The Sixth Sense 2 Episode 25 (Part 9/9)

Only have time to do one last part  🙂

Jun-ji is on the way to see Kaem.

Jong-kuk : “Stop!…Stop!”

JK: Jun-ji! I knew you would come here! You meant to drop everything for one Thai woman? Are you stupid or crazy? Or both?

JJ: So? Whether I am stupid or crazy, it’s my business. Don’t interfere.

JK: Wait..Jun-ji! Let me ask you seriously, anything you want more? Money, gold, fame? You have all those, even a luxury life – Kangnam style. Or…or..if you want woman, Jong-kuk will find one for you.

Jun-ji comes out of the car.

JJ: I want my life back, can you understand, Ai Kuk?

JK: No, Jong-kuk won’t let you go.

JJ: Why? Ai Kuk, try to understand me. All of the work at the company, I’ve already done it. What do you want more (from me)?!

JK: You are selfish!

JJ: What?

JK: Jun-ji, do you know how much the company invested in you, how much effort they put into you? Ten, hundred, thousand of our crew, all have done it for you to become famous and successful. And now what have you done? Instantly, you want to stop being an artist, rip off the contract and leave everything!

JJ: Ai Kuk, all this time I thought you were my friend. I haven’t thought you would do it for the company and yourself.

JK: And what you are doing is not for yourself?

JJ: Right! Why? Alright, I’m selfish. So?

JK: Jun-ji, don’t make me use force!

JJ: Why, Ai Kuk? You want to punch me? You dare?

JK: Jun-jiiiiiii!…Jun-jiiiiiii! Jun-ji, are you going to leave me again?

JJ: Crazy man!

JK: Jun-ji, I understand everything. I know I can’t stop you. Even if I can, I won’t. Jun-ji, I’ve met you since you were a newbie, you couldn’t sing, couldn’t dance. We have been together like brothers for more than 10 years, for many thousands of days already? We’ve been together everyday. Now…today, Jun-ji wants to stop being artist, Jong-kuk can’t take it.

JJ: You will meet another newbie soon, and soon you will forget me.

Jong-kuk shakes head.

JK: No, I won’t forget. Jong-kuk will never forget Jun-ji. No one can replace Jun-ji. Jun-ji will stay in Kuk’s heart forever.

JJ: Don’t you Korean on me, Ai Kuk. Are you joking? Thailand and Korea are so close. If you miss me, you can fly over here to see me, and I will fly over there to see you, okay?

JK: It’s not the same. Jun-ji is Jong-kuk’s masterpiece. Jong-kuk invested all my life grooming Jun-ji until this art piece become a perfect piece, until this art piece is praised by the world.

JJ: Don’t you drama, Kuk.

JK: Jun-ji, wait! (Jun-ji turns back to him) Jong-kuk understands now that Jong-kuk has to let Jun-ji go. Jong-kuk will have to start anew with another new artist, and do better than before. But…Jong-kuk wants to ask if the tattoo on the shoulder, can Jong-kuk erase it?

JJ (smile): As you wish.

JK: Jun-ji!

JJ: What now? Will I be able to reach Khun Kaem’s house?

JK: Just want to say that…before Jun-ji go, can I hug you for the last time?

JJ: No. (Jong-kuk moves closer) I said no! Ai Kuk, don’t come close! (Kuk jumps on him) Ai Kuk, let me go!

JK: I will miss you. I will miss you.

Kaem: Jun-ji! Ai Kuk, what are you doing to Jun-ji? Let go!

JK: Khun Kaem, Jong-kuk didn’t do anything to Jun-ji just now.

Kaem: Liar.

JK: Jong-kuk didn’t lie,and moreover, Jun-ji is Jong-kuk’s masterpiece! Khun Kaem wants Jong-kuk to take it back?

JJ: Khun Kaem, let’s go. Ai Kuk has gone crazy. Come quick!

JK: Give Jun-ji back to me!

Jun-ji and Kaem are running away.

🙂 🙂 🙂


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