Jao Sao Salatan Episode 2

Words of advice: don’t let this lakorn discourage you (in any way) from getting into a Thai spa. Getting a massage from an expert therapist will really help relaxing your stressful muscles and mind.


Episode 2

Part 1

Khem sees Chanon walking in the dark, “Nai Chanon!” so she follows him. Someone grabs her shoulder from behind, she drops the flashlight and cries out. She turns around to see that it’s Chanon. He says, “Why did you come out here? Secretly meeting someone?” She asks what about him, what he’s doing out here this late at night. He says it’s none of her business.

Khem looks ahead and asks what that path leads to. He asks why she couldn’t remember that. She reminds him she was hit on the head and has amnesia. He tells her to go back to her room and not to come out again. She asks him why, or there’s something he’s hiding over there, let’s see it then. He stops her from going. She says hurting a woman like this is not a gentleman. He says for her, that’s unnecessary.

Khem: “So, is this how it’s like between two persons who loved each other to the point of getting married?”

He says that’s the biggest mistake in his life. He yells at her to go back. When he moves closer, she shoves him away. She tells him to stop or he will meet with her Salatan punch. Chanon says, “Is this who you really are? That’s good, let your real self come all out.” Khem realizes her mistake and puts her arm down. She says she just showed him she could walk by herself, no need to be held hand and led the way. He picks up her flashlight from the ground and follows her home.

He orders her not to leave the house at night again or he couldn’t guarantee her safety. Khem asks, “Talking like this, is it worry or a threat?”

Non: “That’s up to how much your brain can process.”

He gives her back the flashlight. She thanks him. He reminds her to put it back exactly where she took it, there’s order in this house. She says behind his back that it must be his habit that women couldn’t stand being with him.

In the morning, Khem records the purpose of coming to this house on her laptop, “I, Khemika, came to Lerdwiriya house to find out about the disappearance of Pee Kwanta, my elder twin sister. if it’s unfortunate that I die, this clip will be an evidence to prove that there’s someone in this house assaulted me. WaewNin, Chanon’s younger sister, seems to hate Pee Kwanta so much, enough to put a hand on her that I had no time to put my guard up. She’s another one to closely keep an eye on. For Nai Chanon, he looks suspicious like he has some secrets hiding. People in the market are saying that Pee Kwanta was murdered because her husband was furious that she had an affair with another man. It’s another assumption to be further investigated whether Pee Kwanta is dead or still alive, or where she is.”

Yothin sends a voice message to Khem citing a love poem and ends it with, miss you, my Salatan. Khem calls him to his delight. His dad tells him to confess his love to her. He beats around the bush until he lets out that he loves her. Khem asks if he’s drunk and suggests he get some sleep. When she sees Yong in the garden, she hangs up telling him she needs to get into the seminar room. Yothin tells his dad she thought he’s drunk. Dad says for a strong girl like Khem, what he did was the right move, fighting! Lol.

Khem threatens Yong about her injured head last time which he could end up a murderer. She won’t inform the police if he drives her to the place.

At Juang Jan Spa, Aum sees Khem and thinks it’s Kwanta’s ghost. The staff looks at her in surprise. Khem asks if Chanon didn’t tell them that she’s back. The man says he didn’t. Khem asks their names. He asks if she couldn’t remember. She says yes, she couldn’t. He tells his staff that she’s not a ghost.

Khem asks the head of staff, Yao, which room she used to work in. Yao says she doesn’t know. Khem asks why it’s like that when she’s the head of staff. Yao says she’s not her madam so she doesn’t have to answer that. She walks away. The man tells Khem he doesn’t want to answer either and he leaves.

Aum delivers Khun Kwan’s big news to the staff that she told her father (the head man) that she was captured and hit on the head and fainted, she had amnesia so she couldn’t go home. Kung asks if that means she didn’t have an affair. Aum doesn’t believe the story but thinks Kwan’s lover kicked her out and she finished all the money she had.

Pracha, the spa manager, asks who they talked about just now. He glares at Aum.

Khem looks around and gets into a room. She searches the document and finds Kwanta’s record. She reads, “The only child, parents deceased..that’s why no one thinks I’m her twin sister. Why did she have to lie though?” Someone is coming so she puts the file back. Pracha walks into his office and is so stunned to see her, “Kwanta, is it really you?”

Khem says she got lost and thought it’s her husband office. She asks who he is and if they are acquainted. Pracha doesn’t show her any respect when asks what she’s saying. She says she tried to think but couldn’t remember, and asks his name again. He says his name is Pracha, the manager here. She asks if they are very close. “You really couldn’t remember anything? Everything?” he asks. She tells him to give her an example and may be she will remember. Pracha looks at her suspiciously.

Chanon walks in and greets Pracha that he’s back. Chanon asks Khem what she’s doing here in this room. She says she doesn’t know and leaves. Pracha asks Non if she has amnesia and how could it be, and if she told him how she got away from that bandit. Chanon doesn’t care about that, he wants to talk about their work that Pracha went to Shanghai . Pracha says the hotel is making a decision whether they will buy their brand or should consider a joint venture. Non lets him take care of this project, he says he trusts him. Pracha makes a call  but it looks like that person’s phone is turned off, he’s mad.

Chanon is driving Khem home. He says he forbids her from going to the spa. She asks why, or he’s hiding something and afraid she will find out. He asks what she wants to find out. She says she has amnesia so she wants to find out how she eats, lives, and talks so that she will know how to please her husband. He glares at her. She says her hubby is so handsome that she should put him on a shelf and greet him every morning and evening. She won’t let him be with any other women, and starts massaging his arm. He tells her to put her hands away. She cheekily asks if he’s afraid the died-down fire will come alive once again. He hits the brake suddenly. She accuses him of intentionally trying to injure someone. He says he can do more if she won’t hurry and get out of his family. She asks if he had physically harmed Pee Kw…her in the past. He doesn’t answer that.

She tells him to tell her the story of her having an affair, he couldn’t just accuse her, it’s unfair. He speeds up. She asks why he has to get angry hearing her say that, and he can’t scare her with speed. She was in a faster car than this with her father before.

No matter how fast he drives, Khem appears fine.

Montha asks where Yong dropped her. He says at the spa. She yells at Paen to come out. She tells the two that Kwanta is no longer the madam of the house so they don’t have to serve or take order from her. After Nom left, Paen wonders why she needed to yell that loud.

Chanon arrives at his house. Khem gets out of the car and says, he’s a capable driver but it’s pity, he’s just an amateur. He turns to say that it’s strange, she used to be afraid of speed in the past. Khem stops short saying she’s still afraid of it, her heart is still beating fast, and if he doesn’t believe it, he can feel it. She wants to put his hand on her chest but he shakes her hands off calling her shameful.

She asks, shameful about what? He recalls how he met Kwanta. Flashbacks, Kwan gives him a massage while he’s in a bathtub. She falls into the bathtub accidentally. He helps her get up and says sorry. He smiles to himself.

Back to present, Chanon is still smiling thinking about it. Khem teases him  he must be thinking of Kwanta. His eyes turned so sweet.

Non: “A woman like you, what’s there to think of? A person like me, will be stupid only once!”

Nin and Preeya come out. Non takes Preeya’s hand and walks into the house with her. Chanon wants to talk about their conversation that day. Preeya asks what he will do if she won’t accept it. He says he doesn’t believe she will date him when he still has another woman. She admits that she wants to be selfish, so she won’t come here again. If she doesn’t see his face, her heart will be strong. He says he’s sorry, he didn’t think ‘she’ would come back. Preeya excuses herself to go to work.

Khem threatens Paen to tell her who Preeya is. Paen asks if she doesn’t know or pretends to ask. Is that a fake green snake Khem’s threatening Paen with? Haha. Paen says she’s forced not to talk.  Khem asks who forced her. Montha interrupts them and asks Khem if she knows how to behave like a high-class born. Khem tells her give others some respect before asking for respect from others. No matter how high or low, dark or short, they all breathe from their noses just the same. She asks if Montha breathes from her gum. Lol. Montha scolds back. Khem leaves telling Paen they will talk later.

Montha tells Nin about it, and adds that she thinks Kwan meant to declare war on Nin. Nin smirks and says that means she still doesn’t learn her lesson.

Khem searches Chanon’s room and gets caught by him. She says she came to get something and to look at her photos. She asks why there’s none of hers in there, how it can be. He says he burnt it all. She asks if he hates his wife that much. He says she can clearly see it.

Khem: “Hate so much means love so much, right?”

Non: “Get out!”

Khem: “ it like a hero in Thai movie that loves and also hates and ends up slapping and kissing?

He shoves her away, “What are you? Why suddenly came back totally different?”

Khem: “I told you I was hit on the head. I don’t even know what kind of person I am, how I talked, what my habit was. I’m so stressful that I don’t know myself at all.”

Non: “Where is your lover?”

Khem: “Don’t know, couldn’t remember….oh, no, I don’t have one. Four rooms of my heart, I gave it all to my hubby…”

Non: “Are you crazy? I’m being serious here but you are making fun of it. You are crazily lying like a shepherd (from a folktale).”

Khem: “Even the weak one can get up and fight. Or, in the past, I took all the beating from you without fighting back, is that it?”

Non is surprised to hear that. Khem asks, “So, your silence means that’s it or that’s not it?” He walks away so she yells at him that he obviously is a cow with a deep wound on his back, he did beat his wife, didn’t he?

Nin jumps in front of Khem telling her to move out of the way. When she does, Nin blocks her way again. Khem tells her this house is so huge for a private space, so let’s both live separate way. Nin asks if she has to listen to her teaching. Montha helps dragging Khem outside. Nin starts with a slap on Khem’s face.

Part 2

Khem fights back and kicks Nin hard. Khem tells Nin if she doesn’t want to become a handicap, stop it now. Montha suggests Nin that they stop now and pushes Nin back to the house. Khem wonders if her sister had been receiving this kind of harsh treatment.

Nin tells Non that Khem kicked and punched her. Montha says she witnessed everything and lied to Non that madam appeared like she’s going to secretly meet someone so Khun Nin asked her nicely but she ended up harmed by madam. Montha tells him that she doesn’t like a person who loves to use force more than brain, and bully the weaker one. Chanon doesn’t look pleased. Both Nin and Montha exchange a satisfying look. Non thinks about the past.

Flashback, Nin tells Non that Kwanta pushed her down the stairs and the wound on her ankle is bleeding. Kwan tells Non that it’s not true, Nin fell down by herself, she didn’t even touch her. Nin says Kwan pushed her down and even called her a sickly woman, a burden for Non to shoulder. Non takes Kwan’s side and says he doesn’t believe Kwan said that. Nin feels sad that he cares more of his fiancée rather than his younger sister. Kwan wants to apologize to Nin but Non stops her saying the wrong one will only get to be satisfied. Kwan insists to end it with the word ‘sorry’, she says sorry to Nin.

Back to present, Khem says she won’t apologize, what she did was to protect herself. His sister and Khun Nom treated her with their barbarous behaviors first. Nin says that’s not true, Nom is her witness that she was the one started it first. Khem says, that Montho (she changes the name a bit) is a person from her side, how they can believe her. Montha yells at her to be polite, her name is Montha!

Khem sits down next Non, “My husband (Khun Samee), I was slapped too. If you don’t believe me, look at Kwan’s cheek here.” Lol.

He asks if she has a witness that his sister did that to her first. Khem says she has none but both sides also have none, so he can’t give out a verdict by believing either side, it’s not right. Nin asks if he’s going to take her side like in the past, she could understand at that time, but now she’s not one of their family so he should do something. Khem quickly says she suggests both sides leave it at that, so both win and fair for both, the matter settled.

Khem gets up but Non calls her, “Wait, Kwanta, don’t leave yet.” He gets up. Khem is frustrated asking why people in this house are so so…much. He tells her to apologize to his sister. Khem asks why she needs to. He says because she hurt his sister (physically). Khem says she hurt too. He says he doesn’t care about that, “This is my house, and if you want to live here, you must respect its owners!”

Khem: “You are like this that’s why my elder sis…I couldn’t live here!”

Non: “I took your side so many times already, and betrayal is what I received in return!”

Khem (gets softened): “You don’t have to make this kind of face, every time you did this, I melted every single time. Alright…(look at Nin) Younger Sis Pranin (changes her name to a kind of fish), this sis-in-law is sorry. Don’t make face, let’s hug (she hugs Nin).”

Montha pushes her away from Nin. Khem turns to Non, “Khun Samee, you don’t need to praise me for having such generous spirit. (Pinches his cheek) Thanks!” She walks away. OMG…I don’t know how Om kept his straight face.

Khem shows up and orders either one of them, Paen or Yong, to tell her about (her) wedding day. Khem asks if they want to be her enemies, whatever in their minds, say it out like a man. Yong says she broke his master (Khun Phu Chai)’s heart that he almost died. Khem asks, so they took the pain for him. Yong admits that whoever hurt his master, hurt him too, and she shouldn’t come back at all. She brought up his master’s pain all over again. Young wants to beg Khem to leave but Paen pulls him away.

At the dining table, Khem eats with her hands and everyone is looking at her. She says the dip’s taste is just too light, it needs a little more lime, she will make it for them next time. She guarantees it will be sooo delicious. (She obviously knows how to eat seafood.) Nin asks Montha what this kind of behavior is called. Montha calls it a behavior of a low life.

Khem asks them how Kwan in the past ate, and if she only waited for a man to spoon-feed her…she’s a true lady? Nin tells her to stop the act when everyone knows that she ran away with a man on the wedding day leaving her brother to apologize all the guests. Khem still can’t see that could happen, if a woman loves another man, how she can marry another, so let’s talk in logic here at this age of lunching an aircraft to Mars!

Non says so it’s a modernized act of her to shamelessly have an affair. He tells Montha to arrange another set of meal in the kitchen for this woman because he can hardly swallow. Nin asks Khem if she heard that her brother chased her out to eat in the pit of the kitchen. Khem gets up saying that they should come up with an evidence before accusing someone, and not to blindly believe everything people said. He says she dares ask for an evidence. She says he mustn’t have it then, that’s what she thought. He grabs her wrist. She asks if he is someone who picks a fight just because he lost. He drags her with him.

Part 3

Non gives Khem a thump drive. She asks what it is. Non thinks back to that day, the wedding banquet. Non asks Preeya about Kwanta. She says she will go look for her. He tells her to hurry Kwan because the guests had arrived. Paen tells Non that madam disappeared, and she already looked around the place but couldn’t find her. Nin tells Non to watch a video clip shared all over the internet. She says it’s a confidential clip of his beloved wife.

Back to present, he tells Khem it’s what she wants, see it herself. He gets out of the room. Khem watches the clip. Kwanta is hugging a man. Khem wonders who that man is. Khem thinks of what Aum said about Kwan had an affair.

Nin tells Montha that she hates Kwan. Montha suggests they must act before Khun Non would fall for her trick again.

A guy asks Pracha if it’s true (from his text message). Pracha says that day that Kwanta escaped, someone might have helped her. The guy says that means she could reveal it all, then why he’s still here instead of running away. Pracha says Kwanta has amnesia so she may not be able to remember the whole thing happened that day. The guy suggests they kill her before her memory will come back. Pracha tells him not to do it, he doesn’t want people in the house to get suspicious, and he also wants to know what’s the deal that she came back. He tells the guy to find out who helped Kwanta that day and if there’s someone else knows about it, report to him fast.

Joomphon calls Ping but it’s Yothin who shows up with pa-thong-go(s) from his favorite food stall. He’s doing it in place of Khem. He also takes care of Bandit for Khem so that he will look fresh when Khem come visit him. Khem calls and asks him how her father is. He shows him to her on the phone. She tells her father that she misses him. She cries.

Khem picks up the spa uniform. Yong is sending Non to work. He tells him to come home soon. Non asks if he’s his wife. Yong says he’s just worried about him.

Non sees Khem in the spa uniform and feels sad. He asks why she would dress like that. She says she found it in the laundry room, and it fits her perfectly. Non looks at the stain on the skirt and his memory of Kwanta comes flooding back. Flashback, Kwanta is treating Janya’s wound (centipede bite). Non asks Pracha who she is. He says a new employee worked here almost two weeks already. Kwan asks for some key, and uses it to press strongly on the wound so poisoned blood will come all out. Non warns Kwan that she will stain her skirt. She says it’s alright so she will have an excuse to take a leave. He asks does that not mean he will have to take over her work hours. She smiles and nods.

Back to present, Non looks at her stained skirt and asks, “After seeing your own behavior (in the clip), still dare to face people?” Khem argues that any clip could be edited these days. He asks if she thinks he’s that stupid not to verify that, he did and it’s verified to be original. Khem says his man who did the verification might mix up the result, and who will know herself more than her. She told him already that she didn’t go and meet with any man, she was abducted by a hooded bandit. She tells him to get in the car already, does he not have any consideration for the driver. They go to the spa together. Khem falls down walking up the stairs. Non turns to look and continues walking. Khem asks if he didn’t think of stopping to help her at all. He says he didn’t force her to come here. She yells at him what a black-hearted. Aum blocks her way and says, the reason her boss become like this, is her.

Part 4

Khem recognizes her and asks if she’s Eung. She tells Khem she changed her name to Aum Patcharapa, and everybody is saying she has the same face with Aum (the actress). Khem says having the same faces doesn’t help anything. Khem says she remembers she has a close friend working here but she couldn’t come up with the name. Aum asks if she means Janya. Khem says yes and asks which rooms she works in. Aum tells her to walk there herself if she has legs. Khem wonders aloud, employees here dare talk to the wife of the owner like this. Aum asks if she thinks she’s still the favorite one, everyone knew already what kind of person she is. Khem asks if everyone around here hates her. Aum says she wants to ask her too if her men-wanted bud is working 24 hours, she even ….in the workplace. Aum threatens her not to think that no one knows those rotten things she buried. Khem asks her, with whom she …with. Yao pulls Aum away. Kwan is confused.

Aum tells Yao she saw it with her own eyes. Yao says she only saw them get out of a sauna together, the rest of the story they thought it themselves.

A woman says she definitely saw there’s a man in the sauna, and guarantees it’s not Khun Chanon because that day, he was in the countryside. Khem shows up and tells her to continue, it’s such an engaging story. They all walk away. Khem says it’s alright if they don’t want to talk with her but, at least, tell her which room Janya is in. Khem looks around. Pracha asks who she’s looking for. She says it’s him.

Khem asks if this is the room she used to work in. He tells her to smell this scented (massage) oil, may be this scent will bring back her memory. Khem smells it and it’s too strong, who will love it. Pracha says it’s her who loved it, and used it for a foot massage saying it could get rid of odor and cure fungus infection.

Khem says he seems to know every tiny detail of everything. She asks if they are really close. He says not really, she can say that he pays attention to his staff because she used to be one of his staff in the past. He lets her be alone and excused himself. Khem wonders how Kwan could love such a strong smell.

Janya pulls Khem to the locker room for a talk. She asks how she could do this to her, everyone is thinking that she planned it with her. She’s hated, scolded at because of her, Kwanta. Khem asks if she’s Janya looking at her name tag. Janya is surprised so Khem asks if no one told her that she was hit on the head, and couldn’t remember anything. She asks Janya to tell her, besides having an affair, if there’s anything else bad about her. Janya says she has nothing to say and wants to leave. Khem pulls her back and says they are friends so she must trust her, and asks if she thinks just one video clip is enough, and the man in that clip, he’s in a dark shadow that she couldn’t even see who he is.

Janya asks what about one million baht (marriage property) that disappeared with her, will it not be enough to prove that she tricked Khun Non into marrying her so she could take away the money with some man. Khem says what money, no one talked about it. Janya says that’s because someone covered it up for her.

Flashback, Non asks Janya, she’s Kwanta’s close friend, does she really not know where Kwanta disappeared to. She says Kwan never talked about it, she really doesn’t know where she went. Non says the money (a marriage property) was all gone, if this gets to the police, she may also get in trouble. She insists she doesn’t know where Kwan is. Non says he believes her and asks her to keep it between them.

Back to present, Khem asks if Khun Non really didn’t inform the police. Truthfully, he could easily catch Pee Kw…her in charge of fraud. Janya says he didn’t do it, he’s willing to take all the pain and she should know the reason why. Janya says if she were her, she wouldn’t have the face to come back.

Aum blocks the way and splashes water on Khem. The staff shouts at Khem to go away. Chanon walks in and tells them, “That’s enough!”

Part 5

Chanon walks in and tells them that it’s enough, and some masking clay (I think) spills on to his fine face. Haha. Pracha sees them from the distance. Yao calls a stop to Aum (she still calls her Eung, her previous name). Aum says she accidentally slipped, she didn’t mean to splash water on Khun Kwanta. Khem says this area is so wide and Aum just happened to slip right next to her. Yao says sorry to Khem and tells others to do the same. Non says they don’t need to do that and tell them to go back to do their work. He orders Yao to make sure things like this won’t happen again, because if their customers see it, they would think they have uneducated staff. Yao thanks him and assures him she will do so.

Non pulls Khem away. Pracha seems  disturbed seeing the incident. Non yells at Khem that he had warned her not to come here again, “So, are you satisfied reviving your memory now?” Khem puts her handkerchief in his hand as an apology (aww) but he gives it back and says, “I don’t like using things mixed with others, and to share things with others…I won’t have it!” Khem softens her tone, “I can totally understand that.” Aww….I feel sad for Chanon.

Khem is packing her things to leave the house. She looks at her father’s photo and says, “Dad, Pee Kwan doesn’t deserve to be your daughter. What she did was wrong hurting other people’s feeling. It’s just not right. Khem made the decision, let’s not bother about them anymore, dad.” She throws the spa brochure on the bed and picks up her bags to leave. She calls Yothin that she will wait at his condo, and when he reaches Bangkok, call her. The sound of a gunshot surprises Khem, and she runs. Khem hangs up suddenly surprising Yothin, and something is wrong with his car.

Khem runs to the direction the sound came from and sees Non and Yong are carrying a man who is struggling into a house. She sees a gun sticking out from Non’s wrist on his back, she’s startled. Non and Yong come out. He orders Yong to secure the door.  A man inside is crying out to let him get out. Montha says she will be more careful next time, and won’t let ‘Men’ (his name) be able to come out and walk around again. She angrily walks to the house. Khem hears it all.

Non comes back to the house and sees Khem’s already-packed bags. He sees the laptop and wants to take a look at it (Omo). Khem takes it from him and asks what he’s doing, it’s very rude of him. Non says he has the right to search in case things in his house were missing, she surely won’t admit it because she’s slippery girl. Khem says, “I’m not like you, hiding a knife behind your angry face. Enough, give it to me!” She pulls her bag back.

Non asks: “That you said you understood, so now you think of going back to stay with your lover?”

Khem: “Who said I would leave?”

Non asks: “Then what about those bags?”

Khem: “I just took them out to dry in an open air. Don’t think too much.”

Non tells her to stop getting on his nerve, he’s not her friend to have fun with. He says, “Do you think I won’t be able to make you get out of this house if I really want to?” She looks at his blood-stained shirt and asks if he’s going to kill her if she won’t get out. He looks down at the blood on his shirt and says, “If I’m being pushed hard enough, may be.”

Khem says, “Wow…that’s quite scary but it’s a pity that I’m like a Lom Salatan (very fast wind), whatever gets in my way, I will fight until either one drop down.” He grabs her backpack and pours everything out and says, “Pick it up, all of it, or you won’t get any consideration from me!” He walks up the stairs.

Yothin’s car has a flat tire. The driver of the van Preeya is in almost hit Yothin. Preeya says sorry on behalf of her driver. Yothin says they’re even because her car helped pulling his to this garage or else he will end up waiting for a tow truck till night fall. She gives him her name card in case he wants to arrange a party or to welcome guests. She will give him her employee discount. She says good-bye and Yothin is impressed by her gentle manners and wonders why Khem couldn’t be like her. He reads her name, Khun Preeya.

He tells Khem about it and says it’s because of his unusual charm that a beautiful woman helped him. He is disappointed that she didn’t get jealous after what he said. She says she doesn’t know how (to get jealous) and that’s how she is. He asks why didn’t arrive at the condo yet. She says she changed her mind and will stick to the seminar a little more, and let’s visit grandpa on Saturday as planned. He’s upset she kept changing back and forth. Khem says sorry, she will treat him a meal. He tells her to tell him she loves him instead. Khem asks if he has gone crazy. Khem hangs up and shudders just thinking about telling someone she loves him.

Khems does her usual recording on her laptop, “I saw people in this house lock up and beat a man while people in the house knew about it and cooperated. The things that everyone tried to accuse Kwanta may be just an illusion that I almost fall for it. Maybe Kwanta happened to know some secrets that she had to run away. I will try to get into that garden again no matter what, and may be the answer I wanted is in there.”

Preeya tells Nin that she didn’t want to come here. Nin tells her not to fool herself that she can forget Non, and instead of running away, she should just run into it so she will know whether it will be a broken heart or joyful one. Montha tells Nin that Non is now at the dock alone.

Chanon looks at a flower and throws it to the ground, “Who? Who grew this plant here again?” Preeya asks what he’s angry about. She sees the flower and says it’s ‘Nang Yam’ flower. Non says, “Don’t ever say that name again. I don’t want to hear it!” She says sorry to make him upset. He grabs her hand and asks that she said she wouldn’t come to see him again. Nin listens to them talking giddily, “Just tell him you miss him.”

Preeya says if he doesn’t want to see her, she will leave. He pulls her back and says he wants to move forward with their relationship. She says he still has Khun Kwanta with him. He says he stuck himself to the past for too long already and it really is torturing him. She says sadly that he wants to start dating her to forget Khun Kwanta. He says he’s sorry and admits that he’s selfish to say such crazy thing. He turns away so Preeya calls him. Suddenly she gets dizzy and faints. Non catches her before  she hits the ground. Nin calls out her name worriedly.

Part 6

Non tries to call Preeya but she doesn’t wake up. Khem asks Paen where everyone in this house is. Paen says there’s one right here. Khem threatens to throw grandmother Juang’s antique vase to pieces and when Khun Non hears about it, it will be because of Paen’s clumsiness. So Paen tells her that they went to the hospital because Nin’s close friend got sick. Khem asks if it’s Preeya who loves to come to this house very often. Paen nods. Khem asks if everyone went, including Nom Montho (changes her name again, haha). Paen says she went there too. Khem smiles that the road is clear (for her to get into the garden).

Khem wants Yong to go work elsewhere because the noise is too loud, and she wants to sit and relax here. Yong says this area is prohibited from sitting around. Khem argues that she’s the owner of this house too so she can sit or stand anywhere she pleases. He says except in this area. She asks if there’s something around here that shouldn’t be seen by anyone. He says there’s no such thing but he needs to finish his job or Montha will scold him. Khem sits down anyway and tells him to go do it somewhere else. He says he won’t go and continues mowing the lawn. The lawn mower just stops working and Yong doesn’t know what the problem is.

At the hospital, Non comes out and tells Nin and Montha that the doctor said Preeya’s body was very weak and she ate almost to nothing, so not enough strength for her to stand straight. Non wonders why Preeya didn’t take good care of herself. Nin says it must be because she’s disappointed that he said he would date her and changed his mind. If it were her, she would have committed suicide already. Montha says it’s lucky that she fainted in their house and not at her dorm alone, and she has  no relatives here in Bangkok. Nin says she wants Preeya to stay at their house. Non looks uneasy. Nin asks if he’s afraid his ex-wife won’t like it. Non says they should ask her (Preeya) first whether or not she’s willing to, and they shouldn’t reach the conclusion by themselves.

Khem is able to fix the lawn mower for Yong. He couldn’t believe she’s capable of doing it. She says the plug was dirty, and he should do the maintenance of the machine regularly, and the blade should be changed too. Yong gapes at her talking of the mechanics and asks if she is really the real her. Khem pauses and says people changed. She asks if she can take a stroll in the garden now. He says she can’t, his master said no one get in there. She says she fixed the machine for him and he won’t keep his words? He says a cruel person like her, he doesn’t need to.

Nin tells Preeya this is the room for her to stay, and she already sent the driver to take her personal things from the dorm. Preeya says it doesn’t look good, she doesn’t have anything to do with Pee Non. Nin says she’s her close friend and her future sister-in-law. Montha tells Preeya that compares between her and Kwanta, no one will talk bad about her. Preeya insists that she still feels uncomfortable about it. Nin says if she won’t stay then they are friends no more.

Preeya: “Nin, you want to use me to chase Khun Kwan out of this house, don’t you?”

Nin admits that that’s true but she also wants her to end up happily with Pee Non. Preeya says, “Pee Non, too, wants to date me in order to chase Khun Kwan away. I feel like I’m just some kind of a creature.” Nin holds her hands telling her not to think like that, if Pee Non had said it, it means he really wanted to date her. He’s not a loose-tongued, and she knows that. Nin says, “But now, you’ve become a sick person, so you must rest so that it will look real.” Wait, are you telling me Preeya pretended to faint?

Nin tells Montha that Pee Non is now softened toward Preeya, so they must get rid of Kwanta fast. Montha says she already has a plan, will carry it out herself.

Part 7

Khem tells Paen not to hang the laundry, it’s going to rain soon. Paen asks how she could know that. Khem says, just by looking at the sky, it’s easy, and the storm is coming in no more than 10 minutes (fisherman’s expertise, I guess). Paen says the sun is so bright, she would be crazy to believe her.

Yong says he hopes she won’t come back. Yong asks if Paen saw madam go back to the house. She says yes, she saw her and that’s why she’s here. She thinks madam is a little crazy, the sun is so bright yet she told her the storm was coming. Yong says her brain might be damaged from getting hit on the head, and she could fix the lawn mower too. Paen is surprised hearing that. He says he feels sad for his master only been facing with people who loves to make trouble, yesterday for example.

Paen says how he could clean the gun and let him take and play with it. It’s lucky that the bullet just scratched the leg or else Yong will be in serious trouble. He says he was feeling drowsy and didn’t think ‘he’ would sneak it away. It’s lucky that his master could snatch it from him. He feels stressful for his master. Paen says, great, feeling drowsy and cleaning the gun, it could be fired at his own legs.

Ping meets with the gangsters. The guy asks if his leader isn’t here. Ping talks to them aggressively while trying to get away. Yothin drives his motorcycle in to help Ping but it ran out of gas so they start kicking and punching. Yothin records the gangsters’ faces on a video clip and tells them that just one click, their faces will be on the internet for the whole country to see. Ping says he will click ‘Liked’ for it too. Lol. The gangsters decide to leave because they don’t know social network and Yothin’s dad is quite a big guy around here. However, they threaten them not to cross the territory into his again. This place is in his territory. After they left, Ping tells Yothin to check the gas before coming. Yothin says they just have to pull it (the bike) back home.

Yothin suggests they shouldn’t tell Poo about it, it’s not worth it fighting with gangsters. Ping asks, so they will just let them be? (He calls Yothing ‘Khun Yo’). He says if Khem were here, they wouldn’t be defeated. Yothin says he will tell his dad to have a talk with Meng (gangsters’ boss) but he must not tell Poo ever because Poo only solves problems the hard way. Ping says Meng is an election campaigner for MPs, he won’t be afraid of a merchant like Yothin’s dad. Ping suggests they bring back Khem, but Yothin thinks she’s a woman how they will let her kick and poke others.

Poo comes out and asks what they were talking about Khem. Yothin stops Ping from telling so Ping says he’s just saying how Khem was, didn’t see her for a while. Poo says that’s what he wants to talk about and tells them to come inside. Yothin tells Ping if he tells Poo about it, he will tell Poo that he loves to sneak out during working hours to court the daughter of…Ping covers his mouth and agrees to it.

Khem sees the word ‘death’ written on the mirror in her room. Someone with a hood on shows up by the door (or window). Khem calls out, “Who’s that?!”


Khem: “Help! Just open the door!”

Yong: “That is…”

Non: “Kwanta!”

Non: “If she wants to *drink the water from under someone’s elbow, let her.”

(*usually describes a sad situation where a person has to wait and only get to have it after someone such as the life of a mistress, sharing the husband)

Khem: “Already had a wife, you can still have a *gigs, let’s just share it.”

*The word gigs is a new Thai slang (not sure how it came up and became popular). It describes a relationship that is “more than friends – less than boyfriends (or girlfriends)”.

Non: “If I get serious, you think you can beat me?”

Non kisses Khem.

Yong and Non: “Men (the name), come here!”


Aww…the story is getting intense. I’m surprised with the tight writing of each episode and the editing coming from a Ch7 lakorn. Love Om and Kwan together, they have a sizzling chemistry. Yes! Kiss her already! Episode 3 will be aired tomorrow night, can’t wait  *giddy girl dancing*

*No spoilers please! Let me know if anyone is subbing or recapping this lakorn  🙂

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  1. where can I watch Jao Sao Salatan? I unable to find any online channels show this drama at all. The website that post on here. We have to pay in order to be able to watch this drama. It is terrible!!

  2. yess!! I love your translation!! Pleae continue!!

  3. Thank you and please don’t stop recapping this lakorn. It’s getting so intriguing!

    • Do you know how many episodes will there be? I can totally see 20+ episodes with the groundwork done by the first two episodes. I still love this lakorn to translate some more but I’m not sure for the whole series long 🙂

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