Update: 2013 – Year in Review

This will be a really short summary of what was my 2013 drama/lakorn/movie watching.

Thai Movie:

Cool! : Pee Mak…Phra Kanong – laughing to tears


Legend of the Fall : Khu Kam (2013 movie) – Eh…Nadech…may be next time


Thai Lakorn:

Talk-of-the-town : Juthathep Gentlemen Series – bachelors of the year


Best: Khun Chai Ratchanon – for its cool directing and engaging story


Popular: Khun Chai Phuttipat – James Jirayu and Bella Ranee had it


Swoonworthy: Fah Jarod Sai – Shariffff forever!


Cool men in action: Chat Chao Phraya – Ping, Wang, Yom, Nan action! Honestly, caught the final episode by chance and was amazed by its quality execution


Tear*Jerker of the year: Khu Kam (2013 series) – Koboriiii *sobs*


Heard it’s popular but didn’t watch: Thong Neua Kao – WanChalerm, good son of the year


Coolest director ever: Pongpat Wachirabunjong (Khun Chai Ratchanon, Thong Neua Kao)

Thai drama OST:

Be still my heart: Dao Neua (The North Star) from Fah Jarad Sai

Gratitude: Look Mai Khong Phor from Look Mai Khong Phor Series

Love: Rak Thae Yoo Neua Kanwela from Juthathep Gentlemen Series

(credit YT uploaders)

Korean Drama:

Best: Answer Me 1994 (aka Reply 1994) – witty dialogs, quirky directing, best characterizations, best main and supporting cast all around


reply1994-3 reply1994-1

Zippy Fun: Master’s Sun – awesome chemistry from awesome leads


Eh…1: Mi-rae’s Choice – It’s surely Shin, right? Right?! I knew it!

See, she sits closer to Shin..argh!


Eh…2: The Heirs – they were busy dating but never grew up, love all the boys though


Hard-to-choose love triangle ever: Answer Me 1994



Korean drama OST:  Master’s Sun OST, especially instrumental ones, for an example…

That pretty much wraps up my 2013 drama watching. Surprisingly, Korean dramas didn’t pull me in much this year. For Thai lakorns, the one that made me hook to my screen through and through was ‘Fah Jarod Sai’ despite its mishaps. Let’s hope 2014 will bring lots and lots of awesome dramas to us  🙂

*My review here based on my very few dramas watching so take it as a summary of someone who wasn’t really…watching(?)…am I making myself clear? Haha……


Answer Me 1994!

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  1. are you be able to write a summary about the Chat Chao Phraya ? By the way ,do you know which website coudls watch this drama ?thank you

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