The Sixth Sense 2 Episode 26 Preview

Just to let you know, episode 26 will be the final episode of this lakorn, which will be followed by Rak Sud Rit.

“Mom and dad already went to check for an auspicious time. They said 8:00 p.m. tonight was an extremely auspicious time .”

P’Nut: “You two girls don’t have to panic, if those two grooms don’t show up, I will kill them myself.”

Men chasing one another.

Jun-ji: “Where did you have this tailored? Why does it look like this when I wear it?!” Buahaha….

Jo to Karnna: “Let’s get married.”

Aww……the viewers must be happy, they do get more screentime of Jo and Jun-ji in the end.


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  1. I really hope there will be a season 3 for Sixth sense…(especially since goldenbaby’s story hasn’t been solved and been able to be reborn!!)…luved the series soo much though..great casting as well!! its my absolute fav..ive already rewatched heaps of times lol!!! ❤ ❤

  2. Awww p’nat offering to kill the grooms….look like he back to his senses.
    I heard their might be a season 3, but if season was based on the first 3 books and season 2 covers the last of the two books, they’ve already covered five books. So what will season 3 cover. I’m sure the wedding of jo and karn, and jun ji and kaem will take place, or ros and tri will be expecting, maybe netr and yanin couple too, but what big bad and cases will they go up against/ solve?
    Did the author write anymore books from the five on each girl?

    • I heard some viewers wanted season 3 too, but some said they had enough, haha. But there are so far five novels and no more. I heard the screenwriter added Benja and Peach’ story her/himself, so it’s actually not in the novels (from what I heard). But I have to agree that Benja was quite an awesome witch.

      Here’s some recent news, I heard Maem Thitima, will produce lakorns from Sai Karn Bin Haeng Rak Series (The airline(s) of love, 4 novels), and the audition for the leads are starting already, they want all newbies as leads, so some viewers said what they (CH3) would do with veteran actors/actresses then, haha.

      • Benja motivation for evilness is loosing Tin to Yanin and having an evil father like Soomkid drive her to do an unthinkable things (Evil things), what is Peace excuses for evilness?

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