’s Pracha’s job, the manager, to put them to work. Pracha says if they let their past employee with bad behavior walk in here like nothing had happened, if it were him, he wouldn’t like it either. Non says they are expanding the business to China, and if the matter of him and Kwanta gets to be on the news again, their business will be interrupted. His choice is to endure it and wait. Pracha says he’s worried about him. Non says he can help him by doing his job properly, and he doesn’t know how he would be able to take care everything coming to him all at once if it’s not for him.

Pracha bumps into Khem so he asks if Khun Kwan comes here very often to find out about her past. She says, they say the one who could read people’s mind has depth and is scary. He says he just wants to help as once they were….(he changes to) as a good employee. She asks what kind of memory he thinks he can help bringing it back.

Pracha takes Khem to a room and tells her to think hard if she has any memory of this room. Khem says he should give her some clue. Pracha touches her arm. Khem is startled and asks what he’s doing. He asks if she’s afraid that he would do something to her. She asks if she’s afraid, will she be alone in this room with him? He asks, when she was captured, if she had some valuable things with her that’s why the hooded thief wanted to harm her. Khem says she’s not sure. She gets a phone call and walks out.

Preeya asks if the dress is for her. Nin says Pee Non wants her to wear it to the thank you party of their franchises. Preeya thanks him. Khem walks in and says they are all here. Nin says Preeya will go to the party with Pee Non, and an outsider doesn’t count. Khem says an even just to build an image like this, she’s not interested. She asks Non what he called for her for. She hugs his arm, “ missed your w..i..f..e?” He points at a dress and says it’s hers. He says she must wear it to the party, and if it doesn’t fit, they still have time to fix it. She says she won’t wear this kind of dress, she will get itchy so she won’t wear it. Chanon asks if she will go to the party or leave this house, and that, she should be able to figure it out herself.  Nin tells him she doesn’t want her to go. Khem says, her sister-in-law insisted so strongly that she has to agree to go.

Nin tells Non that if he lets Kwan go, they will ask about the affair and it will be embarrassed with many reporters around there. He says that reporter walking outside their house so he needs to let Kwanta go the party. She asks if that reporter is Kengkad. He says yes, and he will use this event to clear off all the rumors for their business’ sake. He tells Preeya to understand him and wait until he gets a divorce, after that he will introduce her publicly. Preeya says she will try not to make any problem. Nin says they both agreed so what she could do.

Chanon holds Preeya’s hands and says no matter where he looks, everyone is giving him a headache, it’s only her who is making him feel happier. Preeya says she has no choice but to believe that he’s sincere. Chanon gulps.

Montha and Nin want Janya to change the model who will present their new product in the event,  from Kwanta to Preeya. Janya says if it’s Khun Non’s order, she will be glad to oblige. Nin slaps Janya. Montha asks her which one she thinks Khun Non will believe, his sister or his low-rank employee. Janya says she doesn’t know but the mark on her face from the slap will be the proof. Montha warns her to never threaten Nin or she will be fired. Nin is angry but Montha says they both have enough power to win over Kwanta.

Montha gets in the garden to collect some flowers. Khem follows her and says she thought she would take Men here for a beating session, but a flower picking instead. Khem steps on something and holds back her scream.

Part 5

Khem hides when Montha turns her way. After Montha left, Khem sees that it’s the dried dead snake. Khem does the recording, “I’m certain it’s the same snake I caught in the attic room that day. This Nom has a cruel mind. Or, could it be that Pee Kwanta didn’t disappear but got killed by this Montho? Did I come too late?”

Nin asks Montha if there’s thief in the back garden. She says it might be those drug addicted came to steal their fruits. Nom shows Nin she got what Nin wants.

Pracha inspects the preparation of the party.

Paen gets scared by Nom’s sight. Haha. Nom tells her that Nin is calling for her. Chanon gets into Khem’s room and sits down on her bed. He kisses her cheek. Rawr! Khem opens her eyes and pushes him away calling him a psycho, taking advantage of her. She punches at his face but it’s an empty air there. It’s just her dream. Khem gets into the kitchen for some water and sees Montha is  putting some liquid into the pot of boiled rice.

Khem says they conspire it together to kill her, no, kill Pee Kwan. What did she (Kwan) do to make them get this mad? At the dinning table, Khem doesn’t come down yet so Paen wants to take the bowl of boiled rice away but Montha stops her. Khem comes to the table and asks where her indifferent-faced husband went. Paen says he went to eat at a Chinese restaurant near Preeya’s office. Khem sits down and wants a cup of coffee instead. Montha says the rule here is, once the food was prepared, the person must eat it. Khem says she’s strange to force her to eat it. She asks if there’s something special in it. Montha says she should know when she’s not in a good mood, who she will vent her anger on. Khem thinks of Men so she eats it.

Part 6

Khem eats it and says it’s delicious. She finishes the whole bowl. Chanon comes back with Nin. Paen runs to him and tells him madam’s convulsing like crazy. Chanon runs to her.

Khem is telling Montha that her stomach is hurting so bad. He asks Nom what happened to her. She says she doesn’t know too, madam sat down and twisted her body like this. He tells Yong to bring the car around, he’s taking her to the hospital. He carries Khem in his arms. Khem tells him to put her down, she’s not going to the hospital, and she’s allergic to the hospital.

He says how she can’t go when she’s like this. He tells her to just hold it. She says she needs to go to the restroom fast, it’s coming out. Chanon takes her to the restroom. Nom tells Nin that it’s so hard to make her eat it. Nin asks if Kwan got suspicious about it. Nom says no, it seemed she just wanted to prick her temper. Nin says she wants to see her die.

Chanon asks Paen what madam just ate. Paen says it’s boiled rice. He asks who prepared it. Paen says it’s her, and may be the shrimps wasn’t that fresh. He tells her to be more careful next time and tells her to get out. He will take care of madam himself. Paen says he can’t do that because madam needs to be rubbed her body clean with a (wet) cloth and change into a fresh shirt and pants. He asks why he can’t do that when he’s her husband *cough cough*

Paen turns around and mutters, “You said you broke up.”

Khem comes out and tells him that Paen was right and it’s not good if Khun Preeya sees that. He grabs her arm and tells Paen to bring the medicine and an electrolyte drink. He helps Khem to go to bed.

In the kitchen, Paen gets upset and says, men, when already had one, then want to have two. She hates, hates, hates his master. Yong yells at her to take back her words, no one can touch him. Paen says, as long as his master hasn’t yet divorced, he has no right to love anyone else, he’s 100% wrong.

Yong says a divorce is just a paper, if it were him, he wouldn’t care for a wife who run away with a lover. Paen says men only think about their own happiness (desires), they are selfish. Yong asks, so who would not care about his (or her) own happiness? Paen says she will cheer for her madam to make up with her master, and it’s Khun Preeya who will eventually bounce off. He says he will cheer for Khun Preeya.

Khem tells Chanon that she thinks she won’t have the strength to go to the party. He says if she can’t then don’t because she’s not that important anyway. Lol. Paen comes in and says her hands hurt, she asks if he can do it for her.

Khem says she can drink it herself. Chanon puts the medicine to her mouth saying she will drink it or she wants him to take her to the hospital. Paen beams. Paen asks Non to use the cloth to clean Khem’s face. Nin walks in and says it’s a maid’s duty so Paen should be the one doing it.

Nin tells Non that they must find a new model when their model (Kwanta) is lying here. He says he will tell the event organizer to find a new one. Nin says she has someone in mind. Khem thinks, she gets it, and it’s just for this that they harmed her? Nin tells Non to talk outside.Khem says she wants to rest.

Preeya says, Yong said Khun Kwan had a diarrhea so she should go and take a look at her. Nin tells her to rest when she just got back from work and tomorrow is her big day. She must be the most beautiful one in the party. Preeya wonders about Khun Kwan. Nin says she will never make it to the party, and Preeya should be a little more selfish when loving someone.

Nin says this dress is not elegant enough, she will find a new one.

Preeya, Nin and Montha walk into the party.

Part 7

The three walk in the room. The staff of the event organizer are whispering if he didn’t tell Khun Chanon’s sister about the theme of the event (it’s traditional). He says their dresses are out of place. Nin asks Preeya if she can see that they are shining the most in this event.

Yao is handing the guests some potpourri sachets, the formula (mixture) of grandmother Juang Jan, Khun Chanon’s grandmother. At first, she made it to sell in the market, and later became interested in traditional Thai massage, then later Khun  Non’s spa. Chanon says he gives it to all the guests as the gifts of this event.

Kengkad greets Chint that he’s drinking again. Chint says it’s just hot coffee. He asks who that woman standing next to Khun WaewNin is. Chint moves his fingers rapidly (asking for a bank note). Kengkad gives him one. Chint says she’s a friend of Khun WaewNin since college and they are very close. He says WaewNin is a strong-willed girl so she doesn’t have many friends, only this one she allowed to get into her house, and her name is Preeya.

He asks Chint if that means Khun Preeya is very close with Khun Chanon too. Chint says he’s not sure…Kengkad gives him another bank note. He says, of course, Khun WaewNin wants her friend to….Aum interrupts them. Chint tries to answer Kengkad but Aum pulls him away to help her with the customers.

Preeya follows the lady staff to get ready to go on stage as a model. Nin asks Montha if that one is alright. Montha says when she left, she (Khem) was still crying in pain (stomachache) and she had someone watch over her, even if she wants to come here, she won’t be able to.

Paen is wearing earphones with music on so she doesn’t see that Yothin sneaks into Khem’s room. He calls Khem and feels her pulse. Khem says she’s all right, and he’s good to come this fast. He wants to take her to the hospital because she’s this sick. Khem gets up and gets her dress so fast that he says she told him she’s sick and what this is. She tells him to follow her quickly. He says she’s teasing him again.

Pracha tells Chanon that the group of massage therapists from the north arrived. Chanon greets Khun Ratree, his aunt. She says they came because they have an important thing to talk to him.

Ratree says they are pulling out of his franchise. Their good relationship since his father has come to an end. Chanon asks her for the reason. She scolds at him telling him to be sincere and straightforward. They told them to change from traditional Thai massage to spa aroma and asked for more franchise monthly fee. They can’t accept it. Chanon turns to Pracha who says that it’s just a proposal, Thai massage is getting out of trend, something modern may attract more customers.

Ratree asks if they want these elders to do aroma massage, get soaked in a whirlpool bath. Chanon says there must be a misunderstanding, he assures her that nothing will be done to change any of his father’s old branches. She says they’d rather not because he and his father do business different ways. They leave. Chanon asks Pracha if he was the one told them like that.

Khem arrives at the venue. She tells Yothin to go back. Janya takes Khem into the party. Chanon tells Pracha to stay here and he will follow Khun Ratree to stop her. Kengkad stops Chanon from leaving. Non tells him to wait for the time for the interview as scheduled. Kengkad says his question shouldn’t be asked in front of many reporters or it will make a big headline. He shows him Preeya’s photo in Non’s house. Chanon asks what he means. He says if it’s because of this woman why Khun Kwanta didn’t come to this event. He knew that his house have had a problem with the third wheel.

Chanon says Preeya is a friend of his sister and nothing more. Kengkad asks if he’s sure that Khun Preeya is not the reason why Khun Kwanta didn’t join this important event when she’s his wife by the law. Chanon says his wife is sick that’s why, and he shouldn’t make a point out of a false fact.

An MC is announcing Khun Preeya with the new product to come on stage. A reporter says Khun Kwanta is coming. It’s Khem, wearing a traditional dress, walking in.


Khem: Just for a divorce, you hired a man to be my lover?

Janya to Kwanta: You stole my formula and lied to Khun Chanon that you invented it yourself?

Chanon: Why? Is it because the taste of my kiss changed that you are displeased?


I was a little bored watching this episode, may be it’s because some silly behavior coming from Nin and Montha. I also feel bad for Yothin that Khem kept calling him whenever it’s convenient and he would come rushing to her. Oh well, it’s love and that what a friend is for, I guess. The story introduced layers of conflict all at once that my head got a little dizzy trying to keep up. I’m waiting patiently for more skinship and it should happen soon because it’s this lakorn’s strong point and will help the story stay fresh to the end.

Does anyone subbing this lakorn yet? T__T

*No spoilers please!

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  1. Thanks a lot! You’re like an angel. 🙂 If it’s difficult to find episodes of this lakorn, the harder is to find it with english sub. Thanks to your translations, we can get an idea of ​​what happens.Thank you, thank you!

  2. Awesome work. I can’t believe my luck when I found your recap for this lakorn. Thank you very much.

  3. Thank you for your hard work. Please do continue. Chobling is subbing this. So far she at episode 1. The first episode was like a bam than it kind of went down hill so fast. I still have hope.

  4. Also, you are correct about them couple. Yes i heard they are the “koojin koomai” of ch 7 wtv that means i think it means couple of ch 7 or something but i heard they’re very popular together and also Jao Sao Salatan is very popular now and the most talked topic now haha which is believable since I am obsessed with it myself haha

    • “koojin koomai” the new imagined couple (jin is a slang, my guess is, it came from an English word “imagine”. Please correct me if I’m wrong. “Koojin” is a couple in a lakorn that people wish/hope they are couple for real, for example, Nadech/Yaya.

  5. Thanks!! You’re soo fast ahha I laughed so much through out reading your translation haha soo far no one yet 😦 I love your translations though can’t wait to watch episode 5!!Thank you!!

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