Update: Fai Nai Wayu Teaser


It’s a new season so new lakorns keep popping up with teasers. This one looks interesting though I haven’t read the synopsis yet 🙂

Fai Nai Wayu Teaser

“What kind of a man, love to be mysterious. It’s suspicious.”

“Yai, the murderer!”

“Khun Yai, why did you kill him?!”

“Khun Yai, if you have any problem, you can tell me, may be Wa can help you.” (Wa, her name)

“If you don’t want to get in trouble, don’t mess with my business ever again.”

“Don’t follow me, and stop bothering me.”

“What a self-willed man!”

“Wa will make Khun Yai talk nice to me, no matter what.”

“Khun Noi must have everything you want.”

“From now on, everyone must remember only ‘Kraikul Thanakul’. “

Fai nai wayu literally means fire (or heat) in the storm. It will make sense once you read the story, I guess.


Not sure what she’s doing, eating his hat? LOL

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  1. just started watching this and man I feel bad for khun yai/wayu thanakul. he’s completely surrounded by enemies, ppl he loves too. I want the villains to get their comeuppance fast and that the otp of wayu and lukwah get together just as fast. especially to rub it int lukwah’s little sister’s face that the BF she stole to make him her husband from lukwah is nowhere close to the awesome man that is wayu thanakul. lil sis is going to be green with envy! can’t wait!

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