Tai Rom Bai Phak Episode 7

Let’s clarify about Nu Na’s name a little bit. “Nu Na” literally it’s how rice-field rats is called [nu= rats, na = rice field], but for this series, it could be that “Nu” is an endearing prefix whereas “Na” is a shorten name of “Lanlana”, so her parents call her “Nu Na” as her nickname  🙂

Part 1

Jim and Nu Na get in the car together. He suddenly asks if her ears are still working fine. She asks what it is about what he asked. He says did she not hear his order, or may be she couldn’t remember well. He told her not to put the soap on for sell just yet, so now can she not see how it turned out, and if the outcome is too overwhelming. She asks if she’s wrong to believe that quality is what everyone wanted. He says no, it’s not wrong, but some other elements are needed too. It must be created to be attractive.

Jim gives her the T-shirt he bought to wipe her tears. She says there’s no need for it. He insists, so she repeats it again.

Jim: “You dare to disobey my order again, Lanlana. Don’t you remember what happened for not listening to me?”

Nu Na: “It’s nothing to do with this!”

Jim: “It does. It shows that my thoughts are always right.”

She snatches the shirt from his hand and gapes at what’s written on it, “Crazy Girl”.

Jim: “It’s just a team shirt.”

Nu Na: “What team?”

Jim: “Teamwork.”

She asks what about Kai Jae and Pu Kai then. He tells her to stop asking and be a little obedient one for once.

Nu Na gets a call. Someone is making an order of her soap, his location is in deep water port area. She’s delighted and says she will deliver it right away. Jim tries to stop her not to go, but she says she got an order and leaves.

Nu Na arrives at the plane. Someone throws a fishnet at her. It’s the man she fought with. He says she made him lose his job so she should end up under the water. Nu Na cries for help. Jim shows up and helps her. He yells at the man that he dared harm a woman. The man punches him again and again. Nu Na kicks (I think) him down unconscious. She helps Jim to get up and asks where it hurts him. He says he’s all right, but how about her. Nu Na assures him that she’s all right. He says the man punched her stomach, and asks if it’s hurt a lot. She says sorry for not listening to him so it caused him this. He says if she doesn’t want him to get in trouble again, let’s go home together.

Nu Na: “Home?”

Jim: “Yes, our home, in Kao Ka-mok.”

They walk to the car. He warns her not to deliver the soap alone anymore, and asks if she understands that. She says no, she doesn’t. It’s just an easy job so she can do it alone to save some labor. He asks what if it happens again just like today, what she will do.

Nu Na: “Are you worried about me?”

Jim: “No. I’m worried about the soap.”

Nu Na: “You are actually worried about making your own profit.”

He says he doesn’t care what she will think, but from this day on, he will come with her to deliver the soap, including to sell the oil. They will go together every place. She asks what if she objects to this order of his, what he will have a say on that.

Jim: “Why? It’s not that hard to do.”

Nu Na: “It is hard. Did you forget that you wouldn’t stay in Kao Ka-mok for the rest of your life? You have just 20 more days, so do not make me get used to having you with me everywhere. It will hard for me to do my job…when you’re no longer around.”

Jim couldn’t say more.

They come home together. He asks what happened to her, she was very quiet all the way home. She says noting, she’s fine. She tells him not to bother much. Jim says he asked nicely why this bad mood now. He asks if it’s because it still hurts somewhere. She looks at him and tells him to stop messing with her. She tells him to leave so Jim walks away. Malinee looks at her from the house.

Nu Na sits down and thinks about when Jim said “our home, in Kao Ka-mok”. She says, “Our home? Why am I feeling sad every time when I think of when you are no longer here?”

Malinee asks what she’s feeling sad about. Nu Na smiles and says it’s nothing. She asks if dad is not home. Malinee says he’s at Klan’s house, they must be discussing about the title deed. Nu Na remembers and says she met Aum today.

Part 2

Jim walks back to Kai Jae’s house.

Jim: “Seriously, do you love her that much?”

Kai Jae: “Yes. This woman is Kai Jae’s true love, and only love.”

Jim: “If there’s someone else falls for her, or she falls for someone else, what will you say?”

Kai Jae: “Kai Jae will be sad! …Khun Jim, Kai Jae really loves this woman. It’s a true-love-meant-to-marry, the once-love-nothing-will-change…..”

Jim stops him from saying more, “I believe now that you really love (her), but love can’t be forced. Have you ever heard of that?”

Kai Jae says Jim’s talking strange, as if telling him to accept it (that his love won’t be reciprocated). He points at Jim and asks if the truth is Jim’s secretly falling for his woman. Kai Jae says he will not allow it.

Jim tries to explain when Kai Jae suddenly bursts out laughing that he’s joking, and asks why Jim’s face gone so pale. He says a person with such status like Jim’s, won’t fall for a country bumpkin, right? Jim smiles and doesn’t answer.

A song comes up: “It’s been a long time I consoled myself that being alone is fine, no need to fall in love. (Female) It’s been a long time the fear clung to my heart…..”

Jim is wearing a “Handsome Face” T-shirt. Nu Na smirks at what’s written on it.

Nu Na: “I have to agree that..”

Jim: “That this shirt suits me just fine.”

Nu Na: “No, that you have a thick face.”

Jim: “What thick face? It’s called ‘accepting the fact’.”

Nu Na says if he’s not really into himself, he won’t be able to do this. He asks why she’s not wearing the T-shirt he gave her. He already told her that today they would go together to work. She asks why she has to wear it. He softens his tone and asks if she doesn’t like it, he took the time to choose it for her, and carry it all the way from Bangkok.

Nu Na: “I would be crazy to like it. I will never wear it.”

Jim: “Don’t you remember what happened yesterday, and who saved you?”

Nu Na: “I didn’t ask you to save me. You did it on your own.”

Jim: “Ungrateful!…Then let’s change that to, if your parents know about your act of bravery yesterday, what will happen, I wonder, may be you’ll be locked up not able to see the sun and the moon, and be grounded not able to leave the house. Haha.”

Malinee greets Jim. Jim is about to talk to her when Nu Na stops him. She whispers to him that she concedes. Malinee asks what it is he’s about to say. He says he just wants to say she looks very beautiful today. Malinee says he’s a sweet talker.

Jim: “Nu Na, go change your shirt so we can head out. It’s very late already.”

Nu Na puts on the T-shirt.

Jim: “See, it looks great, handsome face..crazy girl.”

She says she has to think hard on ‘looking great’.

Jim: “A beautiful one will look beautiful no matter what she’s wearing…”

Nu Na smiles and asks, “What did you say?”

Jim: “I said, a beautiful one would look beautiful no matter what she’s wearing…but a not-beautiful one will not look better no matter what she wears.”

She hits his arm. He tells her to get to work. She walks out with Jim trailing behind. Thom and Malinee come out. She asks if he saw what she’d seen. There’s quite something between these two. He says he knows what she’s thinking, that they may have a Bangkokian as their son-in-law. She asks what he thinks about it, and what Jim’s mom will say. Thom says they should observe first if it’s true, but one thing for sure, if that madam sees this, the Chinese (vegetarian) canteen in their village won’t need to hire a Chinese opera (because Jim’s mom will do the performance instead).

Jim is on the phone with his mom. Pun tells Jim to come back home, and help her interrogate his dad. Jim tells her to believe his dad (what he told her) that he didn’t do it. Pun argues that her source is very reliable. Krirk asks from where her source is. She says she won’t tell or she won’t know about his naughtiness next time. (Omg..Krirk’s face is so bruised and blue) Jim tells her not to tell his dad ever (about her source).

Nu Na hits his arm and tells him to be quick. Pun asks whose voice of woman that is.

Jim: “It’s a (tour) guide. She called me to come along. I’ll have to go, mom.”

Pun thinks Jim’s behavior is strange, it’s getting suspicious. Krirk says yes, it is strange. Pun tells him not change the subject, the matter about Jim can be put on hold, let’s clear his matter first.

Part 3

The shop owner says he can’t accept her product, his shelves are all full. Nu Na shows him the new package of her soap, and says he can put it in front of his shop if the shelves are full. He says he won’t take it, her soap from last time is still lying there, it didn’t sell at all, and he had to waste his time arranging it. Nu Na looks at Jim feeling down.

They walk together. Jim asks if she sees it now what her stubbornness had caused. Not even a single shop, that accepted the product last time, is willing to accept it this time. She thinks, you think I’m not regretting it? She says if they don’t try, how they will know if they succeed or not.

He says, just leave it, it’s all right, he knows that she’s trying her best. She says she’s sorry she didn’t believe him earlier.

Jim: “So do you believe now that I’m wiser than you? From now on, when I order you to do something, just do it. Don’t you defy it again.”

Nu Na: “Be nice. You’re too much. What will you do next, the wiser, the genius?”

Jim: “We have to find new markets, but before that, we need to make our oil gain trust from the consumers first.”

She asks which way to achieve that, just changing the package won’t be enough. He says they only need to find a person who people trusted to certify it.

Nu Na sees her teacher so she walks to her. Her name is Sudchom. They greet each other. She says she moved to this campus, and wants to sell this building. She asks Nu Na what she’s doing nowadays. Nu Na says, growing palm trees and producing Biodiesel oil. Sudchom tells her that at the college, there are research projects of that too, a complete circle, to put His Majesty’s initiative into practice.

Jim asks if her college’s oil qualities has been certified. She says it should be said that they are the certifier. Nu Na looks at him feeling happy to hear that. Sudchom says they are wearing cute matching T-shirts (seriously, I’m not sure a couple will wear those for real).

Phu asks Wit if it’s that much. Wit says just like he told him, a person like Jim went to Sampheng, and even framed his own dad for Kao Ka-mok people. Phu says he too is now interested in a Kao Ka-mok girl. She’s strangely unique.

Wit: “What’s with my two friends now? Fall in love, both?”

Phu asks where the girl is from, the one Jim’s interested. Wit says he doesn’t know. He just thought Jim’s acting all cutesy these days, wearing a couple T-shirts and all, he thinks he’s really into it. Phu says now he wants to see this lucky girl’s face.

Nu Na thanks her teacher for giving all the information. Sudchom says producing Biodiesel oil is not only a business for oneself, but also a business for the country to have fuel for future consumption. She tells Nu Na to think of when Petroleum oil is all used up in the future, how they will live if they don’t have an alternative for it.

Jim is looking at the building. He says the property is located in a good area, in the middle of the town with easy access to transportation, so why she would want to sell it. She says it’s for rent at first, but later her tenant didn’t pay the rent and ran away with everything in it, so she decided to sell it. Jim smiles and asks for the price she’s selling.

Winny is frustrated and tells her father that the woman on the phone said she’s his creditor, and if he wouldn’t pay back the money, she would sue him by the end of the month. Vicharn sits down thinking what to do. Winny couldn’t believe he’s really in debt, she tells him to tell her everything that she doesn’t know. Vicharn yells at her, what she can do to help when she didn’t even finish school and spent time shopping everyday, and did he not tell her to get a rich husband, and she couldn’t succeed even that. She’s mad that he said that she’s useless. She will show him where her charm lies. She twists and turns, only to get attention from her dad’s lackeys. Vicharn chases them away.

At Prince of Songkla University, Jim and Nu Na ask a college teacher if they take Biodiesel oil and certify it. He says they do, Biodiesel can be made from animal or plant oil, put into process to make it have good qualities, then it can be used in place of Diesel oil. He explains and shows them the process.

The man tells them no more than ten days, they will get the result of certifying their oil. They thank them. Jim says now their Biodiesel is in the process of getting it certified, so they succeeded one step more. He says once they get the certificate, they will dive into marketing it.

Nu Na thinks, “You must want to leave Kao Ka-mok fast.”

He asks what happened, why that face, or if she’s not feeling well. He checks her temperature on her forehead. She thinks, don’t be too good to me or I will be sad the day you leave. She yells at him at stay away from her. He yells back why her mood’s swinging between good and bad, or if she’s possessed by a ghost.

Part 4

Nu Na asks why he’s taking this road. He says it’s convenient and he can park the car in front of the house too. She says he actually wants to see his girlfriend’s face. He says, what girlfriend, he’s being nice to Khun Winny so that they can get access to this road. Nu Na says as if that’s true, she saw them bear-hugging each other the other day. She tells him to come alone next time because she doesn’t want to pass through this route. Winny stops her car and gets down to see Jim.

Nu Na: “Talking about ghost, and now the ghost comes haunting.”

Winny says she saw his car passed by so she came here waiting for him. She asks him to stop by for something to eat. She didn’t see him for a while, she missed him. Nu Na gets out of the car and tells him he can stay here alone if he wants to. Jim wants to follow her but Winny stop him. She says she pities him so he asks what about. She says he has to work with these filthy low-class people. He asks what criteria she used to make that assumption. She says, stupid, poor, stuck in one place, unknown of civilization. Her father offered to buy their land, but they wouldn’t sell it and now show this arrogant behavior.

Jim drives along the road.

Jim: “Lanlana, get in the car.”

Nu Na: “No!”

Jim: “I told you to get in the car.”

She says no. He asks if she’s deaf, he told her to get in the car. She says she said no. He stops the car and gets out, “I told you to get in the car. Why are you so stubborn like this?”

She says she’s not stubborn, she can walk. She asks why hurry and follow her, why he didn’t spend time with that hi-so lady as much as he missed her.

Jim smiles, “Sarcastic? Are you jealous?”

Nu Na: “No way. Don’t you think you’re being too proud of yourself? Who said I was jealous, that would make a buffalo give birth to a monkey!”

He grabs her wrist and says he told her to get in the car. They push and pull when Kai Jae stops his motorcycle and asks what happened between them.

Nu Na runs to him and gets behind on his motorcycle, “Pee Kai Jaeeee, I’m so glad to see you, like an angel come saving me.”

She tells him to drop her off at her house. Kai Jae says with her praise, he’s glad to oblige. Jim looks at them leaving together, “That’s right, may be you feel for Kai Jae the same way.”

At the factory, Jim tells everyone they need to hurry produce and fill more of it. As soon as the certifying result comes out, they will sell the oil right away.

Pu Kai shows up to wipe the sweat on Jim’s face. Kai Jae pouts and tells Nu Na that he’s sweating too but no one will wipe it for him. Nu Na consoles him and wipes his sweat. Jim thinks, they are really in love?

Pu Kai asks Jim where he’s daydreaming off to, don’t daydream too far away or she won’t be able to find him. Nu Na laughs at that. Jim says it’s around here. Nu Na thinks, must be around Winny’s resort. Pu Kai says how he could say that, she’s feeling so embarrassed now. LOL. Pu Kai’s mom tells her not to overdoing it, she’s still a single girl. Pu Kai says she’s been a single girl for so long, now she wants to be a married one. Mom tells her not to hope too high, want to grab Khun Pa’s son? She pulls her to Kai Jae, and says she’s really perfect for Kai Jae.

Kai Jae holds her hands and says if she wants to be married, his savings is quite a lot now, he can ask for her hand (in marriage) right away, or if she’d rather take a deposit. Pu Kai tells her mom and Kai Jae not to talk like that or her Khun Jim will misunderstand.

Jim: “Yes, I misunderstand, misunderstand it a lot. Kai Jae, you explain it.”

Kai Jae says how he can explain it, he told him already that he’s secretly in love with Pu Kai. The whole village knows it too. Pu Kai tells him to stop talking. Jim can’t stop smiling hearing that.

They arrive at deep water port. Jim says, it’s strange of her today asking to come along when normally she would make it so difficult. She says if it’s unnecessary, she doesn’t want to be near him, but her motorcycle broke down today. He asks what’s her business here. She sees Aum walking by so she tells Jim it’s not his business, and just go along, she will follow later. Jim runs after her but lost her. He says, why can’t she realize that a person is worried for her safety?

Part 5

Phu asks Jim if he’s tying his two hands to buy it. Jim says no, he’s not, but it’s Phu who said if his oil got certified, he would have the courage to use it. Jim says that’s the certificate, coming from a trustworthy institution too. Phu reads the certificate and agrees to buy his oil. He asks if Jim really wants to make a fortune selling Biodiesel. Jim says it’s not only about money but also about an alternative energy resource which will affect the future, may be to their children and grandchildren.

Phu: “Oh my, Jirametr Dejchathorn is thinking of the public, people in this world more than his benefit!”

Jim: “To think of others, to do things for others…it’s making what I’m doing more meaningful.”

Phu says that must not be true, his ears could be producing a fault sound.

Jim looks out the window. Phu asks what it is, he looks so uneasy. Jim thinks, “Yai Lanlana disappeared, and hasn’t shown up since.”

Jim says it’s noting. Nu Na walks in.

Jim: “Where did you go, Lanlana? You didn’t tell me at all.”

Phu adds, “Yes, Khun Nu Na. I’m so worried. You must be careful, those people haven’t been arrested yet. If something happens to you, I will feel very sad.”

Jim clears his throat. Phu says he has a good news for her, he decided to buy Biodiesel oil from Kao Ka-mok village, “to help the villagers and for Khun Lanlana.” he says. She thanks him.

Aum recalls when he met Nu Na earlier. Flashbacks, Nu Na tells him that Vicharn came to the village and announced that Aum’s land was his now, and showed the title deed too. Nu Na asks if he knew about the missing title deed. He says he didn’t know about it. She says the whole village will be in trouble because, as he knows, half of the factory belongs to Klan. Aum says it can’t be. She asks what he meant by that. Aum says forget what he said, do not tell anyone in the village that she met him here. She asks him why, Klan (his father) is very worried about him that he disappeared so suddenly, and looks like he (Klan) is sick too. Her mom told her that it may be because of the stress. Aum says he will go back when he’s ready. He tells her to promise she won’t tell anyone she met him here. Nu Na promises him.

Present, Aum cries out feeling frustrated. He doesn’t know what to do.

Phu says they can bring the oil to him when it’s ready. Nu Na excuses herself to the restroom. Phu tells her to hurry and come back soon.

Jim: “Stop overdoing it, Phu. Isn’t that too much showing off (your feeling)?”

Phu: “I think I’m falling for Khun Lanlana.”

Jim: “Are you joking?”

Phu: “I’m serious. Why? What’s your problem? Don’t tell me, you’re feeling the same way. That can’t happen. Hi-so Jim won’t fall for a country girl, will he?”

Jim thinks, “But…it already happened.”

Jim: “Ai Phu, you think a woman like Lanlana is suitable for our status?”

Phu says when he loves someone, he won’t look at her status (wealth) because it happens that he’s rich, so he doesn’t need anyone to help sharing the expense. Jim asks where’s he looking at then. Phu says, looking at his own heart, it’s a girlfriend not a business partnership that her profile needs to be checked, but he thinks Jim wouldn’t understand that because, based on Jim’s past, before he would start a relationship with someone, he almost had to interrogate every ancestor of that woman.

Jim: “If I’m telling you that I’ve fallen for a simple woman, what will you say?”

Phu: “It won’t help to ask me. The one you should ask is your mother. Will she allow it?”

Krirk sneaks outside of the house and whispers into his phone.

Krirk: “You want to buy a shophouse?”

Jim says yes, he’s going to buy a shophouse in Trang. Dad asks if it’s an investment to gain profit in the future. He says no, it’s to be a shop for selling Kao Ka-mok’s products. He asks dad to take care of the contract because he wants to buy it under their company’s name. Dad asks how much it is. Jim says just several millions. Dad says before this, he (himself) helped Kao Ka-mok people with the spending of hundred thousands, and now Jim wants to spend millions to help them?

Jim says it’s not exactly the same because he will rent it to Pu Yai Thom. They will get the rental fee plus an asset, the building. It’s not giving out for free. Dad asks if he really thought it out carefully, and not just because wanting the debt to be paid off, to make more investment. Jim says he did think about it really carefully, and it’s not only money he wants in return. He wants to help developing Kao Ka-mok until it becomes prosperous, so that the villagers can stand on their own two feet.

Krirk smiles and hangs up. He says, “Son, so now you know how great the happiness of being in the giving end is.”

Aum yells at Vicharn how he could do it to him wanting to seize his house. Vicharn says he has every right to do that when he didn’t pay him back both the principal and interest at all. Aum says he told him to do the job (setting fire) for him, so how he could…..Vicharn asks him if he has any proof.

Aum shouts that Vicharn’s back-stabbing him, he will reveal all the secret. Winny says who will believe him, when his words won’t be counted as much as her father’s. A debtor’s property was seized so he blames it to the creditor? The lackeys throw Aum out.

Vicharn laughs and tells Winny there’s an old saying that the foolish ones will be the victims of the clever ones like them.

Nu Na is playing a harmonica (the song “Yimsu” [“Smiles”] one of the musical compositions of HM the King, meant to comfort and encourage the blind).

Jim tells her to continue playing, the song is beautiful. He feels happy listening to it. He asks her the name of the song. She asks if he hasn’t heard of it before. She starts reciting the lyrics of the song (there’s an official translations for it so I won’t do it), it’s about fighting against the obstacles in life and to use the song to console oneself, why be afraid, just smile (“yimsu”, yim = smile, su = to fight).

Jim: “Yimsu”, how to smile like that? Can you show me?

Nu Na thinks, “What to do, if he sees that I’m wearing this T-shirt, he’ll know for sure that I love it.”

Nu Na yawns and says she’s sleepy so she will get in the house, but he can stay if he wants, be careful of snakes though.

Jim: “Lanlana, even though your front and back aren’t different, I don’t like it when you won’t turn to me when talking to me.”

She tells him to talk tomorrow. He holds her arm and tells her to turn to him to say that. He says,”Let me see your lips when you talk.”

She says why making such a fuss about it. He says he’s not making a fuss, he just wants to see her face. With that, she turns to him thinking, “You want to see my face? You’re not lying, aren’t you?”

Jim thinks, “Because I miss you. I won’t be able to sleep tonight for sure if I don’t get to see your face first.” Then, he looks down and sees what she’s wearing. Nu Na runs up the stairs. Jim cries out pretending a snake bit him.

Nu Na hurriedly comes down and asks where it bit him. She realizes he lied to her. She screams how he can lie to her when she was so worried. Jim smiles and says she must be really worried about him. He asks her if a snake really bites him, is she really going to take out the poison using her mouth. She bites his hand and runs.

Nu Na: “Don’t forget to get an injection because you were bitten by a “Crazy Girl”, if not, you could end up dead!” (Normally when a mad/crazy dog bites you, an injection is needed)

Jim cries out as if in pain: “I must be dying. The poison is getting into my heart.” LOL

Nu Na gets in her room and says where she can hide her face now.

Jim is telling Thom about a shophouse he bought. He says Thom’s not getting it for free, he will let him rent it so they both benefit from it.

Jim: “One more thing, I would like to apologize for all the things I may have insulted you.”

Thom says it’s all right. Then he says the place to sell the oil is not a problem, but the place to produce it is. If the factory’s land gets seized, that will be a big problem. Jim is surprised. Thom asks if Nu Na hasn’t told him yet.

Actor portrayed Phu: “Cooking at home  bonds family together. It’s a simple happiness found next to you. Sufficient is just enough.”


Jim is changing for the better while his mom remains clueless. In reality, the only son of a famous rich family may not easily end up with a country girl from the far south, but in this case, their parents are or were close friends so it shouldn’t be hard for Jim, I hope.

The song “Yimsu” (Smiles)


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  1. hi, will you also please recap episode 8?? or do you know where I can watch it with english subtitles?

  2. You can watch it from, but you cannot capping them.


    and i wanted to ask….does anyone know if someone is subbing or capping the channel 7 lakorn wimarn maprao starring cheer and thunwa?

  4. any word yet on who’s subbing the series? the videos are uploaded on youtube and viki, but there still doesn’t seem to be anyone subbing it. 😦

    • and what is krirk’s wife problem with kao ka-mok, that both father and son have to lie and hide the fact they’re there from her?
      i mean if he loved the place so much, shouldn’t she accept that from him? why ban him from the place, his homeplace too? why marry him in the first place? i really want to know how jim’s parents met for krirk to be with such a high maintenance woman?

      i liked ann in soot saneha, and she was high maintenance, but from the recaps alone, i don’t like the mom at all.

      • Jim’s mom kind of made me grin, because her love for her son and husband’s so obvious. She’s possessive yet funny. The actress is doing a good job, and I’m sure we will be told in the end why she doesn’t want her family to make any contact with people in Trang. This lakorn is a romantic comedy IMO, so things won’t get messy, but more of a heart-warming moment in the end.

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