Tai Rom Bai Phak Episode 5

There’s no guarantee that I will able to do every episode, time is the key here 🙂 and already I’m way behind the current episode  🙂

Part 1

Jim looks at Nu Na’s wet T-shirt. Nu Na crosses her arms and asks why she needs to take off her shirt too. Jim smiles and asks if she’s embarrassed.

Jim: “You aren’t really a woman. A wooden board like this, you don’t have to feel embarrassed.”

Nu Na says if he doesn’t want to become blind, stop talking gross.

Jim: “Alright, I’ll stop or I won’t have eyes to look at great things…(looking at her) that’s better than this.

She throws some sand at him. He asks if she’s serious (picking a fight). She says, eyes that are without gleams in them, it’s no use to have them. She wants to poke his eyes out and starts chasing him, and he falls down (or jumps?).

Jim: “Ling-kang, you dare do this to me! (Scratching) Why is it so itchy?”

Nu Na: “Serve you right! Who told you to jump in there like that? Don’t you know the poison of sea morning-glories? Just wait and see, your whole body will become red tonight.”

Jim ends up washing himself with Nu Na’s soap. She laughs and says he’s so lucky that he found the soap or else tonight he will turn into a monkey. He says how she can laugh, it’s because of her that he almost died.

Jim: “Come here, scrub my back with this soap.”

Nu Na: “Why should I? I’m not your wi…(wife)..your mom! You were the one making trouble, so help yourself. “

Nu Na laughs and walks away while Jim lets out that she doesn’t have a tiny bit of kindness in her.

He drinks water she gave him.

Jim: “I’m now in hardship because of you.”

Nu Na: “You always blame it on others.”

Jim: “It’s not my fault. You were the one provoked me first. So, when will we be able to get out?”

Nu Na: “We’ll have to wait until the tide falls first. You’ll have to eat and sleep on the ground tonight.”

Jim mumbles that his phone’s lost so now he can’t contact anyone. She says even if he can contact someone, no one can come. She asks if he can’t see that the sea water has already filled up the entrance of the cave.

Jim: “Do you know a helicopter? My (social) class, is way up there!”

Nu Na says her parents must be worried sick about them. Jim suggests that, then she should take good care of herself, and go back in good conditions so it’ll be a relief for them.

Nu Na: “I’m taking good care of myself. Don’t worry about me.”

Jim: “I’m not worried but.. (thinking..”I’m afraid you will shiver to death, what will I do if something happen to you?”)….

Nu Na: ” ‘But’ what?”

He says he’s afraid that her parents will blame it on him.

Jim: “Your clothes are not dry yet, what if you catch a cold and I’ll have to carry you to them? I won’t do it…..I think you should sit close to me (She pushes him away)  to add more heat.”

Nu Na: “Don’t worry about a sea’s child (growing up/living by the sea) like me, I can take care of myself. Just worry about yourself!”

Jim: “At a time like this, you still want to strictly guarding body? Just a small little touch, and you think I will fall head over heels for you? Let me tell you this, when I was abroad, I embraced as many as thousand women.”

Nu Na says she doesn’t know what kind of women he met, but for a Thai woman like her, that isn’t a small matter, “Excuse me, do not come any closer!”

 Jim thinks, when he gets a chance to hug her, he won’t let go. He says, “Who would want to hug a monkey (ling)?!”

She thinks, she sits this much far away from him, already her heart is beating fast, if she sits closer to him, he will probably hear her heartbeats.

Nu Na: “Good, just sit over there, do not come closer!

Part 2

Jim covers Nu Na with his shirt and lays low, as if to put him out of danger (ha). She thinks, “Why do you have to do this, don’t try to be nice, do you think I will be impressed?” She smiles nonetheless. Jim can’t take his eyes off her.

A song comes up, “Try to open your eyes, and look at the sky again. Just forget and erase all the anger that ever have, and you will understand that love that brings good feeling to you, does exist. Do you believe it? For me, there’s nothing that can’t be done….you may meet someone who you’ve never dreamed of meeting ….”

Nu Na wakes up and asks, “What are you looking at?”

Jim says he’s looking at a sleepy girl, and since she wakes up now, they should brainstorm what to do next. How long will they have to get stuck in here?

Nu Na thinks, “How long? We won’t be stuck in here till the day we die, that’s for sure.”

Nu Na: “I can’t guess when the tide will be falling. But…I heard that sometimes the tide only kept rising for three month.”

Jim: “Three months?!”

Nu Na: “Yes, sometimes it’s a year.”

Jim: “Do not tease me!”

Nu Na: “We..may have to die here..(She turns to flash a wicked smile)..May be you have never heard of a story told by the sea folks that some fishermen sailed out and very often disappeared. They let their spouses hopelessly wait for them to come back.”

Jim: “A person like Jirametr won’t die in a place like this.”

Nu Na: “Then what will you do? You don’t even know how to swim.”

Jim (points at himself): “Here, right here, because I have a fighting heart, and I will try my best!” She throws his shirt back to him. He plays innocent and asks how his shirt could be with her, “Right, it must be the wind blowing it over there.” He smiles cheekily. She sarcastically says, it could be.

Jim picks up a soap and says, “My dear soap, thank you for saving my life. Even though your shape don’t look good, your body don’t smell good, you are the best (he kisses it).”

Nu Na: “My dear wind, thank you too even though you may not mean it.”

Jim: “Don’t you feel hungry, Nu Na?”

Nu Na: “What did you just call me?”

Jim: “Nu Na..isn’t that your name ‘Nu Na’?”

Back to the village, Kai Jae is asking Pu Yai Thom if he wants to gather the villagers to look for them. Pu Kai says they should hurry and do something, she’s worried about Nu Na, and how Khun Jim is now.

Malinee wants to inform the police but Thom says it’s not even 24 hours yet so the police won’t take the case. Pu Kai’s mom tells Malinee not to inform the police, what if it’s about something else, she will be embarrassed then, and those two are not kids too. Pu Kai tells her mom what she’s thinking won’t happen, those two really hate each other. Malinee says, in that case, she will sail out to look for them. Thom stops her saying that let it be his job, and she should wait here with the villagers.

A couple joins the crowd, the woman says the two may run away together. Pu Kai says they could have gone separate routes. The woman says someone saw them get in the boat together. Pu Kai argues that the woman didn’t see it with her own eyes. Thom says if they really are worried about them, just spread out and look for them.

Kai Jae says, “Let’s go, Pu Kai!” But he grabs Pu Kai mom’s wrist by mistake. Pu Kai says she won’t go with him. She will stay with her mom. Kai Jae heads out alone.

Back to the cave, Jim is trying to catch some fish but unsuccessful. He yells, why it’s so difficult to catch these fish. Nu Na says, she will show it to him. Jim asks what she’s doing. Nu Na takes a dive and disappeared. When she doesn’t come surface up, Jim starts to panic.

Jim shouts, “Nu Na, are you leaving me here? Nu Na! I told you to come up. I don’t want to eat fish anymore. Nu Na! I said I didn’t want to eat fish anymore, come up!”

Nu Na pops up, “What are you saying? You don’t want to eat fish anymore? Good, then I will eat it alone!”

Jim shakes her, “How can you do this? Do you know that I..(he thinks, do you know how much I was worried about you?)..”

Nu Na: “What happened to you? Did you think that I left you?”

Jim says yes, how he can trust a tricky girl like her. She assures him that she won’t let him die alone out here. The fish slips out of her hands so Jim yells at her to hurry and catch it. She tells him to help looking for it. They both try to find the fish in the water.

He says he caught it, and it turns out to be her foot. He says, that’s why he couldn’t feel the (fish) scales. She yells at him to let go of her foot. They splash water at each other.

Nu Na looks at the fish and says it’s cooked. He says he knows that, but she should eat it first. She’s confused and asks is he not hungry, he should eat first. Jim thinks, “But I want you to eat first, why making a fuss. Can’t you just eat it (first)?”

Jim: “Because I don’t trust you, may be you smeared some poison on it without me knowing. So you’ll have to eat it first, then I will.”

Nu Na asks if he’s afraid of having a diarrhea. She says she will eat all of it, even the (fish) bones. Jim tells her to wait and says they can eat it together. Nu Na says a guy like him won’t let himself be placed at a disadvantage. Jim thinks, “That’s correct. I don’t want to be placed at a disadvantage to anyone, especially, you. That’s why I want to eat while looking at your face like this. It’s fun.”

Nu Na turns serious and says, “Nai (Mr.) Jim, I have something to tell you. Beside the fishermen’ story, there’s another one. I heard this place had a goddess protecting it. Whatever you pray for, will come true. But, the one who prays for it must be a male.”

Jim: “Why are you telling me this? want me to..? (She nods) No way, a person like Jirametr won’t stoop down to that. What pray? nonsense.”

She tells him it doesn’t hurt to try. It’s better than to sit and wait endlessly like this. Jim shakes his head. Nu Na says it’s alright if he wants to die here and become a ghost protecting this cave. What a pity, she’s not a male.

Next think we know, Jim puts his hands together and prays. She laughs silently behind his back. She asks what he prayed for taking him so long. He says he prayed that he would be able to get out of here. She asks what if he’ll get what he prayed for. Jim says, “I will bring my bride here, and will marry her here.”

Jim shouts to the sky, “Chao Mae (goddess), are you satisfied ?”

A man shouts back, both of them are startled.

Part 3

A man asks what they are doing here. Nu Na is so happy, “Ta (grand pa) Klan!” Jim is delighted shouting that they are finally getting out of here. They swim out and get on Klan’s boat (I was on this kind of boat before in the far south, it’s a thrill ride I’m telling you. But you should wear life vest as a precaution, not for the locals though). Klan tells them to take a seat.

Jim asks Nu Na if she had fooled him, the tide actually is falling everyday and there are tourists coming in and going out everyday, and no one ever gets struck in there! (Haha) The most important thing is, there’s no goddess whatsoever. She says, how there can be no one, at least, the two of them got stuck in there, and about the goddess, he can ask Klan if there’s one or not.

Klan says, “There are holy spirits protecting the places everywhere; the Forest God, the Mountain God, the Ocean God (etc.). So how come you got stuck in there?”

Nu Na tells Klan that it’s just a little accident. She asks where (his son) Aum is, and why he didn’t come to drive the boat for the tourists. Klan tells her not to talk about Aum, he’s pissed with the guy.

Jim: “Who is Aum?”

Nu Na: “Don’t meddle!”

Aum thanks Phu for paying the medical bill for him. Phu says Thais should help Thais, and it’s also his fault not driving carefully. He asks Aum his name. Aum tells him. Phu wants to drop him off at his house in Kao Ka-mok, but Aum says he won’t go back to his house just yet. He begs Phu to give him a job, even without getting paid, just three meals a day is enough.

At Vicharn’s abs resort, Winny is angry that those Kao Ka-mok villagers broke the lamps. Vicharn says what about his injured leg. She asks whose shoe it is. Vicharn says Aum said that it’s the shoe of the person who saw his face when he sneaked in to set fire. Vicharn says he’s already sent Aum far away, and after the matter cooled down, he will take care about that.

Winny says if Aum returns, the owner of the shoe will be able to identify the culprit.  He says he will find the shoe’s owner whether it’ll be by money or other things, it’s up to his (the shoe’s owner) intelligence to choose. Winny asks if he’s sure that once Aum returns, he won’t tell. He says if Aum tells, he will shoot him (to death).

While the villagers are panic that they couldn’t find Nu Na and Jim, the two arrive. Malinee hugs Nu Na. Nu Na says she will tell her about the whole thing later, and that she came back in good shape.

Thom asks the two, where did they disappear to?

Nu Na tells them everything, and says that’s what happened. Pu Kai says see, there’s nothing to be suspicious about. Jim asks what they are suspicious about. Malinee says it’s really nothing. Pu Kai walks to Jim and says she wants to weep for the hardship he’s been through. Nu Na says what about her, her friend. She’s been to that too. Pu Kai says it’s not the same, Khun Jim isn’t used to eat and sleep on the ground like a tough tough girl like her. Kai Jae gets jealous and says that he wish he will get stuck on island too, so that someone around here will be worried about him.

A villager says, the two spent the night together on an island, so how they ate and slept. Thom gets annoyed by that question. Nu Na asks what everyone is suspicious about.  Pu Kai’s mom tells Nu Na not to bother, it’s alright to spend the night together so they could take care of each other.

Jim gets the point so he says, “Thank you everyone for worrying about us. The most important thing is, I’m grateful to Lanlana that she insisted she wouldn’t leave me there alone. It’s very kind of her to stay by me when she could swim out anytime. That’s how I got out and she returned here safely with nothing ruined.”

Thom smiles hearing that. He tells everyone to go home now. Malinee tells Jim to stay for dinner before he will go back to get some rest. Jim smiles and thanks her.

They all sit down for dinner. Thom asks Malinee that he hear she asked only Jim to stay for dinner. Kai Jae says one more person added shouldn’t waste much of their food while Pu Kai says she’s like a daughter to them so there’s no need for someone to invite her.

Malinee tells Jim to eat a lot and names the dishes (southern cuisine). Nu Na wants to give Jim a plate of rice but Pu Kai takes it from her and gives it to Jim instead.

Jim smells the aroma of cooked rice and smiles. He says, he’s feeling happy smelling the aroma of rice after got stuck on an island for a while.

Thom says one’s life is just this, be able to fill up your stomach, sleep soundly, that’s already the profit from life you get. The rest, you shouldn’t make too much profit out of it. He nags Jim about it.

Pu Kai is busy putting food in Jim’s plate that Kai Jae gets jealous, so he does the same to Nu Na, which disturbs Jim quite a bit. Nu Na smiles sweetly at Kai Jae and thanks him. Jim couldn’t swallow more food because of that, so he puts his plate down. Malinee asks him if he’s full already, he ate too little.

Jim thinks, “I’m hungry yet couldn’t eat much. Why is that?”

Jim says he’s not hungry. To Malinee and Thom’s surprise, Nu Na scolds Jim on how he wasted so much rice. Jim asks why he’s scolded at just because there’s just some rice left on his plate.

Nu Na: “How can it be ‘just’ some rice? Try counting it, how many grains of rice are there? So many. Do you know one plate of rice takes year to grow? Farmers are bitterly tired being in the hot sun, and rain. Also, those poor people who sometimes have to skip meal (because they can’t afford it). You waste so much food when you eat like this, have you ever paid attention to others?”

Jim concedes and eats some more. Aww…she actually wants him to eat a lot, I guess.

Part 4

Jim looks at the calendar and says he wasted so much time on nonsense things, now he has to catch up (with his work).

Kai Jae asks Jim to talk about when he got stuck on the island. Jim says it’s exactly the same with what he told them, and there’s nothing more. He asks Kai Jae if he thinks there is something more just like how other villagers are thinking.

Jim: “You think I and..Yai…Nu Na….are you crazy? There’s no way I will like (fall for) that Ling-kang! I swear!”

Kai Jae says he understands that it’s just an accident, and he never thinks Jim will fall for Nu Na at all. He doesn’t even dare to think about it.

Jim (sits down): “Seriously, let me ask you this, what is it about her that made you loved her?”

Kai Jae: ” Who is ‘her’?”

Jim: “Yai….the one you’ve been dropping coins to prove your true love.”

Kai Jae hits his arm and says, “Khun Jim, you asked me this makes Kai Jae blush. (Laughs) I don’t wanna tell..(grabs Jim’s arm). Khun Jim, where are you going?”

Jim: “Didn’t you say you didn’t want to tell?”

Kai Jae says he’s just kidding. He says he grew up with her. She’s a good person, cute, diligent, cheerful, yet fierce at times but her loveliness is hidden underneath.

Jim asks if she loves him. Kai Jae repeats his question and says, she only said that she’s like a flower from heaven, and told him to look at himself what kind of animal (in a fun way) he was. Kai Jae says it’s alright as long as she still doesn’t have anyone and his (future) mother-in-law is on his side. There’s still hope.

Jim: “Your (future) mother-in-law is on your side? A person should always get his hope up. Fighting!”

Nu Na is lying down with her head on her mom’s lap. So sweet. Nu Na says sorry to her that she made her worry. Malinee says it’s alright, it’s good enough that she came back safely. Malinee asks when she was with Jim on the island, did they not fight like crazy. Nu Na says, every second, even when she’s asleep, she dreamed that she fought with him.

Mom: “Fight but not hate, right?”

Nu Na: “Hate?” She thinks, “Since when I forgot that feeling, and why don’t I feel like that anymore?”

Mom: “So? Do you still hate Jim?”

Nu Na gets up and says, “I don’t hate (him) but that doesn’t mean I like seeing his face either. Up to now, I still don’t like seeing his face.”

Mom says if she can be friends with Jim, she will feel relieved. Nu Na says that will need a lot of effort putting into it. Mom asks what if Jim wants to be her friend, what her answer will be. Nu Na says there’s no way a person like him will be interested in a person like her. Mom asks what she just said.

Nu Na lies down again and says, she meant an arrogant person like him won’t come down to be a friend of a country bumpkin like her. It will destroy his credits. Mom wonders if  it’s to that extent.

Jim tries to stop himself from thinking about that Ling-kang. Jim says, “Right! I must have gone crazy, must be an impact on my brain when I was drowning.”

Jim: “My debtor. You’re just my debtor. I must be merciless. Don’t ever get soften. (He tries to sleep by counting numbers) Ling-kang no.1, Ling-kang no. 2……Ling-kang no. 12…..” LOL

At the production plant, Jim says if they are going to sell the oil, all of the gallon tanks need to be changed. She argues why that’s needed, the old (current) ones are all in good conditions, without any leaking too. Jim counters that the way she said it, she didn’t think of the consumer at all.

Jim: “Think about your customers’ minds, they (the packages) are dented and looking old too. Who would want to spend money on them?”

She argues that she sells oil not the tank itself. As long as, it (the product) has good qualities, it will sell. Jim says, but if they never buy hers before, will they know how good it is inside? And how is its qualities?

He says, so the first thing is, she will have to make them want to buy her product. She tries to argue some more, but he stops her saying that he’s the one taking charge of this project, so she just follows his business plan (work plan) as an assistant, and just do as he says.

Jim: “About the soap too, if you want to sell it, you need to make it look attractive to buy, make them (the consumer) want to pick your soap out of hundreds of brands lying on the same shelf.”

Nu Na: “By adding a shell to it so it will look classy? Sorry, Kao Ka-mok’s soap already looks good without the need to add any shell to it. You once used it too.”

Jim: “But does it sell?”

Nu Na: “Some day it will sell!”

Jim asks, “Doesn’t (your) experience teach you anything, Lanlana? Alright, I need to use the phone now, find one for me.”

She says she’s busy. He asks (threatens) if her mom knows about how she left him in the forest that he almost got burned to death from the fire.

Nu Na gives him a phone. He asks if she really wants him to use that phone, and if there’s another better one. She says no, she doesn’t have another one. He grabs it when she’s about to take it back. Jim looks at the phone and says, it will be so embarrassing if people know that Mr.Jirametr has to use an out-of-date model like this one, and even Face(book), Chat, Twit(ter), IG, there’s none. Nu Na says that it’s fortunate enough that it has a signal to call or receive the call.

He says he will take it because it’s necessary. He asks if she already put her number on the memory (of the phone). She asks him why she needs to when she’s so sick seeing his face everyday, and if she must listen to his voice from the phone too, her head will hurt to death.

He assures her that her head will probably hurt to death because he will call her so often when he’s not here, and he will order her to do so many tasks that she will have no time to take a break, just wait and see.

Nu Na asks where he’s going out of concern. She repeats her question but he just leaves.

Part 5

Krirk looks at the phone number and wonders whose number it is. He picks up the call. It’s Jim calling. Krirk asks where he disappeared and couldn’t be in touch, his mom is whining about it like ever.

Jim says sorry to him, his phone is broken. He tells his dad that he calls to ask him about the printing house. He wants to order for some product labels be printed. Krirk says he can help him because he knows many printing house’s owners, and asks what he’s about to do. Pun sees that Krirk is talking with someone on the phone.

Pun: “Who are you talking with?”

Both dad and son pause. Krirk says he missed him, and he’s talking to her dearest son. Pun grabs the phone feeling delighted. She asks Jim where he’s been, she couldn’t contact him, and she’s so worried about him.

Jim: “Sorry mom, my phone fell into the sea (tha-lae).”

*The northern region is full mountains with no sea whereas the southern region is where all the famous beautiful beaches and islands are.

Pun: “Fell into the sea?! Where are you exactly?I thought you are up north.” Oops!

Jim realizes he slipped so he fixes it, “Eh..I meant the lake (tha-le-sap) not the sea (tha-lae), and the weather in Chiang Mai (a province in the north) now is very cold. You don’t have to worry, mom. I’m well and happy. I’ll have to go now.” He hangs up. LOL

Pun thinks something isn’t quite right. Jim lets out a huge sign of relief that he almost got caught.

Jim walks over to the factory and tells Nu Na to write down how many types of her soaps, how many types of fragrance used, including its properties. He asks her to write it down in fine detail.

She asks if he can’t see that she’s working right now. Jim says this is also her work too. She says she doesn’t agree with the idea, the packaging will increase the budget and reduce the profit. Jim says, but if she wants more profit, she must be brave to make an investment. Jim says, alright, he will pay for it beforehand for her.

Nu Na is surprised and asks if she heard it right. She says, “You? You’re willing to lose your money for someone else?”

Jim: “I didn’t do it for someone else. I did it for myself, because I know that this investment will generate a huge return on investment. If you don’t believe, shall we prove it?”

Nu Na: “So that’s how it is. I shouldn’t have hoped for kindness from a businessman.”

Jim says tomorrow he will leave to choose the packaging, and he may have to choose it without her consent. She says he doesn’t have to report to her on everything, and he can go anywhere he wants, and if he won’t return too, that will be good.

Jim: “I will definitely come back as long as my job hasn’t yet succeeded, and I forbid you from going around selling those soaps  until I come back. Do you understand, Lanlana?”

Nu Na thinks, “Why do I have to tell you? Are you that important?”

At night, Nu Na wonders why whenever she thinks that guy will no longer be here, her heart feels empty.

Jim flies to Bangkok. Apparently, Jim stays with Viawit while he’s in Bangkok this time. Wit says sorry about the boots he told him to buy it, he tried but couldn’t go against his mom’s wish. Jim says that’s alright, he has a pair of boots to use while working now.

Wit picks up Nu Na’s soap.

Wit: “What is this thing? Oh, it’s a soap, without label, without Reg. No. (from The Food and Drug Administration). I didn’t know that you use this kind of thing these days.”

Jim grabs it from him. He tells him not to judge the product from the outside (by its looks), and if he wants to know whether it’s good or not, he can take it and try, “Guaranteed by Jirametr Dejchathorn.” He says.

Jim asks if Wit is free today. He says yes. Jim wants to go to Sampheng (Bangkok’s Chinatown).

Wit: “Sampheng?! No way, it’s too hot! Does your mom know that you came to Bangkok? (Jim shrugs) I don’t know why these days I accidentally met your mom so very often. It must be my bad karma when I helped you to lie that time.” Jim laughs.

Jim looks around the place for some packaging. Pun, his mom, just happens to be at the same place for a grand opening of a restaurant. A reporter asks if she came alone today without her husband and son. Pun tells them that her husband is busy with work while Jim is touring the northern region.

The reporters see Jim and tell Pun to take a look. She can see only his back. She tells them that Jim is not Bangkok right now, but the man does look like him. The report insists that it’s Jim because she saw his face clearly. Uh-oh.

Jim and mom play hide and seek around the place. He hides behind a rack full of clothes when his mom comes near. The saleslady asks Jim if he needs her help. Her voice stops Pun in her tracks. Pun walks closer to Jim but she gets a call from Krirk, so she turns around to go home.

Jim gets up and makes sure that his mom is gone. He turns and sees a matching T-shirts (Blue “handsome face”, Pink “crazy girl”). He buys both. Haha.

Nu Na keeps looking at her phone. Pu Kai comes from behind and surprises her. Pu Kai asks if her mind is absent somewhere thinking of someone. Nu Na strongly denies it. Pu Kai says she’s just kidding why Nu Na had to take it so seriously. Pu Kai says her mind is not with her too, because she misses Khun Jim.

Nu Na says, on the contrary, she’s feeling happy that he’s not here. Her ears and eyes are happy too. Pu Kai says, but she’s unhappy. She thinks Khun Jim must be thinking of her right now, long distance will tune in their hearts. LOL

Nu Na yells at her to stop talking about him, it destroys her mood. Nu Na gets up to leave. Pu Kai asks where she’s going. Nu Na says she will take the soaps to the shops around the front of Pak Meng Beach to sell them on commission. Nu Na asks if Pu Kai will come with her. Pu Kai tries to say something about Jim but Nu Na says, “Fine, I will go by myself!” Pu Kai wonders what had upset her.

At the end of the episode, the actor who portrayed Jim says,

“If one satisfies one’s needs only just enough, it means one is less greedy, and if one is less greedy, one will harm (taking advantage of) others less.”

“Sufficient is, just enough.”

🙂 🙂 🙂

*Guys, you’ll have to let me know if anyone is subbing or recapping this lakorn, so that I can save my sleeping time  🙂


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