Update: Wieng Roy Dao Teaser


Another lakorn is coming your way, Wieng Roy Dao. This one I’ve read the synopsis. There will be present and past stories blended together with one main sad soul haunting around. Our heroine, wearing the eyes of her (the ghost) late daughter, can see her and her painful past.

Wieng Roy Dao Teaser

“Who? Who’s the one hurting you this much?”

(Scream) “Don’t!”

“So who will be the next one to die?”

“That Miss RoyDao, she’s from the family that destroyed VaeRuMart family.”

“My heart in mine! I have the right to give it to anyone. No one can force my heart!”

“We will get married by name only, nothing more.”

“What are you doing?”


“I’m begging you, stop harboring thought of revenge against others already.”


Wieng Roy Dao premieres Jan 13, 2014 (Mon-Tue 20:15 on Ch3).


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