Tai Rom Bai Phak Episode 4

Some said it’s a pity that this quality lakorn aired in an early evening time slot (6:30 p.m.) and not during evening prime time (8:30 p.m.), but the younger viewers said it’s good so they got to see it after coming back from school. Humm..I agree with the later, why not have some good lakorns for the young viewers too. It’s not like we have too many prime time lakorns with husbands/wives having affairs already *roll eyes*

Part 1

Nu Na is taking care of Jim. She says it’s because of her humanity that he survived, moreover, she felt bad for Khun Pa so she took the risk of getting in there to help him. She tells him he doesn’t need to thank her but thank Khun Pa instead. Nu Na recalls the incident before he fainted, “You want to buy some breathing? Crazy! You will never get to have my breathing ever!” He coughs. Haha.

She wants to pick the hand towel she dropped from…there. Jim suddenly wakes up and asks what she’s doing. She says she’s not doing anything.

Jim: “Your lips and voice are trembling, and you still want to deny it? I saw with my own eyes that you were about to pull down my zipper!”

Nu Na: “That’s disgusting! I just wanted to pick up a hand towel that dropped on..there.”

Jim: “You loved it, that’s why you couldn’t stop yourself, right? Taking advantage when I was unconscious. You’re scarier than I thought.”

Nu Na says if she gets one more chance, she will cut if off with a rusty knife. Jim says, you just can’t trust girls these days.

Nu Na thinks, “I shouldn’t have felt guilty, my big mistake that I helped this guy.”

Jim thinks, “You almost killed me, don’t you know, trouble-maker? What should I do to you (in return)?”

Nu Na says it’s good that he’s not dead so she doesn’t have to call Khun Pa. Jim says, but she has to take responsibility for it. She asks, what’s there to take responsibility?

Jim: “In your mind, you know that you meant to leave me in the forest!”

Nu Na: “I was just…”

Jim: “Just doing something that you’re good at: lying, cheating, trickery.”

Nu Na: “Are you talking about yourself? Wasn’t it me who got in there to help you? Or else you would be a ghost watching over Kao Ka-mok already!”

Jim: “I won’t think of it as a gratitude but your redemption, (he grabs her) and if you want to pick a fight with me, alright, I will serve it for you till your heart contented.”

She asks what he’s going to do.

Jim: “I will….”

Pu Kai calls Nu Na so she runs out. Jim says don’t think you can run away from him forever. Nu Na runs down the stairs so fast that Pu Kai has to tell her to slow down or she will fall. Nu Na thanks her that she came to see her. Pu Kai says, who said she came to see her. She came for Khun Jim, she heard he got injured so she wanted to pay him a visit.

Pu Kai: “Khun Jim kaaaa, this beautiful Pu Kai is here. Where do you feel the pain? I can give you a cure….”

Nu Na pulls her down from the stairs. She says the guy is alright, suffocated a little from the smoke and wants to be pampered. Nu Na tells her to go taking over the shift of guarding the village together, but Pu Kai wants to guard this house by herself (ha) and tells her to go alone. Nu Na drags her along anyway.

Jim hears them and says, “You’re cared that I will (sexually)harass you? I’m not that blind.”

Jim walks into a room and wonders why it’s so dark (the electricity went off). He finds the bed and says he’s feeling so tired, “Let me rest my eyes for 2-3 hours first, leave (other) things for tomorrow.” He lies down and covers himself with a blanket (head to toe).

Nu Na gets in her room and lies down on her bed.

Morning comes, Jim feels so fresh and opens his eyes, only to Nu Na next to him. Nu Na turns and puts her arm around him. He wants to get it off (and thinks, why my heart’s beating so fast? Or, may be I’m still feeling frightened over last night incident? Yes, that must be it, and it’s her doing too that caused me this bad luck. It must be that I’m still so angry at her.)

Thom calls Nu Na from outside the room. Jim’s jaw dropped, and says what a bad luck for him.

Nu Na opens her eyes and screams. He stops her saying it’s not what she’s thinking, and that he can explain. She asks how he can be in her room. He says it’s a mistake, and if he was fully conscious, he would never come in her room. Nu Na tells him to get out now, but he says how he can go out when her parents are outside.

Part 2

Thom walks in the room. He says sorry, he just knocked but the door opened. Nu Na hides Jim under the blanket. He says he comes in to get the gun he kept in her room. He will go check the place where the fire broke out. He tells her to go check on the factory today, and asks where the gun is. She points it to him.

Thom looks at her and asks if she’s not feeling well, why she’s fully covering herself with the blanket.

Nu Na: “Eh..I’m feeling cold. The weather is changing a lot during this time, dad.”

He walks closer, “Just wait and see, if the fire broke out because of human’s doing, I will ask for justice!” He leaves the room.

Jim sits right up feeling suffocated staying under the blanket. Thom walks back to remind her, so Nu Na pushes Jim back in again. Thom says if the son (Jim) wants to go home, she is to send him off. She says yes. Thom leaves but comes in again for the third time. He sees how Nu Na is sitting and pauses.

Thom says if she’s not feeling well, just take some medicine (mumbling why she needs to sit on the headboard). Nu Na makes sure her dad left. She tells him that it’s safe now.

Jim: “But I’m almost dead!”

Nu Na checks that there’s no one outside. She tells him he can come out now.

Jim: “If someone sees us, my reputation will be ruined.”

Nu Na: “Whose reputation should actually be ruined?!”

Jim: “No doubt about it.”

Nu Na: “Yes, not to the least, if my father knows about this, not only reputation but also life will be lost.”

Jim: “I’m not afraid of getting shot but I’m afraid of being forced to marry you!”

Nu Na: “I will run away so far if I have to marry a guy like you.”

Jim: “You won’t be able to run after facing the charge of attempt murder! I will keep an eye on you.”

Malinee walks in to see Jim is holding Nu Na’s leg. Jim walks to her.

Jim: “Aunty, I have something to tell you.”

Malinee says she also have many questions to ask him. She tells him to eat together. Nu Na says an English upper-class won’t talk while eating. Jim says, luckily, he’s a Thai not an English upper-class. He sits down to eat.

Thom is inspecting the fire scene. Kai Jae says, luckily, just one rai was burned. Thom wonders if the culprit wanted to slice off their plantation one piece at a time. Kai Jae says they had put on tight security still the culprit could sneak in and set fire, and didn’t leave any evidence too. A man calls Thom to check on something on the ground. It’s a burned shoe. Thom asks whose it is.

Jim puts on fresh clothes and says, today he must get to know it, biodiesel (he crosses over another date on the calendar), “And you, Lanlana Kaewkamnerd, you will get to know me better, I can promise you that.”

He says, the last pair of shoes (Ooy..white shoes?). He comes to the factory. Nu Na looks at him and thinks that the way he hasn’t yet told her mother that she left  him in the garden should be a sign of danger.

Jim asks her why she collected all these burned palm fruits. She tells him to sit far away if he wants to make himself useful. He says she won’t hear his order if he sits far away. He asks if she forgot why he returned to this place and what’s her duty now.

Nu Na brushes it off saying she’s busy. Jim grabs her notebook and throws it away. She yells at him, what he’s doing.

He says, before she runs to get that book, answer him first how long she’s been running this factory, what’s for, and how the year plan looks like.

He says, judging by her confused face, it means she just do it day by day. Therefore, just throw everything away, forget all the ways she’s been doing it, and start from the beginning together. He tells her to follow him.

He turns around and says, it’s not really a threat, but he might slip it out to her mom about an inappropriate behavior of her daughter she created that day.

OMG…Does Jim just wiggle his index finger like how his mom told him? Haha.

Jim inspects the production line and says it looks like it’s up to the standard. He feels like investing on it. She asks why he made her follow him, what he wants. He says he wants every information on biodiesel and this production plant.

She hands him the handbook and says, if he wants to know, he can read it himself.

Jim: “ it out to me.”

She opens the handbook (with HM King’s picture on the cover) and reads, “Biodiesel is……….” (so text-book here)

Jim asks about its advantage. She reads, “It helps reducing air pollution, increasing cylinder combustion performance, and the most important thing is saving money in our pocket.”

He asks if she said that it could be used with boat engines. She says yes, close to 100% of small fishing boats of their village and nearby villages.

He says he will expand the market into large fishing boats, increase the production 10 times, and will sell more than 13,000 liters of biodiesel within this month. Nu Na says, “Huh? Are you dreaming? Who will buy that much?”

Jim (points at his head): “The one that’s clever enough, and he knows already who that person is.”

Kai Jae runs to her. He holds her hand and says Pu Yai Thom told him to find her. She asks what it is about, looks like it’s something not good.

Jim thinks, “So it’s you who Kai Jae loved for 10 years. Yikes! How could he fall in love with this girl?”

Kai Jae says they found out who did it. Nu Na wants to leave with him right away. Jim interrupts them and says that he should go with them too because he was there in that incident.

Part 3

Nu Na asks if she heard it right. Thom tells her to check an empty gallon they found if it’s theirs.

Nu Na: “Yes, it is. So it actually happened because of our oil, in order to destroy our dream?”

Kai Jae: “And this shoe too.”

Nu Na asks what he means.

Jim: “It means someone took another shoe. This shoe actually  belongs to me, and if the culprit is someone in this village, he must be looking for the owner of this shoe right now.” He throws it away like cheap banana.

Nu Na realizes that he was there too so he should remember how the culprit looks like. Thom is delighted so he tells Jim to come with him to catch the culprit.

Jim: “I couldn’t picture his face.”

Nu Na: “What? Didn’t you say you’re clever with good memory?”

Jim: “And that will make it my fault?”

Thom wonders what they should do now. Jim throws Nu Na a lighter. She looks at the label on it (it says the name of Vicharn’s resort) and yells, “Vicharn!”

Phu and Winny are heading to Vicharn’s resort.

Winny thinks, “Finally you have to come, just wait and see, I will lock you up here and won’t let you go anywhere.”

Phu says she should have told him that she’s allergic to seafood. It’s good that she threw up all of it. She says she’s not used to aquatic animal. She thanks him for taking care of her all night and even coming here to drop her. He says he’s not that cruel to let her come home alone when she’s weak right this. Winny thinks, “I got you!”

Phu thinks, “That woman lives here, please let me meet her.”

Winny asks if he knows where Jim is. He says he doesn’t know because he doesn’t want to, so he didn’t ask. He asks why she wants to know.

Their car hits a man who’s running out of nowhere. Phu wants to get out to check on him, but Winny tells him that it’s better that they leave now. Phu can’t believe she said that and gets out of the car. The man (the culprit) tells Phu to help him, so Phu says he will take him to the hospital. Winny is disappointed because they almost reach the resort.

Thom is yelling that today he will make sure Vicharn won’t breathe anymore. Jim grabs Nu Na’s arm, and asks if she thinks just that piece of evidence will make that guy guilty. She says she has his resort’s lighter in her hand.

Jim: “Even if you have that man’s underwear, if he denies it, you won’t be able to press charge.”

Nu Na: “Why do I have to believe you? Who are you? You’re just an outsider. A person like you won’t be able to understand what it feels like when your house was burned. The best way is for you to go back because this’s about Kao Ka-mok people!”

Jim runs after her anyway.

Vicharn is so happy with his job done. He prepares to receive his (future) rich son-in-law.

Nu Na uses a sling to shoot a stone in Vicharn’s direction. She tells him to come out, the persons who want to kill him are standing right here. Thom tells Vicharn that today he won’t let him stay alive. Vicharn chuckles that Thom is not the only one who has gun. His lackeys pull out their guns.

Both sides face each other. Vicharn tells them to put down the weapons and talk. Thom refuses to do that until Vicharn admits that he’s the one set fire on Kao Ka-mok last night.

Of course, Vicharn denies it. Nu Na shows him his resort’s lighter. Vicharn is a little surprised but he says the lighter is a souvenir of his resort, and any guests can have it. Vicharn suggests that they spend time looking for the culprit who did it first, before looking for the mastermind.

Jim: “I warned you. It serves you right to be stubborn!”

Nu Na threatens Vicharn to make a choice between paying for the damage or bringing the matter  to the court of law. Vicharn fires his gun and says the whole village will be sleeping in jail if they won’t stop threatening him. Thom says it’s alright to sleep in jail for the charge of murdering him.

Malinee calls it off and tells Nu Na to take Khun Jim home. Vicharn laughs at Thom and praises Malinee for being a reasonable one. She fires a gun and tells him it will be his last chance, and if he doesn’t stop messing with them, she won’t stop at this. They all go back.

Vaiwit comes to a shoe shop and asks the saleslady for a pair of boots that can be used in water and mud (Don’t tell me he came to buy it for Jim?), and what do you know, Jim’s mom comes here too. Vaiwit wonders if Jim will wear it (Pink boots? Haha).

Viawit greets Pun and they sit down together. Pun says Jim loves this brand name too. She looks at the boots and says she wants one too but it’s the last pair in the country. Wit says he can’t give it to her because his friend..Phu – Phuwadol told him to get it for him.

Pun picks up her phone and says, it’s alright, let her talk to Phu, and this shoes will surely be hers. Man, it’s hilarious how this goes in circle.

Part 4

Phu sees that Jim’s mother call, he feels uneasy. The doctor comes out and says the patient is out of danger now, but he has very high fever so he should rest in the hospital for at least 2-3 days. Winny says, so now they can go back. Phu is annoyed by that, he tells the doctor that he will pay for the medical bills. Winny says it’s not his fault, the guy just ran out of nowhere. Phu says let him pick up the call first. Phu says, “Yes, (Jim’s) mother?”

Jim asks where she’s going, to inform the police? She says it’s not his business. He says he heard it when Pu Yai ordered her, that if he wanted to go out of the village, it’s her business.

Nu Na: “I didn’t think it myself right, that you wouldn’t be staying here anymore?”

Jim: “You thought it yourself. I want to get out of the village because I want to meet with my potential customer as soon as possible, to negotiate the deal.”

Nu Na: “And I thought I could light up some fireworks to celebrate.”

Jim: “Wait until the time someone comes carrying a jar full of money to ask for your hand.”

Nu Na: “You don’t have a product sample, how will any customer be interested?”

Jim: “That’s my problem. Don’t worry, you just do what I told you is enough.”

She says she can take him there but not today, because she has her other business to take care first.

He says she needs to rank her important work order. She says because she did rank them that she knows she should take care of her business first.

She gets on a long-tailed fisherman boat. He takes off his shoes and socks, and steps on the boat with her. She drives the boat into the sea (beautiful sea). His mom calls but Jim doesn’t pick up.

Pun complains that Jim didn’t pick up her call at all. She says it’s difficult to reach him like he’s in the forest or something. She thinks he must be high up on the mountain (in the North) for sure. Krirk says their son is a grown-up man, just let him see the world and don’t try to find out his personal matters. Pun asks if his years abroad are not enough. She needs to keep an eye on Jim, just in case, one day he wants to go to Trang, she can stop him just in time.

Buahaha..she’s wearing that pink boots. Krirk smiles looking at it. He asks if she bought this boots so that she can help him do the gardening. She says no, she bought it to wear when she needs to come scolding him in here, so her feet won’t get dirty from his dirty things. She says it’s good that Phu gave it to her. She asks if it’s beautiful.

Jim and Nu Na arrive on an island. He asks what island it is. She says Koh Mook (Mook Island). He asks why she needs to be here, and don’t tell him that it’s for pleasure.

Nu Na gets in a small shop. She says to the shop owner that she came to take the thing back. He gives her two plastic bags full of something. He says he really wants to help, but they really didn’t sell. Jim wonders what it is. Nu Na thanks him for giving her a chance, and when she can develop it better, she will come for his help again. The man says let’s talk then.

Jim grabs the bag to take a look. He asks what it is, it looks like stone. She grabs it back. He asks what she thinks she will do. Nu Na asks him for a quiet time for her peace of mind. They take the boat back home.

Nu Na: “What are you looking at?”

Jim: “Checking if you’re fully conscious, my life is in your hand now. Do you really want to be a soap seller, Lanlana?”

Nu Na: “It’s my business!”

Jim: “I admire you that you’re brave enough to put these on shelf to sell. The smell is bad. The shape is distorted, and the package is suck! All in all, there’s nothing good about it. Don’t you feel ashamed selling these?”

Nu Na: “Who said that my soap is not good? How great quality my soap is, it’s beyond you can imagine. It suppresses the itching, prickly heat, and rash, and it can injure a bad-mouthed’s head too.” She starts throwing the soap at him.

He tells her to stop it, it hurts. He gets up and walks to her on the boat. They push and pull, and so they fall into the sea. It seems he can’t swim?

Part 5

Nu Na helps him and swims to shore. (Wait a minute, and her boat?) She calls him but he doesn’t wake up. She looks frightened when wondering if that would mean she has to share her breath with him.

Nu Na: “I have to put my mouth…you? But if you die, Khun Pa will be very sad.”

She starts to do CPR when he suddenly opens his eyes. Poor guy, two accidents in two days in Trang. No wonder why his mom doesn’t like the place.

Jim: “What were you about to do?”
Nu Na: “Save your life!”

Jim: “Save life or taking advantage? You think something of me?”

Nu Na says a bad mouth like this, she should have let him die under the sea. She shouldn’t have carried him here, very heavy too.

Jim: “I just went down to examine the reefs. Why getting so excited? (He thinks, “You helped me or else I would have..”)

Nu Na says she thought he went down to pick the soaps for her. She says it’s hard to believe that he can’t swim.

Jim: “I just…”

Nu Na: “just had a cramp? That’s it?”

Jim: “Yes.”

She says he’s the kind that’s afraid of losing face more than dying. Next time if he drowns again, just help himself.

Jim: “If I fall into the water again, I will hold you and won’t let go. I will hug you so tight, just wait and see!”

He gets up and looks around, and asks where they are now. Aww…nice framing

Malinee wonders where they (the two) went, Nu Na should think that her parents might be worried. Thom tells her not to worry, in Trang, even walking with your eyes closed, you won’t get lost. She says she doesn’t worry about that, she worries about their safety. She reminds him that thing just happened in the village. It’s already an unusual time for Nu Na to come home, and she gets only busy signal from Nu Na’s phone. Thom tells her not to worry too much, at least, the son (Jim) is with her. She says that’s also another thing to worry about. Thom says let’s ask Kai Jae.

They tell Kai Jae and Pu Kai that Jim and Nu Na had disappeared. Both scream out of concern (I guess). Malinee says the villagers said they saw the two sailed into the sea together. She asks if they know where they went. Kai Jae doesn’t know about it. Pu Kai’s mom sees them and learns that Nu Na and Jim disappeared together (Uh-oh). Thom and Malinee decide to wait for them at home.

Malinee says they disappeared together like this, her daughter’s reputation may be ruined.

Thom: “Reputation ruined, yet the other thing is not ruined? Alright, I can take it.”

Malinee asks what he means by the other thing. He says he meant losing blood, having an accident, about the other thing, he knows his own daughter, and for the son, even though he’s a bit hot-headed but he’s not a bad man.  Malinee prays that they will come back safely.

Back to the two on the island. Jim says it’s because of her that he got stuck in this stupid cave, and also because of this smelly soap.

Nu Na takes out the resort’s lighter from a plastic cover to light the fire.

Jim: “You kept it this nice?”

Nu Na: “Of course, an important evidence like this, I’ll guard it with my life. Luckily, it didn’t get wet and is still working.”

Jim asks if she really is going to use the lighter once used to burn her house, “Don’t forget what this lighter done to you.”

Nu Na: “A thing won’t be the guilty one, it’s humans themselves that are guilty. If used in the wrong way, it may bring trouble, but if used in the correct way, it will be useful according to its nature.”

Jim gets an idea. He takes off his shirt and puts it over the fire to dry itself. Nu Na jumps back and asks what’s he doing. He says, taking off his shirt, why asked when she saw it already.

Nu Na: “Why are you taking your shirt off?”

Jim: “Getting warm by the fire before I will die of pneumonia, and you, use your brain too, instinct alone is not enough.”

He stares at her T-shirt. She crosses her arms and says why she needs to take off her shirt too.


Somehow these two compliment each other, but I can’t say I wasn’t hoping that Jim would kneel down and help lighting the fire or doing something. You know, pulling a man along while swimming in a deep sea is not an easy task, I can tell you that. There’s a softer side in him for sure, right?


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  1. is there no one subbing this? or the entire serirs/ i liked sara legge ever since i saw her in the janie-film lakorn suay rerd cherd sode and unfortunately not many of her lakorns as n’ek are available eng subbed

    • I’m hoping someone would sub this one too. It’s a fun/quality lakorn and I’m not sure I will do it all the way (dunno how many episodes) 🙂 Anyone? Please let us know if someone is subbing this lakorn.

    • I thinks that there is more then one of this series, I don’t known if anybody can sub this show all the way. I thinks it has a long way to go!

      • There are five series altogether, but the stories are not connected, each has its own story and leads, not like the Juthathep Series. So actually subbers could choose which one they like, and don’t have to do all of them *wink*
        Here’s the teaser for Look Mai Khong Phor Series

        • Wait, there are five series with no connection to each other. I known the first one is Biodisel oil, the second one it is about somekind of water project, third somethings about forest/tree, but I don’t known about the fourth and fifth series. Any ideas?

          • Five series depict HM King Royal Initiative Projects:
            [*Just so you get the general ideas, not official royal project’s names]

            1)Tai Rom Bai Phak (underneath the prestigious leaves) – Biodiesel
            2) Nai Man Mek (into the clouds) – Royal Rainmaking, check dams
            3) Saeng Dao Krang Jai (starlight in my heart) – High mountain agriculture, headwaters conservation
            4) Look Ni Thi Rak (my dear debtor) – Sufficient Economy
            5) Hua Jai Krai Rueng (near-dawn heart) – living through HM King composed songs

            Lol, your question prompted me into reading the cover of each novel. Please disregard any mistake, and if anyone has official names for these projects, please share with us 🙂

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