Jao Sao Salatan Episode 3



Hehe ^^ The episode was engaging with fillers here and there, but the bickering was fun. This series has been doing so well with its comical timing, you couldn’t help laughing or smiling from ear to ear. So far, the behavior of the supporting characters were still in the range of normality, which is a pleasant surprise… well, you know what happened till now is still acceptable to me since we don’t really know who did what and to whom in the past  🙂

Episode 3

Part 1

Khem follows the person she saw to the room in the attic. She gets inside and someone locks the door. She calls for help.

It rains just like Khem warned Paen. They say they should have listened to her. They take all the laundry inside.

Kwan is still calling for help, for someone to open the door. She looks around the room and sees a snake on the floor. Oh, my. She sprays some insecticide on it to make it gets dizzy (personally, I won’t do this), and of course, it’s Montha who did all this. Khem uses a broom to get the snake into a basket and says, they obviously don’t know Khem Salatan. Then she says, the window. She looks down and holy cow, it’s not a comfortable height to climb down for fun.

Nin is on the phone telling the person to leave her in there for 2 nights then she’ll see (what’s next). Non asks her how Preeya is. Nin says she’s sleeping and suggests that Preeya should quit her job at the hotel and work at the spa instead to help reduce his workload. Non doesn’t look pleased but says if she wants to, he has no problem about it.  Then he looks around like looking for someone. Nin is annoyed by that and says she‘s not here, she left since early morning. Nin says she heard Kwan talk to a man on the phone, so she thinks Kwan went out to stay with her lover. Non gets angry saying that’s good, so he now has a reason to file for a divorce.

Yong is shouting so Non and Nin run out. It’s Kwanta climbing down. Non calls out, “Kwanta!” Khem looks down and sees him, “Nai Chanon!” The cloth she’s hanging on ripped because of her weight. Non tells Khem to be careful. Khem tells them to lower their voice, she will fall down because of their noise.

Nin tells her not to drop down and die in her house, she’s too lazy to clean the mess. Non stops her from saying more. Khem falls down and Non catches her in time. They both lost the moment. Nin screams and pushes Kwan away from Non. Non yells at Khem asking if she has so much free time to play around oddly. Khem says someone locked her up and put a snake in the room. Someone wanted her to die by the snake’s bite. He tells her not to talk of such nonsense. She asks if he wants to see the evidence. Nin feels uneasy.

Khem brings the basket she put the snake inside and tells him to see it himself. He asks if she caught it herself. She says yes, and it’s easy. Yong asks if it’s a green snake so Khem tells him to check it himself. He says it’s alright, he’s more familiar looking at the wife of a snake. Lol.

Non checks the basket and says there’s nothing in there. She thinks the snake must be unconscious and pours it out. Everyone except Non screams. What comes out was just some garbage. Nin accuses Khem of fooling them. Khem says she’s telling the truth. The murderer was wearing a black hooded rope, and he even wrote the word “death” on the mirror too. But when Khem shows them the mirror, nothing is written on it.

Non calls for a stop to all this, “You kept lying again and again. What’s the reason for you to do this?” Nin says Kwan must have gone to the attic to steal something in there, and when she couldn’t come out, she came down from the window. Nin wants to make a search on her but Khem fights back. Nin calls Non for help. He pulls Khem away from Nin and throws her on the bed. Preeya tells him to talk calmly. He asks Khem if she will get out of his house on her own or be thrown out from the window by him.

Khem asks if he’s afraid that she will get to know his secrets if she stays here. She says, “Whoever did things, make sure you cover it nicely. Even the sick Preeya came to look. But it looks like there’s one person missing.” Khem looks at Nin and asks did they not always stick together. Nin asks what she means. Khem says, not sure, but while she was climbing down, there’s enough time for someone to erase all the traces both in the attic and this room. Khem tells Yong and Paen to come with her.

They all follow Khem. Khem tells Yong to check if Nom is in the garden and Paen, come with her. Nin tells them not to follow her order. Khem says there must be someone removing the snake and erasing the word on the mirror, and Nom is the only one not here, she’s a prime suspect. Khem tells Non not to stop her from finding out if his mind is clear. Nin tells him not to listen to her. Non asks in return, “If it turns out not like you said, you must give me a divorce.” She says, “Sure!” Non tells Yong to do as she said, and for Paen, get all the housekeepers together and look for Khun Nom.

Aww…I just love an indifferent Om.

Yong tells all men to look for Khun Nom. Nom sneaks into the house, one of her arm is wounded. Khem and Non walk to Nom’s room. Nin asks if he believes her that Nom did it. Non says Khun Nom raised Nin since young, there’s no way she can kill anyone, (to Nin) but he wants to see someone’s true color. Khem says stop stalling for time and just go.

Preeya asks Nin, she said she would help her, she didn’t do this, did she? Nin says Kwanta lied, made the story up to sue for the marriage assets be divided.

Non knocks the door but no one answer. Khem tells him to move away and tries to break the door open. He asks what she’s doing and pushes her away. She says doing this won’t scratch her skin a tiny bit, and just one more time, the door will surely be opened. Non says he didn’t worry about her but afraid the door will break. He takes out a master-key and uses it to open the door. Khem teases that he has a housekeeper’s room key too. Nin tells her that he has one key that can open every door in this house. Khem asks him if that means he has access to every room in this building. He opens the door and everyone gets inside.

There’s no one in sight. Khem says it’s strange when everyone got excited, Nom is nowhere to be found. Nom comes out and says that she’s here. Nin smiles seeing her. Nom has a bandage wrapping around her ankle. She says she fell asleep and didn’t hear what’s going on outside. Non tells her that the madam thinks someone want to kill her.

Khem asks Nom what happened to her leg. She says her foot hurt so she massaged it with a balm and wrapped the bandage around it. She asks what the madam is suspicious about. Khem tells her that a snake got into the house so she’s worried that Nom might be bitten by it. She tells Nom to take off the bandage for her to see. Nom says she will do it if it’s Non’s order. He says she said she would give him a divorce if her accusation turned out not to be true. He asks for her help.

Nom can’t bend down, she says her waist is hurting. Preeya offers to help and takes off the bandage. When done, Preeya tells Khem there’s no wound on Nom’s ankle so she must be thinking on her own. Kwan takes a look at Nom’s ankle. Nin shoves her away and says she framed Nom and her, and then Preeya will probably be her next, after that she will live happily here without them being her thorns. Khem looks at Non.

Non pulls her out. Khen tells him to let go, and not to make her think that he conspired it with that hooded thief. He tells her not to change the subject, they will go to the district office (for a divorce) tomorrow like how they agreed.

Khem: “ really believed my words?”

Non: “Enough, Kwanta! I’m at the edge of losing my patient with you.”

Khem: “Well, husband and wife are like a tongue and teeth, do stupid things to each other then challenge for a divorce, it’s so normal. Isn’t that right my dear husband (she leans on his chest)?” He asks how much she wants in exchange for a divorce paper, he will pay for it.

Khem: “Truly? Actually, I don’t want anything much, just this house and your spa business. Just two things, see?”

He asks if she wants to declare war on him. Khem says, “That’s cool, so our marriage won’t be too dull.” She pretends she needs to go to the restroom fast, and runs out.

Nin asks Nom if she got bitten by the snake, but she looks fine. Nom says it’s not a poisonous snake, she just wanted to make her afraid. Nin says Kwanta coming back this time, a threat won’t be enough. Next time she will be faced with a tougher scheme. Nom tells her she had destroyed all the traces. Nin is satisfied that they made her (Kwan) lose her face. Nin thinks Pee Non will surely chase her away this time. Nom’s arm is hurting so Nin suggests they go to see the doctor, but next time Nom shouldn’t take the risk. Nom says she can everything, anything for her. Nin thanks her.

Khem does the usual recording, “Even though I couldn’t catch them red-handed, I’m pretty sure the duo in black hooded were PraNin and Montho (changes their names around) who locked me up in the attic. The person I’m not sure about is Nai ChaYen (iced tea, Chanon), whether he’s in it with those two or not, to even offer money so that Pee Kwanta would leave this house. Or, Pee Kwanta knew some secrets of Nai ChaYen.”

She gets a text from Yothin saying that he arrived in Bangkok already and is heading to the condo to see her about an urgent matter of her grandpa. Khem replys back, “Traffic jam, Khem hasn’t yet arrived at his room, let’s meet somewhere else.

Khem runs into a nearby cafe and hurriedly asks Yothin what happened to grandpa. He warns her try to stay calm, not to be startled. She tells him to say it out. He takes out a box of some kind of snack(?) that grandpa spent time painstakingly made it for her. Grandpa told him to bring this to her. Khem couldn’t believe that that’s his urgent matter. She asks if he’s gone crazy. He says it’s because it’s so difficult to see her so he had to resort to this tactic. Khem scolds him that it’s not their appointment date yet, why he needs to hurry. He says he wants to see her face, and he will sleep in the room with her tonight too. Khem says he can’t! She’s a woman now, if he sleeps with her, her price will fall. He says, a woman? He thought she’s a tomboy. Khem gets angry he called her that. He quickly says no, he didn’t say it at all (LOL), how he could call his future bride a tomboy, he must be crazy to do that.

Nin tells Nom to take the medicine as the doctor said. Nom says she didn’t have to come with her. Nin says she wanted to buy her personal things too. Yothin and Khem walk out of the cafe. Khem sees Nin so she hides behind Yothin’s back.

Part 2

I was so so sleepy doing part 1, so anything weird with the translations up there, please kindly disregard it  🙂

Khem sees Montha and Nin so she hides behind Yothin’s back. She asks for his jacket because of the heat. He wonders it’s pretty cloudy at the moment. Khem tells him they will meet again Saturday morning and runs away. He thinks Khem has been kind of weird these days.

Nin thinks she saw Kwanta but she’s not sure. Montha says Kwanta was at home when they left so it couldn’t be her. Nin says if Pee Non won’t chase her out this time, she will kill her herself. Montha tells her to let’s go back.

Pracha asks Chanon what the purpose he wanted to make an appointment with their lawyer is, so he can arrange for the suitable document. Chanon says he will file a divorce.

Chanon comes to the used-to-be Kwanta working lab. He looks around and thinks about the past. Flashbacks, Kwanta refuses to do the foot massage to a customer. Chanon tells Pracha to get another therapist. Aum says she will do it. Kwanta insists no one can do it and she’s willing to get fired if she will make the baby safe, because the customer is pregnant. Kwanta says she saw her throw up in the restroom and talk to the baby in her womb. Kwanta says Aunt Yao taught her not to do the foot massage to a pregnant woman because the feet are the center of nerves. If they are applied pressure on (by pressing to provide relief), it may affect the baby. The customer thanks her, she should have asked her reason first. She tells Kwanta not to mind a pregnant woman’s hormones.

Kwanta says, “You’re welcome. The reason Thai Spa is famous around the world is not only our expertise but also our friendships. I’m glad I get to do the duty.”

Chanon smiles hearing that. Man, Kwanta is a goddess or what?

Aum wonders their boss came so often these days, almost every single day. Chanon shows up and says, “So that the boss will have a closer relationship with his staff, wouldn’t that be great?” They both say, yes, that’s great.

Chanon finds Kwanta in the lab. He asks what kind of those flowers are. They have such a lovely fragrance even from outside the room. She says it’s Nang Yam flowers’ fragrance. She found them in the garden behind the spa building so she took it and distilled it with heated water. She says the fragrance is as good as Juang Jan fragrance. He asks if she really did it herself because distilling with heated water, if the heat is not well-distributed, it will always come out with a burning smell mixed in it.

She says she tested it many times, and if it didn’t work, she would do it again. He says he saw her in the massage department, it’s not right for her to come in here mixing this and that on her own. She says she already asked the permission from the manager to help Janya here. Moreover, she thinks if a staff wanted to acquire more knowledge for the benefit of the company, what is wrong about that? He says, it’s the good result she’s got and didn’t report it. He asks if she knows that Nang Yam fragrance, once put into production, can surely be sold to other spas. She asks if that’s true. He says she will earn from the price of the formula too. He will pay her. Interestingggg! She holds his hand and thanks him. She thought he would fire her but will give her money so she can pay for her debt too. She’s more delighted than winning a lottery. A debt? Interestingggg! He holds her hands back.

Back to present, Chanon is pacing in his bedroom thinking and smiling all the while. He suddenly stops smiling and makes a call to Pracha. He tells him to call off the appointment with his lawyer, he changed his mind. Aww…he must want to be with her.

Pracha hangs up and looks at Kwanta’s photo angrily before putting it back face-down. Interestinggg!

It’s breakfast time. Khem comes to the table, “Morning, darling!” sending a big kiss to Chanon who is reading a newspaper. He asks Paen if Nom didn’t tell her to arrange breakfast for madam in the kitchen. Khem says, “She did but I couldn’t eat if I don’t get to see my husband (Khun Samee)’s face. It’s like having Pra-tu (a kind of fish) without its chili dip. He brings the newspaper up higher to block her from his view. She sits down and tells Paen to make a dish of a certain kind of shells (that I honestly have never heard of) for her another day. Paen says they don’t have that kind of shells, what a weird name (Chunk Teen shell). Khem says that Bangkokians are so out of trend, she will bring some for them next time. Paen asks where she will bring the shells from. Khem says from her house (hometown). Chanon perks up. She quickly corrects it to, from people in the market, you know. She says, forget it. She’s too lazy to explain.

Khem asks Chanon, “Why are you staring at me, Khun Samee? Or, do you want me to spoonfeed you? Here, your wife is feeding you.” He quickly retreats back to his newspaper. Lol.

Her ringtone comes up, “Pick up the call, darling…Pick up the call, darling….” OMG….this is so hilarious. Hands down to the scriptwriter here. Chanon glares at her. She turns down the call. She says this ringtone is a big hit now, and asks if Khun Samee wants to get one too. Yothin wonders why she hung up, so he redials. Khem’s phone is ringing again with the same ringtone. She’s turning it off when Chanon snatches it away. Aww…he’s jealous!

Part 3

Chanon snatches her phone away and asks if it’s her lover calling, that’s why she didn’t dare pick up the call in front of him. Khem says she has no lover. The phone is ringing again so Non picks up. Yothin mutters, she must be busying doing the seminar, and hangs up. Non is angry that the guy hangs up. He says the guy surely knows, so he didn’t dare answer him. They are obviously quite great partners. Nin yells at Khem that she didn’t leave this house yet.

Khem: “How can I leave when my husband is right here? I should stay and pamper him, right?”

Nin asks if Pee Non allowed her to stay again. He says if she wants to drink the water from someone else’s elbow, let her. Non holds Preeya’s hand and asks if she already has an answer for him, that he asked for a permission to date her. Nin says Preeya said yes, she told her so.

Khem says, it’s all right to have a gigs, even when you are already married. They can just share, and if anyone accuses him of his worsen morals, just simply tell them people do this these days. He says, but they broke up a long time ago, it’s just the matter of the divorce paper.

Khem says, “Since when we broke up? How come I didn’t know about it? Did we break up when I was dozing off?”

Nin asks if she intentionally try to give her brother a discomfort. Khem (calls her Pranin) says she didn’t pick up what she meant yet again, she said she would let him (give the permission) or, she asks, if Nin wants her to appoint Preeya a mistress officially so she will be satisfied.

Non says, but he wants to date Preeya openly, and if she won’t give him a divorce then she’ll be the one lives in hiding, and he won’t mind that. Khem shrugs at that. Non tells Preeya and Nin to go eat outside today. Khem quickly says, “Don’t, don’t ask me (to come with you). I’m too lazy.”

Khem says, “Such an odd happiness living in this house.”

Paen says, how she could smile happily when her hubby went out with another. Her madam must be crazy.

Yothin looks around, with all the dust, he wonders how Khem stayed in this room without the thought of cleaning it. He says if Khem doesn’t have him as her boyfriend, surely no one  will take her so she should feel more gratitude toward him. He cleans the coffee table and says what a lovely head of the household he is.

Yong is angry that Kwan’s lover called her in front of his master, he will go to her and scold her so she will realize her mistake. Paen says his master also is dating Khun Preeya when her madam is still around. Yong says it has already ended when her madam ran away on the wedding day. Paen argues that, still, his master shouldn’t have a mistress, should he? He says her madam is not his master’s wife yet, they just registered the marriage only. She asks if he was with his master 24 hours a day. He says, of course, his master is a true virgin. Haha. Paen says, men, they always take their own side. He says women love to take their own side too.

Khem walks to the garden where Men is living. She sees Men and thinks he’s the same man that day. A man in black comes behind her wanting to stab her with a knife but Men helps scare him away. Khem thanks him but when Men sees her face, he becomes horrified saying she’s a ghost. He runs away.

Non comes calling for Men. Khem thinks what she should do to get away this time. He calls her and she feigns fainting. Lol. He carries her back.

Khem says, “I’m feeling great I don’t have to walk on my own.” He asks if nothing happened to her. She says none, she just wants to lie down comfortably. He puts her down so sudden that she screams. She yells at him what he’s doing, it hurts and dirtied her. He tells her not to make fun of him, he’s not feeling even funny or fun. She says it wasn’t fun for her too. Someone wanted to kill her just now. He asks who it was. She says a hooded man in black was trying to stab her with a knife. He tells her to stop making up a story. She says she told him the truth. He says, a person like her can just say anything. She says he said he would eat outside. He tells her that Preeya got a headache so he had to turn the car around.

Non says, “How about you? You thought I wasn’t here, so it’s perfect for you to come meet your lover, and when I came and you were found, you just had to make up a story about a hooded thief. It seems your hooded thief  were everywhere. She realizes what he said is interesting, she must reveal that hooded men, no matter what. She also wants to ask the guy why he’s so infatuated with her.

Pracha yells at his lackey that he told him to find out about Kwanta that night, not to kill Kwanta. The guy says he’s afraid that Kwanta may talk of them. Pracha says if she wants to tell, she would have already. The guy says may be Kwanta has a plan they don’t know of, or she may conspire with Khun Non to keep an eye on them. Pracha says Kwanta hurt Chanon so deep that it won’t be easy for him to make up with her. The guys asks Pracha, he won’t get softened toward Kwanta like the last time, right? He hopes Pracha didn’t forget how much Kwanta betrayed him. Pracha tells him to be quiet, he will take care of the thing here himself.

Khem calls Yothin. She says sorry the last time he called, her phone fell into a toilet bowl so she  had to call him from a telephone booth just now. He says he will get a new one for her. He asks if she wants to get something for her grandfather. Khem realizes that it’s tomorrow to go see her grandpa. She says, of course, she didn’t forget and she wants to see her grandpa so much.

Chanon overheard everything. Preeya stumbles a bit so Khem helps her. Preeya thanks her. Khem asks what (symptoms) she had, she heard she got sick very often. Preeya tells Khem not to misunderstand her, she will move out once she gets better. Khem says she appears kind which is very different from others in this house. Preeya says they didn’t hate her but more to a disappointment. When Khem asks what they disappointed about, Preeya says everyone loved Khun Kwan before that incident. She was kind to everyone, whoever was in trouble, Khun Kwan would reach out and help them.

Khem asks, “Were you my husband’s girlfriend before this?”

Preeya says, no, Pee Non loves her like a brother does for his younger sister. Khem asks what she thought when he married another woman, and if she ever felt jealous or wanted to be the bride instead, “Have you ever thought that if there were no Kwan, what you hoped for would have been fulfilled?” When Preeya is reluctant to answer, Khem asks if her question wasn’t clear enough. Preeya says it was but she would like to choose not to answer that. She excuses herself and gets into her room.

In front of her laptop, “I didn’t get into that house yet. The thing I’m certain is Nai Men is still alive. and it looks like Nai ChaYen always keeps an eye on me, that’s why he could follow me to the garden. Or, could it be that the mysterious hands wanting to kill me was Nai  Chanon’s? Could it be that Nai Chanon had a secret relationship with Preeya so they planned it together to kill Kwanta, by framing her that she had a lover.”

Khem is waiting for a taxi at the house gate. She says she should have driven her own vehicle here. Paen runs to her and delightedly asks if she’s leaving this house for good (LOL). She says if it were her, she would leave too. It’s hard to accept looking at them. Khem turns to her and asks what her deal is now. Paen says she feels for her, since they both are women. Khem says, right. She tells Paen to tell people in the house that she went out to do her business, and Paen doesn’t have to prepare the meal more, for her. Paen says she never does that.

Khem gets in a taxi and leaves. Chanon follows her driving his own car. Paen brags to Yong that she saw her master drove a car out following her madam, not sure where they went. She says, men, they love to catch fish with  both hands. Yong tells her to stop accusing his master. Nin asks who drove the car following whom.

Khem arrives at the condo. Chanon follow her to the parking lot. She gets out of the taxi. The driver asks if she knows the man in that car, he saw him driving and trailing behind all the way here. Khem turns to look and realizes it’s Chanon following her here.

Part 4

Khem quickly turns around and asks the driver to let her have his phone for a thousand baht. Khem hides behind a car and calls Yothin to come down this minute. Chanon looks around but couldn’t find Khem. Yothin comes down and asks if she won’t go to the room for some clothes first. She says no need. He drives out. Chanon’s hand touches a car accidentally sounded the alarm, he gives the car’s owner his name card to prove that he’s not a thief.

Yothin says Khem is acting weird, and why she made him drive out of the condo from behind. She says she wants to see the view, see, the green fields. It comforts our eyes and souls. He looks out and wonders where the green fields are. He says, instead of giving him headache telling things, she should take a nap, and he will wake her up once they are there.

Nin wants to get inside Khem’s room. Nom says she locked the windows too. Nom suggests there’s only one way to do it. The two search Non’s room (people never lock the door in this house, I think). Chanon comes in and asks what they’re doing. Nin tells him not to get angry, she wants to get into Kwanta’s room to see if she has some secrets hiding. She says Kwan’s behaviors seem strange after she got back. She asks if he didn’t get suspicious about it. Non says he wants to do some work and asks them to leave. Nin says he doesn’t trust Kwan too that’s why he followed her today. He says he doesn’t want Nin to worry about his matter, and she just underwent kidney transplant so he wants her to think of her health first. Nom takes Nin out of the room.

Chanon gets the master key and gets into Khem’s room. He gets inside and looks around. He finds a laptop bag but it’s only some comic books inside.

Ping tells Poo that all the fish get rotten. Ping thinks it’s Meng’s work. Poo tells them to go get those men. They do a kicking session and Khem joins them too. After the fight, Poo tells the lackeys to go away. A guy lights a firecracker and throws it to them.

Part 5

Khem’s ankle is injured by the exploded firecracker but she says she’s fine. Yothin says the burnt doesn’t look tiny at all. Poo orders Yothin to carry her on his back to treat her wound at home, but Ping wants to do the job instead, he says that his back is just as soft as a first-class seat. LOL.

Khem brags that today she gets to ride on Hear Yo’s back. She tells him to carry her properly or else he’ll be kicked. She jumps on his back and off they go.

Yo puts a bandage on Khem’s wound and asks Poo why those guys picked a fight with him. Poo says those guys loved to use unproductive fishing methods such as using explosives, or fishing at night during the calm (sea) season using fine fishing nets that some other baby fish got caught too, so in the future, where the fish will there be for fishermen to catch. Khem asks if it’s because Poo opposed to those methods that men were sent to threaten him.

Poo says, “I need to get you a husband (samee) fast so there’ll be someone taking care of you when I’m not around.”

Khem says, “Samee? I don’t even have a boyfriend!”

Ping says his leader Khem is still young so why he needs to get her a hubby. Poo chases him away. Ping says he would be crazy to stick around, and runs out. Poo tells Khem, about her wedding, he will take care of it for her. Khem says she won’t do it. Poo tells her to stay put and just follow what he said. Poo tells Yothin to follow him.

Yothin’s dad is laughing satisfyingly that Poo said Yothin was a fruit falling not far from the tree (similar to his dad). He assures Poo that he believes Yo can take good care of his wife, just like how he’s been able to take good care every wife of his. Haha. Yo tells his dad that he talked overly much.

Yo’s dad says Yo is a man who would love only one woman. He saw him send Khem to school from elementary school, secondary school till college.

Poo says, “That’s why I trust that he won’t have mistresses like his dad.” Buahaha..Poo tell him to find an auspicious day for an engagement ceremony, but for the wedding, he wants it after this year. Yothin thanks him. Yo’s dad says since he came here (today) he didn’t see Khem at all. Ping rushes in and tells Poo that he couldn’t find Pee Khem even with the ‘Find’ application on his phone, but he found a note instead.

Khem wrote, “Poo, Khem needs to get to the seminar urgently but Poo doesn’t need to worry about Khem. Once Khem reaches Bangkok, Khem will call Poo right away.”

Poo asks Yo how Khem could go to Bangkok when he’s still sitting here. Yo is surprised that Khem had already left.

Khem is riding her own bike to Bangkok. She sees Men crying from the house’s wall. She parks her bike and runs to him. Chanon and Yong are busy dragging Men along. Khem shoves Non away from Men. Yong asks her why she did that. She says she could press charges of detaining and beating a person to death to them. Chanon yells at her asking what, who’s detaining who, who means to kill who. Khem points at Men saying that it’s this man he wants to kill. Chanon asks if taking a man to bath is an act of killing. Yong tells her that Men doesn’t like to take a bath so he and his master have to get a hold of him. Men sees Khem and is horrified that the ghost of ‘Nang Fah’ (angel, referring to Kwanta, a kind heart) comes  haunting him, and runs.

They follow Men into the garden. Men still gets scared seeing Khem saying she’s a ghost. Chanon kindly tells him that no one’s hurting him, he’s taking him home to have an ice cream that he loves, and Yong already bought it, right? Yong quickly says he did, it’s in the fridge at home. Men says he’s lying, the fridge broke down days ago. Chanon says Yong meant the fridge in the main house, he will ask Yong to get it for him once he’s home. Men asks if it’s a coconut ice-cream, if it’s just a stick for kids, he doesn’t want it. Yong says it’s the kind that he loves. Men still shakes his head that he’s afraid of the ghost. Yong says there’s no ghost, he chased it away already, just look again. Khem gets behind Chanon’s back. Men looks around and walks home with Yong.

Khem says sorry to Chanon that she didn’t try to figure it out first. He grabs her wrist asking what she’s doing at that condo, with whom she had an appointment with, tell him now.

They walk into the house. Chanon yells at Khem asking if she disappeared days and nights to be with that man. He grabs her arm telling her not to walk away while he’s asking her a question.

Nin asks if she’s putting a horn on her brother’s head again (to sleep/be with another man without the husband knowing). Khem says, it’s a surprise she made a coffee for her. She drinks it. Montha tells Nin to let her drink it calling Khem a Kra Seu (filth-eating spirit, mostly floating at night with only a head and intestines) loves to eat filthy things. Khem spits it out they should told her that it’s a filthy thing (meaning Nin is a Kra Seu). Khem gives the cup back to Nin but Montha shoves it away so hard that Khem falls to the floor hurting her injured ankle yet again. She cries out. Chanon warns Khun Nom, and tries to help Khem but she doesn’t let him. Nom says she didn’t mean to hurt madam, she thought madam wanting to hurt Khun Nin, so she had to protect her.

Nin says to Khem that Nom shoved her body but her ankle hurt instead, her pretense obviously isn’t a thoughtful one.

Non: “What happened to your leg?” (it’s similar to, what is your leg?)

Khem: “What is my leg? Of course, it’s a leg, my hubby, how could you ask that?”

He pulls her down on a chair and wants to look at the wound on her ankle, pulling her pants up a bit.

Khem: “What? Do you mean to take off my pants right in front of the public? This is so improper, so embarrassing. We do have room, don’t we?”

He looks at her ankle anyway.

Non: “What happened to it?”

Khem: “My leg kissed a tailpipe.” She cries out and falls on his chest, “My samee, will you blow on it and make it heal?” LOL

Nin pulls her from Non. A promiscuous woman like her is so disgusting. Khem tells Non to take a look, a sister wants to slap her sister-in-law, so cruel. Khem hugs him tight. Non calls Yong to take madam out. Yong thought he meant taking her to her room but Non corrects him to take madam out of this house and not to let her come in again, do it now.

Khem says she has the right to be here. Non says she cheated on him again and again how she could talk about her right. Yong and Paen try to pull Khem out. Khem puts her guard up and says anyone dare come near, she will punch till they drop. Chanon grabs her wrist and asks, if he gets serious, she thinks she can beat him?

Part 6

A man calls out and asks if he’s interrupting them while they were doing something. He greets Chanon. Nin looks at his name card, Kengkad Sukmongkol, a social-news reporter from Lok Thurakit (a newspaper). Chanon says his staff didn’t inform him that a reporter would come. Kengkad says someone made a appointment with him to come here, that person said, he (or she) is Chanon’s staff, and he (or she) even said Khun Kwanta had come back. He asks if it’s true that Khun Kwanta came back to ask that the marriage assets be divided.

Chanon puts his arm around Khem and says he thinks it must be a misunderstanding because he and his wife has never quarreled. Their relationship is still strong. Kengkad asks, but what he saw just now…Chanon quickly says, he offended her a bit so she was a bit upset. (Hold her head) Woman is like that, once reconciled, she will be alright again (kisses her cheek). He asks, “Are you alright now, darling?” (kisses again).

Kengkad asks Khem (Kwanta) if she’s alright her face doesn’t look very good. Non says, “My wife is very shy so she doesn’t get used to be on the news.” Keng asks about the video clip. Non says he thinks it was edited to frame his wife. He says Keng should hurry report the news that they still love each other dearly. He kisses Khem on her mouth this time. Rawr! (Let me see ittt!) Keng takes their pictures. I think Chanon smile a little too sweet here. Haha.

Nin blames Kwanta on telling a reporter about the insight of their household. Nom says she’s the one did it. Nin asks why. Nom says she wanted the reporter to write a very bad headline about Kwanta such as she came back for the marriage assets so the public would hate her, and so does the man, but it didn’t turn out that way. Nin tells Nom to do something, she doesn’t want Kwanta to stay here any longer.

Khem comes back to her room rubbing her lips wanting to throw up. Non follows her and says, “Don’t think I have some feeling for you it’s just acting, to fool the reporter.” Khem asks if it’s not  his intention to take liberties with her, men just love to take advantage of women. Non says, “Taking advantage? That’s ridiculous, because between you and me, it’s way pass the point of taking advantage!”

Khem grabs his collar and says he looks down on her way too far. Preeya walks by and takes a peek. Non holds Khem’s hands and says, “Kwan, do you really couldn’t remember?” She asks remember about what. Non asks if she remembers that day, they were….then the picture of Kwan hugging a man in the video clip comes up in his mind, “Whatever day it was, it doesn’t mean a thing to me anymore!”

Khem says, of course, his wife doesn’t mean anything to him or else he wouldn’t bring Preeya here to live under the same roof with his wife. He says it doesn’t have anything to do with Preeya, she came because his sister demanded it. Khem points at him, “You talked like you don’t love Khun Preeya.” Non says it’s his own business and walks out. Preeya hides and sees Non come out. Dear Preeya, I think you made the wrong decision coming to this house.

Chanon asks Nom what the matter is that she called for him. Nom says, before his father died, he told her to take good care of Khun WaewNin because her mother already passed away before him, from then on she’s been busy raising Khun Nin that she doesn’t have time to take care of her own child. Chanon says he realizes that, and always feels grateful for her sacrifice. Nom says she will ask of him one thing, not to let madam stay because it makes Khun Nin uneasy, fearful and unhappy because she’s afraid that her brother will be deceived once again. Non says they should talk about that later, he has something to do. He wants to walk away but Nom calls him. She asks if he dares disobey his father’s wish.

Non says, “I remembered to heart that I must not abandon my sister, but the reporter showed up so sudden that I had no time to prepare, so my choice was to save our reputation, or Khun Nom wants them to dig up that ugly story once again. Khun Nom, you can be at ease. I’m the only son. I’m the brother of a sister. I’m the head of the family. I’m the boss of my employees. I had no right to do things for myself long time ago.” Aww….

Nom turns to look at Non parents’ portrait and says, “You two, bastards!”

Non is tending to Men’s wound. He says the wound is almost completely healed. Men says once the wound healed, his mother will come and beat him again, he will have wounds on his body again, and he (Non) will come to apply the medicine on him again. Chanon says sorry that he could help him only this much. Men says it’s alright, it doesn’t hurt much. He says, the old saying is, if you love your cow, tie it, if you love your children, spank (out of love, to give a lesson) them, they said it on TV.

Non says sometimes he wants to be him too. Men says he wants to be him too so that he will have a lot of money and a big house.

Non says, “Cheated (put a horn on his head) by my wife yet still love her? Don’t wish to be me, Men.”

Men says alright then. Non says to himself, “I must find out who that man is.”

Kengkad’s boss comes scolding him about the news of a couple is still in love, this kind of news won’t sell. If it’s the story of a wife slept with her lover or a husband slept with his mistress, it will surely sell. Kengkad suggests they stop doing the business newspaper (Lok Thurakit = business world) and do a tabloid instead. The boss says women (singles, housewives etc.) want to hear the news of that young and handsome entrepreneur, so go find some awful news about him. Keng gets up and says that’s true, everyone loves to read about the bed-story, that’s why he also wants know, the wound on his forehead, which wives of his did it. Keng runs out. Haha.

Khem tells Yong she has something to ask. Men is playing football by himself.

Yong says Men is Nom’s son. He has a big body but a brain of 6-8 years old. The rumor said Nom took (Ya-kub) a medicine trying to terminate the baby, so Men is like this. Khem couldn’t believe she did that. Yong says Nom was so embarrassed getting pregnant without a husband. Khem says she’s as bad as the mother (hers) who abandoned her child. She says his master is bad too that he harmed Men. Yong says the gun got fired accidentally that day. She says even that, he shouldn’t lock him up like he’s a pet. Yong says his master did the right thing, how they could let Men walk around, and Nom wants that too because it embarrasses her that she has a retarded son. Khem says, no wonder people in this house live peacefully together because they have the same bad ideas, both master and server. After Khem left, he says, as if you were a great one.

Preeya is crying by the dock thinking about what Chanon told Kwanta. Khem does the recording on her laptop, “I still do not believe yet what Yong told me about Nai Chanon because they are very close. Another thing that can’t be ignored is Preeya and Nai Chanon’s relationship, it looks suspicious. At the moment, I still can’t trust anyone. (She thinks of Men) That’s right, Nai Men! He should be the one who could be trusted, more than people with good senses.”

Part 7

Kengkad finds a drunk Chint in the spa so he asks if he knows Kwanta. Chint says, “Of course, I know her…it could also be, I don’t know. I think don’t know is better.” Keng hands him a bank note. He says he’s a reporter and needs some information. Chint says he will let him ask one question (one bank note). Keng asks if it’s true that Khun Kwanta ran away with a lover. Chint stumbles backwards saying that’s a big question. He tries to whisper the answer into Keng’s ear when Pracha calls him startling both men.

Chint runs out. Pracha seizes Keng’s camera and checks it. He says if Keng secretly took pictures of their spa, he can sue him. Pracha sees the kissing pictures of Chanon and Khem. Keng says the pictures should prove that he and Khun Chanon are quite close. Pracha hands him his name card and tells Keng to contact him if he needs anything so that he could accommodate. It’s better than sneaking around like this, people could misunderstand.

Khem comes to see Men. He saws her and is horrified.


I feel for Chanon taking care of such household yet annoyed by the fact that he let Nin yell at him most of the time and Montha too. I believe the duo will get worst as the story goes. It’s actually Khem’s guts that made the story fun for me. It’s obvious that Chanon still loves Kwanta very much, so how will he react once he realize it’s Khemika and not Kwanta beside him? Will it be all right for us if he just loves Khemika anyway, or the story should spend time developing Chanon’s feeling for Khemika after the revelation? If it’s the latter case, aww…how many episodes will there be? *gulps*

*No spoilers please!

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  1. i’m really starting to like this, but seriously channel 7???? you would think they’d want to garner international success/fans but they had to be extra strict w/ banning their videos. i’m still waiting to somehow, miraclely finish the last 5 episodes of maya see mook and i was thinking what was the hold up and then i realize channel 7 strictness was the reason why. don’t know how you were able to find jao sao salatan but thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you

  2. Awww!! i was soo happy when you finished!! You sure are fast and soo awesome! I loved how after reading your translation the lakorn becomes more clear to me and i totally understand what is going on rather than just guessing what they’re saying. Thanks soo much for your time and effort! Can’t wait for more!! Please continue!!:)

  3. Are you going to translate til the end??:o

    • How Viki is doing? I saw the channel was up.

      If the story kept me interested, if time permitted, I’ll see what I can do. But I’ll be out of town from time to time, so cap will probably be delayed, and if I am way behind the current episode, I tend to stop pushing myself, hehe.

      • Viki isn’t doing good. They’re trying to fix the video or something so the videos are deleted!! I love your translations! Aww it’s ok if you delay the caps at least you do it then it’s good enough. I totally understand that you have a life of course you can be doing this 24/7. I hope anodchobling subs this if she does I’ll inform you. Thank you for your time!! Please continue 🙂

  4. Ughh!! THank you!! Aww it’s getting soo good!! More please and I hope that you will translate til the end 🙂

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