Update: Teaser Look Mai Khong Phor Series

Look Mai Khong Phor Series is the adaptation of the novels Look Mai Khong Phor Series which contains five novels from five authors in appreciation of His Majesty King Bhumibol’s remarkable intelligence and kindness to the country and his people by depicting HM royal initiatives and projects. Below is five teasers for upcoming five series on Channel 3 in romantic romance genre.

Fact: Thai people think of their king as their father, often the word Phor Luang (royal father) is used when referring to their beloved king.

Thus, Look Mai Khong Phor can be figuratively translated as father’s fruitfulness, which refers to the fruitfulness of His Majesty’s hard work for his people, or father’s fruits, which refers to Thai people over generations who His Majesty has helped grooming. Either way, it’s my own interpretation from the wording of the title, to which could be different if I could find time to finish all of the novels  🙂

Five teasers

1. Hua Jai Klai Rung (near-dawn heart, also “Near Dawn” is the song title composed by HM King)

“Mom has never appreciated dad’s police profession!”

Mom: “In all of your life, what hardships have you ever been facing?”

Playing piano.

Woman’s voice : “Is there anything father?”

Father: “I want you to withdraw from that nonsense concert.”

“Many times that I listened to His Majesty’s composed songs…when you (my daughter) feel tired or weary, you must remember that there’s always hope tomorrow.”

“Pim is your girlfriend, but I, am just (your) friend.”

He is about to kiss her.

“That’s good, I want to know too who will win this game.”

2. Tai Rom Bai Phak (underneath the prestigious leaves)

Firing gun in the sea.

“Where did you get this book?”

“Father, could you enlighten me who did you transfer the money to?”

Dad:”If you want to get the money back, you will have to take over the biodiesel project.”

Madam: “It will be good for us, both parties, that you stop making any contact with Jim.”

The song’s lyrics: “You made me love, you made me love, you made me realize what good love is like, my first time feeling certain that I’ve found you, the one I’ve been waiting for so long……”

3. Nai Man Mek (into the clouds)

Singing: “The sky in a heavy rainy night, must be feeling amused thinking about the promise….”

A song comes up: “A heart of the person who has been waiting, no matter how long,  can still wait. Believing the most in my heart, is the promise. No matter where you are, I’ve always been sending my heart to you. Telling the sky that I want you to return, return to me. Oh…I may be drifted and let you be all this time, but I will still do as promised that we will meet….”

4. Look Ni Thi Rak (my dear debtor)

“Where are you going Om-saaa?”

“How much is your debt?”

“Almost 400,000”


“If you still have no money to pay for it, I think you should flee and settle somewhere for a while.”

The sign says Mae Hong Son (a province in the North).

“Pee It (her brother’s name) means running away?”

“Pee It told me you would help pay the debt for Om (her name).”

“I won’t help you for free.”

“I thought so!”

“I want you to be my girlfriend.”


A song comes up: “Change my days with love, change the days so that a person like me will know that my life won’t be that easy if I don’t have a person like you…”

5. Saeng Dao Klang Jai (starlight in my heart)

“Here, the document of right to prove that I have the right over my land.”

“I found some logs in the forest that were illegally cut down. Get our forces ready, we will be heading out early in the morning tomorrow.”

“I don’t believe what the villagers are saying, that there’s black magic around there, and I don’t believe that Team Leader Somchai disappeared because of the black magic of Phu Pha Phran.”

Woman: “If we just stay calm like this, what if  our village’s forest is gone? How will we live then?”

A song comes up : “Can’t love (you) yet still love (you), even though it’s hurt, I won’t regret it. What tomorrow will be, I’ll have to let it be, don’t care. Even if, in the end, I will get only this much, no rights to love each other…..”

So that concludes five series, and the main song (I think) comes up.

Look Mai Khong Phor theme song: “I will be the fruit that falls not far from the tree. I will forever believe the good outcomes of doing the good deeds. I will be a good child of father forever. As long as I’m still breathing…there will be no days without (me) doing the good deeds.”

Then five covers of the novels are shown.


I hope this series will live up to my expectation.

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