Mi-rae’s Choice Episode 12


You know, that Mi-rae gets to be a writer now should, in fact, already change the future, right? So whatever future Mi-rae is saying which had happened may also be different now, right? May be what happened from episode one till now is also fated? Ooy…it’s in the mathematics, I would say.

I think the writer should let future Mi-rae tell it all to Kim Shin from much earlier on, that would make an interesting storyline, and why not let Mi-rae, Shin, and future Mi-rae talk it all out together? Why future Mi-rae had to sneak around telling everyone but Mi-rae is beyond me. We now only have to get Se-joo, his grandmother, and Yoo-kyung on board about their child, and we will complete the freaking circle. Future Mi-rae should think carefully now whether or not her future without Kim Shin by her side (none) would really make her happy, and if she successfully is able to stop them from getting married, what will become of her in her timeline then? And from the flash backs, the couple look young, but future Mi-rae now is an old lady, why would it take her so long after what happened to their son to come back to this timeline? Urghhh….

Episode 12 (highlights)

bscap0002 bscap0000

Se-joo asks her why she doesn’t see him when he’s standing right here in front of her. He asks if it’s because of future Mi-rae (told her that Shin was her husband in the future) that she likes Shin. Mi-rae says no, it’s not, it’s what her heart is telling. She keeps saying sorry to him and tells him to stop (his feeling for her) it now. Se-joo says when she’s sure that Shin is the one she’s happy to be with, he will stop his feeling then. So, Mi-rae clearly rejects him here.

bscap0003 bscap0004

Shin sees the DNA test results and is amazed. Future Mi-rae tells Shin that Shin will get a great offer from another broadcasting station, to be a main anchor too. But because of his stubbornness, later he will break the contract, so they will end up with a pile of debts due to that. However, despite that, they are happy because they have their son.

bscap0011 bscap0005

Cute. Cute. Cute.


Her brother will get mad at him and want him to earn some money, at least be an MC for events or something but Mi-rae won’t allow it because how a once famous announcer should do that kind of job. (I’m really not sure which tense I should use, future or past…so skip that hehe.)

bscap0007 bscap0008

Then they will start fighting themselves. She’s the one working while he’s sitting around at home drinking.


Future Mi-rae weeps and tells him that one day in the heat of an argument, he lets their son wander off. It’s not just him, but it’s also her doing, she lets go of their son’s hand while arguing with him thinking her son should be okay. She still blames herself as a bad mother until now.

bscap0014 bscap0015

Their son died, yet they don’t show us how or why he died because of that.

bscap0017 bscap0018

Future Mi-rae cries so hard while talking about it that Shin almost reaches out to console her. He looks like he’s confused to suddenly hear about it. Poor him.

bscap0019 bscap0020

Mi-rae calls Shin to have a meal together. She says sorry for her anger that day when he told her he liked her on the trip. Shin is very quiet today that Mi-rae ends up talking more. She’s kind of letting him know that she accepts his feeling by saying it’s alright for them now only that her brother isn’t happy about it. She asks him out on Christmas Eve to see her TV program together and they can have dinner before that. He agrees to it making her face lighten up.

A kid walks by and falls so Mi-rae gets down to help him. She looks happy with the kid which makes Shin recall what future Mi-rae told him about their son.


bscap0024 bscap0025

Shin gets a call from another station wanting to scout him to be the main anchor, just like future Mi-rae told him, so it’s a confirmation for him to start believing future Mi-rae.

bscap0027 bscap0026

Se-joo calls Yoo-kyung for the first time to come see him. He tells her no matter what positions he’s in, she will always be his good friend. He tells her he will go to JeJu, that brings up the memory of her accident with Shin that stopped her from going to Jeju that day, and she wonders (to herself) if that made he meet someone else in Jeju, though he doesn’t answer who it was when she asks.

bscap0029 bscap0030

Mi-rae comes home and finds future Mi-rae on her bed. She says she’s sorry for all her worry but she will do her best not to let it happen like she told her.

bscap0031 bscap0034

Shin resigns from being an announcer on the TV program Mi-rae’s working on. He meets with another station guy.

Yoo-Kyung tells Se-joo’s grandmother the truth about future Mi-rae is actually Mi-rae from the future. Getit? Grandmother assures her Na Mi-rae or not, that place won’t be hers. Ouch! Yoo-kyung covers that with a sweet smile saying her and Se-joo are just friends.


Se-joo is by the beach in Jeju thinking of the first time he saw Mi-rae.

bscap0036 bscap0037

Shin doesn’t answer Mi-rae’s calls. He meets with future Mi-rae again and tells her that he got an offer from another station like she said, so now he believes her. One thing though, he asks why she couldn’t just go back to the time and prevent their son’s death (aha), or could it be that there’s more bad thing(s) to it that she couldn’t fix it that way. Future Mi-rae nods. Omo.


Shin looks like he wants to cry knowing that. He bravely asks her what it is. And we don’t get to hear it, again…Jeez!

bscap0040 bscap0041

Se-joo and Mi-rae do the filming for their program for Christmas together. After they are done, he walks her to the river, and hugs her. Fireworks light up the sky, he smiles saying he planned to get here just in time. Aww….he says Merry Christmas to her in advance and says good-bye to her.

I was disappointed here that he didn’t tell her his real identity here, it’s a perfect place *sigh* It seems everyone loves to keep her in the dark alone.

bscap0045 bscap0048

Shin texts Mi-rae reminding her about the dinner on Christmas Eve. She dresses up happily only to find him with another woman when she arrives at the restaurant. Man, this is really unnecessary for him to hurt her to such extent, but then again, may be he knows her too well that it has to be this way.

bscap0047 bscap0046

Se-joo goes back to work in the office. His friend calls him to join them at a club. He meets Yoo-kyung who was called there too to entertain her seniors. She cries outside after singing for them. Se-joo can’t stop himself from looking into her and apologizes for what he said (that she came to meet the rich again) and he never thinks of her that way. Yoo-kyung gets up and tells him that she’s no longer care whether he misunderstands her or not and walks away. Good girl!

Humm….I’m starting to think Yoo-kyung’s character is more interesting than Mi-rae herself. The writer can easily give more story on her and still be interesting. To think about how sweet we saw (in flashback) them as husband and wife before future Mi-rae changed all that, it’s so unfair for these two really. Personally, Yoo-kyung fits Se-joo perfectly. Mi-rae doesn’t fit Se-joo’s business world because she’s too kind but Yoo-kyung knows well when/how to bend down a little to gain some benefit, and that’s what needed in the competitive business world.

bscap0049 bscap0050

Mi-rae comes home and finds no one so she watches the program alone. Future Mi-rae is looking after her brother at the hospital. She just realizes he has cancer so she encourages him to go through a proper check-up. The brother tells her not to tell Mi-rae. Oh, why? Dear brother, whyyy?

bscap0052 bscap0054

bscap0055 bscap0058

It’s the first snowfall tonight and everyone except Mi-rae get to feel it in their own dilemmas. It’s a beautiful sequence but I don’t really get why it’s needed. I seriously thought there would be a time-skip here and started cursing. Haha. But no, phew!


bscap0061 bscap0062

Mi-rae intercepts Shin for a talk. She asks him why he’s there with another woman. He simply says he’s busy. He’s quite good here concealing his own feeling. He makes sure Mi-rae get the message he doesn’t like her. If a man likes a woman, he won’t do that to her.


Mi-rae leaves crying. Shin, don’t you go running after her once you come to your senses!


Shin enters the meeting. He introduces YBS new director and Se-joo walks in. Both men look at each other.

bscap0066 bscap0067

Come on, team up and fight the future!



First of all, great acting all around in this episode.

I liked the episode even though it’s sad, because the main issue of the past (or husband-wife) was finally addressed properly this time. With Kim Shin’s character, it’s really hard to guess what he would do about the whole thing. I don’t think he’s running away but more like contemplating/fixing his own future first, Mi-rae aside. Of course, from what future Mi-rae told us, he’s the problem one. I think we will get to see the real businessman, Se-joo next week and whether of not Shin will leave YBS. I still believe Shin loves Mi-rae enough to plan ahead if he still wants to marry her, to which, he never says so, only others said it for him.

There are only four episodes left, not so much the writer can do except time-skip? Please no! I tried to think what could be so bad that future Mi-rae had to come and erase her life with Shin all at once. Genetic disease? They can’t have children? Then don’t, so? Or he went bankrupt and didn’t have money to provide for his dying wife (assuming future Mi-rae has some kind of illness) but that will be so selfish of a reason for her. Or he will die (or died) and leave her with mountain of debts? Oh, well…

Present Mi-rae already decided to try the future together with Shin despite the warnings, so may be it’s time for Shin to come to that decision too, I guess. I hope the ending won’t be our nightmare where it’s even more confusing. There’s also a chance everyone will end up alone and become friends, but what about future Mi-rae? Will she return to her time or die in this timeline? And who’s that man in black going after her? He didn’t show up in the last two episodes, to think about it. Will that man set everything back to the way it should be like how Shin dreamed about Mi-rae in the beginning?  Could it be that we will see the accident between Shin and Mi-rae once again like how it supposed to be, and we will be left hanging there what will be their choice for the future yet again?

I still think this drama still has a chance to be a good drama if the writer pulls the ending right, a really sound and sentimental one.

Humm…could it be that future Mi-rae has been hiding some facts from everyone? Something that might give everyone a true happy ending 🙂

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