Tai Rom Bai Phak Episode 1


Title: Tai Rom Bai Phak (underneath the prestigious leaves) [one of the five series of Look Mai Khong Phor Series]

Air time: Mon thru Fri 6:30 p.m. (daily lakorn) on Channel 3

The first episode, I found it to be a light-hearted love story. If you are wondering why there’s no synopsis here, well, no time, let’s take it as the story goes  🙂

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Part 1

A man is putting on a suit.

The news girl : “Due to the high fuel price and shortage of palm oil, it affects the government’s policy of alternative energy resources….”

The man rehearses his speech, “Thank you for the Sexiest Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award….and the most intelligent too.”

He opens the door. Letters on the screen say,

Name : Jirametr Dejchathorn,

Character: Handsome, hiso (high-society), graduated from abroad, everything is business, seriously charming, wearing crisp clothes, cunning, only think of his own benefit (blood-faced)

He arrives at the event.

MC: “Ladies, brace your hearts, because you will fall deeply in love with this man and it will be hard to pull yourself up (once you fall). Let’s scream to welcome Jirametr Dejchathorn, heir of Dejchathorn Group, the winner of the Sexiest Young Entrepreneur Award from our CEO magazine!”

Jirametr (aka Jim) walks out.

“I..(women scream)..would like to thank you for all your votes, and in return, I will put my effort to get on the cover of Time Magazine within this year. Thank you.”

MC says he will throw a bouquet, the one who catch it, will have a date with him tonight. She countdowns and he throws it into the crowd. Hilarious pulling-for-mine occurs, MC tells Jim that she needs to leave for another event, and mumbles to herself that she gotta get the hell out. Haha.

Women are fighting, then suddenly they all look at him and realize, just grab him. Haha. He gets pushed down into the crowd and falls. He finally crawls out and leaves.

At a palm tree plantation, Trang (a southern province), Nu Na (Sara) finds young palm fruits on the ground.

“Young palm fruits! Looks like I need to do some exercise again!” She runs.

Letters on the screen say,

Name: Lanlana Kaewkamnerd

Character: Southern girl, earnest, active, conservative, stubborn and loves to take risk, saying things opposite from her heart.

Nu Na: “Stop! Thief!..(the guy gets in his truck)..Stop right there!”

She chases him down to the beach shouting for him to stop. The guy gets on a speed boat so Nu Na jumps on hers too, and follows them. She shouts at them to stop.

A man on a yacht is saying, “Hiso-Jim was the reason the ladies battled that the event clashed, an executive of the biggest construction materials business in Asia.”

Jim: “I intend to expand to Europe, and the person who can help me, he’s here right now.”

Phuwadol: “You mean, me? (Laugh) Mr. Delanza, a French businessman, he’s not the one to be swayed easily.

Wendy (the girl in pink): “What are you two men talking about?”

She thinks in her mind, “Which of these two men should I choose?”

Phu: “Thank you Wendy for sneaking away from your father in order to come with me.”

Wendy thinks “Because you’re one of my choices.”

Wendy: “What’s sneaking away? My father likes you a lot so he granted permission for me to go out with you.”

Phu: “It’s an honor for a fisherman like me. “

Nu Na is still chasing the guy on speed boat. She’s driving towards the yacht. The culprit fires a gun at her. She ducks. The culprits get away, so she shouts that Buddhist holy day doesn’t exist just this once, “This daughter of Pu Yai (a village headman) Thom, will catch you and your freaking bad leader, and will put you in jail. Wait and see!”

Jim and his friends see the incident.

Jim : “What just happened?”

Phu: “I’m not sure but looks like it’s a big thing.There’s gunfire too.”

Wendy says she’s so scared and hugs Jim.

Phu: “Wendy, eh…I’m here.”

She lets go of Jim.

Wendy: “I’m so sorry. I was too scared to know what I was doing. I’m sorry.”

Jim: “That’s alright.”

Jim gets a call so he excuses himself.

Jim: “Dad, I’m in Trang.”

Nu Na gets on the yacht and asks if there’s no one hurt. Phu gasps in surprise (by her beauty) seeing her for the first time.

Part 2

Nu Na : “There’s no one hurt, right?”

Wendy: “Look who’s here, it’s actually a big-head gangster-girl who just did a gunfire-chasing that almost caused others bad luck!”

Nu Na: “Just bad luck, and not death? So there’s no need to pick up  corpses then, now Jack and Rose (Titanic?) here can continue courting blissfully.”

Wendy: “You can’t leave yet! You have to take responsibility for the damage you’ve caused.”

Phu tells Wendy that it’s alright. Nu Na asks her why she needs to do that when she isn’t the culprit and she was not the one firing the gun, and if Wendy wants to know who he is, she has to find out herself.

Nu Na takes the bullet and leaves. Jim asks if that person is a woman. Phu says she is.

Nu Na’s parents are worried sick about her. They all think it’s ViCharn (a wealthy man) but Thom says don’t blame him just yet because they don’t have any evidence. Nu Na’s mom wants to send someone to look for her. Nu Na shows up and her mom beats her for taking such risk. Nu Na reminds her not to forget that she’s Pu Yai Thom’s daughter.

Thom: “Right! And this Pu Yai Thom has just one daughter!” He tells her not do it again, she needs to think of her safety first.

Nu Na hugs him and says she couldn’t stand still and do nothing, and let them destroy their village. Thom says the duty of catching thieves is his, not hers.

Kai Jae hugs him and says he will guard the village not letting any capitalists to takeover their village. Mom complains why her daughter is so naughty, look at her dirty face and clothes. Nu Na hugs and kisses her saying no matter how dirty she is, mom will still allow her to hug and kiss. Thom tells everyone to go home and be on guard for the village. Mom scolds Nu Na not to do it again, Thom tells them to do the scolding at home.

At Kao (mountain) Ka-mok Resort and Spa, a man comes to mortgage his piece of land. The big guy looks at the title deed and says it’s the land on Ka-mok mountain. The man says it is, it’s his father’s land and he has more than 10 rai(s), growing palm tree. He guarantees it’s not a deserted land.

The big man says he wants to accept it but he doesn’t want to have problem with Pu Yai Thom who always thinks he wanted to get a whole of the land on Ka-mok mountain.

He looks at the deed and says it’s 10 rai(s). The man says he really needs money and begs. The big man tells him not to tell anyone in the village about this, because if Pu Yai Thom learns about this, he might think of him wrongly, he doesn’t want to pick a fight. The man agrees to do that, even the deed he borrowed it from his father who doesn’t know about it too. Ouch!

Wendy comes to see her dad, so he tells the man he will accept it, and will talk about the contract and money tomorrow, but he will keep the title deed with him for now. The man leaves asking for a lobster, so the big man gives him the whole plate along with his own brand (his face on it) drinking water.

Dad asks Wendy if  Phuwadol will join them developing their resort. She says leave that, she has an important thing to tell him. Dad thinks Phu proposed so he tells her to go ahead and accept it, such a rich man. She assures him she will get him a rich son-in-law, but she wants to tell him about Lanlana (Nu Na), Pu Yai Thom’s daughter.

She saw her chasing that lowly thief who he (her own dad) sent to stir up trouble in the village, luckily Nu Na couldn’t catch him. Dad says Lanlana inherits such a strong blood of her father, but she’s just a woman, why worry? There’s no evidence lead to them at all. She says Lanlana got the bullet. Dad says as long as they keep denying, what she can do to them. Dad says just wait until he finishes buying all Ka-mok mountain’s land, they will come crawling, and he will chase them out like pigs and dogs. Dad says he has both money and a beautiful daughter who Phuwadol has a crush on.

She says she will use her beauty wisely, but not just with Phuwadol, because there’s still someone better than him.

(Instrumental piece here is from Look Mai Khong Phor theme song)

News on TV : High fuel price also affects fishermen who need diesel…today fishermen are turning to alternative resources such as biodiesel…”

Thom says in the future, the world will be without oil, and it will be  difficult for people to live. Nu Na says all of natural resources are becoming less and less too.

Nu Na: “But that will not be a problem at all if we use/consume them wisely, and find other alternatives just like how our village is doing. Hundred plots of land that we are growing palm tree, is the same as growing our sustainable future.”

Thom: “In that case, we must continue with our biodiesel production factory for our children/grandchildren’s future.”

Thom thanks his daughter for staying and working here after her graduation without getting paid at all.

Nu Na: “My job is not equals to money but equals to happiness.”

Nu Na shows Thom the bank deposit book, That “Pa” already transferred the money to them. Thom says it’s because of this friend of his that he couldn’t stop fighting. He will make sure every baht contribute to their village and project development. Nu Na says she will help paying for it too.

Pu Kai comes calling Nu Na. She tells her parents it must be about her (part-time) job, and gets down to see her.

Part 3

Nu Na comes down, and Pu Kai reprimands her for not using a whitening cream.

Pu Kai: “Not a good-looking face, and make yourself dirty too!”

Pu Kai is a receptionist of a hotel, she says she wonders why every guest had to come to only her for questions, without her, this hotel wouldn’t be this hot (popular). Nu Na says it’s because she has an easygoing personalities. But Pu Kai thinks it’s because of her beauty.

Pu Kai tells her that there’s a guest looking for someone who can speak French, so she asks if Nu Na can go help her tomorrow. The guest wants a private guide for a one-day trip to an island. Nu Na says no need to push it. Pu Kai starts on how Nu Na can’t even stop picking palm fruits for one day. Nu Na says she meant she would do it without her nagging anyway, she needs to save money for her new palm oil storage tank. Pu Kai suggests instead of that, she should save to buy a lipstick for her lips, and she gives Nu Na one to wear it tomorrow. She tells Nu Na to save her (the person who introduces her a job) face by wearing a lipstick tomorrow. Nu Na assures her her lips will  be bright red tomorrow.

Nu Na spots some dark figure by a tree so she shouts at him to come out or else she will shoot (a gun). Kai Jae comes out. Nu Na asks why he needs to hide like that. He says he’s hiding love (ha). Pu Kai says a dog is barking at a plane (meaning an untouchable love).

Nu Na says he’s coming this strong it’s not like he’s hiding. She reminds him not to do it again or she can’t guarantee his safety. He wants to send Pu Kai home, but Pu Kai says she told him already to stop pushing for it. She’s the one who will make the choice and he isn’t a suitable type to the least.

He asks why. She tells him to look at his face and then hers, everything is so not compatible. She tells him to stop his feeling for her so he can be happy, and he can turn it to Nu Na instead, because it looks like Nu Na will be available all of her life. Nu Na says thanks for that. After Pu Kai left, Kai Jae says this fierce woman is suitable to be his wife.

Jim and Phu are having dinner.

Phu: “That’s why you came to see me here?”

Jim: “Not only that, I booked the room next to Delanza’s too. He will arrive from Phuket tomorrow and stay here only for one night. Before he will go back to France, I must meet him, no matter what.”

Phu: “Seeing you invest so much into your private work, your mom must be proud. But, did she really give you permission to come to Trang?”

Jim: “Nope. Mom thinks I’m in Phuket. She doesn’t know that I’m here.”

Phu: “Why did you choose to talk with Mr. Delanza here when you had to disobey your mom?”

Jim: “I want my mom to learn to get disobeyed. In case she wants to get me a wife and I reject it, so she will able to accept it.”

Phu: “Does it has to be to that extent?”

Jim: “I’m just kidding. I came to see you obviously. We haven’t met for a long time, since I went to study in England, I think. Anyway, I have to thank you for sacrificing your precious time to give me such a great hospitality. Wait until I become famous worldwide, I will mention you the first. Okay?”

Phu: “Of course, it must be that because all you have is just two friends. If you are not going to talk about me then you will talk about Vaiwit.

Vaiwit calls Jim.

Jim: “What’s up the bank manager? So will you give me a loan? It’s just a thousand million.”

Vaiwit: “For Dejchathorn Group, even ten thousand million, I will approve it…but only before I lose my job (chuckle).”

Jim: “Lose your job? Any problem with you?”

Vaiwit: “It’s about the thing you asked me to find out, your dad’s transfer account!”

Jim: “You got it? So? Ai Wit! Don’t keep quiet!”

Then they lose signal. Phu asks if Ai Wit is dead or what. Jim says it’s his phone that’s dead, why the battery has to be completely out now. Jim doesn’t tell Phu what it’s about but asks if he’s done eating. Jim puts down his credit card to pay for the meal.

Jim: “Leave me a car, a good one, and so thank you.”

Phu: “Yes sir, Khun Jirametr.”

When in his room, Jim asks Wit again. He says he doesn’t need to write it down because his IQ is way more than 180. He tells him to hurry say it who his dad has been transferring money to every month.

Jim: “What? A woman? What’s her name? Lanlana Kaewkamnerd, (mumble) right, my dad. Is he out of being a hermit this old? (To Wit) Alright, thank you. After I return, I will give you a treat. Wait, is it Kao Ka-mok village? Good, because I’m in Trang now. That’s it for now.”


Dad: “Where did you get this passbook?”

Jim: “Could you enlighten me, dad, who have you been transferring money to?”

Dad: “It’s nothing really, and you don’t need to know. You should better be spending your time studying the company business plan.”

Jim says if dad’s not going to tell him, he will go ask his mom.

Dad: “Wait! Alright, but you will not tell your mom about this, ever, alright?”

Jim: “I’ve always been on your side, dad.”

Dad: “I’m in debt.”

Jim: “Debt?”

Mom screams, “Debt?”

Dad kicks the book out to Jim. Mom whines that if anyone come asking for a loan, they mustn’t give them, money is hard to get…wherever money goes, it must give them profit. She orders them not to give out a loan, especially, his relatives in Trang. Dad tells her to calm down, they were just talking about work.

Dad: “Right, Jim?”

Jim: “Yes.”

Back to present,

Jim: “Dad, my dad. You told me you’re in debt. Lanlana Kaewkamnerd, what kind of debt does my dad have with you?

Part 4

Nu Na heads out on a motorcycle. Mom asks dad how old their daughter is. He says 22. She says Nu Na still looks young. Dad says she’s not young, graduated with Bachelor Degree in Agriculture, making him so proud. She says she too feels proud of her.

Jim is driving to Kao Ka-mok village. He says the hotel personal told him that it’s this route. He says he has just two hours before Delanza will arrive, and he must find this freaking village before that. He looks down at the map and lets out that that’s it, Kao Ka-mok village.

His car almost hits Nu Na’s motorcycle, because he’s not looking at the road.

Nu Na: “Just when I need to hurry! (she knocks on the window) Get out, let’s talk!”

Jim says he’s not that stupid to get out, saying it’s just a con. “Let’s finish with it.” He throws money out of the window and drives off.

Nu Na: “You! (calling by his license plate) Sor Raw(letters) two three five one! Jerk! Don’t let me see your car again! If you think money can buy everything, I will be the one to say no! I will return you every single baht with heavy punches on top of it! Just wait and see!”

Jim drives along and wonders why the further along he drives, the more forest he sees. He calls Phu and asks if he knows Kao Ka-mok village.

Jim: “No? But you are a local here. No matter what, you must take me there. What? Your boat left the dock? Already at Langkawi Island? Why didn’t you tell me..” He hangs up angrily.

Jim stops his car, “Alright, Lanlana girl, it’s your good luck today.” He backups.

Nu Na arrives at the hotel. She picks up some palm fruits, “Good weight, what type of gene is it?”

Jim arrives at the hotel too, his dad calls.

Jim: “Yes, dad? I’m about to meet Mr. Delanza. Don’t worry, dad. I will do my best to prove to you that I’m ready for an executive position. Also, dad, don’t forget to love mom a lot, because mom really loves you.”

Dad wonders what Jim is talking about. Dad is doing the gardening where his wife thinks it’s dirty, and is an embarrassing task. He asks what there’s to feel embarrassed doing the gardening, what he grows is eatable too, and he gets to do some exercise. He says he’s thinking that when he gets older, he may go back to his hometown (Trang) and do the gardening.

His wife shushes him not to even think about it. She sits down and talks. She wants him to sell all his lands and assets in Trang. He asks her why when she once said that persons like them would only buying but definitely not selling. She says because those assets are not useful. He says he wants to keep what he inherited from his ancestors, plus, it has great views, good atmosphere, and a beautiful sea. It’s a lovely place to live. She says if he wants to live there, just go along, she and their son won’t go there with him.

Wife: “Make your choice, your wife and son, or a torn-down house in the countryside.”

Nu Na walks into the lobby. Pu Kai complains that Nu Na didn’t put on any make-up so that Mr. Delanza will have a good impression. Nu Na says even if she didn’t put on any lipsticks, she still can talk. She assures Pu Kai that she will make sure he get a good impression and come back to Trang every year.

Mr. Delanza walks in, so Nu Na introduces herself in French, but he tells her to speak in Thai.

Jim walks in. He trips and falls down because of those young palm fruits Nu Na picked up earlier. She wants to help but he refuses to look at her saying he’s alright. He tells her to go on.

Nu Na: “Let me help.”

Jim: “I said do not bother!”

Nu Na and Delanza leave. Jim looks at the fruit. Pu Kai helps him up. Pu Kai gasps seeing his handsome face, “Boy Pakorn?” Haha.

Jim: “I will surely take action with your hotel, but not now!” He gives her a palm fruit.

Pu Kai: “Can I exchange a palm fruit for a rose?”

Jim: “Tell me, where Mr. Delanza will go first?”

Pu Kai asks if he has anything to do with him. Jim says if she wants a rose then tell him quickly. Pu Kai blurts out that they are going to Koh (island) Mook, and the dock is just over there. Jim repeats, “Koh Mook.” He leaves.

Pu Kai says, “Heart melting..”

Part 5

Jim arrives on the island by a speed boat. He sees Mr. Delanza walking with Nu Na.

Jim: “Here he is. (Call out) Mr. Delanza, sir!”

Nu Na trips and falls, so Delanza helps her get up. She tells him she’s alright. She says sorry for her clumsiness, and tells him to continue walking.

Jim (smirk): “Such a sweet couple!”

Jim gets a call from Phu telling him that he already sent the map to him, and sorry that he can’t be his guide this time.

Phu tells Wendy he was on the phone with Jim-Jirametr, he wanted him to go over but he’d rather spend time with her. She asks if Jim is rich. Phu says Jim is rich, handsome, and highly intelligent. He asks why she asked. She says because it’s his close friend. He asks her about that woman on a super-fast speed boat that day, who she is. She gets annoyed and asks him why, and if his eyes (taste) get so low. He says he just thinks she’s kind of fresh, and wants her to work for his fishing boat. She is annoyed.

Jim: “Where are they now? Saw them just earlier. “

Nu Na’s voice: “Please endure the pain a bit.”

Delanza cries out so Jim ducks behind a stone.

Delanza: “I can’t take it anymore.”

Nu Na: “It will be done soon.”

Jim smirks, “(Do it) during broad daylight? Why can’t they even  choose the place? (Delanza cries out again) Right.”

Nu Na: “We should open a room in this resort.”

Jim: “What a woman, and with a good-looking face too, what a pity.”

Nu Na: “Please walk slowly, take your time. Walk carefully.”

Nu Na sees Jim and recalls they met at the hotel. He fell down, but he didn’t see her face.

Nu Na: “You! How can you be here?”

Jim sees Delanza’a wounded foot.

Jim: “What happened?”

Nu Na: “There was a little accident.”
Jim says he will help. They take him to a doctor. Jim smirks at her all the while.

Nu Na: “What are you looking at?”

Jim: “You’re still young, why are you taking this profession?”

Nu Na: “Why can’t I? And I’m not a child.”

Jim: “You’ve been doing it for long?”

Nu Na: “Yes, a long time, why asked?”

Jim (thinking): “Such a waste of such a beauty.”

Jim asks if she earns a lot. Nu Na (thinking): This dude is strange, can he be trusted?”

Nu Na: “Why do you ask? Do you want to use (my) service?”

Jim: “Better not, not good at this type.” He mumbles in French the word ‘prostitute’.

Nu Na wants to scream, “I think it’s not a coincident that you met us here, but you actually followed us. What is your intention?”

Jim: “With my good-looking face, it’s surely not a face of a criminal. Don’t be scared, I won’t disturb your guest for long.”

Nu Na lets out, “Arrogant!” when turning to Delanza.

They sit down and talk in French.

Jim: “I’m Jirametr Dejchathorn, a new excutive-to-be of Dejchathorn Group, a construction material exporting group. I’m the one contacted your representative in Europe last month.”

Delanza: “It’s you. Nice to meet you. You look too young for this position. You look more like a model than a businessman.”

Nu Na (thinking): “As if, sooo handsome.What an arrogant!”

He raises his eyebrows at her.

Delanza asks if it’s about the join-venture proposal he had sent. Jim says yes, and he would like him to give his company a chance to show him their potential, and he’s sure that Delanza won’t be disappointed. Delanza says he will give him his answer tomorrow. Jim says he will be awaiting for it.

Delanza asks Nu Na if he should go ahead with it. She says she will tell him later. Jim is frustrated and asks him if she has the power to make the decision. Delanza laughs, while Nu Na shows him her pink tongue.

Jim (thinking): “This freaking girl!”

And that’s the end of the episode. I have never been to Trang, it looks lovely. Trang just come out in recent years as a tourist spot. I’ve been to Koh Samui, Krabi, Phuket, but not Trang. Aww….

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