Tai Rom Bai Phak Episode 2

This lakorn has a lovely location. I think Jim will gradually change for the better that money isn’t everything.

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Part 1

Jim says it’s nice to meet him here. Delanza thanks Nu Na for giving him pleasure. Nu Na says you’re welcome, it’s her job.

Jim thinks, “Job? (na-thi) It’s more like a shameless (na-mai-ai) display.”

Delanza tells Jim to meet at the hotel cafe tomorrow morning, he will tell him about their future. He also tells Nu Na to come too (calling her Nena) because she’s his important person. He gives her an envelope. Nu Na smiles.

Jim thinks, “Aww…her price is quite high.”

Nu Na says, “Job closed.”

Jim: “Have you practiced French for long? How many sentences you’ve got?”

Nu Na: “Two sentences, the one that I haven’t said is…(speaking in French)..”

Jim pauses to think of the meaning, “Freaking little dog!..(shouting)..You think I will follow you? No way!…Looks like Delanza likes her a lot. “

He follows her to the elevator.

Jim: “Wait!”

Nu Na: “Why are you following me now?”

Jim: “Don’t overestimate yourself, I didn’t follow you. I just a tiny bit happen to reach the elevator after you (do).”

Nu Na: “Right, sorry for the misunderstanding.”

He grabs her hand, “Tell me, how much do you need?”

Nu Na: “Need what?”

Jim: “Money. How much do you need?”

Nu Na: “What are you talking about? I don’t get it.”

Jim: “So that you will agree about the joint-venture. Don’t make me explain too much. I’m pretty sure Delanza won’t throw away ten thousand millions of profit just because you say no. But I’m not a careless man, and I also know about women’s crafty scheme somewhat, so I need to take a precaution.”

He gives her some money. Nu Na thinks, “Good-looking but bad habit!”

Jim: “Take it. It’s 5,000! Have you ever made this much in one day? To which, the answer must be no.”

Nu Na: “Bribing?”

Jim: “If you want to use that word, I won’t stop you. I always call it sell-buy.”

Nu Na: “Sincere and honest can earn money too?” She grabs the money.

Jim thinks, “What a woman, easy on everything.”

Nu Na asks if he has siblings. He says no, he’s the only son, and why she needs to ask. Nu Na kicks him right there.

Nu Na: “I wish your family won’t be able to transfer genes, because a person similar to you shouldn’t exist!”

The elevator opens, a woman says, “Look, wife beats husband.”

Nu Na yells, “Go to hell, white-faced!”

Jim yells back that he will kill her. Nu Na is still angry, she says he thinks accepting money and everything is done? She opens the envelope saying let’s see how much she earned today.

Jim is still in pain calling Nu Na “ling-kang (a kind of monkey)”.

Jim: “You want to cut-off such a clever gene like mine? Who do you think you are? Just wait and see, I will make you kneel down and apologize to me. “

He gets a call from “the salary’s owner”, he answers the call, “Mom?”

Mom asks him sweetly if Delanza agreed to sign the joint-venture contract. He tells her he’s million percent sure that there will a good news for their company tomorrow, “Get ready to go shopping in France, mom.” Mom laughs and says she’s certain that he will be able to do it because he’s good at it which taken after everything of her. He asks how about dad. She says nothing but a family name.

He says he meant what dad’s doing. She says he’s on the phone with his customer, “Let’s focus on another duty of yours.”

Jim: “Another duty? What is it?”

Mom: “Give me a grandchild.”

Jim perks up: “Grandchild?..(look down at his..) Mom, I haven’t yet get married, how can I have a grandchild for you?”

Mom: “Then find one. Handsome and rich like you, it won’t be difficult to get me a good daughter-in-law.” She says if they start accepting applications, the line will be so long it reach the further southern province (Su-ngai Kolok). He could just wiggle his index finger, no women will reject him.

Jim: “Yes (mom), I will use my index finger wisely.” Haha.

She says she loves him and hangs up. Jim wiggles his index finger, “Who dares to reject Jirametr Dejchathorn, will be so foolish.”

Nu Na can’t find her motorcycle at first, looks like someone moved it aside, so she scolds at the car that can’t even be considerate, there’s so many parking space around, so narrow-minded! Then she sees the license plate and remembers it.

Kai Jae gives Malinee (Nu Na’s mom) a coconut to drink its sweet juice. Thom is on the phone, then he tells his wife that his friend, Krirk (KrirkKiet Dejchathorn – Jim’s dad), will come here tomorrow. She asks why it is so sudden. He says no, it’s not, his friend left for Bangkok for thirty years already, even though, he sneaked his wife out here once a year.

She says Krirk actually loves it here but he has to stay there for a reason. She tells him to put himself in his shoes. He says he will never be like Krirk because he doesn’t want to have a wife like his. Kai Jae calls Krik “Khun Pa”, he asks why Khun Pa never brought his wife here, the villagers want to see her too.

Thom tells him he’d better keep his eyes on dogs/chickens more (than looking at her). He prays that she will never step her feet here because he’s afraid the soil will turn so salty that anything won’t grow on it. Malinee stops him from insulting Pun (UmPaiPun Dejchathorn, Jim’s mom). She wonders if Pun is standing here right now, whether he will be able to talk like that.

Nu Na tells Pu Kai to check the owner of the car with that license plate. She can do it because it’s this hotel guest’s car. Pu Kai tells her to let her know why first, or if it’s a lucky number for the lotto. She wants to write down. Nu Na says no, the person dropped his money, so she wants to return it to him. Nu Na tells her the license number.

Jim is calculating the exchange rate of Euro to Baht, the amount he will be making. Someone knocks at the door, he thinks it could be Delanza. But turns out it’s Wendy (or Winny?) (Wirada, ViCharn’s daughter) at the door.

Part 2

Winny acts like she’s surprised that it’s his room. He says he booked the room himself. She says her friend told her that this was her room, so she came to sleep..with her friend.

Jim thinks, “Alright, someone wants to sleep (to accompany) with me popping up.”

He says sorry for that, and asks why she not call and ask her friend first. Winny falls into his arms saying she’s feeling dizzy. Jim takes her inside. Nu Na sees them and shudders.

He asks Winny if she’s alright. She says it’s the symptom she always has (congenital disease). He asks what it is. She thinks, “want-to-have-rich-husband disease”, instead she says it’s fainting. He wants to call a doctor but she says she just wants to lie down a bit.

Jim thinks, “I’m Phu’s friend and you dared to faint in my arms, Winny?” She thinks he won’t be able to not taking the bait with this sexy figure of hers. Jim says he thinks the air conditioning is a bit too cold here, he will take her to lie down somewhere warm.

Nu Na gets in the elevator, Jim dodges in just in time. But when they see each other,

Jim: “Yai Ling-kang!”

Nu Na: “Ai Na-kao (white-faced)!”

He asks how she can still be here when she just insulted a VIP guest like him. She says a person like him deserves it. He asks how a person like him is. She says terrible!

Jim: “Terrible?”

Nu Na: “Yes, terrible, bad, psycho..”

Jim: “Enough! Who do you think you are talking to? With such stupid gleam in your eyes, you probably can’t see the different which one is a diamond, which one is a pebble! But that won’t make me forgive you (grabs her shin) only when you kneel down to apologize to me. (He stops her punch.) You are not my match (in fighting).” She bites his nose. (oh, my)

The elevator’s doors open and the two fall out. Pu Kai couldn’t believe her eyes. Nu Na tells Jim they need to get out of here first. He says, of course, but she must get off his chest first. She says no, she doesn’t want anyone to see her face, and a hi-so like him will ruin his reputation because of her?

Jim carries her out. They hide their faces in the process. Don’t tell me Pu Kai doesn’t recognize her friend?

Jim throws her down at the beach, “My nose almost stick on your teeth!”

Nu Na: “I was just defending myself. So salty, yikes!”

Jim says she’s really like a mad dog which he wonders if it’s got an injection. He says since he came here, he had faced with all these terrible incidents, and all because of her.

She asks if he thinks she’s so lucky to have met a person like him. He says a person like him is obviously much better than like her.

Nu Na: “How do you measure that? Family name? Or the figures in the bank?” She says she thinks no one dare to tell him, so she will let him know that he’s a terrible, the most terrible person, and she believes that actually no one wants to be his friends.

He says she doesn’t have the right to criticize him. She asks then what right he has to look down on her. She gives the money back to him, and when he asks, she says it’s the money he threw off the window when he almost hit an old motorcycle in exchange so that he didn’t have to say the word ‘sorry’.

Jim realizes it’s her. She says she really wants to punch him but seeing how he spends his time which is just as risky to get beaten, she will let it be someone else’s job, she will save her hands for other useful things.

She leaves. He shouts, “Yai Ling-Kang, come back here. I said come back here!”

Jim calls Phu and orders him to come to the hotel no matter where he is.

Pu Kai sees Nu Na so she says she thought Nu Na had already left. She tells Nu Na she saw guests’ featuring in front of the elevator. She tries to describe how the woman dressed then realizes it’s similar to Nu Na’s. Nu Na cuts her off by taking her home.

Jim recalls what Nu Na said and feels sad? Phu says he cleared up about Winny. Phu asks why he locked Winny up in the restroom (ha). Jim asks if  his (Phu)Winny didn’t explain it to him. Phu denies that she’s not his, and she said Jim wanted to take her out for a drink but she didn’t want to go, but because Jim’s his friend so she went.

Jim smirks: “And you believe her?”

Phu: “Hey, I have brain too, I know you’re not like that.”

Jim: “Then how am I?”

Phu says what’s with him. Jim asks why he would be his friend, and he wants to hear the truth.

Phu: “Are you crazy, Jim?”

The guy (Is he Kai Jae?) compliments ViCharn’s mineral water. Vicharn gives him the money, and praises how he changed his asset to money. He tells the man to tell other villagers if they have the same trouble, on one condition, don’t let Pu Yai Thom know about it.

The man says he actually doesn’t like Pu Yai Thom who always stops the villagers from getting rich. They wanted to sell their lands but Pu Yai Thom convinced them not to, so they ended up just be farmers or gardeners.

Winny walks in.

Vicharn says he wants to develop the lands and needs help, so the man says he will help him.

Winny gets in her room, (looking at Jim’s photo) she says she will do everything to have him, even if it means using some dirty tricks.

Part 3

Nu Na volunteers to pick up “Khun Pa” at the airport tomorrow. Malinee says Nu Na will need to do that, Khun Pa wants to stay here for 2-3 days. Nu Na asks if he will be happy staying here when he needs to lie to his family. Mom says he shouldn’t be that happy but it’s better than telling truth and his house exploded. She doesn’t think Krirk’s wife hate this place, she just doesn’t like it and has another kind of life style, just like how they don’t like a big city.

Nu Na: “It’s true. People have different preferences. Some loves to shop in a department store, while some loves to shop in a market.”

At the airport, Jim is on the phone.

Jim tells his dad that he’s going back with Delanza and will send him off at Suvarnabhumi Airport (in Bangkok). He wishes him a good trip to Chiang Mai. After he hangs up, he says, but before he goes back, let him meet that woman first. He hopes dad won’t be mad.

Jim looks at the waiter’s wristwatch and thinks, “a fake one for sure”. He asks for the time and looks at his, “the genuine and the fake one give exactly the same accurate time”. Ouch!

Jim waits and waits. The waiter tells him he has a call. Jim picks up and is upset because Delanza is now at the airport, and is going to board the plane in half an hour. Jim wants to go to him right away but he says sorry, he has an urgent matter and will need to fly back immediately. Delanza says he leaves the document with Nena, and when Jim meets her, he will know what his decision is.

Jim wants to go to see Delanza at the airport but his car got flat tires, so he jumps on a motorcycle and leaves for the airport.

Nu Na is saying good-bye to Delanza, she gives him a souvenir. Jim runs into the airport. Nu Na looks at the document that she has to return to Jim.

Jim asks her where Delanza is. She says he’s already left. He says it can’t be and checks his watch. Nu Na points at the clock on the wall and tells him that his expensive watch is fifteen minutes late! Muahaha….cool! Jim throws it away. He asks if that envelope is his.

Nu Na: “If you want it, kneel down.”

Jim: “What?”

Nu Na: “Kneel down, a clear Thai language, don’t make me explain too much.”

Jim: “Kneel down? Isn’t that too much?”

Nu Na: “No, it’s not too much for the thing you want. I can understand that a person who is stiff, rude, who never bows to anyone, must be feeling terrible but you will still have to do it.”

Jim: “Are you taking revenge on me?”

Nu Na: If you want to use that word, I won’t stop you, but I will call it “teaching”….I will count to three, and if you don’t kneel down, I will rip this document into such fine pieces….one…two…three!”

Jim: “Wait!”

Part 4

Jim kneels down. Aww…I feel sorry for him. He says through gritted teeth, “I will kill you.” Nu Na gives it to him. He grabs it and runs to the restroom.

Jim: “You made me lose my pride. I won’t forgive you if the answer in this envelope is ‘no’…(he peeks, and Delanza’s signature is right there) Yes! Yes, a success!”

A woman comes out from a toilet stall. She blinks looking at him. Did he get in the woman restroom? Haha. Jim runs out, only to find his dad in the arrival hall. He follows him, and calls his dad on the phone.

Jim tells his dad that Delanza agreed to the joint-venture, and asks where he is.

Dad: “Eh..I’m in Chaing Mai (a northern province) already.”

Jim is disappointed. Nu Na greets Krirk and gives him a hug. Jim sees them, “Finally, you show up, Lanlana Kaewkamnerd.”

Jim follows them on a motorcycle, but he almost gets hit by a car. He knocks at the car window. Winny opens the window and says, “Don’t say anything. Alright, I will just pay for the doctor fee. (She looks at them a bit) But looks like it’s (the injury) not that much, take it! (Jim recalls his own words) And don’t you think of taking any action against me, because if you hear my father’s name, you will feel so cold (out of fear).It’s ViCharn, don’t you know?…Don’t want it? Great.” She drives away.

Jim asks the driver if he’s alright. He asks the driver if he knows Kao Ka-mok village. The driver says sure, he knows and it’s just only a little bit further.

They drive to the village, and the driver stops and says he can only drop him here. Jim asks why he can’t go further. He tells Jim to go on foot, it’s not that far, just walk cut through that hill. Jim hands him a thousand bill. The driver is happy, “Wish you meet your girlfriend.”

Jim looks around. I’m telling you his attire is so not for this trip at all. Jim says it looks like a LapLae village (legendary town which can be found only by chance). He wonders how his dad could find this village.

The villagers welcome Krirk. Thom says he thought Krirk forgot Kao Ka-mok. Krirk says there’s no way he will forget because Kao Ka-mok is in his every breath. They greet him.

Krirk says he’s busy because his son just come back from abroad so he needs to teach him all the work. Malinee asks if Jim returned. Krirk says yes, he graduated, and he thinks once Jim gets along with his work, he will come back here to help taking care of their project full-time. Thom says no need for that because the money he sent every month is already overwhelming. Nu Na says she loves that Krirk wants to stay here, so they won’t have to miss him and will get to see him everyday.

Jim is still finding his way into the village.

Jim: “Just great, dad. You hide your mistress in this kind of place, no wonder your wife couldn’t catch you.”

Some kids run along.

Jim: “Stop it! I don’t want to play! Yo, you drop your money! (He kicks the kid down the canal)”

The picture of HM King and the theme song.

Krirk: “What I’m doing now, is too little in my opinion compares to everything he (HM King) has done.”

Thom says when he’s feeling down or losing hope, he would come to stand here looking at that picture. It helps bringing back his spirit.

Nu Na: “So no matter how many problems or obstacles we’re facing, we will fight our hearts out, won’t we?

Krirk: “The problem you mentioned, you mean..?”

Thom says it’s what he told him, they keep harassing them. Nu Na says Krirk doesn’t have to be worried because they have come up with some protective measures. They take turn guarding the village, anyone comes to harm their village, he/she will be faced with them.

Kai Jae pushes the buttons.

Nu Na: “Khun Pa, ever since Kao Ka-mok has a biodiesel production factory, Nu Na remembers that Khun Pa has never once tried it.”

Krirk: “Will that be alright?”

Krirk tries to fill gallons of oil. Some oil splashes on him. “Just think if my wife sees me like, she will probably faint.” He says. Thom thinks she will scream. They tell him to go clean up at their house.

Jim is still walking.

Jim: “How could you dare coming to this kind of place, Jirametr?” Three men walk by so Jim asks if they are Kao Ka-mok villagers. They don’t answer him.

Jim: “My question’s not that difficult (to answer).”

A man says yes (they are). Jim asks if they know Lanlana Kaewkamnerd. With that name, two men grab him. The other man tells Jim not to shout, and shows him that he has a gun.

Jim: “We can talk nicely. There’s no need for a gun.”

A man splashes a bucket of water on Jim’s face, and follows by some cray etc.

Jim: “Lanlana Kaewkamnerd! You are here, aren’t you? I’m telling you to come out. Lanlana Kaewkamnerd!”

A man says Lanlana is not here, why shouting. He asks why Jim wants to meet her so much. Jim says, about that, he will tell her himself. An aunt is saying that he said Nu Na was his father’s mistress!

Both Nu Na and Thom gasp in surprise. Nu Na points at herself and says, “Mistress?”

Jim: “What are you feeling funny about?”

A man: “You!”

Jim: “I said to bring Lanlana Kaewkamnared! Lanlana Kaewkamnerd!”

Nu Na: “I’m here!”

Jim: “Now you are brave enough to face me, Lanlana Kaewkamnerd?”

Thom tells the two men to get out. Thom asks Nu Na if this guy is the one said that she was his father’s mistress. They all say yes.

Nu Na: “Who are you?”

Jim: “Who I am is not as important as who you are. Who gives you the right to make the woman I love most in the world be in pain?”

Kai Jae says he must be sent by Vicharn to stir up trouble in their village. Nu Na says to Jim, she doesn’t know what he’s talking about, but she will ask him just one more question before sending him to the police, why he came to Kao Ka-mok.

Jim says he doesn’t want to step on this place either if she isn’t hiding his father. Nu Na says she’s trying (to understand) but still doesn’t know what he wants, and who’s hiding who?

Jim says she’s just pretending. Thom wants to give him a punch. Nu Na says she can take care of him, this guy is not a bad guy, but a crazy man who should be sent to the hospital instead of the police station. Jim threatens her not to ever let him get out. She tells him not to worry.

Jim’s phone is ringing. Thom takes a look at it. He thinks it’s Vicharn calling.

Thom: “Hello, right now, he got caught by me. He didn’t succeed. Haha..”

Pun: “What?”

Thom: “Remember that later you will be in jail!”

Pun asks who he is to pick up Jim’s phone. Thom says she must be Vicharn’s daughter, and tells her to tell Vicharn that he already caught Ai Jimp, and if he wants to negotiate, just come here for a talk.

Jim says his name is not Jimp.

Pun calls Krirk that Jim is in danger. Pun says she called Jim and someone picked up. Krirk says she might call the wrong number. A woman is running to the house calling for Malinee, so Krirk has to put his hand over the phone before his wife gets to hear it.

The woman tells Malinee that Pu Yai Thom caught the culprit, Ai ‘Jimp’ is his name. He said Nu Na was his father’s mistress. They run off to see the man.

Krirk wonders: “Ai Jimp? Ai Jimp?”

🙂 🙂 🙂

The director and screenwriter are doing a good job so far, I would say.


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