Update: Rak Sud Rit Teaser

Honestly, I’m not impressed with the teaser but let’s give James Jirayu a chance……

“You’ll see me!”

“Come late, you lose the right to enter the exam room!”

“You dare to destroy my future. From now on, there will be no peace in your life!”

“No need to threaten me because I’m not scared!”

Father: “You have no choice! You must study with this girl!”

Both: “No way!”

“No matter what, women will always lose to (get beaten by) men. When will you stop messing with me?”

“When I do bad things, they would all scold me, but when I do good things, no one even cares.”

“You must not race car (motorcycle) with anyone. Can you promise me that?”

“Making a promise with Ithirit (it-thi-rit, his name), must do it like this.” (nose to nose)

Huhu….that’s cute. Based on the teaser alone, I find James Ji’s acting a little stiff but it could be the editing. We’ll see 🙂


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