Soundtrack: Look Mai Khong Phor – Nai Man Mek

Let me take a break capping lakorn and translate this song, FonPhram JumKheunJai (light showers…I memorized), Nai Man Mek OST

Translations of the lyrics:

That day with light showers, I memorized

Never erase, all those great things

Never forget, and always think about it…every words you said

*[I may be drifted and let you be

I will do as promised that we’ll meet

You forget to think of someone missing you

Leaving him wait in vain, letting the rain and the tears joined

**[The heart of a person who waited, no matter how long, will wait

Trusting deeply every words you promised

No matter where you are, I’m sending my heart to you]

Telling the sky, wanting you to come back, to me]

(Repeat [*])

(Repeat [**])

Wanting you to just come back, can you?

My heart is waiting…come back to me

My heart is waiting

🙂 🙂 🙂

For ThewMek and RuangKao


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  1. Hello. Could you kindly translate this song from Look Mai Khong Phor – Hua Jai Klai Rung too?

    • The girl says,”I’m giving it to you.”

      Translation of the lyrics:

      Telling that person, telling everybody
      That we are close friends
      But why did you do the opposite making my heart be shaken?
      * [Did you ever know how many times I met (you) I had to keep my heart in control?
      Did you ever know what you had done?
      **{If you don’t love, let’s not be bound this way
      I couldn’t bear to be indifferent when the gleams in your eyes turn to me
      A line must be drawn between us
      Not to let our hearts cross like this
      If you don’t love, please do not do this }]

      Don’t want to be hurt, don’t want to be sad
      But don’t want to lose you
      Want you to think before making a mistake
      Before it will be too late
      Repeat [*]
      Repeat {**}

      Want us to be able to look at each other
      With no doubts left in our hearts
      Can you do that…the kind we are just friends?

      Aww…a forbidden love?
      The title of the song literally translated, A line must be drawn between us

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