Nai Man Mek Episode 1

I know I have loads to translate but I just loved the opening of this series. Nai Man Mek is the fourth series of Look Mai Khong Phor Series. I hope it’s all right to weight in just one episode. I will take time doing each part so you may check back laterrr  🙂


Part 1

ThewMek is telling RuangKao the name of each cloud.

Thew: “RuangKao, one day I will go up in the sky and get you up there to see the clouds closely.”

Kao: “How will you go up there?”

Thew: “Wait until I become a pilot.”

She asks if it will be in this life or the next life before he becomes a pilot.

Thew: “This life, of course. My biggest dream is to become a pilot. How about you, what do you want to become?”

She says she’s not going to tell, so he teases that she doesn’t have one. She says even if she has one, she still won’t tell. He says she definitely has none. She tells him let’s go back before her grandfather will be worried.

Thew: “All right, but let’s come here again tomorrow.”

She complains about coming up here to look at the clouds everyday, and asks if he doesn’t feel bored. He says, “No, I don’t. I have this big sky, beautiful clouds, and the most important thing is…” She asks what it is. Thew says, “I have you beside me.”

It’s raining so Thew opens the school’s library door and takes Kao inside. Kao is surprised that he could get in so she asks if he came here very often, or the rumor, there’s some courting going on in here, actually came from him. Thew denies it and pulls her inside. Kao says he said he’s never done it then why he knows the way to get in/out.

Thew: “I said I had never done it, but I didn’t say I had never seen it.”

Kao: “I knew it! What did you see they were doing?”

He says she’s just a child so it’s better she doesn’t know. She asks how come he gets to know when he’s just three years older than her. She asks if she has to wait until she becomes a Miss (15 years old for Thai girl to use ‘Miss’). He asks if she really wants to know. He says when a man and a woman like each other, when they are near, it’s like there’s some force pulling them towards each other, wanting to get closer, wanting to hold hands, wanting to hug. He looks at her and says, “I like you.” He leans closer for a kiss. She gets scared by a thunder so she holds him tight, and he smiles. It looks like someone is capturing them with a camera.

Grandfather Chang is beating Kao. Thew wants to stop him but grandmother Noi stops him from interfering because Chang won’t listen to anyone when he’s angry. If he wants to help, just stay put.

Chang is angry and says, one person (Kao) was abandoned by her mother, another one (Thew), the parents couldn’t take care of him. He asks if he’s been raising them too nice to repay him this way. Kao tries to explain but he won’t listen. He says she’s just like her mother. He tells her that the whole sub-district is talking that the daughter of the village chief, Chang, was courting a man in the library. He feels so embarrassed.

Kao says nothing happened between her and ThewMek, and he can ask him. He says he doesn’t have to, he believes what he’d seen. He will arrange a wedding for her and ThewMek to save his face. He will take her to quit school tomorrow, no need to study anymore. She says she won’t quit, she wants to study, she won’t get married. He says she must then locks her up. Kao just cries.

Kao jumps down from her room. Thew asks where she’s going. She says anywhere that’s not here. He asks if she’s not worried about her grandfather and grandmother. Doesn’t she feel sad for them? She says they were the ones forcing her to leave. He begs her not to go, “I’m sorry. I will take the blame. I will marry you.” Kao says, “But I don’t want to marry you! I want to study! I want to study! Do you understand?!”

Thew doesn’t let her go. She says it’s because of him that she’s in this situation. He says he didn’t mean it, and he’s sorry. She says whether he meant or didn’t mean it, it’s too late because no matter what, she has to leave. He begs her not to leave. She says she’s not only doing it for herself but also for him too. They are too young to be married. She says, “I want to study. I want to be knowledgeable. I have my dream.” He asks where she will go, and for how long, he is worried about her. She says he doesn’t have to worry, she will go to her mother in Bangkok and wait for grandpa’s anger to die down and then she will return, she promises. They do a pinky swear.He says he will go send her off. He takes her to the bus stop on his bicycle.

He waves for the bus to stop. She walks to get on the bus.

Thew: “You promised you would hurry back.”

Kao: “I said I promised so I promised.” She waves goodbye and gets on the bus.

Aww…the background music is beautiful.

– 10 Years later –

An MC is introducing Khun RuangKao, a CSR manager who will come up the stage to donate the amount of one million baht. Kao, in a super red dress, comes up.

Grandpa is yelling, “She donates just to create a good image. Don’t believe her! You are a cow that forgot your own feet. Once live luxuriously, you forget where you came from. You were ungrateful to me, the one who raised you. An ungrateful person like you, will never become prosperous!”

Kao wakes up and it’s just a dream. Phew!

Part 2

Kao’s mother (NamKhang) is watching Kao on TV in the event. Kao comes to sit with her and says she dreamed of grandpa again, and she dreamed of him almost every night before she came back to Thailand. Mom asks what it’s about. She says grandpa scolded at her that she’s a cow which forgot its own feet (=forget her roots). Mom consoles her that a nightmare will turn into a good thing coming to her.

Kao asks her why she felt so guilty of it when that crazy incident shouldn’t have made her cut all ties with grandma and grandpa in the first place. Mom says what had happened is not a small issue and if she thinks to walk to grandpa and apologize, and expect him to forgive them easily, it will be difficult to happen, and she should know grandpa ‘Chang’ very well.

Kao asks her what they should do to make him forgive them. Mom says if she knew, she would have done it already.

Thew (the grown up) is still thinking of Kao. He thinks of the day Kao promised him that she would return.

Kao comes down and walks to the dining table. Her stepfather teases her where she’s going to dress up so pretty. Kao says to shop for the new collection (of clothes). Mom tells her to take Klin (who they expect Kao to marry) with her. Stepfather tells her to sit down and join the meal but she says she will eat with Pee Klin outside.

Kao walks to the pool and teases Klin by taking off his glasses. She says she will return it to him if he comes with her to shop and treat her a meal. He smiles and agrees to go with her.

They come to the department store and enjoy shopping. While waiting, Kao sees a documentary on TV, a little girl is promising the king that she will study hard, and after she graduates, she will go back to her hometown to help with the development. Kao is mesmerized by it. On TV, the girl grew up and is now putting her degree on the wall below the king’s portrait, and she helps educating the villagers in her hometown.

Some college students are asking for a donation from Kao to support their project, a camp of volunteering for rural development. Kao asks how many years they have been doing it. The girl says for a long time, and she and her friends intend to go back to their hometowns to help with the development once they graduate.

Klin suggests them spend time more on studying instead. Kao says she will help supporting them. Klin says he will too. She puts some bank notes into the donation box while Klin puts in some coins. Lol. He tells Kao that she gave them too much.

Kao tells her mom that she came up with an idea to make grandpa forgive them. Mom asks how she will achieve that. She says she will go back home. Mom asks if she’s sure about that. Kao nods and says right now she’s ready: her education, her career as an executive, her reputation, and she even owns a car which costs more than ten million, and her mother has a husband who is a good man and rich too. With all these, she’s confident to go home, and confident that grandpa will be happy for them, and will forgive them.

Mom asks how she could go back there when she gave her words to her (step)dad that she would work for him. Kao says she wants to go back to take care of grandpa when he’s still alive, not to go back to hug his ashes. Kao says about (step)dad, she will manage and everything will be fine. Mom says she will be waiting here for the good news. Kao smiles and NamKhang hugs her.

Kao arrives at the office and tells her staff that they will have a meeting after she’s done talking with the president. Kao tells her step-dad that she has a project for him to approve. He takes a look and asks ‘Ban Ai-din’ ? Kao tells him that ‘Ban Ai-din’ in Prachuap province (in full: Prachuap Khiri Khan province) is her and her mother’s hometown. She says she wants to do CSR there with the concept ‘Appreciate Your Hometown’. He says he will approve it anyway. Kao asks why it’s so easy to get his approval. He says it’s a good project and a hometown of his loved ones, so no rejection whatsoever. Kao thanks him.

Kao greets her staff in the meeting room. She hands out the papers telling the duty of each person. Kao tells Tong that her job is a PR – dealing with the press, and Paeng will work outdoor with her, while Wit will take care of everything about IT. Kao says it’s their first CSR project, and it will be in her hometown to help people there. Kao says this project is helping their company too.

Kao drives her sport car back to her hometown. Thew, who is in the area, sees that the buffaloes are blocking the road so he tells a grandpa to make way for the cars. Kao and her staff get out of the cars. Paeng captures Thew on her camera and says a farmer this era is so handsome.

Thew tells them he will move his vehicle for them in a minute. Paeng asks his name. He says it’s ThewMek. Kao is startled hearing that.

Part 3

Paeng says her name is PaengRum and this is their boss, Khun RuangKao. Kao tries not to look at him and says they should hurry leave since the road is clear. Paeng tells her to wait because they still don’t know if Khun ThewMek is a local here. He says yes, he lives here. Paeng tells Kao that they are getting one quality supporter here.

Thew asks why they came. Paeng says they came to do CSR, to help develop this place, and hope they will receive his full cooperation. He says of course, he will do his best to cooperate with them. Kao clears her throat and tells her staff to leave. Kao sneaks a glance at Thew and sees that he’s staring at her too. She gets in the car and they drive off. Thew pouts and stares at Kao through her car window.

They arrive at Chang’s house. Tong asks if Kao is sure she will stay here when the house looks torn down. Kao says even so, it’s her home, her grandpa’s home. Tong backtracks and says an antique house makes a valuable asset. Both Paeng and Wit say is that right. Tong suggests they get inside and greet her grandpa. Kao says may be next time, and tells them to go back to the hotel. Wit says they should leave so Khun Kao can rest. Tong tells Kao she can call her anytime, she’s on call 24 hrs. Lol. Tong asks Kao if she’s really going to stay here, and says, in that case, she’s leaving. Ha.

A man is trying to sell the new effective herbicide (weed killer) to Chang. He asks if it’s for killing weeds or himself. The salesman says it’s for killing the weeds not him, and who would dare kill him. Chang says it’s because he said it’s so effective, so he’s afraid the person uses it will die along with the weeds. Chang tells him to take it back, it’s expensive and poisonous so he never thinks of using it. The man says it’s neither expensive nor poisonous, he thinks Chang misunderstands.

Chang glares at him and says the villagers are wiser now. They do an organic agriculture following the Royal Initiation of His Majesty the King, to use nature to take care nature, and they won’t believe the advertisement, and will rely neither on fertilizers nor (chemical) herbicides/pesticides.  The man argues that villagers and those two things will never stay apart. He tells Chang to notice the high sales volume of if. Chang asks if it’s already selling so well then why he wants him to help selling it to others, and insists he takes it back.

The man says Chang is a well-respected man in the village so he wants him to become their sole distributor, so that he will have lots of income and doesn’t have to spend time on such labor work like he’s doing now. Chang says he’s willing to do labor work and make a living honestly, more than tricking people. The man says he doesn’t trick anyone, and tells Chang to listen about the commission he’s going to get first or he can say the amount he wants, and they can negotiate.

Chang starts shouting that he said he wouldn’t listen or talk to him anymore. The man insists he listen to his offer first, such a high income. Chang tells him to leave right away before he can’t endure it and has to pull out his gun and shoot his head. The man readily flees while cursing that he’s so stupid when he offered him free money to spend. The man bumps into Kao, and she falls down. Chang curses him when he doesn’t stop to apologize to her.

Chang looks at Kao and says she’s obviously falling down from her high heels. He wonders how she could wear the shoes such height, and she could become a handicap in a flash.

Kao takes off her glasses and greets him, “Grandpa, I’ve come back to you.” He asks why she came back when he never had such a niece. She says she came back to ask for his forgiveness. He says it’s unnecessary because he had cut all ties with her the day she ran away, so that he would have  no one to agitate him anymore. He shouts, “Get out of here!” Kao begs, “Grandpa, my dear grandpa!”

Part 4

Kao runs after grandpa begging him to listen to her. He sees her many suitcases and asks what she’s selling. She says she doesn’t sell anything, and shows him her degree. She says she graduated from aboard and now is an executive of a big company, and she has enough money to give him and grandma a comfortable life now. She says her mother gave her money to give him too.

Chang says it’s good that she came and orders her to follow him. He throws a stack of postal money orders at her and tells her to take it back, and tell her mother not to use money to buy the guilt she did to him. Kao says she and her mother never think that way and she came back because she really regretted it. He asks why he needs to believe her, and tells her to get out and not to waste her time with him.

Kao admits that she’s wrong to run away, but she’s so young at that time and wanted to go to school. Moreover, ten years that she left, she didn’t misbehave at all but studied hard to return to him and make him proud. He argues that it’s ten years of pain and embarrassment for him because he had grandchildren like them.

Kao assures him that he won’t be embarrassed anymore because she will stay here and bring all of his reputation back. She asks him for a chance. He asks what chance when the past 10 years he’s just an old man who meant nothing to his grandchildren. He yells that they stepped on his pride, and left him without any news, and now suddenly come back and want his forgiveness. He asks if that won’t be too easy. Mai overhears them.

Kao says she didn’t run from him but went back to school, and intended to come back here. He says it’s too late, he was exhausted because of them all this time. He yells, “That’s enough!” and walks away. Kao looks at the money orders he threw at her. Mai looks at her.

Mai teases Kao (calling her ‘Khun Nu’ a young miss) about her many suitcases if she’s moving back here. Kao says, “ThewMek!” He asks if they knew each other, then why she acted like she didn’t recognize him this afternoon. She says because she didn’t want to know him and bring back that horrible past he did to her. He asks if that means she didn’t come back for ten years because of him. She says that’s right. He says she forgot her promise she gave to him. He asks if she was just using him in the past and that’s all. She says that’s right.

He says all right (throws the hoe in his hand away) then they should recall that memory. She shoves him away and says time doesn’t make him a good person at all.

Thew: “You must pay for what you did to me!”

Kao: “It’s you who must pay for it. You ruined my life. I came back to fix all the accusations.”

Thew: “RuangKao, I’m sorry. If I could turn back time, I wouldn’t do it.”

Kao: “And can that happen? ThewMek, I’m begging you, let’s go separate ways. All right?”

He says if she came back just to let grandpa Chang see her face, she shouldn’t have come at all, and should have run away forever. She says she just said they should go separate ways so he shouldn’t suggest or criticize her about anything. He says he will criticize her, a person like her came back only to create good image and not to think of doing anything new. She asks how there could be anything new when today grandpa still pointed finger at her and scolded her about the same old thing.

He asks if she will run away again when she said she came to fix things. He teases her, getting scold so giving up. She hits him with her bag and says she will never give up, and will stay here and make grandpa proud. She will make him forgive her, just wait and see! He says he will wait and see if she can achieve what she said. Kao shrugs and says,”OK, bye!” and pulls her luggage along.

Kao greets grandma Noi and hugs her. She says she missed her so much, and she still smells good just the same. Noi asks who she is and why she hugged her. Kao says she must be mad at her that’s why she pretends not to recognize her. She begs her not to be mad at her, only grandpa Chang is bad enough for her. Grandma Noi says she doesn’t know her and tells her to move away, she needs to cook food and when her grandchildren come back, they will be hungry.

Kao tells her that she’s Kao, NamKhang’s daughter, whom she raised since young. A lady walks to them and says it’s useless to remind her when grandma Noi had an Alzheimer’s, she can’t recognize anyone. Kao wants to cry and asks if it’s because of her that made she become like this. The lady tells Kao not to think it’s her fault when sickness can happen to everyone. Kao cries and says no, it’s because she left grandma and didn’t stay to take care of her and that’s why. She says, “Grandma, I’m sorry. I’m so sorry I left you.” and hugs her.

Part 5

The lady invites Kao into a room and says since ThewMek moved out, no one used this room. She tells Kao to call her if she needs anything. Kao thanks her.

NamKhang asks Kao if grandpa and grandma are fine. Kao says they are fine but very old, and still mad at the two of them. Kao says the thing she gave her to bring along didn’t help at all and even made her get a lengthy scold. NamKhang smiles and says that’s her grandpa. She asks if Kao can endure it and if she wants to come back to Bangkok. Kao says no, she won’t run away from a problem anymore. She tells her mom to take back her Ferrari or grandpa will use buffaloes to pull it back for sure.

Mom asks if her grandpa is still that strong. She asks how Kao can stay without a car. Kao says she made a decision so she must be able to stay. Mom says it’s up to her and she will send someone to pick up the car early tomorrow. Mom asks if she met ThewMek. Kao hesitates so she asks why Kao won’t answer her. Kao says yes. Mom asks if her grandpa didn’t chase him out already. Kao says he doesn’t live in this house anymore. Mom say but he’s still there in Ai-din village.

Mom orders her not to talk or get close to him at all, and asks if she forgot that her grandpa felt sad and she was ruined because of him. Kao agrees and says she doesn’t have time to think about that now, because she’s thinking how to make grandpa Chang forgive her. Mom tells her to remember her words here and call her if she has any problem, and take care of herself well. Kao says yes and hangs up.

Klin comes in and says he called Kao but he only got a busy signal so he’s worried. NamKhang tells him she just finished talking to Kao. He says he’s not feeling at ease that Kao lives so far away. Mom says he’s not this worried in the past. He says she was a girl in the past but now she’s a woman. Mom says the more she’s growing up, the less he should be worried. He says as if she doesn’t know how he feels for Kao, he waited for her during her 2 years studying in the US, but he’s not sure if she already has someone in her heart. Mom says no one. He asks how she can be so sure when Kao didn’t let them go to her on her graduation day.

NamKhang says she asked and Kao said she had no one. She says not that she didn’t know how he felt, if he misses her then just go and visit her. He says he will definitely go there. She tells him to take good care of her. He thanks her for trusting him and promises he will do his best.

Kao opens a cabinet and says there are only old class books. She found a love letter in a box. She says let her take the liberty of reading it. She reads, “To my dearest….”

“Now I know what I want to do after I went to see an exhibition in Honor of His Majesty the King: The Royal Foundation and Learning Center Under the Royal Initiation of His Majesty the King. I decided to quit my job to follow my dream…(He walks along the dried land due to drought.), however, my heart always remains in Ai-din village. No matter how far I live, I will find the time to visit Khun Noi and Khun Chang….”

A sign reads, “Ai-din Village”.

Tong calls Kao. She says sorry to call her this early but the driver told her that their van broke down and is now at the garage. Kao says it’s all right, she will do a survey in the village and talk to the villagers for some new ideas in the morning. Kao tells her to come pick her up in the afternoon because she has no car now, it will be brought back to Bangkok. Tong says she will do that. Kao says see her then and hangs up.

Kao waves goodbye to her Ferrari. She comes to see her grandpa at the nursery. He asks why she sticks her face in here. She says she will come to see him everyday until his heart softened. He looks at where she’s heading and shouts at her not to step on it, but it’s too late. She steps on his plants and slips, and ruins them.

He yells, “Ai Kao!” She says he can yell at her all he wants, but she will stay. He asks where she will stay when he won’t allow her to stay here. She says she will stay at grandma Noi’s house where she slept last night. He asks how she could stay there and tells her to leave that place, he doesn’t allow it. She argues that grandma Noi gave her the permission. She says he doesn’t want her to stay with him, so she will stay with grandma Noi, and it’s not his house, it’s grandma Noi’s house, so what’s wrong.

She begs him for a chance to prove herself. He asks prove for what. She says to bring back his reputation and to gain his acceptance. He says he doesn’t have a good reputation, only a bad one he had. He tells her not to waste her time fixing it, and go back to live luxuriously with her mother in Bangkok.

Kao says no, she will stay with him and will take care of him. He yells that she’s so stubborn. He shouts, “Go away! Go-go-go! Don’t stand in the way around here! I need to do some work.” Kao feels sad and turns to leave.


“I heard RuangKao came back.”

“The reason I came back is to prove myself.”

“How about I hand out the school uniforms to the children. Do you think it’s a good idea?”

“That’s all right.”

“So you agree with me, don’t you?”


I just loved the set-up. Mai (actor, the hero) did well as a child who has a big dream. The dialogs were all so meaningful when you paid attention. Kao was set up to be a stubborn girl striving for success. She will return to her hometown one day but I’m not quite sure what that will bring  🙂

*Please disregard any mistake on the royal terms.

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