Tai Rom Bai Phak Episode 3

The story has been on the fun side so far, I hope it will stay that way.

Part 1

Nu Na asks Jim what his father’s name is.

Jim: “How about my mom’s name?”

Nu Na asks when he will talk like a human being.

Jim: “You know, the money you’ve been receiving every month is not that much if we were to lose it. But you must know that I will not lose my father to you.”

Malinee arrives at the scene.

Nu Na says if he’s not going to do a decent talk, she will take him to the police right now. He tells her to call the cop here, and he will press charge against this whole village for illegal detention and assault.

Thom: “Ai Jimp, who assaulted you?”

Jim: “Your eyes’ expressions and talks. There’s not even a single human being ever talked to me like this. Gosh, if only you knew who I am, I….”

 Nu Na: “I will take you to the police now on the charge of trespassing!”

Thom orders two men to get a whole of Jim. Jim shouts at them to get off him.

Krirk: “Wait! (he kneels down to Jim)..Jim!”

Jim: “You are caught, dad.”

Everyone is surprised by that.

Thom: “Krirk, what did you just say?”

Krirk: “He’s my son.”

Everyone gasps.

Thom turns around and says, “Eh…that’s why he has such a good-looking face.” Even Nu Na flashes a smile. The aunt says he has such an aura too.

Jim: “The entertainment is over! This time it’ll be my turn, Yai Ling-kang!”

Jim says to his dad that he wants to hear his explanation. Krirk says he misunderstands it all, Lanlana is not his mistress.

OMG..Jim’s dirty face looks absolutely funny.

Jim: “You still want to lie even now, dad? For how long dad wants to keep hiding about this? I can’t even think what will happen if mom knows. “

Krirk: “How many times do you want me to tell you? Nu Na is Pu Yai Thom’s daughter…”

Jim: “..and conspired it together?”

NuNa: “Ai Na Kao (white-faced), it’s alright to not believe me because we don’t know each other. But your own dad? don’t you know him?”

Jim thinks, what a sharp-tongued girl.

Jim: “Because I know him well, this man is too kind and honest, easily be fooled by you crafty people.”

Malinee says sorry to Jim about everything happened, and she can say on her honor that her daughter is not anyone’s mistress. He misunderstands the whole thing.

Jim tells her to make it clear to him about her daughter has been getting money from Khun Pa every month.

Jim: “So dad, what kind of debt are you in with this girl?”

NuNa thinks, she wants to cut off his index finger and stitch his lips together.

Krirk: “Alright, I surrender, but you have to promise me you won’t tell your mom ever.”

Jim: “I will consider what to do next myself.”

Thom says he really takes after Thom especially his eyes’ expression like that.  Jim says he will endure standing here for only half an hour more because he wasted too much time already. Krirk wants to talk to him in private but Jim says he needs witness for this interrogation.

Krirk says the truth is he’s the one who supported the biodiesel production of Kao Ka-mok village. Every single baht he sent doesn’t go into anyone’s pocket in particular, but it goes into this land, this place, the place where his happiness grows, and is growing everyday.

Jim: “I don’t want to say it, but why does it become our duty to support this whole village? Yes, for 30,000 baht, I can earn it in just two hours, but I don’t understand, if we donate to flood victims, we will at least get to put it on our company’s stickers. But with this investment, there’s no profit in return.”

NuNa shouts that he’s selfish. He returns that selfish is much better than being shameless and without any pride. Nu Na says she couldn’t believe he’s Khun Pa’s son. He says he doesn’t care what she thinks, but he’s more interested in 1,200,000 baht that she and the villagers here pumping out from Dejchathorn.

Krirk: “Jim!”

Jim: “I’m about to do what you’re thinking, dad.”

Thom pats Krirk’s shoulder that this matter will come out here one day but he didn’t think it would be coming from his son.

Jim thinks, how this Pu Yai dare patting the shoulder of  Dejchathorn Group executive. The guy obviously doesn’t know high and low place.

Thom: “So what do you want, son?”

Jim: “It’s easy, Pu Yai. I want all of the money back as soon as possible, which means Kao Ka-mok village is now has a debt with Dejchathorn. We are creditor, not debtor!”

NuNa: “Bad man!”

Malinee tells him to stop fighting for now and let’s talk later. She suggests he clean up first. She tells Nu Na to take him to their house. Mom tells her because they are the host. Nu Na argues that but the guest has no manners, and no matter how much a person like this cleans up, his badness won’t go away.

Krirk asks Jim how he could do that, where the villagers will be able to come up with that money. Jim says it’s their problem. Dad asks why he’s being so mean like this. Jim asks what he wants him to do then.

Part 2

Krirk says sorry to Thom on behalf of his son. Thom says his son is doing the right thing, protecting his family’s benefit, and to think if the money he’s been sending will turn into loan, it’s justify. Malinee agrees to that too, Krirk has been sending the money for three years now paying for the fertilizer and all, and now Kao Ka-mok palm trees are growing up nicely and starting to return them some profits, so she thinks it’s time the villagers should take turn to be the givers.

Krirk says how it can be the same when he used that money to buy his happiness. He’s happy to give, and doesn’t want it back, “If I get it back, that would mean I am just a financial backer, not a member of the project.” Thom asks why he has to think too much about it. The villagers won’t chase him out of the group even if they want to pay him back. Malinee says, and no one is angry at Jim too, because they all understand.

Krirk says that’s why he’s thinking about it a lot.

Krirk: “Let’s do this. Since Jim’s the one creating a problem , I will make him take responsibility for it.”

Krirk gets a call so he excuses himself.

Jim throws his jacket at Nu Na.

Jim: “Is this water clean?”

Nu Na: “Cleaner than you!”

Jim says she gets so angry that her face become red, well, he’s sorry for that but people here need to be taught! Nu Na asks who should actually be the one to be taught.

Jim: “That you said your hands meant for other useful things, that is use them to beg for other people’s money?”

Nu Na: “I should be resigned to the fact that a guy like you will never understand what’s that your father is doing, right? A selfish guy like you can only think about profit and loss.”

Jim takes off his shirt, “Because money gives you luxury, have you ever heard of that, Lanlana? Or you still don’t understand why the villagers here are living in difficulty? The reason is, no money.”

Nu Na: “We are not living in difficulty!”

Jim: “Just fooling yourself!”

Jim takes off his pants. The envelope falls into a bowl of oil.

Nu Na: “Think what you want, think until your brain exploded! I’m leaving!”

Jim splashes water on her.

Jim: “Let me help cleaning up the poverty for you, but I doubt the whole sea (water) will do the job. Why? Because you’re an anti-profit kind.”

Jim pulls down his underwear to her extreme surprise. Nu Na screams and runs.

Jim: “Wow..what to do if a tomboy  turns into a girl.”

They are back to Bangkok.

Pun checks the smell of the document and says it has such a strange smell. Two men start to feel uneasy.

Jim: “Could it be the smell of Euro, mom?”

Pun: “My son, do you think that your mom’s breath is all about money?”

Krirk: “Also diamond. Breath…breath out..diamond.”

Pun: “Khun Krirk. I smell oil here, very strong smell too. For such an important document, what did you do that it become like this? Where did you fall into a tank of oil?”

Jim: “No, I didn’t, mom. You know that I don’t like dirty places. You shouldn’t mind that but this, Delanza’s signature. (Pun smiles) Mom, can you make me proud by telling me I’m good or not?”

She hugs him and says her son is the best, and she’s so proud of him. Jim asks if he can ask for a big reward from this. She says, of course. She asks what he wants, a sport car or a private jet.

Jim: “Let’s leave a private jet for later, for now, I want a private time for myself about one month.”

Pun asks what he just said.

Flashback, in Trang, Jim asks his dad what he just said. Krirk says he didn’t hear it wrong. If he wants the money back, he must make the villagers here earn more, or else how they could pay him back. Nu Na gets up and asks if Krirk meant Jim would…

Krirk: “You will have to come taking care biodiesel project here, in person.”

Malinee doesn’t want Krirk to force Jim to do it. Nu Na says he doesn’t even know young palm fruits, let alone biodiesel, the project will be ruined for sure.

Jim: “I keep quiet because I’m busy asking myself, how the heck that should be my business.”

Nu Na says he’s not suitable to work in the plantation, but more in an office.

Jim: “And I finally have my answer.”

Krirk: “What is it?”

Jim: “I’ll accept it.”

Krirk: “Good, but this job might be a little hard for you.”

Jim: “Don’t worry about that, because I will work with this (pointing at his head).”

Nu Na tells her dad that he will surely create more problems. Thom suggests that they give him a year to manage the project, and if the project doesn’t flourish and can’t pay back all the loan then…

Krirk: “You will have to give up all the loan to Kao Ka-mok village.”

Jim: “Alright, but I won’t accept the time length…because it’s way too long. I will use just one month.”

Nu Na laughs at that. Malinee says she knows he’s talented and highly capable, but how he will make 1,200,000 baht in one month by selling biodiesel. Jim asks if she can’t picture that, in that case, he will show it to her.

Back to present, Jim tells his mom that he wants to tour the country to observe activities for his work for a month, and it’s necessary for a future CEO. Pun says she should go with him then. Krirk says if she does that, people will think their son is a mama boy. Jim promises he will call her everyday. Pun says even she says no, he will leave anyway because her son’s stubborn from the day he’s born. Jim says thank you and they hug.

At Kao Ka-mok village, someone sneaks into the factory and take a gallon of biodiesel oil.

Nu Na is looking at Jim’s phone which is ringing. She taps it to look, and says it has only woman’s names on it, and reads out the names. Pu Kai learns about Khun Pa’s son showed up in the village. Nu Na and Kai Jae don’t like him. Kai Jae says he (Jim) is not good-looking and with bad mouth too.  Pu Kai tells Nu Na about a handsome man asking her about how to get here. She gave him the map hoping he would come for her hand (in marriage) one day. Nu Na scolds her she should be more careful trusting a stranger. Pu Kai says he said it’s for a visit as tourist. She asks when Khun Pa’s son will come again. Kai Jae tells her not bother about that, and it’s better that she do not see him at all, he’s so ugly. Nu Na says their village will be in trouble from tomorrow, for 30 days she has to endure seeing his face.

Jim’s phone rings showing the name Vaiwit. Pu Kai grabs it and wants Nu Na to tell her whose phone it is, and if she has a secret with her now. Pu Kai picks up the call.

Jim asks if it’s ling-kang speaking, “So?..what?..An angel? I don’t know who you are, just hand the phone to Yai Ling..Lanlana now.”

Vaiwit asks if he heard it right, hi-so Jim is calling a money (ling).

Jim: “Is that you?” Nu Na says yes, she is. Jim orders her to take good care of his phone, do not let it be scratched or she will have to take responsibility for it.  Nu Na asks if that’s it.

Jim: “Wait, I will say it just once. I will open a new project account, a joint-account under my name and yours, and I will close it at the end of the month after the whole amount of 1,200,000 is withdrawn. Do you understand?”

Nu Na asks why he needs to tell her that, just do what he wants. She hangs up.

Jim: “Wait! Yai ling-kang! You dare hang up on me?”

Vaiwit: “A woman dumped you?”

Jim: “Don’t say such impossible thing. It’s that woman I was looking for.”

Vaiwit: “Langlana Kaewkamnerd?”

Jim: “Correct!”

Vaiwit: “Your debtor?”

Jim: “Definitely! And you take care of the new account for me.”

Vaiwit: “Wait, just the amount of 1,200,000.., why are you so eager to get it back? Even a bank can suspend the repayment, why don’t you give them more time of 2-3 years?”

Jim asks why he has to give those people time. They are lucky enough that he didn’t confiscate the title deeds. Yai ling-kang will know him better now.

Vaiwit: “Why does your eyes sparkling when talking about this ling-kang girl?”

Jim: “True?”

Vaiwit: “Why don’t you try saying that again?”

Jim: “Yai ling-kang”

Vaiwit: “See! Yai ling-kang..such sweet eyes.”

Jim arrives at the village and gives her the bank passbook. She tells him to keep it with him. He says no, he wants her to be the one withdrawing the whole amount and giving it to him at the end of the month. Nu Na takes it and says she will give the money back serving on a tray. He asks for his phone.

He asks where he can put this, pointing at his bag. Nu Na calls Kai Jae out. Jim doesn’t want to live in Kai Jae’s house. She tells him to stop making a fuss. Kai Jae lives alone so it’s very suitable for him. Jim screams that he wants the best lodging around such as Pu Yai Thom’s house. He demands that he see her mom right now. She says her dad and mom are in the garden, and there’s no use to see her because her mom’s the one telling her to put him in Kai Jae’s house.

She asks if it’s because he’s afraid, it’s not dark yet so he can still go back home, “3..2..1..Run!”

He thinks, “What a dangerous mouth, I need to find a way to make this girl stop talking too much.”

Nu Na thinks, “For how many days he can stay..”

Pu Kai is so happy to see Jim here. Jim ignores her and tells Kai Jae that he can leave now, he wanted to start working since he first stepped in here.

Pu Kai asks Nu Na if he’s Khun Pa’s son. He’s so handsome. She wonders if she should quit her job at the hotel so she can work close to him. Nu Na says she should get back to work before she will get fired.

Pu Kai accuses Nu Na of being jealous because she’s more beautiful. Nu Na tells her to leave, when Pu Kai turns, she tells her it’s the other way. Pu Kai says she forgot. Haha.

Part 3

Kai Jae takes Jim to his house.

Jim: “Your house is smaller than a toilet in my house. How can you breath? Aren’t you feel suffocated?”

Kai Jae says no, it’s not suffocated since he leaves alone, moreover, for a big house, he will have to clean it until his hands crinkled. He tells Jim to takeover the bed and he will take the hammock.

Jim asks if that can be called a bed. It should be something else before becoming a bed. Although Kai Jai is confused by that, he says yes, it was a ‘khrae’ (a small bed usually made from bamboo) before, and was developed into a bed. Ha.

Kai Jae says Malinee prepared a mattress for him, he will go get it. Jim stops him saying he will sleep in a hammock and Kai Jae can take the bed.

Kai Jae says he can tell him if he wants anything because Malinee told him to take good care of him. Jim walks to the calendar, and uses a pen to cross over his first day here, “Today, I must know this place in detail.”

Kai Jae drops a coin into a jar. Jim asks what he’s doing. He says he’s saving, once it’s filled up, he will go ask for a girl’s hand in marriage.

Jim: “Serious? (He looks down at it.) How much do you save in a day?”

Kai Jae: “Ten baht.”

Jim: “Ten baht?! Only with ten baht, when will it ever get filled up? If it’s like this, the girl would have already run away, and married another man. “

Kai Jae: “If she runs to another then I will leave it to my good fate.”

Jim says it’s almost filled up. He asks if he has been saving for some time now. Kai Jae says, “Ten years. It’s ten years that I’ve fallen in love with this girl.”

Jim thinks, who is that girl? Or…ling-kang? It must be for sure.

Kai Jae says he never told anyone about this so he makes Jim promise that he won’t tell anyone. Jim says, “Don’t worry. I don’t care about other people’s matters more than mine.”

Kai Jae says he’s happy that he has a chance to take care the son of their benevolent person.

At the factory, Nu Na tells Thom that she will try use their oil with a farmer utility truck. He says she could try it. Malinee asks if she will continue with the soap-making. Nu Na says she will continue with it since she’d taken many training courses. She still thinks of how to make it different from the normal soap.

Jim walks in with Kai Jae. Thom greets him and asks why he not rest for one day first. Jim says he didn’t come here for a vacation, and because his time is very precious (turning to Nu Na) so he will start working now.

Nu Na says she will go collecting palm fruits. Thom tells her to take the son here with her too. She wonders why. Thom says Jim said he needed help and it must be Nu Na only.

Jim asks if there are buffaloes around here for her to chase (meaning she walks too fast). She tells him to stop calling her ling-kang, she’s not his friend (calling him Ai na-kao).

He says she’s not his friend. A person like her could only be his hands and feet, which means she must do everything as he ordered, for one month during the time he’s here. She tells him to dream on, she won’t ever bow to a slave of money like him.

Jim: “Since when did you have choices? Don’t forget who has the higher power now.”

Nu Na: “Every human being is equal.”

Jim: “It must be only people in your village. In reality, it’s not. You’re a grown-up, don’t be too naive about it. Just accept the fact that money can divide people into (social) classes. If you don’t believe it, step outside into the world out there!”

She boos him.

Jim complains that it’s his second shoes ruined in Kao Ka-mok. He says he should have added the cost of it to the amount of 1,200,000 baht. She says it’s not a catwalk around here, and even if he takes hundred pairs with him here, it will still get ruined.

Jim: “You wouldn’t know how much it costs!”

Nu Na: “The price is not as important as whether it’s suitable for work or not. This pair is 125 baht, I used it for 2 years already.”

Jim: “Suitable for work? I think it’s more ‘suitable for (social) status’ “

He asks where to next. She wonders where they should go next or, she thinks,”May be you should just sleep in palm tree plantation tonight?”

Jim says the mosquitoes are coming, let’s go home, and it’s getting dark too. She sweetly tells him to follow her.

He asks how long it takes for these palm trees to grow this big. Nu Na says, her age.

Jim: “What? Thirty?” She points at him to stop.

He asks if her biodiesel can be used for real work. She says why not, these days the village hardly buy the market oil at all. They consume/use it themselves, and produce it themselves. He asks if she sells it too. She says not much, only to small fishing boats and villagers of nearby villages. He asks why she doesn’t sell a lot so she can earn a lot.

She says she wants to too but they still don’t trust their oil. They are afraid that their car or boat engines could be broken. He says if it were him, he would be afraid too. Nu Na points down and asks if his shoes is torn. He quickly looks down to check it, and when he looks up, he’s left alone.

Jim says aloud that he doesn’t like playing hide and seek.

“Lanlana, just come out. Come out now, Lanlana!” He keeps calling her name but no one shows up. He says wait until he can find her.

Nu Na, who’s hiding behind a tree, says that he won’t find her because she’s going home, and his face will turn so pale like a boiled chicken this time.

Part 4

Vicharn is (as if) taking care of his palm trees when Winny stops her car to let him know that she won’t come back tonight. She says if he knows where she’s going, he will hug her and won’t let go. He actually is cutting some electricity wires of the village.

Jim looks around and says, “A person like Jirametr, won’t be cornered, even if it’s the Amazon Forest.”

He trips on something and falls down. He gets up and looks around, “You will never be able to laugh at me. Just wait, I will find the way back to the village, ling-kang!”

Nu Na comes home. Mom tells her to take a bath and comes out for dinner. Thom tells her not to forget to call the son (Jim), his father put him in his care, (Krirk) he’s afraid that his son would be starving. Nu Na smiles.

The electricity in the village goes off. They wonder how it can happen when the weather is fine, there’s no storm or anything. Kai Jae comes shouting that the plantation is on fire. Thom says there’s no electricity so the sound system won’t work. Malinee tells him to  hit ‘kro’ (bamboo struck as a signal) instead.

Kai Jae tells Nu Na that Jim hasn’t come back yet, he might already run back to Bangkok. She remembers what she did so she runs.

Jim sees the burning fire and then bumps into a guy. There’s a lot of smoke so he (and me) couldn’t make out his face. The guy runs away.

Jim calls, “Ling-kang!”

He tells himself that he’s the only son, so he must survive.

Nu Na calls him, “Jim, can you hear me? Jim, where are you?!”

The villagers are running. Thom tells them to stop asking and hurry put out the fire first.

Jim grabs Nu Na’s leg. She’s so startled that she kicks it and hits his face in the process. He cries out. She realizes it’s Jim. She picks him up and says she’s sorry, she didn’t mean it (the kick).

He says thank you for making him be able to let out a sound once again. She says she will take him home.

Jim: “Wait, I can’t breathe. Can you help me?”

She asks what he wants her to do. He says, restore respiration.

Nu Na: “Are you crazy?”

Jim: “I’ll buy it then. Just one breath.”

Nu Na keeps shaking her head. He moves closer for a kiss. LOL

Kai Jae splashes water on them. Buahaha….

Kai Jae realizes it’s Nu Na and Jim. Jim faints.

Jim is lying down in the house. Malinee says if his father and mother see him like this, they must be so scared. They raised him up lovingly. Thom says if Jim dies in the fire, he won’t know how to tell his father and mother. Malinee says if it’s not because of Nu Na helping him, they will feel sad for the rest of their lives.

Nu Na comes out looking guilty. She tells her parents that he will alright. She will take care of him herself, and the villagers are waiting at the meeting grounds for Thom. Thom asks if Nu Na has something to confess to him. She plays innocent and asks if he’s having doubt of his own daughter, or he thinks she’s the one set fire. Malinee tells him to ask her again once Jim wakes up. Thom still wants to ask Nu Na some more, so Nu Na says she promise she won’t squeeze his (Jim’s) nose to death.

Vicharn is laughing till his heart content. He says this is a small present (burning fire) for Kao Ka-mok brothers and sisters, especially Ai Thom. He sings a song and yells, “Get them out of Kao Ka-mok! All of them! Haha..”

Winny calls him and asks if he succeeded. He assures her it’s a success. Winny feels like throwing up because of where she’s standing. Vicharn asks if she’s pregnant. She says no, she’s not. She says it’s the smell of the fish, it stinks. She hangs up because Phu is coming.

Phu walks to her. She thinks, “If you’re not so rich, I won’t follow your butt like this. So dirty. Wanna throw up!”

Phu says he hardly catches any fish during this time, and the oil price is hiking, and all he’s making is a loss. He says he thinks he should take a break sailing out. Winny says he can just sell off everything and turn to travel business instead. She says it’s becoming popular such as…

He says, her father’s resort?

Phu thinks, “These boats are my children. What were you thinking when urging me to sell off my children?”

Phu thanks her for taking care of him. She says she wants him to see how beautiful the resort is. He asks if it’s more beautiful than her.

She thinks, “Get your dirty hands off me before I can’t stand it anymore!”

She says she wants him to take a look at her resort. He says his eyes are not that good, not like his friend’s, Jim. She throws up. She says she’s sorry and throws up some more.

Thom thanks everyone for their help putting out the fire.

Thom: “No, actually, unity is the hero here.”

Kai Jae adds, “More one thing, love, the love that everyone has for our hometown, right?…(he walks to Pu Kai) And the love we’ve been sharing.”

Aunt asks Thom how the fire started. The culprit is listening to them too (the mortgage guy). Thom says he doesn’t know it but he will find out. He asks for some men to look at the scene tomorrow, so that they could find out what caused it. Thom asks if there’s anyone want to takeover the shift of guarding the village tonight. Some men raise their hands, including the culprit. Thom praises them, that they are indeed Kao Ka-mok people.


Oh dear, my dear Jim, you are such a big-city guy, haha…

This episode makes me want to save some coins everyday too  🙂


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